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Luxury Portable Toilet SUT03 size is 5800(L) x 2250(W) x 2500(H)mm with a 1200mm drawbar, making total length 7000mm. Also available is 500L fresh tank and 1700L waste tank, featuring 10mm HDPE materials. Its weight is 1900kgs, double axles.

Luxury Portable Toilet has one men’s room and one women’s room, and mechanical room. Men’s room stands 2 toilets and 2 urinals, and 2 hand basins. Women’s room stands 3 toilets and 2 hand basins. Fresh tank and electrical system are in the mechanical room.

Luxury Portable Toilet is completely finished in factory with all equipment. Solar panel on roof self-power lightings, and surround sound offers you very good experience. Of course, the list of equipment can be adjusted to meet your special needs. Electrical system is based on client’s local standards.

All parts for Luxury Portable Toilet SUT03 are selected and CE certified, special for trailer use, like air conditioner, foldable step, toilet, etc.

Sunnyda is your premier Luxury Portable Toilet SUT03 manufacturer!

Luxury Portable Toilet BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size5800(L) x 2250(W) x 2500(H) mm
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tank450L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank1700L
Weight1900kg, when water and waste tank is empty
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingCan mix load with other model, or 1 SUT03 in a 40HQ
Delivery time40 days
Electricallighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop
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Ultimate Guide to Luxury Portable Toilet SUT03

Toilets use 0.6L of water per flush, can offer 2800 person / time use before clearing waste tank each time. Thus Luxury Portable Toilet is perfect for events. Fresh water inlet and waste outlet are on the outside wall, conveniently connect water source and waste suction. Luxury Portable Toilet has an access panel for the waste tank, enabling you change or fix it in case of damage.

But it’s well protected an aluminum board underneath, hence no risk of possible damage when operating and on the road. If you wish, could custom make layout getting it more fit your needs, our engineers will help with new design.

If you are looking for elegant restroom, our luxury portable toilet is your best choice. FRP sandwich panel with XPS insulation give you different color options, and the surface is glory and neat, one wall is one piece, one roof is one piece with no joint. Profiles used are aluminum.

We have more modes like Luxury Restroom trailer SUT01 mini, Luxury bathroom trailer SUT01, VIP restroom SUT02, Single portable toilet, Handicap Portable Toilet, etc.

We warmly welcome you to visit our factory as we look forward to co-operating in the near future.

Sunnyda is your premier Luxury Portable Toilet manufacturer!

Luxury Portable Toilet: The Ultimate Guide

If you want to start luxury portable toilet rental business, then you should import these accessories from reputable manufacturer.

Besides, you need to know critical features and specifications to look for in every luxury portable restroom.

Today’s guide will help you make the thought of starting luxury portable toilet business a well-executed reality.

Figure 1 Luxury portable toilet

Chapter 1: What is Luxury Portable Toilet?

A luxury portable toilet refers to room containing a toilet, sink and other sanitary facilities.

Figure 2 Luxury portable restroom

Just as the name implies, luxury portable toilet offers maximum comfort at your disposal as compared to the standard portable toilet.

There are a number of differences between these two toilets that I will expound later in this guide.

Luxury portable toilet is a high-end mobile restroom that can be transported and placed where sanitation service is needed; they are self-contained and non-sewered waste-disposal system, they do not require any pre-existing sewerage disposal, they features running water, flushing toilets, single or multiple stalls (up to 11 in one trailer), sinks with hot and cold water, electrical outlets, heating and air conditioning.

Luxury portable toilet comes fully equipped with solid-surface countertops, light fixtures, large mirrors, vanities, cabinetry, wall art, flowers, and much more. They are perfect for high-class events that require first class restrooms. Luxury portable toilets are incredibly important to comfortably accommodate guests at an outdoor event with sizeable crowd of people such as weddings and any private, corporate or sporting event with VIP’s in attendance.


Chapter 2: Where to Use Luxury Portable Toilet

Luxury portable toilets are applicable during different occasions such as;

  • Functions and events- Luxury portable toilets would be the ideal type of washrooms to have in your events. Not only are they easily transferable but also provide comfy services.
  • Luxury portable toilets for weddings – A wedding ceremony is an important function and so are your guests. Providing luxurious toilet services to your guest has been made much easier by the luxury portable trailers which can literally be modified to suit your preferences.
  • Birthday ceremonies- Just like a wedding, birthday ceremonies have special guests invited. Therefore making use of luxury portable restroom would be the best option if you want your guests to feel comfortable.
  • Camping sites –Camping is a fun activity and so to make it more comfortable you will need to have luxury portable toilet. These type of toilets come with several amenities which would come in handy when camping.

luxury portable toilets for weddings   luxury portable toilets for sale

Luxury portable toilet

  • Corporate events – Corporate events are attended by important people. In order to make it more executive, using luxury portable toilets would be the perfect choice.
  • Commercial residences –Places such as workplaces need better sanitary facilities such as luxury portable toilets to make the working space much comfortable.
  • Disaster relief–Luxury portable toilets can be used in disaster relief. However, in such places they are not that necessary and so standard toilets can also be applied.


