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  • Thickness 40-200mm
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If you are eager to get durable yet trendy construction material for your homes, offices, and vehicles Fiberglass Sandwich Panel by Sunnyda is a perfect option for you as it can save you from monthly or yearly construction expenditures.

Currently, a long list of construction materials is available in the market, but Fiberglass Sandwich Panel wins the race due to its top-notch quality, sturdy material, additional features, and long life; above all, this construction material doesn’t break your bank.

It is considered the most stable, toughest, non-absorbent, and scratch-resistant, etc.

Here is one huge problem; every company doesn’t manufacture it in premium quality; this lower quality can put you at a huge loss and risk; therefore, a need arises to rush into the most trustworthy manufacturer and supplier, Sunnyda.

Sunnyda stands out from all other manufacturing companies due to toits reliable material, versatile designs, and heart-winning customer service. We aim to manufacture construction materials that are worth the buyers’ investment.

The Fiberglass Sandwich Panel, designed by Sunnyda, is a genuine combination of stain-resistant, easy to clean, powerful, and dependable material.

One more silver lining of Sunnyda is the production of this building material in an environment-friendly environment form. Yes, aside from delivering the latest, lighter, stronger, and easy-to-install Fiberglass Sandwich Panel, we also provide you with an environment-supportive product.

If you are looking for a durable and long-lasting Fiberglass Sandwich Panel, contact us. Our customer service is 24/7 available to entertain your queries.

Panel Thickness

Panel WeightKAverage Sound Insulation(bd)

Max. Span At Load 50kg/m2


KgW/m2 0C

Kcal/m2 h 0C










Color EPS steel sandwich panel

Surface s colored steel sheet, core material is self-extinguishing polystyrene. It is continous heated and pressured in molding machine, then composited by the heat-curing adhesive. Its very light, 1/20-1/30 equivalent weight of concrete, keeping warm and insulating heat, its heat transfer value is 0.034W/mk. Easy to install. It’s new material with all the advantages of weight bearing, warm keeping, waterproofing, decoration.


Ceiling and surround for clean factory, workshop for clean products, warehouse, cold room., long span panel, reinforcing the original structure, temporary office, shop, market, koist.


1, Fire rating: B1

2, Thickness: 50mm, 60mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180m, 200mm

3, Width:  Wall-1200mm (effective 1150mm), 1000mm (effective 950mm), Roof- 1000mm (effective 980)

4, Length: no limited, recommend less than 11.85m fit for 40HQ

5, Steel thickness: 0.4-0.8mm

6, EPS density: 12-20 kg/m3

7, Surface: Wall flat or groove, roof corrugated

8, Joint: Tongue and groove

9, Paint: PE, PVDF, HDPE, SMP, RMP

10, Color: Any RAL color

11, Delivery: 4-7 days

12, Production capacity: 3500m2 per day

13, Free sample

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A Crucial Buying Guide of Fiberglass Sandwich Panel by Sunnyda.

Fiberglass Sandwich Panel is one of the most worth-choosing building materials; you can install this material anywhere you want due to its sturdy nature.

Fiberglass Sandwich Panel is one of the most recommended materials by architectures due to its greatest resistance level and higher pressure endurance. It can bear the intensity of every changing environment; moreover, it withstands rain, wind, and storm.

Apart from a high-resistance level, Fiberglass Sandwich Panel is also water-proof and corrosion-resistance; that is why users prefer it for multiple places of their homes. These all features, altogether, increase the lifespan of it, and in this way, you do not need to replace it semiannually.

Fiberglass Sandwich Panel tends to strengthen the area where it is being installed, and this feature gives it worldwide recognition.

Keep award-winning thesis features in consideration; In this article, we have onboarded a buying guide on the Fiberglass Sandwich Panel; it will deliver you all the information that you need to know.

So, stay along!


