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Sunnyda hand washing trailers are the perfect solution for maintaining hygiene in any situation and location. Ideal for staging areas, base camps, weddings, construction sites, sporting events, festivals, film and tv sets, food service, and many more.

Our hand washing trailer served several industries including utility, government, emergency response, military, industrial, and other special events.

Each unit features a fresh water tank and waste tank. Other accessories include stainless steel sinks, backsplashes, countertops, liquid soap dispensers, mirrors, paper towels, solar panels, and so on. All mentioned features can be added or delete according to customers choice.

Hand washing trailer offered comes in different sizes and stations. There are model designs with 8 handwashing stations, 12-hand washing stations, up to 16-hand washing stations.

Body material for hand washing trailer comes in two options, standard EPS sandwich panel, and luxury FRP. We can custom-made units according to your needs. We can adjust trailers to fit your standards. Sunnyda will work with you to complete your hand washing trailer project.

Sunnyda is your premier hand washing trailer manufacturer!

BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size3700(L) x 1700(W) x 2500(H) mm
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tank450L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank1000L
Weight1240kg, when water and waste tank is empty
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingCan mix load with other model, or 2 SUT01 in a 40HQini in a 40HQ
Delivery time40 days
Electricallighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Ultimate Guide to Hand Washing Trailer

Sunnyda handwashing trailer is fully complete in the workshop. It is checked and tested before leaving the factory. And because we are exporting products to many foreign countries, we are much familiar with each market standard. Such certificate of compliance includes CE, CCC, DOT, VIN, BSI, UL, etc.

Our company met ISO14001:2015 safety requirements, so you can guarantee quality management and services. Hand washing trailer has been shipped to AU, EU, and US markets. We are committed to cleanliness, where handwashing is a must, hand washing trailer is your choice.

Whether used for commercial applications or special projects, Sunnyda can give absolute solutions. Features and further equipment can be added to stand up to the toughest working environments.

Sunnyda takes great pride in manufacturing, supplying, and delivering the best-quality handwashing trailer. If you have any questions, please make a call to one of our representatives.

Sunnyda hand washing trailers are capable to establish in any public space. You can purchase a number of different configurations and lengths to accommodate a number of individuals.

With the increasing concern with sanitation, Sunnyda provides an excellent portable solution for your business or venue. Grow your business with handwashing trailers fully equipped with great features.

Multiple hand washing stations on each side, tankless water heater, freshwater tank, grey water tank, and solar-powered, to name a few. Additional things can be built like towel dispensers, sink, towel dispensers, trash bins, and so on. Since as of today cleanliness is a must, trust Sunnyda for your next sanitary business requirements.

On top of that, we can make a customized hand washing trailer based on your preference. Contact Sunnyda to discuss more features included or any specialized details.

We warmly welcome you to visit our factory while looking forward to cooperation in the near future.

Sunnyda is your premier handwashing trailer manufacturer!


Hand Washing Trailer-An Ultimate Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

Being able to have access to a Hand Washing Trailer and clean water for washing up, is a blessing while you are outdoors.

With high-quality climate control and sufficient grey water storage, a Hand Washing Trailer is a must-have for all your adventurous trips, family gatherings, corporate events, and gatherings.

Make your visitors feel like at home by providing them with a handwashing facility

This guide has all the suitable data about the features, applications, maintenance, issues, and solutions of a Hand Washing Trailer. So let’s start.


1.What is a Hand Washing Trailer?
2.What are the Features of The Hand Washing Trailer?
3.What are the Specifications of the Hand Washing Trailer?
4.What is the Difference Between 8 Stations, 12 Stations, and 16 Station Hand Washing Trailer?
5.Where you can Use the Hand Washing Trailer?
6.How to Wash your Hands Properly Using the Hand Washing Trailer?
7.What are the Major Benefits of the Hand Washing Trailer?
8.Why Use Chemicals in your Hand Washing Trailer?
9.How the Hand Washing Trailer Survives Against a Harsh Environment?
10.How Many Hand Washing Trailer do you Require?
11.How to Choose Water Supply for your Hand Washing Trailer?
12.What Factors To Consider While Choosing The Hand Washing Trailer?
13.How to Select the Best Manufacturer for your Hand Washing Trailer?
14.What are the Cleaning Instructions for your Hand Washing Trailer?
15.How to Sanitize your Hand Washing Trailer?
16.How to Maintain your Hand Washing Trailer?
17.What are Some Common Problems that you Face While Using your Hand Washing Trailer?


What is a Hand Washing Trailer?

