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Sunnyda mobile kitchen trailer layout can be custom made to meet different food making purposes. Furthermore, the length is possible to change.

Mobile Kitchen trailer most popular layout is with a big window for sell food, stainless steel cupboard, working table, wall racks, and floor drain. Some have storage cold room, showcase, or refrigerator.

Whichever kitchen trailer you want our engineers can make it possible and build it. Kitchen trailer length from 2.5m to 6.8m and any color you can choose from.


BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
WeightAccording to design
SizeCustom made, usually 2.5 to 6.8m length
ConditionFull mounted in factory
Loading40HQ, 20ft/40ft open top container
Delivery time30-40 days
Our ServiceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Sunnyda Kitchen Trailer

Sunnyda has two types of kitchen trailers: luxury or simple. Both types of internal wall is stainless steel. Luxury kitchen trailer body is made of FRP panel, fiberglass board, usually 50mm, very neat, flat and gloss, each side wall is one piece no joint, the roof is one piece.

Inside kitchen trailer is diamond plate floor. Kitchen trailer could be with or without the air conditioner. Simple kitchen trailer is made of color bonded steel sandwich panel, wall and roof joint by 1.2m panels, usually white color. Inside with or without equipment depends on your target, compare to luxury office trailer, this type is much economical.

Sunnyda kitchen trailer electrical and water system meet to your local standard, as the United States as an example, we put USA type 110V socket, trailer light, tire, hub and whole office trailer DOT certificated, and offer WMI and VIN.

Sunnyda kitchen trailer is fully assembled in the factory, the equipment is well fixed during shipping, when you receive it, just plug-in and install wheels can use it. Every kitchen trailer electricity and water is tested before leaving.

Sunnyda kitchen trailer will need 40HQ or 20ft/40ft open top container to load it, delivery time is 30-40 days.

We warmly welcome you to visit our factory while looking forward to cooperation in the near future.

Sunnyda is your premier mobile kitchen trailer manufacturer!


Kitchen Trailer-An Ultimate Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

Do you crave yummy food items walking across the street? You must refer to a Kitchen Trailer to get rid of your hunger pangs.

A Kitchen Trailer is a portable room that provides you all the facilities of a kitchen. Whether you want to cook, fry, or grill any food on the streets, it is the best option.

You may also use it at any concert, musical event, festival, or normally across the roads.

This guide will present you detailed information about the features, and benefits of using the Kitchen Trailer.

Moreover, you will also get to read some maintenance and troubleshooting guidelines for your convenience. So, let’s start the guide.


1.What is Kitchen Trailer?
2.What are the Standard Features of the Kitchen Trailer?
3.How to Customize your Kitchen Trailer?
4.How to Decide the Size of your Kitchen Trailer?
5.Kitchen Trailer VS Kitchen Truck; which one is Better for your Application?
6.How to Choose Between the Portable Kitchen Trailer VS Stationary Kitchen Trailer?
7.What are the Benefits of Using the Kitchen Trailer?
8.What are Some Important Factors to Consider when Buying the Kitchen Trailer?
9.What Things to Expect from the Manufacturer when Buying the Kitchen Trailer?
10.What Factors to Keep in Mind to get the Cost of your Kitchen Trailer?
11.How to Build your Kitchen Trailer?
12.What are the Licenses and Permits Required for your Kitchen Trailer?
13.How to Choose the Right Vehicle for your Kitchen Trailer Design?
14.What are the Power Options of your Kitchen Trailer?
15.How to Design the Layout for your Kitchen Trailer?
16.How to Enhance the Exterior of your Kitchen Trailer?
17.Is it Suitable to Install a Bathroom in your Kitchen Trailer?
18.How to Clean your Kitchen Trailer?
19.What are the Maintenance Tips when Using the Kitchen Trailer?
20.How to Solve Common Problems in your Kitchen Trailer?


What is Kitchen Trailer?

A Kitchen Trailer is a room that allows you to cook food in it. It comes in both portable and stationary options.

It provides you a big space to accommodate many workers and great storage for various food items and appliances.

The Kitchen Trailer contains separate areas for dining, serving, cooking, and dealing with the customers so that everything is organized in a better way.

Also, there are many windows and counters so that more customers can interact with the workers at a single time.

You will also get safety features, and all the required accessory applications pre-installed in it.

One essential thing is to clean your Kitchen Trailer so that you don’t put your or the customer’s health at risk.


