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Your World Class Manufacturer and Supplier of Dressing Trailer.

Sunnyda aims at providing the best quality outdoor Dressing Trailer setup to be used for a number of applications like weddings, movie shootings, and commercial shootings, etc. Each Dressing Trailer manufactured and supplied by Sunnyda has unique features and premium quality components for increased liability. It is portable and easy to install.

Sunnyda makes sure to run a factory test to ensure the quality and productivity of our product. We put a lot of effort into designing and assembling a Dressing Trailer as they have a well-trained team of professional experts.

With the point of view of delivering the most suitable Dressing Trailer, Sunnyda designs products in such a way that they require minimum maintenance. Also, each of the products is user-friendly and can be kept for years if taken care of. Each product is affordable thus making Sunnyda the first choice for purchasing a Dressing Trailer.

The target of Sunnyda is to satisfy each and every need of the customer. Therefore, our products can withstand harsh conditions like extremely hot and cold weather, direct sunlight, and exposure to dust and air. Sunnyda offers amazing customer service for the guidance of each customer. We also offer technical support and guarantee for each of the products.

Call us for your Dressing Trailer related queries and you would not be disappointed by the quality of our services.

Makeup Trailer BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size4600(L) x 1700(W) x 2500(H) mm
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tank450L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank1300L
Weight1460kg, when water and waste tank is empty
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingCan mix load with other model, or 2 SUT02 in a 40HQ
Delivery time40 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Ultimate Guide to Dressing Trailer

Dressing Trailer-An Ultimate FAQ Guide by Sunnyda.

A Dressing Trailer will help you if you are concerned about dressing up for a special event while you are away from home.

Equipped with the best facilities and organizational setup, it allows you to get ready in time and be at your best.

Whether it is your wedding, a commercial shoot, or a movie shoot, getting ready in time is no problem at all. Also, all your makeup and accessories can be accessed easily and are safe in the enclosed chamber.

The features, towing tips, maintenance, and uses are important factors and they’re all discussed in this guide. So let’s begin.


1.What is a Dressing Trailer?
2.What are Some Important Features of a Dressing Trailer?
3.What are the Uses of a Dressing Trailer?
4.How can you Customize your Dressing Trailer
5.What are the Appliances used in a Dressing Trailer?
6.What are the Climate Control Mechanisms for a Dressing Trailer?
7.Does a Dressing Trailer Come With a Customized Makeup Area?
8.Is there a Hair Washing Area in a Dressing Trailer?
9.What is the Storage System in a Dressing Trailer?
10.What is the Significance of Levelling and Stabilization of your Dressing Trailer?
11.How to Obtain Electricity in a Dressing Trailer?
12.What are the Additional Facilities of a Dressing Trailer?
13.How to Transport your Dressing Trailer?
14.How to Maintain the Best Tire Pressure for your Dressing Trailer?
15.How to Make your Dressing Trailer Safe?
16.How Propane Gas System is Used in your Dressing Trailer?
17.How to Keep your Dressing Trailer Organized?
18.How to Clean your Dressing Trailer?
19.What are Some Problems you can Face while Using your Dressing Trailer?
20.What are the Major Hazards Regarding your Dressing Trailer?


1.    What is a Dressing Trailer?

A Dressing Trailer is an enclosed assembly that enables you to dress up in privacy while you need to, at an outdoor location.

It provides you with privacy and comfort so that you can be ready in time and stay comfortable.

Constructed with high-quality stainless steel and aluminum materials, a Dressing Trailer has facilities like air conditioning and an electricity supply for powering your electronic devices.

There are various sizes and models available and you can choose the best one for your application. Each one has its perks.


2.    What are Some Important Features of a Dressing Trailer?

Following are some outclass features of a Dressing Trailer;

  • It has well-secured compartments.
  • Each stall has a well-lit vanity area.
  • Full-length mirrors with vanity lights.
  • LED lighting to make the stall brighter.
  • Spacious closets with good storage.
  • Sturdy Vinyl flooring and wall paneling.
  • Lockable doors with innovative technology.
  • Electricity sockets for connecting your chargers, straighteners, curlers, and other electronic equipment.
  • Well-lined tops for placing your necessary equipment.
  • Well-planned drawers and hanging rods for better organization.
  • Air Conditioning and ventilation for best temperature control.
  • Safety alarm enables you to call for help in an hour of need.


