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Your Premier Costume Trailer

  • Custom Costume Station
  • Plenty of Storage Cabinets
  • Hot/Cold Water Sink for Hair Washing
  • Air conditioner/Refrigerator/Microwave/TVs
  • Fast Delivery Time

Your Reliable Partner and Costume Trailer Manufacturer in China

It’s time to start looking for a Costume Trailer!You may need a worktop for your office, a bathroom, a small kitchenette, a laundry area, and a living room, whichever Costume Trailer you need, the highly qualified team of engineers and technicians of Sunnyda will make it possible for you.

Sunnyda is the largest manufacturer and top-rated supplier of Costume Trailer.We offer custom options for our customers who prefer to have their own space at a great value. We fit the space to you, not you to space and that is our specialty.

Sunnyda makes your dreams come true. We provide permanent solutions for your Costume Trailer needs. Our mission is your satisfaction with our premium quality services.We deliver our best products and services to our customers. We believe in providing quality service at a reasonable price. Sunnyda meets all the national, international, mechanical, and electrical codes.

Sunnyda, your reliable and professional Costume Trailer manufacturer offers a full range of sizes in a variety of styles for both short and long-term cost-effective Costume Trailer.  Call us now.

Costumn Trailer BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size4600(L) x 1700(W) x 2500(H) mm
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tank450L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank1300L
Weight1460kg, when water and waste tank is empty
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingCan mix load with other model, or 2 SUT02 in a 40HQ
Delivery time40 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Ultimate Guide to Costumn Trailer


1.What is a Costume Trailer?
2.Why do you Need a Costume Trailer?
3.What is the Configuration of a Costume Trailer?
4.What are the Advanced Features of a Costume Trailer?
5.What are the General Dimensions and Specifications of a Costume Trailer?
6.Why Purchasing a Costume Trailer is Advantageous for you?
7.What are the Main Components of a Costume Trailer Designed for Wardrobes?
8.How a Costume Trailer can Elevate your Special Events?
9.What are the Important Factors that you must Consider before Buying a Costume Trailer?
10.What are the Common Plumbing Issues in a Costume Trailer?
11.What are the Common Chemicals used in Plumbing Pipes of a Costume Trailer?
12.How to Choose a Right Costume Trailer Manufacturer?
13.What are the Important Things that Affect the Costs of a Costume Trailer?
14.How to Maximize Space in your Costume Trailer?
15.How to Choose a Perfect Location for Installation of your Costume Trailer?
16.How a Costume Trailer Help you to Achieve your Sustainability Goals?


Costume Trailer-An Ultimate Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

The Costume Trailer is a built-in house designed in a controlled factory environment in sections.

If you are looking for an entire setup just like your home at a low price with less financial risks.

Then a Costume Trailer will make it possible for you with great flexibility with your business and your requirements.

If you are a small business owner then a Costume Trailer will help you a lot to cut on your expenses.

In this article, you will learn everything about a Costume Trailer. Let’s start it.


What is a Costume Trailer?

Costume Trailer is a Portable, prefabricated and customizable trailer that is globally used to meet kitchen, TV, and laundry area requirements at outdoor job sites.

The Costume Trailer has a modular structure and is made up of aluminum and plastic materials.

Costume Trailer has amazing decorative finishing features such as custom design entrance and carpets in the interior to provide you a luxury and VIP experience.

It is a portable, easy to use, and highly reliable method for Industries with outdoor job sites.

It is designed for far-off areas where construction of buildings for temporary needs is not economical therefore using a Costume Trailer is more useful there.


Why do you Need a Costume Trailer?

In outdoor camping, outdoor job sites, and other events you have to manage days and nights in hotels and pay a huge amount of bills.

Now this problem is solved by the Costume Trailer, a Portable modular structure that you can take with you anywhere you want to peacefully spend vacations, enjoy your time outdoor, and work with comfort.

Companies that are based in far-off areas where they can’t provide residence facilities to their employees use Costume Trailer to serve this purpose.

Big construction projects, power plants, petroleum industry, and many other industries that work in remote areas or areas with no housing facilities also choose Costume Trailer.

Military camps and rescue teams who have to respond immediately in any disasters in far-off areas where you can’t have the facility of restaurants, restrooms, and laundry use Costume Trailer.

