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Sunnyda EPS sandwich panel features B1 fire rating with an added fire retardant. Standard EPS sandwich panel comes in white, blue, and red, while any RAL color is available while quantity is more than 2000m2.

Sunnyda sandwich panel for porta cabin  and  prefab steel buildings wall is flat and roof corrugated. EPS sandwich panel wall joint is tongue and groove with good waterproof capability. EPS sandwich panel roof joint is lapped type. Both wall and roof are easy to install with no other tools needed except for screw, you can use 4 per square meter.

Sunnyda EPS sandwich panel features special process, hence suitable for special needs such as self-cleaning, high durable color, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistant, and anti-fingerprint.

You have wide choices on EPS sandwich panel. The steel of EPS sandwich panel, be PPGI or galvalume steel ranges from 0.4-0.8mm. The density of EPS sandwich panel range is 12-20 kg/m3. The thickness of EPS sandwich panel range is 40-200mm.

The wide of EPS sandwich panel is 1000 or 1200mm. The length of EPS sandwich panel has no limit and can cut to size as per your project need, in one order could include dozens of hundreds of lengths, but restricted by sea container 40HQ maximum length 11.85m.

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Panel Thickness

Panel WeightKAverage Sound Insulation(bd)

Max. Span At Load 50kg/m2


KgW/m2 0C

Kcal/m2 h 0C










Color EPS steel sandwich panel

Surface s colored steel sheet, core material is self-extinguishing polystyrene. It is continous heated and pressured in molding machine, then composited by the heat-curing adhesive. Its very light, 1/20-1/30 equivalent weight of concrete, keeping warm and insulating heat, its heat transfer value is 0.034W/mk. Easy to install. It’s new material with all the advantages of weight bearing, warm keeping, waterproofing, decoration.


Ceiling and surround for clean factory, workshop for clean products, warehouse, cold room., long span panel, reinforcing the original structure, temporary office, shop, market, koist.


1, Fire rating: B1

2, Thickness: 50mm, 60mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180m, 200mm

3, Width:  Wall-1200mm (effective 1150mm), 1000mm (effective 950mm), Roof- 1000mm (effective 980)

4, Length: no limited, recommend less than 11.85m fit for 40HQ

5, Steel thickness: 0.4-0.8mm

6, EPS density: 12-20 kg/m3

7, Surface: Wall flat or groove, roof corrugated

8, Joint: Tongue and groove

9, Paint: PE, PVDF, HDPE, SMP, RMP

10, Color: Any RAL color

11, Delivery: 4-7 days

12, Production capacity: 3500m2 per day

13, Free sample

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Ultimate Guide to EPS Sandwich Panel

Sunnyda provides accessories for EPS sandwich panel, aluminum channel on the ground for wall, different shape profile roofing capping, insert for eave, barge board, wall corner flashing, etc. And the ceiling hanging materials.

Door and window sunnyda produces can be installed on EPS sandwich panel in factory.

EPS sandwich panel delivery time is 4-7 days, as production capacity per day is 3000m2. EPS sandwich panel joint is pretty good, after installation, the whole wall is flat and even. Film on EPS sandwich panel surface prevents scratch during shipping, must be tear off when erection completion, if doing this a few days after, will become difficult to peel.

There are two ways for EPS sandwich panel loading. First, load piece by piece, floor and four corners protected by foam. Second, load using a pallet. When unload no packing EPS sandwich panel, don’t use forklift, it damages EPS sandwich panel section side. For the 50mm panel, 40HQ container can load around 1400m2. EPS sandwich panel is widely used as wall, roof, ceiling, a partition of industrial construction, and industrial enclosure.

Order or no order we are always happy to help your business!

Ultimate Guide for EPS Sandwich Panel


The origin of building and construction dates back to the age where people pitched tents for habitation. Then people began to make buildings of bricks and mortars and buildings made of woods. With modern day technology, the uses of prefab houses that are constructed in the factory arise.

The prefab houses were created to solve many problems. Some of the problems solved with the use of prefab houses were that of excessive time and money people have to sacrifice just to get a building standing. In this light, the study guide is a product of research into one of the best prefab house materials that you can use for your building. This is the EPS Sandwich Panel. This guide contains the basic things you should know about EPS Sandwich Panel from a consumer’s perspective. You have something integral to learn about EPS Sandwich Panel.

Chapter One: What is EPS Sandwich Panel?

Figure 1: EPS Sandwich Panel

Like all sandwich panels, EPS Sandwich Panel is made up of more than one materials or layers. Its material properties may include any of polyurethane foam, fiberglass, or mineral wool, and expanded polystyrene (EPS). While many of the former materials may either be combined or unused in the making, expanded polystyrene remains the predominant material used in the production of EPS sandwich panel. This is undoubtedly the reason why EPS Sandwich Panel goes by its name.

