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Bathroom trailer SUT01 with size 3700(L) x 1700(W) x 2500(H)mm, and drawbar 1200mm, total length 4900mm. It features a 500L fresh tank and 1000L waste tank, made from HDPE 10mm. It weighs 1200kgs, double axles.

Bathroom trailer SUT01T comes in two material choices for the body which is, standard EPS sandwich panel and luxury FRP. The main difference is that FRP panel makes wall one piece, roof one piece and any color is possible for both inside and outside surface.

It brings a glorious feeling and elegant look. Standard EPS sandwich panel both surfaces are steel, usually white color, insulation is EPS. EPS panel is 1.15m wide per sheet, so the wall is combined by a few pieces.

Bathroom trailer SUT01 is completely finished in factory. There are men’s room, 2 women’s rooms, and one mechanical room. Toilet, hand basin and pipeline are fully installed. Electric system, according to client’s local standards can be installed as well.

Also, solar panel could be installed on roof for lighting. Lighting on the trailer is 12V. Air conditioner to ensure restroom trailer SUT01 is a comfortable environment, important prevents freezing of fresh water tank and pipe during the winter season. For very cold country we will have extra heater in each room, and special process for waste tank.

Sunnyda is your premier bathroom trailer SUT01 manufacturer!

BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size3700(L) x 1700(W) x 2500(H) mm
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tank450L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank1000L
Weight1240kg, when water and waste tank is empty
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingCan mix load with other model, or 2 SUT01 in a 40HQini in a 40HQ
Delivery time40 days
Electricallighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business

Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Trailer SUT01

Restroom trailer SUT01 has a provision for antifreeze agent. Other small things such as paper holder, mirror, towel rack, hand dryer etc. are all included. Still, you can choose to delete items don’t want, or add special items you want like surround sound.

For loading, 40HQ can load only one bathroom trailer SUT01, or you can add one restroom trailer SUT01 mini. However, it is restricted by container height, wheels must be dismantled and need to be installed once onsite, but it is simple and easy to do so. This restroom trailer SUT01 has been shipped before to US, AU, EU countries.

We warmly welcome you to visit our factory, and we look forward to co-operating in the near future.

Sunnyda is your premier bathroom trailer SUT01 manufacturer!

Bathroom Trailer: The Ultimate Guide


Chapter 1: What is a Bathroom Trailer?

Chapter 2: History of Bathroom Trailers

Chapter 3: Benefits of Portable Bathroom Trailers

Chapter 4: Drawbacks of Bathroom Trailers

Chapter 5: Bathroom Trailer Quality Standards

Chapter 6: How to Specify Bathroom Trailers

Chapter 7: Trailer Bathroom Design Ideas

Chapter 8: How to Import Bathroom Trailer from China

Chapter 9: Portable Bathroom Trailer Maintenance Process


Bathroom Trailer: The Ultimate Guide

Before you import bathroom trailer, there are critical aspects, specifications and details you need to know.

From design, material type, quality compliance, maintenance to importation process – Today’s guide takes you through all these critical specifications.

Let’s get started:

Chapter 1: What is a Bathroom Trailer?

Figure 1 Bathroom trailer

Definition of Bathroom Trailers

Bathroom trailers are the best solution for the versatility and comfort of guests in outdoor events.

It offers different amenities and features just like the bathroom that you have at home.

Besides, restroom trailer has a shower and a toilet. You can take a shower and relieve yourself comfortably.

Comparison between Simple Bathroom Trailer vs. Luxury Bath Room Trailer

A simple bathroom trailer has the basic features and amenities that should be in a bathroom.

Luxury bathroom trailer has all the basic features, alongside additional decorations and high-end accessories.

In a luxury bathroom you are likely to find more sophisticated and high end features such as:

  • Improved privacy where every stall has unique features and their own doors to the outside
  • Inclusion of a master bathroom for the dignitaries and important people
  • More decorations such as sophisticated lighting system, flowers, carpets, better scents, dark wood finishes, and are more spacious.

The cost of making or hiring a luxury bathroom trailer is higher than that of a simple bathroom trailer.

The capacity of a simple bathroom trailer and a luxury bathroom trailer will depend on the size and space.

Luxury bathroom trailers may also have a third private stall for handicap guests.

Figure 2 Restroom trailer

Where to Use Portable Bathroom Trailers

You can use bathroom trailer for rent in any of the following events:

  • Bathroom trailer for weddings
  • Sport events
  • Construction sites
  • Camping Sites
  • Outdoor retreats and corporate meetings
  • Entertainment concerts and parties
  • Trade fairs and shows
  • Military Missions
  • Rescue Operations
  • Evangelical events

Chapter 2: History of Bathroom Trailers

Having bathroom trailers is an idea that came up during the early 1940s.

