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  • Medical Trailer with Air Handling Equipment
  • Bring with Life-Saving Equipment
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Sunnyda first aid trailer is designed to one or two doctors, size can be customizable to fit for your special needs. Standard first aid trailer includes electrical and plumbing system. Treatment room includes cabinet, table, chair, and sink. Kitchen includes kitchen cupboard, small dining table and chair.

Sunnyda first aid trailer is widely used in worksite, built with a first aid treatment room, kitchen and bedroom. These first aid trailers are fully equipped so that the best care can be provided in the event of an incident.

Bedroom includes a bed, bathroom, wardrobe, bedside table. Equipment list for your options includes air conditioner, diesel generator, solar panel, kitchen stove with oven, refrigerator, coffee maker, BBQ, HD television, satellite receiver, washer&dryer, microwave oven, fresh water tank and waste tank.

Sunnyda is a leading manufacturer of the first aid trailer.

BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tankCustomized size, material 5mm PE
Waste tankCustomized size, material 8-9mm PE
WeightAccording to size, when water and waste tank is empty.
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingIn 40HQ, how many units in a 40HQ according to size
Delivery time30 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business


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Sunndyda First Aid Trailer

Sunnyda first aid trailer wall and ceiling use smooth fiber glass board, insulated by polyurethane foam. All surfaces, edges, corners, and joints that can be exposed to any fluid will be sealed. Which is easy cleaned. Flooring is hospital grade non-slip PVC floor, and subfloor is fiber cement board 18mm. Windows size, location and quantity is open to customization, door is in curbside with aluminum foldable step. Or door in rear side, with stair platform and handrail.

Sunnyda first aid trailer is fully mounted in factory, and all parts, equipment, electricity, water will be tested before departure. And all parts are being well fixed and reinforced to trailer unit during shipping to prevent damage caused by movement. Limited by 40HQ height, tires of trailer is dismantled and separate packaged.

Sunnyda first aid trailer outside wall color can use what you want, also can put graphic with your logo. We will work with you to get your needs come true. With years production experience, Sunnyda trailer house quality developed, and meet many countries high standard, exported to USA, UK, AU, Canada and many other countries.

Contact us today to start your own first aid trailer, order or no order, we’d like to support your business!

First Aid Trailer:The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers everything you need to know about First Aid Trailers.

Whether you want to learn about functions, classification, features, components, quality control or cost of First Aid Trailer, you will find everything here.

Take a look:

What is an First Aid Trailer?

An First Aid Trailer is medically equipped vehicle that you can use to transport patients to hospitals and other treatment facilities.

First Aid trailer

Figure 1First Aid Trailer

What is the Function of First Aid Trailer?

Apart from transporting the patient to the nearest treatment facility, you can use the First Aid Trailer for other purposes.

Some of the purposes of the First Aid Trailers include:

  • Providing a conducive environment for treating patients while en-route to the field hospital or any medical facility
  • Carrying the necessary equipment that you can use to stabilize a patient before reaching the treatment facility.
  • Means of responding to medical emergencies at a higher speed by the medical service providers.
  • Transportation of urgent medical equipment to hospitals or other medical institutions.

Which Medical Equipment are in First Aid Trailer?

Inside an ambulance you will find all the relevant medical equipment which you can use to save a life in critical condition.

Here is a list of main equipment which you will find useful in an First Aid Trailer.

First Aid trailer

Figure 2 Inside First Aid Trailer

· Communication Gadgets

This includes communication gadgets which you can use to communicate with the hospital and dispatch team.

You can use the communication gadgets to stay in touch with other doctors and paramedics while performing emergency medical procedures.

· Jump Bag

You will use the jump bag to carry different medical supply kits such as trauma kits and basic life support kits.

It is the first thing you will grab as a paramedic as you jump out of the ambulance to attend to a patient.

It often comes complete with drips, bandages, syringes and medication among other first aid equipment.

· Paramedics

These are the people who are responsible for offering you with the urgent medical need before you see a doctor.

As a paramedic, you have to go through enough medical training to be able to respond and stabilize a patient.

· Bag Valve Mask (BVM)

A bag valve mask is a device that you will place over the face covering the mouth and the nose of a patient.

It will help the patient in stabilizing the breathing rate and provide the best ventilation for the patient in need.

· Suction Unit

You will use a suction unit to suck any form of liquid that may block air from reaching the right part of the lungs.

You will insert it through your nostrils to the location of the liquid after which it will suck it out.

· Spinal or Trauma Board

In case of a spinal dislocation or injury, a paramedic will strap you to a spinal or trauma board.

It is a hard non-padded board that will help in keeping yours spine in line while you are in the ambulance.

· Medication Bag

This is a lightweight padded bag that paramedics use to carry life-saving and pain relief medication.

It has different sections and strap that will keep the medication well organized in the medication bag.

· Cervical Collar

You will use a cervical collar to treat a patient whom you suspect to have a neck or head injury.

It acts as a neck brace which will keep your head as well as your neck in place thus minimizing damage.