Chapter 3: Benefits of Luxury Portable Toilet

Just from the name, you can tell that these types of toilets come with a lot of advantages.

Figure 3 Urinal with flowers

Which advantages am I referring to here?

· Comfort

Luxury portable toilets are different from the standard ones. They come with additional facilities which otherwise add more comfort to the users.

· Cost Effective

Come to think of it, you have a very important event to host but the area has no toilets and so you have to build toilets.

Sounds challenging, right?

That’s why luxury toilet trailers come in handy. They save you the hassle of building a whole new structure for a temporary event or function.

To add on that they can be moved easily and this is definitely a plus.

· Convenience

Just as the name implies, luxury portable toilets can easily be transferred from one place to the other.

This makes it easier to bring then in functions and take them back.

Also, they can be easily placed in strategic places around the area of the event making the whole process very efficient and time saving.

Luxury portable toilets

Luxury portable toilet for sale

· Customizable

You can choose to have your luxury portable toilet designed to suit your choices and preferences.

By this I mean if you have a certain color theme or want to use specific type of materials then you can have it designed to match your taste.

· No odor

Luxury portable toilets are frequently maintained by cleaning with certain chemicals which prevent them from stinking. To add on that, they are well fitted with ventilation pipes which ensure free air circulation.

Chapter 4: Parts of Luxury Portable Toilet

As I highlighted earlier, a luxury portable toilet has additional facilities which actually differentiate it from standard portable toilets.

In this section, we shall learn more about this equipment and get to understand their significance in the luxury portable toilet.

Stay with me to learn more.

I. HDPE Waste Water Tanks and Fresh Water Tank

First and foremost, HDPE stands for High-Density Polyethylene.

Freshwater tanks are used to store water that is used inside your luxury portable toilet including sinks, flushing systems, showers just to mention a few.

Alternatively, the waste water tanks are basically meant to collect all the waste materials from the luxury portable toilet.

They require proper maintenance in order to avoid bad odors.

High Density Polyethylene water tanks are the best to use in your luxury portable toilet reason being they are;

  • Non-corrosive
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • High resistant to impact
  • Lightweight – This feature makes it easier to install.
  • Convenient – Easy to clean as well as maintain as well as transporting due to their lightweight nature.

These are just some of the main advantages of using HDPE water tanks.

II. Separate Rooms for Men and Women

Any type of toilet is required to have separate rooms for men and women.

By this I mean that the luxury portable toilet should have one toilet used only by men and another toilet used by women.

By so doing privacy is withheld and this in turn equates to more comfort as the users will be comfortable using the toilet.

However, these rooms are designed differently based on the different gender needs.

For instance, a men’s toilet will have urinals which lacks on ladies toilets. On the other hand, ladies rooms are fitted with Rentokil which are used in the disposal of sanitary towels as well as other waste materials.

III. Toilets

There are different types of toilets and we can group them according to their shape and design of the toilet.

We have round and elongated toilets as demonstrated below;

Figure 4 Toilet types

The round toilet is a common piece used in most households as well as commercial places.

We can attribute this to the fact that this shape of toilet is less expensive as well as space efficient.

By this I mean that they occupy less space as compared to the oval shaped toilets.

The design of your toilet solely depends on you. You can choose to have the design match your existing theme.

Essentially, toilets are the most important part of luxury portable toilet.

toilet trailer for sale

Luxury portable restroom Inside Toilet 


IV. Vanity, Hole On Top Stone for Hand Towel Rubbish Can Inside Vanity

A vanity is a structure that mostly holds the sink and tap in place as illustrated below;

Figure 5 – Luxury Portable Toilet vanity

The brown “cabinet” is the vanity.

At times it might be designed in a manner that it has a hole at the top to dispose of used hand towels and rubbish can inside the vanity to collect trash.

Have a look at this;

Figure 6 Vanity for Luxury Portable Toilet

V. Urinals

Urinals are only found in men’s rooms owing to the fact that they are used when standing.

Here is a good illustration of a urinal;

Figure 7 Urinal

From the diagram you can see that such facilities save on space and so they are favorable in situations whereby the rooms are small.

VI. Basin

Every toilet with a sink has a basin as well. Basins refer to the bowl like structure fitted just below the taps where water drips into while washing your hands.

Basins come in a variety of shapes and designs and choosing them will depend on your preference.

  VII. Electrical Systems

Some of the most common electrical systems include:

· Solar Panel

In order to achieve lighting inside your luxury portable toilet, you will either need solar panels or electricity.

Use of solar panel is very economical and this explains why it would be of much convenience using them in areas with inefficient or no electricity.

