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Sunnyda luxury portable washrooms are available in elegant and high-end features. This equipment can be added depending upon your budget and design. Any color, design, style, sizes, and logo designing, we can build on the style you want. As a professional manufacturer, Sunnyda could 100% satisfy your needs.

Luxury portable washrooms BodyFiberglass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
SizeLength from 2520 to 5800 mm
Drawbar size1200mm
AlexSingle or double
Fresh tank200-500L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank520-1700 L
WeightWeight: 800-1900 kg, when water and waste tank is empty.
ConditionFull mounted in the factory
LoadingLoading: Can mix load with other models, or 3 SUT01 minis in a 40HQ

Or use 40ft open top container

Delivery time40 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Sunnyda Luxury Portable Washroom

Sunnyda manufactures premium quality luxury portable washroom that offers benefits to your business. We have all kinds of luxury portable washrooms for any occasion. All products are available at very affordable prices.

Our portable washroom will help your customers experience high-end and luxurious feel for a restroom. We make a luxury portable washroom with all the specifications that you are looking for.

Sunnyda is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury portable washrooms in China. We make sure that we provide products with world-class performance to all customers.

Sunnyda provides luxury portable washrooms from different model designs and size units. Our company guarantees that our products can fit all your customers’ occasions and events.

Sunnyda luxury portable washroom features electric hand washing stations, crystal chandelier lighting, stone countertops, full-length mirrors, 2-ply toilet paper products, aloe hand soaps, individually wrapped mints, and many more. Also, we construct and install a custom-made luxury portable washroom; can design with a sleek interior and exterior.

Furthermore, we have a luxury portable washroom with state-of-the-art amenities like climate control with air and heating system, LED lighting, built-in music capabilities, solar power, and more.

Sunnyda luxury portable washroom offers maximum comfort and convenience. Our products will help your customers entertain their guests with a clean environment, spacious restroom, and climate-controlled facilities.

Sunnyda assures you that all our products are CE, CCC, ASTM certified. We are not only distributing products in the local market but also in foreign countries.

We have been supplying luxury portable washrooms to Norway, the UK, the US, and other countries. Our company had received positive impacts from our customers around the world.

Sunnyda became one of the most reliable and trusted manufacturers of luxury portable washrooms in China. All our workers are dedicated to doing their designated jobs that enable us to provide high-end and premium quality products. We can offer technical support and 24/7 sales and services.

Please feel free to get in touch with us for more information. We are looking forward to future business partnership with you.


Luxury Portable Washroom-An Ultimate Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

Luxury Portable Washroom is perfect for outfitting your special event. It comes with LED lighting, running water, heating, and air conditioning.

Luxury Portable Washroom is for prestigious events, important and special occasions, or any social-outdoor event.

Events such as weddings, movie gatherings, and awards evenings need it to meet the requirements of the restroom both aesthetically and practically.

This guiding spirit tells about elements characteristics reliability and use of Luxury Portable Washroom. So let’s get started.


1.What is Luxury Portable Washroom?
2.What are the Elements of Luxury Portable Washroom?
3.Why you Need a Luxury Portable Washroom?
4.What Features are Involved in Climate Control of your Luxury Portable Washroom?
5.What are the Advantages of using a Luxury Portable Washroom?
6.What is the Mechanism for Hot and Cold Water in the Luxury Portable Washroom?
7.How a Luxury Portable Washroom is Secure for Individuals and Families?
8.How to Personalize your Luxury Portable Washroom according to your Unique Needs?
9.How to Choose the Most Suitable Luxury Portable Washroom?
10.What Proficient Help do you Require with your Luxury Portable Washroom?
11.How to Throw Away the Grey Water from your Luxury Portable Washroom?
12.How to Get Rid of Un-Pleasant Odor from Luxury Portable Washroom?
13.What Is the Purpose of Using a Detergent for your Luxury Portable Washroom?
14.What are the Cleaning Tips for Healthy Outcomes by using Luxury Portable Washroom?
15.What are Un-Stained and Cleaning Agents Used for your Luxury Portable Washroom?
16.How to Maintain the Reliability of your Luxury Portable Washroom?
17.How to Ensure Operating Safety of using Luxury Portable Washroom?
18.What are the Challenges and Resolutions while using Luxury Portable Washroom?
19.What should be Safety Measures while using Luxury Portable Washrooms?


