• Air conditioned Porta potty
  • Air conditioned Porta potty
  • Air conditioned Porta potty

Air Conditioned Porta Potty Manufacturer

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Your Reliable  Air Conditioned Porta Potty Manufacturer in China

Are you eager to find air conditioned porta potty for your events? Sunnyda can be your best provider of air-conditioned porta potty in China.

Sunnyda designed air conditioned porta potty with space in mind at an affordable cost. Perfect for your events and parties where small spaces are needed.

Our air conditioned porta potty comes with a wide range that can accommodate any situation.   

Sunnyda air conditioned porta potty can handle uncomfortable and reach high temperatures.

Our air conditioned porta potty contains a mirror, toilet seat with cover, door handle, lights, and door lock indicator.

  A combination of our air conditioned porta potty may be available in your outdoor facility.

Sunnyda air conditioned porta potty is elegant that can be discreetly placed on the site of your event. 

Sunnyda is your premier air conditioned porta potty manufacturer!

Air conditioned Porta potty bodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size3700(L) x 1700(W) x 2500(H) mm
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tank450L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank1000L
Weight1240kg, when water and waste tank is empty
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingCan mix load with other model, or 2 SUT01 in a 40HQini in a 40HQ
Delivery time40 days
Electricallighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Ultimate Guide to Air Conditioned Porta Potty

Summer heat is coming, do you need a portable potty?  Sunnyda can provide an air-conditioned porta-potty.

Sunnyda has been an experienced air conditioned porta potty manufacturer since 2008. Our company passed ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Get Sunnyda air conditioned porta potty which you and your guests can utilize the luxury of cool air. 

Sunnyda  air conditioned porta potty is certified with CE. Over the years, Sunnyda air-conditioned porta-potty has been exported to some countries like the USA, EU, AU, and South America.

With many options available, at Sunnyda the air-conditioned porta-potty can be made to your specification. Buy your classy air conditioned porta potty for your upscale affair! 

If you’re not content with your air conditioned porta potty suppliers then let Sunnyda be your champion.

Our air conditioned porta potty features two fully self-contained restrooms outfitted with air-conditioning and even a space heater in those colder months.

Sunnyda air conditioned porta potty proven quality porta-potty that is a pleasure to use. Sunnyda designed air conditioned porta potty for you and for your customer satisfaction. 

Sunnyda builds air conditioned porta potty that is easy to set up for some events that require nicer restroom facilities. Your guests will love to be honored with air-conditioned porta-potty instead of a stinky porta-potty in the summer heat.

Sunnyda porta potty is newly designed and air conditioned for comfort.  Perfect for weddings, corporate and VIP events, and come standard with full sinks and flushing toilets. 

Sunnyda manufactured air conditioned porta potty of all sizes and types to satisfy all of your needs.  Sunnyda has created a solid reputation in the manufacturing industry because of our passionate and highly trained staff.

We made an air conditioned porta potty fully operational upon delivery. If you like to install inside equipment by yourself provision for that piece of equipment will be ready.

Our delivery team is strictly attentive to details that involve utilizing a detailed checklist. Rest assured that your air-conditioned porta-potty arrives in pristine condition, on-time, like-new, and won’t break your budget.

To learn more about our air conditioned porta potty, get a quote right here, right now!


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