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Sunnyda is a successful and well-known company that makes all kinds of sandwich panels, and one of those is the most strengthening, high-resisting, and durable Glass Wool Sandwich Panel.

The most integral part of our Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is Mineral Wool, used in buildings to insulate the house heat, limit the loss of heat, and decrease bills. It is used to insulate different buildings and protect the building from shocks and corrosion.

Moreover, at Sunnyda, we make commendable Glass Wool Sandwich Panels, which ensure the sustainability of the building.

The quality that our team provides is unbeatable as we use the most reliable, durable, and imported raw material for its manufacturing; we better know that compromising on the material is terrible.

We manufacture an environment-friendly Glass Wool Sandwich Panel that protects the environment and people living in it. In addition, we consume the material that can be recycled when its life is over, and you can also reuse it anywhere else you want.

The sturdy material used in Sunnyda’s construction is enormously powerful, heavy-resisting, and long-lasting that you can use for years to make the building strong and beautiful.

Our professional team is also trained to design the customized material that fits our customers’ requirements.

So, if you are also looking forward to Glass Wool Sandwich Panel, Sunnyda can serve you in the most desirable way because its materials are a combination of stiffness, style, and high-class customer service. We exactly serve what we say and show!

Panel Thickness
Hot Modulus(K)
W/m2 oC
Steel Th.
Steel Weight
Panel Weight

Rockwool sandwich panel

Adopt sandwich panel with appropriative rock wool, the fire endurance scope within 30-120 minutes or more.

The standard panel is 3m to 12.5m in height. We also provide our customers with short or supernormal panel. Considering the weight of mineral wool, we do not recommend too long.

The standard density is 120kg/m3, water-intake rate is 5%, thermal conductivity less than 0.034 w/mk, durothermic temperature within the scope -240 – +650 °C。

The panel can prevent cold bridge effectively, and its heat retaining and energy-saving meet the requirement of low-carbon.

Panel meets the requirement of permanent building with excellent mechanical stability.

Panel do not contain formaldehyde and excitant particle.

Due to continuous modern production technology with high pressure glue spraying, panel has perfect completeness with good mechanical properties.


Ceiling and surround for clean factory, workshop for clean products, warehouse, cold room., long span panel, reinforcing the original structure, temporary office, shop, market, koist.


1, Fire rating: A1

2, Thickness: 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm

3, Width: Wall and roof – 1200mm (effective 1150mm), 1000mm (effective 950mm)

4, Length:  recommend less than 6m

5, Steel thickness: 0.4-0.8mm

6, Rock wool density: 90-120 kg/m3

7, Surface: Wall flat or groove, roof corrugated

8, Joint: Tongue and groove

9, Paint: PE, PVDF, HDPE, SMP, RMP

10, Color: Any RAL color

11, Delivery: 4-7 days

12, Production capacity: 3500m2 per day

13, Free sample

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Glass Wool Sandwich Panel-A Complete Buying Guide for your Strong Building by Sunnyda.

The Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is a laminated structure composed of two layers of sidings and an insulating core. The sidings are relatively thin, durable, and are made of wool materials; the core material together makes it light yet stiff.

Moreover, this updated construction material is ready to match the latest demands of the users. It reduces the customer’s installation efforts and can be installed quickly and effortlessly.

Furthermore, its low maintenance is the biggest relief for the busy buyers as it doesn’t need much of the time for maintenance.

The next part of this article will provide detailed information about it.

1.What is a Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?
2.What is the History of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?
3.What are the Key Features of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?
4.What is the Structure of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?
5.What are the Main Components of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?
6.What is the Material used to Construct a Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?
7.What is the Sound Reduction Index for a Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?
8.What is the Process of Manufacturing a Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?
9.What are the Applications of Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?
10.What are the Appreciable Benefits of using Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?
11.What is Unique about the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?
12.What are the Strengths of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?
13.Why is the use of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel Rapidly Increasing?
14.What are the Tips for Buying the Glass Wool Panel?
15.What is the Maintenance Procedure for your Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?
16.What Challenges you can Face while using the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?
17.Why is the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel Popular in the Construction Industry?
18.How does the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel Impact Human Health?

What is a Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?

Glass Wool Sandwich Panel consists of two sidings; the material for these sidings varies from steel to aluminum and other fibers and plastic. The siding is thinner in its size as compared to the core present between them.

