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  • Customized Size
  • Ultimate Compromise Between Quality and Price
  • Seamless and Secured by Mere Fitting Bolting
  • Short Delivery Time
  • Parts and Equipment of Porta Cabin are CE certified while the Factory is ISO9001 and ISO14001 Certified

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The flat pack cabin is ideally suited for construction sites, construction camps, and drilling camps, where they will be advantageously turned into offices, living accommodations, changing rooms and toilet facilities, with an ultimate compromise between quality and price. The flat pack cabin can be stacked to form a two-storey high structure at the most, or linked lengthwise (short and/or long side) to form various complexes in line with the customer’s wishes.

A key feature of the flat pack cabin lies in the fact that the structure is entirely seamless and secured by mere fitting bolting. As a result, they can be delivered completely disassembled (basement and roof included) in order to be loaded into shipping containers.

The great simplicity of flat pack cabin system and the reduced weight of each component make it possible, firstly, to assemble rapidly the structure without using mechanical handling equipment, secondly, to have the building knocked down, shipped and relocated.

Sunnyda is your premier flat pack cabin manufacturer!

Dimension and WeightExternal Dimension (L*W*H) 7480*3420*2928~2578mm
• Internal Dimension  (L*W*H) 7380×3320 x 2878~2528mm
• Weight: 1800 kg per unit (this weight is valid for standard configuration and can vary depending on configuration and equipment)
Cover0.5mm steel cover for outside wall corner, color white
Column and roof structure2mm C steel
• Floor frame: 100*50*2.0mm square tube, galvanized and painted
• Cross beam: 180*40*2.0mm square tube, galvanized and painted
• Subfloor: 0,5mm thick galvanized steel sheet
• 20mm thk WPC board, flat surface
Flammability class: B1
Permitted loading: 2.5 KN/m2WPC board/Brand: SINO/CE
20mm WPC board
One side narrow grooves and the other side plain flat
Width:1000mm, thickness:50mm,
External cladding:0,426 thick galvanized steel sheet,
Internal cladding: 0.426 thick galvanized steel sheet,
EPS Density is 12kg/m3
Surface is colored steel sheet, core material is Self-extinguishing polystyrene. It is continuously heated and pressured in molding machine, Its composited by the heat-curing adhesive. It’s very light,  1/20-1/30 equivalent weight of concrete.

Have good performance in warm keeping and heat insulation. Its heat transfer value is 0.034W/mk. Easy to install.

It’s the new material with all the advantages of weight bearing, warm keeping, waterproofing, and decoration.

Facade WallWidth: 1200mm, thickness: 50mm,
External cladding: 0.426 thick galvanized steel sheet,
Internal cladding: 0.426 thick galvanized steel sheet,
EPS Density is 12kg/m3
Fire rating B1
All the panel be cut to right size and ready for assembling locally.
Wall paint: 25μm
Coefficient of thermal conductivity: K=0.034 W/m.K
DoorExternal door: Aluminum door, size 2100*900 mm, strong lock with 3 keys. Channel for door is “U” aluminum
100mm thick
CE certificate
Window(option: Aluminum window)
Windows are made of: UPVC, White color, with dimensions 1200*885 mm, double glass in a thickness of4+16+4mm, sliding mechanism (two side sliding), integrated rolling shutter,
mosquito net, Anti theft steel bar.
(Integrated rolling shutter, mosquito net, Anti theft steel bar, the three are optional)
Frame: UPVC, U=0.7-1.8 W/m.K
Double glazing 4+16+4, U=3.0 W/m.K
CE certificate
PaintPaint specification:
a.  0.5mm cover is PPGI sheet, AZ100
b.  Paint color: RAL color
c.  U channel 1.8mm is aluminum
d.  Roof and wall panel  Paint thickness : 25 μm, AZ100

Supply Ability:   300 set per Month

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging:           In a 40HQ, with equipments for cabins

Port:                      Shanghai port

Delivery time:    30 days production

Installation:       At least 2 engineers to help on site or send very specific installation manual

Our Service:   Engineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business

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Sunnyda Flat Pack Cabins

This is an easy and low-cost operation. If need be, the flat pack cabin can be delivered fully assembled and duly provided with all necessary fittings, cables, and pipes, ready to be connected to the mains on site.

The flat pack cabin basement is self-supporting and consists of an edge frame, galvanized steel C-channels, bolted to the four corner blocks. The result is a durable and highly rigid structure upon which the floor stands.

The flat pack cabin step floor is made of fiber cement. Fiber cement floor is waterproof, anti-bacterial, anti-mushrooms and anti-insects, fixed to the sub-structure by drywall nails and covered by wall to wall. On top is PVC flooring. Floor live load: 250 Kg/m2 uniformly distributed.

All flat pack cabin components are packed so as to occupy approximately a 5 m3 volume. Consequently, 6 self-contained packaged buildings at most can be loaded onto a shipping container 20 feet long.

Warmly welcome you to visit our company, and we look forward to co-operating with you in the near future.

Sunnyda is your premier flat pack cabin manufacturer!