3.    What are the Uses of a Dressing Trailer?

A Dressing Trailer is used for dressing up for special occasions or commercial and film shoots.



A Dressing Trailer is a must-have if you are having a destination wedding and intimate event. It allows you to look your best on your special day. Thus saving you from the hassle of traveling in your wedding dress.


Corporate Events

Whether you are hosting an event or you have an important presentation on your list, a Dressing Trailer can be the best choice to boost up your confidence. It allows you to dress up in the way you feel the best.


TV Commercials

As TVCs are shot for a short period and it is not wise to build a set on the location. A Dressing Trailer serves the purpose as it can be installed anywhere with ease.

No matter how many outfits you need to change into, a Dressing Trailer provides all the privacy and comfort.


Film Shooting

Due to the portability and convenience to be used anywhere, a Dressing Trailer is frequently used in the showbiz industry. In this way, the actors, actresses, or celebrities are provided with the best amenities and privacy.


4.    How can you Customize your Dressing Trailer?

A Dressing Trailer can be customized in the following ways;

Size and Number

The size of each stall can be customized according to the needs and demands of the user. For example, for a single bride at a wedding, one stall would be enough. On the other hand, a movie shooting would need a number of well-equipped stalls for all the actors.


Color and Material

The color and material of the stall are changeable. The user can get it built and painted according to their choice. Some like it to be made of stainless steel however, some prefer aluminum.


Names and Titles

For on-site commercial and movie sets, it is better to customize each Dressing Trailer according to the actor/actress. Writing their name would be a great way to honor them and keep the whole system organized.



It depends on the kind of application, the use of your Dressing Trailer may vary. Therefore, keep your users in mind while getting it so that it suits you best.


5.    What are the Appliances used in a Dressing Trailer?

Following are a few appliances you can install in your Dressing Trailer;

Music Stereo

Whenever you’re getting ready, having the company of some music is great. You can set up a stereo system in your stall to enjoy your favorite kind of music while getting ready.


Install a TV Unit

A Dressing Trailer can be made much more fun by installing a TV unit so that you don’t get bored while dressing up. You can also connect your unit to the internet and enjoy the perks of the internet.



Being able to take care of your skin and appetite while you’re dressing up is a great idea. Having a kitchenette in your Dressing Trailer allows you to have a hot cup of tea or a yummy salad while you’re on the go.

It shall have appliances like a mini-fridge, an electric kettle, and a microwave oven.


Hair Appliances

A hairdryer installed inside a Dressing Trailer is much more convenient than carrying a portable hairdryer around. It not just saves up space in your luggage but also works much better than that.

Similarly, a hair straightener and curler can also be installed in the unit.


6.    What are the Climate Control Mechanisms for a Dressing Trailer?

For climate control, a Dressing Trailer has the following mechanisms;

Exhaust Fans

Each stall has a good-quality exhaust fan to remove the unpleasant air out of it. As the air becomes hotter, it rises and is eliminated through the exhaust fan.


Air Conditioning

Good quality air conditioning allows you to have an amazing Dressing Trailer experience even in the summer. It keeps the temperature bearable and nice even if it is placed in a tropical area or a desert.



This function enables heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and cooling as per the requirement. It is mostly used when there is a huge setup that needs a lot of management with temperature and air.



Each stall is equipped with a thermostat that has a definite set vale. The temperature of the stall is adjusted according to the setpoint.

Only an authorized person can have access to it and it controls the Temperature overall.


7.    Does a Dressing Trailer Come With a Customized Makeup Area?

A Dressing Trailer comes with a well-organized makeup area that has the following features;

  • Full-length vanity mirrors.
  • Vanity lights all around the mirror for better exposure.
  • Huge storage area with a number of drawers.
  • Smooth finish counters for playing all the makeup essentials.
  • Assorted boxes for the makeup brushes.
  • Separate drawers for each makeup item.


8.    Is there a Hair Washing Area in a Dressing Trailer?

There is a hair washing area in the Dressing Trailer that enables you to wash your hair at the location. Fresh and manageable hair enables you to create different hairstyles.

No matter how many hair looks you want to cover, you can easily wash your hair in the dedicated hair washing area.

This area has the following Components;

  • A sink
  • Hand shower
  • Greywater tank


9.    What is the Storage System in a Dressing Trailer?

A Dressing Trailer has an elegant storage system that keeps your belongings organized. It has been set a way that each thing can be accessed easily and there is no mess when you get ready in a hassle.