The core of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is usually wool which is obtained from minerals. This wool is always stiff, sturdy, and strong. The core material differs for every sandwich panel that makes them stand out.

The outer layer of siding for the core is made from glass fibers. These glass fibers are made up of liquefied glass, which can be molded in any shape easily; hence, this material can be designed in any shape. Moreover, its core resists external pressure, and the walls behind it remain safe.

The wool used as the core material has high-grade thermal insulating qualities, which are helpful to keep the high temperature away from the building. In addition, the material or the sidings of the core have to be clasped with the core material in order to ensure safety.

What is the History of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?

Until the 1960s, Glass Wool Sandwich Panel’s use was limited to airplanes, rockets, and spacecraft. With time, its sandwich technology usage was enhanced and introduced in other fields such as constructing buildings, manufacturing cooling spaces, making vehicles, and other numerous industries.

Nowadays, rapid advancements occur in its manufacturing, and its wool and fiberglass are being upgraded according to its applications.

Its material has been selected, keeping in mind the implications, such as the load that it will bear and it’s capacity to stay protected from any kind of contamination. The 21st centuries’ core parts guarantee heat and sound insulation as well as internal corrosion protection.

What are the Key Features of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?

The Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is capable of carrying a high weight load due to its strength and high resistance.

It is also effortless to use and install and does not require additional equipment or extra workers. The outside weather cannot stop the installation of these construction materials.

Although this material is created in such a way that it cannot be harmed, in an exceptional case, its damaged part can be easily replaced.

The Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is the block for ceilings or walls; the inside and outside are composed of profiled sheets that work with sufficient insulation and reinforcement properties.

Moreover, it creates an obstruction and boundary that stops water and vapors from entering to evade dampness.

The outside weather can have a tremendous impact on the building; therefore, the outer cage of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is constructed in such a way that it resists terrible weather and the overall atmosphere and climate.

Air is a bad conductor of heat; hence it is a significant task of the material to provide exceptional airtightness.

The materials used have a long service life and low maintenance cost, and the cost is minimal as compared with the function that the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel with mineral wool cores perform in case of fire.

What is the Structure of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?

Following are the Structural Considerations for Glass Wool Sandwich Panel:


  • Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is strong enough to withstand the stress and strain during manufacturing, transportation, erection, and use.
  • It is able to adapt to the stress caused by thermal effects, especially when it is exposed to the sun.
  • The Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is sufficient for fire resistance to ensure safety.


  • The surface and joints of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel are able to prevent water, snow, air, and dust from entering.
  • It has sufficient thermal insulation properties.
  • It also contains heat storage capacity.
  • Equipped with adequate protection against moisture condensation.
  • This construction material provides incredible sound insulation.


  • The structure of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is outstanding in its performance and keeps serving even after its specified service life.
  • Its construction contains long-term weather resistance.
  • Its composition also exhibits corrosion resistance in a corrosive environment.
  • Moreover, it is also designed to withstand all types of core damage, especially the wool of this construction material and its front and back sidings.
  • Stability and durability are always guaranteed.

Aesthetic Fundamentals of Structure:

  • This aesthetic Glass Wool Sandwich Panel has geometric tolerances, and its face areas are flat for quick installation.
  • The color variations show its diversity and make it unique from others; further, this versatility and diversity make it a high-demanding decorative material.

Higher Temperature Insulations:

  • It is made of non-combustible glass wool that has been combined with an inert thermosetting resin to create a robust and resilient product for your home.
  • It has no odor, is inert, and is completely compatible with all normal building materials.

What are the Main Components of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?

  • Mineral insulation is composed of natural elements such as volcanic rocks, sand, and recycled glass. Wool is created by industrially transforming these elements.
  • The most common mineral walls used for insulation are glass walls and rock walls which are the best for the production of various types of insulation.
  • Crude oil is also used to make synthetic insulation: polyurethane and polystyrene foam are two examples.
  • Its insulation is made from plant or animal-based materials like hemp, cotton wool, wood wool, or sheep wool. It has no negative consequences on the environment. It can be produced with little energy, and the by-products are reusable, although they are made in limited amounts.
  • It also consists of the fiber structure lacking closed pores; the slabs are significantly more vulnerable to water absorption and vapor diffusion.

Hence, the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is completely different from other panels as it is less harmful to the environment and it offers a lot of features.

