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Container toilet made by standard 20ft shipping container brand new or second hand, yes this depends on your budget. Sunyda repaints it to whichever color you want, even with your logo or special design.

From there, 20ft shipping container be modified to container toilet, installed with insulation sandwich panel and PVC floor, put electrical and plumbing system, locate sanitary wares and other equipment like toilet partition, soap dispenser, paper holder, rubbish can, mirror etc.

Container toilet provides two inner styles to choose from, or you may send us other styles you like. Besides standard layout, Sunnyda customize to your specifications, just tell us how many toilets you would like, and where it stands, our engineers will send new drawing for you to approve.

Container toilet must be told with or without waste tank. Equipment list includes air conditioner, instant heater, solar panel system for lightings, fresh water tank, surround sound, mirror, occupy indicator and other small things. If you’d want to remove some items or add special items, then it’s possible.

Container toilet electrical system is done according to client’s local standards, certificated with CE or UL or other standard. Before leaving factory, container toilet’s electricity and plumbing system must be fully tested.

Sunnyda is your premier Container toilet manufacturer!

Container toilet typeNew or second hand ISO shipping container
SizeISO 20ft
Repaint and put logoPE paint, marine grade paint, color and logo as per requirement
ModificationCut door, windows at any place
Clean water tankPut or not as per customer requirement
Insulation1, EPS sandwich panel, Rock wool sandwich panel, PU sandwich panel, PIR sandwich panel
2, Light gage steel joist and mineral wool in middle, interior surface 12mm gypsum board.
Indoor fittingElectrical and plumbing system
Customized layout1, Could be all women’s room 6 toilets, or 6 shower rooms, 4 hand basin
2, Could be all men’s room 6 toilets, or 6 shower rooms, 2 hand basin, 2 urinal
3, Could be half women’s room, 3 toilets, or 3 toilet, 2 hand basin
Half men’s room, 3 toilets, or 3 toilet, 2 hand basin, 2 urinal
ShippingSOC(Shipper own container)
After sale service1 year warranty
Delivery time40 days
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Ultimate Guide to Container Toilet

We are pleased to accept third party inspection before loading. Container toilet shipped directly as SOC container, while door and window are well sealed by steel sheet. If this container toilet will be put on trailer, trailer is separately shipped.

Sunnyda container toilet has been delivered to several countries and repeats order is more than 90%. During the last 10 years of development, Sunnyda container toilet has become a high-end quality product in China. All materials used are good quality, beautiful and CE certified. Sunnyda team offers you 24/7 sale & tech support.

We warmly welcome your visit to our facility as we look forward to cooperating with you in the near future.

Sunnyda is your premier Container toilet manufacturer!

Container Toilet: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Container Toilet?

Just as the name implies, a container toilet refers to a large bowl connected to a water system fitted inside a container.

It is used for the purpose of human waste disposal.

Container toilet size is standard 20ft shipping container brand new or second hand. Both type could be any color as you want. For second hand container Sunnyda always do sandblasting to remove rust and fix dent and scratch.

Sunnyda container toilet could go with trainer or without.

Figure 1 Container toilet

Figure 2 Inside container toilet

Brand New vs. Second Hand Container Toilet; What’s the Best Option?

Any of this can be the best option.

Brand new container of course each aspect is good, but price is higher than second hand.

Also, most used containers are in good condition and if not they can be reconstructed.

However, if you want a container with good appearance then a new one would be the ideal one for you.

What is the Best Container Toilet Insulation Panel?

EPS sandwich panel,rockwool sandwich panelas well as PU sandwich panelare some of the best insulation materials to use in your container toilet.

Figure 3 EPS sandwich panel

Figure 4 Rockwool sandwich panel

Figure 5 PU sandwich panel

These three possess a couple of attractive features that best suit container toilets.

These 3 all has good insulation performance, EPS is light weight and price is best in the 3.

Rock wool has best fire proofing. PU is best in warming keeping and heat proofing.

Are there Additional Amenities Container Toilet Comes With?

Apart from a toilet, container toilets might have facilities such as heater, solar panels for lighting, occupy indicator, hand drier, soap dispenser, rubbish can, mirror, air conditioner as well as paper towel dispenser among others.

Figure 6 Container toilet amenities

What is included in the container might also be determined by your choice.

So you have the opportunity to design your container whichever way that’s suitable for you.

Which Container Toilets Designs Are There?

Figure 7 Container toilet designs

There are several container toilet designs based on the size and the facilities included.

Container toilets might have as fewer as 2 units and as many as 6/7 units depending on the size of the container.

To add on that, you can choose to have a standard or a luxury container toilet.

The difference between this two is that the standard container toilets would just have regular facilities.

While the luxury ones feature more comfy and luxurious amenities.

Where Can You Use Portable Container Toilet?

Since portable container toilets are mobile, you can use them literally everywhere. This includes;

  • Concerts
  • Stadiums
  • Camping sites
  • Construction sites
  • Parking lots
  • Rest areas
  • Golf courses
  • Disaster relief sites
  • Wedding
  • Other outdoor events

Container Toilet has How Many Rooms?

A small container toilet has 2 rooms which include one room for the ladies and the other one for gents.

However, the rooms might be as many as seven in the large containers depending on what you want.