People who love outdoor camping and nights out in different locations throughout the world also choose Costume Trailer because it is perfect for them.


 What is the Configuration of a Costume Trailer?

The Costume Trailer has supply lines, ventilation pipes, air vents, and drain lines for proper supply and transportation of water and waste in and out of it.

A Costume Trailer doesn’t face any serious problems because of its pipelines. As all the lines are always buried under the floor.

Supply lines are water pipelines that are used to supply water in your Costume Trailer.

The water comes through only one pipeline and then branches at the water heater. You can get hot or cold water as well as per your requirements.

Drain lines are used to transport waste material out of your Costume Trailer. This waste material could be wastewater from your kitchen, laundry, or from your restrooms.

The drain line has positive and negative pressures to make sure that waste flows out.


What are the Advanced Features of a Costume Trailer?

The Costume Trailer has advanced features such as security screens to protect you from any mishap like theft and ensure security and safety.

The Costume Trailer has deadbolt door lock systems to protect your property and ward off the fear of losing your precious items.

Because of these high quality and unique features construction sites mostly use Costume Trailer because it is a more secure option for companies to choose from.

Construction sites are more publicly open and available for everyone to visit. In such circumstances, a Costume Trailer is an excellent option for them to go with.

It is highly durable and able to combat any type of weather condition.

It is not only anti-theft protected but also sustains in hot and cold weather even in heavy rain, wind, and snowfall as well.


What are the General Dimensions and Specifications of a Costume Trailer?

A Costume Trailer generally has an exterior of 45m in length and 8m in width with 13 to 15 m in height.

The interior of a Costume Trailer has a length of 45m length 8m width and 9 to 10m in height.

Its weight varies from manufacturer to manufacturer depending upon the size and capacity of a Costume Trailer.

A Costume Trailer has a high-quality kitchen sink with a straight side that allows you to keep more items there.

Occupied with sinks that are flat in the bottom and have deep bowls so that you can easily wash your dishes and other items without much effort.

The Costume Trailer has kitchen accessories made of high-quality materials to ensure high durability.

It is made up of material that provides resistance to the scratches on the sink and side areas. In this way, it reduces maintenance costs for your kitchen in a Costume Trailer.

Besides a full kitchen range, you get a refrigerator to keep your food fresh and healthy.

You cannot imagine your life without a refrigerator these days. With a Costume Trailer, you need not worry about it as well.

The Costume Trailer provides this facility to its users along with tea and coffee facilities.

You will get a separate worktop space in your Costume Trailer including an office area for your office and official work.

A good quality Costume Trailer provides you spacious space for stacking storage.

It has racked storage area, drawers, and cupboards to store more items and keep things organized and well-managed.

A Costume Trailer has a highly durable ramp to load and unload costume rails, and many other related items that you want to add or remove from it.


Why Purchasing a Costume Trailer is Advantageous for you?

The Costume Trailer has many advantages that you might not know.

The Costume Trailer is highly in demand because it provides the facilities of portable kitchen and laundry in one unit. It is helpful for outdoor events, festivals, and job sites for long periods.

It has a kitchen that is highly operational and fully functional as a normal conventional kitchen. It also provides a proper ventilation system for a better environment while cooking.

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a Costume Trailer is that you get an affordable kitchen and laundry in a single unit.

Purchasing a Costume Trailer will provide you a large area for a dishwasher, a wide and high-quality food preparation station, and spacious rooms for other kitchen utensils.The Costume Trailer has a modern laundry system.

It is categorized into four sections

  • Sorting
  • Washing
  • Ironing
  • Folding or Hanging

A Costume Trailer has an automatic laundry sorter that organizes the clothes, differentiates them, and moves them to the washer smoothly.

It has a nice washing and drying area to carefully wash your clothes and dry them with ease. It doesn’t cover much space as it is artistically designed to accommodate little space for its purposes.

A Costume Trailer has an ironing board that can be changed from time to time to make it look great with your room decoration. You can change its cover any time you want.

It is placed in such a way that it is easily accessible for everyone. A Costume Trailer provides this facility to maximize your laundry area as well.

