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Handicap Portable Toilet has special equipment for disabled such as grab handles on wall near the toilet and hand basin, aluminum beach, long ramp and wider door for chairs. Those designs make it convenient for use. Separate handicap portable toilet size is 2300(L) x 1600(W) x 2500(H)mm, plus 4m long ramp and 1.5m drawbar. Yes, it could be combined with standard men’s and women’s toilet. Sunnyda has different choices on Handicap Portable Toilet size.

There are two choices on body materials for Handicap Portable Toilet, standard EPS sandwich panel and luxury FRP. The main difference is, FRP panel makes wall one piece, roof one piece, and you can choose any color for both outside and inside surface.

This makes it elegant and glorious, with insulation XPS. For standard EPS sandwich panel, both surfaces are steel, usually white color, with EPS insulation. EPS panel is 1.15m wide per sheet, so the wall is combined by a few pieces. Two choice of Handicap Portable Toilet can meet you different budgets.

Handicap Portable Toilet can be completed and finished in factory, and before leaving must be tested, include water and lighting systems. And welcome third party inspection. All equipment and materials selected are of high quality, with CE certificate.

Sunnyda is your premier Handicap Portable Toilet manufacturer!

Handicap Portable Toilet BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size2300(L) x 1600(W) x 2500(H) mm
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tank200L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank520L
Weight850kg, when water and waste tank is empty
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingCan mix load with other model, or 2 handicap portable toilet in a 40HQ
Delivery time40 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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ADA compliant portable restrooms
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Wheelchair accessible washroom
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Handicap accessible restrooms
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Handicap accessible portable toilets
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Handicap accessible porta potty
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Handicap accessible bathroom
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Commercial handicap bathroom
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ADA restroom trailer for sale
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ADA handicap toilet

Those materials and equipment are special for trailer use, like water saving toilet using 0.6L per flush, automobile air conditioner, etc. Solar panel system on the roof can self-power lightings. Provisions and security chain is there to connect towing vehicle.

Some details also well finished, like outside lights, occupy indicator, porch light, door closer, mirror, soap dispenser, paper holder etc. Once received Handicap Portable Toilet, connect power and water then it will be ready for use.

For loading, 2 units 2.3m long Handicap Portable Toilet can be shipped in a 40HQ. Restricted by container height, wheels must be dismantled and installed by you, but this is easy.

We warmly welcome you to visit our factory while looking forward to cooperating with you in the near future.

Sunnyda is your premier Handicap Portable Toilet manufacturer!

Handicap Portable Toilet-The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is a Handicap Portable Toilet?

A handicap portable toilet refers to a mobile toilet specifically designed to be used by disabled people.

Figure 1 Handicap portable toilet

Are there Handicap Portable Toilet with Solar Panels?


Most handicap portable toilets are fitted with solar panels.

The fact that these toilets are mobile, they need to have a reliable source of lighting just incase they happen to be used in places lacking electricity.

What are the Benefits of handicap portable toilet?

  • Convenience– Due to the fact that handicap portable toilets can be moved from one place to the other, they are quite convenient and reliable. They can be accessed anywhere by anyone more so being of much help to people with disabilities.

Also, the fact that they are fitted with facilities to accommodate disabled people make them quite importantduring public events.

  • Cost effective – As compared to building a whole new structure, having handicap portable toilets would save you a fortune.

To add on that, you will already have the expected cost and so you can easily plan your budget as compared to constructing which might require you to spend more.

  • Easy to use – Handicap portable toilets are designed in a manner that they can be easily used by disabled people.

This includes the entrance which has a wide door in order to allow the equipment used by handicapped people to easily maneuver through.

  • Conserve water–Most of the portable toilets including handicap portable toilets use water saving toilet, each flush use only 0.4L water. Therefore you don’t have to worry much about water.
  • Lacks odor –Portable toilets including handicap portable toilets are maintained on a regular basis using chemicals which help in getting rid of bad odors.

Does Handicap Portable Toilet Come with Water Saving Features?


Most portable toilets including handicap portable toilets are maintained using water saving toilet, each flush use only 0.4L water.

Besides, some feature tap aerators which also help to save water.

Figure 2 Tap with aerator

Is Handicap Portable Toilet Wheelchair Accessible?


Handicap portable toilets are designed to make handicap people more comfortable and by so doing they can easily have access to the washrooms.

The handicap toilets have a wider entrance which has a ramp to help equipment used by the disabled people easily pass through.

Figure 3 Handicap portable toilet with ramp

Where Can You Use Handicap Portable Toilet?

Handicap portable toilets can be used in a number of places not excluding;

  • Weddings
  • Stadiums
  • Disaster relief sites
  • Concerts
  • Resting areas
  • Parking lots
  • Camping sites
  • Golf courses
  • Birthday parties
  • Construction sites

Do Handicap Portable Toilets have Ramps?


All handicap portable toilets have ramps. Ramps help the disable people easily maneuver to the washroom with the help of their equipment.

A ramp basically refers to a Flat surface that slants from one end to the other and in our case; these facilities are placed at the entrance of the portable toilet.

Is there Recommended Standards for Handicap Portable Toilet Grab Bar?