Solar panels mainly help in providing light and not used to power equipment such as AC.

Solar powered for luxury portable toilet trailer

Solar panel for luxury portable toilet

· LED Lighting System

LED lighting is the best type of lighting to use in a luxury portable toilet.

Its appearance and glow transform the overall look and feel of your space and this is definitely what most people would like.

You can have your LED lighting system in a variety of colors depending on your chosen theme.

You can as well try fitting the lights in different places other than the roof in order to achieve a well-lit and unique space.

VIII. Foldable Step

Steps facilitate the accessibility of the toilet trailer.

Just as the name suggests, foldable steps refer to steps that can easily be laid over each other after using them.

Have a look at this;

air conditioned portable toilets

Figure 8 – Foldable step


IX. Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are a must have in every toilet including luxury portable toilets. They are mostly fitted near the roof for the purpose of ensuring there is free circulation of air in each and every part of the luxury portable trailer.

X. Hand Dryer

You may not come across this facility in standard toilet trailers. However, a hand drier is a common equipment in luxury portable trailers.

It’s used to dry hands whenever you wash them after visiting the toilet.

You can choose to either have a battery-operated hand drier or electric hand drier.

Most of them are automatic and operate immediately you place a hand below them.

XI. Toilet Paper Dispenser

Just as the name implies, the main function of a paper towel dispenser is to produce paper towels.

This can be done either by the help of motion sensors or pulling the paper towels from the paper towel dispenser as illustrated below;

Figure 9 Toilet paper dispenser – Photo credits @

  XII. Roof fan

A roof fan is essential equipment in a luxury portable toilet if you want your guest to feel much comfortable.

It is responsible for providing cool air circulation as well as eliminating bad smells.

A roof fan is normally fitted at the roof top as this ensures efficient circulation of cool air inside the entire portable toilet.

XIII. Power Box and Converter in Mechanical Room

A mechanical room is the “heart” of all mechanical operations in the portable toilet.

A power box and converter are some of the equipment you are likely to find here.

The main function of a power box is controlling the electrical supply to the luxury portable toilet.

On the other hand, a converter ensures that all the lights at the ceiling lights are powered.


Chapter 5: Floor Layout for Luxury Portable Toilet Trailer

A floor layout illustrates the overall appearance of the floor space in a diagrammatic view showing the rooms, spaces and other features inside the portable toilet.

Luxury portable toilets have a variety of floor layouts depending on the size of the portable toilet, water tanks sizes as wells as the number of stalls.

Like for instance, the largest luxury portable toilet trailer will have as much as 7 stalls and more while the smallest one will have 2 stalls.

The more the number of stalls the more the facilities present.

Here are some of the floor layouts for a luxury portable toilet trailer.

Figure 10 Floor plans

From these illustrations its evident you can clearly have a general overview of the entire luxury portable toilet layout.

The toilets can be more in cases whereby the toilet trailer is bigger.


Chapter 6: Best Material for Luxury Portable Toilet

Some of the most common materials include:

Fiber Glass Sandwich Panel (FRP Panel) for Luxury Model

Fiber glass is one of the main materials used in luxury portable toilets owing to a number of attractive features that it possesses.

Some of these features include;

  • Resistant to high temperatures- It can bear temperatures from -40 to -110 degrees C for some time.
  • Easy cleaning – It is normally cleaned using a high pressured squirt gun or steam.
  • High tensile strength
  • Easy to install
  • Resistance to mildew
  • Non-corrosive – it can last long even after being immersed in a very acidic solvent containing 3%NaOH and 10%Hydrochloric acid.

All these factors make fiberglass sandwich panel one of the best materials for your luxury portable toilet.

Not forgetting that it has a greater design flexibility which wasn’t present in the previous building materials.

Luxury portable toilets

Luxury portable toilet – Photo from Argentina customer.


· EPS Sandwich panel for Standard Model

EPS sandwich panel is one material that can be applied in almost every part of your luxury portable toilet be it roofs, floors or walls.

Standard EPS sandwich panels come in variety of colors such as red, blue and white among others.

However, you have an option of choosing your preferred color based on the theme you are aspiring to achieve.

Some of the desired features of using an EPS sandwich panel are not limited to;

  • Lightweight
  • Price is good
  • Good warm keeping and heat proofing

· Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Insulation

Using extruded polystyrene insulation boards for roof, cavity walls as well as floors would be of great importance. This is due to a number of advantages that extruded polystyrene insulation comes with.

It is useful in the construction as well as engineering applications and is used in controlling indoor temperature.

Besides, it reduces the energy use in a building.

Some of the advantages of extruded polystyrene insulation include;

  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Controls heat loss or heat gain
  • It is reusable and can be recycled
  • Easy to handle – These includes cutting as well as installing it
  • Durable
  • Has very high resistance to water absorption
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • It is cost effective in cavity wall applications

These are just some of the main advantages among others that extruded polystyrene possesses.

