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Panel Thickness
Hot Modulus(K)
W/m2 oC
Steel Th.
Steel Weight
Panel Weight

PU panel: Polyurethane sandwich panel

Thermal Conductivity: 0.021 W/mK

Temperature range: up to 110°C

Water absorption: 2.5-3%


Ceiling and surround for clean factory, workshop for clean products, warehouse, cold room., long span panel, reinforcing the original structure, temporary office, shop, market, koist.


1, Fire rating: B2

2, Thickness: 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm

3, Width: 1000mm (effective 970mm)

4, Length: no limited, recommend less than 11.85m fit for 40HQ

5, Steel thickness: 0.4-0.8mm

6, PU density: 35-45 kg/m3

7, Surface: Flat or groove

8, Joint: Tongue and groove

9, Paint: PE, PVDF, HDPE, SMP, RMP

10, Color: Any RAL color

11, Delivery: 7 days

12, Production capacity: 3500m2 per day

13, Free sample

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Honeycomb Sandwich Panel- An Ultimate Buying Guide by Sunnyda

Honeycomb Sandwich Panel is a distinctive and intriguing content structure that provides several benefits.

Including good mechanical properties, outstanding crushing characteristics, dielectric constant characteristics, relatively low thermal correlation coefficient, and good sound properties as well as levels of communication area inside the cells.

Its construction is based on the use of thin dense, strong-facing elements that are connected to a large, lightweight core.

As a result, the structure has the highest ability to weight hardness ratios possible.

It usually appeared in pyramidal and hexagon shapes Honeycomb structure results in a substance with a low density and relatively high out-of-plane compression and shear capabilities.

Honeycomb Sandwich Panel is popular due to of their high hardness and lower ability ratios and has excellent fatigue resistance.

Its construction has gradually substituted metals over the previous few decades in aviation aircraft, automobiles, civil infrastructure, and sporting equipment are just a few of the structural applications.

If we talked about static behavior, then it does not appear to be sufficient to characterize the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel efficiently and more information concerning fatigue data characteristics is required.


1.What is Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?
2.What are the Features of the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?
3.What is the Most Important Property of Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?
4.What are the Requirements of the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?
5.What are the Characteristics of the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?
6.How Many Parts of Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?
7.Which Components used in Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?
8.Why Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Structure is so Strong?
9.What is the Basic Design Concept of Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?
10.Why Honeycomb Sandwich Panel is used in Aircraft?
11.What are the types of Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?
12.What are the Functions of the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?
13.How to Install your Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?
14.What is the Purpose of Honeycomb Sandwich Panel in Construction?
15.What is the Manufacturing Procedure of the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?
16.What method used for Filling and Reinforcing Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?
17.When Purchasing a Honeycomb Sandwich Panel, what are the Most Important Factors to Consider?
18.How long does a Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Last?


What is Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

When two high hard thin face layers are followed to a low-density core with less hardness then it creates a Honeycomb Sandwich Panel.

When Honeycomb Sandwich Panel is being lighted in weight then it has a dimensional stability hardness and bending strength.

Honeycomb Sandwich Panel installation has become more common in the industry and it is an option for sandwich structures.

The behavior of the sandwich structure is mostly determined by the different attributes of the core material employed in the construction.

Which is typically cellular material due to its high bending hardness and low weight such as aircraft, high-speed trains, and rapid ferries are the best examples that are used in lightweight transportation systems.

A Honeycomb Sandwich Panel construction is made up of two exterior confronting sheets are made of any metal or combination, sandwich among two plates, and one thick lightweight core.

Such type of elements is closely connected as an installation or a specific type of number.


What are the Features of the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

Honeycomb Sandwich Panel with hard faces and a low strength material connected across them that have been used in a variety of planning and organization variants for more than 50 years.

There are many features but the technical feature of such panels is that they are particular structures with high specific hardness and modulus that is flexural strength and modulus divided by panel density is more than that achieved by the material properties separately.


What is the Most Important Property of Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

Honeycomb Sandwich Panel has many properties but the most important property is that it is commonly employed in many applications that requiring flat or slightly curved areas and its large strength toughness is advantageous.