What is EPS?

Figure 2: EPS Sandwich Panel

Consisting of a tiny hollow spherical ball, expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a cellular plastic material that is light inweight. EPS Sandwich Panel does not react when mixed with other components. For this reason, EPS Sandwich Panel does not decay easily. Also, it does not serve as organic food or nutritional provision for biotic detriments. In addition to its strength, lightness in weight, ability to carry heavy loads, and longevity.EPS Sandwich Panel stands as resistance to fire for up to 65%. This makes it a B1 noncombustible material second to rockwool sandwich panel only. Also, just like all sandwich panels, EPS sandwich panels scores high point in terms of thermal insulation and protection from rigid climactic conditions.

EPS sandwich comes in galvalume or PPGI steel that ranges in the value of 0.4-0.8mm. EPS sandwich panel has a density that measures within the range of 12-20 kg/m3. Its thickness ranges between 40-200mm. Its thickness, density, and minimal thermal conductivity make it a B1 fire retardant insulation panel that has is globally recognized.  EPS sandwich panel width is measured at either 1000mm or 1200 mm but its length is absolutely immeasurable. Its length is left to be determined by users. However, for transportation sake, it will be divided into a maximum 11.85m so that it can contain the 40HQ shipping container. At Sunnyda EPS sandwich panel manufacturing company, a minimum of 3500m2 of EPS sandwich panel is produced daily. So you should know no matter how large your order is, it can always be met. EPS sandwich panel gives longevity to color. Also, EPS Sandwich Panel comes in either white, blue or red for any order quantity. When order quantity more than 2000m2, can custom made any RAL color.

Scroll down and see the answer to the question of what EPS sandwich panel can be used for.

Chapter Two: Use and Application of EPS Sandwich Panel

Figure 3: EPS Sandwich Panel

Thermally Insulated Roof: A house is incomplete if the roof of the house doesn’t guarantee occupants protection from natural occurrences like rain or sun. EPS sandwich panel is not susceptible to leaking and as such is perfect for roofing of houses made with any kind of material.

  • The floor of a House: EPS sandwich panel is inert. It does not react to decay or rot if contact with other material properties. It’s thermal insulation also helps balance the temperature of your floor.
  • Wall of House: EPS sandwich panel is not only pleasing to the sense of beauty but it is also color-friendly. However, you can’t paint your EPS sandwich panel with any color of your own. You can only choose the RAL color as provided by your manufacturer.
  • The facade of the Building: You can use EPS sandwich panel in all the exterior part of your building.
  • Storage and Distribution of Fragile Materials: One of the distinguishing features of EPS sandwich panel is this reason, EPS Sandwich Panel can be used as a storage facility.
  • Offices: EPS can be constructed in the factory and erected on your site into an official structure of up to three-story building.
  • Mobile Restrooms for Parties and Occasions: You can erect your EPS sandwich panel for just two hours and set up your toilet facility to serve you for a short period of time.
  • Private House: You can useEPS Sandwich Panel for your private house for time-saving construction and cost-efficiency.

Having seen some of the uses and application of EPS sandwich panel, it is time we saw more of its characteristics.

Chapter Three: EPS Sandwich Panel Fire Behaviour

Generally speaking, users are usually concerned about various sandwich panels’ reactions to fire.  Some users still are scared of the use of sandwich panels in general because they think it is combustible. However, it is not. In this chapter of the guide, you will be exposed to EPS sandwich panel reactions to fire.

What determines the level of resistance to fire that a sandwich panel holds are factors which include its coating, its thickness, its foam, and its density.

EPS sandwich panel maintains a satisfactory resistance to fire when installed correctly. It does not cause any inappropriate fire hazards. However, according to the recommendations and building codes of recognized International agencies like International Code Council (ICC) and Canadian Materials Construction Centre (CMCC), there should be a thermal barrier applied to expanded polystyrene material.

In research conducted by the British Insurers and the Building Research Establishment, the study shows that it is impossible that sandwich panels start a fire on their own. When they burn, it is usually caused through direct contact with areas that have high risks of hazards, areas like, oven and kitchen. Fire usually spreads because it was not duly contained in these areas.

At a burning point, EPS sandwich panel reacts like different hydrocarbons like paper, woods, and related products. EPS sandwich panel softens when exposed to 212oF or 100oC. The burning status of EPS sandwich panel depends on the level of temperature at that time, the duration to which EPS sandwich panel is exposed to that temperature, and the availability of oxygen or other fire extinguishers around that area.

