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Sunnyda ADA restroom trailers are available in different measures. It features waste tank and a fresh tank that is made from HDPE materials.

Also, you can choose on the materials of the body thus both, outside and inside surfaces, finishes can be customized. With that, you will have a great option for your next project.

ADA-compliant restroom trailers can be used for mid-size events such as social events, academic activities, filming events, some concerts, outdoor weddings, and many other events.

Additional accessories can be installed according to local standards such as electrical systems and solar electric systems. Air conditioning, hand dryer, hand basin, mirror, paper holder, etc can be installed also.

Each and every trailer is completely finished in the factory. Then strictly checked and test its durability and performance before shipment.

Sunnyda is your premier ADA restroom trailer manufacturer!

ADA restroom trailer BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size3700(L) x 1700(W) x 2500(H) mm
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tank450L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank1000L
Weight1240kg, when water and waste tank is empty
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingCan mix load with other model, or 2 SUT01 in a 40HQini in a 40HQ
Delivery time40 days
Electricallighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Ultimate Guide to ADA Restroom Trailers

Sunnyda ADA restroom trailers have a provision for antifreeze agents. Other small items can be affix, hand dryer, towel rack, paper holder, mirror, to name a few. But the choice to add or delete is yours as always.

This ADA restroom trailers have been shipped and exported to Germany, Norway, UK, Canda, NZ, Australia, Africa, and South American countries.

Sunnyda provides the best restroom solutions for any event, especially when there’s an elderly and people need a wheelchair. ADA restroom trailers come with the same amenities with luxury restroom trailers. That includes hot and cold running water, air conditioning, heat, toilets, etc.

We can custom-design trailers to create an ideal unit to fit your budget and needs.

Sunnyda currently has an extremely large selection of restroom solutions, including fancy portable toilets, deluxe porta potty, luxury mobile bathrooms, luxury portable bathrooms, and so on.

Email or calls us for inquiries. We warmly welcome you to visit our factory, our team would be happy to assist.

With all of that, Sunnyda could be your premier ADA restroom trailers partner and manufacturer!


ADA Restroom Trailer-An Ultimate Guide by Sunnyda.

Are you finding difficulty in comforting your guests with a portable toilet at an outdoor event? A luxury and accessible ADA Restroom Trailer is the best solution to this problem.

ADA Restroom Trailer is a portable toilet that provides the guests specially the disabled ones with an easy, comfortable, and luxurious unit to be used as a portable toilet option.

It contains a spacious room to accommodate many people along with all the essential toiletries. With a direct connection to the freshwater supply, it can fulfill many of your needs.

There are various customization options that allow you to design your ADA Restroom Trailer according to your needs and requirements.

With a stable electrical connection, you can easily operate various electrical appliances in this unit.

Also, it contains flushing toilets and sinks with hot and cold running water for easy-to-access toilet purposes for the disabled people.

It can easily handle waste materials with the time-tested waste vacuum system by disposing the waste into a sewer line or another tank, providing ease in cleaning.

In this guide, we will cover the manufacturing and construction details of the ADA Restroom Trailer.

Also, we will present some maintenance and safety tips along with different problems and solutions for your better guidance. So, let’s get started.


1.What is an ADA Restroom Trailer?
2.What are the Components of the ADA Restroom Trailer?
3.What are the differences between Luxury Single ADA Restroom Trailer, Basic Plus 2 ADA Restroom Trailer, and Basic Single ADA Restroom Trailer?
4.What are the Specifications of the ADA Restroom Trailer?
5.What are the Required Qualifications for ADA Restroom Trailer?
6.What are the Applications of the ADA Restroom Trailer?
7.What are the Benefits of Using the ADA Restroom Trailer?
8.What are the Electrical Components for the ADA Restroom Trailer?
9.What are the Piping Details for an ADA Restroom Trailer?
10.What are the factors that you must consider Before Buying an ADA Restroom Trailer?
11.What to Expect from a Manufacturer for Buying the Best ADA Restroom Trailer?
12.How to Install your ADA Restroom Trailer?
13.What are Safety Precautions for using an ADA Restroom Trailer?
14.What are the Maintenance Tips when Using an ADA Restroom Trailer?
15.What are Some Problems Associated with the ADA Restroom Trailer?