It came in handy as an alternative for construction workers who had to walk long distances to get relieved.

Apart from that, event bathroom trailer was an alternative that soldiers in the world war were using.

The original material for the bathroom trailers were wood and metal.

Furthermore, the pioneers were using exhaust systems of their pickup tracks to flash out the waste from the bathroom trailers.

During the 1950 and 1960 period, the portable units came were gaining recognition and different companies were making them.

Innovations in that sector brought about an alternative for the use of metal and wood in the 1970s.

The replacement was fiberglass because it is lighter in weight and you can also clean it.

During the 1980 period, plastic in the form of polyurethane became the alternative for fiber glass.

This is because plastic is light in weight, easier to clean and construct.

The use of chemicals to aid in decomposition of human waste was the next innovation.

During the 1980 Olympics, bathroom trailers were used by the participant athletes.

As technology became better, the introduction of trailers to assist in moving the bathrooms from place to place.

It all came as an amazement to the world especially with the luxury fittings in different bathroom stalls.

Chapter 3: Benefits of Portable Bathroom Trailers

Some of the benefits of using portable bathroom trailers include:

Figure 3 Interior of bathroom trailer

  • Bathroom trailers use very little water thus reducing the waste of water.
  • Portability makes it a good option for outdoor events in different locations.
  • Material for making the portable bathrooms are light and easy to clean.
  • Bathroom trailers are clean and spacious thus giving the users a better experience than toilet trailers.
  • Shower gives the users a place to freshen up and have a change of clothes.

Apart from the showers, the trailers also have flushable toilets with enough running water.

  • Bathroom trailers have a better smell as they have good ventilation systems thus making a comfortable customers experience.
  • Bathroom trailers have better appearance and are more welcoming and appealing to guests.
  • Trailers have numerous units allowing for the separation of men and women stalls thus increasing privacy.
  • Impeccable services from the bathroom trailers attendants increases the customer experience.
  • Pricing is fair thus giving you a good return and great value for your money.
  • Most of them have insulated warm interiors and running warm water to help you beat the harsh winter conditions.

Apart from that, the bathroom trailers have air conditioners that control the climate of the interior even during hot summers.

  • The interiors of the bathroom trailers have enough light allowing the user to roam freely within the bathroom.
  • They are also family friendly as they have enough space for the parents to take and assist their children.

Chapter 4: Drawbacks of Bathroom Trailers

The main disadvantages of using bathroom trailers are:

  • It is costly than standard bathroom trailer

Bathroom trailers also require additional staff such as cleaners and attenders thus increasing the cost of operation.

Apart from that, to reach different destinations, you need a towing motorcar to pull it thus more expenses

Chapter 5: Bathroom Trailer Quality Standards

The quality standards for controlling the quality of the bathroom trailers include:

  • CE
  • DOT for US Market
  • VIN
  • CCC Compliant
  • ISO/TC 86
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • BSI kite mark
  • Pre-Export Verification of Commodity (PVoC) mark
  • Certificate of Compliance (COC) for electrical components.
  • UL Certification mark

Chapter 6: How to Specify Bathroom Trailers

In case you are looking for bathroom trailer for sale, here are some of the facts you need to look at:

·       Floor Layout

The floor layout gives you a simple overview of how the bathroom will be set up.

It will act as the blue print that will give you the idea of:

Figure 4 Layout

  • Where to place the most important things such as toilet and vanity
  • Crowd accommodation
  • Number of stalls
  • Size of the entire bathroom trailer


·       Dimensions

You need to determine the dimensions of the bathroom trailer by determining the length width and height.

The trailer dimensions will determine the size and to some extent the layout of the bathroom trailer.

·       Water Tanks

A bathroom trailer must have two tanks which are:

Fresh Water Tank Capacity

This is the main storage area for fresh water that you will need for shower and flushing.

The fresh water tanks are available in different sizes according to the size of the bathroom trailer.

For instance, SUT01 has a tank capacity of 500L and the tank material is HDPE.

Waste Water Tank Capacity

This is the main storage unit for the waste from the bathroom trailer.

It is also available in different sizes according size of the bathroom trailer.

For example, SUTO1 has a waste tank with a capacity of 1000 liters made of plastic materials.

·       Bathroom Trailer Material

The main materials for making bathroom trailers are:

Galvanized Steel and Marine Paint Steel Frame

Since bathroom trailers involve the use of a lot of water, the material has to be corrosion resistant.

Galvanized steel and marine paint are ideal for making the frame of the bathroom trailer.

