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Sunnyda deluxe porta potty is ideal for a wide range of events and applications. The unit comes with comforting amenities, making an economical choice for any special events. These deluxe porta potties can be custom-designed to meet budget and specifications and to create better restroom experience. Get a qoute now!

Deluxe porta potty BodyFiberglass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
SizeLength from 2520 to 5800 mm
Drawbar size1200mm
AlexSingle or double
Fresh tank200-500L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank520-1700 L
WeightWeight: 800-1900 kg, when water and waste tank is empty.
ConditionFull mounted in the factory
LoadingLoading: Can mix load with other models, or 3 SUT01 minis in a 40HQ

Or use 40ft open top container

Delivery time40 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business



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Sunnyda Deluxe Porta Potty

Sunnyda deluxe porta potty is a convenient and cost-effective portable restroom facility solution. Any event or special occasions, big or small, Sunnyda has a perfect plan for you.

Sunnyda deluxe porta potty is completely manufactured in its own workshop. The container comes with fixtures such as Air conditioner, fresh water tank, instant water heater, solar panel system, hand basin, and water-saving toilet.

Other minor items can be built including paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, mirrors, trash can, and hand driers. You can add items or delete them if you don’t want them. The choice is yours.

Each toilet is manufactured to CE compliance with high-quality equipment and material. All materials are selected based on the required standards. Thus, the electrical system is installed according to country standards. Plus the colors available are varied by region and location.

Sunnyda deluxe porta potty can be shipped to Europe, Australia, and United States countries and other several countries. We are trusted by more than 1000 clients and most of them are our regular customers.

Deluxe porta potty serves different industries such as weddings, special events, construction, municipalities, disaster relief sites, concerts, camping sites, golf courses, parking lots, and other upscale events.

All unit features, sizes, and designs can be customized based on the customer’s ideas. We can design your deluxe porta potty to match your preferences. Just simply get in touch with us and speak your opinions, we will handle everything.

For your better restroom experience and your guest, improve styling, space, and comfort with Sunnyda restroom solutions.

With over 20 years in history, Sunnyda has a successful story in the industry. Our products win a good reputation in the market.

Get perfectly functional and sanitary solutions with Sunnyda deluxe porta potty.

Aside from deluxe porta potty, we offer portable sanitation solutions including luxury porta-potty, luxury mobile bathroom, luxury portable restroom trailers, luxury portable restrooms, fancy porta-potty, and so on.

Sunnyda is your premier manufacturer of deluxe porta potty in China. We will provide the best portable restroom solution for you.

Big or small projects, we can do it all. Get in touch with us and one of our customer’s service representatives will get back to you.


Deluxe Porta Potty-An Ultimate Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

Do you want to find a portable toilet even when you are at a concert or an outdoor event? A Deluxe Porta Potty is the best option to choose.

It is a mobile room that provides you with the facility of a toilet. Whether you are at an outdoor wedding, birthday party, corporate event, or concert, you can easily use it.

Deluxe Porta Potty is easy to clean and easy to install, but make sure to seek the help of professionals in this matter.

In this guide, we will present the components and features of the Deluxe Porta Potty. Moreover, we will also provide a cleaning and unclogging any many more important things. Let’s begin.


1.What is Deluxe Porta Potty?
2.What are the Components of the Deluxe Porta Potty?
3.What are the Specifications of the Deluxe Porta Potty?
4.Where can you use the Deluxe Porta Potty?
5.What Factors to Consider when Buying a Deluxe Porta Potty?
6.What Things to Expect from the Best Manufacturer of the Deluxe Porta Potty?
7.What is the Purpose of Using Dye in your Deluxe Porta Potty?
8.What are the Water Requirements of your Deluxe Porta Potty?
9.How Biocides Affect your Deluxe Porta Potty?
10.What are the Power Sources in the Deluxe Porta Potty?
11.How are Surfactants Good to be used in the Deluxe Porta Potty?
12.How to Choose the Most Suitable Location for your Deluxe Porta Potty?
13.What are the Ground Conditions for Placing your Deluxe Porta Potty?
14.How Often Should you Clean your Deluxe Porta Potty?
15.What are the Essentials Needed for Cleaning of the Deluxe Porta Potty?
16.What is the Cleaning Process of the Deluxe Porta Potty?
17.How to Ensure Child Safety in the Deluxe Porta Potty?
18.How to Remove Bad Odor from your Deluxe Porta Potty?
19.How to Fix the Clogged Drain in your Deluxe Porta Potty?