What is the Material used to Construct a Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?

The Core Materials that are used to Make Glass Wool Sandwich Panel are as Follow:

  • The first step is to build a metal shell for the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel, which can be manufactured using the same conventional methods as some other sandwich panels.

If only the longitudinal edges need to be shaped, folding, pressing, or rolling are the methods that are used. The edges formed on all four sides are deep-drawn or folded.

  • The second important material for making this kind of construction material is wool, which is used as the main material. The mineral wool has a more open structure and high elasticity when it is bent longitudinally.

What is the Sound Reduction Index for a Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?

Sound is resonantly transmitted in the manner of self-induced vibrations, depending on the degree of self-coordination of its wave field with sound field’s existent in the air on both sides of the enclosure.

The most effective way to improve the sound insulation of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is to limit resonant transmission of sound through acoustic separation of the layers.

The sound reduction index (or transmission loss) is the difference between the incident and transmitted intensity levels, which may be calculated from such a measurement after accounting for panel size and absorption in the receiver room.

This can then be combined with sound pressure levels on the source side to estimate the sound conveyed to the vehicle’s interior. In general, the ‘mass law’ behavior of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel dominates the sound reduction index over a wide frequency range.

What is the Process of Manufacturing a Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?

The Production Process of Making Glass Wool Sandwich Panel can be Divided into Two Parts:

  • The first part is the manufacture of the sidings.
  • The second part is the manufacture of the core material connected in between sidings.

There are many ways to make Glass Wool Sandwich Panel, the most Economical Methods are as follows:

The geometric design of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is created in consideration of the shape of the cladding material, which can be flat, slight contour, or deep profiled.

Shaped edges are made according to their selected shape; they can have four or only two long sides. At the time of manufacturing of this material, the placement of additional non-metal edge elements is also considered.

The dimensions of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel depend on the shape of the material that is being used during construction; it can also be molded in the desired shape. All these steps are interrelated.

Once the design is selected, the next step is the basic materials. The material is also selected by distinguishing whether the covering material is a sheet or a roll. The shape of the core material is also important because the wool constituting the core material of the sheet must first be retrieved.

The number and quantity of product variants produced depend on the number of required Glass Wool Sandwich Panel. This number also depends on the number of replacement core thicknesses.

What are the Applications of Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?

The Applications of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel are:

Cavity wall and Drywall Insulation:

The Glass Wool Sandwich Wall Panel is used to design steel-framed structures, timber-framed buildings, and dry-wall systems. This construction material amazingly works in the creation of cavity walls and on the tops of ceilings.

Pipe Insulation:

Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is also used for pipe insulation which is 1 meter long, stiffed, and resin-bonded glass wool segment.

A single longitudinal slit allows the portion to open and close to encircle the pipe after insertion. Canvas, plain, and reinforced foil are the standard finishing options.

Over Purlin Insulation in Commercial Buildings:

Factory board is a rigid board made of non-flammable glass wool insulation. It is commonly used as a multi-purpose wall cladding as well as roof insulation over purlins. It is often available in thicknesses of 25, 40, or 50mm.

Suspended Ceilings:

The ceiling tiles are made of non-combustible inorganic glass wool and are held together with an inert thermosetting resin binder. For a long-lasting finish, a decorative vinyl face in coral is available. Its strength is efficient for the suspended ceiling.

Industrial Roof Insulation:

The high quality, non-combustibility, and flexibility make it the best bet for an industrial roof as it is an excellent combination of glass wool insulation and an inert binder, which together make it lightweight, safe, and resilient.

It also has a strengthened foil or a white metalized foil facing one side. On request, it can be applied on both sides.

What are the Appreciable Benefits of using Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?

Following are the Benefits of using Glass Wool Sandwich Panel:

  • Glass Wool Sandwich Panel offers high fire resistance. It can defend the house from damage during a fire because of its shape, strength, and material. This sandwich Panel is very fire resistant and thermally insulating.
  • Heat retention and energy conservation are its most adorable features.
  • It has good sound insulation properties. Typically, sound insulation volume is higher than 30dB, which effectively suppresses interference from outside sounds.
  • It has a unique circulation that keeps the water out and it is sealed on all sides, ensuring good airtightness.
  • The Glass Wool Sandwich Panel features stiff polyurethane foam filling on all sides of the notch, which contributes to the overall strength of the building, making it durable and sturdy.
  • It is a fascinating and three-dimensional material consisting of vibrant, long-lasting paint, biodegradable and eco-friendly.
  • Glass Wool Sandwich Panel comes with a high acidity coefficient, which can significantly lessen corrosive action on metals.
  • It has a variety of shapes, no cold bridge, a high rigidity, and excellent flatness.
  • It includes a unique connecting port design and a greater ability to withstand negative wind pressure.

