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Luxury portable bathrooms BodyFiberglass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
SizeLength from 2520 to 5800 mm
Drawbar size1200mm
AlexSingle or double
Fresh tank200-500L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank520-1700 L
WeightWeight: 800-1900 kg, when water and waste tank is empty.
ConditionFull mounted in the factory
LoadingLoading: Can mix load with other models, or 3 SUT01 minis in a 40HQ

Or use 40ft open top container

Delivery time40 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business



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Sunnyda Luxury Portable Bathroom

Sunnyda is one of the largest manufacturer luxury portable bathrooms in China.

Our product comes with perfect designs and styles that fit any occasion your customers have.

We make luxury portable bathrooms for special events, graduation parties, corporate events, weddings, and also for construction sites, recreation, and parks.

Sunnyda luxury portable bathroom features premium amenities like porcelain toilets and decorative vanity. It has a climate-controlled facility with air conditioning and heating capabilities that will surely protect your customer’s guests.

Our luxury portable bathroom is made from best in class materials and manufactured by knowledgeable & experienced craftsmen and advanced production tools.

Sunnyda has proven that we have a dependable manufacturing process with meticulous quality control. We have the widest range of luxury portable bathrooms at very reasonable prices.

It has a high-capacity water storage tank, UV-proof and weather-resistant, sturdy iron welding base that makes it capable to last for more years.

Sunnyda luxury portable bathroom has a separable hand wash that can be taken out to use, lightweight, and easy to install. It will give convenience and less effort to your dear customers.

Sunnyda takes every order carefully and seriously. We have been the most reliable and trusted manufacturer in China for 20 years. We have already gained enough experience in manufacturing products and are experts in quality control.

We mainly manufacture modified shipping containers, container houses, trailer houses, warehouse buildings, and sandwich panels. We also manufacture all types of luxury portable restrooms and bathrooms.

Sunnyda only used high-tech machines to make sure we produce outstanding products. We have the latest CNC cutting machine, gas welding machines, straightening machines, shot blasting machines, gantry welding machines, and all machines for quality tests.

All our machines are operated with intelligent engineers and professional interior designers. We are now distributing products to domestic and foreign markets.

We are able to handle sales and technical support 24/7. Please feel free to contact us today for more info.


Luxury Portable Bathroom-An Ultimate Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

Luxury Portable Bathroom is the ultimate solution for a comfortable and luxurious bathroom experience.

It enables you to transport it anywhere with the help of a towing vehicle. All you have to do is to set up some water and electricity connections, and you are good to go.

You no longer have to worry about the bathroom needs of your guests in an outdoor event. Just install a Luxury Portable Bathroom and amaze your guests with the stylish interior and competent facilities.

This guide is all about the features, components, maintenance, and uses of a Luxury Portable Bathroom. So let’s get started.


1.What is a Luxury Portable Bathroom?
2.What are the Features of a Luxury Portable Bathroom?
3.What are the Components of a Luxury Portable Bathroom?
4.Why do you need a Luxury Portable Bathroom?
5.What Factors are Involved in the Climate Control of your Luxury Portable Bathroom?
6.What are the Mechanisms for Hot and Cold Water in the Luxury Portable Bathroom?
7.How a Luxury Portable Bathroom is Safe for Individuals and Families?
8.How to Customize your Luxury Portable Bathroom According to your Unique Needs?
9.How to Choose the Best Luxury Portable Bathroom?
10.What Professional Help do you Require With your Luxury Portable Bathroom?
11.How to Dispose off the Grey Water from your Luxury Portable Bathroom?
12.How to Deodorize your Luxury Portable Bathroom?
13.What is the Purpose of Using a Surfactant for your Luxury Portable Bathroom?
14.What are the Cleaning Tips for a Luxury Portable Bathroom?
15.What Polishers and Cleaners can you Use for your Luxury Portable Bathroom?
16.How to Maintain your Luxury Portable Bathroom to Increase Reliability?
17.How to Ensure Safe Use of a Luxury Portable Bathroom?
18.What are the Common Problems and their Solutions While Using a Luxury Portable Bathroom?


