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#1 Checker Plate Flooring Supplier

  • ISO 9001 Certified Supplier
  • Durable, Long Life Span
  • Wide Range Checker Plate Flooring Alloys, Thicknesses, and Sizes
  • Tailored to Exact Application
  • Timely Delivery

Your Reliable Partner and Manufacturer of Checker Plate Flooring in China

Sunnyda is a professional manufacturer and exporter of checkered plate flooring. Our company has outstanding machinability and good product presentation. Offered products have been frequently used on walkways, ramps, on the inside of vans commercial vehicles, and for protecting walls. It is broadly used in industrial, and interior design applications.

Also, Sunnyda provides plate processing services, offers customized aluminum tread plate to your specifications. We have in house processing units to develop a high-quality checkered plate for flooring. Our capabilities to deliver the aluminum tread plate will solve your project challenges. Feel free to send us your checkered plate flooring requirements today so we could get started!

Ultimate Guide for Sunnyda Checker Plate Flooring

If you are starting up your business or else you have upcoming factory projects, then you’re in right place to be.

Checker plate flooring also is known as a diamond plate or trade plate has a raised surface, providing superior anti-slip function. It also has decorative features that maximize the lines. Whether used in chemical workshop, architectural, or oil factory, you could benefit from such advantages.

In addition to checker plate flooring features, top properties of it are corrosion resistance and weather resistance as well as better surface treatment. When used in a dusty or corrosive environment, then it will live long.

Plus, it has high anti-temperature and alkaline properties. And say yes to less to no maintenance. Its big holes can let all extra materials dropped down.

Sunnyda checker plate flooring gives overflowing advantage for you.  When exposed to places where chemical, watering, heat, dusty, or corrosiveness exist, it performs at its best. It can be installed easily unlike others and it is very cost-effective.

Sunnyda design and manufacture checker plate flooring made of different raw materials. Steel, stainless steel, and aluminum are the main choices of checker plates. It also comes with various types/patterns and sizes.

Each offers good performance on a specific application. With that, we will give you the information. However, if you have a preference, we can use that too.

Sunnyda checker plate floorings are offered at guaranteed low prices. It is one of our objectives – to provide the best quality products at the best rate. No matter the capacity of order, we provide excellent service for you, big or small.

Our company has more than 10 years of experience in producing and exporting checker plate flooring. Since founded, Sunnyda has been committed to manufacturing state-of-the-art checker plates for all fields.

All our products have passed ISO 9001 certification. And we have been exporting products to Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, America, and South American countries and regions. We deeply welcome you to visit our factory.

If you have more questions you want to about Sunnyda checker plate flooring, you can give us a call or email.

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