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Sunnyda designed and develop cow shed to satisfy the agricultural industry. As an experienced manufacturer, we are able to work on multiple steel cow shed building projects. If you are planning to start your business or having on-going projects, Sunnyda will provide the perfect solution for you.

We have a wide variety if cow shed sizes, styles, and colors, you can choose the type of shed you want for your need. Also, we can design a house depending on your requirements and local condition. From design to shipping, Sunnyda provides a fast turnaround that you expect.

Sunnyda is your premier manufacturer and supplier of cow shed! Contact us to learn more about our solutions!

Ultimate Guide for Sunnyda Cow Shed

Sunnyda cow shed is made of high-grade raw materials, steel. It comes with great design and construction to store a number of cows. The main structure can be included with roof, wall, and accessories. If you are looking for a reliable source for your next project, then this is your place to be.

Sunnyda designs and manufacture cow shed with a high standard of quality and durability. All shedding follow all requirements, laws, and regulation of local standards. We pride to produce high value and full sustainable products.

You can find a wide selection of cow shed in different sizes, style, color, and additional equipment. Structure types available in three options, open style, semi-open, and close type.

The mainframe of the building can be consists of H-section steel columns and beams, and C or Z section purlins. Our engineers will assist you in concept designing for the entire production.

You can benefit from our steel structure design flexibility, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Whether you need to install buildings in areas where natural disasters hit or any possible area, our cow shed is your ideal choice.

Sunnyda cow shed has strong fire-resistant and corrosion resistant, it is rust free. Plus, structures are heat reflective. No need to be treated with harsh chemicals. Any harsh weather condition, cow shed is erected to withstand all bad weather may throw at them.

If you can’t find your ideal design for our collection, we can help design your requirements. With rich knowledge in a steel building, we can custom manufacture cow shed to stand in a lifetime. Not just only protect cattle or livestock, but also all people living nearby building.

Our service starts from design and engineering, fabrication, QC check, packing, shipping to after-sale service. All materials are packed in a container to prevent damage during transportation.

Sunnyda cow shed comes with 1-year warranty. It is our goal to satisfy each and every customer we deal with. In a very short time, we can deliver the cowshed to your location.

Specializing in the cow shed manufacturing in over twenty years, we know the system very well. Sunnyda will provide one-stop solutions for turnkey projects. Most of our customers become our regular clients, and we value them all. No matter big or small orders, we are eager to help you grow your business.

If you have project now, and you are interested in Sunnyda cow shed, please feel free to contact us right away.


Cow Shed FAQ

Table of Contents

Q1: What Is Cow Shed?
Q2: What Are The Applications Of Cow Shed?
Q3: What Are The Benefits Of Cow Shed?
•High Strength
•Cost Effectiveness
Q4: Does Manufacturer Provide Cow Shed Design?
Q5: Does Manufacturer Provide Cow Shed Free-stall Design?
Q6: What Are The Layout Types of Cow Shed?
•Open Cow Shed
•Multipurpose Cow Shed
•Custom-made Cow Shed
Q7: What Steel Structure Cow Shed Price Comprises?
Q8: What Are The Sizes Of Cow Shed?
Q9: How Much Space Does A Cow Need In A shed?
Q10: Does Manufacturer Provide Cow Shed Customization?
•Sheeting profiles.
•Entryway, doors and windows.
•Ventilation, heat and natural air supply
•Flooring systems.
•Creep gates.
•Cowcoon hybrid stall.
Q11: Does Cow Shed Design Include A ‘gable end’?
Q12: Does Manufacturer Supply Cow Shed Furnishing And Equipment?
Q13: Does Manufacturer Consider Environmental Requirements And Hygiene Measures In Cow Shed?
Q14: Does Manufacturer Consider Animal Health And Well-being In Cow Shed?
Q15: Does Manufacturer Offer Environmental Control Systems for Cow Shed Livestock?
Q16: What Are The Standards Governing Cow Shed Design and Manufacturing?
Q17: Does Cow Shed Manufacturer Comply To International Building Code?
Q18: Is Building Permit Required To Install A Cow Shed?
Q19: What Are The Specifications Of Cow Shed Foundation?
Q20: Why The Floor Of Cow Shed Is Made Sloping?
Q21: Why To Build A Comfortable Cow Shed?
Q22: How Long Steel Structure Cow Shed Is Expected To Last?
Q23: How Does Manufacturer Protect Cow Shed From Corrosion?
Q24: Does Manufacturer Provide Wind Resistant Cow Shed?
Q25: Does Manufacturer Provide Waterproof Cow Shed?
Q26: Does Cow Shed Fulfill Building Safety Requirements?
Q27: Are Cow Shed Environmentally Friendly?
Q28: Does Manufacturer Provide Energy Efficient Cow Shed?
Q29: What Are The Benefits Of Importing Cow Shed From China?
Q30: What Is The Average Cost Of Cow Shed In China?
Q31: How Long Does It Takes To Deliver A Cow Shed From China?
Q32: How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Cow Shed From China?
Q33: Why Choose Sunnyda Cow Shed?
Q34: What Does The Cow Shed Warranty Covers And For How Long?
Q35: I have An Enquiry About Cow Shed?


