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Whenever you aim to design a building or a home, looks and quality matter a lot for all of us. The structure of the place gives you an idea about what the building might be whereas; quality is to ensure a solid structure of whatever has been built. But, ensuring the quality costs a lot.

Since, the Composite Sandwich Panel has been a part of the usage of many engineering fields for over a decade, Sunnyda is providing the prime quality Composite Sandwich Panel, which provides many benefits and has many applications in various fields such as, civil engineering, aeronautics, road vehicles, ships, satellites, trains, construction of sports cars, airplanes, etc. We provide a wide range of Composite Sandwich Panels depending upon the reason for which it is being demanded.

Sunnyda is one of the significant manufacturer and service-providing companies that hold a top place in the list of best manufacturers and suppliers in this industry. Sunnyda offers trustworthy customer support guidance along with excellent servicing for the installation of the Composite Sandwich Panel.

We hold on to proper manufacturing and supplying the Composite Sandwich Panel leads us to the height of success.

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Aluminum compostie sandwich panel structure materails


Exterior Wall PanelsInterior Wall PanelsCeiling Panel
Common thickness

20mm, 25mm

10mm, 15mm10mm, 12mm
Aluminum plate Skin Thickness1mm/1mm0.8mm/0.8mm0.7mm/0.7mm
Honeycomb Core4mm, 0.06mm 5052H186mm, 0.06mm 5052H186mm, 0.06mm 5052H18
Surface TreatmentPVDFPEPE
ApplicationsBuilding Exterior Wall DecorationBuilding Interior Wall DecorationBuilding Ceiling

Thickness Capacity

Szie Capacity2000x12000mm2000x12000mm2000x12000mm


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aluminum honeycomb panel sandwich cuting samll sample
Aluminum honeycomb panel sandwich
aluminum honeycomb core panels
Aluminum honeycomb core panels
aluminum honeycomb composite
Aluminum honeycomb composite
aluminum hoeycomb panel
Aluminum hoeycomb panel
aluminium honeycomb composite panel
Aluminium honeycomb composite panel
aluminium honeycomb composite panel
Aluminium honeycomb composite panel for sale
aluminium honeycomb composite panel with film
Aluminium honeycomb composite panel with film
different thickness of the composte sandwich panel
Different thickness of the composte sandwich panel
carbon fiber composite sandwich panel
Carbon fiber composite sandwich panel

Composite Sandwich Panel- A Crucial Buying Guide.


aluminum composite sandwich panel details drawing

Aluminum composite sandwich panel details drawing

Are you looking for something that could not break your bank but ensures the looks and quality of the place to be designed at the same time? A Composite Sandwich Panel is the best option you could opt for.

A structure that is composed of a core and two thin sheets bounded at each side is known as a Composite Sandwich Panel. It is extremely lightweight and rigid and is known for its stiffness and low weight ratio.

It has a variety of applications, especially in engineering industries. Its lightweight makes it easy to be carried anywhere whereas its rigidity enables it to build a solid structure. It perfectly abides by any law of physics that makes it ideal to be used in engineering.

It not only provides you the benefits of cost-effectiveness and high strength but also provides fire resistance, thermal and sound insulation.

If you want a cost-effective solution for your construction project, Composite Sandwich Panel is the best option to go for.

In this guide, we’ll let you know more about Composite Sandwich Panel, its installation, components, properties, and much more including its types and advantages. Let’s start it.

sandwich composite panel in workshop

Sandwich composite panel in workshop

What is a Composite Sandwich Panel?

Composite Sandwich Panel is hardcore structural components that are sandwiched between two face sheets. The core plays its role in separating the face sheets and in turn supporting them to cause structural stiffness but maintain a lightweight.

Some common materials to form the skin or face sheets of the Composite Sandwich Panel are carbon fiber or fiberglass.

On the other hand, common materials used for core formation are aluminum and foam or aramid honeycomb.

The materials are chosen on the basis if they can provide enough strength being lightweight at the construction sites. Innovations in technology nowadays offer opportunities to provide energy-efficient options with lighter and heavier structural components.

Composite Sandwich Panel is one of those innovations. Reinforcement aids in providing strength to the system whereas, the matrix operates to hold the reinforcement together. Such innovations are the latest of all.

It has been a part of the consideration of modification for the past many years and due to advancements in technology, it has been considered the best material to be used at places where minimum weight construction and high strength and durability are required.