Not forgetting that Extruded polystyrene can either be green, pink or blue and is lightweight as well.

· Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum is an important material in the construction industry and it’s mostly used as frames.

However here in luxury portable toilet, aluminum profiles be used as outside corner cover, inside corner cover, two way and three way cover to connect ceiling and wall.

  • Round profile
  • Curve profile

Aluminum profiles are mostly used in industrial automation applications. In as much as they are strong they are lightweight enabling you to easily handle them.

· PVC Floor

PVC flooring is one of the best types of flooring you could use for your luxury portable toilet.

Not only does it look appealing but also has a number of other benefits that I am about to explain to you.

PVC otherwise known as Polyvinyl Chloride flooring is a type of flooring which resemble wood floor but in real sense it is PVC.

You have a variety of color, shapes as well as patterns to choose from. This makes it even easier when trying to find the right one to suit your preferences.

PVC flooring is common in luxury portable toilets as well as VIP restroom. It brings out a classy and exquisite appearance suitable for such restrooms.

Advantages of PVC flooring;

  • Flame resistant
  • Can be recycled
  • Durable
  • Can be customized
  • Water resistant

In as much as we have pros, PVC has its cons as it is prone to scratches and other gouges resulting from sharp objects.

To add on that, some consider it toxic due to the fact that it contains a dangerous chemical known as phthalate.

However, in the recent times most manufacturers have avoided the use of phthalate.

· Fiber Cement 18mm Sub-floor

Fiber cement boards are made of cellulose fibers which are plant extracts and cement.

You can easily install them as they are lightweight and therefore it can save you time when working on a limited timeline.

In addition to that, you can use decorative materials such as ceramic tiles to enhance the appearance.

· Galvanized and Paint Steel Frame

Galvanized and Paint Steel Frame mild steel beam

Before painting your steel frame, it is important to galvanize it.

Galvanization refers to the application of a protective coat (normally zinc) to iron or steel.

By so doing, the steel frame is protected from corrosion and this equates to a durable structure.

However painting your steel frame is a more cost-effective way as compared to galvanization.

But you have to remember that painted steel will be prone to scratches and therefore it’s better to use galvanized steel just so as to be on the safer side.

Luxury portable toilet manufacturer Sunnyda house use hot-dip galvanized steel and marine paint steel frame.

· 1.2m Draw Bar

Luxury portable restroom features high-quality drawbar and other DOT compliant accessories like tire, lights. Besides, draw bar related fittings must be made of high-quality material.

Department of Transport (DOT) has some set out rules and guidelines regarding the accessories being used in automobiles such as luxury portable toilets.

It is required that every luxury portable toilet should have lighting devices as well as reflectors.

In addition to that, all tires must correspond to the amount of load they are to sustain as well as the speed they are to be towed.

Also, standard drawbars normally measure 1.2m or 1.5m depending on a number of factors such as;

  • Axle position in relation to the chassis
  • Item being mounted on the draw bar
  • Length of the load

There are different types of draw bars depending on which type of track they are mounted to.

Here is an illustration of a drawbar;

Figure 11 Drawbar

Chapter 7:  Comparison between Luxury Portable Toilet vs. Standard Portable Toilet

At this point, you have familiarized with luxury portable toilets.

Besides, you have also realized the various features that separate them from the standard portable toilets.

In this section we shall compare these two types of portable toilets considering several aspects.

· Size

Luxury portable toilets have several units. The units can range from as fewer as 2 rooms to as many as 10 units or even more than this.

However this is not the case with standard portable toilets.

Standard portable toilets are single standalone structures which are designed to accommodate one person at a given time.

· Flooring

Standard portable toilets normally have a simple floor design as compared to a luxury portable toilet which can have different types of classy floors.

They many range from wooden floors to tiles and PVC.

Luxury portable toilets

Figure 12 Luxury portable toilet

· Accessories

You can easily accessories your luxury portable toilet with items such as wallpapers and plants without worrying about space.

However, this is different when it comes to standard portable toilets as they are small and it would be difficult to introduce such features.

· Place to Use the Luxury Portable Restroom

Luxury portable toilets are mostly used in important events and functions such as corporate events, birthday parties, wedding while standard portable toilets are used in construction sites, public events among others.

· Amenities

There are several fancy and classy facilities designed to make users more comfortable in luxury portable toilets.

Some of these facilities include water-saving toilet, advanced flushing systems, CD radio players, mirrors and sinks  just to mention a few.

Standard portable toilets usually have toilet, hand basin. Others need you choose to add.

· Cost

If you are working on a budget then standard portable toilets are the ideal option as they are cost-effective as compared to the luxury ones.

This is due to the fact that they don’t have many facilities which are present in the luxury portable toilets.