The purpose of this document is to provide cattle farmers, beef and dairy producers with primary information on how to plan their cow shed. A decision to invest in cow shed is very challenging and relied heavily on the success of your overall project structure and operation.

This guide outlines the most important factors farmers should consider when planning to build a productive cow shed or a profitable dairy including environment and space requirements, cow comfort, protection, cow shed design, layout, standards, materials, equipment, ventilation, insulation, flooring, foundation and animal welfare.


Q1: What Is Cow Shed?

Cow shed is a farm structure where cattle are housed and milked. It serves as a shelter for livestock, milk house, equipment, fodder, silage, silo, etc…

It’s also called cattle stall, cow barn, cow house and dairy cow housing.

Cow sheds are designed and engineered to provide a healthy, comfortable and protected environment that enables farmers to process high milk production, dairy products and beef.


Q2: What Are The Applications Of Cow Shed?

A cow shed is used to protect cows from different weather conditions, extreme heat, storms and diseases that may occur throughout the year.

A well-designed and equipped cow shed provides the cow with comfort, improves its growth rate and increases milk productivity.

Cow shed is a well-planned production facility where the production operations are managed effectively including feeding, cleaning, milking, vaccinating, storing, etc…

Q3: What Are The Benefits Of Cow Shed?

Cow shed steel structure has become essential for cattle farming and for the dairy and beef industries. They are designed, manufactured and equipped mainly to protect your valuable assets from harsh environmental conditions and offer maximum protection to livestock. It has many advantages and benefits including:


High Strength

In order to ensure a protected and healthy environment for livestock, cow shed steel structures are made from high strength and light in weight frame systems that comprise premium-grade steel beams, columns, steel trusses, panels and other components. Cow shed steel structures are designed and engineered to efficiently resist different loads, wind, snow and seismic forces.



Because steel is very durable, steel structure cow shed can withstand the test of time for up to 20 Years without routine maintenance, unlike traditional wood cow shed, steel structure cow shed is rodent-proof, it does not require periodic pest control for termites, mold, fungi, etc…



Cow shed steel structure offers more design aspects and more layout opportunities for large clear-spans. Any design can be achieved with adaptable load-bearing floor plans to fit perfectly into your functional setting.



Cow shed steel structures are resource-efficient, newer energy systems such as solar panels, high-level insulation material are used to ensure better climate control and durability.



Prefabricated cow shed is a cost-efficient and long-term profitable asset investment that offer the most comfortable, protected and productive environment. It is designed and engineered to ensure faster construction, while it enables making more than 35% saving on costs of materials, methods and manpower. Foundation costs are also less, as steel structures require simpler foundations compared to traditional construction methods.

Q4: Does Manufacturer Provide Cow Shed Design?

Manufacturer can provide a well-designed cow shed that replicates cow natural living environment as closely as possible to protect cow health, comfort, welfare and safety.

Several factors are carefully assessed during planning the design such as environment atmosphere and terrain topographic characteristics to ensure using the correct structural engineering design, materials and manufacturing practices that protect your investment from environmental challenges such as corrosion, cyclones, heavy wind and snow, etc…

Type of shed, layout and accessibility, passageway widths are designed according to your location climate conditions and as per your operation management requirements.


Q5: Does Manufacturer Provide Cow Shed Free-stall Design?

Manufacturer can design free-stall systems efficiently to facilitate the daily management of the whole operations such as feeding, bedding, cleaning, milking, etc…


Q6: What Are The Layout Types of Cow Shed?