This is because they have high bulk properties such as high tensile strength and they are durable.

Standard EPS Sandwich Panel

Bathroom trailers have the standard EPS sandwich panel because of the following properties:

  • Easy to clean and decorate.
  • Lightweight thus reducing the overall weight of the bathroom trailer.
  • Has excellent insulation properties that help to keep the bathroom trailers warm even in extreme winter conditions.
  • Absolute water vapor barrier making it corrosion resistant.
  • It is also resistant to fire thus increasing the safety and durability of the bathroom trailer.

You can have it as the material of choice for the bathroom trailer walls and roofs.

FRP Panel

To get the home like experience, luxury bathroom trailers uses alternative materials such as Fiberglass sandwich panel.

Other sections may have materials like:

  • Linoleum plank composites that is durable and offers an impressive high end look.
  • Vinyl floor materials
  • Brushed aluminum ceilings, etc.

The above materials will offer protection from outdoor elements and maintain an appealing and luxurious image for your bathroom trailer.

Color of the Bathroom Trailer

The color of the restroom trailer for sale will depend on your choice of color for the exterior and interior.

You should, however, consider colors that are attractive and appealing to the users.

For example, you can choose the coral colorways which has peachy orange coral with a golden undertone.

·       Floor Finishing of Bathroom Trailers

The floor finishing has to take the hard beating of wet weather, foot traffic, pressure washing and sink overspray.

Whenever you’re looking for restroom trailer for rent or any other use, consider:

  • PVC floor with different patterns and colors.
  • Wooden floors with vinyl flooring on top of the wood.
  • Linoleum plank composites


·       Number of Room in Portable Bathroom Trailer

To improve efficiency and increase the privacy of the restroom trailers, you should consider having more rooms.

You should divide the rooms into:

Men’s Room

Modern bathroom trailers often come complete with a shower, toilets and urinal for the men’s room.

Women’s Room

Women’s rooms often get extra amenities that will give them ample environment to enhance beauty.

Handicap Room

This room has special amenities for people with special needs.

It might have a ramp instead of stairs for easy accessibility.

Mechanical Room

This is the room that contains all the bathroom trailer supplies and tools for maintenance.

·       Plumbing System

The plumbing system usually consists of a shower, water pipes, drainage system, water tank and a waste tank.

Figure 5 Tap

It has to be efficient with a considerable amount of fresh water flowing throughout.

·       Electrical System

The electrical system must provide the bathroom trailer with enough light for easy visibility and movement.

Figure 6 LED lighting system

Apart from that, it should be good enough to provide instant shower heating.

You can ask bathroom trailers have generators that provide enough electric power.

·       Solar Panel Lighting System (Optional)

A good source of power for most bathroom trailers are solar panels on the roof of the trailers.

Solar panels are however optional but it can help in power conservation and reduce electric bills.

·       Toilet

Modern bathroom trailers have toilets with water saving capabilities.

For example, you can opt for a bathroom trailer that uses 0.4L of water per flush.

Figure 7 Toilet

·       Additional Accessories

To improve the customer experience inside the bathroom, you should include the following accessories:

Air conditioner

To improve air circulation within the bathroom trailer

LED lighting system

To improve the visibility inside the room and also for aesthetic purposes

Tap and sink

After using the toilet, the client can wash his hands with some fresh water and soap.


Guests have to make sure that they look good before exiting the bathroom trailer.

Hand paper towel dispenser

It assists in the clean disposal of the hand towels after use.

Dust bin

You will use it for the disposal of any material you need to get rid of while in the bathroom trailer.

Towel holder bar

This is the bar that will hold the towel for your guests to use after shower.

Anti-freeze agent optional

Having an anti-freeze agent maintains the integrity of the water and waste system during the cold winter season.

Hand dryer

Guests can dry their hands after washing under the hand dryer

Bathroom trailer exhaust fans

The exhaust fans assist in sucking out the bad air within the bathroom trailer.

Bathroom Trailer Wheels

Ensure that the bathroom trailers have DOT compliance to protect integrity of the trailer wheels.

Most bathroom trailers have the ST205/75R15 wheel model which has:

Radial tires with a ply rating of 6 and a maximum load of 1820 lb. at a pressure of 50 psi.

Drawbar for bathroom Trailer

You can either decide to go for welding or removable drawbars.

Removable draw bars are not as strong as welding drawbars so you better go for the welding drawbars.

Chapter 7: Trailer Bathroom Design Ideas

The imagination of designing bathroom trailers is endless with a lot of ideas popping up every now and then.