It provides you an open and closed storage space to keep other household items in them.  These features make it highly advantageous to buy.


What are the Main Components of a Costume Trailer Designed for Wardrobes?

The Costume Trailer designed for wardrobes has racks, and the capacity to hang the garments. With several shelves and ranks provides spacious rooms for other uses.

Costume Trailer has a water supply system, washing machine, and a drying cupboard to provide you everything in a single unit.

The power outlet, highly efficient lighting and air conditioning system increase comfort and ease in your life.

It has standard items like ironing boards and has drawable curtains to use the left area as a changing room that help you to use the entire space and fulfill your needs without wasting resources.

The newly designed most advanced Costume Trailer has wardrobes of custom lengths, widths, and drawers. You will get open shelf space and drawers that you can lock.

The Costume Trailer comes with a warm water supply system, it has internal warm and gray water containers to meet your water supply needs and a beautiful interior lighting system to make your wardrobes flawless and give you a VIP experience.

A highly efficient underfloor heating system and air conditioning systems to keep the internal temperature of the Costume Trailer under control and maintain it to the optimum level.

The interior rooms have mostly the height of 21m to 25 m.


How a Costume Trailer can Elevate your Special Events?

A Costume Trailer elevates your special event like Halloween parties, outdoor birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and provides you luxury and ease at one step.

With several advanced features, it provides a luxury experience, makes you feel at home even in a better place than the home itself.

The Costume Trailer is an elegant option for your special events to service large crowds with ease also comfortable and reliable for haunted houses.

If you need to wash your accessories, tidy up, and need a laundry option then a Costume Trailer is best for you.

With a Costume Trailer, you can get all three options in a single unit. You can get the quick rinse facilities to enjoy your special events.


What are the Important Factors that you must Consider before Buying a Costume Trailer?

There are certain things that you must consider before purchasing a Costume Trailer for yourself.

First, make it clear why you want to purchase a Costume Trailer. Then research the laws and regulations about the installation.

You need to know about it because if you purchase your Costume Trailer and later you come to know that you are unable to fulfill the criteria as recommended by the laws of the state then it can be a big loss for your business.

So it’s better to make it clear before getting into it.

Complete research about laws will prevent troubles in the future and help you do your work peacefully.

After completing legal requirements you should be careful about the design of your Costume Trailer. A flexible and easy-to-use modular design will make your life more enjoyable and easy.

The Costume Trailer you buy must have all the necessary things that you need and want to have such as

  • Spacious Kitchen
  • The Style of a Costume Trailer
  • Layouts that Facilitate you more
  • User-Friendly Model for Ease in Handling and Moving
  • More Storage Racks
  • A Right Balance between Storage Space available for a Beautiful Interior Design

Make sure you choose one that provides you most of the facilities you want because later on it would an uneconomical choice.

The best choice is not only reliable but budget-friendly as well.


What are the Common Plumbing Issues in a Costume Trailer?

You may face some issues with several plumbing options. Therefore, it is crucial to know about them before you purchase a Costume Trailer.

Nasty Smells in your Costume Trailer:

One of the biggest problems of a Costume Trailer due to its plumbing system is a build-up of gases and production of nasty smell that causes serious problems for you.

One of the main reasons for the build-up of these gases and bad odors is the improper ventilation system.

Proper ventilation of pipes maintains a constant and normal pressure of gases under pipes. Without having a good quality venting system your drainage system will collapse and slow down that will cause many serious issues.

If you face any plumbing leakage in floors, and lines under the home you have to inspect the entire pipeline system and replace the damaged one.

Another problem that you may face is leakage. In such circumstances replacing the entire pipeline is more secure than repairing a part of it.

To avoid clogs in the sink that are commonly faced, you can use a plunger for this purpose.

Always use a one-side sink to prevent clogs. Cut off the air supply on one side and switch to the other and keep doing it to remove a clog from your sink.


What are the Common Chemicals used in Plumbing Pipes of a Costume Trailer?

You need to identify what type of pipe and fittings are used in Costume Trailer. There are two types of pipes are used.

  • Metal
  • Plastic

Most Costume Trailer uses plastic in their plumbing equipment.

Types of plastic used in a Costume Trailer.

  • Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride
  • PEX Pipe
  • Polyline


Besides plastic plumbing metal plumbing is also used in Costume Trailer. Metal pipes use copper, galvanized, and stainless steel.

Both of these two types of plumbing material have their advantages and each has its specs depending on the specific purpose for which it is manufactured.

PVC is a type of plastic plumbing pipe mainly used for the transportation of cold water from one location to another.

PVC pipe doesn’t work with hot water because it wraps due to its high temperature. It is designed to carry only cold water.

Poly Pipeline is used to transport highly pressurized water in a Costume Trailer. It is used for outdoor plumbing options.

CPVC pipe is designed to carry both hot and cold water due to extra chlorination present in it.

Copper is the common type of plumbing pipe used in the kitchenette of a Costume Trailer throughout the world. It is more costly than plastic pipes but extremely useful in resistance to corrosion and combats high-temperature conditions.


How to Choose a Right Costume Trailer Manufacturer?

Choosing the right Manufacturer is always difficult. Costume Trailer needs maintenance and service to work for long periods.

Manufacturers that provide high-quality features and good after-sales service are more convenient than any other.

Companies having good reviews and great services for customer satisfaction are also a good option.

Manufacturers that supply their trailers on large scale don’t have a close bonding with their customers.

Therefore they can’t always give you the customization and personal attention as compare to a local national manufacturer.

In this regard, choosing a national nearby manufacturer for better quality and operational satisfaction of a Costume Trailer works best.

The right Costume Trailer manufacturer will provide you all the accessories you need to enjoy a clean, comfortable, and productive work environment.

Keep in mind all the necessary facts and figures about your requirements and tell manufacturers about it.

A suggestion of an expert is very helpful in making the right decision, therefore, it is much better to take the opinion of top-rated suppliers and manufacturers of Costume Trailer.


What are the Important Things that Affect the Costs of a Costume Trailer?

It is quite difficult to choose a Costume Trailer with a suitable price. Most of the time you will observe variation in the price and you may remain confused to choose them due to price range and variation.

Don’t believe in quotes of a company, compare the rates of the company you choose, compare it with other similar companies providing the same service.

This will help you a lot to choose a suitable one.

Certain factors affect the price of a Costume Trailer and you must know about them.

Type of Costume Trailer:

The price greatly depends upon the type you choose.

A standard Costume Trailer has an average price everywhere. But a VIP and luxury one will have different prices because of its specifications.

These specifications and customizable features distinguish them from the rest and this is the reason they have a few high prices than the standard Costume Trailer.

Sometimes you purchase it from a national manufacturer and you pay a higher price for it than a local manufacturer in your area. It is because of two things:

  • Long-Distance Charges
  • Price-Per-Mile


Manufacturers charge a delivery fee if you are purchasing it from a location more than 50miles far from you.

Therefore you should order a Costume Trailer in your city. You will get your Costume Trailer at a reasonable price without extra charges.

Every company provides the facility to clean and sanitize your Costume Trailer. Their workers will come to you and clean the units once per week for no extra charge.

The frequency of cleaning depends upon the usage, having good quality material will not cause these problems.


How to Maximize Space in your Costume Trailer?

A Costume Trailer is a great option if you are facing issues with space, you can maximize and expand it to the required limit you want.

This is a highly fascinating way to get more spacious rooms for your needs. To maximize space in your Costume Trailer you must follow these tips and tricks:

Costume Trailer has a worktop for your office work and you can increase space in it by properly arranging your files and other accessories in storage racks available there.

Keep an only necessary file on your front desk and keep the remaining in the storage cupboard. Nicely arrange them into sections.

Divide your work item into categories and create separate sections to keep them, in this way you will be able to manage your work with high accuracy and efficiency.


How to Choose a Perfect Location for Installation of your Costume Trailer?

To determine the perfect location for you should follow these simple and easy-to-understand tips.

Place your Costume Trailer on solid stable ground. It must be plain and smooth enough to keep it in balance. Place it on ground level.

It is important for your safety and as an irregular ground can cause tipping or wobbling.

Therefore you must place it on a smooth ground to prevent an unpleasant experience.

Choose a central location for your Costume Trailer. Place it where it is accessible for everyone without much effort.

