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Sunnyda offers a one-stop solution for fancy porta potty. As a leading specialist, we have vast expertise and deep knowledge in manufacturing and supplying portable sanitary solutions. We have multiple different simple units ideal for various events.

Whether you need a fancy porta potty rental for your next project or business, Sunnyda has the best plan for you. Call today for further details!
Fancy portable toilets BodyFiberglass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
SizeLength from 2520 to 5800 mm
Drawbar size1200mm
AlexSingle or double
Fresh tank200-500L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank520-1700 L
WeightWeight: 800-1900 kg, when water and waste tank is empty.
ConditionFull mounted in the factory
LoadingLoading: Can mix load with other models, or 3 SUT01 minis in a 40HQ

Or use 40ft open top container

Delivery time40 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business


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Sunnyda Fancy Porta Potty

Sunnyda fancy porta potty is one of the best portable restroom solutions for every occasion and event.

Sunnyda makes perfect fancy porta potty for any business and project requirements. We have the widest range of products vary in sizes and design. Our main goal is to help our clients grow their own business with premium quality products.

Sunnyda is one of the most reliable manufacturers of fancy porta potty in China. We are devoted to giving the clean and sanitary facilities that will surely love by your customers. It has designs and styles that give fancy and luxurious feels to the guests.

At Sunnyda, we offer classic, standard, and high-end fancy porta potty.

Offered fancy porta potty bring luxury mobile restroom with a full climate control system. Your customers will be mesmerized by the elegance effect that is given by this fancy porta potty.

Our fancy porta potty has two suites for ladies (each with a separate entrance), Clean, sit-down toilet, Heating, and Air Conditioning, One suite for gentlemen with a urinal (separate entrance), Wastebasket, Vanity/mirror, Hand towels, Hand soap, Exterior lighting, Stereo System and Hot & cold running water.

There are professional workers that able to handle every need. Over 20 years, Sunnyda has been engaged in manufacturing premium quality products. We are not only supplying fancy porta potty to domestic markets but also to foreign countries. Africa, South America, New Zealand, Australia, America, Canada, Norway, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Germany are some of our top markets.

Sunnyda is composed of well-trained and skilled workers who are focused on their designated jobs. We aim to provide the best fancy porta potty with outstanding performance. All of the fancy porta potty is available at affordable prices.

Our company has the latest manufacturing system composed of high-tech machines operated by professional engineers. We can produce products with multiple products in just a day without compromising its quality and performance.

Thus, we can also create fancy porta potty with your own designs and specifications. Just send us your ideas and we make it done for you.

Sunnyda assigned a team available 24/7 to assist our dear customers and help them find outstanding solutions. Please contact us today!


1.What is the Fancy Porta Potty?
2.What are the Components of the Fancy Porta Potty?
3.What are the Main Features of the Fancy Porta Potty?
4.What are the Required Accessories for Using the Fancy Porta Potty?
5.What is the Difference Between the Fancy Porta-Potty and the Standard Porta Potty?
6.What are the Events where you can Use the Fancy Porta Potty?
7.What Chemicals Are Used in the Fancy Porta Potty?
8.What do you know about the Life of the Fancy Porta Potty?
9.What is the Benefit of Expanding the Tank Size in the Fancy Porta Potty?
10.What are the Water and Power Requirements of the Fancy Porta Potty?
11.What are the Effects of Hot and Cold Weathers on the Fancy Porta Potty?
12. How to Help your Child for Using the Fancy Porta Potty?
13.How to Clean your Fancy Porta Potty?
14.How to Empty your Fancy Porta Potty?
15.How Does the Fancy Porta Potty Affect the Environment?
16.What Things to Consider for Buying the Best Fancy Porta Potty?
17. What to Expect from the Manufacturer for Getting the Fancy Porta Potty?
18.What are Maintenance Tips Useful for your Fancy Porta Potty?
19.What are the Most Common Problems Experienced when Using the Fancy Porta Potty?


What is the Fancy Porta Potty?

A Fancy Porta Potty is a portable toilet that is usually placed at outdoor events to fulfill the needs of people.

With amazing vanity mirrors, coat hooks, paper towels, and water tanks, it provides great comfort and convenience to the user.

Moreover, it uses soap dispensers or hand sanitizers so that the user can easily wash their hands after usage.

For the cleaning purpose, you may call for an experienced service provider, or you may yourself add some blue chemical to get rid of the bacteria inside the Fancy Porta Potty.


What are the Components of the Fancy Porta Potty?