2. What are the Standard Features of the Kitchen Trailer?

  • Size: Large in size; with minimum length 8 feet and minimum width 7 feet, while the maximum length is 53 feet and maximum width is 8 feet.
  • Storage Capacity: Large enough to accommodate numerous workers and equipment.
  • Mobility: You need a large towing vehicle for moving it.
  • Parking Area: It requires a large parking area due to its big size.
  • Location and Events: Weddings, concerts, events, and festivals.
  • Menu Options: Full-menu and multi-course menu options
  • Purpose: Multi-day events coverage


3. How to Customize your Kitchen Trailer?

  • You can design the interior and size of the food preparation area.
  • It is possible to customize the storage options by adding drawers and cabinets.
  • You can design the serving area using decorations and your favorite furnishings.
  • The plating area may or not have a seating arrangement.


4. How to Decide the Size of your Kitchen Trailer?

Here are some factors that will help you in deciding the right size of your Kitchen Trailer:

  • The number of people who will be working inside the unit will determine the size of it.
  • The type of food you will make, and how much will be the quantity of the food being prepared in it?
  • The number of handling equipment present in it will affect the area you require.
  • The storage area you require in your Kitchen Trailer is essential to be considered for sizing it.
  • The sanitation equipment you want to accommodate in it will also affect the size.

So, make sure that the size of your Kitchen Trailer should be capable of doing the following things.

  • The size must be capable enough to bear the weight of all the people in it.
  • It must be suitable enough to store all the equipment.
  • Moreover, make sure that the size must be sufficient enough to accommodate all the crew members, workers, and users.


5. Kitchen Trailer VS Kitchen Truck; which one is Better for your Application?

A kitchen Trailer is better than a Kitchen Truck in terms of affordability and budgeting.

It offers more working space and storage area for the added convenience of your staff and better operational management.

The best thing about having a Kitchen Trailer is that you don’t have to deal with any mechanical issues which are often faced during kitchen truck experiences.

But one drawback of having a Kitchen Trailer is that it takes time to pack and unpack the food items and supplies which can cause you some inconvenience.

But this issue can be resolved by professionally streamlining the packing and unpacking tasks.


6. How to Choose Between the Portable Kitchen Trailer VS Stationary Kitchen Trailer?

Choosing a Portable Kitchen Trailer will be more advantageous than choosing the Stationary Kitchen Trailer due to the following reasons.

  • Easy to move anywhere
  • Covers a variety of events
  • High in demand
  • Bigger size
  • Large storage capacity
  • More convenient


7. What are the Benefits of Using the Kitchen Trailer?

Here are some of the advantages of using the Kitchen Trailer for your application.

  • You can tow it using any type of towing vehicle.
  • You will get large sizes to easily manage big events.
  • The Kitchen Trailer allows you to choose various menu options.
  • You can customize the size according to your needs.
  • It provides sufficient room to accommodate many workers at a time.
  • You can easily store many types of equipment in your Kitchen Trailer.


8. What are Some Important Factors to Consider when Buying the Kitchen Trailer?


Plan your Budget

It is important to decide your budget before buying a Kitchen Trailer. For planning the most ideal budget; compare the prices of different trailers.

This will help you find out what specifications are available under which budget range.

One thing you must prepare yourself for is that to buy a fully furnished Kitchen Trailer you will have to spend a little extra.


Decide If you Want a New or Used One

A brand new Kitchen Trailer will definitely cost more than a secondhand one.

But we can’t also overlook the advantages of brand new purchase as it has warranty period and requires low maintenance cost.

But if you don’t have a high budget, go with a secondhand purchase at first, and later on, you can buy a brand new one when you’ll be able to save enough money for that.

One thing that will cause inconvenience to you, in this case, is that you will have to spend extra on its maintenance and finishing.


Equipment Supply

Make sure that your Kitchen Trailer can accommodate the necessary kitchen supplies depending upon the food you’ll be serving.

Specialized kitchen equipment will add speed and precision to your kitchen tasks ultimately enhancing your food serving experience.

Some of the most commonly used kitchen equipment includes a fridge, oven, fryer, grills, sinks, etc.

You need to be careful in deciding on your most needed kitchen supplies considering the size of your Kitchen Trailer.


The Look and Size

A Kitchen Trailer must be enough good looking to gain maximum attraction from the people. Also, its style will play an important role in its parking, transportation, and storage tasks.

The size of the Kitchen Trailer will decide how many and what type of kitchen supplies you will be able to accommodate in it.

The size must be finalized keeping in mind the number of people you will serve, total members of your team, the type of food you will make, and the storage area that you will need.