1. What is an ADA Restroom Trailer?

An ADA Restroom Trailer is a portable toilet, specially designed for disabled people, that provides a relaxing restroom to your guests even during outdoor events.

With durable construction and good weight-bearing capacity, it allows a number of people to stay inside. However, the sizing of this unit affects the number of people it can accommodate.

You can use the heating or the air conditioning system, depending on the weather conditions as well as your other needs.

The vinyl flooring, fiberglass walls, high-quality vanities, and mirrors make your ADA Restroom Trailer look more presentable and luxurious for even disabled people.

You can easily buy the ADA Restroom Trailer Luxury Single, the ADA Restroom Trailer Basic Plus 2, Basic Single, and various other options, according to the event you will be using it for.

All these units will have similar basic features; however, the size and capacity will differ depending on every type and model.


2. What are the Components of the ADA Restroom Trailer?

  • ADA Restroom Trailer consists of different stalls along with the hydraulics that brings it down.
  • It consists of lights that are powered by an efficient electrical connection.
  • It is a ramp with ADA accessibility.
  • The individual stall is present that complies with all ADA Restroom Trailer requirements.
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are well maintained in it.
  • Running water is present to wash hands in sinks anytime.


3. What are the differences between Luxury Single ADA Restroom Trailer, Basic Plus 2 ADA Restroom Trailer, and Basic Single ADA Restroom Trailer?


1. Luxury Single ADA Restroom Trailer

Main Features

  • It is about 14 ft. W x 22 ft. L (Includes the ramp)
  • A freshwater tank with a capacity of 200 gallons is fitted in it
  • A waste tank with a capacity of 360 gallons is also fitted.
  • It is installed with front push operation self-closing water tap
  • Dispenser with soap is also present
  • A mirror is fitted in it that won’t break.
  • Motion censored flushing ceramic china bowl toilet is installed in it that is ADA Restroom Trailer compliant.
  • Printed interior walls with a smooth, mar-resistant surface are present
  • It consists of a rubber floor, non-skid, and piece.
  • The built-in air supply is also maintained in it, with the air returning in a single piece ceiling.


2. Basic Plus ADA Restroom Trailer

Main Features

  • The dimensions of it are 22 ft. L x 15 ft. W x 11 ft. H
  • It has 65 Gallon of a freshwater tank.
  • A waste tank with a Capacity of 125 Gallon is present.
  • Front push action on a self-closing shower head is fitted.
  • It has a great Soap Dispenser.
  • It has an unbreakable mirror.
  • Motion-sensor water for flushing the stainless steel toilet.
  • Embossed Internal Walls with a smooth layer.


3. Basic Single ADA Restroom Trailer

Main Features

  • It is 14 ft. L x 15 ft. W which contains till tongue and includes the ramp.
  • It has a large capacity of around 105 gallons of the fresh water tank.
  • It also has a 150-gallon waste tank installed in it.
  • Clearance is big due to the drains that have been performed.
  • It has a front-push procedure self-closing faucet.
  • It has a great soap dispenser.
  • The mirror is installed in it that won’t break.
  • Motion Censored Water to flush Fiberglass China Bowl Toilet (ADA compliant).
  • Laminated Interior Walls that are smooth and Mar-Resistant are present.


4. What are the Specifications of the ADA Restroom Trailer?

  • It has an E-Coated steel frame installed.
  • The ADA Restroom Trailer has a tongue jack and a coupler.
  • Ex lube electric brakes are installed on the axle.
  • It has six alloy wheels and radial tires.
  • The front doors are massive for easy entrance of disabled people.
  • The ADA Restroom Trailer has a set of fold-out stairs with a railing.
  • Just one piece of vinyl flooring is present.
  • Interior and external walls made of seamless gel-coated fiberglass
  • Gel-coated fiberglass ceiling/roof in one piece
  • Trim in white aluminum is prominent
  • There is a mirror with a decorative frame mounted there.
  • The bathroom is made of HDPE.
  • In the ADA Restroom Trailer, there is a large toilet paper dispenser.
  • The dispenser for paper towels is made of stainless steel.