1. What is Luxury Portable Washroom?

Luxury Portable Washroom presents a luxurious series, providing a series of luxurious facilities, including air-conditioned toilets, TV and music systems, and express facilities.

The Luxury Portable Washroom is divided into two categories. Gents washroom with modern commodes, toilets, wash sinks, and mirrors, and ladies washroom with western commodes, wash sinks, and mirrors.

It provides a relaxing as well as excellent sanitation experience in remote and open areas and showcases luxury, hygiene as well as efficient design in its built-up that ensures a happy experience to its users even if you are in a middle of a remote place, wedding function, or open-air event.


2. What are the Elements of Luxury Portable Washroom?

  • LED lighting
  • Running water
  • Heating, and air conditioning
  • Private entrance
  • Sink, mirror, toilet as well as urinals
  • Higher-end finishes and wired for music
  • Hot/cold water available
  • Fresh and wastewater tank are available
  • Nonslip flooring
  • Baby changing stations
  • Supplies of soap and paper towel
  • Smooth grey tiled walls
  • Set of green lotion and soap dispensers
  • Wall-mounted toilet brush
  • Plumbing
  • Sewage outlet to dispose of the waste materials
  • Installation of a water inlet
  • Transported to any outdoor site or location
  • Self-contained unit


3. Why you Need a Luxury Portable Washroom?

  • Save time and energy with easy installation.
  • Ergonomic designs with minimum abrasion.
  • Completely hygienic with comfortable seats.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Luxury Portable Washroom is available in various sizes.
  • Water facilities.
  • Outing purpose.
  • Remote construction sites.
  • Outdoor entertainment.
  • Wedding party.
  • Faraway fun and games.
  • For any other physical activity.


4. What Features are Involved in Climate Control of your Luxury Portable Washroom?


Air Doctor Portable Virus Blocker:

Air Doctor Portable Virus Blocker is a safety tool that ensures continuous protection from non-toxic viruses, bacteria, allergens, molds that are present in Luxury Portable Washroom.

It is completely safe to use to protect children, the elderly, the weak, and the sick from getting a disease.


DIACID Chlorine:

DIACID Chlorine is an important disinfectant and oxidant used in the Luxury Portable Washroom. It maintains highly stable sanitary conditions and provides an effective disinfection method in the unit.



The level of humidity in the Luxury Portable Washroom can have a significant impact on your comfort and health.

A Humidifier is a machine that increases the humidity in the unit. It works by converting liquid water into a mist or steam, which raises air humidity.



Electrical equipment is a pressure electrode that can reduce and maintain air humidity for health or comfort purposes, or prevent the growth of musty and mold by removing water in a Luxury Portable Washroom.

In Luxury Portable Washroom, large Dehumidifiers are used for the maintenance of a humid environment.


Carbon Filter:

Carbon filter cross-section is used in Luxury Portable Washroom to clean the air in the exhaust ventilation system. These gases include gaseous, more pollutants (molecular, organic, and inorganic), and unpleasant odors.


5. What are the Advantages of using a Luxury Portable Washroom?


Flushing Toilet:

A Miller Mobile Offices washroom trailer has the same effective storage system as a regular washroom. Compared with others, Luxury Portable washrooms are safer and more hygienic in places where there is no running water and poor sanitary conditions.


Running Water:

Luxury Portable Washroom can carry water to the place where it is transported. Both hot and cold running water is available in the services.

This allows the unit to have a working system and sink that prevents waste accumulation and makes it possible for users to feel comfortable.


Climate Control:

The temperature rate is very suitable for the public environment of Luxury Portable Washroom. You’re not too hot or too cold, which makes it easy for users to use services.

The electric baseboard heater and fluorescent lights in it make the Luxury Portable Washroom suitable for daily use.



Avoid unpleasant aromas and bacteria growth in Luxury Portable Washroom, and use air extraction devices to help clean the air.

To keep the area cool and moderate temperature, it is recommended to use an optional air conditioning system.