· ECG Monitor with Defibrillator

You will use this equipment to detect the heart rhythm of a patient to know if she has a heart attack.

It will help in detecting any abnormal heart beat rates thus helping in proper diagnosis of heart attacks.

· Haemoglucometer

You will the Haemoglucometer to test the blood sugar status of a patient who might be suffering from diabetes.

Using a drop of blood on a disposable strip, the paramedic will be able to tell your blood sugar level.

· Ventilators

Ventilators will help in pushing air into your lungs in case you stop breathing or you have certain breathing difficulties.

· Wheeled Cot

Some injuries may render you helpless and unable to walk properly or completely.

You will use a wheeled cot to move a patient who is unable to walk or move on his or her own.

What is the Difference between Type I and Type II First Aid Trailers?

Type I First Aid have square compartment mounted on the chassis where you will carry the patient.

This type of First Aid Trailer has a truck like chassis where the patient compartment is mounted.

You can use this type of First Aid Trailer at chemical plants, airports, as well for advanced life support systems.

On the other hand, type II First Aid Trailers have van type chassis that hold the entire patient unit.

It also has a raised roof to give more room for the paramedics to move freely without knocking their heads.

You will use this type of First Aid Trailer to transport patients who need basic support medical attention.

You will basically use it in the health ministries, smaller hospitals, and other smaller health facilities.

How does Type III First Aid Trailer compare to Type IV First Aid Trailer?

Type III trailer First Aid also have square compartments where they take care of and transport patients.

The square patient compartment in type III First Aid Trailer is mounted on a cut-a-way van chassis.

You can use it at the airport or chemical and oil plat facilities to attend to patients in case of an accident.

It has all the equipment that you will need in an advanced life support system

On the other hand, type IV First Aid Trailer is a mini First Aid Trailer with numerous applications.

It has a compact design that allows you to maneuver through different terrain that other First Aid Trailers can’t.

It comes in handy in emergencies and will generally reduce the rapid response time.

It is also one of the most reliable types of ambulances and also among the cheapest.

How Many Types of First Aid Trailers Do You Have?

When looking for an First Aid Trailer, you can choose from the four different types of ambulances.

Here are the four types of ambulances that you can choose from.

First Aid trailer

Figure 3 First Aid Trailer

·  Collective First Aid Trailer

A collective ambulance is a type of ambulance that you should not fit among the non-medical ambulances.

It is not a conventional ambulance and act as transport vessels for moving patients who are not in critical condition.

Implying that it does not have numerous medical equipment that you can use in treating of critical condition patients.

You can also use this type of ambulance to transport patients who are not afflicted with serious contagious diseases.

· Individual First Aid Trailer

This is a non-conventional type of First Aid Trailer which you will use in cases when there are no emergencies.

You can transport patients who are on stretchers to different locations among them being the hospital.

They also don’t have the equipment or the capacity of transporting patients with contagious diseases.

· Mobile ICU First Aid Trailer

This is a type of First Aid Trailer with a framed ambulance within it.

You will use this type of ambulance to transport patients who are in critical conditions.

Additionally, the mobile ICU First Aid Trailer has the necessary equipment for transporting patients with contagious disease.

You can also identify them as advanced life support ambulances, class C, mobile ICU, medicalized ambulance or class C First Aid Trailer.

· Basic Life Support First Aid Trailer

You will use the basic life support ambulances for supporting and taking care of patients.

You can use the First Aid Trailer with the equipment to treat the patients on transit.

What is the History of Using First Aid Trailers?

In the past, you could use a cart to transport ill patients who refused to see a doctor by force.

In 1487, the first ambulance was used in the transportation of an emergency case in Spain.

In the 1930s, the use of civilian variants came into being.

Is there difference between First Aid Trailer and Medical Trailer?

First Aid trailer

Figure 4 Medical trailer

First Aid Trailers and medical trailers mean more or less the same thing except for a few things.

First Aid Trailers are vehicles that have a mini medical unit trailing behind it for taking care of patients.

On the other hand, a medicinal trailer is also a vehicle with a medicinal unit for taking care of sick patients.

You can use an First Aid Trailer to transport sick patients to the hospital while stabilizing them.

On the other hand, medicinal trailers are not transport units for taking patients to the hospital.

How much does First Aid Trailer Cost?

The price of the First Aid Trailer will vary according to the types of First Aid Trailer you are purchasing.

The more equipped an First Aid Trailer is, the higher the amount of money you will pay for it.

Generally, the cost of First Aid Trailers varies between 22,000 to 50,000 US Dollars.

The cost is inclusive of some of the medical equipment that you need in an First Aid Trailer.

What are Passive Visual Warnings that You Should Mark on an First Aid Trailer?

Passive visual warnings that you should mark on an First Aid Trailer are high contrast patterns.

You will mark the passive visual patterns as part of the design of the First Aid Trailers.

You can either have the passive visual warmings painted or retro-reflective designs for proper visibility.

They are able to reflect light from any source thus warning of the presence of an First Aid Trailer.

Apart from that some of the First Aid Trailers have bright color of orange and yellow painting on them.