1. What is a Luxury Portable Bathroom?

A Luxury Portable Bathroom is an easily transportable compartment that has all the basic amenities of a bathroom.

You can transport your Luxury Portable Bathroom to the site where it is needed, and it provides you with the facility of a toilet, hand washing sink, shower faucet, hot and cold water, and a clean environment.

The efficient air conditioning and beautiful interior make your bathroom experience luxurious. Also, the added facility of better illumination and customization allows you to have a relaxing bathroom experience away from your home.

It is best suitable for outdoor events like a festival, a research trip, a wedding, a movie shooting site, or a sports event.

A Luxury Portable Bathroom helps the users feel comfortable and fresh, thus adding to the better health and productivity of each individual.


2. What are the Features of a Luxury Portable Bathroom? 

  • All the men’s and women’s facilities are available.
  • Dividers in men’s urinals.
  • Multipurpose smooth countertops.
  • Vanity areas with full-length vanity mirrors.
  • Cabinets for storage and display.
  • Hot and cold water faucets.
  • Baby changing stations.
  • Freshwater is always available in a Luxury Portable Bathroom.
  • All-time air conditioning and heating.
  • Climate control and ventilation.
  • Exhaust fans are installed in each unit.
  • Soap, shampoo, and sanitizer dispensers.
  • Integrated sound system with Bluetooth.
  • Simple and aesthetic design.
  • Internal water heating facility.
  • Connections spots for electricity and water.
  • Doorways and stairways with external lighting.
  • High-quality LED lighting for enhanced illumination.
  • Landing gear for leveling and landing enabled with DOT hitch.
  • Fire extinguisher and utility connections.


3. What are the Components of a Luxury Portable Bathroom? 


Double Basin Pump Sink

Premium quality stainless steel sinks with anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties are present in each stall.

There is a foot pump and soap and towel dispensers on each basin pump sink to allow the convenience of the user.


Cardboard Litter Boxes

Reasonably sized recycled cardboard litter boxes are present in a Luxury Portable Bathroom so that there is no garbage on the floor.

As it can be recycled and easily removed, it is a user-friendly and environment-friendly option. The litter boxes come with a removable lid.


Water Tank With a Capacity of 300 Gallons

For the areas where there is no direct water access, the water tanks are a great option for freshwater sources.

Although it is non-portable, it can be attached to the Luxury Portable Bathroom for convenience.


Toilets and Urinals

Each unit contains a ceramic toilet unit with the latest design. The toilets have a paddle flush system that allows germ-free flushing and helps to avoid diseases.

The Urinals are installed for extra convenience, and there is a divider between each urinal for increased privacy.



The trailer is made up of high-quality metal. It can be aluminum or stainless steel. For easy mobility, it is mounted on sturdy inflated tires. A tow vehicle can be used to transport the whole assembly of your Luxury Portable Bathroom.


4. Why do you need a Luxury Portable Bathroom? 

A Luxury Portable Bathroom is for the convenience and a luxurious bathroom experience of the people on events like the following;

  • Movie shooting sites
  • Adventurous trips
  • Outdoor sports events
  • Destination weddings
  • Picnic birthday parties
  • Remote construction sites
  • Research trips
  • Faraway corporate working sites
  • Concerts
  • Festivals


5. What Factors are Involved in the Climate Control of your Luxury Portable Bathroom? 

A Luxury Portable Bathroom is strictly climate-controlled so that the users have a comfortable and relaxing environment. Following factors add to the climate control feature;


Air Conditioning

Each stall is equipped with an air conditioner which is powered by electricity. The electricity source might vary, but the efficiency of the air conditioner is always high. Along with keeping the Luxury Portable Bathroom comfortable, it reduces the growth of germs.



In places where the external temperature is too low, the heating feature is used. It keeps the bathroom cozy and comfortable.



