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We at Sunnyda, manufacture hundreds of panels that are versatile in features, unique in qualities, and efficient in performance. We have set our manufacturing standards; therefore, we produce the most innovative and technologically improved panels that deliver years-long services.

Moreover, in the market, Sunnyda is also recognized as the leading manufacturer of Insulated Aluminum Panel because, at the time of manufacturing, we cover many extraordinary steps to make it the most dependable, efficient, and withstand able.

The Insulated Aluminum Panel that our engineers make at Sunnyda is fire-resistant; therefore, it doesn’t need any extra material to keep the fire away. It is widely used for constructing new windows, doors, roofs, and walls or the fabrication of old buildings.

At Sunnyda, we also make customized Insulated Aluminum Panels that are designed according to the buyers’ request; more decorative, additional aluminum sheet layers, different thicknesses, and varying sizes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The material we use in Insulated Aluminum Panel’s construction is incredible in strength as we add extra aluminum sheets and plates to avoid any future inconvenience. Moreover, our Insulated Aluminum Panel also holds an all-weather resistant feature that provides it the power to face climate changes and keeps its quality maintained.

Above all, we do not leave our customers’ support after delivering the order to the doorstep, but we also provide the service of quick and safe panel installation.

So, if you want to place an order or strive to get any other information, contact Sunnyda’s team anytime; our team will facilitate you in all ways.

Panel Thickness

Panel WeightKAverage Sound Insulation(bd)

Max. Span At Load 50kg/m2


KgW/m2 0C

Kcal/m2 h 0C










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Insulated Aluminum Panel-A Crucial Buying Guide Presented by Sunnyda.

Insulated Aluminum Panel is the most rigid, firm, and powerful material that protects the applied place for years. It contains dozens of features that help to protect your home, offices, and industries from environmental risks.

The energy-efficient feature makes it cost-effective because it helps to keep the home insulated and maintain the home temperature to keep the building environment pleasant. It consists of a wide range of applications, so you can install it from a simple tiny place to the heaviest buildings.

Aluminum Sandwich Panel Roofing is available in different sizes, colors, and layouts to enhance the toughness and durability of the roofs, walls, doors, or place where it is being installed.

One more worth-mentioning point, its quick yet comfortable installation wins many hearts.

To explore the more features, benefits, and installation tips of the installation of Insulated Aluminum Panel, you can read this buying guide.

Here you go!


1.What is an Insulated Aluminum Panel?
2.What are the Key Features of an Insulated Aluminum Panel?
3.What are the Structural Specifications of Insulated Aluminum Panel?
4.What Sustainability an Insulated Aluminum Panel Provides to your Buildings?
5.What are the Benefits of Insulated Aluminum Panel?
6.What is the Material of Insulated Aluminum Panel?
7.What are the Types of Insulated Aluminum Panel?
8.What Strength do Aluminum Sheets and Plates Provide to Insulated Aluminum Panel?
9.Why is an Insulated Aluminum Panel known as an All-Weather Panel?
10.Why Insulated Aluminum Panel Offers a Long Service Life?
11.How does your Insulated Aluminum Panel Save Energy in the Hot and Cold Season?
12.What Features can you Specify to the Company while Placing an Order for the Insulated Aluminum Panel?
13.What is the Installation Guide of your Insulated Aluminum Panel?
14.What is the Application Range of an Insulated Aluminum Panel?
15.Why is an Insulated Aluminum Panel Low-Maintaining?
16.What Qualities Make an Insulated Aluminum Panel Affordable?


What is an Insulated Aluminum Panel?

An Insulated Aluminum Panel is high-performing and super-quality material that is awesome for windows, shop fronts, doors, glazing, and construction. It is incredibly perfect for different new building projects and the renewal of old buildings as well.

An extensive range of color options, the paint on it, and inside core material increase its durability. The super-resisting foils and Aluminum Sandwich Sheet is made of sturdy polystyrene foams, well-laminated, and high composite materials.

The use of Insulated Aluminum Panel is dramatically increasing in construction industries, aviation industry, and at many places, it is being used by railways too. Architects, engineers, and building managers prefer it over other conventional materials due to its unbeatable strength.

Numerous glazing options, framing, curtain walling, doors, and windows make it the most leading and high-featuring material.


What are the Key Features of an Insulated Aluminum Panel?

Insulated Aluminum Panel is a versatile material that holds hundreds of key features, but the most common are:


Lightweight and Rigid

Insulated Aluminum Panel is very light in weight, easy to transport to a construction site, comfortable loading, and unloading, and ultimately quick to install.

