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Sunnyda is the leading manufacturer and supplier of the Aluzinc Steel Coil in China. With smart experience, the durability and quality of our products are equally appreciated on a national and international level. We possess the facilities of steel aligning and re-rolling. Aluzinc Steel Coil manufactured by Sunnyda is produced according to international standards. It is guaranteed with the lowest level of impurities as manufactured by advanced technology.

Sunnyda assures the quality of an Aluzinc Steel Coil through modern product testing facilities and expert staff. It is a cold-rolled steel coil with excellent corrosion resistance properties in different atmospheric conditions. With the huge number of benefits, it has a longer life. It can be recycled by proper recycling methods to make it in good form for more use. Aluzinc Steel Coil is paintable, weldable, and can be cut or modified by using advanced laser cutting machinery.

You can use analyzing Steel Coil for various construction, roofing, and machinery purposes. Moreover, Sunnyda is specialized in the manufacturing of flat steel products like slabs, hot rolled coils; cold rolled coils, galvanized and galvalume steel coils/sheets, and corrugated steel. We are vital to the manufacturing and supplying of high-quality and cost-effective steelAluzinc Steel Coil and other products to various marketplaces.

The great emphasis is placed on high-quality control policies of our company, which as output produces highly reliable and durable products. The technical support and sales team of Sunnyda is available 24/7 hours to serve our customers. For more detailed information, Contact us now.

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Aluzinc Steel Coil-A Complete Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

There are many metals to work with today for fabricators, but the main focus must be the quality and durability of the metal.

Aluzinc Steel Coil can be a great choice for your next construction project. It is the world’s fastest-growing metallic coating.

It is a coiled form of aluzinc steel and composition of coating zinc, aluminum, and a bit silicon. It has a clean, bright, and silvery appearance.

The aluminum and zinc coating on Aluzinc Steel Coil provides excellent rust and corrosion-free material with an aluminum coating protecting the zinc.

Due to a large number of advantages, it is mostly involved in all types of construction projects. There is a lot more to know about it.

Here is an ultimate buying guide about Aluzinc Steel Coil, loaded with all useful information for you. Let’s start it.

1.What is an Aluzinc Steel Coil?
2.What are the Main Elements of Aluzinc Steel Coil?
3.How an Aluzinc Steel Coil is Manufactured?
4.What are the Outstanding Features of Aluzinc Steel Coil?
5.What are the Advantages of Using Aluzinc Steel Coil?
6.What is the Purpose of Aluzinc Steel Coil?
7.What are the Applications of Aluzinc Steel Coil?
8.Why Aluzinc Steel Coil is used for Roofing?
9.What are the Installation Requirements for your Aluzinc Steel Coil Roofing?
10.What is the Difference between Zincalume and Aluzinc Steel Coil?
11.How to Look for the Best Aluzinc Steel Coil?
12.What is meant by Insulation of Aluzinc Steel Coil on Roofing?
13.What Type of Insulation you can Apply on Aluzinc Steel Coil Roofing?
14.What are some Toxicological Effects during Further Processing of Aluzinc Steel Coil?
15.How Aluminium and Aluzinc Steel Coil are Different from Each Other?
16.How to Determine the Weight of an Aluzinc Steel Coil?
17.What is meant by Grading of Aluzinc Steel Coil?
18.Is Aluzinc Steel Coil is Environmentally Friendly?
19.How to Select an Aluzinc Steel Coil for your Application?

What is an Aluzinc Steel Coil?

Aluzinc Steel Coil uses a cold-rolled steel sheet as a substrate and is solidified by a specific amount of aluminum, zinc, and silicon.

It takes about 600 °C temperature for the composition of Al=55%, Zn=43.4%, and Si=1.6% to form an Aluzinc Steel Coil. It is named after the higher levels of aluminum and zinc present in it as “Aluzinc”.

A good adhesion plating and paint film would be great to perform well in electroconductivity.

It is highly recommended for roofing, ventilation shafts, and flues, etc.

There is a thin fingerprint-free coating on it for temporary protection and to improve its deep draw performance.

Aluzinc Steel Coil is a good substrate for organic coating with no time for preliminary treatments.

It can be formed or weld easily that’s why it is used in various natural insulation, fencing, metal jacketing, etc.

What are the Main Elements of Aluzinc Steel Coil?

The main elements of an Aluzinc Steel Coil are the components that are used to produce it.

It is produced by three main elements mentioned below:

Aluminum (Al); for protection of inner steel during extreme atmospheric conditions.

Zinc (Zn); for sacrificial safety of cut edges on steel.