Composite sandwich panel cutting, groove-opeing , pressure to be bended, roll to be bended

Composite sandwich panel cutting, groove-opeing , pressure to be bended, roll to be bended

What is the Basic Purpose of Composite Sandwich Panel?

A Composite Sandwich Panel is required at places where a lightweight assembly is required that could provide strength and stiffness at the same time. It has a major use in engineering industries such as aeronautics, vehicle construction, the setting up of a satellite, etc.

Composite Sandwich Panel is installed instead of solid and heavy-weight materials to abide by the laws of construction of a specific object. E.g. construction of airplanes requires Composite Sandwich Panel as airplanes function to lift the weight of themselves as well as the luggage inside.

To function and fly properly, airplanes tend to have a lighter weight so that they can carry the weight as well as get not bothered by the air vacuums.

The thought is to use a light/soft however thick layer for the core and robust however skinny layers for face sheets. Increased thickness of the panel aids in improving the structural attributes such as bending hardness and regulates or even scales back the load.

3 layers composite panel

3 layers composite panel

What are the Specifications of Composite Sandwich Panel?

Various plane specifications of a Composite Sandwich Panel include:

  • Width: 930mm-1130mm
  • Thickness: B3:PU, B2:PIR, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, 200mm
  • Length: approximately 26m


What are the Basic Components of a Composite Sandwich Panel?

The Composite Sandwich Panel consists of three components:

  • 2 flat sheets
  • 1 hardcore

These components are placed in such a way that they provide strength and stiffness to the object to be constructed along with being lightweight.


What are the Properties of Composite Sandwich Panel?

As the Composite Sandwich Panel is installed in the construction of strong but weightless objects, regardless of the hardcore thickness. It is light weighted and has durable strength and stiffness.

Despite strength and weight, some other properties of Composite Sandwich Panel include the capability of providing good thermal and sound insulation as well as uniform energy absorption capacity.

The strength of the Composite Sandwich Panel is dependent on two factors:

  • The interface between the skin and its core.
  • The outermost skins.

It is used at various construction sites as it has a spatial structure and has a relatively high flexural strength.

honeycomb aluminum panel custom made

Honeycomb aluminum panel custom made

What is the Low-Velocity Impact Behavior of a Composite Sandwich Panel?

The low-velocity impact was mainly observed in the Composite Sandwich Panel made up of PVC foam or carbon/epoxy face sheets.

It was observed that Composite Sandwich Panel was susceptible to low-velocity impact damage.

The low-velocity impact was quasi-static except for specified damage. A contact force-indentation relationship was also estimated for the static loading case.

The indentation behavior of the Composite Sandwich Panel was predicted by comparing the various experimental results.


What is the Core Material used for Composite Sandwich Panel?

Some common materials used for the building of core include PVC, PET, SAN, and balsa.  An easy way to demonstrate a core is to illustrate a paperback book. When the book is bent, the pages easily slide past one another.

But if we glue the pages together, the book eventually becomes very stiff and if we try to slide the pages under this condition, the pages can no longer move.

The pages at the bottom experience compression, whereas, the pages on the top experience stiffness and must separate apart. Flexible cores are said to have a “low shear modulus” whereas, stiff cores are said to have a “high shear modulus”.

In this case, the only solution is to bond another material to the surface creating a skin with higher tensile strength.

In this way, the skin would work concerning the core. This is the method of construction of a Composite Sandwich Panel with an ideal core.

honeycomb aluminum panel detail

Honeycomb aluminum panel detail

What are the Steel Plate Specifications for Composite Sandwich Panel?

Following are the steel plate specifications for Composite Sandwich Panel:

  • Material: SUS304, PPGI
  • Thickness: 0.4mm-0.6mm
  • Coating: Antistatic, HDP, PE, PVDF


What is the Origin of Composite Sandwich Panel?

Composite Sandwich Panel was first introduced by China. It has been a considerable developmental technique for the past 40 years.

In the early stages, Composite Sandwich Panel was thought of as appropriate just for functional constructions and industrial buildings.

But its properties of thermal and acoustic insulation and quality have led to use in various industries. Its cost-effectiveness but the quality is the main attraction to be used at various sites.


honeycomb aluminum core

Honeycomb aluminum core

What is the PU/PIR of Composite Sandwich Panel?

