Fast Assembly Container House Manufacturer

  • Size 3m(W) x 6m(L) x 2.7m(H), 40HQ Load 15 Units
  • Competitive Price
  • Many Available Layouts to Choose From, or Custom Made
  • Fast Assembly
  • Parts and Equipment of Fast Assembly Container House have CE Certificate, Factory ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified

Your Reliable Partner and Fast Assembly Container House Manufacturer in China

Fast assembly container house with size 3m(W) x 6m(L) x 2.7m(H). 15 units can be loaded in 40HQ. Standard container house size is usually 2.438m wide and cannot meet some special needs like 3m width requirement.

Yes, you can custom make standard container house but must load in the 40ft open top. This open top container freight is very high, almost double 40HQ. Now fast assembly container house is a good choice. The frame is in pieces to assemble on site with screws.

It’s easy and fast as 4 people working half day can finish 1 set. Sunnyda house will provide assembly video showing you step by step assembly process.

Price is very competitive. We promote this system due to the unique 3m wide, 15 units in a 40HQ and fast assembly. You may think fast assembly container house area is bigger than the standard 20ft container house, why price is even better. We don’t compromise on quality, frame is the same hot-dip galvanized steel with marine paint.

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Fast assembly container house, size 3000x6000x2700mm
STEEL FRAME(Dark grey color)  


L=56802 PCSpcsBoth ends Pre-drilled holes
With tolerance, callipers measured 2.2mm thk
2L=26802 PCSpcsBoth ends Pre-drilled holes
With tolerance, callipers measured 2.2mm thk



L=56802 PCSpcsBoth ends and middle part Pre-drilled holes
With tolerance, callipers measured 2.2mm thk
4L=26802 PCSpcsBoth ends Pre-drilled holes
With tolerance, callipers measured 2.2mm thk
5160*160*2.3 COLUMNL=25004 PCSpcsWelded
With tolerance, callipers measured 2.2mm thk
6STEEL SQUARE TUBE 50*50*1.8L=2825-57 PCSpcsRoof cross beam(with U lock)
With tolerance, callipers measured 1.5mm thk
7STEEL SQUARE TUBE16*19*1.2L=5830-104 PCSpcsRoof beam
With tolerance, callipers measured 1.0 mm thk
8STEEL SQUARE TUBE50*70*1.8L=29309 PCSpcsFloor cross beam
With tolerance, callipers measured 1.5mm thk
9STEEL SQUARE TUBE25*25*1.2L=28302 PCSpcsFloor cross beam
With tolerance, callipers measured 1.0mm thk
10Roof corner fitting4 PCSpcs
11Floor corner fitting4 PCSpcs
12310*50*1.5                  ROOF GUTTER 


2 PCSpcsInner size 2805*225
With tolerance, callipers measured 1.3mm thk
1hexagon socket head cap screwM10X2588pcsConnect column to corner fitting
Roof/floor/wall material  


Wall sandwich panel1150*2550*5015


0.4/50/0.4mm EPS sandwich panel


Steel door840*20301


In the middle of 6m side


UPVC window1120*11002


Double glass window
In the 6 m side




Single steel sheet PPGI


Corrugated roof sheet5460*10303


Single steel sheet PPGI 0.45mm


PVC floor2830*5850*1.61


Light blue color


Rock wool12000*12002





MGO board


75mm screw65



45mm screw108



25mm screw10



Phillips screws40


For floor


Phillips head semicircular head130


Decorative moulding  










Electrical system  


Electrical system1


Electric distribution box 1 pcs
Schenider switch


Switch 2k220v, 50HZ1


Double switch


Sockets220v, 50HZ4


Double socket


Ceiling lightDouble light each2



External lightIP651



Supply Ability:  300 set per Month

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: 15 fast assemble container house load in a 40HQ

Port:                         Shanghai port

Delivery time:        15 days

Installation:            At least 2 engineers to help on site or send very specific installation manual

Our Service:        Engineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business

Sunnyda Support Your Business

Sunnyda Fast Assembly Container House

The only difference is 2.2mm thick, compared to standard 20ft container house with 4mm. Fast assembly container house is very strong as well. Fast assembly container house can be used as temporary accommodation, container camp, storage container apartment, security cabin, ablution block, flat pack food containers, etc.

Sunnyda house ships this fast assembly container house regularly to South America countries like Peru, Chile, Bolivia and etc. per month. Also, it ships to numerous clients from other countries like New Caledonia, Spain, Malaysia, New Zealand, etc. Delivery is 15 days for any quantity. Indoor equipment can be sent together with house.