Silicon (Si); Alloy

Modern coating methods of Aluzinc Steel Coil have increased its durability and service life more. The two main purposes of this patented coating are as follow:

  • The Aluminum used in coating works as a physical barrier between harsh weather conditions and the inner core of steel.
  • The Zinc is used as a sacrificial safety to save the steel at the cut corners.

How an Aluzinc Steel Coil is Manufactured?

Aluzinc Steel Coil has 50% more resistance against corrosion as compared to the other contemporary sheets.

This quality of Aluzinc Steel Coil makes it be used for roofing purposes, for long-lasting roofing without danger of being corroded.

Following is the manufacturing process of the Aluzinc Steel Coil:

  • For the zinc coating, after passing cold rolled steel through the Aluminum zinc section.

The coil is passed through un coiler section to uncoil the sheet then sent to the

degreasing and reduction section for the cleaning and to reduce its composition so that can easily be processed.

The layer of zinc coating is placed on the sheet by immersing the sheet into a zinc pot, after zinc coating the sheet looks beautiful.

  • Then, this zinc-coated sheet is sent to the post-processing section different process takes place at this section like straightening, finishing, and finally wind up on winder.

Now, the product is ready to send to the market for sale.

  • Aluzinc coating of Aluzinc Steel Coil provides very good resistance against corrosion, and reflection of heat without absorbing the heat.

It remains at a moderate temperature and outside heat does not enter inside the building.

What are the Outstanding Features of Aluzinc Steel Coil?

Like other metals, Aluzinc Steel Coil also has some amazing features which make it unique and prominent among its contemporary metals for different application.

Some of these salient features are listed below:

  • The Aluzinc Steel Coil has a unique, spangled, smooth, and twinkling smooth appearance which reflects light and solar radiations.
  • When you touch different type’s metallic sheets your finger impressions left on the sheet which make the sheet looks bad.

In its case, there is no finger impression left on touching, due to its coated surface.

  • Aluzinc Steel Coil is famous for its long life.
  • Its surface is treated as per the restriction hazardous substance rule (ROHS), which means that the sheet does not contain any hazardous substance.
  • Aluzinc Steel Coil comes in a variety of thicknesses to make an easy choice for your application.
  • It bounces back heat in a drastic way and does not allow the heat to absorb in the metal and keeps the building temperate more comfortable as compared to other sheets.
  • It provides high resistance against corrosion, so no signs of corrosion can be seen after a long time of its installation.
  • Its shiny surface does not need any paint, but if it is essential you may use the paint.

What are the Advantages of Using Aluzinc Steel Coil?

There are many advantages of using Aluzinc Steel Coil for your various projects.

Some of its most common advantages are given below:

Good Corrosion Resistance at high temperature:

The reason behind its good corrosion resistance and high temperature is that it is driven from the matchless combo of the sacrificial protection of zinc and barrier protection of aluminum at cut edges, scratches, and damaged coating areas.

Good Abrasion Resistance:

Aluzinc Steel Coil can resist high-temperature oxidation similar to aluminum coated steel.

Excellent Light and Thermal Reflectivity:

Aluminum and zinc alloy in Aluzinc Steel Coil has high reflectivity against light and an effective barrier against heat as it has a smooth, silvery and shiny surface.

What is the Purpose of Aluzinc Steel Coil?

When standard steel coil was used instead of aluminum and zinc-coated steel coil, there were lots of complaints of corrosion, unreliability, fragility, and heat absorption in different steel applications.

So, every customer was looking to have high-quality steel that has a longer life with corrosion-free and heatless service for various applications.

The main purpose of manufacturing Aluzinc Steel Coil is to save the steel from corrosion, rusting, and thermal damage.

The aluminum and zinc coating over the core steel is expertly done with advanced technology to provide a shiny and silvery surface that reserves the inner steel from environmental damages under different weather conditions.

What are the Applications of Aluzinc Steel Coil?

Aluzinc Steel Coil is a widely used form of steel due to its various features. Some of its applications are appended below:

  • It can be utilized for manufacturing computer appliances due to its heat resistance feature.
  • You can utilize it for a ventilation system as it provides good resistance to oxidation.
  • It can be used for agricultural equipment as it can be utilized without paint.
  • Large construction and building industries that need high corrosion resistive material use Aluzinc Steel Coil due to its higher heat and light reflectivity.
  • It is useful for making panels of different equipment that can use in a wide area.
  • It can be used as ducting for air conditioners.
  • Furniture-making industries also use it.
  • It can also be used for the manufacturing of vehicle bodies.
  • Aluzinc Steel Coil is used for making heat plates for roofing systems to throw away high temperatures.

Why Aluzinc Steel Coil is used for Roofing?