A Honeycomb Panel shaped structure as a result of substance with low density and high out-of-plane pressure and shearing qualities.

Its materials are normally created by placing a material among two thin layers that give tensile strength.


What are the Requirements of the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

There are many requirements of the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel such as:

  • Substructures of jet planes and missiles.
  • Wind turbine blades and electric shielding casings.
  • In architecture and design screen wall panels and various cleaning, panels are used for the exterior.
  • In the rail sector, these are energy absorption protection structures that are also utilized to make gates platforms, power absorbent materials, and equipment.


What are the Characteristics of the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

There are the following characteristics of the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel:

  • The single traditional skin building is made up of single plates that are strengthened by the mainframes and webbing straps, it also requires welding and has a lot of connecting joints. Moreover, lightweight but thinner sheets are used to tend because welding imperfections that may necessitate additional fabrication work in some situations. When there are more welding points it means there are more stress starting points.
  • Brazing and adhesive bonding that is known as two technologies are now being employed for connecting aluminum metal face material and Honeycomb Sandwich Panel core.

So brazing sheets and bonding films are put among both the core and facing skins in that way in which panel is heated in a furnace that becomes the reason of connection.

  • Due to their low cost, maximum strength ratio sheets have superior energy absorbing properties and also give significant benefits. There is no hardness on sheets when employing Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich       Panel for construction structure and simplified the primary support frame connectors both of which considerably decrease the requirement for intricate welding. By reducing the number of welding pores and increasing the stiffness of the sheets then the welding imperfection can be decreased.
  • Frame separation can be enhanced by enhancing the stiffness of the Honeycomb Sandwich Pane as a result of additional structural weight savings in the structure.
  • Due to these reasons, Honeycomb Sandwich construction has been commonly used for big-weight important structures for these reasons.
  • Spacecraft and aircraft have used Honeycomb Sandwich Panel as structural elements because of significant weight savings. Honeycomb Sandwich Panel is also used to design and build passenger coaches for high-speed trains.


How Many Parts of Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

Honeycomb Sandwich Panel parts are face sheets, adhesive bonds, and one covering core. Face sheets must be made from such type of materials that haven’t been exposed to the elements.

Fiber-reinforced polymers or steel with a high young’s modulus as well as aluminum content. The core or central section of the Sandwich construction can be made of a homogeneous material such as foams, paper filler, or patterned cores such as Honeycomb.

These homogenous cores are primarily employed in low-cost, low-stress parts whereas textural cores are being used in parts with the greatest mass and hardness requirements.


Which Components used in Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

Two components are used in Honeycomb Sandwich Panel which are extremely robust and lightweight.

Face sheets or skins as well as a Honeycomb core fill the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel has skins on both the top and bottom sides.

For membrane or in-plane forces and moments, they are the major load-bearing members.

If we see in aircraft structural applications, the base is porous and has a honeycomb cell structure.

As a result, the weight to thickness penalty ratio is minimized while also providing us with some rather study panels that can withstand a lot of loads.


Why Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Structure is so Strong?

Honeycomb Sandwich Panel has a better strength property at the same weight than other sandwich core designs such as foam cores or corrugated cores due to their efficient hexagonal shape where walls sustain to one another.

Due to this quality Honeycomb is a strong structure.


What is the Basic Design Concept of Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

Honeycomb Structure Panel is made of three coverings that are one core, adhesive bonds, and face sheets.

Face sheets should be made of products with high young’s modulus, such as fiber-reinforced polymers, iron, or aluminum mixtures.


Why Honeycomb Sandwich Panel is used in Aircraft?

Honeycomb Sandwich Panel consist of such type of materials that are employed extensively in aerospace, civil engineering, and other fields.

As new materials technology develops due to its superior performance in terms of lightweight high hardness and strength and the most important resistance of fatigue.


What are the types of Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

Honeycomb Sandwich Panel has four types:

  • Aluminum
  • Nomex
  • Thermoplastic
  • Stainless Steel

Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

It has the highest strength to weight ratio and a variety of angular cell shapes with such type properties that are controlled by foil thickness and cell size.