1. What is Deluxe Porta Potty?

A Deluxe Porta Potty is a portable room that provides the user with a luxurious toilet experience. With vanity mirrors and bright lighting throughout the area, the user feels comfortable using it.

Moreover, it has an excellent ventilation system to maintain a good environment. You also get solutions to winter and summer problems.

The Deluxe Porta Potty comes in a variety of sizes with different capacities, and you can get anyone depending on your requirements, including the number of attendees and the type of event being organized.

It also uses a power backup such as the generator that will let the people use the Deluxe Porta Potty in case the electricity goes off.

Using good quality chemicals to reduce bacterial growth, cleaning, and sanitation is always recommended. Also, you can use fragrances and deodorizers to get rid of bad odor from your Deluxe Porta Potty for the comfort and convenience of the users.


2. What are the Components of the Deluxe Porta Potty?

Some main components of the Deluxe Porta Potty include the following.

  • Mirrors
  • Lights
  • Freshwater tank
  • Waste tank
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Dustbin
  • Handwashing sinks
  • Toilet seat
  • Paper roll holders
  • Doors
  • Urinals


3. What are the Specifications of the Deluxe Porta Potty?

The Deluxe Porta Potty comes with various features and components mentioned below.

  • It has an anti-slip floor for the safety of the users.
  • There is a continuous and generous freshwater supply.
  • Deluxe Porta Potty comes with a large waste storage tank.
  • This unit has efficient heating and cooling system.
  • There are bright lights for the user’s convenience.
  • It comprises hooks and shelves for storage and organizing purposes.
  • The Deluxe Porta Potty has mirrors and vanities for the comfort of the user.


4. Where can you use the Deluxe Porta Potty?

You can use the Deluxe Porta Potty at various places, including

  • Weddings
  • Festivals
  • Birthday events
  • Constructional sites
  • Industrial areas
  • Music concerts


5. What Factors to Consider when Buying a Deluxe Porta Potty?

When selecting a Deluxe Porta Potty for yourself, there are many factors to consider. For your assistance, these are some of the most important considerations.


Number of Guests

As a matter of first importance, you need to make a last checklist of individuals who will go to the occasion, in order to decide the number of visitors you’ll going to look forward to.

You can easily divide them gender-wise in order to check out the quantity of the Deluxe Porta Potty that you might require for your occasion.

For example, assuming you’re configuring that more women than men are going to attend the occasion, so you’ll need more Deluxe Porta Potty intended to be used by the ladies.

It is very necessary to have a rough picture of the expected male and female proportion when confirming the quantity of Deluxe Porta Potty for your event.



Apart from the number of units, the location of the Deluxe Porta Potty is also a crucial consideration to remember when hiring the units.

If you recruit a lot of units but don’t have enough room to put them all, it’ll all be causing you trouble. Before you hire these units, take a site tour to determine the right location for the Deluxe Porta Potty.

To avoid sinking or other base problems, make sure the location you’ve selected has a solid foundation.

Make sure the vehicles that will transport the units into the venue will reach out there easily as well. For the sake of your visitors’ convenience, choose a location that is not too far from your place of the event.


Type of Event

The kind of Deluxe Porta Potty you need to rent is also determined by the kind of function you’re having.

For example, if you only need to provide people with simple bathroom facilities, a normal toilet block would suffice.