  • Mirrors
  • Coat hook
  • Freshwater flushing
  • Soap dispenser
  • Paper towels
  • Seat sanitizer
  • Sink bowls; china or steel ones
  • Fragrance


Hand Sanitizer Pump:

The hand sanitizer pump is also essential if you want to provide great comfort and hygiene to the users.

Sometimes, the Fancy Porta Potty has separate facilities for men and women, with a minimum of four stalls for both. Moreover, excellent heating, air conditioning, lighted cabinets with both hot and cold water are also present.


What are the Main Features of the Fancy Porta Potty?

  • Amazing mirror vanities
  • Sufficient water supply
  • Adequate power source
  • Hot and cold water facility
  • Recessed lighting
  • High-end mirrors
  • A faux wood flooring option


What are the Required Accessories for Using the Fancy Porta Potty?


A generator for your Fancy Porta Potty may be given for an extra source of power if electricity is not available onsite.


Garden Hose

A standard water dispenser and a garden hose can be used to supply water to the unit.


Water Tanks When There is No Hose

If water is not accessible on-site, the Fancy Porta Potty onboard freshwater storage tanks may provide a small quantity of fresh water, but this will require extra money.

Some of the most common add-ons are as follows:

  • Tap lights or solar lights
  • Ground anchors
  • Portable sinks
  • Portable toilet locking kits
  • Hand sanitizing stations
  • Cup holders


What is the Difference Between the Fancy Porta-Potty and the Standard Porta Potty?


Standard Porta Potty

The Standard Porta Potty can accommodate one user at a time. Moreover, it has locking doors, non-slip boards, and an excellent ventilation system.

This is the most common kind of Portable Toilet used on building sites and other industrial locations. A static waste tank and a toilet are included within it. A mirror, hand sanitizer, and coat rack are also included with some of the models.

These are the foundation of your fleet, and they should be made to last and look good. These must be able to handle continuous loading and unloading, as well as heavy use in harsh building and manufacturing conditions.

Also, it must be long-lasting, have air circulation, and be made of materials that can handle all forms of weather as well as hard cleaning products.


Fancy Porta Potty

It represents an advanced plumbing scheme much better than the standard ones. Every flush uses freshwater to flush garbage, mask the odors, and as the result leave a clean toilet bowl for guests.

Your visitors will see a significant change afterward six hours of an operation. The Fancy Porta Potty also has built-in handwashing stations, which are greater than the separate stands that most of them have.

You don’t want guests at your function to have unwashed hands because it’s unclean and dangerous to their welfare. It even comes with central heating as standard, and heaters can be added as an alternative for colder weather.

Unwanted odors are extracted into the waste tank by the unit’s advanced plumbing and venting systems, meaning that they won’t disturb the visitors.

They are family-friendly and are far bigger than the Standard Porta Potty, allowing parents to follow their small child, and take care of business in a sanitary and more convenient manner.

And of course, the amazing lightning system can also not be neglected by the users.


What are the Events where you can Use the Fancy Porta Potty?


  • Wedding
  • Fundraiser
  • Corporate party
  • Traditional festival
  • Social function
  • Exhibition
  • Birthday party
  • Music concert


Industrial sites

  • Road construction
  • Civil construction
  • Heavy construction
  • Industrial construction
  • High rise construction
  • Residential construction
  • Shipyards
  • Farms
  • Ranches


What Chemicals Are Used in the Fancy Porta Potty?

When well washed and serviced, the Fancy Porta Potty provides a comfortable and safe, and clean environment. Every 240 uses, on average, the business average is repaired.

Any dealer supplying it considers around 90 to 100 potential uses before planning their operation schedule.

Cleaning the Fancy Porta Potty can be done with a variety of potent cleaning chemicals.

Meanwhile, the cleaning chemicals will be disposed of with other garbage, check with the disposal station or other facility to see if the cleaning stock product list is appropriate.

Manufacturers and dealers across the industry are recommending the use of such products that help in removing the harmful materials that could affect the environment.

These include:

  1. A dye is used to further the presence of dirt when mixed with water.

The common one is blue chemicals, which turn green after mixing with enough waste, indicating to staff that the chemicals inside are no longer functional and need to be replaced.

  1. Fragrances are used to cover up any of the unpleasant odors. Two of the main fragrances used are bubblegum and cherry.
  2. Surfactants in the mixture aid in the removal of odors in water, allowing the fragrance to spread more evenly in the unit.
  3. Many modern Fancy Porta Potty use biomaterials and enzymes, which are made up of enzymes and bacteria that prey on odor-causing bacteria in human waste. Thus, helping in enhancing the speed of the decomposition of organic, making dumping easier afterward.


What do you know about the Life of the Fancy Porta Potty?