Ultimate Guide to Flat Pack Cabins

Chapter 1: Introduction

Pic 1-Flat-pack-cabins-view

Flat pack cabins have been with us for a long time. This is because we always find a use for them. Think of a scenario that you are in the construction business. Setting up a permanent office at the construction site beats logic. It is the reason you could use the flat pack cabins. As the name suggests, these cabins allow for disassembling when it is time to move.

Before you can buy the best flat pack cabins, you need a company that knows what it is doing. We have years of experience handling these flat pack cabins so expect to get the best cabins today here. Nevertheless, let us talk about these flat pack cabins first to help you make an informed decision.

Chapter 2: What You Get with Flat Pack Cabins

Pic 2-Flat-pack-cabins-packing

Chapter 2.1: Value for money

First of all, you can expect to find the flat pack cabins being good value for your money. This is because they are made to be affordable. Comparing to the other types of housing options, you should find yourself paying a lot less in the long run.

Chapter 2.2: Attractive design

As part of making sure that people love the flat pack cabins, we make them to have the best and attractive design. We work with the client so that as much as it is a cabin, it should turn out looking good. The best part is that it will end up blending into the surrounding seamlessly. Flat pack cabins have various outside wall cladding like WPC, PVC, metal sheet cladding, aluminium-plastic panel etc. Come with any color.

Chapter 2.3: Better insulation

As part of making the best flat pack cabins, we definitely have to make sure the insulation is at its best. We do use the best insulation materials to keep you warm and the temperatures within the acceptable limits. Even with insulation, the flat pack cabins are still affordable. Most popular insulation materials used for flat pack cabins are PU, rock wool, EPS, or PIR.

Chapter 2.4: We comply with the law

Another thing that will make people comfortable should be the compliance to regulations. The regulations exist for a reason. All our flat pack cabins are designed and built in line with the regulations. This means you get a high quality and safe flat pack cabin to inhabit. So far, there have been no cases of low quality production from us.

Chapter 2.5: Expect rapid assembly

We understand that having a flat pack cabin comes in handy when it is also easy to assemble. That is exactly what you get with our cabins. The design and overall construction make it easy for assembly. To make it better, you will also receive comprehensive instructions on how to set it up fast. Usually factory can send 2 or 4 engineers to help on site, send more for big project. 4 people can assemble 15 m2 half a day usually.

Chapter 2.6: Secure and safe structure

It all comes down to how we have built and setup the flat pack cabin. We do use a robust steel frame and other rigid panel walls. The same thing goes for the doors and windows which are built to last. Doors and windows of flat pack cabins have a lot of choice, choose color, choose steel frame, aluminum frame or UPVC frame, choose styles, open or sliding. Every time you rest in your house, you should feel safe and secure.

Chapter 2.7: Easily transportable

Thanks to the flat pack design, it means you will easily transport it to where you want. The design allows for dismantling the flat pack cabin to basic structures. You can have an easy time transporting it as compared to some other similar houses. Setting up a flat pack cabin in different areas just got easier.

Chapter 3: Parts of Flat Pack Cabins

Pic 3-Flat-pack-cabins-simple model

To understand your flat pack cabin, below are some of the parts you can expect. We take time to make every part of the cabin to ensure it can stand up to time for years to come. Let us check them out.

Chapter 3.1: Basement

This works as where we start building the flat pack cabin. It is designed to be a self-supporting edge frame. The steel frame is further galvanized to ensure it can withstand the various weather conditions. As a result of proper construction, you end up with a highly rigid base for your floor and flat pack cabin to stand on.

Chapter 3.2: Floor

The floor is also made from quality materials that ensure the best durability. You will find that it comes from recycled materials to ensure that it remains eco-friendly. These floors are designed to be anti-bacterial, waterproof, and anti-insects. You will always love that it is a durable and safe floor to have in the flat pack cabin.

The floor will also hold up a lot of weight as compared to some competitor models. You will be able to use it without worrying that it might break easily.

Chapter 3.3: Walls

The walls of any flat pack cabin have to be strong to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions. For our flat pack cabins, we have specialized exterior walls that will stand up to time. Also, they do have the best insulation. This is good for those flat pack cabins that might be in cold areas.

The panels are still waterproof to ensure proper durability. The finishing is also good and protective. Your flat pack cabin should look good as well as remain protected from various elements.

Chapter 3.4: The roof

The roof also needs to be of top quality to ensure it remains strong for years. To make this possible, we make the roof to have a galvanized section. Also, the roof can be made to extend so that it can cover the wall panels if that is what you want.

Also, the roof is quite strong so that it can hold more weight. That being said, it is not often recommended to have water tanks stored on top of the flat pack cabins. For a long time, you will always find that our roofs last for ages. This is because we always want our clients to have value for money.

Chapter 3.5: Partitioning walls

The partitioning walls are also equally important. These walls come with a strong construction and better insulation. No more worries about hearing noises from outdoors or improper insulation. These panels are also made in line with the relevant regulations. We are always happy to show the construction process for these walls if it will impress the client.