An Aluzinc Steel Coil is widely used for the roofing of different buildings. The reason behind its roofing is that it is highly resistant to thermal radiation and corrosion.

It is coated with aluminum and zinc that saves its inner steel from rusting and reflects the heat and light as it offers a silvery and striking surface.

It works best on the roofing in extreme weather conditions, that’s why it is used on the roofing.

What are the Installation Requirements for your Aluzinc Steel Coil Roofing?

The most known method used to install the Aluzinc Steel Coil roof system is the standing roof seam system (SSRS).

According to this system, an aluminum and zinc coat are joined together by using the concealed fasteners at their sides fitted with a wooden or metallic structure.

For the first-time installation, Aluzinc Steel Coil panels are fitted to the purlin directly by using clips or fasteners and panels are on a substructure to form crimps or splinters on the layers of sheet.

For reconstruction use, panels are positioned on the infrastructure one by one attached to the roof design to provide sufficient drainage.

A slope of ½ 12 is allowed, if the slope is not made the rainwater will be stuck on the roofing, As a result, corrosion occurs.

Immediately after the installation, all the installation debris, like rivet stems and others must be cleaned. The rusting scraps can produce corrosion and decrease the stipulated life of the sheets.

What is the Difference between Zincalume and Aluzinc Steel Coil?

There is no difference between a zincalume and Aluzinc Steel Coil. The material and quality of both are the same.

The only difference is the brand or trademark name used by different manufacturers of coated steel. Zincalume and Aluzinc Steel Coil both are known as metallic coated steel that gives high corrosion resistance.

As discussed previously, that they are composed of a specific percentage of aluminum, zinc, and silicon coating for the protection of core steel from corrosion and rusting.

Both can be used in electrical appliances, transportation equipment, furniture, building and industries, agricultural equipment, and solar panels.

Moreover, the appearance of zincalume and Aluzinc Steel Coil is also similar with a mini spangled texture that give them a striking and shiny look when light mode changes.

How to Look for the Best Aluzinc Steel Coil?

To look for the best Aluzinc Steel Coil must keep the following considerations in your mind:

  • For what application you require the Aluzinc Steel Coil?
  • Is it for roofing, for siding for the control shed, or an air conditioner ducting system?
  • Check the gauge of the sheet as per your requirement and keep your sheet thickness measuring gauge with you to know the exact thickness of the Aluzinc Steel Coil you are going to buy for your application.
  • Keep it in your mind the higher the gauge number is the thinner is the sheet.
  • Check the weight of coating of the coil by cutting a patch from the sheet and measure the weight of the patch and record it now peel off the coating by using recommended methods.

Again measure the weight of the bare sheet, the difference between the weights of the coated and uncoated sheet will be the weight of the coating material.

  • Check for scratches on the Aluzinc Steel Coil because scratches mean that the sheet is with a decorated coating and may become corroded.
  • Put your fingers on its surface and monitor that your fingerprints are not visible on the sheet.

What is meant by Insulation of Aluzinc Steel Coil on Roofing?

Insulation of Aluzinc Steel Coil for roofing means to reduce the transmission of heat radiations from the outer atmosphere into the building.

You can install the Aluzinc Steel Coil in the roofing to prevent the heat from getting into the building. It features a very silvery, shiny, and striking surface that reflects the heat and light away from the building.

The protection barrier of aluminum will also protect your roofing insulation from corrosion and rusting.

Different types of insulation that you can apply to the roof system are Reflective foil, rigid foam insulation, fiberglass, or laminated.


What Type of Insulation you can Apply on Aluzinc Steel Coil Roofing?

Various types of Aluzinc Steel Coil insulation that you can apply on your roofing are described below:

Reflective Foil Lamination:

This type of insulation is used to reduce the transmission of heat from solar radiation into the building by reflection for the affective insulation process.

It is crucial to leave air space between the upper face of insulation and the inner side of the roof sheet. It can be installed easily during the application of Aluzinc Steel Coil roofing.

First of all, incorporate the straining wires over the top of purlins then place the reflective lamination on the roofing sheet and fix it properly from apex to eave.

Rigid Foam Insulation:

In this type of insulation, rigid foam is placed between surfaces, and insulation boards are attached over the purlins.

Fiber Glass Foil Lamination

A fiberglass foil which is resin bonded with a laminate can be installed on roofing with a similar method as a reflective foil for proper insulation.

What are some Toxicological Effects during Further Processing of Aluzinc Steel Coil?