The rigidity makes it robust and high-resisting, so he neither bends nor folds despite being light in weight. Overall, it is flexible, ultra-light, powerful, and rigid.


Corrosion Protection

The different types of protective coating save it from chemical reactions and make it corrosion-free. Therefore, its primer, safety films, and coil coating protect it from reactions to the chemicals present in water and air.

There is also a powdered coating material that is usually coated over it on customers’ demand to deliver an extra strength.


Thermal Conductivity

The exclusive manufacturing technology of the Insulated Aluminum Panel helps in the sound absorption and prevents thermal conductivity.

As a result, it helps to maintain the building temperature and keeps the building cool when it is hot outside. Further, it also contains a few unique sheets that protect the building from catching fire.


Resistant to Bending

The Insulated Aluminum Panel is flat and rigid due to its polyurethane, mineral fiber, polyisocyanurate, Styrofoam timber, and Styrofoam core materials that directly increase the wall’s potential.

The core materials also provide bending resistance and protect from bending when external pressure is applied.



Recycling capabilities make it a more popular and useful material; recycling could be done without separating its core material that saves time, energy and makes the construction of new insulated Aluminum panels easier.

The multipurpose quality also enables it to be an integral part of heavy projects.


What are the Structural Specifications of Insulated Aluminum Panel?

The Insulated Aluminum Panel comes in different sizes and can also be made specifically by customer demand, but its standard size is about 1220 mm by 2440 mm (4 feet/8 feet). There are many other by-default sizes, too, and most of the customers buy from the available structural design and size.

The outer plates are made of high-quality aluminum, which is rust-proof due to a laminate coating that protects it from all kinds of chemicals and ensures a long-lasting life. The outer plate has a thickness of a minimum of 0.2 mm, and the total maximum thickness is 4 mm.


What Sustainability an Insulated Aluminum Panel Provides to your Buildings?

Aluminum is one of the most sustainable metals used in Insulated Aluminum Panel; therefore, it also provides sustainability to your buildings where it is installed. The strength and toughness it owns help to keep the walls, windows, doors, and roofs of the building safe for decades.

Aluminum Sandwich Panel Door is specifically used for providing firmness to the doors and to increase their durability and aesthetic taste.

Many conventional materials start cracking within a couple of years and then owe heavy maintenance coats. Still, Insulated Aluminum Panel is an efficient and heavy-duty material that ensures the building stability for years and faces all weather changes powerfully.

Its aluminum also reduces carbon emission, which can affect the life of the building; additionally, it acts as an energy-efficient and improves the energy regulating system of every home.

This natural energy regulation system protects the home, offices, and other applied places from different electrical issues.

At a low price, it protects the walls by every means and saves them from water, heat, cracks, and corrosion, so these features increase its life and the place where it is installed. Moreover, its pressure-resisting sheets protect the building from catastrophic risks.


What are the Benefits of Insulated Aluminum Panel?

The below-mentioned are some of the benefits of the Aluminum Foam Sandwich Panel:


Pre Assembling

Insulated Aluminum Panel is a pre-assembled material that is fully compatible for quick and easy installation.

It is already cut, shaped, and assembled, so you can instantly install it as you receive it. This pre-assembling feature saves the time and effort of the installation.


Thermal Insulation

After passing the aluminum from several procedures, it is made insulated to facilitate the users. The thermal installation is one of the most impeccable features of Insulated Aluminum Material as it prevents heat transfer and saves energy.

It also prevents the environment from harmful gases. In this way, it benefits the building at the micro-level and the country at the macro level.



Insulated Aluminum Panel is a cost-effective and long-lasting material that lasts for a long time due to its high-grade construction. The sturdy material, multi-layers, and core materials are used to provide strength to the building and make it protected from environmental risks.


Fire Resistance

Insulated Aluminum Panel is fire-resistant; it prevents fire from spreading in the building; if a building is caught in the fire, it will prevent the fire from spreading and save many lives as well as materials.

In addition, it also saves the amount of buying any spare fire-repellant.


Prevention of Leakage

Insulated Aluminum Panel prevents leakage of all kinds, may it be water or air. In this way, the walls, roofs, and ceilings of every building will remain safe because water leakage can bring a lot of risks.


Controlled Noise Pollution

There are many harmful effects of noise pollution on human beings; to prevent these impacts, the Insulated Aluminum panel is the best option.

