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Your Premier Actor Trailer

  • Custom Makeup Station
  • Plenty of Storage Cabinets
  • Hot/Cold Water Sink for Hair Washing
  • Air conditioner/Refrigerator/Microwave/TVs
  • Fast Delivery Time

Your Reliable Partner and Actor Trailer Manufacturer in China

Sunnyda is one of the leading Actor Trailer manufacturers in the industry. With the help of experienced and professional manufacturers, it successfully makes the most efficient and durable Actor Trailer.

An Actor Trailer is all about quality, comprising the best materials meant to add longevity to the product. Moreover, the high weight capacity allows you to put a good amount of weight on it. With the sole purpose of providing comfort to the user, you may add furniture, a toilet system, and quality heating and air conditioning.

Sunnyda considers all the factors including the material, size, location, installation to get the best thing for you. Our easy-to-operate Actor Trailer is not just simple to clean but also requires minimum maintenance. Indeed, it is a good option to provide relaxation and privacy to the users at any event, concert, or shoot.

You can get a customized Actor Trailer depending upon your requirements and applications. You may also look for any standard model from the numerous options available that meet your requirements perfectly.

If you are searching for an Actor Trailer perfect in all aspects, make a call to Sunnyda and confirm your order. You will surely get excellent guidance with our 24 hours active customer support.

Actor Trailer BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size4600(L) x 1700(W) x 2500(H) mm
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tank450L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank1300L
Weight1460kg, when water and waste tank is empty
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingCan mix load with other model, or 2 SUT02 in a 40HQ
Delivery time40 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Porta Potty Trailer for sale
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Ultimate Guide to Actor Trailer


1.What is an Actor Trailer?
2.What are the Parts of an Actor Trailer?
3.What Are Some Accessories Used with the Actor Trailer?
4.What are the Specifications of an Actor Trailer?
5.What are the Applications of using an Actor Trailer?
6.What Sort of Brakes is Present in the Actor Trailer?
7.What are the Safety Devices Used in the Actor Trailer?
8.How to Select the Best Materials for Constructing an Actor Trailer?
9.How to Pick the Right Trailer for your Operation?
10.What are the Factors you Must Consider for Choosing the Best Manufacturer of your Actor Trailer?
11.How to Install your Actor Trailer?
12.How to Tow your Actor Trailer Safely?
13.What are Safety Steps when Using an Actor Trailer?
14.How to Maintain your Actor Trailer?
15.What are Common Problems and Solutions when Using the Actor Trailer?
16.How to Increase Efficiency of the Actor Trailer?


Actor Trailer-An Ultimate Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

Are you wondering about where actors relax privately during shoots and events? Yes, an Actor Trailer is the best option to go for.

An Actor Trailer is a unit that looks similar to a luxury hotel room that is portable.

It consists of furniture and toilets that provide sufficient areas for the actors to relax and comfort them.

Moreover, good quality lighting, full-length mirrors, and vanities are some other things that add pleasure to this unit.

This guide will present information about the construction, features, and materials present in the Actor Trailer.

In addition to this, we will also guide you about detecting and solving some possible errors that you may experience using this unit. So, let’s start reading.


What is an Actor Trailer?

An Actor Trailer is a mobile unit used for the comfort of the actors and performers.

Whether you are at the shoot, an event, or any concert, your artists need some space to relax, freshen up them, and get rest.

The main purpose of using the Actor Trailer is to provide the actors with a private area where they can get a modern hotel or home-type environment.

Previously, people used to use motor homes, but now an Actor Trailer is taking place due to comfortable portability, installation, and no transmission problems.

There are various types of these units available, including the wardrobe, makeup, restroom, classroom, and production ones.

It is your choice to go for any standard model or add special customization options to make the Actor Trailer more suitable for your use.


What are the Parts of an Actor Trailer?

The Actor Trailer is divided into two rooms, each with its own bathroom and living area. Every room includes individual heating and cooling controls as well as the appliance.

The dual Actor Trailer comfort is further enhanced by a built-in refrigerator and a microwave.

Each room has its bathroom, which includes a water-saving toilet, a hand-washing bath, and a shower.


What Are Some Accessories Used with the Actor Trailer?

