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Galvanized Steel Frame Manufacturer

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Your Reliable Partner and Manufacturer of Galvanized Steel Frame in China

Sunnyda specializes in galvanized steel frame production for more than 20 years. We serve various industries and construction projects. For residential, commercial, industrial, and residential projects worldwide, we offer the best solution for you.

Sunnyda galvanized steel frame will maximize your building safety and durability. Each material is tested to ASTM and CE standards. Our premium quality galvanized steel frame is designed and built by our senior engineers and architects. We also offer customized service for your unique project needs.

Sunnyda is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier in China. Send us your requirements now!

Ultimate Guide to Galvanized Steel Frame

Sunnyda manufactures high quality galvanized steel frames using a certified ISO 9001 process. Sunnyda guarantee that we provide the best products for you. The quality and longevity of our galvanized steel frames are tested and reliable.

Our products are made from eco-friendly materials and they can be recycled. It is designed to assemble and dismantle easily. This will surely attract your customers.

Sunnyda galvanized steel frame can be designed according to your customer’s requirements. It has high weight-bearing, stiff, and high strength.

All our products are created by our skilled and intelligent engineers. The galvanized steel frame can be combined with brackets, roof truss, etc. For light manufacturing our galvanized steel frame can be also made into a beam, column, or arm limb.

We create a galvanized steel frames that help every building from corrosion due to moisture, elements, and toxins. For your next project, this is your ideal solution.

Our products contained versatile materials with distinctive metal architectures and unique combinations to provide distinct properties.

Sunnyda galvanized steel frame is available in all varieties at very affordable prices. It is lightweight, high-strength, and excellent performance cross-section.

Sunnyda offers reliable and high-performance products around the world.

Sunnyda has gained the trust of our customers and reached 90% of repeated product orders from our clients.

We ensure the Sunnyda provides good services and reasonable prices. We assure you that we value all our customers and accept both small and volume orders.

For over 20 years, Sunnyda has been manufacturing premium quality galvanized steel frame. Over the years, we are already engaged in this industry and able to create products that meet your standards and requirements.

Our company is composed of highly-skilled employees working in high-tech manufacturing machines. We have a team available anytime just to help you find your desired products.

If you are looking for the best manufacturer of a galvanized steel frames, Sunnyda is the perfect place for you.

Just send us your inquiries today! For more questions, just email us. We have a 24/7 online sales team to accommodate you.


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