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Sunnyda is a popular and professional company that manufactures all kinds of construction materials, including Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel.

We produce it in extraordinary quality: super-lightweight, impeccable quality, and incredible performance to beat all other materials in the quality and performance.

Moreover, we also tend to produce more powerful, sturdy, durable, and reliable material that you can confidently install anywhere you want.

Delightfully, all these superior features are available at an affordable price.

Luckily, Sunnyda’s is an outstanding Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel Supplier because our products are corrosion-free, weather-resisting, scratch-free, and water-proof that distinguishes them from the other traditional construction materials.

Furthermore, the material we use at Sunnyda is high in strength: neither split, fissure, nor cracks but remains as it is for years and years.

The backbone of our premium quality and superiorly performing Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is our hardworking, experienced, and dedicated staff who produce 100% quality products after their dawn to dusk struggle.

Further, we also have well-trained customer service agents who are always ready (24/7) to resolve your queries professionally and courteously.

One more thing, our company’s delivery chain is also fast and efficient; we deliver the ordered product within the set schedules; delaying the order is not in the definition of our professionalism.

So, if you also want to buy a Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel or the products made of it, feel free to contact Sunnyda. We can also customize lightweight materials of different sizes, shapes, and designs, the right what you have in your mind.

Panel Thickness
Hot Modulus(K)
W/m2 oC
Steel Th.
Steel Weight
Panel Weight

PU panel: Polyurethane sandwich panel

Thermal Conductivity: 0.021 W/mK

Temperature range: up to 110°C

Water absorption: 2.5-3%


Ceiling and surround for clean factory, workshop for clean products, warehouse, cold room., long span panel, reinforcing the original structure, temporary office, shop, market, koist.


1, Fire rating: B2

2, Thickness: 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm

3, Width: 1000mm (effective 970mm)

4, Length: no limited, recommend less than 11.85m fit for 40HQ

5, Steel thickness: 0.4-0.8mm

6, PU density: 35-45 kg/m3

7, Surface: Flat or groove

8, Joint: Tongue and groove

9, Paint: PE, PVDF, HDPE, SMP, RMP

10, Color: Any RAL color

11, Delivery: 7 days

12, Production capacity: 3500m2 per day

13, Free sample

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Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel-A Crucial Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

A Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is an ultra-light but super-strong building material that can be used for endless purposes due to its heart-winning features.

This latest building material is antibacterial and doesn’t let the germs stay on it; moreover, it is also fire-proof in quality that protects you from risks and mishaps.

Apart from being fireproof and antibacterial, this potent material is also antistatic, weather-resistant, and corrosion-free; hence, the changing weather doesn’t cast any impact on it.

Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is also waterproof and keeps your walls protected from water; it holds endless features, indeed.

Its strong sheets and powerful core increase its life manifolds; in fact, more than your expectations; once you have done with its installation, you can remove it anytime and install it anywhere else you want.

This elegant and lightweight material is also environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is easy to install and low-maintaining construction material that facilitates you in all possible ways.

In this guide, we have also briefed on many other helpful factors of this valuable material.

Let’s figure them out!


1.What is a Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?
2.What are the Main Features of a Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?
3.What are the Structural Features of a Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?
4.What are the Major Characteristics of a Customized Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?
5.How Strong is a Fiberglass Honey Panel’s Core?
6.What Material is used to Manufacture Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?
7.Why the Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is being used in Aviation Industry?
8.What is the Purpose of Manufacturing Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?
9.What are the Reasons to Prefer Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?
10.What are the Benefits of a Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?
11.What are the Applications of Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?
12.What are the Steps to Maintain your Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?
13.What are the Major uses of a Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?
14.Why is the use of Fiberglass Honeycomb Increasing Particularly in Commercial Areas?
15.Why is Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel Considered as one of the Best Wall Decorative Material?
16.What is the Difference Between Aluminum Honeycomb Panel and Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?


What is a Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?

Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is a sturdy and well-resisted construction material that is made up of a glass-reinforced plastic honeycomb board.

The resistance of the Fiberglass Honeycomb Core Panels is high because of their strong structure and detailed manufacturing.

This first-grade material is composed of a honeycomb sandwich structure that is why it is known as Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel.

It is hot-pressed and prefabricated to make it strong from inside and outside. Further, its combination of honeycomb core material and high-strength glass fiber cloth also give it an unbeatable performance.