When it is used in some domains such as marine structures. It has the ability to susceptible to corrosion and when struck by a cored laminate.it behaves irretrievably.

Nomex Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

It is made from a form of paper that is made by kevlar fibers known as Nomex paper. Such type of Honeycomb cores has the ability of fire resistance by mixing with great strength.

This is used in aircraft interior surfaces and other high-performance elements and is favored by their low density, strong rigidity, and tensile stability. Nomex is costlier when compared to other materials.

Thermoplastic Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

There are different types of Thermoplastic Honeycomb Sandwich Panel such as.

  • ABS suggest hardness, stiff construction, high strength, tensile strength, and impact of resistance.
  • Polycarbonate suggests self-extinguishing qualities, UV stability, light transmission, and resistance against heat.
  • Resistance against chemical material, then polypropylene is the only panel that provide such type of resistance
  • Low core material that can be used for a variety of applications is, consider polyethylene

Stainless Steel Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

Such type of panel is used in train doors and flooring, bulkheads as well as other regions. It is also appropriate for adverse situations.


What are the Functions of the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

There are the following functions of the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel.

Building Materials

Honeycomb Sandwich Panel of the plus core is used in construction as a bonding agent for metal glass, stone, and other aesthetic surfaces.

They are flat, rigid, and sturdy. Wall cladding, ceiling, and transportation panels are all examples of building materials.


Honeycomb Sandwich Panel use for commercial has superior mechanical qualities and also humidity, corrosion, and dimensional stability, and resonance reduction.

As a result, door platforms, fixtures, and custom furniture among other things have increased performance.

Transportation on the Ground

It’s a lightweight solution that can be used in rail, automobile trucks, trailers, leisure vehicles, and racing as well as military and specialist vehicles.

They have just a few functions such as walls, doors, floors, ramps, and bulkheads.

Recreation and Marine

Plascore Honeycomb Sandwich Panel has a high strength to weight ratio, making them ideal for a multitude of scenarios. A few examples include sporting items, sailboats, walls, and entrances gate.


 How to Install your Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

There is the following step to step guidelines of the installation method of the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel:

  • Apply a breathable vapor permeable wall cover to the wall base.
  • To seal joints and penetrations in the wall wrap should be used flashing tape.
  • For the desired level install weep holes in the cavity closer.
  • If the needs of all engineers are met, then extrusion rails can be cut to fit tiny panels. Rails must be fixed across the frame membrane with a maximum spacing of 600 mm.
  • Panels arrive on-site as just a box of components with a complete design tailored to the task.
  • Backing Rod is made of polyethylene foam with a closed-cell structure. This is used in brickwork, blockwork, isolation joints and hinge joints as a back blocking for certified sealants poured in joints, as well as an expansion joint filler.
  • Make 5-15 mm extra dimensions among the panel and the entrance frame at windows, doors, and other main openings.


What is the Purpose of Honeycomb Sandwich Panel in Construction?

Rudder, elevator, spoiler, and flap are all examples of Honeycomb Sandwich Panel constructions that are used to control the aircraft flight system.

Honeycomb Sandwich Panel typically has thin components laminates on the face sheet and cell walls that are made of fiberglass, Nomex, or aluminum on their inside.


What is the Manufacturing Procedure of the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

It is usually manufactured by creating a sandwich as a material among two thin covers that give tensile strength. This creates a plate-like structure.

That is usually employed in applications that need in flight and slightly curved surfaces and their relatively high strength is beneficial.

Honeycomb Sandwich Panel can be made in five various ways like sticky joining, welding process, soldering, laser ablation, and heat fusing. Such type of approaches is connected by the way of nodes

During the manufacturing process, the adhesive connection is most frequently used if we count in percentage then it is used 95 percent in honeycomb cores.

If we see with a polyimide node adhesive the greatest temperature is attached to adhesive nodes that can sustain around 750 OF (3990q).

Brazing and diffusion bonding used only on cores that must withstand a high temperature of harsh atmospheric situations because these processes are far more expensive to make.

The maximum service of Nylon epoxy and nitrile phenolic temperatures is roughly 400 degrees Fahrenheit (240 degrees Celsius).