1.What is a Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?
2.What are the Features of a Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?
3.What are the Basics of the Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?
4.Which Material is used in the Manufacturing of Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?
5.What is the History and Development of the Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?
6.What Factors are Considered for Manufacturing a Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?
7.What Parameters Should you Consider Before Purchasing your Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?
8.How Unique and Versatile is the Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?
9.What Aspects Make the Fiberglass Sandwich Panel Favorable over Other Materials?
10.Why should you Prefer Fiberglass Wall Panel?
11.What are the Advantages of the Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?
12.Are there any Health Concerns Associated with the Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?
13.What are the Common Places where you can Install a Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?
14.How to Install your Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?
15.How can you Maintain your Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?
16.How can you use a Fiberglass Sandwich Panel for Motorhomes and Caravans?
17.What are the Environmental Considerations of a Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?
18.What are Key Facts for a Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?
19.Aluminum VS Fiberglass Sandwich Panel which is Winner?
20.What Kind of Fiberglass is used for Building Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?


What is a Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?

A Fiberglass Sandwich Panel is a lighter, flexible, and thin panel that increases the worth and strength of the place manifolds where it is being installed.

It can be installed for multiple purposes because its benefits are unlimited; yet, it is an excellent option for buyers who want heat-insulated roofs, decorative walls.

Its extraordinary material provides durability, weather resistance, and compression of the forces; in this way, the roofs of your home and workplace look elegant and potent.

It is effortless to assemble and install this construction material; moreover, you do not need to undergo an extended maintenance list because it is a low-maintenance material by nature.

This strong construction material is also being used in the interior structure of airplanes, caravans, and many other automobiles.


What are the Features of a Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?

Power of Mechanical System

The glass filament of the Fiberglass Foam SandwichPanelhas a higher surface resistance due to its tensile strength or volumetric mass; in addition, it is more sturdy than steel.


Electrical Qualities

Glass filament is used in a Fiberglass Sandwich Panel due to its electrical insulating qualities; however, its thickness increases mechanical strength and extra heat resistance.



Glass strand is a mineral material; therefore, it is generally incombustible material.

It does not support or develop a fire; moreover, it does not produce smoke or harmful compounds when heated.


Dimension Consistency

Fiberglass Plywood Sheet has a low coefficient of linear expansion that makes them resistant to temperature and humidity. Moreover, it has dimension consistency, so it neither contracts nor expands according to the changing weather.


Light in Weight

It is lighter in weight because reinforced plastic parts are lighter up to 30% than steel parts, but these are equal in thermomechanical qualities.


Final Surface Enhancement

When the glass reinforcements (mats, tissues) are added or molded with the other products, they enhance the surface appearance, but you will be surprised to know- this Plywood Sandwich Panel does not crack, break, or split.


What are the Basics of the Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?

An FRP Sandwich Panel is formed by combining a reinforced agent (carbon, glass, or aramid) and polymer that together delivers a thickness ratio for higher heat resistance.

It consists of additives, core materials, and fillers; none of the material of its merges or dissolves together but acts to support each other; moreover, it helps in structural applications.

These basics of the Fiberglass Sandwich Panel increase its load-carrying capacity; moreover gets more strength.

According to an American’s composites industry, FRP composites provide more strength thin per unit of weight when it is compared with 1/5th weight of the steel or some other metals.


Which Material is used in the Manufacturing of Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?

The Fiberglass Sandwich Panel is made up of glass fiber and two layers of steel sheets and is an excellent choice for heat-insulated roofs, wall cladding of industrial and commercial buildings.

In addition, it is a reinforced plastic material made up of a woven fabric infused with glass fibers.

The fiber (glass, carbon, or basalt) is mixed with resin to create a composite that is exceptionally long-lasting and strong. Furthermore, it comprises two layers of stiff material that also insulates your walls.

Its coating materials are non-porous that casts magical wonders: easy and quick in regular cleaning, resistant to water, and reduces maintenance; moreover, it makes the building look new and aesthetic for many years.

All the components and materials of the Fiberglass Sandwich Panel work together as a composite that delivers desired strength and higher performance- in other random panels, you will miss this appreciable feature.

This strength and potential give it the privilege to get installed in gigantic factories, large-scale industries, and panoramic buildings.


