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Flat Pack Shipping Container Manufacture

  • Assembled size 2100Lx2100Wx2200H mm
  • Including galvanized steel board, big door, fiber cement floor, and assembly hardware.
  • Each part cut to size and flat packed during shipping
  • Lockable steel door, including lock
  • Can be painted to any color
  • Immediately Delivery for Orders Less 50 Units

Your Reliable Partner and Flat Pack Shipping Container Manufacturer in China

Sunnyda flat pack shipping container is a perfect solution for storing excess items and equipment. This is a sturdy, secure container holds 950kgs and offers 9.7m3 with a size of 2100Lx2100Wx2200H mm. Length is not fixed, can be extended by adding an expansion kit. It uses anti-rusty galvanized steel 1.0mm for front and roof, 0.5mm for sides and back. The surface is marine grade paint.

Sunnyda flat pack shipping container offers you additional space to store excess inventory, keep valuable equipment or supplies secure. If you are in the construction industry, getting ready to sell your house or just spring cleaning, Sunnyda flat pack shipping container is your premier choice. This flat pack shipping container is weather tight, durable, and long-lasting. Can be assembled, disassembled and moved easily. Also, it can be moved by forklift, even when fully loaded.

Sunnyda flat pack shipping container is designed in any color as per clients’ requirement and shipped flat pack in 40HQ. The installation manual is available and offered together. We ship to any port in the world. Assembly process is very fast – 2 people in less than 1 hour can finish one unit.

Sunnyda is your premier container house manufacturer!


SizeL2100LxW2100WxH2200 mm
Length is not fixed, can be extended by adding expansion kit
Body materialGalvanized steel body 1mm front and roof, 0.5mm for sides and back
FloorFiber cement
PaintMarine paint. Option: Powder coating
Door1 door, included stainless steel hinge and lock
ColorAny RAL color
Assemble time2 people less than 1 hour
Assembly manualfree offered
Delivery time15 days less than 50 units

Supply Ability:     300 set per Month

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:   30 flat pack shipping container in loose load in a 40HQ

Port:                           Shanghai port

Delivery time:          15 days less than 50 units

Installation:             At least 2 engineers to help on-site or send very specific installation manual

Our Service:       Engineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business

Sunnyda Support Your Business

Sunnyda Flat Pack Shipping Container

Sunnyda is a reliable and honest company with 20 years in steel structure and 10 years in container house manufacturing. Have exported to more than 50 countries and trusted by clients.

We are an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified company with all equipment for the house having CE certificate.

Our technical support is available 24/7 to help.

Flexible payment terms such as Ex-Works, FOB, CIF or CFR are also available.

This flat pack shipping container has the same quality as other container houses, produced by the same technical process. Machines in the factory include CNC cutting machines, straightening machines, gas welding machines, gantry welding machines, shot blasting machines and other kinds of large-diameter and precision quality testing equipment. Efficient automated production and strict testing procedures ensure our product fully meet the stringent quality requirement.

Sunnyda is your premier container house manufacturer!

Flat Pack Shipping Container Guide


Every company requires a storage facility to secure their product before distribution. For industrial products, this storage facility usually goes by the name “Warehouse”. There is a piece of good news. The good news is that with Sunnyda flat pack shipping container, you don’t have to allocate a huge part of your budget to construct a storage facility for your product. This durable mobile construction of storage facilities serves a multipurpose function that ranges from residential or domestic use to industrial and site use. The study guide has been segmented into chapters with each furnished with something important about flat pack shipping container. Adopt readable attention as you scroll down into this great guide.

Chapter 1: What is Flat Pack Shipping Container?

Figure 1: Flat Pack Shipping Container

Materially, the flat pack shipping container is made up of prepainted galvanized steels. To this active material, there may be additional accessories for other building complements.  This roof is endowed with anti-rusty features. Because it is anti-rusty, it plays a vital role when in 1.0mm on the roof of the structure and on the front. It is worth 0.5mm on the sides and at the back. To ensure the longevity and beauty of the structure, the flat pack shipping container is endowed with paints that are marine-grade. By this marine-grade paint, paint remains permanent and quality even when threatened with water and other paint detriments. It comes in multicolor designs. The color will be made ready at the request of the client that wants to purchase.

There is more to see.

Chapter 2: Use and Application of Flat Pack Shipping Container

Figure 2: Use and Application of Flat Pack Shipping Container

This chapter is committed to offering you quality knowledge on the industrial and domestic use of flat pack shipping container.

