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Panel Thickness

Panel WeightKAverage Sound Insulation(bd)

Max. Span At Load 50kg/m2


KgW/m2 0C

Kcal/m2 h 0C










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Aluminum Sandwich Panel-A Comprehensive Buying Guide Presented by Sunnyda.

Aluminum Sandwich Panel is the most reliable and high-quality product best suitable for weight-bearing structure construction. For construction, transportation, and industrial applications, it can be used.

The upper and lower facings, and core region of the panel, perform a weight-bearing and heat-insulating function. Airplanes are featured with Aluminum Sandwich Panel for having lower structural weight but high rigidity.

Easy installation requiring no extra tools, lower cost, and feasible maintenance make it more desirable for the customers to use.

Superb designing, reliable functionality, and quality of the panel depending on the raw material taken from different brands for the manufacturing of the most appealing and desiring panels. To know more about it keep reading.


1.What is Aluminum Sandwich Panel?
2.What are the Main Components of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?
3.What are the Key Features of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?
4.How an Aluminum Sandwich Panel is Fabricated?
5.How Many Types of Core can be used for Manufacturing of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?
6.Which Material is used for Coating of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?
7.What is Aluminum Sandwich Panel used for?
8.What are the Outstanding Benefits to use an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?
9.What is the Difference Between an Aluminum Sandwich Panel and Conventional Single Skin Panel?
10.What are Some Leading Applications of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?
11.How do Facings Increase Stiffness of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?
12.How Long Does an Aluminum Sandwich Panel Last?
13.What is the Heat Resistant and Heat Conductivity Range of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?
14.What is the Durability of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?
15.Which Factors Make an Aluminum Sandwich Panel More Strengthening?
16.How Much is the Cost of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?
17.How to Install your Aluminum Sandwich Panel?
18.How to Size your Aluminum Sandwich Panel for your Application?
19.How can you Increase the Working Efficiency of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?
20.How to Maintain your Aluminum Sandwich Panel?


1. What is Aluminum Sandwich Panel?

Aluminum Sandwich Panel is a specific kind of insulated product that is comprised of three main layers as an insulated core region that is sandwiched between two metallic aluminum facings.

The core region is constructed with low dense insulated material as mineral wool, polyurethane, polystyrene, extended polystyrene (EPS). Different insulating materials have different features and are selected according to the application requirements.

PUR and PIR are leading core materials renowned for their low thermal conductivity, heat insulation, and versatility. The core region of the panel is configured to bear the shear.

Aluminum facings are thinly layered but with high rigidity and stiffness configured to bear the bending loads. It is used for cladding, heat/ cold insulation in buildings, hotels, aircraft, and air plans construction for lower weightage, etc.


2. What are the Main Components of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?

Aluminum Sandwich Panel consists of 3 basic layers as

  • Two layers of aluminum sheets on the top & bottom sides.
  • A core layer of foam or honeycomb-like comb core.

The core region is light weighted for compressibility, shear resistance, and heat insulation.

Sandwich panel skins are the outermost layers that are manufactured by a variety of materials. Aluminum is commonly used for facings.

Facings can be fabricated by using different finishing and coating materials. Fabricating material enhances the working capability and resistivity of the panel.


3. What are the Key Features of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?

Superb Decoration

The Aluminum Sandwich Panel is featured with an attractive surface having diverse colors or pattern finishing, best looking for many decoration applications as hotel rooms.


Best anti-corrosion properties, longer life span. Don’t get rust like steel or get rust easily making the panel more durable.

Thermal Insulation and light Weight

Different types of core materials for insulation with lighter weight as foam or honeycomb core.

PUR has heat insulation and fireproofing, XPS and EPS are with thermal & sound insulation while Rockwool is fireproof & soundproof.


Aluminum Sandwich Panel with foam core is more economic in cost as compared to thick panel because here the aluminum skin generally is thick with more aluminum consumption

Flat-Panel Surface

The Aluminum Sandwich Panel is featured with a flat panel and does not have any oil canning difficulty.

Easy Fabrication

Easily fabricated with metal facings and finishing paints for corrosion resistance. Easy to cut the foam panel with the help of saws/ blades / CNC cutting machines.

Easy Cleaning

By using different cleaning materials available easily for panel cleaning.