The exhaust fans and the HVAC function enable the Luxury Portable Bathroom to allow fresh air. The environment is kept ambient, and there is no growth of fungi that grow in damp and dark places.

The hot air is expelled out, and the cold air covers the bottom.



A temperature-regulating thermostat is present in each unit which can be adjusted according to the requirements. It is installed inside a locked assembly so that only the authorities have access to it.


6. What are the Mechanisms for Hot and Cold Water in the Luxury Portable Bathroom? 

A Luxury Portable Bathroom is equipped with a well-developed water system for the availability of warm and hot water.


Convection Heating

A convection heater allows the hot water in the bottom to rise to the surface, thus giving room for the cold water to occupy the bottom. In this way, all the water is heated uniformly.


Elemental Heating

A heating element is used in this process. It is a more convenient and quick process since it requires higher power and uniformly heats all the water in the heating tank.


Cold Water

The cold water is directly supplied from the water supply of the area or from the fresh water tank that comes with the Luxury Portable Bathroom.

You can easily adjust the temperature of the water you require for your bathroom requirements since all the options are easily accessible.


7. How a Luxury Portable Bathroom is Safe for Individuals and Families? 

There are many safety features that make the Luxury Portable Bathroom a safe to be used;



The accessibility is made easier by installing an accessibility ramp or a staircase. This allows the disabled, old and weak people to climb easily.


Sturdy Equipment

All the equipment used in the Luxury Portable Bathroom is premium quality and brand.


Free of Diseases

The cleanliness and ventilation do not allow any germs to grow in the units. Also, strong disinfectants and cleaners are used to kill any disease-causing bacteria.

There are multiple sanitizer Dispensers so that the users can keep themselves safe by sanitizing a lot.



Each of the stalls is equipped with good quality lockable doors that allow you to have complete privacy.


Follows the Rules

As the Luxury Portable Bathroom is installed with the permission of the area manager, and all the legal formalities are fulfilled, there is no need to worry about legal procedures.



Only eco-friendly products are used for the cleanliness and maintenance of the unit so that there is no negative effect on the environment, plants, and animals.


8. How to Customize your Luxury Portable Bathroom According to your Unique Needs? 

Usually, a Luxury Portable Bathroom is enabled with the best amenities and facilities. However, you can still upgrade yours by adding a few elements like the following;



For enhanced convenience, you can get a locker installed in each unit so that all the users can keep their personal belongings in there while they are using the Luxury Portable Bathroom. This is a great option since it helps to avoid theft and loss of valuable items.


Changing Rooms and Vanity

An additional changing room can be very helpful for bathroom users. The vanity will not just add luxury, but also the users can conveniently use the hairdryer, hair straightener, etc.


Bath Tubs or Jacuzzi

For a luxurious experience, install a ceramic, well-designed jacuzzi so that the users can relax while they are away from home.


Colors and Design

You can customize the color, theme, and design of your Luxury Portable Bathroom to enhance the ambiance and create a uniform look overall.


Names and Designations

You can also dedicate each stall for an individual by writing their names and designation on the doors, dispensers, and toiletries, etc. greeting cards can also be added.


Flowers and Decorations

For marriage ceremonies and intimate events, you can add flowers and decorations to go with the theme. You can also use thank you cards to pay respect to your guests.



Illumination is an important aspect to add luxury to your Luxury Portable Bathroom. LED lights in wall lamps, vanity areas, and the changing room can be used.


Drawers and Organizers

For better organization and storage of the belongings of the user, you can install drawers and organizers. It will not just allow convenience but also save time to access certain things. Cleanliness tools and agents can also be stored here.


Flooring and Walls

Vinyl flooring and paneling can be used to make the unit look aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.


9. How to Choose the Best Luxury Portable Bathroom? 

For choosing the best Luxury Portable Bathroom, you must consider the following points;



As it will be used several times, it has to be made up of sturdy material. All the equipment used in the stalls shall be premium quality, having insurance.