Many times, Fancy Porta Potty is designed to last 20 to 30 years on average. The majority of units are made of plastic coatings that have been designed to survive the harshest conditions.

Furthermore, several suppliers have built-in model features that make the systems last longer.

It is easy to replace any aspect of the Fancy Porta Potty, whether it suffers from breakage or damage and needs to be fixed. It is safest to buy new parts from the manufacturer from which you bought this.

You would undoubtedly need to clean and maintain the machine on a daily basis throughout its lifespan to make sure it stays longer and smell its best.


What is the Benefit of Expanding the Tank Size in the Fancy Porta Potty?

Expanding the size of the tank in the Fancy Porta Potty has various benefits, including the following.

  • It increases the number of uses per one refill.
  • It also lengthens the time duration after when maintenance is required.
  • It provides an enhanced water supply to every user.


What are the Water and Power Requirements of the Fancy Porta Potty?

  • Due to the AC device, a 30-amp circuit is required.
  • If required, the unit has a built-in generator.
  • Along with normal tank water, a hose water supply is needed.


What are the Effects of Hot and Cold Weathers on the Fancy Porta Potty?

Though Fancy Porta Potty is normally efficient, bad weather may make them ineffective. Warmer temperatures will enhance the odors released by the waste bacteria, allowing it to stink up faster. In the summer, operators increase the chemical to water ratio to counteract this.

It has fans and windows and also heats reflectors to help minimize humidity. It is also a good idea to transfer it to a location with lesser light and more natural ventilation.

When the temperature gets colder, though, a salty liquid has to be pumped into the chemical tank to keep it safe from freezing.

To do this, Fancy Porta Potty has an innovative salt-emission tool.

When the visitors use it, a layer of rock salt is responsible for releasing more liquid into the tank. This helps in lowering the chemical solution’s freezing point. Thus preventing the creation of frozen excrement inside.


How to Help your Child for Using the Fancy Porta Potty?

When your child has to use these services, there are some things to keep in mind.


1. Supervision Is Essential

Since using the Fancy Porta Potty by your children needs proper monitoring, make sure to follow them inside. Be cautious since the floor can be soaked and slick.

Assist your child in getting into the seat and holding their hands, so they don’t slip in. If you have the option, line the seat with a seat cover.


2. Maintain Good Hygienic Conditions

You must make sure that your child washes his or her hands after using the Fancy Porta Potty, much as you would in a normal one. They may, after all, carry a lot of bacteria.

You need them to wash their hands with soap and water if possible, but if it isn’t possible, hand sanitizer will also be sufficient. It will surely be critical in stopping disease spread.


3. Make Sure to Move Away All their Toys and Accessories

It isn’t unusual for children to drop items into the storage tank by mistake. Because of this, you must uninstall all the accessories or toys that they are carrying with them.

Hats, sunglasses, and other food or wearables, for example, can be removed. The same is suggested for the toys. Put them aside so that they don’t slip into the tank.


4. Don’t Let Them Play or Wander Around Fancy Porta Potty Without Your Supervision

Keep an eye on your kids while they’re around a Fancy Porta Potty. And if they are not necessary to attend, make sure that they don’t aimlessly play around it carelessly. 


How to Clean your Fancy Porta Potty?

It is possible to clean a Fancy Porta Potty in less than ten minutes, with minimum effort and complexity. Here’s a quick rundown of what steps you can follow during this cleaning.

  • If required, keep track of the washing date.
  • Remove all dust from the Fancy Porta Potty and the area surrounding it.
  • Where there is graffiti, use graffiti cleaning chemicals and let them sit for a couple of minutes.
  • Filter the waste out of the unit.
  • Brush graffiti from the inside and outside of the unit with a cleaning spray.
  • Now use clean water to wash it.
  • Make sure to refill the chemical blue and the fragrance boosters in your Fancy Porta Potty.
  • Finally, fill the tank with clean water.
  • Refill the supply cabinet containing toiletries such as hand sanitizer, hand wash or soap, and others.


How to Empty your Fancy Porta Potty?

The waste in Fancy Porta Potty must be collected by very committed people because they are self-contained units. A sanitation worker can serve 40 to 50 units on a typical day, and it is washed once every 100 uses or once a week.

Sanitation staff adds a vacuum directly to the storage tank or output hole if the device has one to drain the bowels. The waste is vacuumed into a huge tanker truck that has a waste disposal unit as well as a small water tank.

Staff then fills the Fancy Porta Potty holding tank with fresh water, enzymes, and dyes after the waste is removed. They then spray the walls, doors, benches, and urinals to remove any bacteria or feces that might have gotten on them.