Licenses and Permits

You must also have the permit to operate your Kitchen Trailer to make sure that everything is being done within the legal premises.

The license and permit criteria vary from state to state and even city to city. Complete legal verification will save you from violating any legal laws.


9. What Things to Expect from the Manufacturer when Buying the Kitchen Trailer?

There are various things you must expect from the manufacturer when buying your Kitchen Trailer.

  • There should be no compromise made on the quality of the Kitchen Trailer.
  • The design must be attractive enough to catch the attention of the customers.
  • Proper placement of all the equipment must be made.
  • Enough storage area to properly organize all the equipment is necessary.
  • It must be durable enough to withstand the entire load.
  • The pricing must be affordable for many buyers.
  • Proper safety equipment must be provided for the safety of the Kitchen Trailer.
  • Proper warranty and guarantee offers shall be included.
  • Moreover, proper servicing of the Kitchen Trailer from the manufacturer is expected by every user, so one must focus on this thing also.
  • There shall be special arrangements provided to deal with harsh weather conditions.
  • It must be long-lasting so that the buyer doesn’t have to buy the product repeatedly.
  • Proper water connections must be provided by the manufacturer.
  • The supplier must also focus on the necessary power connections that are required for using the electrical appliances.
  • The Kitchen Trailer provided by the manufacturer must be easy to install.
  • It must be easy to operate so even the new user doesn’t have to face problems while using it.
  • A manual that contains information for the repair, maintenance, and cleaning shall be provided.
  • Customization offers must be provided so that the buyer can design a Kitchen Trailer he wants.


10. What Factors to Keep in Mind to get the Cost of your Kitchen Trailer?

To decide the cost of your Kitchen Trailer you must create a proper budget plan including all additional expenses also. In the final cost make sure to include the expenses of:

  • Ingredients
  • Paper products
  • Gas and repair
  • Employee salaries
  • Legal documentation
  • Parking

Running a Kitchen Trailer is not less demanding than running a food shop or restaurant. So make sure you are well prepared for everything before you actually jump into this business.


11. How to Build your Kitchen Trailer?

While building your Kitchen Trailer, you must consider the following factors.

  • Rules from the health and safety departments
  • Understanding the whole procedure for constructing it
  • Selecting the most durable materials for construction of the Kitchen Trailer
  • Choosing the size and weight load capacity
  • Installing the equipment
  • Ensuring proper safety measures in it.


Health Department Rules

Make sure that the food storage, handling, and sanitation are in accordance with the standard Health Department Rules.

Do detailed research about your local health department rules and regulations and add them to your Kitchen Trailer building plan.

Health and hygiene must be your top concerns when building your Kitchen Trailer.

Good hygiene conditions will ensure the safety of both your staff and customers. Selling contaminated and unhealthy food can put you in serious trouble.



Good and sturdy construction ensures the durability of your Kitchen Trailer.

Make sure that the walls and counters are made of nonporous material as they are relatively easier to clean and maintain.

The most recommended materials, in this case, are stainless steel and Formica. It would be better to cover the floor with the help of ceramic tiles to make it strong and durable.

The serving counter must be strong enough to bear the weight of multiple food items for serving multiple customers at a time.


Install Equipment

Make sure to install the Kitchen Trailer supplies at their appropriate places for convenient usage.

Hire professional plumbing and electrician services for dealing with the plumbing and electrical tasks.

Do not forget to install a fire extinguisher near your cooking area to get control of the fire in minutes in case the fire opens. Cover the wiring properly to prevent short circuits or fire.


12. What are the Licenses and Permits Required for your Kitchen Trailer?

There are some necessary rules and regulations that you have to follow for smoothly running your Kitchen Trailer.

These rules vary from city to city, country to country, and state to state. But there are some points that are commonly seen in the legal policies of every area, which are:

  • Parking permits
  • Emissions guidelines
  • Staffing regulations
  • Proximity restrictions

After the design plan completion of your Kitchen Trailer business, make sure to get it reviewed by your local government before actually executing the plan. This will definitely save you from facing troubles in the future.


13. How to Choose the Right Vehicle for your Kitchen Trailer Design?

For selecting the right vehicle for your Kitchen Trailer design, consider the following factors:


Exterior and Interior

A good Kitchen Trailer is appealing from both the inside and the outside. Hire professional services for the designing part and let them do their work.



When deciding on the size, consider your workload, staff number, parking area, and supply demands.


Power Source

The kitchen Trailer being operated on an electrical source is more reliable and affordable than the one sourced by fuels.