For special events such as weddings, you may want to make the bathrooms more convenient to use and include additional services such as hot water and separate handwashing stations.

As a result, your guests will have a good time at your event, especially when it comes to taking care of their Deluxe Porta Potty needs.

Let’s have a look at some additional factors that can help to select the best Deluxe Porta Potty. The following points can take care of you to figure out your requirements:

  • You need to consider the space it will be occupying.
  • Ensure the limit is fine for your event.
  • Check the item evaluations and item composition very carefully.
  • Ensure the weight is manageable.
  • Make sure that the construction material used is of excellent quality.
  • Always consider buying such a Deluxe Porta Potty that is easy to clean and requires less maintenance.
  • Does your Deluxe Porta Potty have the advantage of deodorizer or the cleaning specialist to get rid of the bad smell in it?
  • Check if the unit you are buying is suitable for your event.
  • Check out if there is any protection cover accessible for this device.

Presently you can relate the above factors with your financial plan and go through the device.

As there is a number of options present to take your decisions and a number of budget options are present, if any of the Deluxe Porta Potty fulfills your need, does truly spending the money matters.


6. What Things to Expect from the Best Manufacturer of the Deluxe Porta Potty?

You should first think about the solutions available from the manufacturer you’re considering.

The formality of your case will help you decide which type of Deluxe Porta Potty you require, so make sure that you do proper research on it.

Consider if separate hand washing units and hygiene aids are available, as well as the requirements for ensuring that Deluxe Porta Potty has the required electricity and lighting.

Don’t hesitate to inquire about how the restrooms are serviced at long events, events in hot weather, and events with a huge number of attendees.


Delivery and Setup Should Be Carried Out Timely

The open-air occasion or gathering you are arranging is probably going to require a lot of setups, but it’s necessary to consult your selected manufacturer.

Since the selection of Deluxe Porta Potty manufacturers is such a big deal, you can make sure you are buying from a famous and reputable company that understands the value of practicality, both while setting up and taking down.

They should likewise have the option to rapidly tackle regular issues like how to set up on to some degree lopsided ground and to convey to regions that are somewhat restricted.


Cleanliness During the Event

The kind of cleaning services given during your event is the next thing to think about.

Restocking toilet paper and paper towels, washing the Deluxe Porta Potty, and odor control are all part of this.

You can have someone nearby at all times if you rent a Deluxe Porta Potty; you must decide if the pace of cleaning and restocking suits your desires and standards.


Customer Service Response Time

If problems happen during the case, you’ll need to know how long it takes for customer support to react.

Since the event can take place on weekends, in the evening, or a remote location, it’s critical that you know what to expect if a problem occurs.

Inquire whether they have a phone number that can connect you to customer support during the case, as well as before and after.


7. What is the Purpose of Using Dye in your Deluxe Porta Potty?

The dye’s dark blue color helps to hide the waste, so it isn’t visible until flushed. It also has a significant maintenance feature.

When there is the perfect time to empty the tank, the blue dye changes color. The color would change from blue to orange, indicating that the maximum amount of urine and feces has been deposited.

This is why it’s important to guarantee that your Deluxe Porta Potty service company does routine maintenance inspections to ensure that the toilets are washed and flushed before the dye turns orange.

If the dye turns this color, it means the chemicals’ deodorizing powers have failed, and you’ll be subjected to some pretty foul odors!


8. What are the Water Requirements of your Deluxe Porta Potty?

The water in your Deluxe Porta Potty must be

  • Clean
  • Declared healthy by Standard rules and regulations
  • Sufficient
  • Impure of purities and chemicals


9. How Biocides Affect your Deluxe Porta Potty?

Our waste contains a significant amount of bacteria.

Biocides are important because they keep the bacteria present in human waste from growing.

Biocides stop bacteria from growing, allowing multiple people to do their work in a sterile, odor-free climate.

These biocides, unlike formaldehyde, are entirely healthy for humans.