Enhanced Comfort:

Luxury Portable Washroom provides space and all-around comfort as well as heaters. It needs to be comfortable to use the unit and to practice good hygiene. In addition, Luxury Portable Washroom can be marked as male and female, so you can provide female employees with greater comfort by providing them with their facilities.



The exterior of their heavy-duty steel is designed to withstand the elements that keep them in the optimal condition


Extra Warmth:

The Luxury Portable Washroom is insulated and equipped with heaters to keep users warm when the temperature starts to drop.


Easy Transportability:

Luxury Portable Washroom is extremely mobile. It can easily be hitched behind a truck and transported. For crews that need to move between workplaces, this is highly convenient.


6. What is the Mechanism for Hot and Cold Water in the Luxury Portable Washroom?


Hot Water:

The Luxury Portable Washroom with hot water is equipped with the standard recirculating chemical plus hot water. This service includes clean chemical refilling and consumables refilling.

The hot water is controlled at a temperature of 40-43 percent for optimal washing of hands. The washbasin is sufficiently large to wash your elbow according to the health and protection regulations.

To run the hot water in Luxury Portable Washroom, the water heater works always with a power supply. It is available in 110 volts and 240 volts.

Resistors are used to convert energy to heat; i.e. if the electricity goes through them, it gets hot. But this is not only done by the resistors.

As a consequence, heating elements provide a robust electrical component, which generates heat as a result of a large electrical current.


Cold Water:

The cold water is supplied directly from the surrounding water supply system or the Luxury Portable Washroom in the freshwater tank.


7. How a Luxury Portable Washroom is Secure for Individuals and Families?



When you have a Luxury Portable Washroom designed for convenience, you will never go back to the basics.

Although the most user-friendly restrooms are designed to serve people with limited mobility, everyone can draw inspiration from them.

Universal design only becomes increasingly important as more homeowners plan their future and resale, so a comfortable washroom is a fantastic investment, regardless of your situation.


Handheld Shower:

Everyone can understand why handheld showers are easy to use and handle, which is why they are attached to a unit and installed either independently or in conjunction with an ordinary stationary shower in stand-alone stalls.


Targeted Water Flow:

Targeted water flow is perfect for those who have difficulty accessing overhead showers and help people who bathing assistance, but you need also find many benefits over and above need in Luxury Portable Washroom.



Bathrooms or showers (except for rust removal equipment) cannot be fitted with bathtubs or sockets unless they are at least three meters away from the bathroom.

The electric shaver heads (in meters) in the bathtub or shower must be safe to prevent water from being sprayed



The included ceiling light is better than the suspended ceiling light.

Anyone who has not been wetted by or who has not used the bathtub or shower should not keep it at hand.

Owing to due to dampness and wet hands, daily light switches are dangerous. The safest option is a ceiling pull-cable switch.


Heaters and Towel Rails:

The safest way to keep a unit warm is to provide central heating. However, if there is an electric heater, the bathtub or shower must be kept at a safe distance.

Unless the bathtub or shower is powered by a three-meter plug, the electrical and gas water heaters must be fixed and continuously connected in the Luxury Portable Washroom.

The perfect method to control an electrical heater is to pull the cable out or unplug it from the bathroom.



For safety, you must provide an electric shower directly from the fuse box on your circuit.


Maintaining Public Facilities:

Establishing effective solutions for preventing damage and maintaining public facilities is a major option for security which is used in Luxury Portable Washroom.


8. How to Personalize your Luxury Portable Washroom according to your Unique Needs?


Decorative Lighting:

Exquisite lighting usually improves your vision and turns the world into something magical.

Carry this mood into your Luxury Portable Washroom with twinkly, battery-powered string lights or whimsical lanterns of paper. It can be easily hung from the ceiling using the sticky command hook.



The door lock is mainly for privacy purposes. Ensure everybody in an intended manner keeps the level of privacy out.

It would probably be like that unit door to stay closed when someone has tried to open the door lock.

Some desired locking capabilities will probably occur on the locks of the washroom door but such a locking mechanism is discrete or open.


Chic Mirrors:

Flowers, table settings, and bridesmaid dresses are not the only things that your wedding day looks exceptional.

In the bathroom, place a mirror so that your friends and your family look and feel their best.

Add personal flavor to a mirror with floral petals, knobs, or joys. Your mirror design should reflect you and your beautiful guests.