This high-grade construction material provides a stiff, flat, and durable structure to be used in different construction projects to add the required strength to the buildings.

The high strength factor makes it scratch-proof and impact-proof; these both qualities are the sign of longevity.

The most inspiring feature of the Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is the ultra-lightweight that makes it easy to use and easy to install in different fields.

Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is made by sandwiching an aluminum honeycomb plate between two skins of fiberglass prepreg. The structure is then secured by hot pressing; moreover, it is permanently bonded to its aluminum honeycomb core.


What are the Main Features of a Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?

The main features of this premium quality Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel are as follows:


Weather Resistance:

The fiberglass sheet in the Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is manufactured by a thermostatic polymer material, an excellent temperature resistor; the temperature varies from – 70°C ~ 80°C.

Due to this, temperature resistor technology keeps the heat and coldness away from the place it is applied.


Impact Resistance:

This high-grade Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel contains glass fiber reinforced material, which adds improvement to the material and enhances its anti-impact performance.

This material can resist the impact of hailing, unexpected weather, and any distress situation it encounters.


Corrosion Resistance:

Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel has the ability to withstand different acid, alkali, and chemical matters. Due to this feature, it is suitable for coastal and corrosive places.

The rust-free features increase its life and reduce the maintenance cost.


Chemical Resistance:

The product’s outer surface has a high-quality colored gel coat; its performance is extremely reliable and trustworthy because the gel coat resin is efficient enough to provide it additional strength.

This powerful coating makes it weather-resistant; in this way, it doesn’t get affected by coherent chemicals, alkali, acids, or any other environmental factor.

Moreover, it also helps in improving the finishing of the material, and in this way, it can be used in numerous fields.

There are many more remarkable features of this Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel: it contains excellent light, corrosion resistance, discoloration, and anti-sunlight features.

The ability to withstand the chemicals makes it more powerful and sturdy.



Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel lightweight, and it can help to reduce the extra weight where it is being applied.

The lightweight material is easy to carry, lift, and apply; it helps to uplift the quality coefficient of the building. Moreover, the lightweight reduces the labor force, labor cost, and labor hours too.


Damage Coverage:

If a Fiberglass Panel is damaged due to any reason, it can be easily repaired without showing any obvious sign or mark of repair. The damage coverage makes it a very suitable product for you.


What are the Structural Features of a Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?

The structural design of the Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is very significant as it has an 8mm cell-sized core.

Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel’s core has a layer of 18oz resin mixed with fiberglass on both sides, which gives it a glossy white look. Its sturdy structure withstands every odd weather and situation.

The structural construction material of this item is polypropylene honeycomb that is non-flammable; it has a great impact on strength as well as high insulation properties that make the building thermal and soundproof.

Commonly, the product is sold as an individual sheet, and the sizes of the Fiberglass Honeycomb Sheets are 4’ × 8’.


What are the Major Characteristics of a Customized Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?

A customized Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is an ideal product for many applications where a flat, rigid, and super-light material is needed.

When fiberglass skin is separated from an aramid honeycomb core, it provides greater strength to the product than those who only have skins.

If you apply fiberglass prepreg as an outer layer of the product, it will give a high rate of firmness, excellent electrical resistivity, compressive strength, design flexibility, and dimensional stability.

This customized Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is preserved with very high temperature and pressure, which then results in fully consolidated fiberglass skin; further, it is securely attached to the aramid honeycomb core.

The honeycomb cells are not filled with resin while using a prepreg; therefore, it ensures that the product does not retain the extra weight of the resin.

The Fiberglass Honeycomb panel is made with a high-strength aramid honeycomb, and it is lightweight.

Our product features high compressive strength and low core density compared to other products like balsa and foam core sandwich panel.

High-quality raw materials are used to keep the quality and strength of this building material intact for a lightweight aramid honeycomb made with very high properties that are bondable.

Moreover, to make this customized material more stiff and rigid, a thicker core can be used, keeping the weight and the cost substantially under control. In addition, it can also be configured right according to the user’s needs and likings.

The configured Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is different in layout and design than the normal manufacturer design. For the customization, the company designs the materials according to the desires of the buyer.


How Strong is a Fiberglass Honey Panel’s Core?