Cow shed layout is designed to offer dynamic and productive facilities that serve the functionality of process, ease of movement and access while it ensures cow well-being.

Many types of cow shed are available including:

Open Cow Shed

Open Cow Shed is a large cow shed characterized by its capacity, height and multipurpose application, it can be used to house cows, store feed or equipment.

Size: It can be designed to any space size, span, length and height.

Materials: high strength tensile galvanized steel structural framing is used to offer more durability and ultimate protection from corrosion. A wide range of monocladal, zinc, color cladding or corrugated sheeting profiles are used for the roof, walls and trim.


Multipurpose Cow Shed

A multi-purpose cow shed provides more versatility and flexibility in running your farming activities; it can be designed to regroup all functions in one divided space to save time and operating costs. It offers easy access to livestock rearing, sheltering, feeding, cow milking, cleaning; vaccination, dairy management, storage of hay, equipments and assets in one convenient location.

Multipurpose cow shed can be customized to suit your operational and performance needs, while it promotes better productivity and animal welfare.


Custom-made Cow Shed

Cow shed can be customized to serve your farming operations effectiveness and profitability. Whatever is your cow shed plan, layout, management type, weather conditions. Manufacturer can design and engineer the right cow shed that respond to your operations practicality in terms of space, protection, health and animal welfare standards.

It can be designed to suit farmers’ requirements for any size, height, materials, finishing, colors, flooring, insulation, light, ventilation and equipment.


Q7: What Steel Structure Cow Shed Price Comprises?

Steel structure cow shed includes complete components and necessary materials as follow:

  • Steel structure primary and secondary framing components are pre-engineered, pre-cut, punched, welded and galvanized.
  • Colorbond or Zincalume roof, wall sheeting and trims.
  • Purlins, girts, brackets, screws, bolts, rivets, etc…
  • Accessories and equipment.

The steel structure cow shed price includes also consultation, design engineering, manufacturing, erecting manuals, warranty and continuous customer support.

Q8: What Are The Sizes Of Cow Shed?

Cow shed can be designed to any dimensions according to customer land size and carrying capacity.


Q9: How Much Space Does A Cow Need In A shed?

20 to 30 sq ft space is required for a cow that weighs 1,000 to 1,300 lb and has access to a lot adjacent to the cow shed.

A space of 35 to 50 sq ft space is recommended for a cow that doesn’t have access to a lot.


Q10: Does Manufacturer Provide Cow Shed Customization?

Cow shed can be custom-made to house cow according to farmers’ functional requirements while it serves effectively their objective and suits their fixed budget. Manufacturer can customize cow shed design from scratch and incorporate a tailor-made solution to maximize environment comfort, protection and productivity.

Cow shed can be customized to protect your assets from tough weather conditions using Hot dip galvanized, high tensile structural steel that prevents corrosion.

Sheeting profiles

A wide range of durable sheeting and cladding are available to protect cow shed roofs and best fit your steel building functionality and aesthetics. Farmers can choose from many options including:


Corrugated Roof and Wall Cladding

They are lightweight, durable and weather-resistant roofing and walling profiles; it comes in a variety of high strength steel such as steel Zincalaume and Colorbond, different thicknesses, finishes and colors are available, with or without insulation. It can sustain high wind, and impact up-lift load and can suit any architectural style or application.


Monocled Roof and Wall Cladding

This is an economic and practical hi-tensile coated zinc-aluminum alloy or aluminum-zinc-magnesium, it has high water carrying capacity. It’s available in a wide range of attractive finishes and colors.



A variety of cost-effective insulation materials can be used in cowsheds to maintain a proper indoor microclimate, sanitary conditions and ensure the optimum temperature for dairy cattle (8°C to 15°C), livestock and storage.

Polyurethane foam is mostly used for insulating cow farms, it has many advantages, such as light-weight and fast erection. It offers appropriate indoor temperature regardless of the outside climate, while it protects the cow shed environment from humidity and moisture.

Polyurethane foam thermal conductivity is 0.020 – 0.023 W/(m2K), it can be increased by spraying a 3–7 cm foam layer.


Customers have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of impressive paint colors to add an ultra-professional and aesthetic look to the cow shed.


Entryway, doors and windows

Additional features such as entryways, doors and windows can be provided.

