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  • Could You Bring Full Set of Dental Equipment
  • With Reception Room, Exam Room and Bathroom
  • Exterior Wall Can Install Graphics with Customer’s Logo

Your Reliable Partner and Dental Trailer Manufacturer in China

Sunnyda located in shanghai is a worldwide manufacturer of dental trailer. We can offer dental clinic trailers for dentists and organizations of all types. Trailers are less cost upfront than the full drivable clinic if you already own a vehicle that is able to tow it. We know how important functionality is for the mobile dentist. Sunyda has created a variety of custom dental facilities on wheels for our customers.

Attention to detail, quality & safety are our number one concern for customers. The body material of dental trailers is hospital grade, exam room air is purified, and dental trailer brings complete set of dental equipment.

Sunnyda dental trailer wall and ceiling is smooth fiber glass board, insulated by polyurethane foam. All surfaces, edges, corners, and joints that can be exposed to any fluid will be sealed. Which is easy cleaned. Flooring is hospital grade non-slip PVC floor, and subfloor is fiber cement board 18mm. Windows size, location and quantity is open to customization, door is in curbside with aluminum foldable step.

Sunnyda is a leading manufacturer of dental trailer!

BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tankCustomized size, material 5mm PE
Waste tankCustomized size, material 8-9mm PE
WeightAccording to size, when water and waste tank is empty.
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingIn 40HQ, how many units in a 40HQ according to size
Delivery time30 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
Sunnyda Support Your Business

Sunnyda Dental Clinic Trailer

Best of all, for the privacy and comfort of your patients, Sunnyda dental trailer offers the entire build process to customize your trailer for the unique needs of your dental practice or organization. The mobile dental trailer can include a wide variety of equipment options and upgraded features such as upgraded dental chair, dental cart, X-Ray unit, scene lighting, and much more!

Sunnyda is functional and practical because we are designed by dentists for dentists. We spent years collaborating with dentists out in the field to learn what works. And what doesn’t. Sunnyda dental trailer is great service and selection. We know customers. Service department is great and goes out of the way to answer all your questions.

Dental Trailer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Whether you want to learn about design, services, benefits, features, sizing or waste management in dental trailers, you’ll find everything in this guide.

So, if you want to be an expert in dental trailer, this is the right guide for you.

Let’s dive right in:

What is Dental Trailer?

It is a mobile medical facility that offers dental care services.

Unlike other mobile clinics, dental trailer is equipped with facilities and equipment dentists use.

Its flexibility allows for its use in remote parts where accessing such services is impossible.

Mobile Dental Trailer

Figure 1 Dental trailer

Which Services can you Offer in Mobile Dental Trailer?

You can get a wide range of services from a mobile dental trailer.

Some of these services include:

  • Aesthetic Dentistry.
  • Endodontics
  • Implantology
  • Oral Surgery.
  • Orthodontics (Braces).
  • Pediatric Dentistry.
  • Periodontics
  • Prosthetics (crowns, bridges & dentures).
  • Restorative dentistry.

What are the Benefits of the Mobile Dental Clinic Trailer?

Mobile dental clinic trailers facilitate access to dental services. This means a lot of people can get treatment by visiting these clinics.

Also, people in remote areas where there is a lack of permanent dental clinic trailer centers can have access to the services thanks to mobile dental trailers.

Apart from access to dental services, other benefits that they offer include:

·  Flexibility

A permanent dental trailer is stationed at one point.

This means it can be in a place where there is no need for it.

Also, this can be a waste of its functionality.

A mobile dental clinic, however, moves from one location to where there is a need for it. This facilitates medical treatment to those who need it.

·  Costs

Easy access to medical services reduces the overall cost of dental treatment.

Such costs include the transportation cost for those seeking treatment.

The use of mobile dental clinics eliminates the need for permanent dental clinics, which reduces the overall cost.

Are Limitations of Dental Trailer?


There are a few limitations that you will experience when using a medical trailer.

First, the cost can be a limiting factor if there is no proper budgeting.

The initial purchasing cost is relatively high, which requires substantive investment.

There is also the factor of getting licenses and hiring qualified staff. You, therefore, have to prepare adequately before purchasing your dental trailer.

You need to have adequate space for setting up your dental trailers. This can be a challenge, especially in urban centers, where there is limited space.

The hiring process needs to adhere to the set guidelines by the government authorities.

Qualified staff is usually expensive and difficult to find in developing countries.

What are the Features of the Mobile Dental Custom Clinic?

mobile dental trailer for sale

Figure 2 Mobile dental clinic

There are different features in a mobile dental custom clinic, depending on its design.

These features facilitate the operation of the clinic and ensure there is efficiency.

Among the common features that you will get include:

· Security

A reliable dental trailer should be secure in terms of those visiting it and the equipment and medicine that are in it.

Security gives patients peace of mind when seeking dental services.