You also get a locker room where you can place the pricier things. It will not just keep your things safe but also keep you satisfied.


10.    What is the Significance of Levelling and Stabilization of your Dressing Trailer?


It is significant to properly level your Dressing trailer on the site. It is significant for the proper working of the refrigerator as well as your comfort.



Stabilization is done to avoid bouncing while you move in it. To stabilize your Dressing Trailer, stabilizer jacks are used whereas the hitch jack and running gear are used to support the full weight.


The Procedure of Levelling and Stabilization

  • Make sure the site you choose for Dressing Trailer is leveled to the maximum extent.
  • The ground should be hard enough to support the full weight with the help of a stabilizer jack.
  • Take a woodblock of length 2” x 6” and place it under the wheels before uncoupling.
  • To tow the Dressing Trailer on the block, take the same length of the blocks and place them on the surface in front of the wheels.
  • Stop the wheels from rolling by blocking them.
  • On the hitch jack post, place the footpad and detach it from the tow vehicle.
  • Now level it properly. To support it on the soft ground surface you may need a 2” x 6” woodblock to be placed under the jack post footpad.
  • To ensure that the Dressing Trailer is leveled properly, make use of the round bubble present inside it. If the level is within the bubble level, then the level is accepted.
  • From the front and rear of the Dressing Trailer, make the stabilizer jack lower.
  • Tight fit each jack to a sung. Wood blocks can help to provide support on the ground.
  • Make sure the frame is not uneven, pressed, or racked from anywhere after stabilization.
  • Check for smooth and free movement of doors.


11.    How to Obtain Electricity in a Dressing Trailer?

Electricity is a requirement as it powers many appliances and types of equipment. Following are the electricity sources for your Dressing Trailer;



Most of the time, there would be a battery on board. However, it would be only sufficient for small appliances. A battery cannot power big electrical units like an air conditioner or a heater.


Electric Supply of the Area

The electric supply of the location where your unit is installed is the best option. It needs 15-20 AMPs of 120 volts for powering the whole system.



It might come with an option of extra fuel and extra cost but it is safe to be used. It can easily power all the appliances but it comes with the hassle of carrying it around.


12.    What are the Additional Facilities of a Dressing Trailer?

The additional facilities of a Dressing Trailer are as follows;


Well Lit Wardrobe

You can create your dream wardrobe in your Dressing Trailer. What you have to do is to be a little specific and stay organized.

The lights inside the wardrobe help you perceive the colors in a better way thus helping you choose the best one for yourself.



Due to all these electrical appliances, you can make your Dressing Trailer much more fun. The air conditioning will keep you comfortable and the TV will prevent you from getting bored while you’re getting ready.


Locker Room

You can place all your pricier belongings like jewelry, wallet, watches, etc in a locker. It is enabled with a great locking system in compliance with the latest technology.


13.    How to Transport your Dressing Trailer?

A Dressing Trailer shall be transported by keeping the following points in mind;


Towing Vehicle

It is necessary to have a towing vehicle to displace it since it is heavy and cannot be carried from one place to another. Though it is portable, towing is convenient.

However, the towing vehicle shall be strong enough to tow it properly. Also, it shall be tightly tied because a loose connection can lead to damage.


Loading and Unloading

It is essential to note that it shall be handled very carefully. No matter how much hurry you are in, take due time in the process of loading and unloading.

If it is not done properly, there might be some serious injury to the workers as the weight of the unit is unbearable.


Experience Workers

Make sure you hire an expert team for this purpose. The workers shall have all the safety equipment for the job. This can save you a lot of time and also is a safe choice.


14.    How to Maintain the Best Tire Pressure for your Dressing Trailer?

Step 1:

See the manual, placard, or certification label and find the recommended tire pressure.

Step 2:

Check and note the pressure of all tires of the Dressing Trailer.

Step 3:

In case the pressure noted is higher than the recommended one, release it out till it reaches the pressure recommended. You can release extra air by pressing the tire gauge at the tire valve stem.

Step 4:

If the pressure is lower than the recommended pressure, you need to add the missing pressure in the tires.

Step 5:

Go to a service station and add the mixing air into the Dressing Trailer tires.