Yes. There are a couple of standards that handicap portable toilets grab bar should meet. These include;

Figure 4 Grab bars

  • The grab bars should be round as well as smooth with a diameter of 1.25”-2”.
  • Handicap portable toilets should have one horizontal grab bar fitted on the rear wall above the toilet and the other one fitted on the side wall.
  • The grab bar should be tightly fitted as well as be firm and be able to support 250lbs of force
  • The grab bars should be fitted at a height of 33” to 36” above the floor. Also the grab bar should be at least 1.5” from the wall.
  • Side wall grab bar should at least have a length of 42”-48”. To add on that, they should be fitted 12” from the rear wall.

What is the Best Handicap Portable Toilet Material?

Standard EPS sandwich panel and luxury FRP are the best materials to use in handicap portable toilets.

How Do You Install Handicap Portable Toilet?

Most handicap toilets come already installed as all the assembling is done in the factory so this shouldn’t worry you.

Once you receive your handicap portable toilet, all you have to do is connect the power as well as water and it will be ready for use.

However, the only thing that will require you to install is the ramp which is basically an inclined surface that is placed at the entrance of the washroom.

Also, if the height exceeds the required maximum, wheels might be dismantled during shipping and therefore you will be required to install them. It’s an easy process so don’t worry much.

What is the Cost of Handicap Portable Toilet Rentals?

For a standard handicap portable toilet, it will cost you from as low as $225 to $295 while a luxury handicap portable toilet will cost from $395 to $795 per weekend.

Can you Import Custom Handicap Portable Toilet from China?


Actually, China has lots of manufacturers who compete for prices and therefore you could purchase your handicap portable toilet at very affordable costs.

All you have to do is do your research and settle on your preferred manufacturer. Thereafter, you can visit China and discuss more on the price as well as how you want your product to be manufactured.

Most important you can customize your handicap portable toilet with your preferred color, size, equipment, material etc.

What other Accessories Can You Find in Handicap Portable Toilet?

Apart from the toilet, handicap portable toilets have a number of other facilities depending on the type of toilet you have chosen.

Some of these facilities include;

  • Automobile air conditioner
  • Occupy indicator
  • Porch lights
  • Soap dispenser
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Door closer
  • Mirror
  • Trash can

Is Handicap Portable Toilet Rentals Business Profitable?

Yes. Starting a handicap portable toilet rental business can be quite profitable. The first tip I would recommend is that you have to make sure you reduce your expenditure when purchasing the handicap portable toilets.

You could do this by directly purchasing from the manufacturer.

Secondly, decide on the number of units you want to be renting out. The more the units the more profits you will get.

Finally, market your business and network in order to start getting clients.

Who knows, you might be the largest handicap portable toilet rental business in your country!

What Material does Sunnyda Use for Handicap Portable Toilet?

Standard EPS sandwich panel and luxury FRP are the main materials used by Sunnyda for handicap portable toilets.

Figure 5 Sunnyda handicap portable toilet

Both are quality materials and to add on that you are able to choose one depending on your set budget.

Handicap Portable Toilet comes with which Equipment for the Disabled?

The reason as to why these types of toilets are called handicap portable toilet is due to the fact that they are specifically designed to be used by the disabled people.

For this to be successful, they definitely have to have special equipment fitted for the disabled.

Some of the equipment that handicap portable toilets come with is not limited to;

  • Ramp – Long ramps are recommended.
  • Grab handles-They help disabled people to efficiently move from the toilet seat to the wheel chair and vice versa. In short they help to maintain balance.
  • Wider doors- Wide doors allow convenience when entering and leaving the washrooms.

Does Sunnyda Handicap Portable Toilet has Watersense Label?


The Watersense label is meant to certify that the handicap portable toilet meets the specifications for water efficiency, as well as performance as per EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Are Sunnyda Handicap Portable Toilet CE Certified?

Definitely. All parts and equipment from Sunnyda are CE certified.

If you are wondering what CE means, this mark certifies that the product is fit for use. It confirms that handicap portable toilet meets the European standards.

CE is the most common certification to watch out for when it comes to portable toilets.

Sunnyda Offers How many Handicap Portable Toilet Design Options?

You can either choose a standard or a luxury handicap portable toilet.

Between these two you can choose to have your handicap portable toilet designed as per your specification.

Alternatively, you can decide to choose among the several varieties already available in Sunnyda.

The difference in the designs will also depend on the size. There are diverse sizes available and therefore you are free to choose any that suits you.

Does Sunnyda Ship Handicap Portable Toilet?


You don’t have to worry much about how you will ship your handicap portable toilet.

Sunnyda will easily ship your product right at your destination.

There are three ways in which your handicap portable toilet can be shipped.

  • Water- Water is the slowest means but also the most cost effective means especially when dealing with bulky products.
  • Road-Your product will be shipped by road if you are residing close to your manufacturer.
  • Rail –Rail transport is also the best way to transport bulky products and to add on that it’s quite affordable.

However, there has to exist a good rail network for your handicap portable toilet to be shipped by rail.

You can contact us today for all your queries and help on handicap portable toilet.

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