Therefore, it is being installed in schools, colleges, hospitals, and homes to minimize the sound and its disastrous effect on human health.


What is the Material of Insulated Aluminum Panel?

Insulated Aluminum Panel is made up of an insulated core that lies in between aluminum’s rigid board sheath.

It also contains several aluminum layers to enhance the thickness of the sheet. In addition, its long-lasting double coiled aluminum wire ensures signage, cladding, facades, and resistance to every risk.

Most often, its core is made up of the following super-sturdy materials:

  • Standard Foam
  • Mineral Fiber
  • Styrofoam Timber
  • Polyurethane
  • Styrofoam with an inner timber core
  • Polyisocyanurate


What are the Types of Insulated Aluminum Panel?

The below are the most significant types of Aluminum Roof Panels:


Structural Insulated Panel

This kind of Insulated Aluminum Panel is strong, meticulously designed, and comfy in installment; therefore, widely used as a building material, and it is known as Structural Insulated Panel or SIP.



This type of Insulated Aluminum Panel has a flat surface on both sides, and its two thin aluminum sheets are bonded with a non-aluminum core. It is usually used for insulation, external cladding, and signage of buildings.

It is mainly used for internal and external partition or cladding, machine coverings, signage, container covering, and many other purposes.

It is an alternative material for replacing heavy material, which is much more expensive than this.


Biopolymer 3D-Printed Panel

The ability to make complex material like this one with a 3D printer is thriving in the research department.

This 3D-Printed Panel helps to cover areas of concern like natural fiber, energy absorption, vibration, and synthetic fiber.


What Strength do Aluminum Sheets and Plates Provide to Insulated Aluminum Panel?

Aluminum sheets are very strong and sturdy that structurally and mechanically improve the Insulated Aluminum Panel. Its flame-retardant layers keep the flame away and provide efficient and unbeatable performance.

Aluminum is a stronger metal that increases the durability of the Insulated Aluminum Panel and makes it the part of all heavy buildings and vehicles.

Moreover, it is also easy to cut, mold, and structure the aluminum; therefore, an Insulated Aluminum Panel can be prepared in a short time as compared to other materials. Additionally, its installation is also time-saving.

The strong metal, aluminum, also provides stability and longevity to the walls where it is installed.

Insulated Aluminum Panels aluminum is widely being used for decorating the roofing building walls and making other complex industrial products. This metal can also be colored to make the surface more presentable. Further, its moisture-free and repelling qualities make it get painted in different colors and textures.

Moreover, aluminum also allows you to easily attach any material to the Insulated Aluminum Panel as its resisting nature will not affect the materials. Any nail or other pointed things can be installed on it without getting worried about its breakage because aluminum is high strengthening metal.


Why is an Insulated Aluminum Panel known as an All-Weather Panel?

Insulated Aluminum Panel is made out of aluminum sheets and different core materials, making it strong and unbending. For the protection of the outer surface, a paint known as PVDF fluorocarbon is used.

The main purpose of this paint is to protect the sheets from harsh weather conditions and keep them beautiful looking for several decades.

Due to the chemical technology of Henkel’s film, the bond between the sheets and the paint is uniform and long-lasting.

Insulated Aluminum Panel is very easy to maintain and clean. There have been many changes made to improve its resistance towards pollution. It has self-cleaning properties, which make cleaning very easy. It is cleaned by using a neutral detergent; once it is adequately cleaned, Aluminum Sandwich Panel will start looking as good as new.


Why Insulated Aluminum Panel Offers a Long Service Life?

The Insulated Aluminum Panel offers a long service life because of its durability, reliability, and high power.

There are several features, materials, and functions of Insulated Aluminum Panel that work together to increase its service life.

One of them is that the aluminum is used as an anti-corrosive property which prevents the sheets from getting corroded because once it is corroded, it will take heavy maintenance cost.

Aluminum cladding lasts very long; it has several protective layers outside, which protects it from environmental risks and gives long life, around about 35 or 40 years.

It also presents amazing decorative effects due to its smooth, shiny, and decorative nature; therefore, this exterior aesthetic nature and strong materials expand the service life.

One more reason that prolongs its service is the moisture-free nature that keeps the water away from it; moreover, its shiny surfaces also repel the oil if it accidentally spills.

Aluminum is a plain and smooth metal when it is used in an Insulated Aluminum Panel; it also acts as scratch-resistant.


How does your Insulated Aluminum Panel Save Energy in the Hot and Cold Season?