With the help of good restroom trailer manufacturers, you have the capability of coming up with a good bathroom trailer design.

Figure 8 Restroom trailer design

Some of the designs include:

  • Classic lines of new island and commanding pantry complete with white and black color scheme.
  • You can also consider having banded shower doors which repeats the banding of the walls.
  • Having a well-lit interior with designers lighting systems such as LED lighting systems and chandeliers.

Consider using natural light by including windows in the bathroom trailer.

  • Making use of mirrors by increasing the mirror sizes
  • Include wooden cabinets with a complete polish that increases the shine of the bathroom trailer.
  • For the VIP section of the bathroom trailer, you can opt for a bath tub and carpets on the floor.
  • The size of the bathroom trailer also matters.
  • Make sure that you fit the accessories in places that will leave enough space for easy operations.
  • The design can also include an entertainment system with stereos to entertain the users.


Chapter 8: How to Import Bathroom Trailer from China

In case you are importing a bathroom trailer from China, follow this procedure:

  • First, you need to identify your import rights including all the rules and regulations of importing a bathroom trailer.
  • Identify the type of bathroom trailer that you would like to import by gathering a lot of information on it.
  • Ensure that your country will allow the import of the bathroom trailer.
  • Classify the bathroom trailer under the right category by determining the 10-digit tariff classification.
  • Calculate the landed cost by getting the bathroom trailer price, shipping charges, custom clearance and tax among other factors.
  • Find the right restroom trailer manufacturer who will supply you with the bathroom trailer and then place the order.
  • Ensure that you agree with the supplier on the incoterms and that ocean transport is slow and takes time.
  • Arrange for the transport of your bathroom trailer from China to your destination country.
  • Once the cargo is on board, you should have a tracking system to track the bathroom trailer on transit.
  • Prepare to receive your bathroom trailer at the destination port for further inland transport.

Chapter 9: Portable Bathroom Trailer Maintenance Process

You should have a bathroom maintenance schedule and take care of the following:

·       Exterior Maintenance

The exterior of the bathroom trailer may have a few problems such as mud, oil or grease on the walls.

You can solve this problem by cleaning the mud using a rag, soap and water.

You can remove the sticky grease and oils by using mineral spirits.

Remember to check the roof of the vehicle and do thorough cleaning.

Grease the moving parts such as the axle and bolt joints too.

·       Interior Maintenance

The interior floor may have a lot of dirt as it is the main service area.

Apart from that, the bathroom, toilet, and other interior may not be clean.

You can clean the interior using a rag, brush to scrub the floor, soap, disinfectants and water.

Make sure that you leave interior clean and dry.

Clean the air condition filters to remove the dust accumulations.

Apart from cleaning, you have to replace the broken parts of the bathroom and toilets.

Replenish the supply of the toilet papers and towels in the supply cabinets.

·       Electrical & Lighting Systems Maintenance

You may have electrical issues such as broken bulbs, switches, electric connections, and cut wires.

Replace the broken bulbs and with the help of a good electrician, do a diagnosis on the electrical circuit.

In case of any problem, the electrician has the capability of fixing it.

·       Plumbing systems Maintenance

The plumbing system may have issues such as broken or blocked pipes, clogged toilets, sinks or drainage systems.

Apart from that, the water tanks may not be clean enough and the taps might even be broken.

With the help of a plumber, make sure that you fix all the broken pipes and unclog them if possible.

Replace the broken taps and unclog the toilets and drainage systems with the help of an expert.

Make sure that the water is flowing well in the shower and the toilets are flushable.

Fill the water tanks with fresh water after thoroughly cleaning them.

·       Waste Tank Maintenance

First, you have to get rid of the waste products in the waste tanks properly.

After that, you can clean them using pressure water and disinfectants to kill any bacteria.

Make sure that the water spray hits all the corners of the tank to make it as clean as possible.

Do it several times and make sure that the tank is as clean as possible before disinfecting the tank.

On the same note, since the bathroom and the toilet literally sits above the waste tank, there is bad odor.

To get rid of the bad smell you should:

  • Use the right chemicals that will assist in bio-decomposition of the waste before your next dumping.
  • Use the right toilet paper which is extra dissolvable so as to avoid clogging the system.
  • Dump the waste tank regularly and never leave the valve of the waste tank open during the dumping process.
  • Turn off the bathroom vent before you decide to flush the toilets as it may suck the bad odor.


With these ideas in check, you are capable of having the best bathroom trailers for your business.

You also have the freedom of coming up with your own design for a custom bathroom trailer.

Just make sure that it has all the essential accessories that will increase the customer experience.

Contact your supplier and negotiate a good deal for the bathroom trailer.

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