10. What are the Power Sources in the Deluxe Porta Potty?

The two power sources for the Deluxe Porta Potty include

  1. Continuous and direct electricity
  2. Generator in case there is no electricity


11. How are Surfactants Good to be used in the Deluxe Porta Potty?

Surfactants, also known as detergents, aid in the reduction of surface stress between human waste and chemical liquids.

This improves the potency of biocides and fragrances by allowing them to get to work quicker.

So, overall, surfactants simplify the action of different chemicals used in the Deluxe Porta Potty for easier and faster cleaning purposes.


12. How to Choose the Most Suitable Location for your Deluxe Porta Potty?

While choosing a suitable location for your Deluxe Porta Potty, keep in mind the following factors.

  • The unit must be placed in reach of a trailer that can easily transport it.
  • It is good to place it against a building or wall; this way, you can easily place many units.
  • Make sure the location is in reach of the users, preferably the main location.
  • Ensure that the other guests are not disturbed by the Deluxe Porta Potty placement.
  • To protect it from harmful weather, place it under a cover or shelter.
  • Always make sure that the unit is not covering the pathways of the site.
  • Prefer installing it near the entry or exit points.
  • Keep the unit away from a curved or paved surface; to protect from tipping over problems.
  • Make sure that it is installed on a smooth surface where the users don’t have to face mud and puddle problems.
  • Finally, the user and the service provider must collectively coordinate and discuss several factors that will help in placing the Deluxe Porta Potty at the most suitable location.


13. What are the Ground Conditions for Placing your Deluxe Porta Potty?

The ground conditions for placing the Deluxe Porta Potty must include the following.

  • It must be neat, clean, and free of debris and dirt.
  • There should be no obstacles present on the surface.
  • It must be leveled; this will ensure the normal functioning of the Deluxe Porta Potty.
  • No extra wires, ropes, or cords shall interfere with the path of the unit.
  • The surface must be precisely cleaned and sanitized by professionals.


14. How Often should you Clean your Deluxe Porta Potty?

The level of cleaning is largely dependent on how often your Deluxe Porta Potty is used. At the very least, you can look for a weekly service.

You’ll be able to see whether you need to do this again pretty easily.

Once in a week is probably enough for the Deluxe Porta Potty to be cleaned that are fitted at building sites.

Big events, particularly those involving alcohol, can necessitate services for up to a week.


15. What are the Essentials Needed for Cleaning of the Deluxe Porta Potty?

Some essential products and supplies that you require for cleaning your Deluxe Porta Potty include the following.

  • High-pressure hot wash
  • Waste suction from high power vacuum machine
  • Toilet Deodorizers
  • Foul Odor removing spray
  • Replacement of old toilet paper
  • Replacement consumables such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer
  • Toilet chemical replacement fluid
  • Potent anti-bacterial spray
  • Foul Odor removing fluid


16. What is the Cleaning Process of the Deluxe Porta Potty?

The cleaning process of the Deluxe Porta Potty consists of four steps explained below.


1. Pump

Flush the waste from the tank of Deluxe Porta Potty with your vacuum pump. Make sure the hose is positioned to the bottom and slightly to one side to avoid particles from being swallowed up.

Check to see if any residue from inside the tank has to be removed until the waste has been reduced to a low degree. The waste must then be transported to a licensed wastewater cleaning facility.

The waste will be handled in a clean and sanitary manner here.


2. Clean

The majority of Deluxe Porta Potty on the market today are made of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene).

Gratefully, this makes the cleaning process very easy. It’s important to keep the Deluxe Porta Potty clean on the inside, which must be completed to prevent mold growth as well as bacteria or germs.

Your high-pressure washer can come in handy in this situation. Using the anti-bacterial cleaner, spray the interior of the Deluxe Porta Potty and give it a good rinse.

It’s also a good idea to search for any missing pieces that need to be replaced at this point.

Door handles and hand sanitizers are common places to search. This is more popular at festivals, where the marginally higher temperatures allow for it.