The nodes of some thermoplastic polymers are partially melted before being squeezed together and the two ribbon sheets fused at the nodes.

Nowadays it is made by using compound materials such as iron, carbon fiber reinforced plastic, fiberglass as well as corrugation and expanding techniques.

By using an extrusion process thermoplastic can be created from the basic material of polypropylene. The direct bonding of cover and continuing in line manufacturing are now possible from a more cost-effective technology for producing thermoplastic Honeycomb structures.

The ongoing in-line manufacture of Metal Honeycomb can also be done from metal sheets by cutting and folding.

Paperboard components are being produced for use in package blocking and paper plate bracing and comfort apart from Metal Honeycomb constructions.


What method used for Filling and Reinforcing Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

Honeycomb Sandwich Panel is a corrugated cardboard structure with a rigid structure. It is the perfect material for interior panel strengthening in any sandwich panel.

It’s a flat or curved trellis framework that provides remarkable lightness, strength, and impact resistance for panels of any thickness or shape.

There is a way to reinforce include polyethersulfone polyvinylchloride, polyethylene foams, wood dowels, and structural foams.

To enhance strength, Honeycomb Sandwich Panel is sometimes created with various foams.


When Purchasing a Honeycomb Sandwich Panel, what are the Most Important Factors to Consider?

It’s not easy to choose the best Honeycomb Sandwich Panel but some objects must consider is that you must know about the mechanical characteristics abilities and modulus that met like an elasticity.

However, atmospheric factors like exposure duration, moisture, water movement, humidity levels, fluid soaking strength, damage tolerance, and tensile strength must be taken into an account.

Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Panel generally provides the finest mechanical abilities for the least weight and expense.

On the other hand, and Nomex and thermoplastic Honeycomb clusters provide the most hardness and impact of resistance.

There are also other factors that you should consider and such types of factors can be described as following.

Building Material’s Resistance

The most important thing is that you should select such type of panel that depends on the goal that used to build a cattle facility, a refrigerated store, or an additional partition wall in an industrial plant.

The outsider wall that will be constructed inside the structure does not need to have improved weather resistance. So you should know that either it is beneficial or not.

Adapting Honeycomb Sandwich Panel as a Features of Structure

Components of Thermal Insulation

The third important thing that you should consider is that to maintain the right temperature in industrial and livestock areas.

This is based on how much the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel is used for wall construction in which different heat retention features are required. If you want more insulation, typically used simply thicker materials.


How long does a Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Last?

Before using Insulated Roof Panels, it’s vital to understand how they’re made and installed. You must follow the essential maintenance recommendations that come with your product to extend its life.

To attain stability, keeping Sandwich Panel Roof Installation free of problems will also boost efficiency.

After considering the most crucial purchasing factors, it must be focus to spend time searching for the best product.

Then put in some effort to find the best provider who can deliver the best quality to your location.

Having your Sandwich Panel Roof sheet in good working order is significantly more important at first. If any issue arises, attempt to address it quickly so that it does not worsen.



It is important to select the suitable composite core material for the task, one that performs as expected and has the attributes that consumers require.

Moreover, there are so many functional substance alternatives, it’s critical to first determine the criteria that the material must meet to assist limit down the choice procedure.

When you are choosing any product then it must be compulsory that you have enough time to search for the best product because if you are in hurry then you will not able to select the most suitable product.


FAQS of Honeycomb Sandwich Panel.

What is the significance of the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

A Honeycomb Sandwich Panel-shaped structure results in a material with a low density and relatively high out-of-plane compressive and shear capabilities.

Honeycomb materials are commonly employed in applications requiring flat or slightly curved surfaces and their relatively high power is important.


What is Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Paper Filling?

It is a type of paper that has a honeycomb structure. Honeycomb is a corrugated cardboard structure with a rigid panel.

It has the perfect material for the interior panel strengthening in any Sandwich Panel.it is a flat or circular trellis framework that provides remarkable lightening, hardness, and high strength for boards of any thickness or form.


How many types of Web Resources used in Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

It has been made from different types of web resources since the 1940s. It can also be manufactured by using any thin flat cover material.