Chapter 3.6: Windows and doors

We want you to feel that you paid the right price as we also include quality windows and doors. We have strong window and door frames all made from quality steel or aluminum. They will not rust even when used over the years. They are also lightweight to make the overall relocation easier.

If you have a design in mind for the windows and doors, we always welcome you to share with us. We want the final flat pack cabin to be something that you like.

Chapter 3.7: Electrical wiring

You will definitely need electrical wiring done in the flat pack cabin. We all have gadgets that will need powering. Remember that lighting is also crucial. To ensure you never have to worry about the wiring process, we get it done on our side. This means that you never have to hire an electrician to do the done once we have setup the flat pack cabin. This further cuts the costs of setting up a flat pack cabin down.

Chapter 3.8: Plumbing

You will still need to have the best plumbing done to your flat pack cabin. The good news is that we also do that for you. The plumbing fixtures that we use are of high quality. You should never have to replace the fixtures any time soon. If you need some of the fixtures customized, you can always contact us to help you out.

Chapter 3.9: Air conditioning and heaters

The heating system together with air conditioning system is crucial for your living in the flat pack cabin. We want to assure our clients that we set you up with everything that you would want to keep the house in the right living conditions. These systems are all from top brands to ensure you never have to worry about the quality.

Chapter 4: Building Process for a Flat Pack Cabins

Pic 4-Flat-pack-cabins-production

Every company has a process through which they follow to ensure the finished product is great. We also have a build process for our flat pack cabins. Below is the process we follow to give you the best flat pack cabins.

Chapter 4.1: Planning and design

Just like any other project, first you have to have a proper plan. Our team works closely with the clients to understand what kind of flat pack cabin they want. This often involves the overall design and some of the additional features to include.

Yes, we do have some templates for flat pack cabins, but we are open to having a design included from the client. We also guide the client to pick the right flat pack cabin size, design, and complexity depending on the needs.

With the approval from the client, we can now proceed with the manufacturing process.

Chapter 4.2: Delivery of the flat pack cabin

With the manufacturing done, it is time to deliver the flat pack cabins to the client. This often includes shipping to different parts of the world. We ensure that the delivery process is smooth and does not involve any components breaking. The parts will arrive unassembled waiting the final assembly at the flat pack cabin site.

Chapter 4.3: Installation

The installation should always be done by a professional. We have an experienced installation team that can handle the installation process. All you have to do is move in once the installation is complete.

We do work at a faster speed, but still professionally. We do not want the client to end up with a leaking flat pack cabinet. It should not take long as some of the flat pack cabins are easily assembled in just a day. It can take up to two more days depending on the flat pack cabin configuration.

Chapter 4.4: Commissioning

This is the last part which involves handing over the flat pack cabin to the client. That being said, all the installation is checked to make sure everything is working correctly before commissioning can be done. It is worth noting that servicing can also be done upon request.

By now, you should have a fully functional flat pack cabin with everything that you need. Well, if it is going to be a vacation home, you will always have a nice home away from home.

Chapter 5: Considerations for Getting Flat Pack Cabins

Pic 5-Flat-pack-cabins-shipping

Chapter 5.1: The size

The size is always going to be an important consideration for many. Take the time to find out which size would be great for your needs.  We do allow the client to propose the best size depending on the application. Also, we ensure that the size of the proposed flat pack cabin is done with our normal timeline. This helps the client to start using the flat pack cabin as soon as possible.

Chapter 5.2: Design and styling

The design and styling will always vary from one person to another. As a result, you need to find a company that would be able to accommodate for your design and styling needs. There are many options to choose from when working with us. It does not matter the complexity and design; we always meet our client needs.

Chapter 5.3: Material quality

The material quality is another thing that will be an important factor. Check out the materials used to make the different parts of the flat pack cabin just to make sure it is what you want. Yes, the quality of the material is going to determine the overall durability of the flat pack cabin.

We always explain to our clients about the different materials we use. This is to build confidence that we have nothing to hide about our flat pack cabins.

Chapter 5.4: Company reputation

The company reputation says a lot about the flat pack cabins you are about to buy from them. First of all, you need to check out the reviews about a company before making the deal. It is easy to find many reviews on a brand so that you are sure you will not be wasting your money.

Chapter 5.5: The cost

Compare the cost between different brands so that you can choose the one that works for you. There are some companies that might have lower prices, but the build quality is not great. As a result, you do not just compare brands, but also the products they make. It can be great to pay just a little bit more but end up with the best value for money.

Chapter 5.6: Build time

For many people, the build time is often important. You do not want to wait for months for a simple flat pack cabin. The flat pack cabin is supposed to be done in the least time possible. We do make our cabins within 15 to 30 days. With such a lead time, plus shipping and installation time,  you should end up having your flat pack cabin ready for occupation.

Consult with the company just to make sure they understand your timeline needs.

Chapter 6: Conclusion

The flat pack cabins will always have many applications. You can have them being shelters for various activities. What we promise is a multifunctional flat  pack cabin that you will always feel it was worth getting. The assembly process is straightforward, which makes our cabins easy to set up in different places. Talk to us today if you are in the market for the best flat pack cabin.

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