Some toxicological effects during further processing of Aluzinc Steel Coil are given below:

  • High concentration dust of this metal can cause eyes, skin, or respiratory tract irritation.
  • Fumes by oxides can cause metal fume fever.
  • Ingestion of this high concentration metal can cause nausea or vomiting.
  • Iron can cause skin and eye infections if swallowed.
  • Chromium oxides can damage your gestational tract. It can cause severe lung problems and asthmatic symptoms.
  • Nickel oxides can lead to skin problems.
  • Inhalation of aluminum may cause cough.
  • Vanadium oxide is also very dangerous if inhaled, swallowed, and in contact with skin.
  • Silicone is also dangerous for human health.
  • Manganese and its oxides are very harmful if swallowed.

How Aluminium and Aluzinc Steel Coil are Different from Each Other?

Aluminum and Aluzinc Steel Coil both have different properties. Aluminum has all the properties of metal such as ductile, corrosion-resistant, flexible, and lightweight, and a good conductor of heat.

Aluminum can be machined, thinned, or soldered. You can use it to make alloys with other metals.

While an Aluzinc Steel Coil is produced by dipping the carbon steel into melted zinc which adjusts like a thin film. It is mostly used for construction projects as it has high strength.

It can corrode, to prevent it from corrosion, you can do a galvanization process. In this way, you could save it from rusting too.

How to Determine the Weight of an Aluzinc Steel Coil?

To measure the weight of the Aluzinc Steel Coil first you have to find out the internal diameter (ID) of the coil, the outer diameter of the coil, the thickness of the sheet, the density of the material, and the width of the sheet.

The weight of the Aluzinc Steel Coil can be calculated by using the following steps:

  • The internal diameter of the coil is measured in millimeters (mm), it is based on the re-coiler slitting line, most 508 mm size is used but 406mm and 610 mm are also in use.
  • The coil’s outer diameter depends upon the capacity of the service center, the outer diameter (OD) is also measured in mm.
  • Measure the thickness of the sheet by using a venire caliper.
  • The density of the material depends on the type of material used.
  • Find volume Aluzinc Steel Coil by using formula.
  • Volume 3.14/4*(OD2 –ID2)*Width.
  • Weight (Kilogram) Volume *Density)
  • Weight (Kilogram) 3.14/4*(OD2 –ID2)*Width*D/1000000.
  • The factor 1000000 is utilized to recompense for the dimension of volume (mm3) and density (dm3).
  • The formula is valid if the coil is tightened, for the loose coil the formula cannot be used, because the measurements of the coil are varied for the loose coil.

What is meant by Grading of Aluzinc Steel Coil?

Aluzinc Steel Coil is manufactured in different qualities of bending and flatten of which are used for different applications these are called grading of Aluzinc Steel Coil.

Generally, the following grades of Aluzinc Steel Coil are manufactured, and the grading of aluzinc is also called the classification of aluzinc steel.

  • Commercial steel (CS). It consists of carbon steel and stainless steel.
  • Forming Steel (FS). It has high rolling qualities.
  • Structural steel (SS).it is cost-saving and cannot be easily bent.
  • Deep drawing steel (DDS). It has a higher draw ability quality than commercial steel.
  • Extra deep drawing steel (EDDS). It has a higher draw ability quality than DDS.

Is Aluzinc Steel Coil is Environmentally Friendly?

Yes! An Aluzinc Steel Coil is environmentally friendly as it performs very well even in harsh environmental conditions and is highly corrosion-resistant.

There is no waste produced by it as it can be recycled easily to form new products. It has no harmful effects on our environment. It is a good reflector of ultraviolet radiation.

Aluminum and zinc use in its coating is also environmentally friendly. The barrier protection of aluminum keeps its core safe from corrosion. You can clean it by using proper cleaning methods.

How to Select an Aluzinc Steel Coil for your Application?

The Aluzinc Steel Coil or sheets are used for applications where high resistance against corrosion is needed or where the high reflection of heat or low absorption of heat is required.

Due to these qualities, the Aluzinc Steel Coil is used in construction equipment, agricultural equipment, and some other applications its shiny and smooth surface allows it to be used with or without paint.

You can utilize it for ventilation of the building; it provides excellent resistance against oxidation, and in the high-temperature area up to 315 degrees delicious without degradation.

Following is the list of some other applications of Aluzinc Steel Coil:

  • Aircraft hanger’s roofing.
  • Roofing and siding of domestic building.
  • Air conditioner ducting.
  • Room air cooler structure.
  • Furniture manufacturing.
  • Heat plates for the roof for reflection of heat.
  • Lights fixture.
  • Equipment panels.
  • Trunk making.
  • Automobile for body making.
  • Wardrobe cabinets and shelves.
  • Agricultural equipment and machinery.
  • Refrigerator or freezers body making.
  • Warehouses roofing.