What is Unique about the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?

The load-bearing capacity is one of the unique things about the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel which is directly proportional to the face and core materials, as well as the fastening between the faces and the core.

The structural dimensions and structural systems, such as span lengths, support widths, and fastening systems, also make it versatile among other materials.

The high-grade construction material’s strength can be represented by mathematical models. These mathematical models are based on physical processes that occur in each of the distinct failure scenarios.

Data relating material qualities are necessary in these mathematical models in order to explain the strength and stiffness of the individual components of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel, and in most situations, these material values must be established experimentally.

If in case, the material breaks or cracks in the tests, it again goes to the construction process to fix its flaws.

Although the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel has several advantages, such as strong heat resistance, inflammable characteristics, and airtightness, they cannot carry extra/large loads for an extended period of time.

What are the Strengths of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?

The Mineral Wool is the real Strength of Glass Wool Sandwich and the Properties of Mineral Wool:

Mechanical Properties:

Mineral wool used in this construction material is stable; similarly, its fiber itself and the binder can maintain the mechanical characteristics for a long time. Moreover, the temperature does not affect its mechanical properties.

Water Absorption:

Normal use of mineral wool has low water absorption. In the case of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel, it is usually reduced due to the protection provided by the sidings.

In addition, through the use of silicone, mineral oil, or other additives. The different materials in the internal structure act as the binder and protect the walls and ceilings from the water.

Thermal Insulation:

Compared with other core materials, the thermal conductivity of air in the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel has a greater influence on heat flow.


The Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is noncombustible because of its low organic binder. In case of fire outrage, this acts as a savior.

Why is the use of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel Rapidly Increasing?

Following are the Reasons that make the use of Glass Wool Sandwich Panel Obvious:

  • It is an insulating material that keeps the heat away, and this feature makes it the best option for a construction site.
  • As it is built under controlled conditions, therefore, it doesn’t accumulate the moisture inside it and keeps resisting the snow and rainwater.
  • The glass wool, the primary material of Glass Wool Sandwich Panel, is added into its attics as a loose-fill material, or sometimes it is sprayed on the underside of its sheets to give it stiffness. This stiffness and strength increase the building security, and therefore buyers tend to buy this reliable material more than any random.
  • It can also be used to insulate flat surfaces: ceiling tiles, curtain walls, cavity wall insulation, and ducting with an active binder.
  • Being an insulating material can also act as sound-repellent; it keeps the sound away when installed at sensitive areas: hospitals, clinics, schools, kids’ nurseries, and offices.

 What are the Tips for Buying the Glass Wool Panel?

Here are a Few Tips that you Should Consider Before you buy Glass Wool Sandwich Panel:

  • Check out the density; the most recommended density is minimally 50 to 55 kg per cubic meter.
  • Figure out the inside material; the fiber of the glass wool should not be ordinary.
  • Moreover, ensure it is made in a continuous panel line instead of frequent joints.
  • Don’t forget to figure out the area of the place for which you will install it.
  • For customization, you can check the particular design and layout matched with the surrounding essentials.

What is the Maintenance Procedure for your Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?

Below are some of the Maintenance Procedures for your Glass Wool Sandwich Panel:

  • If your Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is regularly maintained, its service life will be extended.
  • You can apply another layer of paint to reduce the maintenance issues and to extend its life.
  • Do not leave marks and scratches as it can affect its life and increase its maintenance cost.
  • Take water and unreactive washing powder to clean it regularly.
  • Don’t use rough material for cleaning as it can leave marks on it.
  • Avoid using acid or other intense chemicals on this construction material.
  • Cleaning procedures should be done regularly.
  • Though it resists the water yet at many points, it needs protection from dampness by using the material to resist the rain. You can also use some other diffusion-proof coverings that can keep the moisture away.

What Challenges you can Face while using the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?

The Following are some of the Difficulties that you may Encounter when using a Glass Wool Sandwich Panel.