4. How an Aluminum Sandwich Panel is Fabricated?

An Aluminum Sandwich Panel is fabricated with aluminum facings both on the upper and lower sides of the panel.

Different insulating materials are being used inside the facings for waterproof, heat insulation, combustion prevention, and compressibility.

Fabricated facings increase the stability of the panel to endure weight load and bending characteristics.

The insulation material that is used for facings can be polystyrene, polyurethane foam, and rock wool. The strength of the panel depends on fabrication. The greater the fabrication, the greater will be the strengthening.


5. How Many Types of Core can be used for Manufacturing of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?

Aluminum Sandwich Panel consists of two facings and one core region.

Facings are made of aluminum with different coatings but the core region can be changed according to the application requirements as given below:

IPN-Isoprene Core

IPN is a refined foam core that is also known as refined PIR foam.

When it is exposed to fire, the exposed char protects the remaining core from heat damages. It has a high status of internal spacing and a good performance against fire.

PIR Core

It is a type of polyurethane core with high shear capacity. It prevents the whole core from fire or combustion by its exposed char portion. So a panel with a PIR core is most protective and stable than a PUR core.

PUR Core

It is denoted as the B-3 class among core varieties. PUR is a rigid core, do participate in fire emergency but it has less resistance against fire as IPN and PIR cores.

PUR doesn’t produce foam droplets during combustion but emits enough smoke.

Polystyrene Core

It discharges a lot amount of black smoke and heat during fire due to its heat-resistant features. With the whole core melting by fire, it can spread inside the whole panel.

Polystyrene starts to melt at temperatures below 180 degrees Celsius and produces flaming droplets.

Aluminum Sandwich Panel with polystyrene core is preferred to use in industries having high damaging risk by heating.


6. Which Material is used for Coating of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?

Different types of coating materials can be used for the protection of the Aluminum Sandwich Panel from corrosion.

The coating type is being selected based on the buildings, applications, or specific structure for which you are using a panel. Different coating types are given below:


Polyurethane Coating has high corrosion resistance. It provides a thickness of about 20 to 25micrmeter and great stability.

Plastisol Coating:

It is highly resistant to humidity and corrosion. It provides greater stability as compared to other coatings. The coating can vary due to its vast variety. Mostly 100 and 120μm thickness of plastisol coating is most preferable to use.

PVC Coating:

For lamination of metal as aluminum facings of Aluminum Sandwich Panel, PVC coating is being used. Its thickness ranges from 120-800μm.

The PVC coating is a strong and highly resistant coating against humidity and rusting. This coating provides an alluring look due to its alternative texture and feature.

Polyester Coating

Its coating thickness ranges from 20 to 25μm. It is renowned for its distinctive stability, resistance against humidity, corrosion, abrasion, and impact.

Its usage depends upon the application and its performance efficiency.

PVDF Coating

PVDF coating thickness ranges from 25 to 28μm. It has resistive capability against corrosion, abrasion, impact, and chalking, etc.

But it shows less resistance against scratch with the limited amount of gloss and coloring option.


7. What is Aluminum Sandwich Panel used for?

Aluminum Sandwich Panel is an insulating product that is renowned for its diverse featuring.

This light weightage feature configuring bending capability and shear resistance of panel is used for different purposes as:

Heat and Cold Insulation

The idea to use thin skins with high strengthening and lightweight but thick core region is to increase the overall thickness of the panel for heat and cold insulation inside the room.

Absorption of Impact Energy

Aluminum Sandwich Panel is used for airplanes, air crafts, or buildings having high possibilities of fire damages.

The panel absorbs the impact energy through a specific mechanism proceeded by the core region. In air-crafts, panels absorb impact energy evolved by air pressure.

Combustion Protection

In buildings and industries, combustion heat energy is being absorbed until it reaches the melting point of the panel giving an alert to the owner in an emergency.

Warehouse Protection

The insulating material of the core can absorb moisture or stops the addition of moisture safeguarding products from moisture damages.

Temperature Maintenance

For absorption of extra heat produced in the gym and sports rooms for temperature maintenance to comfort athletes and other users.