5. What are the Required Qualifications for ADA Restroom Trailer?

  • Roughly 500-700 users will be accepted.
  • A proper water supply/garden pipe must be provided by the customer.
  • 2 – 110 V – 20 AMP high voltages must be provided to the clients.


6. What are the Applications of the ADA Restroom Trailer?

  • Industrial Workplaces
  • Sporting Activities
  • Tournaments of tennis and golf
  • Festivals and Concerts
  • Weddings in the Park
  • Public Events
  • Using for commercial purposes
  • Government and military applications


7. What are the Benefits of Using the ADA Restroom Trailer?


1. Better Weather Tolerance

The ADA Restroom Trailer does the job, but it provides style and attention to user convenience.

Although this may be useful in a variety of cases, the conventional plastic molded cubicles used at certain gatherings lack effective insulation and may not be comfortable in all circumstances.

These units, in particular, will become hot and stuffy in the summer and very cold in the winter.

ADA Restroom Trailer has built-in HVAC systems, making it even more weather-resistant.

If your event is taking place in the middle of the summer or winter, a luxury unit with these amenities will keep your visitors safe from the harsh weather.

This function is particularly important for more formal activities (such as weddings), where attendees may be dressed in less comfortable clothing.

ADA Restroom Trailer with air conditioning, at the very least, will avoid the stuffy, smelly discomfort that is common in various other units.


2. Improved Disability Compliance

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) does not apply to cubicle-style accessible systems.

In most cases, this ensures that event planners would need to rent one or two ADA Restroom Trailer to ensure that any of their guests, even the disabled ones, can also attend.

Since most luxury units are far bigger than regular portable units, they usually satisfy ADA requirements on their own.

Although not needed by the ADA Restroom Trailer, the inclusion of built-in HVAC systems will make your event more available.

The stuffy, warm confines of a smaller bathroom can be made much more awkward by a multitude of medical conditions.

These have more space and a more accommodating atmosphere for visitors with breathing problems who could be staying for an extended period of time.


3. Enhanced Hygiene

Your visitors will have access to adequate laundry stations, soap, and hand sanitizer in this large ADA Restroom Trailer.

These alternatives may help create a much healthier overall atmosphere, especially at events where food or drink is served. These sanitary choices will also help guests who are nervous about attending public events feel more at ease.

In the end, there are even more reasons to buy an ADA Restroom Trailer than mere comfort. The hygienic and HVAC capabilities will make your event safer, healthier, and more convenient for all of your guests.


4. Handicap Accessible

The top ADA Restroom Trailer is designed in a way to provide easy accessibility for the handicapped and disabled people.


5. Customizable

It allows the buyer to adjust various features depending on the needs or application.


6. Spacious Interiors

It consists of interiors that provide spacious arrangements within it.


7. Normal Water Requirement

The excellent ADA Restroom Trailer is created to meet your toilet needs by being able to connect directly to city water.


8. Arctic Package

The finest unit comes with the arctic kit. This will because the advanced unit to be kept in sub-zero temperatures at all times.


9. Day or Night

You can use it throughout the daytime or nighttime.


8. What are the Electrical Components for the ADA Restroom Trailer?

  • It has sealed ducts, registers, and a 13,500 BTU air conditioner.
  • The 5,000 BTU heat strip is placed in it.
  • The thermostat in the ADA Restroom Trailer adjusts on its own.
  • There is a 30 AMP transformer with charge safety.
  • It has DOT-approved LED protection lamps.
  • It has an LED inner lighting system.
  • There are led deck lights strewn around the whole ADA Restroom Trailer.
  • It comes with a 15-foot, 12-gauge circuit board with a 20-amp socket.
  • Four group-swap panels with individual fuses are installed.