A Hand Washing Trailer is a closed assembly that is made up of strong material and has a handwashing facility.

It has a sink and a greywater storage tank to allow you to wash your hands at any location, any time.

A Hand Washing Trailer is specially designed for outdoor events like camping trips, outdoor weddings, festivals, corporate meetings, and adventure trips.

The added facilities along with a premium quality sink are precise climate control, good ventilation, security, and hot and cold water availability all the time.

You no longer have to worry about if there are any close by restrooms since you have your own easily transportable Hand Washing Trailer. It lets your guests freshen up on the site.

A Hand Washing Trailer with multiple units allows you to avoid long lines and comes with a vanity area and perfect lighting.

It is available in various models and designs. You must pay attention to the cleanliness and maintenance of your Hand Washing Trailer if you want to increase its life.


What are the Features of The Hand Washing Trailer?

Here are some outstanding features of the Hand Washing Trailer:

  • A Hand Washing Trailer is a clean encased compartment to hold drinkable water. It has a nozzle that can be turned off and on for controlling the water flow.
  • It has a fluid or bar hand cleanser; it doesn’t need to be antibacterial.
  • A greywater holder used to wash hands is also present in it.
  • It contains single-use paper for providing the users with something to dry their hands.
  • There is a covered garbage can to store the waste towels.


What are the Specifications of the Hand Washing Trailer?

Below are some main specifications for using the Hand Washing Trailer:

  • It has a large waste tank that allows the storage of extra waste content.
  • There are good quality air conditioners with wall or roof mounting choices for the user.
  • There is a good heating system available for helping the users during the cold weather.
  • The Hand Washing Trailer is constructed with special water-saving designs.
  • There are wide mirrors and vanities available so that the user can check himself or herself.
  • Along with the sunlight, you have the option to use LED Lightning on the inside or outside of your Hand Washing Trailer.
  • Many people can use this single unit at a time, due to the presence of more than one sink.


What is the Difference Between 8 Stations, 12 Stations, and 16 Station Hand Washing Trailer?


Eight Station

  • The 8 station Hand Washing Trailer comes with four stainless steel sinks that are super easy to clean.
  • Above the sinks are awning doors that provide shade and shelter when the sinks are used by.


Twelve Station

  • On every side of the Twelve Station Hand Washing Trailer, there are 6 sinks.
  • Stainless steel mirrors and soap dispensers are also present along with the sink.


Sixteen Station

  • The sixteen station Hand Washing Trailer comes with 8 sinks on every side, there are also awning doors above the sink.


Where you can Use the Hand Washing Trailer?

Some events or places where you can use the Hand Washing Trailer are given below.

  • Birthday
  • Wedding
  • Corporate event
  • Musical concert
  • Festival
  • Party
  • Construction sites
  • Sports event
  • Emergency sites


How to Wash Your Hands Properly Using the Hand Washing Trailer?

Here are some steps that you can follow to wash your hands properly:

  • The first thing is to wet your hands with slight water.
  • Now apply soap and scrub between your fingers for 20 seconds.
  • Try to wash your hands properly so that you can completely get rid of all the dirt from your hands, and don’t forget to scrub between the fingers and thumbs.
  • When you have properly scrubbed your hands with soap, rinse your hands.
  • Now dry it with an unused paper towel.
  • Make sure not to use that hand towel again, so that you don’t get germs on your hands again.
  • Also, make sure that other people don’t come in contact with your hand towel.
  • Finally, once you are done washing your hands, in a covered bin throw the towel.


What are the Major Benefits of the Hand Washing Trailer?

Here are some benefits of using the Hand Washing Trailer:

  • The best thing is that the weatherproof floors provide suitable protection against harsh weather conditions.
  • It is durable and will last longer no matter for which events you are using it.
  • Maintaining the Hand Washing Trailer is easy and simple for everyone.
  • Due to easy portability, you can transport it anywhere.
  • This unit is suitable, both for men and women.
  • It is reliable as you can serve many guests using the Hand Washing Trailer.


Why Use Chemicals in your Hand Washing Trailer?

  • It is important to use potent but harmless chemicals for effectively cleaning your Hand Washing Trailer.
  • You can use chlorinated tablets to kill the bacteria, germs, and algae resulting in getting rid of odor from the unit.
  • A soft soap will be helpful in cleaning the stains from all the surfaces of the Hand Washing Trailer.
  • Using hypochlorite bleach solution will be very helpful in removing the germs and dirt from every corner.
  • Detergents will provide nicer cleaning and a better finishing to the overall cleaning process.
  • A deodorizer will remove bad odor from your Hand Washing Trailer, making it comfortable for the users.
  • Placing a fragrance booster disc in the tissue paper holder or any other area of the Hand Washing Trailer will be useful in creating a pleasant environment.