It’s clear that a luxury portable toilet is more comfortable but expensive as compared to the standard model.

I will explain to you all these in the next section just stay with me to learn more.

Luxury portable toilets

Luxury portable toilet – SUT01 two stations.

Chapter 8: Importing Luxury Portable Toilet from China

If you’re looking for luxury portable toilets for sale, then you should consider importing from China.

Here is how to go about it:

Step 1: Identify Luxury Portable Toilet Manufacturer

The first step is to get the right manufacturer for your luxury portable toilet. There are various methods that you can choose to use to get to your preferred manufacturer.

China being a leading country in manufacture of products, you can visit China and get to interact with the different manufacturers there.

Most luxury portable toilets are manufactured in China and so you are guaranteed to easily identify a manufacturer of your choice.

Once you settle on your manufacturer, the next thing would be to discuss about your products including the specifications that you want.

For this, Sunnyda, is a premier luxury portable toilet manufacturer you can trust.


Step 2: Consider Fully Assembled or Onsite Assembly Luxury Portable Toilet

When airing out your specifications you can decide whether you want a fully assembled or onsite assembly luxury portable toilet.

Opting for a fully assembled one might be the best option more so if you don’t want to have the hassle of finding labor to do onsite assembly once the cargo arrives.

However, remember that a fully assembled luxury portable toilet would occupy more space and this would equate to a higher transportation cost.

Luxury portable toilets

Luxury portable toilet

Step 3: Mode of Shipping Luxury Portable Toilet

There are three modes of transportation that you can use to ship your luxury portable toilet;

  • Water
  • Rail
  • Road

Your mode of shipping will be determined by a number of factors such as;

  • Size and weight of the good – Heavy goods are normally transported using water transport.
  • Distance –If the goods are being exported to bordering countries the less costly it would be.
  • Infrastructure network

Ocean freight is the least expensive and the slowest of them all.

If you are transporting a fully assemble luxury portable toilet over longer distances then water transport would be the best mode of transport.

If you are transporting to bordering countries road and rail transport might apply.

However, there should exist a good infrastructure network to achieve this.

Step 4: Consider Cost of Luxury Portable Toilet

Luxury portable toilets

Luxury portable toilet


The cost plays a key role in everything. Different types of luxury portable toilets will cost differently depending on the features they have.

One thing you need to know is that in as much as luxury portable trailers are believed to cost a fortune; you can get them at discounted prices when you purchase them from China with more than one unit.

Step 5: Quality Compliance for Luxury Portable Toilet

Your luxury portable toilets for sale should meet the following quality standards:

The CE mark certifies that the product is safe for use as well as proving that it has followed the European standards.

ISO 14001:2015 is an international standard that highlights the requirement for an effective Environmental Management System(EMS).

  • CCC Compliant

The China Compulsory Certificate mark is a safety mark which governs all the products sold, imported or used in the Chinese market.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) comes up with technical standards.

It ensures that the required standards of different materials, services, systems and different products are followed.

  • ISO/TC 86

It’s an international standard that ensures safety and environmental requirements for refrigeration and air conditioning.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a seventeen digit / letter code used for identification purposes for particular automobiles.

In our case, the Department Of Transport (DOT) regulates the transport of luxury portable toilets as well as waste materials from the units.

handicap accessible portable toilets   ada compliant portable toilet

Luxury portable toilet interior.




Chapter 9:What Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Luxury Portable Toilet?

Luxury portable toilets are lavish restrooms on wheels; they are widely used and preferred because they offer plenty of advantages as follow:



Luxury portable toilets are designed and engineered mainly to offer an elegant and classy appearance in the interior and the exterior. High-end features and amenities while the interior can be designed in different styles and shapes that suit customers’ aesthetics needs.



Luxury portable toilets are designed with spacious floor to offer comfort and easily accommodate a large group of guests up to 1000+ guests; it comes in multiple units in one space it can incorporate up to 11 stations, and more rooms can be added for the wedding dress and makeup.


Environmentally Friendly

Luxury portable toilets are eco-friendly; they are saving water and participate largely in keeping gardens clean. Solar panels can be added also to provide energy efficiency and reduce the electricity bill.


Chapter 10: What Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Luxury Portable Toilet?

Here are important factors to consider before purchasing a luxury portable toilet:

The number of luxury portable toilet needed

When planning an event it is very important to provide enough capacity to make guests comfortable and avoid queues. Determining the appropriate number and size of luxury portable toilets depends mainly on the number of attendees, the type and the duration of the event held. In addition to that if food, beverage and alcohol will be served, the number of luxury portable toilets should be added by an average of 25%.

Also, if the event will be held in a very large area it is recommended to add the number of toilets to avoid guests walking for long-distance or long queues in one location.


Self-contained luxury portable toilet

It is recommended to purchase a self-contained luxury portable toilet with high capacity fresh water tanks on board, holding tank and solar panels, this will ensure operating the luxury portable toilet without external power connection and fresh water will be sufficient.