Additionally, you can have the word ambulance on front of the First Aid Trailer spelled backwards.

This will allow the people coming from the opposite direction to read it well and know it is an ambulance.

How Do the Active Visual Warnings Compare to Passive Visual Warnings on First Aid Trailers?

Active visual warnings and passive visual warnings are warnings that you can use on a trailer ambulance.

Active visual warnings are those which are actively changing and flashing such as light to attract more attention.

On the other hand, passive visual warnings are paintings that reflect the light from an active source.

What is the Function of Audible Warnings in an First Aid Trailer?

Audible warning on an First Aid Trailer are the sounds that the ambulance makes in form of sirens.

It will alert the road users that an ambulance is fast approaching and they should make way for it before it arrives.

Modern audible warnings are often integrated with the light bar thus giving better warning to the public.

Which Types of Safety Devices Should You Have on an First Aid Trailer?

It is very important to have safety devices on the First Aid Trailer to save the lives of the people.

Here are the main safety features that you can find in an ambulance.

  • Safety belts

One of the most important safety devices that you will find in an First Aid Trailer is the safety belt.

Since the First Aid Trailer moves ate a very high speed it is important to buckle up when seated.

  • Airbags

With seatbelt on, you can easily trigger the air bags out of their sockets in case of a collision with another vehicle.

What are the Quality Standards for First Aid Trailer?

Different regions all over the world have different quality standards that an First Aid Trailer has to adhere to.

These quality standards are expected to dictate the degree with which an First Aid Trailer is safe.

Here are the international quality standards that an First Aid Trailer must adhere to.

  • International Standards Organization Quality Standards (ISO)
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices Quality Standards (cGMP)
  • Food and Drug Administration Quality Standards (FDA)
  • CE certification
  • CCC Requirements

Remember, the First Aid Trailer these may vary depending on the geographical location or country.

What are the Features of First Aid Trailer?

First Aid trailer

Figure 5 First Aid Trailer

When purchasing an First Aid Trailer, there are different features that you must adhere to.

Here are the main features that you need to have a closer look at before purchasing.

  • Auxiliary air conditioning and heating system for proper ventilation with the First Aid Trailer.
  • Storage unit which is climatically controlled to keep the stored products in order.
  • Internet connectivity for proper communication as well as tracking services.
  • Portable sources of power for provision of power in emergency responses.
  • Enough space for carrying patients during transportation.

What are the Benefits of First Aid Trailer?

First Aid Trailers provide quite a number of benefits to the people at large.

Here are some of the numerous advantages that you can gain by using the First Aid Trailer.

  • Safe transport and delivery of medical equipment from one place to another.
  • Safe transport of patients from one location to the hospitals for further medical attention.
  • Stabilizing of patients while en-route to a hospital thus saving countless lives.
  • Quick delivery of patients to health institutions thus buying more time for patients to survive.
  • Acts as a housing unit for different medical equipment for fast responders.
  • Ease to understand operate as you will need a proper driving license to move it around

Should you Buy Used or New First Aid Trailer for Sale?

It is very important to go for a brand-new First Aid Trailer that nobody has used before.

Purchasing anew First Aid Trailer will eliminate the worry of having faulty parts on the ambulance.

You will also have the luxury of customizing your own First Aid Trailer according to your personal requirements.

You can opt for a used First Aid Trailer but that might inconvenience you in a number of ways.

Despite the fact that used First Aid Trailers might be cheaper, you might inherit mechanical problems.

This might cause a problem especially during emergency runs that leading to loss of time and maybe lives.

What are the Components of First Aid Trailer?

In an ambulance you should expect to have another set of equipment that is not for medical purposes.

Here are the main types of equipment that you must have in an First Aid Trailer.

  • Trauma lighting
  • Air Conditioning
  • Data Recorders
  • Tail Lift ramps
  • Mobile data terminals
  • Two-way radios
  • Evidence gathering CCTV

Do you Customize First Aid Trailer?

First Aid trailer

Figure 6 Custom First Aid Trailer

Absolutely, you can send us your custom design for an First Aid Trailer and we will make it for you.

Just make sure that it has all the necessary equipment that all the First Aid Trailers must have.

This will prove its functionality and its effectiveness in providing the needed First Aid Trailer services.

Can you Recommend First Aid Trailer Design?

When designing an First Aid Trailer, you must take into account the local infrastructure and weather conditions.

Apart from that, you must include proper communication channels that you can use in summoning of the First Aid Trailers.

Visual and audible warnings must also be included in the designing process of an First Aid Trailer.

In many cases, you will have to choose the trailer manufacturer and then customizing company.

The customizing company will be responsible for fitting all the other equipment this transforming it into an First Aid Trailer.

You should also take into consideration the source of power for your custom First Aid Trailer.

This also includes alternative power sources and back-up power in case of an emergency.

In short, you should consider everything mention in this guide to get a reliable First Aid Trailer.

However, if you have more questions about First Aid Trailers, Sunnyda team is here to help.

Contact us now for custom First Aid Trailers.

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