We only use CE certified equipment. Till now we help clients send countless related goods like stainless steel kitchen articles, household appliances, sanitary wares, machines, cranes, etc. We provide one-stop solution for the turnkey project.

Sunnyda house is a reliable factory with rich experience on fast assembly container house production for 10 years, certificate with ISO9001 and ISO14001, we are glad to accept third party inspection before shipping.

You’re welcome to visit our factory.

Complete Guide: Fast Assembly Container House


Pic 1 – Fast assembly container house – assembly process

There are many options when it comes to housing solutions. The best part is that you do not have to spend a lot of money anymore on some conventional house. This is because we now have the fast assembly container house. The use of container houses has been on the rise. This should drive more people to see just how important this type of housing is.

Advantages of Fast Assembly Container House

Pic 2 – Fast assembly container house – sample house


You can never overlook the toughness and durability of a container. This is because these containers are made from tough steel frame and thus will remain in service for years.

We make sure that the frames and wall you get for your house are of high quality. This means that they will be able to withstand any weather conditions for years to come.

Comparing to other eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastics that some use for constructions, our container houses will always outlast them. Keep in mind that the fast assembly container houses also do not harm the environment. As a result, they can be a nice alternative.

Great flexibility

One thing that most people love about fast assembly container homes is that they offer great flexibility. This is because they allow for offsite construction. All you have to do later on is assemble it where you want.

For those living in remote areas, sometimes it can be tough to get all your construction materials to the site. This might make the whole process of constructing a home expensive. You can skip all that by choosing our fast assembly container houses.

Eco-friendly solution

Since more people now have been educated about the eco-friendliness of fast assembly container houses, they are warming up to the idea of using them for housing solutions. Also consider that using the container house is a way of recycling the steel frames in some cases. Instead of it being left to rust away in the fields, it gets a new purpose.

Generally affordable

If you are on a budget but still want to get the best house, then the use of the fast assembly container house is a great option. Cost is always an inhibitor to owning a great house, but that changes today.

Depending on the size of house you want, the price can slightly vary. It will be great to contact us with your desired house size for us to give you an affordable quote.

Great portability

Since the name of the house involves the name assembly, it immediately prompts the idea of portability. Well, that is true as you can easily take the house to another place and set it up again. For those who often move a lot, this is a great option. You will not have to sell your house just to buy another one later on.

The overall design makes it possible to build it just as fast as it is intended. Within just 2 days, you should have your house complete and ready for occupation.

Who Needs Fast Assembly Container House

Pic 3- Fast assembly container house – finished house

There are so many applications you can get with the fast assembly container house. Other than being your home, below are some of the applications that such a house can come in handy.

Office setup

Several industries often need that you set up an office in a place for a while and still move it when you are done with a project. This includes the construction industry or if you are in the drilling business. Well, having an office in such businesses is inevitable. No need to spend money and time building permanent offices that you cannot take with you.

It is not limited to just those two fields. You can always set up a permanent office using the fast assembly container house if you have to since they are durable.

Mobile clinics

The medical world can also benefit from using these fast assembly container houses. They allow for the medics to take their services to different remote areas. You will simply set up the mobile clinics in just a few hours and start attending to the patients.

It is a great way of improving health awareness as compared to building a conventional hospital, which would take a lot of time. They can also be used while a permanent hospital is setup.


Yes, even a hotel can be set up when it comes to using fast assembly container houses. We work with people from different industries and hotels is one of them. You can now set up a nice hotel without having to spend a lot of money.

The hotel design will have the best insulation and other amenities that make the visitors feel it is worth paying for a room. It will also not take long to have it operational. We have many success stories involving container hotels.


You might need a place to store your goods. Renting a warehouse can be expensive keeping in mind you have to pay rent. A simple solution is to get a fast assembly container house.

You can even set up a shop if you are looking to sell the products straight from the fast assembly container house. This means that it can end up being a multipurpose building depending on the client.

Vacation house

For those who own beach properties, this can be a nice addition to your beach house. It can even serve as a vacation house in remote areas. Since you might be there more often, this house type is just perfect. Also, you will not have to book hotel rooms each time you go to the property. It will be a nice experience of home away from home.

What we do

Pic 4 – fist assembly container house – assembling the house

Design and Engineering

The whole process starts with designing and engineering the house correctly. We do have templates that a client can choose from as for the design. Nevertheless, we also allow for custom buildings. This means that a client can work with the design time team so that the house looks as he wants.