The capacity of your Luxury Portable Bathroom decides how many people can use it at one time. You might need to add more stalls to increase the capacity.



Calculate the number of guests that would be attending your event. The ratio of guest to bathroom shall be acceptable, and therefore, you must choose the right size.


Alcohol and Food Serving

If you are planning to serve alcohol at your event, the capacity must be raised by 25% because alcohol intake increases the restroom needs.


Know your Guests

You must keep the disabled, old, and the children in mind since they have to be facilitated a little more than others. You might have to get extra features installed in your Luxury Portable Bathroom for the convenience of different age groups.



It is necessary to run a test before purchasing an asset so that there is no defect when you start operating it.


10. What Professional Help do you Require With your Luxury Portable Bathroom? 


Delivery Man

The Luxury Portable Bathroom needs to be delivered on the site by a towing vehicle which can only be driven by a professional. It involves a lot of precision and coordination; therefore, only an experienced professional should deliver the unit.



All the electrical connections required for the power of the air conditioner, heater, and lighting need to be established immediately after it is installed.

The professional electrician has to insulate all the connections and establish a steady electricity flow.



A well-established water system is necessary for the proper functioning of the Luxury Portable Bathroom. Therefore, a professional plumber is required to do the job.

Also, any other drainage problems, water supply problems can be solved with the help of a plumber.


Cleaning Staff

It is necessary to clean the unit after every event so that the dirt does not accumulate and cause long-term damage. It may require sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing, and even pressure washing.


11. How to Dispose of the Grey Water from your Luxury Portable Bathroom? 

Greywater refers to the used, dirty water that comes out of the Luxury Portable Bathroom, and it has to be disposed of correctly.


Abide By the Law

It is important that you follow all the rules for the proper disposal of waste. Permission granting from the municipal manager of the area is a must for the normal functioning of your Luxury Portable Bathroom.


Sewage System of the Area

It can be directly transported to the sewage system of the site with the help of a dedicated pipeline.


Don’t Release it Directly into a Water Body.

Make sure you don’t release the dirty water straight into a water body like a river, sea, or even fields because the chemicals in the dirty water can harm the animals in the water and plants in the soil.


12. How to Deodorize your Luxury Portable Bathroom? 

There are several ways of deodorizing your Luxury Portable Bathroom;



Make sure that your unit is not damp and under-ventilated. Keep the doors open and exhaust running even when it is not being used, especially after cleaning.



You can get several deodorizers in the market according to your choice. These agents will not just make the unit smell good but also create a comfortable environment for the users.


Cleaning Agents

Keep in mind that the cleaning agents that you are using for your Luxury Portable Bathroom must smell good. Even if they leave a pungent effect, try to eliminate it through aeration and ventilation.


Blue Chemical

It is a potent chemical that has abilities to fight odor-causing and disease-causing bacteria.

Its strong formula kills the bacteria, thus leaving the Luxury Portable Bathroom free of any unpleasant odor.


Air Freshener

Always spray an air freshener so that there is no build-up of bad-smelling gases. You can keep a freshener in each stall so that each user can spray it themselves after every use.


13. What is the Purpose of Using a Surfactant for your Luxury Portable Bathroom?

A surfactant is a chemical agent that has a specialized formula to fight against greasy stains that are difficult to remove.

It has a hydrophilic part that is soluble in water and a hydrophobic part that is soluble in fat. In this way, it makes bonds with both the polar water and the non-polar fat and takes out the most difficult stains.

It can be used on the countertops, floor, and exterior of the Luxury Portable Bathroom. It brings shine to the surface of sink bowls and urinal bowls. It is important to choose a good quality surfactant for maximum output.