Thermal insulation is one of the main benefits of an Insulated Aluminum Panel that can benefit you in both summer and winter because its features keep the home cold when the sun is brightly shining outside.

Moreover, its insulated nature also helps to maintain the temperature in winter by keeping the building warm on chilly and snowy days.

In the areas where summer is extraordinarily hot, an Insulated Aluminum Panel can be installed in the upper portion of the homes, offices, or other institutes to keep the portion insulated.

This is the basic reason that makes the Insulated Aluminum Panel energy-efficient because it saves electricity and reduces the monthly bills. It also stops the emission of greenhouse gases and keeps the environment safe from harmful gases.


What Features can you Specify to the Company while Placing an Order for the Insulated Aluminum Panel?

There are different factors that you can specify to Aluminum Sandwich Panel manufacturers to turn into the design of your own choice.

You can ask the manufacturer to add polyurethane in the middle of two aluminum sheets. This can make it more lightweight and gives it a beautiful and sleek look for all building types.

One other factor that you can specify to the manufacturer is the fasteners which are well suited to the substrate. If a wrong fastener is specified, it can induce corrosion between unrelated metals.

If this corrosion occurs, a risk can result, which can lead to a decline in the aesthetics and performance of the product. This is why the fasteners must be made with similar materials.

You can also specify the thickness of the aluminum sheets to add more potential to their quality.


What is the Installation Guide of your Insulated Aluminum Panel?

If you want to enjoy the real benefits of Insulated Aluminum Panel, you should install it appropriately; the following is the guidelines that can provide you ease:

The first step is to measure the length of the place where you want to get it installed. The length must be measured accurately and precisely.

Though this step can also be followed before placing the order, yet you need to ensure it once again.

In the second step, you need to measure the size of the Sandwich Panel Aluminum to avoid any kind of risk. If you find any difference, you can priorly cut it to adjust the size.

The next step is the most crucial; it particularly needs some experts to handle it because a layer of weather barrier is applied to it to make it water-resistant. In this stage, a detailed coat of primer is applied to prevent any kind of damage.

To make an Insulated Aluminum Panel perform its all duty efficiently, it must be installed in a uniform order; there must not be any gap or uneven part of it. The mounting system can be used for its perfect alignment and to make its proper adjustment from the corners.

The real installation step is mounting as it ensures that the main profile and the clips are connected appropriately to the Insulated Aluminum Panel. After that, it can be screwed to the wall of the building.

If, after installation, you find any space on the wall or roof, you can cover it with the matching strip over it, or you can also use a shim (a technique) for leveling the installation.


What is the Application Range of an Insulated Aluminum Panel?

Aluminum Sandwich Panel Roof can be installed in multiple places, regardless of the size of the roof, floor, or ceiling; below are some specific applications:


External Cladding

Insulated Aluminum Panel is mostly used on the exterior of a building for cladding purposes and building facades. The exterior walls are more vulnerable as those are directly in contact with rain, snow, sun, and other chemical reactions; therefore, they can be installed there to save the walls from such intense conditions.

Moreover, it is specifically designed high in resistance so it could easily bear the weather intensity.



Nowadays, ceilings are being constructed in a number of designs, shapes, and structure; Insulated Aluminum Panel is flexible; hence, at the time of construction, it can be molded in different shapes to enhance the ceiling’s beauty.

It can be used in the ceilings of factories, kitchens, universities, hospitals, etc., to maintain the temperature to make them more esthetic.


Decorative Material

One of the biggest reasons to apply an Insulated Aluminum Panel is to embellish the building. If you want to get your home’s strength and elegance simultaneously, it can work far better than its competition.


Advertising Boards

The signage industry uses signs, designs, and symbols to create communication. The front and back layers of the billboards are made up of an Insulated Aluminum Panel that gives off power to the boards and can also be painted when it is required. So, one more interesting purpose is to use it as an advertisement or to display the message on the boards.


Why is an Insulated Aluminum Panel Low-Maintaining?

An Insulated Aluminum Panel requires very low maintenance because of the material, aluminum that is used in its construction.

The outer layers are made of aluminum which remains shiny for years, so you can clean it with a neutral detergent, and right after one wipe, it starts looking new.

According to the experts, you clean the outdoor Insulated Aluminum twice a month but for indoor, once in a month is enough.

Its maintenance is also effortless, worry-free, and time-saving because it’s all key features, weather-resistant, corrosion-free, fire-repellent, and scratch-free, reduce its maintenance cost.


What Qualities Make an Insulated Aluminum Panel Affordable?