Step 6:

Again check all tires and check if both front tires have the same pressure and similarly rare tires have the same pressure or not.


15.    How to Make your Dressing Trailer Safe?

Following are the features that make the Dressing Trailer safe;

  • Strong tires.
  • Air condition in proper working.
  • Effective heating system.
  • Inflated tires.
  • Safe storage tanks to store propane.
  • Properly fitted electric wires.
  • Extra Dressing Trailer wheels for an emergency.
  • Speed control clutches.
  • Main and secondary brakes for safety.
  • Security chains.
  • Protective hooks and bolts.


16.    How Propane Gas System is Used in your Dressing Trailer?

In the stable storage tanks, propane is stored in liquid form, and in the gaseous form, it is provided to the equipment.

You should not place the storage tanks inside the Dressing Trailer. The storage containers release extra air into the atmosphere with the help of a device.

Propane Tank Filling

  • Before filling any new propane storage container for the first time, free it from any air and moisturize it.
  • See the instructions on the tank’s safety label before filling the tank with propane.
  • You must fill the propane container only at a fueling station.


17.    How to Keep your Dressing Trailer Organized?

You can keep your Dressing Trailer organized by opting for the following points;


Keep Everything in the Assorted Places

It is important that everything you pick from a place shall be placed back into its position. For example, if you pick up a top from one shelf, you must place it right back if you’re not wearing it.


Label Each Section

Take a little time out and label each section so that you don’t have to look around for anything you need. You will eventually get used to the assorted and labeled position and therefore reach for the product directly.


Clean After Every Use

Make sure that you clean your Dressing Trailer after every use. No matter how busy you are, quickly put everything back in place.


Routine Organization

Carry out a routine inspection after every week or two. Make it a routine and inspect each section carefully after every month. It will help you get rid of extra accumulated dirt and debris.



The lesser things you have in your Dressing Trailer, the lesser will be the clutter. Therefore, get rid of anything you think you will not be using any longer. It will help you create space for new and useful stuff.


18.    How to Clean your Dressing Trailer?

Here are a few tips for maintaining cleanliness in your Dressing Trailer;

  • Clean the floor with the help of a broom or a vacuum cleaner.
  • Wipe off all the dust from the counters using a wet cloth or a duster.
  • Clean the doors using a good polisher.
  • Carefully sanitize all the doorknobs and surfaces to minimize the spread of germs.
  • Use a potent disinfectant on the floor and other surfaces thus making it a germ-free space.
  • Make sure there is no trash in the trash can and it must be emptied timely.
  • The water tanks must be clean and they must be pumped regularly.
  • The great water tank shall be timely emptied so that there is no stink due to stagnant water.
  • There shall be no clutter in the drawers and organizers.
  • All the organizers must be washed and dried after every month.
  • Dusting shall be added to your daily routine.
  • For the external body, you must use good ways to make it look brighter.
  • Get rid of any problem as soon as it appears so that there is no further damage.
  • Remove any damaged parts and replace them with new ones.
  • Make sure you fix all the dents and chipped paint in time.


19.    What are Some Problems you can Face while Using your Dressing Trailer?


You may feel an unpleasant odor in your Dressing Trailer. To get rid of it, get the carpets washed with good bleach or get the old carpet replaced with the new one.


If you feel increased humidity in hot weather, open the windows for ventilation. If the problem remains unsolved, call a professional to check the air conditioning system.


You may come across water leakage in your Dressing Trailer. Get the pipes checked deeply by a professional to solve the issue.


The pipes may freeze during winter. Use the antifreeze solution for the normal flow of water.


20.    What are the Major Hazards Regarding your Dressing Trailer?

Following are some of the major hazards associated with your Dressing Trailer;

Propane Fuel System

  • Carbon Monoxide can leave you dead or can damage your brain.
  • It can cause death or a disastrous fire explosion.
  • Before using propane gas equipment, make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector near you.
  • Inside your Dressing Trailer never use portable grills, portable lanterns, portable stoves, or portable heaters.
  • Make sure propane gas systems are not connected to the natural gas system.
  • Before filling the propane tanks, make sure you switch off all propane equipment and turn off the pilot lights.
  • Don’t fill the propane tank above 80% of the tank capacity.
  • No gas other than propane should be added to the tank.
  • Don’t place the Tank inside the Dressing Trailer.
  • If you detect propane gas from its smell or detector, follow the following steps.