EPS sandwich panel ignition is possible when it is exposed to an open flame. If the flame temperature is higher than 680o F or 360o C, EPS sandwich panel will ignite. Once there is exposure of burning at above this temperature, the whole of EPS sandwich panel will be consumed. There is a dense smoke that is produced at the level of ignition.  This dense smoke contains monostyrene, hydrogen bromide, carbon monoxide, and other aromatic compounds. The emissions of these chemical reactions change depending on fire temperature. It is significant for you to know that this emission is not as harmful as many natural properties. As a matter of fact, it ranks low in terms of harms compared to other natural materials like wood.

Conclusively, EPS sandwich panel is a B1 fire resistant material. This means its combustibility is low. With it, you only have to be careful of rigid fire temperatures having direct contact on it.

You have seen EPS sandwich panel behavior to fire but you are yet to see what is below…

Chapter Four: What are the Benefits of EPS Sandwich Panel?

Figure 4: EPS Sandwich Panel

Adaptation to Different Weight: This is a very distinguishing benefit that can not only save you transportation cost but can also assure that sudden collapse of EPS sandwich panel building is impossible. EPS Sandwich Panel is light in weight when it comes to carrying and lifting. However, it has the capacity to carry heavy loads.

  • Inert Capacity: When a material is inert, it simply means that material does not give reaction when contacted with other materials. For example, water can make steel rust. However, in the case of expanded polystyrene sandwich panel, water will readily have no reaction. With this capacity, EPS sandwich panel is inert. Also, EPS Sandwich Panel features resistance to acid and alkali.
  • The barrier to Environmental Impurities: Environmental barriers in a building are an excessive natural phenomenon that does not make living conducive when exposed to them. This includes rain, vapor, sun, heat, wind, and dust. EPS sandwich panel protect occupants from exposure to these barriers.
  • Effective Thermal Insulation: With a sound and effective thermal insulation, EPS sandwich panel guarantees users a serene environment.
  • Soundproof Capacity: EPS is instrumental to arrive at an atmosphere that is free from noise. If you are into acoustics, you know what this means. You don’t get to cause a nuisance in your neighborhood for doing your duty since your sound is well contained in your building alone. Also, you don’t get to experience situations of noise from outside disrupting your internal sounds.
  • Cost-efficiency: A sum total of all your expenses from purchasing, to delivery, constructing, and maintaining are cheap compared to the total expenses it will cost you to construct other building.
  • Time-Efficiency: There is something that makes EPS sandwich panel outstanding; it is its time-efficiency. It takes an approximate time of seven days to get your EPS sandwich panel ready. It takes two-three weeks to erect it on your site if you are using it as a building. There is no other building that promises this kind of efficiency in the use of time. For your time efficiency benefit, choose EPS sandwich panel.
  • It is Reusable: You can use your EPS sandwich panel for other things after it must have been used for its primary uses and application. You can even sell EPS Sandwich Panel for those who specialize in breaking down materials and reusing its components for manufacturing other products.
  • Longevity: EPS sandwich lifespan ranges from 5-20 years.
  • EPS sandwich panel are Anti-fingerprint when you choose anti-finger surface steel.
  • EPS sandwich panel has good rust resistant, as surface steel is treated.
  • Cheap Installation Cost: With the use of EPS sandwich panel, your installation cost will come cheap. This is because you don’t need any special tools before you apply your EPS sandwich panel to the designated area. Only screws are needed. This will save you money of buying traditional building materials like cement and the likes.

Having seen some of the benefits of EPS sandwich panel, there are some factors you need to note before ordering for yours.

Chapter Five: A Guide to Answer Important Questions before Getting Product

Figure 5: EPS Sandwich Panel before Shipment

There are some questions that should guide you before ordering for EPS sandwich panel. If you do not have answers to these questions, getting the product may be a wrong idea. This is because you may end up regretting the decision.

Note: This chapter is written from the perspective of using expanded polystyrene sandwich panel for building construction. For uses like prefab house and steel structure building roof, floor, walls, and facade, this chapter may not be relevant.