9. What are the Piping Details for an ADA Restroom Trailer?

  • The sinks are made of stainless steel.
  • The faucets are Delta filtered.
  • ADA Restroom Trailer is furnished with feet flushed domestic 310 white china bathrooms.
  • It has a 3/4″ water hose link and a local water supply.
  • These have climate water lines inside them.
  • Each of the toilets and sinks in the ADA Restroom Trailer has its valve.
  • There is a waste tank on the 200 gallons 1/2″ Co-Poly.
  • A dump valve that is 3″ in diameter and has a fast link.


10. What are the factors that you must consider Before Buying an ADA Restroom Trailer?

There are some things to consider when buying or renting an ADA Restroom Trailer.


Will it be used as a temporary fixture on various occasions or as a regular thing at a single location?

If your event would take place over a wide field, you might want to suggest using several small units rather than a single large trailer in the middle.


Number of People:

The people count who will be using your ADA Restroom Trailer at an event will decide its setup and scale.

This isn’t the only question to ask when determining the size of it, but it’s the most significant. In general, the map below can be used to scale the units for activities lasting longer than 6 hours.

  • ADA Restroom Trailer with two stations can accommodate around 150 people
  • ADA Restroom Trailer with five stations can accommodate around 300 people
  • ADA Restroom Trailer with nine stations can accommodate around 400 people



A variety of ADA Restroom Trailer choices, each of which is built and assembled to suit the specific needs of the customers, are easily available. The PRO, ECO, Luxury, ADA, and Park Series are only a few of the options.


1. PRO:

Under Pro Series Trailers are the most popular ADA Restroom Trailer for sale, and they’re specifically made for bathroom trailer rental companies.

Almost any application will benefit from the Pro Series. It is stylish enough for a wedding but tough enough to withstand even the most stressful large meetings.


2. ECO:

The ECO Series Restroom Trailers were created to be a more accessible unit alternative for both first-time and experienced ADA Restroom Trailer buyers.

Although cheap, this is built with the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship that the consumers have come to expect from the heavy-duty trailers.


3. Luxury:

Full-length cabinets, decorative flooring, upgraded lighting, crown molding trim, and other features are included in this high-end ADA Restroom trailer.

Guests can enter a luxuriously furnished unit that offers the same level of luxury and convenience as an opulent interior restroom. These high-end units are ideal for celebrations, eateries, business meetings, companies, and a variety of other special days.


4. Park:

When required, the Park Series will easily serve as a permanent or semi-permanent fixture. End-users can create their path into the unit or can build and provide one to suit their specific needs.

This ADA Restroom Trailer is expected to deal with the Americans with Disabilities Act to provide easy access for people in wheelchairs and the aged.


5. ADA:

This type is specially developed and produced to fulfill America’s Disability Act and offers people with wheelchairs or seniors an easy access.

During installation, the ADA series of trailer frameworks will be decreased to shorten the ramp’s length to reach the Trailer’s ADA compartment.



Whether you want to use it in hot weather or whether you intend to use your ADA Restroom Trailer during the winter months, you will quickly decide whether or not your unit needs a winter kit.

Winter kits are available from many manufacturers for customers who live in places where temperatures drop below zero.


11. What to Expect from a Manufacturer for Buying the Best ADA Restroom Trailer?

  • Provides the guide to mechanical maintenance
  • Provides with the guide to interior repairs
  • It gives a guide to the exterior maintenance of the unit.
  • Maintenance instructions for waste tanks are given in it
  • ADA Restroom Trailer must be constructed to last longer.
  • It is efficient and reliable.
  • Various customization options must be available.


12. How to Install your ADA Restroom Trailer?

The method of setting up an ADA Restroom trailer is easy. Depending on the vehicle, the unit is lowered using an airbag or an electric jack mechanism.

The loading jacks for the airbag system are manually controlled, while the automated jack has a remote control that allows the three jacks to be lowered similarly or individually.

The attached platform is lowered until leveled, and the handrails and six-foot ramp are easily attached. The system of the ramp contains a small number of parts, reduces set up and tear downtime, as well the amount of room available for component storage.


