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Container Office Buildings Manufacturer

  • Equipment and All Materials are CE-certificated
  • Completely Finished in the Factory
  • Design, Color, and Advertising Graphics Depends on Requirements
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • 24/7 Customer Service

Your Reliable Partner and Container Office Buildings Manufacturer in China

Sunnyda container office buildings stand out in terms of functionality and sturdiness. This is made from 20ft or 40ft ISO containers. Depending on your project requirements, there are two material options, new or used. Also, container office building design, color, logo, and other advertising graphics can be specified based on customers’ needs. Can be built up to 3-5th floors.

Sunnyda container office buildings are available in a variety of floor plans. Equipment and container parts are selected according to CE standards. Additional equipment can be included such as WPC and PVC for outside wall deck, full glass wall, lightings, and more modern design. Plumbing system and electrical system are ready, fully mounted in the factory.

We welcome to custom-engineered your own office buildings. All equipment is fixed and pack during shipping ensures no damage occurs. You can buy container office buildings at competitive prices. Sunnyda offers a one-stop solution for your orders.

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Container typeNew or second hand ISO shipping container
SizeISO 20ft, 40ft HQ
Repaint and put logoPE paint, marine grade paint, color and logo as per requirement
ModificationCut door, windows at any place
Insulation1, EPS sandwich panel, Rock wool sandwich panel, PU sandwich panel, PIR sandwich panel
2, Light gage steel joist and mineral wool in middle, interior surface 12mm gypsum board.
Indoor fittingElectrical and plumbing system, kitchen and bathroom
FurnitureTable and chair, sofa, bed, kitchen cupboard, wardrobe as per requirement
Shipping1, Cut door and window sealed by steel sheet, make surface flat acceptable for shipping line.
2, Inside fittings be well fixed, no move during shipping.
After sale service1 year warranty
Delivery time30-40 days
How many floors5 floors at the most
Connection kitsWater proofing rubber and screw, steel board for floor.
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Shipping container office buildings
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Storage container office buildings
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Cargo container office buildings
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Modern container office buildings
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20ft container office buildings
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2-story container office buildings
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Commercial shipping container office buildings
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Customized container office buildings
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Flatpack container office building

Sunnyda Container Office Buildings

Sunnyda container office building can be used in the construction site, oil and gas field, mining industry, and other applications. It is a cost-effective solution as it can set up easily. Container office building is equipped with all the important stuff you would need for an office.

This office offers a large workplace for many individuals. Sunnyda house has a wide workshop where all assembly and installation happened. It is connected with water and electricity, air conditioning, heaters, window and doors, and more. The office can be moved easily if relocation needed, then this is your choice.

Top-quality amenities could be built for container office buildings. All with a one-year warranty. Additionally, we can custom design office containers to suit your preference. We can help you to design container office right on your projects.

We, at Sunnyda provide quick turnaround time for our container office building. Production time is 30 days. In just the stated time-frame, you will have your desired container office building already. You don’t have to wait too long as you may start your project ASAP.

Sunnyda house has 20 years of experience in manufacturing container office buildings and 10 years of exporting experience. We have been exporting products to a number of countries such as New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, and so on.

Sunnyda facility passed the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. Quality management system assured. Strong and stability has been developed over the years. Sales and technical team are able to provide 24/7 exceptional service.

You’re welcome to visit our factory. Sunnyda always looks forward to working with you and complete your project.

In China, Sunnyda is your premier container office building manufacturer!

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