1, Can I Still Afford Essential Things After Getting This?: Budget is an essential thing in all kinds of business. Before you allocate a part of your budget for the purchase of expanded polystyrene sandwich panel, you should ask yourself if other essential things in your office or in your private life will not have to pay for it. Once you are financially capable to go for it without posing any problem, answer the question…

2, What Type of Soil Do I Have on My Site?: The foundation of a building is a key to the structural stability of the building. To any extents, the strength of the foundation of your potential expanded polystyrene sandwich panel building will be largely determined by the soil. The soil will also determine how much you will need to spend on the foundation. At this stage, you need a professional soil scientist to answer the question. After your soil type is known, ask yourself…

3, Can my Budget for Building still Stand If I have to Work on the Soil?: You should examine these extremities in the soil. If your soil is to weak or soft due to water, you will have to spend extra cost to solidify it. On the other hand, if your soil is too solid, you will have to pay extra cost to drill it. If your soil is verified to be, either way, you should reconsider whether you are still up and fit for the building project. If you are good to proceed then take the bold step.

4, Is There any Ban on the Use of Prefab Houses in My Location?: Do not assume that there are no bans just by seeing prefab houses all around. Verify by checking the local laws. Perhaps you have learned that there is no ban, then its the right path to tread.

5, How Can I Get A Credible Company to Supply my Expanded Polystyrene Sandwich Panels?: The first pitfall to avoid is buying your expanded polystyrene sandwich panel from a distributor. This is because their knowledge in the technicality of the panels is limited. Instead, partner with manufacturing company directly. To get an effective manufacturer, do not rely on search engines rankings. This is because the ranking is not based on merit but on the consistent optimization of website content. At this stage, you should rely on manufacturers that are accredited by the International Organization of Standardization and other reputable agencies. You can also look at how experienced the manufacturers are and clients’ testimonials concerning them. You have finally got a company that meets the standard. Contact Sunnyda House company today, a trial will convince you.

6, Do I Have the Right Road System for the Delivery of Product to My Site?: Expanded polystyrene sandwich panels are pretty huge products that are not delivered in sports cars but in heavy trucks. This means for safe delivery of your product to the site and for time-efficiency, you need to check the map and look for a wide road.

7, How Close is My New Site To Basic Amenities Like Power and Water?: Water is an essential thing on site. It is not the constructor’s to provide water and power. It is your own duty. Therefore, if water or power is not on site, you may have to bear another extra cost. Alternatively, you may find a construction company that will take the responsibility.

8, Does my Local Building Code Require additional fire barrier layer for the use of EPS Sandwich Panel? : This answer is individual. It is determined by local building codes. While some require an external fire barrier layer for the use of insulation panels like EPS sandwich panel, some do not. Know yours before making a purchase.

An appropriate answer given to the questions of this chapter will make you enjoy all the benefits of living in an expanded polystyrene sandwich panel building.

There is something important to see.

Chapter Six: EPS Sandwich Panel FAQs

In this chapter, you will be receiving an answer to some of the frequently asked questions about expanded polystyrene sandwich panel.

Question:  Are EPS sandwich panel combustible?

Answer: EPS sandwich panel predominantly comprises of expanded polystyrene. This material comprises varieties of identical small molecules that are made of plastic films. It characterizes a measure of combustibility. In addition EPS sandwich panel usually added fire retardant.

Question: Can I apply accessories like kitchenette, toilets, plumbing machine to my EPS sandwich panel construction?

Answer: Yes, with a professional and creative manufacturer, you can have all the domestic accessories and electronic appliances that you want in your EPS sandwich panel building.

Question: Can I get contractors from the manufacturers of the product?

Answer: This is relative to the method of operations of the manufacturer of the product. However, at Sunnyda House Company, we not only manufacture but we also have a team of skilled contractors ready to erect and design your EPS sandwich panel.

Question: What can I do to prevent my newly purchased EPS sandwich panel from scratch doing the time of construction?

Answer: You can tell your manufacturers to cover the product with an external sheath that you can remove after all engineering work is completed.

See more about Sunnyda House Company

Chapter Seven:  Sunnyda House Company

At Sunnyda House Company, all our products are manufactured by us and they meet the test of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

At Sunnyda House Company, we are the sole distributor for our product. We have access to all seaports in all continents of the world. We do this to relieve our clients of location-barrier.

Our Delivery takes seven days beginning from the time the order is placed.

There is a one year warranty on our entire product.

At Sunnyda House Company, we can apply all accessories to our product. We have a kitchenette, restrooms, and water system for our product. We also have the technical capacity to make a good drainage system.

At Sunnyda House Company, we have remained a global success in the field of prefab house materials for more than 20 years.

We can be contacted at any time any day. Since our customers are all over the world, we have a 24/7 active customer care service.


All chapters of the guide are equally important. Having gone through the study guide, you should adhere strictly to all the guidelines contained in it. Since you now see the benefits of expanded polystyrene sandwich panel, you can partner with a credible manufacturer like Sunnyda House Company for the supply and erection of yours. Your comfort and serene environment is our own priority. We are ready to serve you with all sincerity.

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