13. What are Safety Precautions for using an ADA Restroom Trailer?

  1. Due to potential moisture accumulation, replace wheel bearings after 12,000 miles or annually, regardless of mileage. Carry a spare set of wheel bearings in case one fails on the lane while driving your ADA Restroom Trailer.
  1. Check for dry rot, irregular tire wear, total tire wear, and tire corrosion on the tires.
  1. Inspect all tires for air pressure, plus spares, and the inside tire on dual wheels.
  1. Using a tire-pressure control device to keep track of the pressure when driving.
  1. Double-check the safety cables and chains are properly attached.
  1. Check that the electrical link is wired in and securely fastened throughout the whole ADA Restroom Trailer.
  1. Double-check that the breakaway mechanism is in place and stable.
  1. Make sure that the emergency battery is fully charged.
  1. Check the running and perimeter lights, as well as the trailer brakes and turn signals.
  1. Make sure if the brake controller of the ADA Restroom Trailer is in good working order.


14. What are the Maintenance Tips when Using an ADA Restroom Trailer?


Washing, Waxing, Polishing

While any particular brand of cleaning items is not promoted, it is advised to use products designed especially for gel coating fiberglass.

You may find them in the RV/marine section of most auto parts shops, camping world, west marine, amazon, and so on.

Choose a commodity brand with which you familiarize or at ease, and read how to use the section on the box.

Until hand washing, start by spraying the entire ADA Restroom Trailer, including the roof and undercarriage, with plenty of water to clear all dirt and trash from all surfaces.

This can help clear grit and ground particles that can get stuck in your soap, towel, or brush while hand washing and scrape the floor.



Starting from the ceiling down, clean the interior of the ADA Restroom Trailer with a multipurpose cleaner in a spray bottle and rag (follow the multipurpose cleaner’s recommendations for concentration levels and surfaces to be used on).

  • Spray a mist of multipurpose cleaner on the ceiling, walls, and partitions one at a time, then wipe them clean with the dry cloth.
  • Using Windex or a similar product in a spray bottle and a clean rag, clean the unit (marble countertops, mirrors, drains, and different aspects).
  • Clean the inside of the bowls of both toilets and urinals with a toilet wand and wiping pads.
  • Do not try to flush the toilet bowl or throw the cleaning wand pad in the garbage bag.
  • Clean the ADA Restroom Trailer covers, as well as the outsides of the toilet bowls and urinals, with disinfectant spray and a towel.
  • Make sure both the top and bottom of the seat are clean.
  • Sweep the surfaces with a soft bristle brush to remove any large particles, and use a swifter wet jet to remove any remaining dust or soil.


Mechanical Maintenance

When storing the ADA Restroom Trailer outdoors, it is best to keep the front of the unit higher than the back.

Which would keep some water leftover in the waste holding tank or that reaches the tank through the vent stack in the back of the tank away from the waste dump pipe, where it may freeze and rupture if temperatures drop below zero, resulting in expensive repairs.


15. What are Some Problems Associated with the ADA Restroom Trailer?


Difficulty in Climbing the Unit

Employees who are unable to reach above due to back or shoulder injury, or any disability should use a step stool or aerial lift to boost themselves to a level that they can reach or below shoulder height.

Employees with climbing restrictions can have difficulty entering the ADA Restroom Trailer. Extended tractor steps and folded steps are two options to consider, as these have extra steps that will shorten the climbing gap to get into the truck cab.

To make it easy for anyone to enter, this unit also has chairs that swivel and often stretch outward.


Difficulty in Transporting Goods:

It can be physically exhausting to move and lift materials and goods, particularly if you have a motor disability.

Winches and chain hoists, hitch systems, ADA Restroom Trailer, fixed cranes, portable mobile cranes, and lift gates are all products that can support.


Water Leaks:

Water leaks aren’t just a frightening prospect when it comes to your home: they’re almost unavoidable. Sealants, no matter how high-tech or well-made, harden and break with time and motion.

Unfortunately, this ever-present boogeyman has the potential to wreak havoc on your ADA Restroom Trailer. Water damage affects the interior in more ways than one.