Waste Disposal

Luxury portable toilet holding tank will require regular disposal servicing, this can be done by a waste management firm that will empty the holding tank waste and take it to an approved disposal facility.


High-End Features

Luxury portable toilets should features high, spacious and modern interior design, high quality materials should be used, climate-controlled environment, soft glowing lighting, durable flooring, practical vanity countertops, mirrors, beautiful decoration and accessories.


Durability and Maintenance

Luxury portable toilets offer great durability because of the high-end equipment, high strength galvanized steel framing, high-quality fiberglass walls, floors, ceilings and fitting. Moreover, all surfaces are easy to clean and the holding tank can be quickly serviced.

All plumbing, pumps, electrical components are placed in the mechanical room and can be easily accessed for maintenance.

luxury portable toilet trailer night event

luxury portable restroom night event

Chapter 11: How Does A Luxury Portable Toilet Work?

Luxury portable toilets are self-contained, they do not require any prior infrastructure such as sewage disposal system or water source as they are equipped with a holding tank and fresh water tank, the toilet works similarly to water flush toilets system, foot pedal is used to flushes away the waste to the holding tank placed underneath the seat instead of the sewer. Eco-friendly biocides are used to break down the waste, control harmful organism, kill germs and eliminate odors.


Chapter 12: What Are The Specifications Of Luxury Portable Toilet?

Luxury portable toilet comes on the following specifications:

Interior: Length 10-40ft x Width 6-8ft x Height 8ft inch.

Exterior with Roof: Length 10-40ft x Width 6-8ft x Height 8ft inch.

Floor space:  50 – 400 square feet.

Weight: 1500-3000 Kg.

Drawbar: Length 50-inch x Width 40 inch.

Axle torsion: 3500 lb.

Waste Tank Capacity: 1700 Liters.

Fresh Water Tank: 500 Liters.

Circuits required: 20-amp.

Seat Height: 19 inch

Door size: Height 78 inch x Width 35 inch.

Please note that luxury portable restrooms specifications can be adapted to customers’ location requirements in terms of electrical circuits, plumbing, climate control, building code regulations and customization needs.

luxury portable toilet trailer in garden

Luxury portable toilet trailer in garden

Chapter 13:What Are The Types Of Luxury Portable Toilet?

A combination of luxury portable toilets is available in different models to accommodate small or large outdoor gatherings and the most challenging events. The type of luxury portable toilet is selected according to the event type, the capacity needed and location requirements. Below are the commonly used types:


Single Stall Luxury Portable Toilet

Single stall luxury portable toilet is ideal for small events, parties or VIP section, they are used to ensure enough sanitation facilities for the expected crowd, and they are elegantly designed to offer first-class experience for users. This type comes in single-stall unisex or men’s and women’s separated compartments.

luxury portable toilet trailer from Chile client

Luxury portable toilet trailer from Chile client

Multi-Stall Luxury Portable Toilet

This type is used mainly for large events that require multiple portable toilets to provide a luxurious experience and comfort while avoiding crowds and queues. It’s mostly used because it’s affordable, it can incorporate from 2 to 11stall and serve a large group of guests. Multi-stall luxury portable toilets are the top-of-the-line; they are beautifully designed and equipped with high-end amenities and high-quality sanitary fittings.


ADA Luxury Portable Toilet

ADA luxury portable toilet is used for large events to provide people with disabilities with luxury, comforts and privacy; it comes in a unisex restroom or separate sections for ladies and gents. All units are made in conformance with ADA standards for accessible design.

luxury portable bathroom trailer inside basin water-free urinal toilet

Luxury portable bathroom trailer inside basin water-free urinal toilet

Chapter 14: Can Manufacturer Customize A Specialty Luxury Portable Toilet?

Luxury portable toilet can be customized to virtually suit any requirement in terms of size, interior and exterior design, features, amenities, finishing and colors, logo or monogram can be also added. The most innovative materials and methods are being used to provide customers with world-class portable toilets to host their most discernible guests.

Customers can choose from a large selection of luxury portable toilets designs, highly functional and aesthetic solutions, styles, finish and colors. A combination of lighting, flooring, doors, mirrors, sanitary ware, brassware and accessories are available to customize and add a special touch to the overall appearance of luxury portable toilet.


Chapter 15: What Are The Governing Standards Of Luxury Portable Toilet?

Luxury portable toilets are subject to a variety of standards related to sanitation, hygiene, and safety, those standards are as follow:

high end toilet trailer front

Front high end toilet trailer 

The European Standards

EN 16194 European – Mobile non-sewer-connected toilet cabins.


The American National Standards Institute

ANSI Z4.3-1995 (R2005) Sanitation Standards for Non sewered Waste-Disposal Systems – Minimum Requirements.