Fiberglass Reinforced Honeycomb Panel comprises two gel-coated sheets or “skins” with a central core of honeycomb polyethylene bonded or “sandwiched” between the two sheets of fiberglass.

It gives the product a lightweight yet rigid appearance; eventually, the sheet becomes flexible.

The advantage of being so lightweight, the polypropylene honeycomb core material gives a sound-reducing quality.

The Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel has a waterproof core that can extend its life for decades, regardless of changing climate or severe weather conditions. It is joined together by fiberglass standard techniques.

Typically, Polypropylene Honeycomb Center is Constructed According to the Below Figures:

  • Thickness:000″ (1″)
  • Width: Varies
  • Length: Varies
  • Finish: Gel Coated Fiberglass


What Material is used to Manufacture Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?

The Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is made by combining glass-reinforced plastic and honeycomb boards that together give it strength despite its lightweight.

Further, it is made with a complex honeycomb structure, high-strength glass fiber cloth, prefabricated fiberglass panel, and honeycomb material.

Typically, this constructing material is made up of five different layers that together make it stronger, resistant, and multifunctional.


Why the Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is Being used in Aviation Industry?

The manufacturing industries like military applications, business, and commercial jets, rotorcrafts, high-end automotive, and boats use Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel in their products.

The main reason for using this material is to lessen the weight and maximize strength and rigidity. It has fire resistance, with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) that has an order to hold backfires on the aircraft.

In addition, aircraft flights use Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel; it is used to control the surface of the spoiler, aileron, rudder, and flap.

Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is used in the structure of an aircraft for designing purposes.

It is used in construction projects and buildings, be it for renovation or any other matter.

It is used in office buildings and industrial buildings also in private houses and weather renovations.


What is the Purpose of Manufacturing  Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?

The Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel provides an outstanding stiffness that supports the walls and makes them strong and sturdy.

Another factor that motivates the preparation of this building material is its variety of possible functions and needs for these structural elements.

The hefty core of the Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel magically boosts up its quality; that is why its production and selling ratio is rapidly increasing.

The versatility and uniqueness of this material come due to the superior finishing of polypropylene; it helps in deadening the sound. The unparalleled resisting features make this material structurally unique and smooth to install anywhere you want.

The easy installation is also exceedingly increasing its production, usage, and applications.

This thermal resistant material resists the temperature, sound, and water that appeals to every user; hence, its manufacturing and selling prices are drastically elevating.


What is the Reason to Prefer Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?

Reasons to prefer the Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel are:

  • It is a lightweight product with the right amount of rigidity and strength; its strength, stiffness, and compactness increase its functionality and application in numerous areas.
  • Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is made by sandwiching aluminum honeycomb core in between 2 plates of fiberglass prepreg.
  • The skins of fiberglass prepreg are secured by hot compression, and they are fully connected to the aluminum honeycomb core.
  • High tensile strength, dimensional strength, compressive strength, excellent electrical resistivity, and design flexibility in structural skins are created by using fiberglass prepreg.
  • If you are eager to add up the stiffness to it, a thicker aluminum honeycomb core can be applied without enhancing its sustainability.


What are the Benefits of a Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?

The most inspiring benefits of this high-grade Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel are:

  • The Honeycomb Sandwich Panel is strong yet lightweight construction material.
  • It has a composite structure made by integrating two different components of modern composites.
  • Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel plays an important role across various industries as there are various types of powerful materials used in the creation of this withstanding material.
  • Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel can be constituted with different types of constituents like non-metallic, lightweight panels, and more.
  • Apart from this, there are endless applications and uses of this most popular building material. Due to its strength and power, you can use it in any industry, and you can also use it for commercial purposes.
  • These materials are hot-pressed and transformed into a stronger form because this molded structure is high in strength, awesome in impact resistance, and scratch-resistance.


What are the Applications of Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?

Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is applicable in several places, mighty and a few are below:

Truck Body Panels:

FRP GRP Honeycomb Panel is used to build up light weighted and nice-looking truck bodies. It’s easy and quick to assemble; moreover, you can easily install it with proper aluminum extrusions.

In addition, you can use Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel in different kinds of super marine structures like decks, hulls, bulkheads, etc.


Partition Wall:

The FRP Honeycomb Panel is pretty strong to be used for heavy machinery and large-scale building materials.

You can also install Fiberglass Honeycomb Board as a partition material, such as a wall partition, protective fence of site, etc. because it has low-maintenance properties that make it the best buddy for wall partitions.