What is the History and Development of the Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?

The Fiberglass Sandwich Panel and Plates have been in use since ancient times because fiberglass was invented so many decades ago.

It was being utilized as composite coating systems in the contemporary eras, especially since its introduction is being used in manufacturing vehicles like trains and planes.

The other way round, in the 1930s, the architects started to use it to construct planes and other building construction.

After the 2nd world war, it became more popular, and many more advancements were introduced in its manufacturing process.

With the passage of every decade, many additions were introduced in its manufacturing, and every time it arose as a more robust material. The range of colors, surface thicknesses, edge details, and profiles are also improving day by day.

Its modern form can be configured in different ways, including twisted, straight, curved, corrugated, and nearly infinite combinations.

When all the parts of this latest 2021 Fiberglass Sandwich Panel are combined, it gets high strength and high pressure to face the climatic changes.


What Factors are Considered for Manufacturing a Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?

It is manufactured in a wide range, in different sizes and different widths, depending on where it is installed.

The factors that are being considered for manufacturing Fiberglass Sandwich Panel are:

  • Installation speed
  • Stiffness
  • Durability
  • Heat, fire, and sound insulation
  • Airtightness
  • Strength
  • Low lifetime costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Low capital cost
  • High resistance and more endurance
  • Chemical and biological resistance
  • Structural light materials need
  • Resistance to weather conditions
  • Producer firms can find standard products in continuous stock


What Parameters Should you Consider Before Purchasing your Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?

Before grabbing a Fiberglass Sandwich Panel, you need to consider the following parameters:

  • When you are going to pick it, be careful because it is a matter of the cash you are going to invest. Moreover, it will remain on your building forever, and you may be looking at it each day. Thus, do not go with a random or below the standard.
  • You also need to keep the purpose of the building in mind because every panel is different from the other: features are different, sizes vary, and width and diameter are also different.
  • Such as; for commercial use, we should consider the aesthetic of the building; moreover, for industrial use panels, you must pick the durable and long-lasting.
  • On the other hand, if you buy it for your domestic use, there are various other factors: your budget, the area you will fit it in, etc.
  • Fiberglass Sandwich Panel is available in different types, and each type uses a particular panel core. The cores are its integral part; in short, these cores are the real cause of strength.
  • You also need to consider the type of glass, the diameter of the bundle, and the fiber.
  • Last but not least, look for the direction and amount of the reinforcement of the Fiberglass Sandwich Panel.


How Unique and Versatile is the Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?

From the first day of manufacturing till now, Fiberglass Sandwich Panel has successfully proved its versatility and uniqueness. It is a versatile building panel due to its high density and polyurethane technology that makes it more superb and striking than any other panel.

It is a cost-friendly solution for any wet construction area, either indoor or outdoor; furthermore, it is lightweight yet strong- a remarkable factor!

It is a 100% waterproof and lightweight building panel. The important thing is that it will not absorb moisture, and you can easily use it without a membrane coating.

It is used in various building applications such as facades, bulkheads, external cladding, waterproof flooring, also a waterproof wall lining for wet areas, and many more. Thinner Fiberglass Sandwich Panel is flexible that allows creativity in designing and enchanting curved factors within the buildings.

In many balconies and showers, it can also be used as adhesion; in addition, in wet areas, it is a solid solution to numerous moisture-related problems.


What Aspects Make the Fiberglass Sandwich Panel Favorable over Other Materials?

The aspects that make the Fiberglass Sandwich Panelfavorable over otters are as follow;

This Fiberglass Foam Sandwich Panel price is affordable; that is why anybody can purchase it easily. There are different color choices that can be used as an outer material of various services.

Unlike other panels, you don’t need to exert any extra effort in its maintenance; apart from this, it doesn’t wear out easily. In addition, it has the specialty that it resists fire and heat due to its heat resistance quality.

It neither rusts nor corrodes due to airflow or waterfall. Furthermore, it also resists microbes; hence, it provides a 99.9% antimicrobial hygienic area.