Manufacturers can supply a range of important cow comfort aspects such as lighting, ventilation, flooring, and equipment:



Lighting duration and intensity have a great effect on cows’ performance, health, life span and welfare. Studies showed that:

Cows prefer light to darkness.

During the first period of lactationDairy cattle/cows that receive 16-18 hours photoperiod with a level of 150 – 200 lx., can produce 5 to 16% milk higher quantities than others kept under natural light only.  

Installing controlled sensors and low-level red lighting at night can promote herd fertility, hormone production and increase calf growth rates.

Light has an influence on cows’ physiological state, morphology and behavior. Thus, light is an essential component of the micro-climate of cow shed and working environment quality.

Cow shed manufacturer can provide fully tailored and energy-efficient lighting, in different colors and specifications including:

LED light.

Metal halide (MH).

High-pressure sodium (HPS) lights.

Skylight system.

Ventilation, heat and natural air supply

The stack effect and the movement of air into and out of the cow shed is hugely reliant on the structure design, a well-designed cow shed offers more natural ventilation where possible, from cow shed orientation, sidewall opening, roof, ridge opening, eave opening.

An airy cow shed removes moisture-laden air, bacteria, and pathogens, and replaces it with clean fresh air.  To maximize milk production dairy cow should be kept at a temperature around 5C, comfortable and hydrated cow, lays down more, and produce large milk quantities.

To ensure a fresh air velocity, air exchange, ventilation is essential to cow health and comfort. A variety of ventilation systems are available to provide an adequate ventilation rate and speed as per cow needs such as:

Tunnel ventilation is cost-efficient, it suits all cow shed layouts with a large number of cows. Other ventilation can be opted such as cross-flow ventilation, cyclone fans, panel fan, basket fan, fiberglass fans, large ultra-air fans and ceiling fans.


Flooring systems

Cow shed flooring system plays an important role in protecting cows from lameness, slip and injuries which cause cow estrus, lactation and body weight loss. A cow-friendly floor is the right solution to provide a dry area, comfortable footing, minimize fatigue, and reduce foot and leg lesions.

Cow shed flooring surface should have the original natural hooves characteristics to provide the comfort of grass. Many long-lasting robust and non-slip structures can be used including:

Rubber flooring, rubber belting, rolled rubber alley mat and cow stall mats.


Grooved concrete floor for a less slippery surface.

Anti-Slip Aggregates.

Epoxy flooring system.


Creep gates

A wide range of creep gates is available in different designs and finishes including hot-dip galvanized steel and adjustable pipes. It’s available in a standard size of (1.5m or 2m lengths) and can be customized as per customer requirement.

Cocoon hybrid stall

Cocoon hybrid stall ensures proper cow positioning stability, comfort and control while it reduces stress and load on front mountings. Many types of cocoon units are available in polyethylene tube, and can be custom-made to suit customer specifications.

  • Feeding and locking barriers
  • Lying pen frame
  • Gates and accessories
  • Bedding materials


Q11: Does Cow Shed Design Include A ‘gable end’?

Yes, absolutely. Cow shed structure is designed with a gable end to facilitate water drainage and easy snow removable.


Q12: Does Manufacturer Supply Cow Shed Furnishing And Equipment?

Manufacturers can supply all necessary cow shed and dairy housing equipment for calf and cow including:

  • Feeding equipment.
  • Ventilation systems.
  • Lighting materials.
  • Gates and barriers.
  • Bedding systems.
  • Flooring systems.

A wide range of durable equipment and accessories are available to suit all cattle housing systems demand and offer optimum comfort for cow.

Q13: Does Manufacturer Consider Environmental Requirements And Hygiene Measures In Cow Shed?

Manufacturer complies with international hygiene standards and legislation requirements, cow shed is designed to ensure satisfactory hygiene conditions and minimize contamination risk from dust, flies, or other animals.

  • Because structural steel cow shed is made from steel, it does not attract termites, mold, etc… in addition to that adequate measures can be taken to control rodents, insects such as chain link fencing, galvanized steel wires or mesh.
  • Roof and ceiling are designed to minimize the entry of dust and are easy to clean is made from proof sheet material.
  • Easy to clean walls made from sealed PVC cladding, smooth concrete panels.
  • Cow lying areas are designed with sufficient size and made of easy to clean and dry materials.
  • Passageways and access routes are designed to ease feeding, milking, veterinary, cleaning and other services.
  • Energy-efficient ventilation can be provided to ensure clean air and avoid condensation.
  • Dustproof/Waterproof LED light fitting with diffuser are essential to provide good visibility.