PU of a Composite Sandwich Panel include:

  • Water Absorption: less than or equal to 3%
  • Heat Conductivity Coefficient: 0.018~0.024
  • Heat Resisting Range: -185^C~+110^C


How well is the Insulation Performance of the Composite Sandwich Panel?

Composite Sandwich Panel provides thermal as well as acoustic insulation.

Thermal Insulation:

Although Composite Sandwich Panel provides good thermal insulation, the insulation provided depends upon the thickness and grade of the material used.

This property helps to reduce the amount of energy required for cooling and heating purposes which also highlights the reason for the cheap cost of Composite Sandwich Panel.


Sound Insulation:

The applications where a high level of sound is generated, it is crucial to use sound insulating materials that could help keep the area of surroundings soundless and easy for passersby and co-workers.


What are the Major Applications of Composite Sandwich Panel?

The widely used applications of Composite Sandwich Panel are the area of construction of specific objects that require relatively more strength than the weight of the object.

One obvious application where Composite Sandwich Panel is used is that of an aircraft.

In the manufacturing of an aircraft, mechanical performance and weight saving are the essentials to be taken care of.

In building construction, a Composite Sandwich Panel is meant for use as building envelopes. Such structure is found in industrial buildings and offices, in cold rooms, and additionally in-camera homes.

It also has wide use in packaging including fluted polypropylene boards and polypropylene honeycomb boards.

honeycomb aluminum plate

Honeycomb aluminum plate

What are the Benefits of Composite Sandwich Panel?


Fire Resistance

Composite Sandwich Panel provides fire resistance properties but prevention is still required in areas that have high exposure to heat. Some modifications can offer fire resistance to temperatures up to 1000^C.


Thermal Insulation

This property makes it an excellent material to be used at various sites which also adds to the property of cost-effectiveness. Thermal insulation and conductivity depend upon the type of content used.

Composite Sandwich Panel installed in the building constructions aid in the reduction of the energy needed for thermal/cooling tasks.

For further prevention, take special care while choosing the type and material of Composite Sandwich Panel as wrong choices can cause long-term disasters.


Sound Insulation

This insulation function makes it a suitable material to be used at sites that have high exposure to sound. Some private houses and offices also use this material to ignore any disturbance.


High Strength to Weight Ratio

The most common and effective property of the Composite Sandwich Panel is its high strength to weight ratio. It provides enough strength to the structures in addition to low weight. They can support high weight with less structural material.



Composite Sandwich Panels are not much expensive. They save a great deal of amount during the construction.


Mechanical Properties

The house between the supports is going to be up to eleven meters (walls), looking forward to the specific type of panel that is installed. Ancient applications have areas of about 5m between the supports.

The panel thickness varies from forty metric linear units up to quite 2hundred metric linear units. The sandwich panel’s density has a range that is 10 kg/m2 up to thirty 5 kg/m2.

Geometric and constructional properties influence the behavior of the sandwich panels locally below fully variable loading conditions like indentation, impact, fatigue, and bending.


What Type of Stress does Composite Sandwich Panel Bear?

Composite Sandwich Panel bear shear stress. Flexible cores are said to have a “low shear modulus” whereas, stiff cores are said to have a “high shear modulus”.

When a force is exerted on the Composite Sandwich Structure, the upper face sheet experiences force of compression whereas, the lower face sheet experiences the force of stiffness.

The hardcore plays its role of separating the face sheets, which results in high strength and stiffness provided with a lightweight.

structural composite sandwich panels

Structural composite sandwich panels

What are Types of Composite Sandwich Panel?

Due to the power of 3D printers to fabricate complicated sandwich panels, there are additional 2 kinds of Composite Sandwich Panels:

  • SIP: Structural Insulated Panels are used for building materials.
  • ACP: Aluminum Composite Panels area unit flat panels consisting of 2 skinny/coiled Al sheets guaranteed to a non-aluminum core. ACP is employed for external and internal field facing or partitions, false ceilings, machine coverings, etc.


What Composite Sandwich Panel Made Up of?

Sandwich panels square measure composites that encompass 2 skinny laminate outer skins and a lightweight (e.g., honeycomb) thick core structure. Consequently, core structures, such as composites square measure distinguished by stiffness.

The use of materials for forming the face sheets and the core depends upon the type of work for which it is required.

Therefore, it is recommended to know the basis and toughness of your project and list down all the possibilities before buying the Composite Sandwich Panel.