There are many purposes of Aluzinc Steel Coil. You need to not your needs and requirements first. When you will have proper knowledge and guideline about Aluzinc Steel Coil then you will be able to select the best product for your project.

Never compromise on the quality and material of the product. It must have all the features you are looking for in Aluzinc Steel Coil for your application.

Handle and store it according to the instructions mentioned in the manufacturer’s manual. Take complete first aid safety measures when further processing it for your project.

FAQs of Aluzinc Steel Coil.

Is the Aluzinc Steel Coil is Good for Roofing?

Yes, a flat carbon steel sheet is exemplary for dry and insulated roofing, because aluzinc is a unique combination of aluminum and zinc which shows an excellent track record for corrosion prevention.

After all, it has a good resistance ability against corrosion. Aluzinc Steel Coil can be used as the flooring of the building even in a highly corrosive environment.

What is the Role of Aluminum in the Aluzinc Steel Coil?

The aluminum coating on the Aluzinc Steel Coil reacts with the oxygen in the air to a protective oxide coating that makes it corrosion resistive, so it requires less maintenance and repair than other metals.

Can you Weld the Aluzinc Steel Coil?

Yes, the Aluzinc Steel Coil can be welded by using different welding techniques such as resistance welding method and arc welding procedure.

It doesn’t produce extreme fumes during the welding process. Ensure to observe all the safeties and precautions.

Can you use an Aluzinc Steel Coil as a Garage Door?

Yes, Aluzinc Steel Coil may be used for making the garage door or shutter due to its high resistance against corrosion and less absorption of heat.

What is the Purpose of Zinc in Manufacturing of Aluzinc Steel Coil?

The purpose of putting zinc in manufacturing Aluzinc Steel Coil is that the zinc provides a shield against the corrosion to the base metal steel.

The zinc sacrifices itself but protects its steel base. At last, It disappears as base steel starts to get corroded.

What is meant by Term Aging, used in Aluzinc Steel Coil?

The term aging is used for a phenomenon in which the atomic structure of unstable steel is altered with time.

As a result, mechanical properties are changed, the yield and tensile strength increase while elongation decreases.

What is the Single Spot Method used to Check Coating Material Weight in Aluzinc Steel Coil?

One test piece is cut from any part of the Aluzinc Steel Coil and the weight of the test piece is measured and noted.

Now coating of the piece is peeled off by an approved method and again its weight is measured.

The difference in both weights will be the weight of the coating material.

What is the Coating Weight of the Aluzinc Steel Coil?

It is the term used for measuring the weight of coating material or the amount of zinc used for

coating on both sides. It is done to check the quality of your Aluzinc Steel Coil coating used.


How to Drain the Rain Water from Aluzinc Steel Coil?

The roof made by the Aluzinc Steel Coil is kept inclined to provide the rainwater with drainage, and it will not allow the rainwater to stay on the floor because it may cause the production of corrosion on the sheet which is dangerous for the sheet.

Which Type of Metals Fasteners should not be used to Fasten the Aluzinc Steel Coil?

Never use aluminum and stainless steel together. For this reason, Albany fasteners are recommended to use metal for fasteners that are uniquely designed for long life, that is stainless steel with stainless steel, aluminum with aluminum, and brass with brass.

For what Time Duration Aluzinc Steel Coil will Last?

The trend and observations show that the life of the Aluzinc Steel Coil is approximately 35 years,

But practicing proper workmanship can enhance the life of the Aluzinc Steel Coil for up to 5 more years.

What is meant by the Term AZ 150 in Aluzinc Steel Coil?

Aluzinc Steel Coil is an aluminum-zinc coated steel sheet that you can use without paint up to corrosive class C3. The coating alloy with the name AZ 150 consists coating weight of 150 grams /m2.

Which Tool is used to Measure the Thickness of Aluzinc Steel Coil?

The tool used to measure the thickness of the Aluzinc Steel Coil or all other sheets is called a sheet gauge.

The gauge is provided with different sizes of slots, in which the sheet is fixed properly the number written on that slot will be the gauge number of your sheet.

Note that the higher the gauge number the thinner the sheet will be, for example, a 20 gauge sheet will be thicker than a 24 gauge sheet.

What Quality of Aluzinc Steel Coil is Available?

  • Commercial steel (CS).
  • Forming Steel (FS).
  • Structural steel (SS).
  • Deep drawing steel (DDS).
  • Extra deep drawing steel (EDDS).
  • Top strength low alloy steel.

Can the Aluzinc Steel Coil be Painted?

Aluzinc Steel Coil has high resistance against corrosion but if for any other reason paint is required, you can paint it.

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