14. What are the Power Options of your Kitchen Trailer?

Choosing the most ideal power source is also important for the smooth operation of your Kitchen Trailer. Different power options that you can choose are:



Generators are available in different sizes and shapes. For running your heavy kitchen equipment, choose a power source that can meet high energy demands.

A generator is extremely helpful if you plan to run freezers, refrigerators, ovens, fryers, and lights all at once. Make sure you invest well in making the right generator purchase.

But on the other side, you cannot overlook the drawback of keeping a generator as the power source because the generator emits a considerable amount of heat and carbon monoxide.

But this issue can be managed by going with professional installation of the generator to avoid any complications.


Solar Panels

Considering solar panels as the power source is the most affordable and money-saving option you can go for.

Solar panels upfront may feel a little challenging to pay, but this will be recovered in the future by saving on your energy expenses, as solar panel running just needs sun, which is free.

You can simply install solar panels on the roof of your Kitchen Trailer.



You can also choose fuel as the power source which never runs out until you keep paying for it.

No doubt that this option is the most reliable but you will have to spare extra expenses for the regular fuel usage


15. How to Design the Layout for your Kitchen Trailer?

For designing the layout of your Kitchen Trailer see the menu that you are offering and also your staff’s safety and convenience.

Some most important elements that you must add to the final design plan include:

Proper Ventilation

Make sure that the Kitchen Trailer is properly ventilated to avoid any unfortunate incidents caused by suffocation and inadequate ventilation.

Emergency Exits

You must install an emergency exit for the added safety of your staff in case of any unexpected incidents.

Non-Slip Inflammable Floors

Floors must feature non-slip surfaces to avoid slips and should also be inflammable to prevent fire hazards.

Enough Moving Space

There must be enough moving space for the workers to help easy moving.


16. How to Enhance the Exterior of your Kitchen Trailer?

An attractive Kitchen Trailer will surely draw more customers as compared to ordinary ones. You can get the following things done to enhance its external look and appearance.

Decorating with Vinyl Wraps

Decorating your Kitchen Trailer with vinyl wraps is the best option to attract the attention of passersby.

Undoubtedly, these are costly but the benefit of marketing in this way is nothing in front of this price. Do get a logo of your business’s name so that people can recognize it better.

Use Hand Painting Option

If you are on a low budget and still want to enhance the look of your Kitchen Trailer, you can go for hand painting.

The best thing about hand painting is that it is easier and cheaper, but the drawback is that it is not much engaging as the vinyl wraps.

But, don’t worry; painting using hands will never go out of trend to attract people. For better results, get the services of any professional hand painter.


17. Is it Suitable to Install a Bathroom in your Kitchen Trailer?

Well, the suitability of installing a bathroom in your Kitchen Trailer is dependent on some factors:

  • Your local government legal policies
  • The size
  • Installation environment
  • Personal opinion

If you have enough space in your Kitchen Trailer to install a bathroom, then you should take advantage of it for the convenience of your staff.

But don’t forget those extra efforts that you’ll have to put into maintaining the hygiene conditions and saving extra expenses for the bathroom supplies.


18. How to Clean your Kitchen Trailer?

Here are some cleaning tips and methods to achieve a clean environment in your Kitchen Trailer.

  • Scrub and brush the grills and fryers.
  • Wipe the preparation area.
  • Clean the cutting boards and replace them frequently.
  • Regularly dispose of the garbage.
  • Clean the microwave.
  • Deeply clean the refrigerators and deep freezers.
  • Wash the floor and floor mats.
  • Sanitize all the surfaces to make them free of germs and bacteria.
  • Clean the coffee machines and coolers precisely.


19. What are the Maintenance Tips when Using the Kitchen Trailer?

  • Make sure that you keep the hood filters clean.
  • Proper sanitation is recommended.
  • Stay away from butchering.
  • Keep your knives sharp and oiling them or getting them sharpened from professionals.
  • After 500 miles of distance traveling, re-torque the nuts on the wheels.
  • Maintain good air pressure in the tires.
  • Every six months, check the makeup air units precisely to detect or solve any problem.
  • Check and keep the hood up blast fan every 3 months.
  • To keep the electrical equipment working, don’t hose down your Kitchen Trailer.


20. How to Solve Common Problems in your Kitchen Trailer?


A Large Menu

Having a menu filled with plenty of dishes always causes a problem for the Kitchen Trailer owner. This not only creates a mess and hurry but is also one of the causes of delayed service.