Open- and closed-cell-structured foams like polyethersulfone polyvinylchloride, polymer, polymer or styrene foams, balsa wood, syntactical foams, and honeycombs area unit sometimes used core materials.

The honeycomb structure is filled with completely different foams for supplemental strength.

A Composite Sandwich Panel is made up of store-bought lay-up natural fiber-based cover and ribbed sheets that are used as core material and have extra-ordinary stiffness and sensible thermal insulation.

different type of the composite sandwich panel

Different type of the composite sandwich panel

What are the Layers of Composite Sandwich Panel?

As discussed earlier, there are two separate layers of face sheets that are suspended from one another and are not supposed to come in contact.

The hardcore supports the two flat sheets, due to which it provides great strength and stiffness along with its low weight.

Precast sandwich panels square measure usually made from associate degree external concrete layer (non-loadbearing), associate degree insulation layer, and an enclosed concrete layer (loadbearing).

The materials used for the formation of face sheets and the core are different based on the type of construction project. The cutting forces lead to very cheap skin in stiffness and therefore the prime skin in compression. The core material areas these 2 skins apart.


What Properties make a Composite Sandwich Panel Dissimilar from a Carbon Fiber Plate?

Composite Sandwich Panel provides stiffness and strength without any extra weight. As most of the heavy lifting on the plate is tolerated by the outermost plate, the middle lightweight core has the least effect on properties. The core composition material of a Composite Sandwich Panel is 95% lighter than Carbon Fiber Plate.

Carbon Fiber Plate is heavier than Composite Sandwich Panel which makes it less preferable over the latter. Carbon Fiber Plate is too not cost-optimized which attracts the customers towards Composite Sandwich Panel.


How can you Install your Composite Sandwich Panel?

There are 9 steps of installation of Composite Sandwich Panel:

  • Transporting and unloading of Composite Sandwich Panels
  • Quality control of the completed structure
  • Removal of protective film
  • Sealing
  • Installation of panels
  • Installation of door and window profiles
  • Assembling subsequent panels
  • Masking treatments
  • How to attach small elements


Can you Mount Things to your Composite Sandwich Panel?

Since the face sheets of a Composite Sandwich Panel are very thin, extra care must be taken while mounting things on them. Bonding a fastener to the surface avoids the panel from crushing when the bolt is tightened.

Avoid causing heavyweight on the Composite Sandwich Panel as there is a chance of heavy damage on the light and thin sheets of the Composite Sandwich Panel.

aluminum honeycomb composite

Aluminum honeycomb composite

What is Rock Wool in Composite Sandwich Panel?

Rock wool is a raw material that has excellent thermal insulating qualities. It is a man-made mineral that is completely different from natural mineral fiber asbestos and will not cause harm to human health.

It provides the ability of thermal and sound insulation and fire-resistance property. It is used for asbestos.

Rock wool in Composite Sandwich Panel square measure carries with it 2 outer metal sheets (steel or aluminum) with high-density volcanic rock as core insulation.

Thanks to the superb performance thermal hearth and acoustic insulation, stone wool core sandwiched panels square measure unremarkably adopted for fire-resistance and acoustic applications at various construction sites.

Rockwool insulation could be rock-based mineral fiber insulation comprised of volcanic rock and recycled scoria. Volcanic rock could be an igneous rock (abundant within the earth), and scoria could be a by-product of the steel and copper business. The minerals are molten and spun into fibers.


What are the Parameters for Sea Water Environment for Composite Sandwich Panel?

Special attention is targeted on sea-water elicited harm in foam materials, weight gains, and expansion strains, moreover as on attainable degradation within the properties of froth materials because of such extended exposure.

Additionally, sea-water effects on the fracture behavior of froth materials and face/core surface deboning fracture are investigated through an experiment and taken by means that of procedure fracture mechanics.

The effect of saltwater on the properties of the froth core is unbelievable. The flexural modulus of polyurethane laminates degrades 8.9% to the fullest and flexural strength degraded 13% once 166 days in five-hundredths salinity salt water at 34 degrees Celsius acquisition.

The fracture toughness of polyurethane sandwich contains degraded twenty-two. 4% once 166 days in five hundredth salinity salt water at 34°C conditions.

Waterproofing sandwich panels may be worn out by a simple, safe, and sturdy application with Liquid Rubber. Liquid Rubber is often cold-applied therefore there are not any risks with any shoot. The high flexibility of Liquid Rubber ensures the power to hide the movements of the panels.