Q14: Does Manufacturer Consider Animal Health And Well-being In Cow Shed?

Yes, absolutely.

Cow shed is designed, manufactured and equipped according to the Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) Premise Standards which state that cattle and calves must be allowed to behave and perform naturally in a healthy environment.

Thus, cow shed steel structure design, materials, equipment and accessories are developed to ensure a higher level of welfare.

Q15: Does Manufacturer Offer Environmental Control Systems for Cow Shed Livestock?

Manufacturers can provide comprehensive cost-effective environmental control solutions to provide high-performance productivity and operational efficiency taking into consideration the following critical factors:

Cow shed macro-environment: typography, climates wind direction, humidity, temperature, natural light and air supply.

Cow shed micro-environment: structural steel design, engineering, space capacity, thermal insulation and ventilation.


Q16: What Are The Standards Governing Cow Shed Design and Manufacturing?

Cow shed should comply with the following international standards:

Cow housing requirements and welfare approved (AWA) standards.

Cow shed steel structure design, engineering, manufacturing and material standards adhere to the following internationally recognized regulations:

  • BS
  • DIN
  • JIS


Q17: Does Cow Shed Manufacturer Comply To International Building Code?

Cow shed design, structural steel materials and methods used comply strictly with the International Building Code (IBC) rules & regulations in terms of:

  • Building setback requirements including general building design, load, steel grades, roof plan, elevation plan, floor plan, space, fire resistance and mechanical code.
  • Health and sanitation standards.
  • Animal and public welfare and safety rules.

Q18: Is Building Permit Required To Install A Cow Shed?

Yes, a cow shed is an agricultural building that necessitates a building permit. Please, enquire from your local council about the complete procedure to follow and requirements. Once a permit is issued, we will design and manufacture the cowshed to exact specifications.


Q19: What Are The Specifications Of Cow Shed Foundation?

Steel structure cow shed foundation is built using concrete lower columns instead of wood, this method offers the overall structure with more durability, high bond stress, ability to support stress, ease of construction and lower cost.

Steel structure cow shed can be installed using in-slab high-tensile strength steel brackets to secure columns to the concrete and reduces sway or movement compared to the on-slab brackets.


Q20: Why The Floor Of Cow Shed Is Made Sloping?

It is essential to make the cow shed sloping to ease cleaning and provide a positive water run-off across the floor to a drainage channel.

Q21: Why To Build A Comfortable Cow Shed?

Cow comfort is relied on to physical well-being and productivity; studies showed that cow is lying more times in comfortable flooring, this improves its blood diffusion and udder function and increases milk production significantly.

Moreover, a poor environment can reduce cow lying time which can result in a severe effect on cow welfare. Sleep deprivation also, is critical to dairy cow immune function and can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Q22: How Long Steel Structure Cow Shed Is Expected To Last?

Steel structure cow shed comes with 1 years warranty, however, because cow shed is made from high-strength steel it can offer more durability and resistance, thus, you can expect your building to last much longer for up to 50 years.


Q23: How Does Manufacturer Protect Cow Shed From Corrosion?

Superior anti-corrosion systems are applied to cow shed steel structures to provide maximum protection from rust, rain, ultraviolet rays, pollution. The following protection systems ensure long term durability:

  • Thermal spraying.
  • Sherardizing and electroplating.
  • Primers
  • Paint coating.
  • Surface treatment.

Q24: Does Manufacturer Provide Wind Resistant Cow Shed?

The cow shed is designed and engineered according to your site’s wind rating to withstand the maximum wind loads. Steel structure offers the highest strength to weight ratio which ensures the best wind loads resistance.


Q25: Does Manufacturer Provide Waterproof Cow Shed?

Yes, absolutely.

Cow sheds are designed and engineered to prevent weather-related leaks, high-quality waterproofing sheets, materials and anti-leak systems are used to increase the overall cow shed steel structure, roof and walls water resistance. The following materials are mostly used for waterproofing:

  • PVC roof panels.
  • Integrated waterproof and thermal insulation systems.
  • SBS waterproof coil.
  • Silicone rubber.
  • Polyurethane waterproof coating.
  • JS waterproof coating.
  • Butyl rubber waterproof adhesive tape.