The most commonly used web resources in Honeycomb Sandwich Panel are iron titanium and steel metal type materials


What is the best way to Make Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Paper Decorations?

Honeycomb Sandwich Panel paper is formed by folding and pasting the paper towel sheets on top of one another.

To produce the honeycomb effect, attach the papers down in overlapping lines of adhesive. Keep the access paper once you’ve cut your shape, in this example a semi-circle.


What is the Primary Reason for the Current Airplanes Using Honeycomb Sandwich Panel with a Metal Honeycomb Structure?

It is a lightweight technique with excellent rigidity and power ratios that’s also widely employed in both aviation and computing resources.


What is Honeycomb Sandwich Panel used for?

Honeycomb Sandwich Panel is composed of light and has flexural power despite the thickness of the center.

Polymers it has a spatial element that affects their performance to perform as a thermal insulator.it is used in the field of road vehicles, boats, aeronautics, and engineering field.

It is also employed in thermal adaptability, energy absorption.it is mostly used in structural sandwich requests and has a variety of other properties that can be employed in various scenarios.


How do Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Structures and Foams Lead to Significant Improvements in Strength in Construction?

A stiff foam that can be used to fill the Honeycomb structure’s cells.

This enhances the panels’ connection surface, improves the core’s mechanical qualities by establishing the cell membranes, and improves the good thermal insulation capabilities.


Is Honeycomb Sandwich Panel is the strongest structure?

Researchers from the center of frontier components developed and tested a Honeycomb Sandwich construction that is comprised of two carbon fiber composite sheets divided by a Kelver Honeycomb sheet.

True honeycomb has a hexagonal shape that is normally the strongest.


What is the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Stack up?

The stack of connected sheets of paper is slowly extended to form a huge mass of Honeycomb many yards thick.

After that, the delicate sheet Honeycomb frame is immersed in resin, drained, and sealed in an incubator even while spreading.


What are the Functions of Facing material and core in the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

Honeycomb Sandwich Panel cores are built up from different types of materials.

Such type of materials is used to give low power and hardness for low load requirements to give the power and hardness for increasing the ability of applications such as in aerospace.


What is Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

Any construction materials with three sheets like a low-density core and thin skin sheet that is closely connected to every edge are known as Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Panel.

Such types of applications are used in a high level of structure power while remaining lightweight.


When and Why you Should Employ a Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Structure?

The primary objective would save energy although Honeycomb Sandwich Panel also has flat coverings and high corrosion resistance.

If the panels are thin and tight ended spacing is considerable the skins will distort and give extra drag to the airfoil whereas Honeycomb airfoil maintains a solid texture even when loaded.


How can a Honeycomb Sandwich Panel be made to be more insulating?

In Honeycomb Sandwich Panel foam s mostly used to fill the spaces of the Honeycomb center for various purposes.

It’s typically done to improve the core’s thermal power against resistance to make it a better insulator. Honeycomb centers made of nonmetallic materials are thermally conductive.


Which types of terminologies used in the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

Terminologies that are used in Honeycomb Sandwich Panel are Honeycomb density, W orientation, T axis, R route, HOBE, CUE, L path, free wall and ribbon, cell, etc.


What is the Density of the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

In the Honeycomb Sandwich Panel the weight of one cubic foot of core in pounds per cubic

foot or kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m3).


 How to Maintain Your Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

The most important thing that you consider first is the first of you to maintain your Honeycomb Sandwich Panel so that no issue arises and you can easily achieve your goal.

If any issue arises in your Honeycomb Sandwich Panel, try to resolve it as soon as possible because if you do not pay any attention to it then it will become worsen.


How to Convert Sheet Material into Solid in Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

There are two fundamental methods for converting sheet material into solid.

The contraction and corrugation processes in Honeycomb Panel is a more efficient commitment to work cores account for nearly all of the adhesive-connected centers.

A corrosion protection coating is applied to the foil layers for metal centers and adhesive connections are produced.

The sheets are sliced and placed and then glue is fixed at a high temperature under compression.

When metallic centers are enlarged the layers give elastic deformation at module wall junctions and allowed to increase the geometric shape that is maintained.

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