For your dental trailer to be secure, you have to put in place various security measures such as CCTV installation and security checks.

You may also consider having a security guard.

·  Accessibility

All those that seek dental services should be able to have access to your dental trailer.

You, therefore, have to put in place measures that guarantee easy access, such as easy to open doors.

The staircases have to put into consideration access by the physically challenged.

· Material Type

The material for your dental trailer should be eco-friendly and durable. They should offer resistance to elements such as corrosion and reactivity.

Such a material should be soundproof and have better insulation properties. This provides a conductive environment for patients.

·  Ventilation System

There is a need for proper air circulation within the dental trailer for proper treatment of patients and the storage of medicines.

You need to ensure there is enough ventilation for your dental trailer.

You can achieve this by proper and strategic window installation. If possible, you need to install an HVAC system.

Where can you get Mobile Dental Vehicle for Sale?

There are various places where you can get a mobile dental vehicle for sale.

However, you need to be careful when purchasing to minimize the chances of being conned.

The choice of where to buy your mobile dental clinic depends on your budget.

For instance, you can make your order directly from a reputable dental trailer manufacturer in China.

This is costly, but here is a guarantee of having a new dental trailer that works efficiently.

At Sunnyda, we manufacture dental trailer and deliver it to your premises as per your agreement.

The advantage of this method is fewer maintenance procedures, which reduce the overall operating cost.

You also get a warranty from your manufacturer, which you can utilize within a specified period.

The other method is buying a used mobile dental vehicle.

This can be relatively cheap when you compare to a new one.

However, in certain cases, the operating cost might outdo the purchasing cost. This is due to the routine maintenance procedure you have to perform.

Also, customizing a used one is difficult and costly.

How much does Dental Trailer Cost?

There are different prices of dental trailers in the market.

This is because various factors affect it.

For instance, the design of your dental trailer can have different amenities, which increases its functionality.

Such a dental trailer may differ with one that has basic components which bring about a difference in their cost.

A bigger trailer will cost more than a smaller trailer. This is due to the design and large volume of material that manufacturers a big one.

Your manufacturer also affects the cost of your dental trailer.

Due to the various manufacturers available, each has to come up with a price that the buyer is comfortable with.

Hence, when purchasing, manufactures will offer their best price, which differs from one to another. You can also negotiate with them to give you a price you can afford.

A dental trailer with many equipment costs more than one that has a fewer number. This is because of their costs and also the installation procedure.

Amenities also influence the price of your dental trailer.

This is because they increase the services that a patient can enjoy while waiting to get dental treatment.

A dental trailer that has amenities is likely to cost more when you compare to one that lacks these amenities.

Which Equipment are in Mobile Dental Trailer?

portable dental clinic

Figure 3 Inside mobile dental clinic

Equipment in a mobile dental trailer facilitates its function while offering efficiency during operation.

The equipment may differ depending on the functionality of a given mobile dental trailer.

However, the common equipment you will find include:

  • Dental Mirror.
  • Probes.
  • Operative burs.
  • Excavators.
  • Fine scalers.
  • Curettes.
  • Removable prosthodontics.
  • Dental forceps.
  • Broken instrument retrieval files.
  • Masserans kit.
  • Post and Core kit.
  • Endodontic explorer.
  • Apex locator.
  • Microscope.

What are the available Designs of a Mobile Dental Clinic Trailer?

There are various designs available for your mobile dental clinic trailer.

However, the design you select depends on how you want it to appear.

The main guidelines for your mobile dental trailer design should include the following:

  • The efficient working of the staff. You can achieve this by reducing the movement distance of your staff, especially between frequently used space.
  • The design should allow for staff visual supervision of the patients.
  • The design should give room for all the space needed while reducing unwanted spaces.
  • Have outpatient services on one side of your dental trailer. This will allow for setting up of a separate space for patients who require close monitoring.
  • The design should incorporate the same functional areas with the same system requirements. This reduces space requirements and also the cost.
  • The design should have an easily accessible entry point and exit points. There should also be an emergency exit point for the proper functioning of the mobile dental clinic for sale.

The painting design should have a psychologically healing effect on the patients visiting your mobile dental clinic.

Standard color paints include green, blue, yellow, cream, white, and pink. These paints have the effect of enlarging the room while giving comfort to patients.

The ventilation design for your dental trailer should allow for a smooth flow of air. Where possible, you can install an HVAC system to facilitate the ventilation process.

The floor design should be easy to navigate and secure. The floor should not slide, which can easily cause injury to patients.

There is a need to have space between the rooms for the effective movement of patients and the staff. If possible, have enough space between beds for patients needing emergency services.

Do Dental Clinic Require Special Licenses?


Dental clinics do not require a special license to own or operate.

However, you need to have all the necessary permits from relevant authorities before you start operating it.

Your staff should have the relevant qualifications before they operate your dental clinic.

How can you Start Mobile Dental Trailer for Sale Business?