The use of new technology, which involves rendering and simulation of the houses makes it possible to see how the house would look once complete.

Once the design has been approved, the engineering team takes over to help realize the house. This involves creating the house using the right material and ensure the industry standards are met. We do not want the client to end up with a substandard house. It is always better to pick our fast assembly container house.


Once the house has been finished, it is then shipped to the client for installation to be carried out. The projects at this point are handled by our construction team. We have many qualified personnel on the team to ensure the process is smooth and done professionally.

The setup process should not take long. Mostly within a couple of days you should have the house ready for occupation.

Also, we offer after sale service once the installation is done. Simply contact us and we should have someone available to handle your needs.


Some people ask if we ship worldwide. Yes, we do ship worldwide to ensure that you have an affordable house. We work out all the logistics for shipping and getting the house to where you are. This means you just have to relax and let us get your new house to you.

How to choose the right Fast Assembly Container House manufacturer in China

Pic 5 – Fast assembly container house – finished product

Choose a rich experience in Fast Assembly Container House manufacture and export.

It is always like the right thing to do if the manufacturer has experience in the field. At least you will have the confidence of using the brand if they have a proven track record. We have been making these houses for years now. As a result, we know which materials to use to keep the house durable for long. Also, we can make the best design for your fast assembly container house. It does not have to be boring like others you see around.

Choose longer lifetime Fast Assembly Container House.

Getting yourself a house often means that you need to consider the durability. Having the best durability is crucial to save you money in the long run. Go for fast assembly container houses that will provide the best durability and toughness options. You can even inspect the materials before they can be converted to houses just to be sure. We allow our clients to tour the factory so that they can be shown the materials used in the process.

Choose no rust steel frame

The frame that you choose is crucial for durability. If at the end the frame starts to rust, then it is going to greatly reduce the durability of the house. Well, check out what the manufacturer uses for construction just to make sure it is something durable. Do not always go for the cheap option as sometimes you might end up with a cheap steel frame that does not last for long.

Choose good quality for house parts and equipment

The quality of house parts and equipment you want in the house is also crucial. No one wants to have parts that easily break all the time. Sometimes spending that extra dime helps to get top tier equipment. Such equipment will last you for years to come. For all our clients, they can be sure to get quality house parts from us. We work with top brands to ensure everything we put in your house is going to be top quality.

Choose supplier can do good water collection system

The water system in any house is important. No one wants to be in a house that does not have proper plumbing system. Since it is going to be a fully functional house, we love it to look great also. This goes for the water system. The faucets will look good and still function just as expected.

The water collection system is also included. You have the system harnessing the rain water for storage also. You will definitely like having a nice additional water stored in your backyard.

Choose a short lead time manufacturer.

The one advantage that often stands out for fast assembly container houses should be that they take less time to get them done. It is the reason you want the lead time from the manufacturer to be also short. As a result, find a manufacturer that will not take over a month just to get your house ready.

For us, we can have your house ready in 15 to 30 days depending on the design, quantity, and complexity. All our clients are happy with quality and short time we can deliver the houses.

Choose good service manufacturer

It is always easy to tell if the company offers good service by checking out the reviews. The reviews about any company is going to tell you if it is a company you can opt for. Generally, make sure to do a bit of research first. Check out several review sites to see just how good the company is. We do have many positive reviews which all show that we are good at what we do.

Use and Maintenance Tips to Consider

  1. It is recommended that once the structure is setup, the user should not adjust its structure or remove any bolts used for the set up. This is because you might end up affecting the overall stability of the house.
  2. If you have to set up additional electrical wiring, make sure it runs through a PVC. This is important to eliminate any risks of an electrical shock.
  3. Repainting of the house is often recommended. This can be done after two years. The aim of repainting is to further protect the steel and keep your house looking good for longer.
  4. Keep in mind that the roof should not be loaded with heavy items. It involves having huge water tanks being set up on the roof. You can have the tanks behind the building.
  5. Always keep the kitchen well ventilated. This is to allow for the heat to escape so that it does not affect the walls or even steel construction. The same goes for a toilet, which needs to have proper anti-corrosion setup.


Fast assembly container houses have made it possible for many people to enjoy having a good, but affordable house. You too could have such a house if you decide to place a request today. We will work with you through every step just to ensure you have the house you have always wanted. Talk to us today with plans of your desired house and we will be happy to oblige.

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