14. What are the Cleaning Tips for a Luxury Portable Bathroom? 

  • Use a wand or a broom to sweep all the garbage from the floor and collect it in piles. It will help you save several trips to the disposal area.
  • Clean the bottom and difficult to reach areas with the help of a vacuum cleaner. A wand can also be used here but make sure you don’t miss any spot.
  • Vacuum the waste tank to check if there is any debris that can clog the outlets.
  • Take all the garbage out of the tank with the help of a wand or a stick.
  • Flush the toilet 2-3 times to make certain that the hose is empty. Now clean the lid and of the toilet and the lip of the toilet with the help of a brush.
  • If there is a recirculating toilet, flush many times to make the cleaning easier and now pump the toilet.
  • Scrub the bowls of the toilet and the urinals in your Luxury Portable Bathroom.
  • Scrub the floors so that there is no accumulated dirt that can cause sticky stains.
  • Clean the doors with the help of a brush, and don’t miss the bottom of the door where people tend to leave their step marks.
  • Add sufficient cleaning agent to your freshwater reservoir so that there is no unwanted germ growth in the tank.
  • Use a liquid deodorizer or a urinal block.


15. What Polishers and Cleaners can you Use for your Luxury Portable Bathroom? 

To make your Luxury Portable Bathroom look new and bright, make sure you use a high-quality wax or polisher.


The Brand of the Polisher

Make sure that you use premium quality branded wax with enhanced properties that offer maximum resistance to ultraviolet radiation and direct sunlight.


The Texture of your Unit

It is important to choose a polisher according to the texture of the surface you are using it for. The polisher for a metal surface and a ceramic surface has different properties, so it must be used accordingly.


Mode of Application

Carefully put a light layer of the polisher on the surface, and don’t overdo it. Thicker the layer, the greater the chances of accumulation of dust on the surface.


16. How to Maintain your Luxury Portable Bathroom to Increase Reliability? 

Here are a few maintenance essentials for increased reliability of your Luxury Portable Bathroom;


Always Keep it Clean.

The greater the accumulation of dirt and debris, the greater will be the chances of the unit breaking down.


Clear All the Defects as Soon as they Appear

It is necessary to fix the problem as soon as it arises so that there is no further complication.

Fix or replace any broken equipment, remove any unsafe units and clear all the obstructions.


Clean the Unit if it is Closed

Even if you are not using your Luxury Portable Bathroom, make sure that you regularly clean it, and it is always ready to be used.


Maintain a Cleaning Record

Carry out a proper cleaning routine after every event. There must be a deep cleaning episode after every month.


Use Safe Chemicals

Only use anti-corrosion and anti-rust chemicals on your Luxury Portable Bathroom, whether in terms of cleaning or deodorizing. Also, make sure that the quality of the chemicals is good.


Careful Loading and Unloading

The maximum damage occurs while loading and unloading. It is important that the unit be handled with care.


17. How to Ensure Safe Use of a Luxury Portable Bathroom?

The safe use of your Luxury Portable Bathroom can be made by the following features;


Easy Accessibility

It is important that the entry of the gusts be made easier and safe with the use of a staircase, a railing, or a ramp.


Lockable Units

All the units can be locked from the inside, and the user can have a comfortable bathroom experience without any threat to their privacy.


Good Sanitation

Good sanitary conditions are maintained to make sure that there is no spread of diseases like cholera and UTIs, which spread through public toilets and poor hygienic conditions.

The disinfecting and sanitizing routine also helps in maintaining a healthy and safe environment for the users.



All chemicals used in a Luxury Portable Bathroom shall be safe to be used. They must be eco-friendly and shall not cause any harm to the user or the environment. Also, all the chemical agents shall not cause any corrosion on the skin or irritation in the eyes.


Adult Supervision for Children

Make sure that a child does not attend the unit without the supervision of an adult to avoid any falls or misuse of the soap and cleaning agents.


18. What are the Common Problems and their Solutions While Using a Luxury Portable Bathroom? 

Here are a few common problems and their solutions while you use the Luxury Portable Bathroom;


Overflowing Tank

If the wastewater tank is not emptied on time, it might overflow, causing a lot of inconvenience for both the user and the owner.