Flower Arrangement:

Make your Luxury Portable Washroom like a rose by adding a floral bouquet to the interior of the unit.

Whether it’s fake or real, choose flowers that match your fantasy. This singular addition gives an elegant touch to a traditionally unfamiliar facility.


9. How to Choose the Most Suitable Luxury Portable Washroom?


Get Self-Contained:

Luxury Portable Washroom requires power and an external water supply. It cannot accommodate activities if it does not has easy access to water and electricity.

The fully-equipped unit comes with solar panels and freshwater tanks and can operate at high capacity without external connections.

Although solar cells cannot provide power for air and heating. It power lights and pumps to maintain the proper working.


Get High-End Features:

When you have recessed lighting, beveled mirrors, fake wood panels, beautiful countertops, and well-designed accessories in a Luxury Portable Washroom, this is the best decision to make a choice.



High-end equipment has a longer service life, but pay attention to wear-resistant materials. Take a close look into the materials and equipment the unit has been built with when buying a Luxury Portable Washroom.

In construction, look for a minimum of wood, with none below floor level. Woods and water don’t last together for a long time.

Reach for high-quality hinges with an additional panel or door screws. Find valves, panels, and well-designed electronic panels for commercial quality. All these add to your Luxury Portable Washroom for longevity.


10. What Proficient Help do you Require with your Luxury Portable Washroom?


Delivery Man:

A towing vehicle that can only be driven by a professional must deliver the Luxury Portable Washroom on the premises. It includes much accuracy and coordination. The unit should therefore only be delivered by an experienced professional.


Electronics Technician:

The air conditioner, the heater, and the lighting must be installed as soon as all the necessary electrical connections are installed.


The Standard for Plumbing or Pipe Fitter:

The durability of a plumbing system depends on the quality of its parts and their increasing skills.

Whether the products or materials used are unsatisfactory, a plumbing system cannot be expected to operate safely, however well-designed.

The opposite is also true – if products or materials of the best quality are used but are not correctly installed, the system will fail.


Cleaning is the Responsibility:

To avoid dust accumulation and long-term damage after each occurrence, the equipment must be cleaned. It may need to be balanced, vacuumed, scrubbed, and even pressurized.


11. How to Throw Away the Grey Water from your Luxury Portable Washroom?



Clean and sanitize Luxury Portable Washroom thoroughly. Minimize the risk of cross-contamination and let Sani-Station continue to provide ways to clean and remove harmful bacteria.

It Kills bacteria like Salmonella, E. coli, Pseudomonas, and Staph Aurous. It Prevents cross-contact of allergens like peanut, gluten, and lactose and also Provides sanitary storage.


Grey Water Holding Tank:

The grey tank supports wastewater that is produced in a washroom during special events. These tanks of polyethylene are designed to prevent cracking and breakage using internal pillars and dense corners.

They are also simply stackable, so you can hold wastewater more space. Tanks such as the fresh flush mobile office on site or any other sanitary devices can be connected to equipment.

The grey water produced from Luxury Portable Washroom can also be collected with the concession pads.


12. How to Get Rid of Un-Pleasant Odor from Luxury Portable Washroom?


Disinfect Inside of Luxury Portable Washroom:

Preparing the water tank for future use is an important aspect of the maintenance of the Luxury Portable Washroom.

It is the usual procedure to refill the tank with an additive to break down and disinfect waste. A wide range of anti-microbial fog is used to completely cover the interior of the washroom itself.

The allowance for proper application and drying time is equally important as the product itself.


Liquid Blue Potty Fresh Plus:

That’s currently the most powerful of its type product on the market. It provides excellent odor control at any time of the year and is very environmentally friendly when used in Luxury Portable Washroom.


Firmly Opposed Sachets for Dry Toss:

It has the deepest blue color, stronger scent, and stronger biocides than anywhere else.


Luxury Portable Washroom Fresh Straps:

The most efficient blue chemicals are necessary, as are deodorizers, and Luxury Portable Washroom Fresh Straps are loaded with fragrance.


13. What Is the Purpose of Using a Detergent for your Luxury Portable Washroom?

A surfactant is a detergent or mixture in dilute solutions of surfactants with cleaning effects.