Also, it causes problems such as extra money, extra storage, and extra workers. To avoid this problem, it is better to make your menu aligned and centralize it around limited items.

This will surely enhance the quality of your service, food, and delivery.


Not Having Something Unique

There variety of food corners and cafes everywhere, but something unique lets one stay ahead of others.

So, rather than going for numerous items, try to get a unique and excellent item on your menu. Don’t try to run in the competition, instead provide the customers with a special reason to come to your Kitchen Trailer.


Maintenance and Management Issues

Maintenance problems are common everywhere, just like management problems. If you are in any business, you first have to learn the art of managing it correctly.

While running a Kitchen Trailer, you have to focus on understanding your customers along with understanding the type of food that is like in that area.

Moreover, proper training of the staff for cooking the food, serving and plating, and responding to the customer is also essential to stay away from management issues.

Make sure that you keep the wheels, and all the parts and equipment of your Kitchen Trailer clean and serviced so that everything runs smoothly.


Poor Customer Service

We all understand the importance of excellent customer service when it comes to market our business in an amazing way.

Make sure that you have trained and professional dealers at your Kitchen Trailer. So, fully train the workers about dealing with the customers in a manner that impresses them.


Inefficient Work

An inefficient Kitchen Trailer can never help in the support of your business. It will just cause problems like poor service, more time-consuming, and extra money consumption.

So, make sure that if you want to grow your business, you properly spend your time designing an efficient Kitchen Trailer that is helpful not only for you but is also attractive enough for the customers.


21. Conclusion

Now that you have a proper understanding of how to find the best Kitchen Trailer for your application you will surely not make a mistake.

Make sure that you detect and solve any electrical or mechanical problem in it as soon as possible to stay safe from losing your entire unit.

Also, ensure proper cleanliness in your Kitchen Trailer in terms of food you are supplying, in terms of the sanitation of the surfaces, and in terms of the people who are working in it.

Always consider all the factors that are necessary before you buy a Kitchen Trailer, and also properly understand how to build it in an effective way.


FAQs of Kitchen Trailer

  1. Is it Necessary to Have a Generator in your Kitchen Trailer?

Yes, it is necessary to have a generator in your Kitchen Trailer. In case the normal electricity goes out, you must have a substitute to properly service your customers.

  1. What is the Size of Kitchen Trailer One Requires?

The size of the Kitchen Trailer one requires solely depends upon the location, customers, and storage he wants.

  1. What is the Purpose of Using the Springs in your Kitchen Trailer?

The purpose of using the springs in your Kitchen Trailer is to provide support and stability to its weight.

  1. How to Figure Out the Required Equipment in the Kitchen Trailer?

To know about the required equipment in your Kitchen Trailer, contact the manufacturer and provide all the accurate necessary details that are asked from you.

  1. What are the Possible Sources of Ventilation Used in the Kitchen Trailer?

The two most common sources of ventilation used in the Kitchen Trailer include the windows and the commercial hood ventilation element.

  1. Does the User Need to Install the Electrical Connections Separately in the Kitchen Trailer?

No, every Kitchen Trailer includes the basic electrical connections and wirings.

  1. What is the Fire Suppression Unit Used in the Kitchen Trailer?

The fire suppression unit used in the Kitchen Trailer serves as a safety measure to deal with accidental fire breakouts in it.

  1. Is it Essential to Get the Fire Suppression Unit Installed in your Kitchen Trailer?

Yes, it is always essential to install the fire suppression unit in your Kitchen Trailer.

  1. Is it Possible to Supply the Manufacturer with Own Step-Van?

Yes, many manufacturers easily accept your own step-van to turn it into an amazing Kitchen Trailer.

  1. What is the Standard Size of the Trailer Balls used in the Kitchen Trailer?

The standard sizes of the balls used in the Kitchen Trailer are 2 and 5/16 inches.

  1. What is the Purpose of Using the Electrical Connector in the Kitchen Trailer?

The purpose of using an electrical connector in the Kitchen Trailer is to provide a connection between the brakes and lights of your Kitchen Trailer.

  1. How Does National Sanitation Foundation Help in the Construction of Kitchen Trailer?

National Sanitation Foundation is helpful for the construction of the Kitchen Trailer in the way that they ensure safe equipment to be used in the process.

  1. How to Choose the Suitable Equipment to be Installed in your Kitchen Trailer?

The most suitable way to select the equipment for your Kitchen Trailer is to compare their wattage that goes suitably with the power you are supplying.


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