Therefore it is necessary to keep a check on the tank level or install a tank with matching capacity. You can also connect an alarm with the highest level of the tank.


Clogged Hose

Pieces of cloth, bottle caps, garbage, wrappers, and plastic, etc., tend to accumulate and clog the hose. This problem may arise due to poor cleaning and maintenance.

However, it can be easily handled by pumping and vacuuming. If still, it does not open, you can cut the hose to allow the flow.


Scratch Marks and Graffiti

You can get rid of these external damages by immediate touch-ups. Use good quality paint to cover the scratch. A degreaser can be used to remove graffiti marks.


Spilled Chemicals

If you happen to spill any cleaning agents, make sure that you don’t handle it directly. Wear gloves and use a neutralizer to remove them. If you clean it with clear water, it will leave a big stain on the floor, which is impossible to remove.


19. Conclusion 

Before investing in a Luxury Portable Bathroom, make sure you know all the details, features, and uses of it so that you can bring the best out of it.

If you want to enhance the durability of your Luxury Portable Bathroom, you must follow the cleaning and maintenance tips.


FAQs of Luxury Portable Bathroom 

  1. How to De-ice your Luxury Portable Bathroom?

You can de-ice your Luxury Portable Bathroom by using methanol, rock salt, brine solution, crystal, de-icing solution, or solid tanks.

  1. How Methanol is a Better Option than Rock Salt for Winterization of your Luxury Portable Bathroom?

Methanol is better for the winterization of your Luxury Portable Bathroom because it is cheaper and non-corrosive. Also, it is easier to administer, thus avoiding the hassle of restocking the rock salt.

  1. Why are SDS Instructions Necessary for the Safety of a Luxury Portable Bathroom?

SDS Instructions are important for the chemicals being used for the maintenance and cleaning of the Luxury Portable Bathroom. It permits only eco-friendly and corrosion-free chemicals to be used.

  1. How to Install your Luxury Portable Bathroom? 

Make sure you choose a suitable and level site for the installation of your Luxury Portable Bathroom. Unload it, establish all the electrical and water connections and turn it on.

  1. What is the Electricity Requirement of a Luxury Portable Bathroom? 

A Luxury Portable Bathroom needs 110 volts, 15 AMPs to fulfill the electricity requirements of a regular unit. If air conditioning is included, the requirement may increase.

  1. Does a Luxury Portable Bathroom Need PSAI Certification? 

PSAI stands for portable sanitation association international, and its certification is important documentation if you own a Luxury Portable Bathroom.

  1. How Much Shall Water shall be added in the Waste Tank of your Luxury Portable Bathroom to Get Rid of the Waste? 

You need at least 5 gallons of water so that the chemicals can be submerged in water and be able to degrade the waste in the waste tank of your Luxury Portable Bathroom.

  1. Why should you Pressure Wash your Luxury Portable Bathroom? 

Pressure washing your Luxury Portable Bathroom is important so that the sharp water streams reach the difficult spots of the stall. Whether it’s the interior or the exterior, water hitting with force removes difficult stains.

  1. How to Use Brine for Winterization of your Luxury Portable Bathroom?

For winterization of your Luxury Portable Bathroom, you can use brine by simply mixing salt and water and running the mixture through all the pipelines. After that, use plenty of water so that there are no remains of aggregates of salt.

  1. What is meant by Vandalism in your Luxury Portable Bathroom?

Vandalism means scratch marks, cutting, knife marks, and dents on your Luxury Portable Bathroom.

  1. What are the Best Graffiti Remover Brands for your Luxury Portable Bathroom? 

The best graffiti remover brands are Banish, Artblaster, and Cooper’s own Graffiti Remover. These products help to eliminate the graffiti effectively and make your Luxury Portable Trailer look like a new one.

  1. How to Deal With the Vandalism on your Luxury Portable Bathroom? 

Vandalism on your Luxury Portable Bathroom can be dealt with by grinding or melting the affected areas. It might need painting and retouching after that.

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