These substances usually consist of alkyl benzene sulfate, a family of soap-like compounds but more soluble in hardened water, because polar sulfonate is less likely to bind to calcium or other ions found in hard water than polar carboxylate (soap).

The sink and floor and the outside of the Luxury Portable Washroom are suitable for use. The surface of sink bowls and urinal bowls brings the shine.

For maximum output, it is important to select a good quality surfactant.


14. What are the Cleaning Tips for Healthy Outcomes by using Luxury Portable Washroom?


Need of Supplies:

  • Anti-bacterial spray
  • Deodorizer
  • Odor removing spray
  • High-pressure hot wash
  • Waste suction
  • Washroom chemical replacement fluid
  • Odor removing fluid
  • Replacement consumables (paper, hand sanitizer)
  • PPE Equipment


Points to Clean Luxury Portable Washroom:

  • Pump:

To remove the wastage inside the Luxury Portable Washroom, use a vacuum pump. To avoid sucking in any waste, make sure to place the hose at the bottom and slightly on the side of the hose.

  • Clean:

Today, most Luxury Portable Washroom is made of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene). This fact makes them very easy to clean.

  • Sanitize:

Once the unit is fresh and clean, the next step is to confirm any smell of sand bacteria is well and truly taken care of. They deodorize and color removing spray is mandatory.

  • Restock:

It is essential to make sure that all supply consumables are well stocked and easy to use. We are talking about paper towels, hand sanitizer or soap (if included), or even air fresheners.


15. What are Un-Stained and Cleaning Agents Used for your Luxury Portable Washroom?



The dark color of dye helps to mask the waste. It also serves as an important servicing role.



In our waste, there are a considerable number of bacteria. Therefore biocides are necessary because they prevent the growth of human waste bacteria.

Biocides hamper bacteria’s growth and help keep the environment clean and free of smells. Compared with formaldehyde, these biocides are completely safe for humans.



Surfactants, also known as detergents, help reduce the surface tension between humans and chemical waste.

This helps improve the effectiveness of biocides and fragrances, as they can work much more quickly.


16. How to Maintain the Reliability of your Luxury Portable Washroom?

  • Checking the condition of the pump and components.
  • Repairing any defects.
  • Pumping and rinsing any empty sewage storage tanks.
  • Refilling holding tank with water.
  • Replenishing soap or other hand disinfectants.
  • Inner compartment cleaning and disinfecting, including fittings such as pumping and door handles, floor, seat, and bowl.


17. How to Ensure Operating Safety of using Luxury Portable Washroom?


Secure Luxury Portable Washroom Against Wind:

Sometimes the wind gets stronger, and you can carry a Luxury Portable Washroom. The first way to secure a unit is to insert it into a structure.

No such coverage is provided for all events. If so, you should move it close to a wall that provides a feeling of shelter.


Secure Against Rain:

When the unit experiences a lot of rain, sleet, or hail, it can be made safe by a special tent.

The tent will also protect people who use it from getting wet as soon as they enter or leave the unit.

Luxury Portable Washroom has special rain gutters to remove water from the door.


Secure Against Heat:

The heat can also affect your Luxury Portable Washroom. Ventilation in the unit is the first thing you should consider.

There should be fresh air in the washroom and a little wind should be allowed in. You should also consider protecting your unit from sunlight.


18. What are the Challenges and Resolutions while using Luxury Portable Washroom?


Bacteria Fears:

Many people are concerned about a lot of bacteria living inside it while using Luxury Portable Washroom. Therefore, it is necessary to solve these bacteria.


Wash the Shower:

The shower is where our old skin, germs, and dirt all are deposited. In such an environment, all kinds of bacteria, fungi, and yeasts can thrive.

In addition, soap scum, hard limescale, peeling hair, and skin will gradually adhere to the surface.

These contaminants, which are difficult to remove can provide bacteria, fungus, and yeast with even safer shelter.


Scrub the Sink:

The handle is the most germinating part of the sink. It’s touched all ways with dirty hands. The strainer that restricts water flow is part of the sink and is often overlooked.

Humidity is a preferred condition for germ birth and growth. It can often be discharged with a pin or a pipe wrench and then cleaned with vinegar or boiling water.