8. What are the Outstanding Benefits to use an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?

Aluminum Sandwich Panel has a wide range of benefits for different applications for which it is used as:

Superb Insulation

PUF core material with the installation of node design ensures great insulation against heat for enclosure systems and rooms to maintain cooling.

Excellent Resistance Against Fire

Aluminum Sandwich Panel has great capability to absorb heat and provide prevention from fire due to the high melting point of metal of the panel. A protective coking layer made of polyurethane protects the core without combustion.

Easy Installation

Factory mounted fabrication of panels reduces the cost of installation, maintenance, and labor expenses.

Environment Protection

Polyurethane coating halts the breeding of bacteria and can meet the environment protecting the standard of the cleanroom industry.

Noise Control

Enables the discharge of unwanted sounds, and prevents sounds from spreading to save humans from noise side effects.


9. What is the Difference Between an Aluminum Sandwich Panel and Conventional Single Skin Panel?

Conventional Single Skin Panel

  • Conventional Single Skin Panel consists of a single plate featured with frame.
  • It is configured with a considerable length of welding seams.
  • The lighter and thinner plate of the conventional panel cause distortion of a weld.
  • It requires more fabrication for stiffness and rectification in work.

Aluminum Sandwich Panel

  • While Aluminum Sandwich Panel consists of a honeycomb-like core sandwiched between two aluminum facings.
  • It provides protection and durable reduction in structural weight of airplanes and aircrafts.
  • An Aluminum Sandwich Panel can deal better with weld seams due to its three layers composition.
  • It has a core with high shear bearing capability and facings with stiffness for heat insulation.


10. What are Some Leading Applications of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?

Building Decoration

For building facade, holes filling, interior wall partition, and roof coverage.

Cold Storage Applications

Cooling of the rooms, hotels, and buildings by resisting heat entrance inside a room.

Transportation Applications

Aerospace applications, automotive appliances, air-plane, rail vehicles, and cars construction.

Construction Applications

Bridge Decks, ship buildings, hotels, facades, smart ceilings, and industrial manufacturing. Aluminum Sandwich Panel in Marine Applications as shipbuilding.

Laboratory Applications

To keep cool all of the laboratory instruments for efficient and long-lasting performance.

Recreational Facilities

To maintain the temperature of Sports, clubs, arenas for user comfort and soothing.


11. How do Facings Increase Stiffness of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?

Aluminum Sandwich Panel is designed with spaced facings to increase the stiffness and rigidity of the panel.

Aluminum is used for facings fabrication. The principle which is followed to synthesize the facings is about the thinning of the facings with a thick core.

The thick core enforces the formation of spaced facings. Thin facings bear low weight increasing the overall stiffness and rigidity of the panel.

Facings metal has a high melting point with greater flexibility and bending capability to bear the weight.

The finishing of facings also increases the strength and overall functioning of the Panel.


12. How Long Does an Aluminum Sandwich Panel Last?

  • The life span of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel depends upon the material which is being used for construction, environmental conditions, maintenance, and application for which the panel is used.
  • The inner and outer facings of the panel should be resistive against UV radiations and other environmental factors.
  • The core part should also have strong resistance against physical, and chemical barriers and condensation.
  • The application load should be according to the capacity of the panel for its longer service life.
  • After installation, the maintenance and checking of the whole panel are necessary.

By keeping in view all the above instructions the best quality Aluminum Sandwich Panel can be used for over years averagely of 30 to 50 years.

Panels with APE varnishing have a 5 to 8 years life span while PVDF panels can last for 30 years.


13. What is the Heat Resistant and Heat Conductivity Range of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?

Heat resistance is the ability to resist heat-transmitting. While heat conductivity is a permission to allow the passing of heat.

Aluminum Sandwich Panel has both types of features depending on the application and insulating material.

Its heat resistance ranges from -180°C to 110°C. While the heat conductivity coefficient values range from 0.018 to 0.024.


14. What is the Durability of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?

Aluminum Sandwich Panel has long service life due to the use of branded raw material with a warranty timeline.

The use of aluminum metal for panel manufacturing also makes it more durable because it does not get rust easily as other metals e.g steel.

The durability of your Aluminum Sandwich Panel can be increased with greater maintenance and cleaning. Panel with PVDF coating has high durability and lasts for almost 30 years with great maintenance.


