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Your Reliable Partner and Manufacturer of Galvanized Steel Plate in China

Sunnyda can provide you an outstanding galvanized steel plate that it’s coating life and performance are reliable and predictable. Sunnyda has a full capacity to manufacture storage your galvanized steel plate with great appearance.

Sunnyda galvanizes steel plate is made of a superior kind of steel materials that meets international standards. For your galvanized steel plate needs Sunnyda is a best manufacturer right for you.

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1, Wind resistance: Grade 11(wind speed ≤ 111.5km/h)

2, Earthquake resistance: Grade 8

3, Live load capacity of roofing: 0.5KN/m2

4, External and internal wall heat transmission coefficient: 0.35Kcal/m2hc

5, Live load of corridor is 2.0KN/m2

6, Sunnyda would like to design your steel building as per your requirement

Our Service:   Engineering, drawing, calculation -production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business

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Sunnyda Galvanized Steel Plate

Galvanized steel plate is pretty much stronger. The process of galvanization not only makes the steel plate stronger, but also makes it so much durable. Even the weather is not in goof condition, galvanized steel plate can survive.

Galvanized steel plate is also practically rust-free. Whatever the condition galvanized steel plate is it will last longer. The galvanized steel plate is considerably longer life even in the harshest environmental conditions, enduring areas or places that get a lot of sun, rain, or snow.

With galvanized steel plate, you don’t need to keep on replacing the material.  It improves usability, allowing you to spend less. The longevity of galvanized steel plate easily makes it the most efficient construction material to use.

Another good thing of these galvanized steel plates are much cheaper in the market compared to other materials. Flexibility is another benefit that makes galvanized steel plate worthy as a product. It can be used in many types of applications and is widely used as a structural component in the construction industry.

Sunnyda is ISO qualified manufacturer and we have complete testing machines and equipment to make sure that you will receive a deserving and satisfying galvanized steel plate products. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Sunnyda can provide your needs when it comes on steel structure especially when it comes to galvanized steel plate. We have a lot steel structures component that will very suited and perfect for your desired applications.

Our high quality galvanized steel plate is one of the great products that we can offer. We always make sure that all our galvanized steel plates are in best quality to make sure it’s usability.

You can contact us whether you are in need of any steel structure product.

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