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  • 2 Story Steel Building
  • 2 Story Steel Building
  • 2 Story Steel Building

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Your Reliable 2 Story Steel Building Manufacturer in China

Sunnyda focuses on serving as your one-stop 2 story steel building producer in China. The main structure of 2 story steel building features a full loft floor and a 720 square foot garage.

Sunnyda covers a series of products like 2 story steel buildings. You can have a wide range of products which include ISO approved 2 story steel building.   

Sunnyda is becoming a popular option for 2 story steel building applications. Sunnyda 2 story steel building generally associated levels of toughness and offers yield strengths.

We can customize 2 story steel building according to the demands of the intended application you needed.

 Sunnyda is your premier 2 story steel building manufacturer!


1, Wind resistance: Grade 11(wind speed ≤ 111.5km/h)

2, Earthquake resistance: Grade 8

3, Live load capacity of roofing: 0.5KN/m2

4, External and internal wall heat transmission coefficient: 0.35Kcal/m2hc

5, Live load of corridor is 2.0KN/m2

6, Sunnyda would like to design your steel building as per your requirement

Our Service:   Engineering, drawing, calculation -production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business

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20FT Quick Assembly 2 Story Steel Building
20FT Quick Assembly 2 Story Steel Building
Portafab Modular 2 Story Steel Building
Portafab Modular 2 Story Steel Building
2 Story Steel Building with Shed
2 Story Steel Building with Shed
2 Story Steel Structure Building
2 Story Steel Structure Building
350 Sq. Ft. 2 Story Steel Building
350 Sq. Ft. 2 Story Steel Building
Detachable 2 Story Steel Building
Detachable 2 Story Steel Building
Customized 2 Story Steel Building
Customized 2 Story Steel Building
Two-Story Modular Steel Building
Two-Story Modular Steel Building
Architectural Two-Story Steel Building
Architectural Two-Story Steel Building

Sunnyda  2 Story Steel Building

If you need easy and quick construction timelines, Sunnyda offers viable solutions. Our company has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Sunnyda manufactured a variety of 2-story steel buildings that offer great accessories and flexible options for your building. Perfect for your industrial and commercial projects. 

Sunnyda 2-story steel buildings are made of carbon and manganese as basic building blocks of structural steel. As you know, steel is particularly suitable for multi-story buildings.

Typically, the design of 2-story steel buildings begins with the initial design of a building. In Sunnyda, you can still build 2-story steel buildings as if more floors will be added in the future.

If you have planned to construct 2-story steel buildings you will see several advantages. Sunnyda customizable 2-story steel buildings will help you determine easily the building specifications.

Whether you want a real steep roof or an extended overhang, let us show you how easy we make it. 

Sunnyda design a stronger basis and structure of 2-story steel buildings for our consumers. You can improve storage ability within our 2-story steel buildings framework.

Sunnyda 2-story steel building provides a suitable quantity of resistance. Our 2-story steel buildings constructed with concrete need highly dense walls to guarantee you that they will not collapse with their own weight.

Buying 2 Story steel buildings from us is your excellent investment. Sunnyda 2-story steel building is a money-saver as it is durable and you can use it for a long period of time.

Sunnyda manufactured a 2-story steel building of all types to satisfy all of your needs.  Sunnyda has created a solid reputation in the manufacturing industry because of our passionate and highly trained staff.

We made 2-story steel buildings fully operational upon delivery. Rest assured that your 2-story steel buildings arrive in good condition, on-time, like-new, and won’t break your budget.

To learn more about our 2 story steel building, get a quote right here, right now!


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2-Story Steel Building

2-Story Steel Building

Sample 2-story steel building

Steel buildings have gained popularity in the recent past because of the unavailability of other building methods and how easy it is cheap to build or acquire them.

One of the steel building structures that you can have is a 2-story steel building built by renowned steel building designers like Sunnyda.


What’s the Application of 2 Storey Steel Building?