15. Which Factors Make an Aluminum Sandwich Panel More Strengthening?

The strengthening of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel depends on the following factors:

Coating Material

The upper and lower facings of the Panel are being coated with a different type of material and colors according to application requirements increase the stiffness of facings.

Low Weight

The weight of the panel should be light for bending, uplifting, and aircraft lightweight structuring.

High Degree of Fabrication

Aluminum facings fabricated with reliable and coating increase the corrosion resistance and stability of the panel.

Insulation Properties

For manufacturing of roof, wall panels of industries and warehouses, Aluminum Sandwich Panel should have insulating properties to resist heat /moisture with great strength and stability.


16. How Much is the Cost of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?

The cost of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel varies according to the length and thickness of the panel.

However, a 3mm Aluminum sheet with a polyethylene core and PVDF coating has a cost that is Rs.75/Square feet. In dollars, the per square foot cost of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel can range from 2.55$ to 4.70$.


17. How to Install your Aluminum Sandwich Panel?

Transportation at Construction Site

Unload the panel after shipping manually or use a forklift if the package is about 6m in length.

But if the length of the package exceeds 6m, use conveyors and spreader booms for unloading. Don’t use point supports that can damage the lining of the panel.

Check the Quality

Before installation check out the whole panel and the structure where you will install the panel. It should be straight. Any bending can produce leakage at the joints of the panel.

Elimination of Protective Film

Remove protective film from the panel before final installation as it becomes difficult to remove after a specific timeline.


Fix the strips of PES tape on a structure where you would install the Aluminum Sandwich Panel. These sealing tapes will support the interaction of the panel with the application.

Panel Adjustment

Use vacuum lifters for transporting and fasteners for installing the first panel with whole-cell penetration capability.

Skylights/Door /Window Profile Installation

It depends upon the application for which you are installing the panel. For skylights in roof panels, and door or window in wall panels, use jig-saw and nibblers for cutting.

Panels Assembly

By continuous addition of subsequent panels, make sure to press them for fasteners tightening and prevention from thermal bridges. Also, use washers on the opposite side of fasteners for compactness.

Masking and Monitoring

Fill out or mask the plinths joints and braces for full coverage of the panel. Keep in view the weight load according to the bearing capacity of fasteners and maintain the panel by using different cleaning methods.


18. How to Size your Aluminum Sandwich Panel for your Application?

Aluminum Sandwich Panel has great versatility due to its different sizes, insulating material, and coating.

Different buildings or applications require different panels according to their needs and requirements e.g heat insulation, acoustic control, waterproofing, combustion protection, etc.

Based on the following parameters you can size an Aluminum Sandwich Panel for your application.

1-Insulation Material

Firstly check out the requirements of your application. Then select an Aluminum Sandwich Panel accordingly.

EPS Insulation

If your application is requiring heat insulation, water insulation, and acoustic insulation, use the panel with EPS core that has features that greatly match your application requirements.

PUR and PIR Insulation

If your application is requiring mechanical strength, heat insulation, and water insulation, use the aluminum panel with PUR core to fulfilling your all requirements.

Mineral Wool Insulation

All those industries or applications requiring fire resistance, mechanical strength, and acoustic insulation are featured with a panel having a mineral wool core.

2- Coating Selection

Outer coating and colors of facings are being selected according to environmental factors that are going to be exposed with your application.

The upper layer should have great resistance against sunlight, while the inner layer should cool or heat the application in summer and winter respectively.

Here are some coatings that can be sized according to your application.

PVDF Coating is used for impact, and abrasion resistance, and high flexibility.

Polyester Coating is used for corrosion, humidity, and impact resistance.

The PVC coating is used for indoor and outdoor applications as a lamination of aluminum and cold applications.

3-Length and Thickness

Measure the length and thickness requirements for your chiller and select the panel accordingly.


Aluminum Sandwich Panel is available in different cost ranges. Make your budget plan and select the panel best suitable to your budget and application.


19. How can you Increase the Working Efficiency of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?

The working efficiency of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel can be increased by following different strategic measures as given below:


By cleaning the upper and lower surfaces of the panel, corrosion resistance of the panel can be increased, resulting in the increase of the insulating efficiency of the panel.