Make sure that your Costume Trailer is not placed on high points like mountains and peaks where air pressure is very high as it exerts high pressure on your trailer and turns it upside down.

To prevent such situations and accidents place it on a safe side with normal winds.


How a Costume Trailer Help you to Achieve your Sustainability Goals?

The Costume Trailer is designed to meet your building requirements and their standards in big cities. Many companies around the world use it to achieve their sustainability goals.

It is an energy-efficient option that saves most of the costs. It is made up of volatile organic compounds that ensure that it doesn’t cause any hazards to the environment.

A Costume Trailer uses environment-friendly chemicals and it is easy to maintain and service without much effort.

An excellent plumbing system that includes low-flow toilets and faucets reduces the amount of water used in it.

It has fixtures and faucets to fulfill your water demands and recycle wastewater to preserve resources for future generations.

The Costume Trailer doesn’t produce much waste when it is installed in a particular location. It is installed after mapping and planning layouts.

Leftovers can be reused and recycled for another project. In this way, it reduces waste while constructing a Costume Trailer.



The Costume Trailer is a mobile, modular structure having several advantages for different industries has become the demand of today’s world.

Being easy to use, fast, reliable, highly effective, and inexpensive solutions Costume Trailer has high demand in markets.


FAQs of Costume Chiller.

  • What is the Function of an Air Vent in a Costume Trailer?

Air vents let air flow into the drains of the Costume Trailer and keep it working in optimum condition. They keep the proper pressure in waste lines and hence make them work smoothly with hazards.


  • How can you Purify Air Quality in a Costume Trailer?

You can add an air purifying system in your Costume Trailer to remove toxins in the air in it. It keeps the internal environment clean and fresh by reducing the dust and carcinogenic pollutants in the air.


  • How can you Decorate your Costume Trailer on a Budget?

When you decorate your Costume Trailer purchase beautiful and budget-friendly furniture equipment. Don’t spend a lot of money on expensive furniture. Purchase nice desks, tables, and accessories to decorate it well and make it look fancy.


  • What are ADA and State Accessibility Code that you Must Know before Purchasing a Costume Trailer?

According to ADA which stands for Americans with Disabilities Act your business for which you buy a Costume Trailer must be accessible for handicapped and people with disabilities.

Therefore choose a suitable manufacturer for Costume Trailer whose products are designed according to ADA.


  • What Makes a Costume Trailer Cost-Effective?

A Costume Trailer has a living room, restroom, and laundry area all in one unit. You don’t need to purchase all these units separately for your needs. In this way, it is cost-effective and budget-friendly.


  • How many times you can Service a Costume Trailer?

The service and maintenance of your Costume Trailer depend on how many people are using it and how they are using it. Generally, you can service it once a week.

  • What Type of Flooring a Costume Trailer has?

A Costume Trailer has vinyl flooring to facilitate its users.


  • Does the Costume Trailer have Access to Vehicle?

Yes, a Costume Trailer has access to a vehicle from the rear door.


  • How a Costume Trailer Prevents Corrosion in its Plumbing Pipes?

A Costume Trailer uses plastic and non-reactive metals for its plumbing pipes. Plastic and stable metals like copper, steel, and aluminum don’t react with water or waste material in pipes. Thus don’t corrode.


  • What are the Advantages of using PEX Pipe over PVC Pipe for the Water System in your Costume Trailer?

PEX pipe has a far advanced heat resistance than PVC pipes and is often used in water-based heating systems in a Costume Trailer.


  • How to Deal with Leakage in Costume Trailer?

You don’t need to worry about leakage in your Costume Trailer, it cannot damage. You should immediately hire a professional technician to check pipelines in floors and repair the damaged ones.


  • Why is a Costume Trailer a Fast Solution?

A well-structured and well-designed Costume Trailer is delivered to you by your manufacturer on your site in a short amount of time.

In this way, you get the entire system available for various purposes you need without wasting your time and money.


  • What are the Benefits of Using Galvanized Pipes?

Galvanized pipes have been used to transport water in and out. The galvanized coating prevents rusting and is available in gray color.


  • How the Copper Pipes in a Costume Trailer are Categorized?

Copper pipes are available in three different sizes and type M, L, and K. Each type has a different thickness level.

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