Avoid Touching Switches

  • Turn off the flames and pilot lights.
  • For ventilation open the doors of the Dressing Trailer.
  • From the propane tank, switch of propane supply.
  • Stay out of it until the smell settles down.
  • Before using any propane appliance, find and redress the propane leakage.
  • It’s not safe to use cooking appliances.
  • Get fresh air in for a safer cooking experience.
  • The exhaust hood should be turned on.
  • Windows should be opened.


Shore Power Electrocution

  • Shore power electrocution can initiate fire in Dressing Trailer.
  • Always utilize a grounded connection.
  • No connection should be maintained with ungrounded shore power.
  • The “third prong” should always stay connected to the shore power plug.
  • Use sources of correct voltage to connect.
  • Avoid overloading the electric circuit of the Dressing Trailer.
  • Never connect to the shore power with the help of an extension cord.



  • Generators operated using gasoline or propane are dangerous and can cause death from electrocution, explosion, and carbon monoxide.
  • Always use a generator when you have a carbon monoxide detector with it.
  • Never fill a generator when it is on.
  • Take the generator away from the ignition source when you refill it.

Coupling and Proper Connection

  • Coupling and proper connection can cause death or severe injuries.
  • Dressing Trailer should not be moved until you lock and secure the coupler.
  • The safety chains are properly tied to the tow vehicle.
  • The jacks are not fully withdrawn.
  • Do not tow it on the road until the brakes are checked properly.
  • Check the proper working of the Breakaway system.
  • If all the functions of a breakaway system are not working properly, get it checked or repaired before using it.
  • Tow vehicle has the breakaway switch connected to it properly
  • If the breakaway system is not properly connected to the tow vehicle, it can cause the failure of the coupler and ball hitch which can cause severe injuries or death.
  • Don’t connect the tow vehicle to safety chains or hitch.
  • The lights of the Dressing Trailer should be checked.


21. Conclusion

To purchase the best Dressing Trailer, you must be well aware of all the features, components, qualities, and uses.

To ensure long life and sustained use, a Dressing Trailer must be cleaned and maintained well.



FAQs of Dressing Trailer.


  1. Do you Need a Smoke Detector in your Dressing Trailer?

Yes, a smoke detector is necessary as a safety device. It will detect any fire hazard such as when the straightener is left in for long hours in your Dressing Trailer.


  1. Which Components of the Dressing Trailer Use a 12 Volt System?

External and internal lighting, blowing furnace, power vent, slide-out room, etc. in the Dressing Trailer use 12 Volt System.


  1. What are the Instructions for Using a Battery in your Dressing Trailer?

When you are using a battery in your Dressing Trailer, it must be kept away from fire. The electrolyte level shall be maintained.


  1. What Components of Dressing Trailer Use 120 Volt System?

The roof-mounted air conditioner, refrigerator, and microwave oven in the Dressing Trailer use a 120 Volts system.


  1. What is the Legal Requirement for Using Water in your Dressing Trailer?

For using water from the water supply for your Dressing Trailer, you need permission from the area supplier of the location.


  1. What Chemicals Can be Used for your Dressing Trailer?

The chemicals that can be used in your Dressing Trailer are disinfectants and sanitizers.


  1. How to Deal with the Greasy Stains on your Dressing Trailer?

The greasy stains on your Dressing Trailer can be removed by using a bipolar surfactant.


  1. Is There an Exterior Washing Station on a Dressing Trailer?

Yes, you can have an external washing station in a Dressing Trailer.


  1. How Roof Vents in a Dressing Trailer are Operated?

The roof vents in a Dressing Trailer are operated from inside as they are inbuilt.


  1. What is the Importance of Resealing in a Dressing Trailer?

If the already existing sealant of your Dressing Trailer is chipped, cracked, has a void, is dried, or separated, it must be resealed.


  1. How to Keep your Dressing Trailer Smell Fresh?

To make your Dressing Trailer smell fresh, keep it ventilated. Also, you can use a deodorizer.


  1. What is Meant by Condensation in your Dressing Trailer?

Condensation means the appearance of droplets due to the accumulation of moisture in your Dressing Trailer. It occurs due to humidity.


  1. How to Store your Dressing Trailer?

A Dressing Trailer must be stored with proper protocol. It shall be cleaned, covered, and stored in a sheltered place.


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