ANSI/PSAI Z4. 3-2016 Sanitation Nonsewered Waste – Disposal Systems -minimum requirements shall be applied.


The International Organization for Standardization

ISO 30500:2018 standards for non-sewered sanitation systems – prefabricated integrated treatment units – general safety and performance requirements for design and testing.


The Occupational Health and Safety Administration

OSHA standard number 1926.52 job sites without sanitary sewer portable toilets requirements.


American Disability Act

ADA Standards for Accessible Design should be applied to luxury portable toilets.

double vip toilet trailer in use

Double vip toilet trailer in use

Chapter 16: How Many Luxury Portable Toilets Do I Need Per Person?

The number of luxury portable toilets needed per person can be estimated as follow:

Single-stall luxury portable toilet: 100 people.

Three-stall luxury portable toilet: 500 people.

Ten-stall luxury portable toilet: 1000+.


Chapter 17:Where Luxury Portable Toilet Should Be Placed?

Luxury portable toilet should be placed on level & dry land. It should be accessible for service pump trucks within a distance of 25 to 50 feet, and most importantly, it has to be centrally located near high-traffic areas to provide all guests with easy and fast access to sanitation facilities.


Chapter 18:What Is Required To Transport A Luxury Portable Toilet?

Luxury portable toilet is designed to be towed by any vehicle, however, to ensure a safe and easy towing the following requirements should be considered:



The automatic transmission can control better the engine loads than manual.

DOMETIC 310 toilet for luxury portable toilet trailer

DOMETIC 310 toilet for luxury portable bathroom trailer


Vehicle should have adequate power to tow.

Tires and suspension

Vehicle tires and suspension should have enough pressure capacity to tow the luxury portable toilet.



A weight distributing hitch should meet the tow vehicle’s performance requirements with a rating equal to the GVWR.


Sway Control

Installing a sway control system will controls trailer swaying through friction variation and reduce the body roll.


Towing mirrors

Towing mirrors are legally required for the majority of cars that are towing a luxury portable toilet trailer because if the luxury portable toilet trailer is wider than the towing vehicle it restricts the view. The mirror extends the view from the driver’s side to the back of the trailer.

Chile project of luxury portable restroom trailer

Chile project of luxury portable restroom trailer

Chapter 19: What Are The Water And Power Requirements Of Luxury Portable Toilet?

Power Supply

Luxury portable toilets are powered with electricity; each luxury portable toilet requires a minimum of two independent 20 amp power circuits or generator, if electrical heaters are used more electrical power will be required. The electrical system of luxury portable toilets is made in compliance with customers’ local standards and codes.


Water Supply


Water Connection

Every luxury portable toilet will require a standard ¾” garden hose with a minimum of 40 psi water pressure and 5 gallons flow rate per minute to supply fresh water for the toilets and sinks. The garden hose is normally connected to the water connection placed below the mechanical room.

Brown marble vanity for luxury portable toilet trailer

Brown marble vanity for luxury portable toilet trailer

On-Board Fresh Water Tank

Luxury portable toilet comprises a fresh water tank placed in the mechanical room; the water pump will draw a sufficient amount of water from the tank for the toilet flushing or sink. Fresh water tank is available in different sizes of 480 and 950 gallons.


Chapter 20:Can Luxury Portable Toilet Be Used in The Winter And Hot Climates?

Luxury portable toilet has a climate-controlled interior that offers comfort all year round.  A variety of climate control configurations can be used to match the requirement of extreme cold weather such as:



A wide range of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) such as ducted air systems, roof-mounted air conditioner, system integrated duct-work and electric heat strips can be used to provide cooling and heating to the interior of luxury portable toilet, a variety of level of functioning, capacities and styles are available.

blue light for night event toilet trailer

Blue light for night event toilet trailer

Electric DE-icing system

This system is used to prevent water freezing, 30 degrees Fahrenheit units are commonly used.



R-14 insulation can be used for walls & ceiling, R-13 spray insulation can be applied to the sub-floor and the entire luxury portable toilet cabinet exterior can be wrapped using insulating foil.


Chapter 21: Do Luxury Portable Toilet Smell?

Innovative water flushing system technology is used to operate luxury portable toilets; Water flushing provides a similar level of comfort just like conventional toilets, once the toilet flush the waste is carried away into the holding tank which contains eco-friendly biocides or chemicals that neutralize unpleasant odors. The waste tank should be serviced by a waste transfer company that will pump, empty and clean the waste tank in a regular basis. Locating the waste tank correctly in the luxury portable toilet design can mask odors definitely.

The holding tank should have a ventilation system (ending outside the cabin) and contain the necessary chemical liquid to neutralize unpleasant odors and ensure disinfection.