Starting a mobile dental trailer for sale business is relatively easy, depending on the region of operation. However, the standard procedure involves:

Mobile dental trailer

Figure 4 Mobile dental trailer

· Importation

Before you start, you need to import your dental trailer for sale. The importation process involves identifying a potential manufacturer or seller.

After transacting with your manufacturer, you have to organize how your dental trailer will reach your location.

This involves hiring a reputable shipping agent.

The shipping agent is responsible for packaging, clearing the customs duties, and shipping your cargo on your behalf to an agreed destination.

· Necessary Certification

Once you have your dental trailer, you need to get the necessary documents from the authorities.

· Hire Qualified Employees

You need to get qualified personnel who will operate the dental trailer on your behalf.

Such personnel includes medical staff, accountants, and even security guards.

The hiring process should conform to the laid procedures within a given jurisdiction.

· Identify the Location and Setting up

You need to have a target location for your dental trailer.

Among the factors that will help you in identifying a perfect location are the medical needs of a place.

The setting up process should be in a secure environment. This helps in protecting the equipment and those who come to seek medical services.

How do Power Mobile Dental Clinic Trailer?

Mobile Intensive Care Unit

Figure 5 Mobile Trailer with generator

Sufficient and reliable power is key in ensuring a mobile dental clinic trailer functions appropriately.

The choice of which source of power to select should be easy to install and also consider the mobility aspect of your clinic.

The common sources of power include alternating current and direct current.

The use of an alternating source of power is limited to the operating environment.

This is because most of these sources are permanently fixed; hence it might not be available in certain areas.

However, if you have a stable source of alternating current, you can tap and use it for your dental trailer.

The installation process is relatively easy.

However, it is costly when you compare to having a direct current.

The source of direct current usually is from generators or batteries.

The use of generators is common due to its availability and the fewer resources it utilizes.

You only require fuel to generate electricity. Its operation is, however, noisy hence can at times, affect the patients who come to seek medical services.

You can install it either within your dental trailer or have it as a stand-alone. Solar energy is another source of power for your dental trailer clinic.

It is a reliable source, especially in tropical regions, due to the hot climate. Solar energy is renewable and relatively cheaper.

Its installation process is also more straightforward since you can either mount it on top of your dental trailer or its sides.

Whichever method you select to power your dental trailer, it should be reliable, cost-effective, and durable

What is the difference between Dental Trailer and Medical Trailer?

The main difference between a dental trailer and a medical trailer is in their functionality. A dental trailer specializes in the dental healthcare of patients.

You, therefore, find equipment that only takes care of dental health issues.

However, a medical trailer provides solutions to general health-related issues.

You, therefore, find different machines and medicines that can treat different ailments, including dental ones.

Medical trailer generally offers solutions to dental problems while dental trailers specialize only on dental related issues.

What are the Available Sizes of Mobile Dental Clinic?

There are different sizes of mobile dental clinics available for your selection, depending on your requirements.

Furthermore, you can have a customized size that fits your requirements.

Among the common sizes include 20FT, 40FT, 30FT and 45FT.

How do you Move Mobile Dental Clinic?

Relocating your mobile dental clinic is relatively easier, depending on its design. In some designs, the clinic is mounted on a trailer or truck.

This facilitates easy movement since you just drive it from one location to the other.

Other designs are in the form of a container, meaning they lack the mobility element.

For such a case, you have to hire a crane and a truck to move it, which is expensive when you compare to the other design.

How do you Manage Waste in Mobile Dental Trailer?

Waste management is critical when dealing with a mobile dental trailer. This is due to their sensitivity and the negative effect it can have on your environment.

You need to sort this waste into recyclable and non-recyclable for easy disposal. The method of disposal should be safe for both the handler and the environment.

For the recyclable waste, you need to contact a reliable company to dispose of them.

You need to take care when handling the non-recyclable waste due to their nature.

Example of such waste include;

  • Infectious waste primarily consists of bloodstains and body fluids
  • Pathological waste consists of body tissue and organ fluids
  • Sharps waste is razors, syringes, and other cutting tools for body use.
  • Chemical waste includes reagents and solvents for use in the laboratory.
  • Pharmaceutical wastes are drugs and vaccines, including used bottles and expired ones.
  • Radioactive waste contains radioactivity elements.

You can either burn or bury these wastes. If you have to burry such waste, you must dig a deep hole for that purpose.

Alternatively, you can dispose of them in a pit latrine.

Burning non-recyclable waste should be in a well-defined area by the government authorities to minimize the spread of infections.

Are there Quality Standards for Dental Trailer?


There are quality standards for dental trailers.

These standards ensure the trailer you purchase is safe for use and does not harm the environment.  They include:

In short, if you are a dentist or you plan to offer dental care services, then dental trailer is a perfect choice for you.

At Sunnyda, we offer standard and custom dental trailers that meet your specific dental care services.

For questions or inquiries, talk to our technicians now.


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