Hitch Ball

The hitch ball is a critical element in safely securing a towing Actor Trailer. It is then connected to the ball mount, which is where the unit cable is attached. You may avail of the hitch balls in 1 7/8 inch, 2 inch, and 2 5/16 inch sizes.


Wiring Adapter

If you want to link a unit light to the towing vehicle, you will probably need an adapter. This proves to be a good reason for the normal functioning of these lights. Depending on the kind of unit you’re towing, there are several options available.


Safety Chain

The safety chain appears in the form of an X to provide a linkage between the tow vehicle and the Actor Trailer. This connection is helpful in case the connection between the hitch ball and coupler is lost.



If you want to get the benefit of efficient loading entry, you may use a gated ramp. Most of the time, this gate ramp is already present in the Actor Trailer. However, it may happen that the Actor Trailer you get doesn’t have any gate ramp. I. this case, you can easily buy one but stay careful for keeping all the requirements in your mind


What are the Specifications of an Actor Trailer?


It contains an injection system and a unit pump system.



It consists of a manual transmission with an intelligent gearshift.



Its grade ability is 43%.



The built-in battery is 2 x 12V 165 Ah.



A double-plate clutch is present, which is 400 mm in diameter.


Fuel Tank

Fuel tank fitted in Actor Trailer has a 400-liter capacity.


Power outlets:

240v main connector point is present in it.



A 500-liter clean water tank is fitted in it.


What are the Applications of using an Actor Trailer?

Few areas where you can use an Actor Trailer include

  • Film production sites
  • Concerts
  • Movies
  • Reality shows
  • Dance events


What Sort of Brakes is Present in the Actor Trailer?

The Main Brakes in the unit includes

  • Front and rear axles have disk brakes
  • Complete air braking with dual circuits
  • Brake adjustment made automatically
  • Prevention of turnaround


The Additional Brakes in the unit include

  • Engine brake with a pressure valve that is activated by air.
  • Smart braking mechanism with anti-lock brakes (ABS) and power steering (ASR).
  • 2-line independent Actor Trailer brakes.


What are the Safety Devices Used in the Actor Trailer?

Smoke Alarms

A basic smoke alarm and notification kit in this unit work together, running on 12 volts. Moreover, the strobe combination siren is also attached to the unit.

The siren and strobe light will activate if smoke is found inside the Actor Trailer.


Fire Extinguisher

The fire extinguisher must be loaded and kept in it so that it can be used quickly. For avoiding the slipping, spinning, or vertical rotation of the Actor Trailer, the fire extinguisher must be safely placed.


Fire Blanket

Fire blankets act in a simple manner, smothering the fire and trying to rid it of oxygen. They need to be nonflammable to have as much heat and oxygen protection as necessary.

The latest fire blanket with a fiberglass coating must be safely installed in the Actor Trailer.


How to Select the Best Materials for Constructing an Actor Trailer?

The following are the steps for choosing the right Actor Trailer materials for you:


Consider Long-Term Needs

Whenever it comes to choose the right material for the construction of your Actor Trailer, you must keep both the sturdiness and durability in terms of longer use in mind.

For a better understanding of how the unit make-up will serve the ideals, talk to the major stakeholders, facilitators, and budget experts at your organization.


Determine your Unit’s Size

The majority of sizes on the market today are available in one of five lengths:

  • 28 feet
  • 40 feet
  • 43 feet
  • 48 feet
  • 53 feet


GVWR Calculation

Since structural materials and available attachments have different qualities, the main thing to know is the typical load and material preference to figure out what is the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) would be.


Select your Tires

While choosing tires, keep many factors in mind, including the environment and weather conditions in which the driver will be operating it, as well as your fuel cost objectives.

Low resistance tires on a heavy-duty Actor Trailer could increase fuel efficiency by 10%, according to the Alternative Fuels Data Center.

Low resistance tires, though, are not necessarily the safest option for vehicles that operate in extreme climates or on rough roads on a daily basis.

It is due to the fact that low resistance tires’ reliability is usually lower than normal tires’, a reality that may ultimately cost your business more in tire cost of maintenance than gasoline expense.


The Contrast Between Aluminium or Steel

Both products are very durable, but when measured, aluminum comes out on top. This is because aluminum exceeds steel in terms of maintenance and labor costs, sensuality, durability, resale, and even stability.