Home Appliances Storage: In cases where you are ready to migrate from one location to another or want to do extensive house cleaning, you can use a flat pack shipping container to get your important things secured. You can store your books, pictures, technologies, and other things. It promises to keep them well persevered from external penetration. With this, you can ensure the safety of all your products even if you want to migrate to a new continent. A fully loaded flat pack shipping container can be forklifted and loaded on a ship.

Agricultural Products Storage: One of the ways to preserve your edible crops from biotic attack is to store in good storage facilities. With flat pack shipping container, you can have a storage facility on your farm within an hour. With this, your crops can be well arranged, stored, and prevented from environmental impurities like rain, odor, specks of dust, and pests.

Factory Goods: For every factory production, there is a necessity to store goods for effective preservation and distribution. With flat pack shipping container, all your factory products like drinks, foods, cream, confectioneries, phones, computer systems can be well saved.

Relaxation Center for Site Workers: Depending on the creativity of the user, the flat shipping container can be converted to a relaxation center where foods and drinks can be served or sold for workers at the site. This is because it is protected from the sun and also weatherproof. Site workers can eat, drink and relax.

Shop for Goods: It is a piece of good news that you don’t need to invest so much in showcasing your product for sales. With flat shipping container, you can construct your shop on any strategic land within one hour. In cases where there is an urgent need to relocate; you don’t need to start looking for where to keep your goods. This is because both your goods and the flat pack shipping container that contains it can be moved to another location.

Having seen some areas that you can use flat pack shipping container, there is more to learn.

Chapter 3: Reasons for the Use of Flat Pack Shipping Container

Figure 3: Flat Pack Shipping Container Speed, Accuracy, and Time Efficiency

Speed, Accuracy, and Time Efficiency: It takes only one hour to assemble a flat-pack shipping container into a perfect structure. Compared to other types of building, time is usually longer. If you have a business to execute with speed and accuracy, the flat pack shipping container is the number one option speedy storage facility you can get.

Forklift, Mobility, And Wide Storage Capacity: One essential feature that makes the use of flat pack shipping container topnotch is its capacity to be moved from one place to another. It is a mobile warehouse, office, and shop. The forklift can be used on it making the carriage fragility-free. The flat-pack shipping container has the inner capacity to contain content that weighs 950kg. To assure viable durability, it also offers 9.7m3. All this is made achievable with its size. Flat pack shipping container standard structure features 2100cm at the length, 2100 cm at the width, and 2200cm for the height. However, the length is not fixed because there is provision for expansion. To expand the length, engineers make use of some expansion kits.

Cost Efficiency: It comes at very affordable prices. With its use, the user spends very little or nothing in buying traditional building materials like bricks, cement, and stones.

Consistent Availability of Product: Product is consistent. In addition to the consistency of the flat pack shipping container, it can be transported or exported to any country that has an active seaport. Already, Sunnyda flat pack shipping container has set a hallmark of excellence for mobile warehousing and storage facilities in more than 50 great countries of the world.

Highly Secured Doors and Barriers-Proof Steels: Another outstanding quality of flat pack shipping container is its quality accessories such as doors. They are very hard to penetrate or break into. This is designed at an A-level security capacity for the maximum protection of the storage content of the container.

Adaptability to Harsh Weathers and Human-Friendly Ventilation: Flat pack shipping container has ventilation that is very conducive for human respiration. Also, it remains durable even in times of harsh atmospheric condition like snow, tornado, and rain. This implies that flat pack shipping container is perfect on the outside and absolutely habitable on the inside too.

Environmental Prosperity: Any material that is used now must be one that favors the unborn and future generation. This is the reason why sustainable development has posited that all materials must meet the recyclable criterion. Flat pack shipping container meets this criterion. This is because it can be reused for other purposes other than warehousing and storage facility. Also, it can be recycled.

Having seen a quality reason that prospers the use of flat pack shipping container, there are other things that are equally related that you should know.

Chapter 4: Benefit of Flat Pack Shipping Container

  • With the use of flat pack shipping container, you don’t need to fear fire consumption of your goods. Unlike woods, it is impossible or hard for the container to cash fire.
  • It is not a suitable container for the growth of bacteria and germs. When using woods, bacteria and all forms of insects have things to feed on, so they grow. However, with steel, there is no room for pests, insects, and bacteria.
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble. Hence, suitable for any rented land area.
  • It has gained accreditation and certification by recognized authorities. It can be used for any kind of industrial warehousing and official building. All its accessories have also been approved and certified. It is certified with ISO 9001 and 140001.
  • It takes less personnel to construct. With this, you can save cost. Constructing a unit of a flat pack shipping container for one hour, you only need two trained and skilled engineers. At Sunnyda company, you can have the best of the best at your service. They will be transported alongside the ordered flat pack shipping container.

