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Your Reliable Partner and Manufacturer of C Purlins in China

Sunnyda is one of the leading manufacturers of c purlins in China. We are designing and manufacturing c purlins using high-grade material and the most advanced technologies. Whether you use the product for metal building system structural use or any project, Sunnyda has a solution for you.

Depending on technical specifications, we can customize c purlins according to all your special requirements. We have a team of experts to assure all kinds of technical support. Every level of your c purlins production is checked and monitored. We can confirm c purlins stability, surface treatment, and all technicalities.

We are ISO9001 passed factory, quality product and service guaranteed. Sunnyda can support your major or small project. Send us your inquiries or questions today!

Ultimate Guide for Sunnyda C Purlins

Sunnyda c purlins are designed to be used in various structural applications and areas. In both commercial and industrial establishment, we offer supreme quality c-shape purlins for you.

It offers the highest strength even installed in a corrosive location. C purlins have the longest life, ability to last for more than 50 years. And because it is lightweight, c purlins can be installed easily on construction projects. You can save construction costs up to 30% and maintenance costs when you choose Sunnyda c purlins.

The c purlins can be fabricated and machined as per sizes given. The height, length, thicknesses, full dimensions can be customized. You have the option to design c purlins according to your needs. Our architects and engineers will help you in all concept designing and development of your c purlins.

Sunnyda c purlins products can be cut-to-dimensions to fit in industrial sheds, warehouses, or garage construction. It can withstand tough weather conditions easily and hold position forever. Keep your site clean and eco-friendly. Sunnyda has everything you need to build your new worksite.

Aside from standard c purlins, we also offer to customize service. Full solutions are provided to meet your individual needs. We will handle design and fabrication, engineering, delivery, shipping to after-sale service.

At Sunnyda, we offer fast production schedules to meet your project needs on time. We have a sophisticated system to cater to everything.

Sunnyda will offer the best options for you. With the rich industry know-how and our capability, we are able to manufacture and export competitive c purlins.

Offered products are supplied at a more reasonable price. Quality is assured because all our products are designed and tested to meet international standards.

Sunnyda has been producing quality structure building for more than 10 years. We are able to export products to South America, Europe, America, Africa, and Mid East countries, and regions. Anywhere you are, we can deliver your orders right on scheduled time.

Forward your inquiries on us today and we’ll do best to help. Looking forward to working with you!

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