3. Sanitize

Once the Deluxe Porta Potty is sanitized and safe, the next step is to ensure that all odors and bacteria are eliminated. The deodorizer and odor-removal spray are needed all the time.

Then, refill the holding tank with water mixed with a fresh chemical deodorizer solution after washing (also called blue products).

After that, squirt the odor removing spray onto the bathroom. You may get the deodorizer in a liquid or packet shape.

While packets are more convenient to use (drop and go) and monitor the amount, the liquid is normally more condensed.

While none of this will keep the toilet clean indefinitely, it will make it a lot more inviting to the next people. Remember to have the Deluxe Porta Potty with you.


4. Restock

The next step is to ensure that all of the required supply consumables are well stocked and ready to use.

We’re talking about toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer or soap, and even air freshener if it is used.

If a bin is provided inside the unit, make sure to empty it when you feel it is necessary. If the Deluxe Porta Potty is being used during a large case, make sure there are more toilet paper rolls available so that they are replaced more often.


17. How to Ensure Child Safety in the Deluxe Porta Potty?

Follow these steps and ways to enhance the safety of your child in the Deluxe Porta Potty,


Practicing Proper Hygiene:

Germs abound in every bathroom due to the prevalence of human waste. However, because of the minimal washing services provided in Deluxe Porta Potty, germs are more likely to hang on.

When using a Deluxe Porta Potty for a kid, keep a check on their activities and try to minimize any extra actions, and you try to take extra precautions with them.

Cover the toilet seat with a liner or, if liners aren’t available, toilet paper. Since using the Deluxe Porta Potty, make sure your child washes and dries their hands in the sink.

Of course, hand sanitizer would be needed if the sink was inaccessible or malfunctioning. And if there is a working drain, it isn’t a bad idea to use some sanitizer right away.


Being Healthy Inside:

Even for slightly older children who usually take care of themselves in the shower, it is always a good thing to keep an eye on them while they’re using a Deluxe Porta Potty.

When wet, the insides of the unit can be slick, and the seat is more difficult to navigate than a regular toilet.

By going with your child when they use a Deluxe Porta Potty, you will prevent any mishaps of spills or difficulties working the lock or drain.


Keeping Your Child Healthy Near Deluxe Porta Potty:

It is never a safe thing to let your child play near a Deluxe Porta Potty in general.

One explanation is that if the organization maintaining these units hasn’t washed them, it’s possible that making little children play on the field nearby would expose them to germs.

Children may also cause injuries when messing around with the Deluxe Porta Potty, such as being too very close to the doors from where people enter or exit the area.


18. How to Remove Bad Odor from your Deluxe Porta Potty?

Biocides and dyes can disguise an irritating odor, but they don’t have an especially good scent.

That’s why we use fragrances in our Deluxe Porta Potty to improve the customer experience while also hiding any lingering odors from the biocides.

We understand that Deluxe Porta Potty has a reputation for being a little smelly, but with the right scent, you can have a friendly atmosphere for the customer, close to what they might have at home.


19. How to Fix the Clogged Drain in your Deluxe Porta Potty?

You can easily unclog your Deluxe Porta Potty with the help of a plunger.

If you’re certain, no one has flushed any things down the Deluxe Porta Potty, consider using a plunger instead.

Where there is waste, you may want to wait for the water or sewage levels to lower themselves to reduce the unsanitary splashing.

If the blockage is close to the fixture, the toilet plunger is very powerful. Water is often needed for the plunger to function properly.

If the drain line is almost full or full of waste and urine, flush the toilet and start plunging as soon as the water begins to run down the drain.

Always keep in mind that if the drain is not completely completed, you will have a sluggish drain rather than a blocked one. When using the plunger, make sure that all sink traps, vents, and overflow openings above the drain are closed.

If you’re dealing with a clogged Deluxe Porta Potty, you may not need to do this, but it’s important to consider for clogged tubs or sinks.