With the rising population and rising number of human activities, there is a rising demand for space for offices, commercial buildings, schools, residential areas, and even worshipping areas.

Corporate and other high-profile firms require standard building built with high architectural standards, and the 2-story steel building serves here as the best.

Thus, the application of 2-story steel buildings is widely needed for areas like;

  • Steel industrial building
  • Steel frame garage
  • Steel workshop building
  • Agricultural centers
  • Steel building business centers
  • Residential steel buildings
  • Steel building warehouses and many more application areas.


How Long Does the Designed 2-Storey Steel Building Last?

A 2-story steel building always lasts long as it can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as resistance to rust, earthquakes, cyclones, and even thunderstorms.

The durability of a 2-story steel building heavily relies on the manufacturing quality and how well you maintain it.

A well-built 2-story steel building can last for more than 50 years.

For trusted quality 2-story stainless steel buildings, you can always count on Sunnyda.


Which Earthquake Magnitude Can a 2-Storey Steel Building Withstand?

The 2-story steel buildings are designed with a high level of architectural technology that lets them stand an earthquake magnitude of Anti-seismic: 7 degrees.

2-Story Steel Building

Cross braces design to help transfer any earthquake force so that it does not affect one point.

This is possible as steel as the main material in constructing such houses typically has ductile parts.

The ductile parts can easily undergo plastic deformation without failing structurally in case of an earthquake.

2-story steel building developers such as Sunnyda make sure that they develop a steel building that light enough to overcome the seismic waves; the lighter the steel building, the lesser the seismic waves.


Is Sunnyda 2 Storey Steel Building Customized?

Yes! Sunnyda, as a renowned 2-story steel building developer, designs the buildings in different customized designs.

The customized design depends on your specification as a customer.

They also customize the floors with 720 square foot garage with a full loft floor.

2-Story Steel Building

Customized 2-story steel building with a shed


Which Factors should be Considered on 2 Storey Steel Building Design?

A 2-story steel building is dictated by many factors that the architectural group needs to consider before erecting it.

For instance, if your area is highly affected by regular earthquakes that cause cosmic waves, the 2 story steel building should be designed with the lightest steel possible.

This is to make sure that the building obeys the law of inertia; the lighter the component, the less the effect of cosmic forces.

A 2-story steel building is designed to overcome an earthquake of magnitude anti-seismic 7 degrees.

You need to have in mind that different regions are marked with different indications.

You also need to put the ground conditions, wind speed and even snow load in mind when designing a 2-story steel building.

When the building ground is poor, it could require a longer spanning structural frame.

This will force you to use more piled foundation material per unit area.

The site of construction is also a factor to consider.

Suppose you are erecting a 2-story steel building in a congested city center.

In that case, you can opt to make use of prefabricated steel that will minimize the number of vehicles transporting the building materials to the site.

The factors like access, building orientation, parking requirement, landscaping, and even the local planning requirements also dictate the choice for your 2-story steel building’s specific shape.


How to Design your 2-Story Steel Building Together with Sunnyda

Designing a 2-story building with renowned builders like Sunnyda is quite simple.

2-Story Steel Building

2-Sory Steel Building Initial Design

You have to set a design that of a 2-story building with an initial design of a building.

As you determine the building specifications, you need to let your design as if you are constructing a multi-story building.

A 2-story steel building design should limit the continuity of the space between the columns and beams.

You can also use an alternative to constructing a braced frame to allow torsion and lateral resistance.

The vertical bracing serves to distribute force to the floor and offer resistance to the counter swaying effect.

You need to erect at least three vertical bracing frames in order to offer both vertical and horizontal resistance.

You also need to include the strength-to-ration consideration to balance the 2-story steel building and prevent it from collapsing under its own weight.

To achieve this ratio, you need to build it using highly dense concrete walls to guarantee that the steel building does not collapse under its own weight.