Simply stated, aluminum is a smoother, more forgiving metal than its weak version.


How to Pick the Right Trailer for your Operation?

Choosing the right Actor Trailer can be difficult because of the various models and styles to choose from.

Having a basic understanding of what to look for will significantly help you in choosing the best one for your use. Make sure to include the following factors in your research.

  • Construction
  • Suspension
  • Guarantee
  • Trusted brand
  • Power consumption

Also, check for the following features on the Actor Trailer whether in the manual or by asking the manufacturer.


Integrated Systems Approach

Search for a unit manufacturer that employs an advanced systematic approach, in which the right components are smartly combined to achieve high efficiency of the unit.

This method exceeds the quality of the unit as compared to the one built from a normal set of components.



Check to see if the structure is strong enough to carry the load you want it to bear. Often, check to see if the cross-members are spaced correctly to support the load (e.g., 16″ or 24″). Closer cross-members are normally used for the extra load.



Wall structure can be a key factor on which the Actor Trailer is picked. Check to see how the walls are sealed, which is an important element for it.


Safety Features

Examine the Actor Trailer to see if it has any features that can keep the freight safe and stable. E-tracks, D-loops, and other load-securing devices are examples of these functions.

To minimize wear and the risk of short circuits, check to see whether wire runs through rubber straps in the walls and/or roof. Check to see how the locks and handles are secured with tamper-proof hardware.



The longer the load and tow vehicle of the Actor Trailer is protected from excessive shock, the smoother the suspension is. A comfortable towing environment is also enhanced by a smooth suspension.

Actor Trailer with a higher-performance suspension is recommended for achieving better results.


What are the Factors you Must Consider for Choosing the Best Manufacturer of your Actor Trailer?

If you want to buy the best Actor Trailer from any manufacturer, there are various factors that you need to consider; some of them are mentioned below.

  • The first thing is to make sure to go for such a manufacturing company, which is famous and proven to be excellent in their service.


  • Secondly, make sure that you get a stable and strong unit that is constructed by professionals.


  • Try to check different models and brands, and then after giving proper time to your research, make the most suitable decision.


  • Durability is an essential factor, so always find the Actor Trailer that lasts longer as compared to other ones.


  • Try to get an affordable Actor Trailer, but don’t make any compromise on the quality; you must prefer to spend more but spend once.


  • The manufacturer must be able to provide proper instructional manuals with detailed guidance to the maintenance and troubleshooting of the Actor Trailer.


  • Being a manufacturer, it is the responsibility of the person to make such Actor Trailers that are simple and require a lesser complex operation.


  • While constructing the unit, it is important for the manufacturer to make such units that are efficient yet consume less energy.


  • Also, prefer the units that will cause no harm to your environment, for the safety of the user, and the whole environment.


  • Consider buying those units that require less maintenance so that you can use them easily.


  • It will be an excellent bonus point, and if you find a manufacturer who provides a guarantee and warranty for availing his service, this will make the Actor Trailer more reliable for you.


  • Make sure that your unit contains all the essential safety devices, contributing to the safety and protection of all the users.


How to Install your Actor Trailer?

Installing an Actor Trailer is easy and doesn’t require any complex steps. The first thing is to choose the best site where you will place your unit.

This site must be a leveled site, and the size of the site must be 120 feet greater than the size of the unit. Also, make sure that the installation site is free of extra electrical wires that can cause a hurdle during the installation process.

Then make sure to properly clean this site and provide sufficient water and electrical supply. Now unload your trailer carefully, and place it on the leveled site.

Finally, carefully tighten the bolts to secure your Actor Trailer to the ground. Don’t forget to give a quick cleaning to your unit so that it is ready to be used.


How to Tow your Actor Trailer Safely?

1. Know your Weight Limits

Make sure the Actor Trailer and whatever the transporting are compatible with the vehicle towing and transporting capabilities.

Verify the user manual to see what kinds of unit your Actor Trailer can tow and how much weight it can tow. Just using the right tow bar and that it’s properly hooked up, you can achieve the best results.