What are the Environmental Protection Standards for Composite Sandwich Panel?

Depending upon the material of the Composite Sandwich Panel, they have different reactions, resistance, and fire behaviors. The type of Composite Sandwich Panel used depends upon the requirements of constructions.

The fire does not start on its own, but prevention should be taken in areas that are susceptible to high heat exposure. E.g. kitchen. Therefore, it is noteworthy that all the important aspects of the object to be constructed using Composite Sandwich Panel so that there could be proper guidance to avoid such situations.

Experimental results indicate that the vaso-constrictive/low temperature will increase the compressive stiffness and strength of CF/CPTSP. However, the warmth causes the degradation of the compressive stiffness and strength.

If you do not spend time explaining the work type and determining the form of Composite Sandwich Panel required for the project, you will have to experience a big loss just because of choosing the wrong material.



In this article, the requirements and use of Composite Sandwich Panels have been described. Inventions in modern technology have made our lifestyle much easier and approachable.

Composite Sandwich Panel is one of those inventions, which is cost-effective, as well as ensures the quality of the object to be constructed at the same time.

Do not hurry yourself to choose a specific Composite Sandwich Panel rather, spend quality time and discuss with the dealer about the requirements and the type of project for which you require the Composite Sandwich Panel.

Composite Sandwich Panel has been a part of use for the past 40 decades and in this era, where there are more innovations in technology, it has been made more advanced and it is being worked on for further modifications.

Its various properties such as thermal and acoustic insulation, cost optimization, fire resistance, and high strength to weight ratio make it an ideal to use for various projects.

Many civil engineering projects including the construction of vehicles, buildings, aircraft, etc. involve the use of Composite Sandwich Panel.


FAQs of Composite Sandwich Panel

What is the Sandwich Theory of Composite Sandwich Panel?

The Sandwich Theory describes the behavior of beam, plate, and shell which consists of 2 face sheets and a hardcore.

The core is sandwiched between two face sheets. This property provides strength and stiffness to the structure in addition to being lightweight.


What Materials are used as Skin Materials for Composite Sandwich Panel?

Sheet metal, laminates of glass, or carbon-fiber, or thermoset polymers are used as skin materials for Composite Sandwich Panel.


What is the Temperature Range of Composite Sandwich Panel?

The consequences of temperature on the failure mode of Composite Sandwich Panel also are discovered. It can provide a heat resistance of up to 1000^C.


What is the Working Principle of Composite Sandwich Panel?

The shear stress on the Composite Sandwich Panel causes the upper sheet to compress whereas, the lower sheet in stiffness.

The hardcore keeps the two flat sheets separated which causes high strength and low weight of the object under construction.


What are the Considerations in Designing the Layout of Composite Sandwich Panel?

These three layers square measure then connected mistreatment connectors that square measure placed throughout the casting.

It is designed in such a way that it could bear maximum strength at a low weight.


What is the Cost of Composite Sandwich Panel?

The universal cost of a Composite Sandwich Panel is non-determinable. However, a rough estimate can be made by including labor costs, price depending upon the material used and the rent of basket and vacuum elevators plus the transport.


How can you maintain your Composite Sandwich Panel?

No major problem regarding Composite Sandwich Panel has been identified yet. But, for safety, take care of the thermal capacity. Care and precaution are required only in areas where there is exposure to a large amount of heat. E.g. cooking areas.


What are the Customized Options for your Composite Sandwich Panel?

Choosing the material for your Composite Sandwich Panel is in your hands. You can tell the expert the purpose of using and he can provide further assistance regarding the choice of a specific material for your use.


How does your Composite Sandwich Panel work?

The thicker is the core material, the stronger is the composite. This principle works in a lot of a similar approach as associate degree I-beam will.


What are the safety instructions for your Composite Sandwich Panel?

  • Maintain good housekeeping practices
  • Ensure the checkup of all electrical installations and designs
  • Ensure smoking regulations and make sure this practice is designated in areas with appropriate disposal
  • Ensure fire escape and emergency response plans are up-to-date and periodically tested.


What are the Characteristics of Ideal Composite Sandwich Panel?

An ideal Composite Sandwich Panel consists of two layers of flat sheets with a hardcore encased between the sheets. It is used at sites that require lighter weight construction but an increased strength of an object to be constructed.

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