2-Story Steel Building

2-Story Steel Building with Dense Concrete Walls


What’s the manufacturing process of 2 story steel building?

2-story steel building, like any other multi-story building, requires that you follow a certain sequence to achieve the best.

2-Story Steel Building

2-Story Steel Building manufacturing in progress

You need to start with the building component by setting the formwork design, deep beams, slaps, and staircase design.

Check any difference in structural drawings and architectural drawings to make sure they rhyme.

Before you start the laying-off exercise, you need to examine the land formations, soil composition, and underground utility.

Lay the layout, excavation process, and foundation.

You can opt to use pre-fabricated frames and metal buildings to save on assembling time.

The pre-fabricated frames also make it easy to erect a steel building in a highly-populated area.

Make sure the design is kept simple to allow an easy and fast building process.

During the initial building process, make sure you use standardized parts; it will be easy to execute the building process.

Use experienced steel builders like  Sunnyda to ease your construction work and to make sure your 2-story steel building is built on standard quality.


Which Components does a 2 Storey Steel Building Contain?

A standard 2-story steel building comes with common components that heavily rely on its application.

Some of the components include the electrical, 6m pave the way, plumbing network, tilling, windows, furniture, 720 square feet garage, and many more.

The components heavily rely on your specification and how the 2-story building is going to be used.


What’s the Benefit of Sunnyda 2 Storey Steel Building Benefit?

Sunnyda has been on the 2-story steel building development field for a while now; they serve as a one-stop 2-story steel building producers.

Getting your 2-story steel building from Sunnyda has an advantage over other competitors due to the following advantages;

  • Sunnyda has an experienced and knowledgeable craftsman that assures you quality.
  • It makes use of a reliable manufacturing process that you can trust
  • They also offer all-time sales and technical support.
  • They offer you the best customized 2-story steel building depending on your specifications.
  • With Sunnyda, you can get a variety of other ISO-certified goods you can trust.
  • They offer delivery service of a pre-fabricated 2-story steel building to the destination of your choice.

Sunnyda is your all-time premier steel building developer and supplier.


How to Pack 2 Storey Steel Building  For Shipping?

Depending on your specifications as Sunnyda’s customer, shipping a pre-fabricated 2 story steel building to you is easy.

2-Story Steel Building

Setting up a shipped 2-story Steel Sunnyda Building

Since shipping the whole building may be impossible, Sunnyda divides it into different parts that will require assembling in the site.

Sunnyda always packs a full package that includes windows, doors, cover channels, decoration panels, depending on your request; they also include plumbing and electrical system.

Sunnyda starts by fabricating a transportation container built depending on the size of your 2-story steel building.

Because it may be hard for you to assemble a 2-story steel building if it is divided into parts, they can make it foldable for easy transportation.

After packing the prefabricated 2-story steel building, Sunnyda also includes a setup manual that is easy to understand and provides an easy way to set it up.

If you mark your building as urgent, Sunnyda can fabricate your building for at least 15 days or 30 days for a building that requires mortar and brick buildings.

2-Story Steel Building

Complete Sunnyda Prefabricated 2 story steel building


1.  How Long Does Sunnyda Take to Deliver a 2 Storey Steel Building?

Sunnyda offers you quick construction, packaging, and delivery but still maintains high-quality standards.

Sunnyda always promises 35 days delivery time for a prefabricated 2-story steel building.

If your project is urgent, then Sunnyda can deliver the mainframe with 15 days.


2.  Can you Get One Stop Solution for Your 2 Storey Steel Buildings?


Sunnyda offers you a one-stop solution for you if you need a prefabricated 2-story building for residential building, garage, workshop, steel barns, and many more.

Sunnyda is your all-time one-stop 2-story steel building for the engineering service and design, packing, fabrication, shipping, and installation.

You are also assured of outstanding after-sales services from their qualified architectural staff..

Sunnyda also has a reliable installation team that can assist you in erecting your 2-story steel building.

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