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CHS Steel Manufacturer

  • 20+ Years of Experience in CHS Steel Production
  • Manufactured in Accordance with International Standards
  • Good Strength, Toughness, Ductility
  • Customize Width & Length
  • 24/7 Sale and Tech Support

Your Reliable Partner and CHS Steel Manufacturer in China

Sunnyda has been involved in designing and manufacturing chs steel for many years. If you need high-quality material for your need, then you must check out our huge range of circular hollow section. All Sunnyda chs steel products are made to meet US and EU standards.

Sunnyda chs steel comes in different grades, sizes, and finishes. For many years, we supply products for various industries such as engineering construction, agriculture, manufacturing, transport and storage and more others. Sunnyda can offer quick turnaround service for chs steel. We can provide products to meet your exact needs and requirements.

Our team will offer full support for your business. What are you waiting for? Please give us a call today to get best up-to-date service!

Ultimate Guide for Sunnyda CHS Steel

Sunnyda CHS steel or circular hollow section is also known as the cold-formed hollow section is available in a range of sizes. Whether you need for commercial, industrial, or domestic application, Sunnyda got you covered!

We manufacture and distribute CHS steel to the international standards for the structural steel hollow section. There are varieties of surface treatments available in our collection. You will have the best options for your upcoming construction projects.

Sunnyda also provides additional services to meet your exact specifications. We can customize CHS to desired lengths, diameters, and thicknesses. Let us know. Feel free to forward us your design and our team will support you all the way.

Sunnyda circular hollow sections are ideal for offshore fixed type structures. Due to its characteristics, it offers structural efficiency in resisting various loading conditions. The steel is used for low-pressure water or gas reticulation. All CHS are manufactured to meet stringent testing.

If used for handrails construction, balustrades, or any application, Sunnyda has the best solution for you. Other uses include fences, steel fitness equipment, steel furniture production, forestry equipment, heating systems, etc. Whenever you have projects for the mentioned application, you know you can trust Sunnyda.

Our circular hollow sections are made of high-quality steel, offer a long service life. It has high endurance and low linear expansion coefficient. If you want a complete solution for your business or project requirements, why not drop us a message.

Over 20 years in the field, Sunnyda obtain rich experience in managing any sort of projects, big or small. We provide excellent quality control for your orders. We take every order seriously. With professional service, Sunnyda is able to export products to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, South America, and countries in Africa.

Sunnyda has a professional team and a number of state of the art technology where the CHS steel production happens. Our factory passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards, ensure products fully meet the required standards. Get high-quality CHS steel at more competitive prices.

We provide one-stop solution for your project, from design and fabrication, packaging, shipping, to after-sale service, we help you hand in hand. Most of our clients tend to become our regular long term customers. No matter big or small project, Sunnyda is happy to assist you throughout!

Find out more about Sunnyda CHS steel and services, please contact us today via email or call. Our friendly team will be happy to accommodate you and discuss all of your requirements.

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