The quality material makes it superior to the other materials which are used in multiple places like factory buildings, storage buildings, industrial buildings, etc. Furthermore, carbon coating is used when it is installed in trucks and other automotive sectors.


Why should you Prefer Fiberglass Wall Panel?

FRP Sandwich Panel is a power pack that holds multiple features as it provides insulation from heat, fire, and sound.

Fiberglass Sandwich Panel is long-lasting due to its easy maintenance and quick cleaning properties; these characteristics help save money because you don’t need to invest an extra amount in its replacement.

In addition, the Insulated GRP Panel is structurally superlight, easy to lift, and comfortable to manage; moreover, it tends to resist intense weather.

The most vital thing to remember about this strong material is that it keeps the ambiance comfortable and cool because it is fire resistant.

Due to so many par-excellence properties, we highly recommend the Fiberglass Sandwich Panel; you can also prefer it to cheer its endless fun factors.


What are the Advantages of the Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?

The Fiberglass Foam Sandwich Panel is an inexpensive, simple-to-install solution for converting the drywall or any other surfaces into Super walls.

When we see the material of the FRP Sandwich Panel, we find it scratch-resistant; you can use regular detergents, high-pressure washers, and even steam to clean it.

Till now, this FRP Sandwich Panel is at the highest level of sanitation protection. In addition, it is easy to install because you can use multiple techniques for its installation.

One more fantastic feature is its flexibility and abrasion protective nature that keeps it sustained for extended years.

It also stops mold growth and keeps the surface clean and germs-free. Moreover, its high-resistance feature awesomely fights corrosion and keeps the surface rust-free.

This high-grade Fiberglass Sandwich Panel is also ideal for covering broken walls, old or new drywall, and ceiling surfaces.


Are there any Health Concerns Associated with the Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?

Fiberglass is a plastic material consisting of microscopic glass particles formed into thin wires of material that are used to strengthen or insulate polymer products.

Because of the health concerns about cancer that grew over the twentieth century, several countries around the world banned it, while fiberglass production steadily increased, replacing asbestos in numerous uses.

Concerns about asbestos concentrated on the particulate air pollution it created, which resulted in lung ailments such as asbestosis, lung cancer, and many others.

Meanwhile, as the use of fiberglass insulation has increased across the country, there has been an increase in concerns about its health risks.

Yet, the companies are developing strategies to minimize the health concerns associated with it, and many are resolved till now.


What are the Common Places where you can Install a Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?

We cannot enlist every place where this functional Fiberglass Composite Panel can be installed, but some familiar places are mentioned below.

  • Offices
  • Hallways
  • Hospital rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Kitchens, dining rooms, restrooms,
  • Cooling towers and many other secondary areas.
  • The most crucial use of the Fiberglass Composite Panel is on the old drywall to replace the broken surfaces.


How to Install your Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?

The FRP Plywood Sandwich Panel is quite simple and easy to install (no hard or fast rules); you simply fix it with adhesive, or you can also use a few common mechanical pieces of equipment of a carpenter.

It is a fast procedure to cut the area and then install it anywhere you want: on drywall or the other smooth surfaces; further, both in refurbished or new building projects.

If you want to install it on a concrete surface, then you first need to make the surface smooth and level. Then you need to make the walls dry carefully; later, use the basics tool to install it in your desired place.

Note: The area where the Fiberglass Sandwich Panel is going to be installed should be dry; otherwise, water can penetrate inside and can affect the adhesive.

The installation time depends upon the area where it is going to apply, but many times it takes only 30 minutes in a small area, but obviously, it also depends upon the experience and numbers of the laborers.


How can you Maintain your Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?

First of all, keep in mind that the Fiberglass Sandwich Panel requires low maintenance because you do not need to paint it like you are used to on bare walls. Moreover, there is no fear of its wearing out.

Despite having kids at home, you do not need to take any extra care of it.

Well, if you want to protect your Fiberglass Sandwich Panel from the dirt, you are suggested to wash it regularly with a nonabrasive washer.