How the Hand Washing Trailer Survives Against a Harsh Environment?

The Hand Washing Trailer consists of special features that help to protect its durability and stability even when the weather is not normal.

  • The air conditioning provides ventilation and cooling in hot weather.
  • The heating system heats the inside temperature of the Hand Washing Trailer, making it easier for people to use it.
  • Moreover, the floor and roof are designed to withstand hard weather such as storms, rain.
  • One important thing is that this unit is made up of durable and long-life products that will surely tend to provide large life to the unit.


How Many Hand Washing Trailer do you Require?

The number of Hand Washing Trailer units you require depends on the total number of persons attending the events.

Moreover, this number also varies depending upon the gender of guests, for example, women will require more units as compared to men.

The number of units suitable to be placed also depends upon the storage or parking available.


How to Choose Water Supply for your Hand Washing Trailer?

Make sure to choose portable water for your Hand Washing Trailer. The water that is used in it must be tested to make sure it is drinkable.

This thing ensures the health of the users. Moreover, this water will be healthy for maintaining the durability and construction of the Hand Washing Trailer unit itself.

Moreover, always make sure that this water is sufficient for all the users.


What Factors To Consider While Choosing The Hand Washing Trailer?

You should consider these factors while choosing the Hand Washing Trailer.

  • The absolute first thought is to decide the reason why you want to buy this unit, whether it is for the cooking business, study hall, or food truck, or so on.
  • Next, you have to decide about the portability of the unit. Whether you want a fixed one or a wheeled unit.
  • Depending upon the space accessible and the purpose, evaluate the height and width of the sink. Various varieties are accessible as far as size is concerned.
  • Estimate the number of sinks you need in your Hand Washing Trailer. These sinks come in single, dual, or triple basin styles.
  • You need to think about the quality that suits you. Stainless steel is a superior choice if you want durability otherwise polycarbonate fiber would be less expensive.
  • If you want a hot water faucet in the Hand Washing Trailer, you have to buy a portable sink that contains a dual storage tank and tap.
  • If you are picking one with electronic facilities, you should consider power alternatives as well. Portable units can be driven by electric, gas, or sun-oriented sources.
  • Note down all the necessary features and components; this will help you in deciding a better Hand Washing Trailer for your use.
  • The last thought is your financial expenses or budget.


Other Factors to Consider

Here are some other factors that we are going to discuss in detail to help you get the best unit for your application.


Number of Guests

Most importantly, you need to sort a list of individuals who will go to the occasion. This will help to decide the number of visitors that may use the Hand Washing Trailer.

You can enlist them according to gender to know the proportion of the sinks individually in the male and female sections.

For instance, if you want more women than men, you should go for a Hand Washing Trailer with sinks that are meant for ladies.


Location and Placing

Placement is another important factor to consider. It is significant to know where to place the Hand Washing Trailer.

Besides the number of units you will be needing, deciding the location is additionally another significant factor to consider for getting the best one for your use.

Before you go buying sinks, do a site visit first to realize the best spot to put the port.

Be sure that the site you’ve picked has a firm ground to forestall sinking or some other foundation issues.

Additionally, make sure that it is easily available and convenient for the trucks that will convey the units into the setting.

For the comfort of your visitors, choose a spot that is not very far away from the main spot of the event.


Type of Event

The kind of Hand Washing Trailer you should purchase relies upon the sort of occasion you are facilitating.

For example, in an event in which you just need to give an essential Hand Washing Trailer facility to individuals, a customary sink would do.

However, for extraordinary events like weddings, you should make your Hand Washing Trailer more luxurious and extravagant.

While picking a sink you likewise need to consider the reputation of the company from which you are buying the unit.

Shop around and pick the best companies that offer the best arrangements for you.

Also make sure that they offer total administrations, for example, cleaning and proper maintenance both for pre and post purchasing time.


How to Select the Best Manufacturer for your Hand Washing Trailer?

Here are some vital features that you should consider earlier deciding on the best manufacturer of your Hand Washing Trailer.