Finally, they restock the paper towels, toilet paper, hand sanitizers, and other toiletries.

The waste is then transported to a public treatment facility, where it will be disposed of with waste from modern sewer systems.


How Does the Fancy Porta Potty Affect the Environment?

Many people are unaware that Fancy Porta Potty is an eco-friendly solution even if used every day. Its use saves 45 billion gallons of freshwater. When compared to a conventional toilet, which can consume up to 200 gallons of water every day, a Fancy Porta Potty uses 90% less water.

Moreover, it is not only comfortable, but id even environmentally safe, thanks to water-saving technology, eco cleaning methods, and also solar power.


What Things to Consider for Buying the Best Fancy Porta Potty?

The type of Fancy Porta Potty you choose is decided by the location. There are other choices suited to various operating environments, such as the high-rise portable restroom, in addition to the common unit, or the Fancy Porta Potty that we are all aware of.

The number of people on your worksite, access to water or sanitizer, ventilation and cleaning crew coverage, and environmental conditions are all things to consider.

These considerations may influence the number of Fancy Porta Potty you need. Also, the kind that is most suitable for your requirements and the expense implications that might arise as a result of the service crew’s travel distance and time.

Dealers provide a wide range of services to meet a wide range of demands and circumstances. Event planners should use units that look like indoor restrooms.

Models with a foot pedal, water, and a special holding tank are available. Luxury designs have more space for accessories and dressy clothes like wedding gowns.

A wheelchair-accessible model is available, as well as one with running water and clearer perspective.


What to Expect from the Manufacturer for Getting the Fancy Porta Potty?

Information for the Manufacturer

It’s critical to supply them with the following facts, not only to help you figure out how many units you’ll need but also to decide how often they’ll provide services:


Type of event

Would anyone try to use the unit at the same time, as at a concert’s interval? Is there a consistent level of attendance during the day?

This has an effect on both the number of units and the frequency at which they are serviced.


Number of Attendees

The number of guests at your function at any one time will help determine how well the Fancy Porta Potty is cleaned. If there are fewer toilets, they must be cleaned more often at high-volume events.


Duration of Event

This informs the business of how long the units will be in operation so that the appropriate number of services can be scheduled.


Outside Temperature

Warmer weather would require more regular smell control systems.


Food and Beverage Availability

When drink and food are available at the worksite or event site on a regular basis, units are used more often.


Special Needs

Will there be any families present? If you want to have separate services for men and women? Accommodations should be provided where there are handicapped guests or where there are any ADA compliance problems.


Terrain and Curbing

During placement, it should be kept in mind for pump truck access as well as handicap user-friendliness issues.


Expectations from the Manufacturer

Essential Components

  • Shipment and Setup
  • During the rental period, service and waste disposal are provided.
  • Pickup
  • Toilet roll
  • Odor remover for the toilet


Support and Warranties

For the purchase of a new Fancy Porta Potty, the industry-standard contract is four years (48 months) and is a complete warranty.

On used units, depending on the dealer, limited warranties are available. For sections like the door latch and attached components like a metal railing or closet, the typical warranty is two years.

Inquire whether the dealer has a plumbing machine warranty as part of the order or if you can purchase additional insurance.


On-Site Service

Check to see how the rental price covers shipping and pick-up of the units, as well as maintenance and cleaning over the rental time. Inspect each device as it is shipped.


What are Maintenance Tips Useful for your Fancy Porta Potty?

If you own the Fancy Porta Potty and are responsible for their care, the following tasks and inspections are preferred:

The distributor or supplier should make a suggestion for the amount of unit that would be appropriate for your needs, as well as cleaning and maintenance instructions.

In a forty-hour workweek, service shall involve draining and cleaning at least once per week per ten individuals to one cell.

Create a washing and upkeep routine. To make these activities smoother and monitor odor, bacteria, and other harmful environment attributes, cleaning and draining should be done well in advance of attaining maximum potential.

On a daily basis, inspect for damage, leaks, and spills. Include this activity in your weekly stormwater site inspection on a building site.

All waste, including washing rinse water, must be correctly disposed of in authorized locations rather than on the job site.

The following are spare components that you can use for repairs.

  • Plugs and caps
  • Plumbing parts
  • Pumps
  • Nuts, bolts, and screws
  • Decals and plates
  • Discontinued and former model parts
  • Electrical parts
  • Plumbing parts
  • Rivets and washers
  • Small parts bags
  • Tanks
  • Filters
  • Skids and bases
  • Exterior components


What are the Most Common Problems Experienced when Using the Fancy Porta Potty?