Substrate Material:

You can install Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel to be used as supporting substrate material. In this way, this construction material is a fantastic option to build some other useful materials: Stone Honeycomb Panel, Acrylic Honeycomb Panel, or to achieve a lightweight but strong and Flat Composite Panel.



Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is a hefty building material that can also be used for flooring, such as stage floors, etc. Hence, it is made to replace plywood in marine crafts, truck bodies, trailers, camper walls, and others.


What are the Steps to Maintain your Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?

Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is known as low-maintaining material that is high-resisting construction material; therefore, it neither tears nor shatters or breaks.

It saves your annual repairing cost because, unlike paints, other random panels, or a cement wall, it has a minimal maintenance cost. Other materials break very quickly; hence, you need to spend a hefty amount on repairing random materials than Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel.

Moreover, you do not have to spend hours and hours cleaning this construction material because it is scratch-resistant, so you don’t get scratches on it. Then it also repels grime and dust; hence, on and off cleaning is enough.

Adding on, it is also a hygienic construction that neither molds nor lets microbes stay on. Therefore, it is not that compulsory to wipe it out regularly; weekly cleaning is enough.


What are the Major uses of a Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?

The Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is used in the following places:

  • Rotor crafts
  • Military applications,
  • Commercial and business jets
  • High-grades boats
  • Automotive applications

Major uses of FRP Honeycomb Panel are:

  • The integral reason to use this material minimizes the weight of the industrial machinery but elevates their stiffness.
  • It is also used by the Federal Aviation Administration due to its fire-proof nature; it keeps the fire of the rocket back.
  • You can also use it to design the structure of various machines, aircraft, jets, and some other materials.
  • To keep the walls protected from intense weather, investing in it is a wise decision.
  • If you want to use Honeycomb Fiberglass, some best places are ceilings, partitions, monuments, bulkheads due to its interwoven fiberglass material.


Why is the use of Fiberglass Honeycomb Increasing Particularly in Commercial Areas?

Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is drastically increasing in the commercial areas because these building materials are a perfect fit for long-heightened buildings.

This high-ended material is soundproof, and the place where it is installed keeps the sound away; hence, the worker can perform their tasks attentively in a peaceful environment.

The Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel neither deteriorates nor cracks due to the changing weather and ultimately reduces the maintenance cost; this is also a significant reason to pick this high-class panel.

Further, this critical wall material is also corrosion-free that isn’t affected by chemicals, rain, or water. The rust-free, withstanding, and waterproof nature makes it the most appealing for commercial areas.

The super-lightweight and easy installation also make it the best bet for commercial buildings.

Unlike the typical construction materials, Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is waterproof, and the area where it is being installed increases the life of the walls, roofs, and ceiling.

The premium performance decreases the labor cost and regular cleaning cost; in this way, the main cost you spend is only its purchase cost.


Why is Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel Considered as one of the Best Wall Decorative Material?

The purpose of the Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is not limited to strengthening the building’s part, but it is also used to decorate the different parts of the building it is being placed in.

The beautiful designs, layouts, and colors of this construction material lift the beauty of your home.

Wherever you install it, you would find an inspiring look; many people pick the color of this material by matching it with different accessories of your home.

This decorative material is being used in malls, meeting rooms, auditoriums, and offices to get multiple benefits.

You won’t only get a strengthening wall and roof but an artistic, heat-melting, and jaw-dropping surrounding that will make you calm.

Further, this decorative material is budget-friendly, which means you do not need to invest an extra amount to get material for decorating your room because the Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is a powerpack. It offers style, class, strength, design, and elegance in one place!


What is the Difference Between Aluminum Honeycomb Panel and Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel, in particular, offers a vast range of benefits and properties that are specifically useful in aerospace applications.

The stiffness of the Aluminum Honeycomb Panel is second to none, as its length-to-weight ratio is far better than other available materials.

Its resistance to compression is also high; moreover, its resistance to heat, temperature fluctuation, and shear is also incredible- all of which are particularly important in construction scenarios.

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel is non-moisture, so it would make no difference on it, whether you are washing it or getting wet in the rain.


Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel

Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is a matchless construction material that is slightly different from the Aluminum Honeycomb Panel due to its adorable features: sturdy core material, multitasking natures, and a broad range of applications.