Q26: Does Cow Shed Fulfill Building Safety Requirements?

The cow shed is designed, engineered and tested to fulfill all safety requirements including:

  • Resistance under gravity loads caused by cyclones, earthquakes, winds and thunderstorms.
  • Extreme weather conditions.
  • Maximum wind speed and snow load.
  • Fire resistance when exposed to prolonged and elevated temperatures.

Q27: Are Cow Shed Environmentally Friendly?

The cowshed is made from steel which can be 100% recycled or reused, in addition that, resource-efficient materials, equipment and methods are used to ensure a healthy environment for cow and protect the environment from natural resources waste, pollution and bad manufacturing practices which affect climate soil air and water.


Q28: Does Manufacturer Provide Energy Efficient Cow Shed?

Cows shed design incorporate skylight to offer more natural light and energy-efficient materials to lower energy consumption and cost such as:

  • LED Light.
  • Ventilation systems.
  • High R-Value insulation materials.
  • Solar PV systems for dairy farms.
  • Clear corrugated polycarbonate panels can be used to cover the roof.


Q29: What Are The Benefits Of Importing Cow Shed From China?

Purchasing a cow shed from China is a resilient investment; it’s proved in multi-country to be very beneficial for cattle health, welfare, performance and production while it facilitates achieving set objectives and generating targeted profit.

China manufacturers can design, engineer, manufacture and equip a complete sophisticated cow shed at an economic cost. New innovations are applied from the bottom-up, based on scientific research and development on cow behavior and production.

Most China cow shed manufacturers are export-oriented they have the right resources, capabilities and are based around the coast to facilitate factory to port transportation.

Q30: What Is The Average Cost Of Cow Shed In China?

A standard cow shed structure costs 10 $ – 100 $ per square foot.

Custom-made cow shed cost is largely dependant on the customization level required and project size.

Contact us now for a free consultation or quote:


Q31: How Long Does It Takes To Deliver A Cow Shed From China?

Cow shed design, engineering and manufacturing from China takes approximately 2 – 5 Weeks from the date of sending a confirmed order.

Delivery time depends on many variables such as cow shed project size, customization, equipment needed, etc…


Q32: How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Cow Shed From China?

Currently, the average shipping cost for transporting a 20’’ container by sea range between     1000 $ –10000 $, the cost may vary depending on the destination.

Various shipping methods are available including sea and air Freight.

Q33: Why Choose Sunnyda Cow Shed?

With more than 20 years of combined expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing and developing cost-effective, high strength, innovative and easy-to-build cow shed systems that can be delivered Worldwide.

Sunnyda offers a one-stop full solution for cow housing and equipment that ensure quality, a healthy environment, protection and comfort. Sunnyda can design and custom-made modern and easy-to-operate cow shed to best suit your business objectives. In addition, to providing the most exceptional pre-sales and after-sales customer service to ensure customer satisfaction from the moment we receive an inquiry, right up until you start successfully your operations.

Whatever is your cow shed design requirements, materials, equipment, size, climate; whatever is your farm’s feeding, ventilation, lighting, flooring systems needed. We can do it all on time and on budget.

We operate from our own production facilities, we roll fromm our own steel, materials and equipment. Our vertical integration and supply chain network allows us to control quality, time, reduce costs and delivers the best cow shed.  We are certified by the following international standardization bodies:

Let’s discuss your cow shed needs, many offers and custom options are available with us, contact us for a free quotation:


Q34: What Does The Cow Shed Warranty Covers And For How Long?

Most manufacturers offer in-house warranties that cover the following:

  • Steel Structures: 1
  • Roof collapse Warranty: 1
  • Sheeting & Trim: 1
  • Panel Siding: 1
  • Anti-corrosion warranty: 1
  • Snow warranty: 1 Year, with no weight limit.
  • Wind warranty: 1 Year, with no velocity limit.
  • Paint warranty :1 year.
  • Functional Warranty: 1 year, it includes doors and windows.

Q35: I have An Enquiry About Cow Shed?

Request a quote for the best cow shed investment you’ll make, contact us now

We look forward to the opportunity to be your farm builder.

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