● Unorganized Conditions

You should add diaper change tables or kid toilet seats for the purpose of organizing your Fancy Porta Potty. They’re a big help for families who may be at an outdoor station, particularly for weddings and family gatherings.


● Freezing Issues in Winter Season

The most popular approach is to combine anti-freeze and clean water in the tank. It prevents the water from being ice cold.

If you own the unit and want to dispose of them off yourself, make sure the anti-freeze is appropriate at the dump station or recycling site.

Dethatch those units that may be in storage or not in service during the cold weather months. One-half cup of antifreeze per five gallons of water is used to do this.

Fill the toilet with the paste and flush it into the toilet. This injects anti-freeze into the plumbing system as a whole. After that, add half a cup of dry ice to the tank.

And this is how you can nicely protect your Fancy Porta Potty from various freezing problems that are much likely to occur in the cold weather.



Now that you are well aware of the events and locations, you can use the Fancy Porta Potty; make sure that you follow all the necessary guidelines for deciding the perfect location.

Also, provide all the essential toiletries so that the user can enjoy great comfort, hygiene, and convenience if using it.

To make your Fancy Porta Potty last longer, always follow the maintenance guidelines. And also solve any fault or problem immediately before it gets worse.



FAQS of Fancy Porta Potty

  1. What is the Best Solution to Get Rid of Smell in the Fancy Porta Potty?

The best solution to get rid of the bad smell from your Fancy Porta Potty is to use the blue deodorizing chemicals during the regular cleaning process.


  1. What is the Biggest Advantage of Using the Blue Deodorizer While Cleaning the Fancy Porta Potty?

The biggest advantage of using the Blue chemical as a deodorizer for cleaning the Fancy Porta Potty is that it is easy to degrade in the waste disposal plant because it contains no formaldehyde.


  1. How Does the Deodoriser Keep Bad Smell Away from the Fancy Porta Potty?

The deodorizer prevents the bacteria from multiplying, from the action of biocides, leading to lesser or no smell in your Fancy Porta Potty.


  1. How Much Water is Saved Using the Fancy Porta Potty?

The Fancy Porta Potty can save you a total of forty-five billion water gallons as compared to the standard toilets.


  1. What is the Advantage of Using the Fancy Porta Potty over the Conventional One?

Using the Fancy Porta Potty consumes ninety percent less water as compared to the conventional ones.


  1. On What Sort of Surface is it Most Suitable to Place your Fancy Porta Potty?

The most suitable surface for placing or installing the Fancy Porta Potty must be a smooth and level one.


  1. Is the Fancy Porta Potty Suitable for Placing Indoors?

Yes, the Fancy Porta Potty is suitable to be placed indoors but make certain that the entry door is large or tall enough for easy entrance of the users.


  1. What Factors Contribute to the Lower Person Accommodating Capacity of the Fancy Porta Potty?

Increased number of guests, excessive alcohol consumption, and longer event duration are some factors that contribute to the lower capacity of your Fancy Porta Potty.


  1. What Arrangements are Necessary to be Made on the Surface where You are Going to Install the Fancy Porta Potty?

The arrangements you must make before placing the Fancy Porta Potty are to clean the surface, remove any objects or hurdles, and also clear away any electrical wires in the way.


  1. For How Much Time Can the Generator Effectively Supply Power to your Fancy Porta Potty?

Using a generator can provide power to your Fancy Porta Potty for around eight to ten hours.


  1. Do the Suppliers Deliver the Fancy Porta Potty at the Site, or the User Has to Pick It Up From the Company?

No, the supplier will himself deliver the Fancy Porta Potty to your installation site.


  1. Is the Fancy Porta Potty Climate Controlled?

Yes, the Fancy Porta Potty is absolutely climate-controlled.


  1. What are the Sizing Options of the Fancy Porta Potty?

The various sizing options for the Fancy Porta Potty include two single suites, two double suites, and three single suites.


  1. Is it Possible to Place your Fancy Porta Potty under a Tent?

Yes, it is possible to place your Fancy Porta Potty under a tent, but make sure that the tent has a center pole that allows good ventilation and airflow.


  1. Is it Possible to customize your Fancy Porta Potty?

Yes, it is possible to customize your Fancy Porta Potty depending upon your requirements and application.


  1. What is the Possible Solution to Disinfect the Fancy Porta Potty?

The best solution to disinfect your Fancy Porta Potty is to use a potent disinfect for cleaning bacteria from the floor, ceiling, walls, and every corner.


  1. How Does the Fancy Porta Potty Help in Disaster Relief?

The Fancy Porta Potty helps in providing relief to the sufferers of floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.


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