2. Distribute Weight Evenly

When it starts to get problematic, ease off the gas and see if it comes to a halt. If the problem persists as you re-accelerate, look at how its weight is spread.

It could be unevenly spaced from side to side, or it could be too far back to properly load the hitch ball. So, the best thing is to evenly distribute all the weight in the Actor Trailer.


3. Ensure the Lights Work

Make a link between the brake and signal lights. Check that its brakes, turn signals, and tail lights are all in proper working condition.


4. Properly Inflate the Tires

In order to keep under your rig’s weight restrictions, make sure your tires are in decent shape and fully inflated.

Often, make sure the tire bearings are in good shape. As quickly as a flat tire, an overheated bearing will put the rig out of commission.


What are Safety Steps when Using an Actor Trailer?

1) Check that the Actor Trailer is in decent working order. This also includes the necessary lighting to work properly.

2) Don’t put too much weight on the unit. When in question, consult the manufacturer’s specifications for details and restrictions.

3) Normally, 60 to 65 percent of the overall weight must be placed in front of the unit axels, as this balance is critical.

4) It also affects the tow vehicle momentum and “steerability.” When fully loaded, the tow vehicle’s rear end can “squat” down a bit. The tow vehicle’s excessive “rear squat” and/or “front rise” means that the unit load is too far away. The back of the tow vehicle “lifting” means that the Actor Trailer load is too far to the rear.

5) After loading the Actor Trailer, keep it attached to the tow vehicle with brakes on and the wheels chocked. This is particularly crucial when transporting wheeled vehicles to avoid tipping and movement of the unit.

6) Actor Trailer with built-in platforms that protect the back of the unit while it is down is better for loading heavier wheeled vehicles.

7) Use caution when using the ramp to ensure correct wheel balance to avoid ramp movement.

8) Actor trailer allows easy loading and transportation with expelling chance of falling off of the material. But it is necessary to do proper load wedging or binding.

9) Tie downs for wheeled vehicles, especially heavier ones like tractors, should go from the four sides to the Actor Trailer. The working load limits for the tie downs can add up to at least half of the vehicle’s weight.

10) Tie down must be in decent working order. Sharp edges or corners on the load can be avoided by using ropes and straps. These serve as wear points and failure points.

11) Also, make sure to properly clean your unit, keeping in mind the recommended cleaning tips.

12) Tarps must be fixed so the air does not blow under the front edge, and low air pressure at the back of the load does not raise the tarp. “Flapping” damages the tarp, reducing its power to defend the load.


How to Maintain your Actor Trailer?


Examine the lights to make sure they’re in proper working order. The Actor Trailer must have proper brakes, headlights, and driving lights.

Also, keep a few spare bulbs in the kit. Failure to keep the lights on can result in an accident or help you meet a lot of new people, particularly those with badges and wearing shades.

Moreover, poor lighting in the Actor Trailer will cause a lot of problems and inconvenience to the actors or crew members.



Be sure the hitch is lubricated, and you have a good lock or pin in place to hold it safely connected.

In this calculation, the safety chains are also important. When you slow down on the interstate, you don’t want to see your Actor Trailer past you.



Make sure that you properly clean your Actor Trailer. It is better to avail professional cleaning services as they will better clean the unit, including the floor, roof, furniture, sinks, etc.



With the help of professionals, the proper servicing of the unit is recommended. They will help you in completely monitoring every feature of your unit and solve any problem that is detected.


What are Common Problems and Solutions when Using the Actor Trailer?

Problematic Toilet Flush

Unless you are having trouble washing the toilet or getting drainage to flow, the problem may be as easy as a stink, which you’re already familiar with from home.

A lightweight toilet tank wand and attempting to remove the blockage with boiling water are two options for dealing with a broken toilet in your Actor Trailer.


Slide Out Issues

The first step in avoiding awkward conditions is to keep your slide-out weapons and mechanics well oiled. However, if you have a broken slide out in your Actor Trailer, you can need to hire a specialist to help you fix it.

However, before you do that, you can try to figure out what the problem is. An electric slide-out that won’t, well, slide-out may be the result of a very basic and self-solvable problem, such as defective wiring or a bad battery, in some situations.


Hot Water Heater Issue

One of the most popular mistakes that lead to a hot water heater malfunction is failing to reboot the bypass valve after winterizing your device.