Finishing Paint and Color

By primer coating, the panel with different paint and colors, the working efficiency of the panel can be enhanced.

Removal of Protecting Sheet

Panels are covered with a protecting sheet. After installation, these sheets should be removed for better working of the panel.

Some customers don’t remove it and it becomes difficult to remove it after a specific duration.

Use of Taping

For increasing the stickiness of the panel to the structure, taping is used. Smooth and flawless installation of the panel also helps to increase the working efficiency of the panel.


20. How to Maintain your Aluminum Sandwich Panel?

An Aluminum Sandwich Channel can be maintained for long service life and durability by following ways as given below:

Checking of Panel

Make sure to check out the whole panel at least one time a month so that you may diagnose any ruptured or damaging unit.

Repair the damage and rupturing part or change it with a new one for proper working.

Daily Cleaning

Make sure to clean the panel with different cleaning chemicals that should be selected according to the type of panel, not any other because random detergents for cleaning can damage the facings.

Remove Bumps and Bending

Removing all bumps and bending occur during panel installation or due to high heating effect for the proper working of the panel.


21. Conclusion.

Conclusively an Aluminum Sandwich Panel is a three-layered composite having two aluminum facings in a core region.

The core region is also called as an insulating unit made of a variety of insulating material as PIR, PUR, and polystyrene that is most commonly used.

The facings of the Panel are fabricated with different coating materials and finishing paint. It has a wide range of applications mostly in transportation, construction, and decorative applications.

Aluminum Sandwich Panel has easy installation mostly by the use of screws, and fastenings. It can be sized easily for a wide range of applications due to its versatility.

Lower cost of maintenance, longer service life, and working efficiency makes it more appealing to purchase among customers and clients.


FAQs of Aluminum Sandwich Panel.

What kind of finish is used on Aluminum Sandwich Panel?

PE and PVD paints are used as finishing of an Aluminum Sandwich Panel.


How is an Aluminum Sandwich Panel adapted for different uses?

An Aluminum Sandwich Panel is present in different designs.

It can be adapted for different applications by using a variety of coating materials in different colors, the cover sheets, corrugation thickness, and insulating material best suitable for a specific structure.


How does an Aluminum Sandwich Panel absorb Impact Energy?

An Aluminum Sandwich Panel absorbs Impact energy by using two different mechanisms:

1-Local crushing mechanism

2-Global bending mechanism


How does Local Crushing Work for an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?

Through this mechanism impact energy is absorbed by the low dense core region of the panel. Aluminum Sandwich Panel consists of foam or honeycomb-like core having lower density.

Under a high point of impact, a low-density core region is greatly crushed and absorbs energy at a greater extent configured by the plasticity of the cell wall.


How does Global Bending Work for an Aluminum Sandwich Panel?

In the global bending mechanism not only core region of the panel is involved in energy absorption but the whole panel gets bend to absorb energy.


Is an Aluminum Sandwich Panel Durable?

Yes, An Aluminum Sandwich Panel is durable due to the use of branded raw material, providing thermoregulation. It has easy installation and maintenance with long service life.


Is an Aluminum Sandwich Panel Flexible to Use?

Yes, it has a greater extent of flexibility. Thin layers have bending capability with the stiffness of the structure. Due to flexibility, it can be easily drilled, bend and cut for installation.


How can you Make an Aluminum Sandwich Panel Waterproof?

To protect an application as a warehouse, an Aluminum Sandwich Panel can be converted into waterproof by using liquid rubber on the panel surface so that a building may be prevented from water entry and combustion.


How does an Aluminum Sandwich Panel Prevent Air and Water from Leakage?

An Aluminum Sandwich Panel is configured with water-tight structures to insulate the different applications from natural water sources as rain, snow, and humidity.

Honeycomb or foam-like core has greater capability to absorb air or water and resist them to enter the room.


Can an Aluminum Sandwich Panel Resist Shear?

Yes, the foam or honeycomb-like core region of the panel has spacing among compartments to bear the shear and compressibility easily.


How does an Aluminum Sandwich Panel Insulate the Noise Inside Buildings?

Through the insulating component of the panel, extra sounds and echoes are being absorbed and discharged by this panel. Acoustic featuring an Aluminum Sandwich Panel produces comfortable spaces free from noise.

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