It can also damage fragile moving parts, rust out metal fixtures, and also cause harmful internal electrical short-circuiting.

The below are some of the solutions to the issue of water leaks:

  • Keep it in a waterproof, UV-resistant cover at all times.
  • Cover with a new covering of sealant annually as a preventive attack against cracked seals is another way to keep leakage at bay for as long as possible.



Using an ADA Restroom Trailer is an easy-to-access option for comforting disabled people with a portable toilet at outdoor events.

But, it is essential to wash and clean your ADA Restroom Trailer to keep it functioning properly.

So make sure that you act upon the mentioned safety measures to keep your unit functional for a longer time.



FAQs of ADA Restroom Trailer

  1. How Does the ADA Restroom Trailer Smell?

The ADA Restroom Trailer smells good. The quality plumbing with no clogged or chemical-filled drains or pipes doesn’t produce any odor in the unit.


  1. What are the Options for Powering your ADA Restroom Trailer?

You may use the simple electric cables for supplying power to the ADA Restroom Trailer. In case of no electricity, it can also be powered using a generator.


  1. Does the Service Installation of the ADA Restroom Trailer Include Wires and Cords?

Yes, the cables, wires, and hose will be all provided by the installers of the ADA Restroom Trailer themselves; you won’t have to buy anything.


  1. What is the Frequency of the Servicing the ADA Restroom Trailer?

Normally, an ADA Restroom Trailer is serviced once a week. This service includes cleaning, maintenance, safety checks, and troubleshooting.


  1. What is the Possible Solution to Secure the Fitting of the ADA Restroom Trailer?

The possible solution to secure the fitting of the ADA Restroom Trailer at any site is to attach special skates at all four skids for providing a better grip with the ground.


  1. How to Get Rid of the Unpleasant Odor and Germs Present in the ADA Restroom Trailer?

The best way to get rid of the unpleasant odor and germs in the ADA Restroom Trailer is to avail the professional cleaning service of the suppliers. They will deeply clean the unit with special detergent and effective cleaning solutions.


  1. How is the Waste of the ADA Restroom Trailer Disposed of?

The waste material of the ADA Restroom Trailer is disposed into waste tanks. To ensure a pleasant environment throughout the unit, these tanks are properly sealed, preventing the escape of odors and chemicals.


  1. Is it Possible to Rent the ADA Restroom Trailer for a Single Day?

Yes, it is possible to rent an ADA Restroom Trailer for however days you want; it may be one day or ten days or 100 days or more.


  1. How to Operate the Levelling Jacks of an ADA Restroom Trailer?

There are two ways to use the leveling jacks for the ADA Restroom Trailer; one is an airbag system that is used manually, while the other one is an electric jack, which is operated with remote control.


  1. Is it Possible to Use the Stereo System in the ADA Restroom Trailer?

Yes, it is possible to use the stereo system in your ADA Restroom Trailer for better fun and enjoyment.


  1. What is the Advantage of Using Flat Floor Design in the ADA Restroom Trailer?

The flat floor designs present in the ADA Restroom Trailer make it easier for the walkers and wheelchairs to enter and exit the unit.


  1. What are the Water Temperature Options Available in the ADA Restroom Trailer?

There are two water temperature options available in the ADA Restroom Trailer; either hot water or cold water.


  1. What Does an ADA Restroom Trailer Require to Function?

An ADA Restroom Trailer only requires a power supply and a garden hose to function properly.


  1. Will the ADA Restroom Trailer Function Without the Garden Hose?

Yes, the ADA Restroom Trailer will function perfectly even without any garden hose.

In this situation, the huge water tank present in it provides sufficient water for the usage of many guests.


  1. How is the ADA Restroom Trailer Better Option than the Standard Chemical Toilet?

The ADA Restroom Trailer is a better option as compared to the standard chemical toilets in terms of comfort, durability, and vast usage.


  1. For How Many Times Can you Use the ADA Restroom Trailer with Single Filled Tank?

If you fill the water tank of the ADA Restroom Trailer once, around 1000 people can use this unit easily.


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