  • You are recommended to use a soft brush or a sponge for cleaning it because wire brushes or other rough tools are harmful.
  • Instead of a sponge, you can also apply the solvent to the surface and then scrub it in a circular motion. It means your hand would be a replacement for a sponge!
  • If you are using any other product as a cleaner, follow the product’s instructions. For safety, you can apply it in a small area before applying it to the whole surface.

In a nutshell, this low-maintaining material is not as vulnerable as other random materials; thus, it protects you from different risks, mishaps, and extra charges.


How can you use a Fiberglass Sandwich Panel for Motorhomes and Caravans?

Sandwich Panel for Caravans is a popular choice for Motorhomes and Caravans as a replacement for aluminum for inside, outside, and ceiling walls; moreover, for wooden floor construction.

It helps to increase the caravan’s durability and keeps it lighter.

TheFiberglass Plywood Panel offers the best balance of strength and lightness, which allows for significant weight reductions, optimal insulation, maximum construction flexibility, and repairability.

Caravan Composite Wall Panel is coated with a Vetroresina-designed enhanced GELCOAT that enables for minimal bending radius without sacrificing the product’s appearance.

Fiberglass Trailer WallPanelis exclusively used for trailers.

As a result, FRP sheets and panels are the best choices for building campervans, motorhomes, caravans, and recreational vehicles.


What are the Environmental Considerations of a Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?

GRP Sandwich Panel manufacturers are efficient in minimizing the land waste trash.

A lean manufacturing method, also known as a (SMED: Single Minute Exchange of Die), is being used to reduce the waste produced by cutting of Fiberglass Plywood Sheets.

Furthermore, material that fails to pass the first round returns to the quality inspection and can be modified into smaller sizes or used in different applications.

It doesn’t use environmentally harmful paints or cleaners.

Note: The Fiberglass Sandwich Panel Industries need to participate a bit more in landfill avoidance programs, which promote waste prevention, recycling, and burning. So, more and more environmental risks can be reduced.


What are Key Facts for a Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?

Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) is well-known for being robust, long-lasting, and reliable.

The following are the key facts of it:

  1.  It’s one of the world’s best and most long-lasting materials.
  2. It won’t deform, burn, or fade from water exposure, nor will it fall to rust, insects, molds, or fungi.
  3. It has a high corrosion resistance level when exposed to harsh weather, water, and chemicals.
  4. Fiberglass Sandwich Panel is up to 75% lighter than steel but is the same in strength in the lengthwise direction.
  5. It also helps in temperature protection and maintains a consistent temperature, regardless of the weather changes.


Aluminum VS Fiberglass Sandwich Panel which is Winner?

Aluminum vs Fiberglass RV Siding

For starters, Fiberglass is considerably easier to keep clean than aluminum, which has a matte texture that attracts and holds dirt. Fiberglass is an obvious winner in terms of durability, luster, and hygiene.

If you’re trying to buy an RV one as an investment, Fiberglass keeps its resale value significantly better than aluminum.

Aluminum-sided RVs are damaged magnets, and even the tiniest dent can be a headache to repair – not to mention the ding it makes on the replacement cost.

Fiberglass wins the award when it comes to saving money by enhancing gas mileage. Gas mileage is affected by weight and aerodynamics, and fiberglass trailers are often lighter than aluminum-sided RVs.


The Winner

If price isn’t a significant consideration when selecting an RV, Fiberglass is the true winner.

When looking for a Travel Trailer, its purity and resale is more than the initial investment, and the gas mileage savings don’t hurt either.

Aluminum, on the other hand, has its advantages. If you’re getting your feet wet in the RVing world, an aluminum model would be a better option. In the end, the winner is Fiberglass.


What Kind of Fiberglass is used for Building Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?

Every kind of fiberglass is categorized differently depending upon its applications. One of the practical uses of fiberglass is making a Fiberglass Sandwich Panel.