Having seen some benefits that come with the use of flat pack shipping container, there are some things that must be considered.

Chapter 5: Pitfalls to Avoid When Using Flat Pack Shipping Container

  • Ensure you partner with manufacturers of the flat pack shipping container directly. This is because if you partner with a mere distributor, your complaints will not be rectified well.
  • Assess the longevity or experience of your flat pack shipping container suppliers and people’s view about them. At Sunnyda company, the experience is scored at 20years for steel production in general and 10 years for shipping containers production. Our clients’ conduciveness is our utmost priority.
  • Ensure you know the laws that guide the use of flat pack shipping container in your location before making an order.
  • Ensure you have a clear knowledge of the shipment option, availability of engineers, payment methods, and warranty time of the company you are buying flat pack shipping container from.
  • Ensure you get credible engineers. If the engineers that will couple the flat pack shipping container together make a mistake, it will affect the credibility and durability of the container.

Having seen some of the pitfalls to avoid, the study guide will do well to introduce you to some of the tools that condition the making of your flat pack shipping container.

Chapter 6: Sunnyda Flat Pack Shipping Container Information

This information about Sunnyda building company is expressed for you to know how diligence we exhibit in the making of this container. It is given equal importance as other containers. Below is some information about its manufacturing.

Manufacturing Tools

  • CNC Cutting Machines: This is integral to put the metal into fitting shapes and measurements.
  • Straightening Machines: It is also used in ensuring the steels are in good shapes.
  • Gas-Welding Machines: It is used to fuse separate steels together. It is used to beautify and add accessories to the container.
  • Gantry-Welding Machines: To have a durable and prolonged container, Sunnyda engineers master the use of a gantry welding machine.
  • Shot Blasting Machine: It plays a key role in the making of the container.
  • Crane/Lift Equipment: This is useful for the carrying of the steels from one place to another without causing damage to the steels.
  • Large-Diameter: This is used for accuracy in measurement.

Precision Quality Testing Equipment.

To ensure that the flat-pack shipping container that is produced to the market is topnotch, Sunnyda has procedures for the pretest. During this process, the steel is tested in terms of its:

  • Security in Doors.
  • Stability On Ground
  • Strength in Terms of Steels
  • Adaptation to Harsh Atmospheric Conditions.
  • User-friendliness and Accessibility
  • The barrier to Pests and Rodents.

The flat-pack shipping container will only be made readily available for shipping on the condition that it has met;

  • Efficient Automated Production Requirements
  • Strict and Thorough Pretest Challenge

Having seen the qualitative procedures invested in the making of a flat pack shipping container, there is more to see.

Chapter 7: Shipment and Installation

Figure 4: Flat Pack Shipping Container Shipment

 Shipment: After you have placed your orders, each unit of the flat pack shipping container is packed in 40HQ. This package can be shipped to any port in the whole world. In this light, clients are at liberty to order any number of units of flat pack shipping containers that it is needed. For easy offload of the product without causing damage, there is provision for a forklift to carry the product out of the 40HQ.

Figure 5: Flat Pack Shipping Container Installation                             

Installation: There is an installation brochure that follows your order. Contained in this brochure, is the manual and directives of the structures your acquired container can take and the method to arrive at such structures. After all, this, if you require the expertise of professional engineers in the assembling of your container, Sunnyda has topnotch engineers that are notable for an outstanding job. With all guarantee, two engineers can give you a perfect structure of flat pack shipping container within one hour.

Having seen how easy it is to acquire your flat pack shipping container from any seaport in the world and how speedy it is to install it, there is more to see.

Chapter 8: Sunnyda Payment Options

At Sunnyda, we accept payments through FOB, CIF, CFR. After your payment has been confirmed, shipment procedures immediately follow. In cases where you have any technical or transaction error to report, our customer care service is available 24/7. We can be reached at any given time. We ensure that we respond to all queries with a view to solving all problems.


An investment in the study of this guide and application of its content is a great step forward in getting a container of your own. At Sunnyda, we are committed to ensuring that there is a triumph for your business and services. We look forward to partnering with you.

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