Instead of being the most powerful, it is lighter in weight than any other material used in construction. This award-winning construction material can be used almost in every field wherever you want.

Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is prepared when the aluminum honeycomb core is sandwiched between 2 skins of fiberglass. This material makes it stiff, powerful and strengthening. Its powerful prepreg skins are hot pressing to turn into more gigantic, resisting, and decorative material that could face all odds powerfully.



Buying a Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel without knowing about its manufacturer (reliable), features, uses, installation, and maintenance can put you in trouble.

You need to be vigilant before taking any step; don’t skip the crucial consideration of pre-installation, post-installation, maintenance, etc., because often, minor negligence creates big harm.

Therefore, in this guide, we have mentioned all the necessary information about the Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel; you can read it in advance to better understand its use and maintenance.

If you want to cheer the benefits of this material, keep a keen eye on its condition; if you find any flaw, resolve the issues then and there before lingering it on.


FAQs of Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel.

Why Prefer Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel over Traditional Construction Materials?

The Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is unique from traditional materials because it is a bit decorative, but the previous materials were only used for construction.

It is also easier to install than the conventional construction materials; further, its cleaning and maintenance are also more uncomplicated and straightforward.


How Unique is the Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?

The high-ended features of the Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel make it unique and versatile; it is the most durable construction material that serves you for multiple years.

One more reason for its uniqueness is its low price, lightweight yet first-grade structural material, the key to its strength.


Is it Safe to Invest in a Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?

Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is the most impressive building material in the market that doesn’t break the buyer’s budget.

If we measure the features and their price, we will find features heavier. Getting endless features of construction material at a low price is unbelievable nowadays, but this FRP Honeycomb Sandwich Panel has made a new history.


What are the Benefits of a Sound-Resisting Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel?

In many places, schools, hospitals, and offices, the nose is a significant interruption, especially in a commercial area.

Therefore, the Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel comprises noise-restoring materials that keep resisting the noise and provide a calming, relaxing, and peaceful environment for greater productivity.


Why is the Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel the most Functional and Strong?

The multiple interesting features of the Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel make it strong to bear the pressure, forceful hit, or any other exerted force.

In this way, it doesn’t break, crack, or smash, which is why it is known as a powerful and strong construction material. Further, this building material is the most functional because it actively keeps resisting the changes efficiently and protects the installed area.


What makes the Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel Rust-Free?

The inside building material of the Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel makes it corrosion-free. The fiberglass and its other cores (PP, PVC, Nomex) are strong enough to face the changing weather and the chemicals.

Their vigorous fight with the substances doesn’t let them go under chemical reactions; as a result, the material remains new and fresh for years.


What are the Reasons to Make a Customized Honeycomb Panel?

Several buyers like to get the Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel of their choice that is different in height, width, and length, somehow in material, too.

Many times they also like to get additional layers of the core to make it super-strengthening. The customized Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is made right according to the buyers’ demand.


What is the use of a Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel in Aerospace?

The Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel stands out due to its lighter weight and powerful features than any other construction materials.

These unique qualities make it famous in aerospace, and it is being used for building aircraft, jet engines, propellers, rockets, etc. There are many other products made up of high-grade material that serve in aerospace.


Why is the Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel a Low-Maintaining Material?

It is the latest wall construction material that contains unique properties to resist every odd thing, and in return, you don’t need to exert your bucks, time, and energy for its maintenance.

It doesn’t let the dust stick to it; moreover, it also repels the molds and microbes and is considered a hygiene-friendly material.

Therefore, you don’t need to clean it regularly, and similarly, you don’t have to call any labor for its monthly maintenance.


Why is the Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel Quick to Install?

Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is quick as well as hassle-free to install because its handling is easy. The loading and unloading of this material are relatively easy and safe than other random materials; moreover, its lightweight makes installing, taping, masking, and finishing easier.

If you have a little awareness of the construction materials, you can quickly and speedily install them with some of your friends or members. Yet, taking the help of professionals is pretty wise and safe.


What are the Benefits of Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel for its Light Weight?

The Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel is light in weight because heavy materials are difficult to install and take to the construction site.

Moreover, heavier materials are often easy to break, but the lightness of this material makes it comfortable in maintenance.

Its lightweight has no connection with the stiffness as being light in weight; it is also one of the most powerful materials.

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