  • One of the difficulties that you may face while its installation is its frequent freezing of the joints that make the installation hard.
  • It may begin to freeze at the seams, and it is unable to sustain the additional load.
  • If the basalt additives are used for insulation, the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel’s quality will be affected.
  • Somehow, the metal frame requires additional processing to prevent rust, whereas the wooden frame (treated with antiseptics) prevents cracks. (Optional for many cases)

Why is the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel Popular in the Construction Industry?

Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is utilized for various applications, including building interiors, exteriors, ships, and domestic appliances. It also offers extraordinary insulating properties that make it the best bet for construction industries.

Moreover, it is highly effective for metal buildings as it creates a comfortable temperature inside.

Its sturdy inside material is used to fill holes in walls and roofs; these remarkable features and lower costs together make it more valuable for construction industries.

How does the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel Impact Human Health?

Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is a thermal insulation material made up of interconnected and flexible glass fibers that “package” air, resulting in a low density that may be altered by binder concentration or compression of the material.

Scientific evidence shows that fiberglass is safe to manufacture, install, and use when it is constructed according to the recommended work techniques.

But when the labor standards are not followed, the fiberglass is frequently left exposed in basements that can cause several health issues.

When the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is not produced under the recommended instructions, its fiberglass can cause irritation of skin, nose, and throat, breathing problems, sore throat, cough, and hoarseness.

Therefore, all efforts should be made to construct this material according to the suggested manufacturing guideline.


The Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is good to go if you are looking for a material that has the ability to prevent the fire propagation and adversity of climate changes.

You cannot handle this material in an unusual way; therefore, there are certain tips and factors that you need to know before purchasing it.

This buying guide contains all the vital pre-installation tips and post-installation considerations that you shouldn’t miss.

Any minor carelessness at the time of installation or maintenance can make your Glass Wool Sandwich Panel damage; hence, be conscious and careful in every step.

Above all, you need to be also wise while you are planning to buy it, as a wrong decision can make all your investments sink.

FAQS for Glass Wool Sandwich Panel.

How can you Install Glass Wool Sandwich Panel on the Turns, Joints, or Fissures?

The Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is a bit flexible, and it is a rapid, easy, and safe installation possible for a bit of twist. But, its cutting is also straightforward that helps you to cut and install accordingly.

Is the Transportation of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel Difficult?

The transportation requirements of your Glass Wool Sandwich Panel are not overly complicated.

Its design eliminates the need for heavy machinery or equipment during the construction process. The product simplifies on-site handling and improvement through common tools.

How does the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel make the Construction Process Simple?

Using Glass Wool Sandwich Panel, the construction process is simplified because its faster installation helps manage the construction comfortably and straightforwardly.

As it acts as a finishing component of the buildings; therefore, it can be installed within some days, instead of months.

What is the Exclusive Purpose of a Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?

The Glass Wool Sandwich Panel’s essential purpose is to provide power and strength to the building to encounter severe force or any other harmful pressure.

It keeps the building (walls, ceiling, and roofs) safe in all adverse circumstances.

Why is the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel Affordable?

Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is affordable because all the components used to construct it are natural. No extra energy is required to reshape or cut the material.

Hence, the protection from these additional forces keeps them in the budget.

How can the Corrosion-Free Feature Increase the Life of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?

The rust on the buildings, walls, or construction material can decrease their quality and lifespan; further, it costs high for maintenance.

Therefore, the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is made corrosion-free that doesn’t go into the chemical reaction with the water and air and stays glossy and fresh forever. Eventually, its lifespan expands up.

What are the Reasons for the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel’s Installation in Hospitals?

The Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is noise-resistant and keeps the noise away from the building wherever it is installed.

In the hospitals, specifically in emergencies, a quiet environment is required for the patient’s peace; thus, it is installed to keep the noise at bay.

Why is the use of Acid Prohibited for the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel’s Cleaning?

The Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is vulnerable to intense liquids and acids; when these acidic materials are used to clean, they slowly yet consistently start reacting with its material.

Ultimately, it cracks its surface, and chances are it will be worn out earlier.

What is the Recommended Cleaning Schedule of the Glass Wool Sandwich Panel?

Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is a hygienic material that prevents microorganisms and mold growth.

Therefore, you should be wiped out regularly, but deep cleaning with washing liquid should be done weekly.

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