  • The manufacturer must be reputable, and hold a good name in the market.
  • The product supplied must be excellent and best in quality.
  • The construction of the unit should be durable and long-lasting.
  • It should be easy to clean and the maintenance should be easy for everyone.
  • Proper pre and post guidance and maintenance should be provided by the manufacturer.
  • You must choose a trusted and experienced service provider when buying a Hand Washing Trailer.
  • The unit should be easy to operate and the installation should be simple and quick.
  • The product should come with proper guidance and instructions manual for the ease of the user.
  • The manufacturer should always guide and answer the queries of the user in the best possible way.
  • A proper list of things that should be avoided using in the Hand Washing Trailer should be given by the manufacturer.


What are the Cleaning Instructions for your Hand Washing Trailer?

Below are mentioned some instructions that will help you in cleaning your Hand Washing Trailer effectively.

  • To eliminate any dirt or debris, the water tank should be clean thoroughly with a sanitizer cleanser.
  • Wash the basin and other outside surfaces properly, every day
  • With almost 10% bleach fill the freshwater compartment,
  • Let the bleach water solution stay in Hand Washing Trailer for almost one hour to lighten the stains.
  • Drain fresh tank.
  • To rinse out the bleach, refill the tank with freshwater.
  • Finally, clear the water and bleach from your tank, and now it is ready to take in the freshwater for your use.
  • Always clean the exterior of your Hand Washing Trailer along with focusing more on the interior side.
  • Make sure that you use good quality chemicals that are moderate, and don’t harm the construction of your unit.
  • Before starting the cleaning process, it will be better if you check the instructions manual to know which chemicals are good or bad for it.


Cleaning Equipment

  • You require a lot of cleaning equipment to clean anything easily and in less time, but this is possible if you use good quality products only.
  • To clean the Hand Washing Trailer, brushes, buckets, towels, and pumping wands must be used.
  • But always stay careful to avoid using these things for cleaning toilets or anything else.
  • The towels must be washed in a washer and dryer. This way you can get rid of the stains present on these towels easily and quickly.
  • Also, prefer using warm water as it is much effective in removing dirt from everything.


How to Sanitize your Hand Washing Trailer?

Sanitizing your Hand Washing Trailer is important for the safety of the user and the unit.

Transport Tank

  • The tank used for the water storage must be consistently cleaned
  • Utilize a 10% bleach and water solution to fill the tank until almost full. Also, add the detergent.
  • Slightly move the vehicle adequately to slosh the detergent/water arrangement around. Leave the arrangement in the tank for 60 minutes.
  • Wash altogether with new clean water to finally get rid of the dirt, soap, bleach, and germs.


Hand Wash Unit

  • To sanitize the Hand Washing Trailer add around 11 drops of liquid chlorine bleach in one gallon of water.
  • To maintain the proper level of chlorine bleach in it, test with the chlorine test strip, for detecting the chlorine levels.


How to Maintain your Hand Washing Trailer?

  • Maintenance of the Hand Washing Trailer is essential and is not even much time-consuming.
  • To maintain your Hand Washing Trailer make sure to check the whole unit to guarantee that there is no problem overall.
  • Also, see if there are any breaks in hoses and so on that could permit dirt from entering the new water supply.
  • Change the damaged parts before too late, this will help in increasing the overall life of your Hand Washing unit.
  • Avoid mixing bleach with any other household container.


Special Events

  • For one day or for the busy day’s occasions where the Hand Washing Trailer doesn’t come back, you’ll have to offer support to guarantee everybody’s wellbeing and security.
  • Wash the basins and outsides of the Hand Washing Trailer yourself thoroughly. But don’t forget to wear gloves and protective clothes to avoid splashes on your clothes.


Service Routes

  • Suction out all the wastewater while servicing routes.
  • When the compartment is vacant, carry out an investigation.
  • You’ll need to be keeping an eye for any shape, green growth, or development that might be covering the compartment.
  • If you notice any of these, return them to the yard for more intensive cleaning.



  • Any brushes or towels that are utilized for cleaning ought to just be utilized to clean a single Hand Washing Trailer.
  • To avoid spreading contaminants make sure to use newer products and accessories for cleaning the other units.


Checks and Inspections

  • Every day, you’ll need to check every Hand Washing Trailer. This is to assess the general condition and verify that there is no harm to the unit.
  • Check for breaks in hoses that may permit flotsam and jetsam or defilement to leak in.
  • Examine the unit to confirm there is no hostile spray painting. In the event that there is any harm to vital parts, get rid of them right away.
  • Every Hand Washing Trailer must have warning labels. During your investigation ensure that these signs are visible.


What Are Some Common Problems that you Face While Using your Hand Washing Trailer?