If you are out on an early spring adventure and you quickly lose hot water, double-check the bypass valve in your Actor Trailer to make sure it’s in the right place.

Another simple solution is to look for other open water taps in the rig. If the water in your kitchen sink is hot, the shower would be cold, and vice versa. Furthermore, you are wasting water.

If the heating system is making a lot of noise, paying attention to them can help you figure out what is wrong. A heavy whine could reveal calcium reserves on the heating element, which could lead to cracking, which is bad.

A whistling noise, on the other hand, may mean that something is trapped in the control valve.

Faulty parts, such as your thermistor or gas control magnet, can also cause problems with your hot water heater in the Actor Trailer.

You should also inspect the pilot light and, if necessary, clean or replace the pilot body part.


How to Increase Efficiency of the Actor Trailer?

Other than increasing fuel intake, reducing the weight of the Actor Trailer weight is about freeing up extra load space on it.

Replacing the weight of airfoil add-ons will also save on the energy consumption of the unit.

Aluminum concrete structures such as cross members, boards, and roof bows can also help to save weight.

All these things will help in the more efficient functioning of the Actor Trailer, so if you want to make your Actor Trailer efficient, cut down on the weight load and power consumption.



Now that you have read plenty of information about an Actor Trailer, it must be easier for you to choose one for your application.

Make sure that you also keep in mind the above-mentioned factors that will help you in deciding the best manufacturer for your unit.

In case you experience any problem in your unit, the best thing is to check the manual and search for the solution.

But if the manual doesn’t contain your answer or the problem in your Actor Trailer is complex, always call for professional service providers rather than putting yourself in to harm.

Always follow the instructions as written in the manual to save yourself from problems.



FAQs of Actor Trailer

  1. Is it Possible to customize your Actor Trailer?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to customize your Actor Trailer. Various options include changing the size, constructional materials, and many more features.


  1. How Will I Decide the Installation Site of the Actor Trailer?

You don’t have to do this task; the suppliers or manufacturers of your Actor Trailer will themselves visit the location to decide the best site for installing the unit, keeping in mind various essential factors.


  1. Is the Actor Trailer Furnished?

No, you can refer to the manufacturer or supplier to get extra packages for furnishing of the Actor Trailer?


  1. Do you need a Permit to Use the Actor Trailer?

Yes, in many cases, a permit is required to use the Actor Trailer. You can easily get detailed information and guidance from your local permit office.


  1. Is it Possible to Hire Attendants for your Actor Trailer?

Yes, your Actor Trailer supplier may provide you attendants facility but with additional costs.


  1. Is Cleaning of the Actor Trailer required when it arrives?

No, when the Actor Trailer will arrive, it will be neat and clean, perfectly ready to use.


  1. Do you need to Buy the Accessories for the Actor Trailer Separately?

No, there is no need to buy the accessories of the Actor Trailer separately, as the essentials will be included in the package.


  1. Is it Safe to Relocate the Actor Trailer by the User?

No, the relocation of the Actor Trailer is not safe; it must be done by the professionals.


  1. Is Power Connection at the Site of Actor Trailer Installation Essential?

It is good to have a stable power connection at the installation site of the Actor Trailer; however, generators can also be used to meet the power needs when electricity is absent.


  1. What are the Benefits of Choosing Professionals for the Servicing of your Actor Trailer?

The servicing of the Actor Trailer includes maintenance, detecting and solving the problems, cleaning and inspecting the whole unit.


  1. How Frequently Can you get your Actor Trailer Serviced?

You can easily get the servicing of your Actor Trailer once a week.


  1. Is the Actor Trailer Safe for the Environment?

Yes, the Actor Trailer is eco-friendly; that means it is completely safe for the environment.


  1. How Much Time your Actor Trailer Will Take to Arrive on Site?

Usually, it won’t take more than a week after your booking for your Actor Trailer to arrive. However, in case you have added customizations to the unit, you will have to wait for extra time.


  1. What Does the Actor Trailer Contain for Good Ventilation?

For good ventilation purposes, the Actor Trailer consists of nice and large windows. Moreover, an efficient air conditioner will aid in better cooling and ventilation within the unit.



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