19. What should be Safety Measures while Using Luxury Portable Washrooms?


Washing your Hands:

The best way to stay as safe as possible when using any restroom is to ensure that proper hand washing techniques are followed.

You really should scrub your hands with soap for a full twenty seconds. Hand sanitizer can be repaired quickly.


Well-Made Washroom:

They are usually made of sturdy plastic, which can be cleaned after use and prevent bacteria from adhering.

This helps to make festivals or events safer and easier and will continue to be a good choice.


20. Conclusion.

Before buying a Luxury Portable Washroom, make sure you understand all the details and features to take full advantage.

If you want to improve the durability of your equipment, you must follow the cleaning and maintenance tips.



FAQs of Luxury Portable Washroom.

  1. Can your Luxury Portable Washroom be used for Domestic use?

Yes, you can use your Luxury Portable Washroom as your home or domestic washroom, it can be used by you and your family or you may allocate this for your guests.


  1. Can you empty the Waste Tank of your Luxury Portable Washroom Anywhere?

No, it is contrary to the rules laid down in the health and sanitation manual for this purpose, if you empty a waste tank anywhere it will cause the odor. It is also hazardous for the human and animals.


  1. What is the Purpose of the Bowl on the Lower Side of the Commode of Your Luxury Portable Washroom?

The purpose of the bowl in your Luxury Portable Washroom is that it retains a small amount of water in it. This water provides a seal between the waste tank and your unit which stops odor to enter the unit.


  1. What is the Frequency of Cleaning Waste Tank of your Luxury Portable Washroom?

The waste tank of your Luxury Portable Washroom is required to be cleaned once a week to keep its environment neat and healthy.


  1. What Supplies are required for your Luxury Portable Washroom? 

You need to ensure the availability of supply items in sufficient quantity to run your Luxury Portable Washroom smoothly. It requires the following supplies.

  • Liquid soap.
  • Sanitizer.
  • Fragrance.
  • Air freshener.
  • Tissue towels.


  1. What Precautions should be observed to Position your Luxury Portable Washroom?

Keep the following main things in mind:

  • Should be kept away from catering area.
  • Must be labeled Man and Woman washroom.


  1. What is the Dissimilarity Between a Standard and a Luxury Portable Washroom?

Your luxury washroom is equipped with the most modern and latest technology plumping and the user feels more comfortable as compared to the standard washroom.


  1. Is your luxury washroom requiring an attendant?

It is optional; if you have some special guests invited to the event then you may hire an attendant to facilitate your special guest especially.


  1. What are the Water Requirements for Luxury Portable Washroom?

There are the following types of water requirements in the Luxury Portable Washroom.

  • Hook through the garden pad to the water spigot
  • Or you should fill the water tank with fresh water for use.


      10.What are the Power Requirements in Luxury Portable Washroom?

There are the following types of power requirements in the Luxury Portable Washroom.

  • Runoff a generator
  • 110v outlet


  1. Can your Luxury Portable Washroom be put under Tent?

For Luxury Portable Washroom Tents are generally fine with a center pole that is ventilated across the liner. Other tents may trap fumes that cause an unpleasant/unhealthy situation.


  1. Why should you Wash your Luxury Portable Washroom with Pressure?

Pressure washing is important for your Luxury Portable Washroom, so the fast water flow reaches the rough points of the stall. Whether indoors or outdoors before hitting water removes difficult spots.


  1. What is meant by Smashing on your Luxury Portable Washroom?

Smashing means fracture, crash slug, and crack on your Luxury Portable Washroom.


  1. How to Treat with Smashing by Using Luxury Portable Washroom?

Smashing on Luxury Portable Washroom can be dealt with eroding and milling.


  1. Is Luxury Portable Washroom Handicapped Accessible?

Luxury Portable Washroom that is specifically designed for handicap accessibility. It has an easy access ramp and a full spacious interior.


  1. What Type of Events is Specialized for Luxury Portable Washroom?

Luxury Portable Washroom includes various special events, including weddings, black tie events, company or church picnics, emergency response, festivals, family reunions, and other events.


  1. Where can Luxury Portable Washroom be Placed?

On a flat service with access to electric and water supply sources, Luxury Portable Washroom can be placed.

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