Insulated Aluminum Panel is cost-effective yet a quality material; the qualities that make it affordable for you are:

  • Any construction material that only lasts for a decade can’t be cost-effective. Keeping this in mind, the durability that is offered by Aluminum Sandwich Panel manufacturers is cost-effective because it lasts for more than 40 years.
  • It has the flexibility that other construction materials do not contain. The material that is used between the sheets can be customized according to the location where it is being used. Commonly it is used for cladding, decoration, or facades.
  • Its weight is very light, yet its rigid nature makes it an integral part of aircraft, jets, and helicopters. In addition, it is also extensively used in the transportation industry.
  • The Insulated Aluminum Panel is quick and simple to install due to its lightweight and pre-assembled nature. It can be installed in a day or a week, depending on the area that is being covered.



Insulated Aluminum Panel is an outstanding material that has a vast range of uses and applications. If you also want to purchase it to install in your home or office, you are going on the right path.

But, before placing an order, you should know this material in detail: its benefits, uses, installation, maintenance, and so on. If you make these steps clear ahead of time, you can protect yourself from worries and time-wasting.

In this buying guide, we have mentioned worth-reading information about Aluminum Sandwich Panel Cladding; you can give it a read to get an idea about easy installation, maintenance, and ways to increase its lifetime.


FAQs of Insulated Aluminum Panel.

Why Insulated Aluminum Panel is Higher Detergent Resistant?

Insulated Aluminum Panel is coated with different powders; these powders add different coating layers to it.

In this way, it acts as scratch-resistant and detergent resistant; therefore, you can wash it with any of the detergents.


Can you use an Insulated Aluminum Panel as a Wall Partition?

Insulated Aluminum Panel is light in weight; that is why it is easy to use its wall partitions or as a compartment.

While choosing a material as a wall partition, it is necessary to ensure that it is taking less space on the floor; an Insulated Aluminum Panel takes less space on the floor. Hence, it can be used as a wall partition.


Can you use any Decorative Material over an Insulated Aluminum Panel?

Many panels are sensitive, and you cannot use anything on them as they can be scratched, cracked, or broken but the Insulated Aluminum Panel is rigid, so you can hang any picture on it and use different adhesive materials to attach over it.


What Risks can Occur If an Insulated Aluminum Panel is not Insulated?

Aluminum is a heat and electricity conductor; therefore, using aluminum as a construction material is risky and can take a person’s life. This is why an Insulated Aluminum Panel is used that is heat-resistant.


Why is the Insulated Aluminum Panel Multilayered?

The multiple layers of the Insulated Aluminum Panel increase its thickness and then strength.

You can also increase or decrease the number of layers according to your choice; it will directly affect its price and performance too. Yet, it also depends where you want to get it installed.


What Benefits Insulated Aluminum Panel’s Rigidity Bring?

Insulated Aluminum Panel is rigid and powerful; therefore, it is being used in constructing the roof, door, and floor of homes, and different vehicles.

This rigidity makes it durable and increases its service time; therefore, many companies prefer to invest in it.


Can you Cut an Insulated Aluminum Panel at Home?

Cutting an Insulated Aluminum Panel is not difficult, and it can be done at home if you have the accurate tools.

Although the Aluminum Sandwich Panel Supplier will deliver the perfect size that you have ordered, if you still want to cut it more, you can do it confidently. But you can also take the help of the suppliers for your safety.


How can you Mold a Rigid, Insulated Aluminum Panel?

Yes, an Insulated Aluminum Panel is indeed rigid, and it is hard to break it when it is installed, but it can be molded at the time of manufacturing.

The engineers can mold it in any of the shapes, give it different colors, and can add your favorite layouts, too.


Can Insulated Aluminum Panel Bend at the Time of Installation?

No, Insulated Aluminum Panel can only be molded and bent at the time of manufacturing, rest we cannot bend it in any step or any way.

It won’t bend at the time of installation or after the installation due to its firmness. So, it is safe to install this durable and long-lasting material.


Why is an Insulated Aluminum Panel Glossy?

The aluminum used in Insulated Aluminum Panel is glossy, smooth, and shiny; moreover, it has a different coating of powder and many other materials that make it glossy.

This built-in glossy nature keeps it fresh for a lifetime, and after every wipeout, it looks like a newly installed material.


What is the Service Time of Insulated Aluminum Panel?

An Insulated Aluminum Panel is trustworthy, reliable, and durable, and it can serve for almost four decades which is more than you invest in it.

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