It’s possible that you’ll have to use the plunger a few times before the toilet is unclogged. You should also avoid flushing the Deluxe Porta Potty if the water and waste levels in the bowl are already high.

There will be a bathroom leakage as a result of this. Concerning your hygiene, if you have come into contact with toilet water, wash your skin right away.

The same can be said for clothing.

When you cross your eyes, lips, or even wounds with dirty hands, you run the risk of contracting an infection.


20. Conclusion

Hopefully, you have proper knowledge about Deluxe Porta Potty because if you want to invest in something good, you need to have proper knowledge about it.

Maintenance is essential to make your unit durable and a reliable option for your usage. So, make sure that you properly maintain and service your Deluxe Porta Potty so that you don’t have to get repairs done later.


FAQs of Deluxe Porta Potty

  1. How Does the Deluxe Porta Potty Work?

The user releases waste matter into the tank of the Deluxe Porta Potty, where after the addition of certain chemicals, this waste is broken down. Then. It is transferred to a proper waste disposal site for final treatment.


  1. How to Get Extra Water for your Deluxe Porta Potty?

You can get extra water for your Deluxe Porta Potty by ordering a water tank.


  1. What is the Main Construction Material of the Deluxe Porta Potty?

Mainly, the Deluxe Porta Potty is made up of plastic. Moreover, aluminum and high-density polyethylene are also used at some parts for better strength.


  1. What is the Purpose of Installing a Translucent Roof over your Deluxe Porta Potty?

The translucent roof allows natural light to enter the Deluxe Porta Potty making the environment fresh and pleasant.


  1. After How Many Number of Uses is Advised to Clean the Deluxe Porta Potty Properly?

On average, it is advised to clean the Deluxe Porta Potty after every 100 users have used the unit.


  1. How Does the Anti-Freeze Work in the Deluxe Porta Potty?

The anti-freeze is combined with some deodorizing fluid and added to the tank. There it keeps the content of the tank in fluid form rather than letting the freeze during the cold weather.


  1. How to Ensure the Protection of the Users in the Deluxe Porta Potty?

You can ensure the safety and protection of the users in the Deluxe Porta Potty by adding stable footing and non-slip rubber flooring.


  1. How to Protect Freezing of the Deluxe Porta Potty during Winters?

You can protect your Deluxe Porta Potty from freezing during cold weather by using ant-freeze solutions.


  1. How Do the Chemicals Circulate in the Deluxe Porta Potty?

The Deluxe Porta Potty consists of a flushing mechanism and a pressure system that helps in the transportation and traveling of the chemicals in the Deluxe Porta Potty.


  1. Why is Ventilation Important in your Deluxe Porta Potty?

Good ventilation is important in your Deluxe Porta Potty as it not only ensures the entrance of fresh air but also allows the bad odor to go out of the Deluxe Porta Potty.


  1. How to Deal with Extra Odor in the Deluxe Porta Potty during Hot Weather?

Hot weathers favor bacterial growth; therefore, we increase the chemical quantity in the Deluxe Porta Potty to efficiently fight the bad odor and cease the bacterial growth.


  1. What Chemicals are Safe to Use in your Deluxe Porta Potty?

Chemicals that are safe to be used in the Deluxe Porta Potty must not be very strong. Moreover, their use must be allowed by the sanitation and cleaning facilities.


  1. What is the Average Capacity of the Holding Tank in your Deluxe Porta Potty?

The average capacity of the holding tank in the Deluxe Porta Potty is sixty gallons.


  1. Is There Any Chance of Tipping Over of the Deluxe Porta Potty in Fast Wind?

No, the Deluxe Porta Potty will not tip over even during fast winds because it is secured with skates on every corner.


  1. How will you Finally Dispose of the Waste Collected from Deluxe Porta Potty?

The waste collected from the Deluxe Porta Potty will be finally sent to a waste treatment site for further processing.

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