What is Wholesale Container Toilet Price in China?

You can get a container toilet for a wholesale price ranging from $3000 per piece to $8000.

The price will depend on the size of the container toilet as well as the facilities that it comes with.

Are Container Toilets Assembled Onsite or Factory?

Figure 8 Assembling container toilet in factory

Container toilets can be assembled both offsite as well as onsite depending on your choice.

Assembling it onsite doesn’t mean that it will be another difficult process.


Container toilets that are mostly assembled onsite are prefabricated and therefore it will save you time when assembling everything in place.

You can choose to include additional features but the main parts such as roof and walls are normally ready.

However, you can also have your container toilet delivered when it’s fully assembled and start using it immediately!

What are the Benefits of Container Toilet?

Container toilets feature quite a number of benefits not limited to;

·       Container Toilets are Durable

Container toilets are modified from ISO shipping container, it can last more than 10 years.

To maintain this toughness and strength, I would recommend you not to cut parts from the container when you want to build doors or windows as this will affect the overall strength of the structure.

Also, it’s advisable to repaint your container after years if any small place rust.

·       Container Toilets are Fast to Construct

Since the container toilet is prefabricated or delivered fully assembled, the construction time is fast as compared to building a whole new structure.

·       Container Toilets are Affordable

It’s with no doubt that container toilets are more affordable as compared to built structures. With a container toilet, you already have the expected cost of the container in mind and therefore you don’t have to worry of extra expenditures as compared to permanently built toilets.

Am sure you now understand the reason behind the popularity of container toilets.

·       Portability Makes Container Toilets a Perfect Solution

Container toilets can easily be moved from one place to the other when need arises.

You can either move them using trailers or trucks and this makes them reliable in different occasions.

·       Container Toilets Offer Better Flexibility

The reason as to why container toilets are considered quite flexible is due to the fact that they can be assembled off-site.

This might save you a lot of hassle of having to look for skilled labor to put up your structure in place.

What is the Best Container Toilet Design?

Figure 9 Container toilet design

There are different types of container toilet designs and getting to choose the best might be challenging.

However, when choosing a container toilet design make sure it well suits your needs.

This may include the number of guests it will serve as well as the efficiency of important amenities like plumbing system and air conditioning.

You can choose one with several rooms or few rooms and have it customized depending on your preferences.

What Should You Look for in Shipping Container Toilet?

In order to avoid disappointments when shipping container toilets, it’s ideal to put certain factors into consideration such as;

  • Delivery- Check what are the charges for transporting your container toilet. In as much as some companies offer free delivery, they might raise the costs on some aspects and therefore it’s wise to weigh the cost with the service offered.
  • Quality – Check out the material of the container toilet. The best containers are made of marine paint galvanized steel which is considered to be durable as well as easy to maintain without having to worry about rusting.
  • Size of the container-The bigger the container the more you will spend in shipping and vice versa.

It’s important to put this aspect into consideration in order to avoid inconveniences during shipment.

Also, the size of the container will determine the number of rooms you will have and thus it’s better to carefully make wise decision on this.

  • Condition of the container –You can either settle for a new or used container toilet. However, with the used container toilets it’s important to make sure that it’s in a good state before settling for it.

Is there Difference between Portable Toilet and Container Toilet?


A portable toilet refers to a toilet which can easily be moved from one place to the other while a container toilet refers to a toilet that is fitted inside a container.

Figure 10 Portable toilet

 A container basically refers a metal with a rectangular shape that can be used for shelter purposes.

However, you can improvise a container toilet to be portable just by introducing a trailer.

All in all container toilets need trailer or truck to move it.

What Container Toilet Floor Options do Sunnyda Offer?

All Sunnyda container toilets are fitted with PVC floors.

However you can always feel free to request for a custom made floor depending on what suites you best.

Figure 11 Container toilet with PVC floor option

Sunnyda Offers How many Sizes of Container toilets?

Container toilets from Sunnyda are normally made by a standard 20ft shipping container.

The toilet can be partitioned into a number of units depending on the size of the container.

Thereafter, it is fitted with a variety of amenities such as the floor, plumbing system, mirrors, toilet partitions and other essential facilities in a toilet.

How Long Does Sunnyda Take to Fabricate Container Toilet?

It will take 20-40 days to have your container toilet ready for pick up.

The time taken will depend on the type of container toilet that you want.

Custom made toilets with a variety of features to be included will definitely take longer periods.

Does Sunnyda Fabricate Custom Container Toilet?


You can have a container toilet custom made to suit your choices as well as preferences.

Different people have different tastes and therefore Sunnyda provides its clients with an opportunity to design their container toilet as uniquely as they want it to appear.

Will Sunnyda help in Custom Container Toilet Drawing?


Once you send the type of design or rather style that you want your container toilet to resemble; engineers from Sunnyda will get back to you with a new drawing for you to approve.

You need to remember that as you send your details, you are required to include the number of toilets you want included.

Which Certifications do Container Toilets Comes With?

CE as well as ISO are some of the main certifications that container toilets come with.

CE certifies that the product is not only fit for use but also has adhered to European Standards.

There are several types of ISO certification assigned on different types of products.

ISO certification ensures that the product being sold meets the customers’ expectations.

All in all, CE is the most common type of certification when it comes to container toilets.

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