Types of Fiberglass:

  • A-glass (Alkali glass)
  • C-glass (Chemical Glass)
  • E-glass (Electrical glass)
  • AE-glass (Alkali-resistant glass)
  • S-glass (Structural glass)

Kinds of Fiberglass Sandwich Panel are listed below:


Types of Fiberglass Sandwich Panel:

  • Plywood Panel
  • Fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • FRP panels
  • Or simply FRP



Over time, every field is revolutionized due to numerous innovations and developments; so is the construction department.

So, in this 21st century, you can find an endless list of construction materials, but the Fiberglass Sandwich Panel has no comparison, as this article is its evidence.

Delightfully, Fiberglass Sandwich Panel has been in use since 1965, but its hype is intact.

Fortunately, from the last twenty-five years, its use is dramatically growing in the construction industry.

All in all, it is hard to beat Fiberglass Sandwich in its properties, peculiars, and performance.

You can also buy it to increase the fun, style, and strength of the relevant area; investing in it won’t make you embarrassed ever!


FAQs of Fiberglass Sandwich Panel.


Can a Fiberglass Sandwich Panel be Installed over any Surface?

The Fiberglass Sandwich Panel can easily install on every surface, and it can also help keep the surface dry and stable. If the surface is concrete or uneven, you need to put a little effort to make it even, later get it installed straightforwardly.


How can you Install Fiberglass Sandwich Panel over Drywall?

The standard method for installing Fiberglass Glass Sandwich Panel over bare drywall is to use a water-based mastic adhesive. Use fasteners if needed; the panel can be secured with plastic pop rivets placed at the recommended intervals.


How can you Install Fiberglass Sandwich Panel over Non-Drywall Materials?

It can be attached to ample surfaces via adhesive or rivets. Even the painted drywall or the wood surfaces can be bonded with a water-based adhesive solution.

An oil-based adhesive is recommended for substrates glossy, rough, or not perfectly flat, such as concrete block or ceramic tile.


What tools are Required to Install Fiberglass Sandwich Panel?

The tools that require installing Fiberglass Sandwich Panel are Electric shears which are the ideal instrument for cutting. A jigsaw or circular saw can also be used to cut it; however, saws can produce extra dust than shears.

The hammer and a drill machine can also be used for installing it.


In what Size is Fiberglass Sandwich Manufactured?

Fiberglass Sandwich Panel is available in 4-foot widths and comes with typical 8, 9, 10, and 12 feet lengths.

Trim moldings are available in the length of 9 feet, 10 feet, and 12 feet. The thickness of FRP panels is approximately 0.09 inches, and their weight is about 12 ounces each square foot. Thus, a cart of 100, which is four by 8-foot panels, weighs around 2,000 pounds.


Where is Fiberglass Sandwich Panel Applicable?

You can install Fiberglass Sandwich Panel at multiple places because it is applicable everywhere: homes, offices, industries, factories, caravans, and trailers.


How can a Fiberglass Sandwich Panel be used for a Decorative Purpose?

Traditionally, Fiberglass Sandwich Panel was used in kitchens and somewhere in non-public areas, but the recent one is trendy, advanced, and decorative. Therefore, it can be seen in lobbies, drawing rooms, conference rooms, and offices, etc., due to decorative purposes, its selling is rapidly increasing.


How Effective is the Fiberglass Sandwich Panel for your Home?

It is wall and ceiling protective as it provides resistance to the walls from heat, scratches, and pressure; moreover, Fiberglass Sandwich Panel also keeps the ceiling and wall mold-free, corrosion-free, and microns-free.

It keeps your home wall protective and increases its lifetime; moreover, it saves your maintenance budget.


What is a Fiberglass Sandwich Panel Price?

The Fiberglass Sandwich Panel Price varies according to the type of fiber, length, width, and size, etc. Typically, price is the US $ 3-40 / Meter on wholesale.


Can Fiberglass Sandwich Panel Withstand in Intense Weather?

Fiberglass Sandwich Panel is sturdy, potent, and pressure-resistant; therefore, it can resist intense and severe weather. The changing seasons, rain, wind, or storm don’t affect its quality because it has strong manufacturing material; moreover, its resisting nature saves it from wear and tear.

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