Some of the common problems you face while using Hand Washing Trailer are as follows:

Problem 1: Clogged Sink

Utilizing an Unclogger:

  • If you have a slow running or a stopped-up channel/sink that appears to be a minor issue, an unclogger will work.
  • It creates the pressure that catches the obstruct rolling. This allows the course of water to drive it far removed without any problem.
  • Since plunging doesn’t include any interaction with the actual pipes, there is no chance of damaging the pipeline.


Utilizing a Drain Snake:

  • In the case of plunging doesn’t work, the issue likely should be managed somewhat further.
  • Drain snakes are available and are even effective, you simply need the correct one to suit your requirements.
  • Eliminate the sink trap cautiously. You may require a line wrench for it.
  • Then, put the handyman’s or plumber’s snake in the pipelines. You should find some obstruction.
  • You need to wrench the snake back. Then push it forward in a clockwise direction.
  • Eliminate the snake out cautiously, and take a stab at running the channel.
  • Kindly note that the snake should be in straight interaction with the lines of your Hand Washing Trailer. Make certain you don’t have touchy or old pipes.


Problem 2: Low Water Pressure in The Sink

  • In case you’re facing a less flow of water when you use your tap, the probabilities are that the pipe issue isn’t anything more genuine than a stopped-up aerator.
  • Water gets minerals like calcium as it goes to your home, and these minerals will in general gather in the aerator.
  • This way, the water circulation in the aerator is disturbed affecting the whole water flow in the unit.
  • Remove the aerator, use a brush plunged in vinegar to clear out any trash, and supplant it.


Problem 3: Leaky Faucet

  • Some leaky faucets require an expert fix or substitution, it’s worth your time and energy to check for some regular pipes issues prior to bringing in the specialists.
  • If the spigot spills from the foundation of the spout at whatever point you use it, the offender might be a well-used O-ring seal.
  • Prior to dealing with the spigot, confirm that you turn the water off at the source.
  • To get to the O-ring, remove the coupling nut and delicately proceed to get the spout from its attachment.



It is vital to have complete knowledge about all the features, components, uses, and benefits of a Hand Washing Trailer.

If you follow a good cleanliness and maintenance routine, you can increase the life of your Hand Washing Trailer. Also, it can be modified according to your requirements and demands.


FAQs of Hand Washing Trailer.

  1. How is the Installation of your Hand Washing Trailer?

The Hand Washing Trailer is easy to install, you just have to take it out of the box, place it in a suitable location, and finally supply water and power to start its operation.


  1. How to Run the Hand Washing Trailer Without Electricity?

There are some Hand Washing Trailer units that come with a battery or propane power source, this way you don’t need an electric supply for operating it.


  1. Where to Place your Items in the Hand Washing Trailer?

The Hand Washing Trailer consists of a locking cabinet where you can place your items.


  1. What is the Fresh Water Capacity of a Standard Hand Washing Trailer?

The fresh water capacity of a standard Hand Washing Trailer is five gallons.


  1. What is the Waste Water Capacity of a Standard Hand Washing Trailer?

The wastewater capacity of a standard Hand Washing Trailer is six gallons.


  1. What is the Base of the Hand Washing Trailer Made Up of?

The base of the Hand Washing Trailer is made up of stainless steel, providing great support and durability to the whole unit.


  1. What Makes the Hand Washing Trailer Easily Portable?

The wheels present at the base of the Hand Washing Trailer allow its easy movability with minimum effort.


  1. What is Present in the Cabinet of the Hand Washing Trailer with Warm Water Sinks?

The cabinet of a Hand Washing Trailer with a warm water system consists of a pump and an electric water heater facility.


  1. What Prevents the Accidental Interaction of the Waste Water and Fresh Water in the Hand Washing Trailer?

In a Hand Washing Trailer, there are separate connections for the fresh water and the waste water, this prevents the accidental mixing up of the fresh water and waste water in the unit.


  1. What are the Material Choices for the Basins in your Hand Washing Trailer?

You can choose between stainless steel or plastic material for constructing the basins of your Hand Washing Trailer.


  1. What is the Capacity of the Water Heater of your Hand Washing Trailer?

The water heater in your Hand Washing Trailer can heat the water around 40 degrees greater than the room temperature.


  1. How Can Young Children Reach the Basins in the Hand Washing Trailer?

There are step-up stools placed in the Hand Washing Trailer to help young children reach the basin with ease.


  1. How to Manage an Emergency Out of Water Situation when Using your Hand Washing Trailer?

In case you run out of water when using your Hand Washing Trailer, the best solution is to keep an extra fresh water tank with you.

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