The luxury portable toilet is well ventilated to ensure airflow and keep the interior smelling fresh. Moreover, using adequate sanitizing procedures and cleaning products can kill 99.99% of germs, control harmful organism and eliminate odors while deodorizers and air fresheners can also eliminate any odor and provide fresh smell.


Chapter 22:Does Luxury Portable Toilet Should Be Insured?

Yes, luxury portable toilets should be insured against loss, damage and general liability.

black luxury portable toilet trailer use in event

Black luxury trailer use in event

Chapter 23: How Much Does It Cost A Luxury Portable Toilet In China?

Luxury portable toilet in China cost from USD 4,000 to USD 20,000. The cost of luxury portable toilet can vary depending on the size, number of stations, upgrades and customization level required.


Chapter 24: Why To Buy Luxury Portable Toilets From China?

Chinese manufacturers can respond effectively to the rising demand for standard and luxury portable toilets which caused mainly by the rising number of outdoor events and the increase in the deployment of portable toilets.

China portable toilets market provides international buyers with access to an extensive range of high-end luxury portable toilets. Whatever are your requirements the highest quality and cost-effective luxury portable toilets are available to you in a variety of sizes, features, amenities and customization are manufactured in China.

Whether you are planning a special occasion, wedding, festival, large gathering event, high profile events or VIP sporting. Chinese manufacturer can design the most innovative luxury portable toilets that offer a first-class experience to your VIP guests, comfort of home, in addition to high-tech fixtures and modern fittings.

beautiful vanity with blue lights for luxury portable toilet trailer

Beautiful vanity with blue lights for trailer

Chapter 25: Why Choose Sunnyda Luxury Portable Toilet?

With over 20 years of expertise and know-how in the portable sanitation industry, today we are proud to design, develop, manufacture and export worldwide the most luxurious portable toilets that bring together cost-effectiveness, top hygiene and luxury.

Sunnyda luxury portable toilets go beyond providing a comfortable and clean restroom facility; they are designed to give a high-end feel to your VIP guests, for this reason we endeavor to provide unrivaled standards in design and to use modern features, and eye-popping decoration.

Whatever your needs, we can build luxury portable toilets in all sizes, designs, shapes, features, we can serve every application from large prestigious events to VIP outdoor concerts, weddings, festivals, ceremonies, corporate and sporting events.

Our luxury portable toilets are designed to offer an elegant, open and bright interior; high-quality material is used to offer strength, rigidity, efficiency and lightweight.

  • Roofing and walling are made from EPS sandwich panel and FRP sandwich panel.
  • Aluminum siding and RV Fiberglass filon siding are used to cover the luxury portable toilet exterior.
  • Doors are made from an attractive appearance aluminum alloy.
  • A variety of wall finishes, solid surface partitions, laminates and colors are available.

Our luxury portable toilets come fully equipped with high-end features including:

  • Extraordinary sanitary wares are used including high-quality stainless steel/porcelain sink (hands free), toilets with flush (pedal) and urinals.
  • Hand dryers, soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser and toilet paper holder.
  • Vanity mirror, cabinets, waste basket.
  • Water heaters, Electric heat, air Conditioning and exhausts fans.
  • Interior and exterior high-tech LED lighting features.
  • A wide variety of durable flooring, 00% waterproofs, heat-resistant,scratch-resistant, non-slip and eco-friendly PVC Flooring and vinyl flooring are used to cover the luxury portable toilet floor.
  • Decoration
  • Sound system.
  • Holding tank of 1000
  • Fresh water tank of 200 Gallon
  • Generators can be supplied for an additional cost.

Sunnyda luxury portable toilets can meet your every need, a wide range of standard units and custom-build options including fixtures, fittings, finishes and lighting can be provided to suit the overall requirement of any event.

We design the most elegant, high-end luxury portable toilets to provide VIP users with high-class restroom experience.

Whether you are a hospitality company, a rental business manager or an event planner looking for long-lasting luxury portable toilets, no matter how many people are invited or where the event will be hosted, Sunnyda shall provide you with the most sophisticated, robust, and innovative luxury portable toilet at the most competitive price.

black luxury portable toilet trailer from our Chile customer

Black luxury trailer from our Chile customer

Chapter 26: What Covers The Warranty Of Luxury Portable Toilet?

Luxury portable toilet is covered by the strongest warranty in the industry:

Any damages or defects in material or workmanship are covered for a period of 1 year.

Wall panels, roof and any structural part defects are covered for 1 year.

Plumbing, tank, mechanical jacks and electrical components are covered by 1-year warranty.


Chapter 27: Get A Free Consultation For Luxury Portable Toilets?

We will be happy to assist you and offer you our best prices.

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Venturing in luxury portable toilet business is a noble idea. You can have luxury portable toilet for rental or sale.

But more importantly, you must pay close attention to luxury portable toilet manufacturer, design, material type, amenities and other functionalities.

For inquiries on luxury portable restrooms, talk Sunnyda team today!



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