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Your Premier Makeup Trailer

  • Custom Makeup Station
  • Plenty of Storage Cabinets
  • Hot/Cold Water Sink for Hair Washing
  • Air conditioner/Refrigerator/Microwave/TVs
  • Fast Delivery Time

Your Reliable Partner and Makeup Trailer Manufacturer in China

If you want to custom makeup trailer with specific requirements, Sunnyda is the right one for you. We manufacture the most comfortable working environment and full functional  makeup trailer with 1 to 7 stations. Sunnyda makeup trailer widely offer service for film shooting, outdoor concert, and some commercial performance etc. Let’s see more Sunnyda makeup trailer features.

Sunnyda makeup station with big mirror and bright balanced lights, those lights are switched at each station. The station at the most reasonable height for hair and makeup artist. On table, built on wall drawers can store plenty of makeup supplies. Under table built more drawers and sockets to supply electricity for hair drying or other electrical equipment.

Sunnyda makeup trailer features with serious of amenities, from TVs, refrigerator, microwave, hot water hair washing sink, water heater, wig storage, towel warmers to wall built cabinet.

Whether you use this makeup trailer for your own or for rent, contact us today to start your makeup trailer business!

Makeup Trailer BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size4600(L) x 1700(W) x 2500(H) mm
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tank450L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank1300L
Weight1460kg, when water and waste tank is empty
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingCan mix load with other model, or 2 SUT02 in a 40HQ
Delivery time40 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Ultimate Guide to Makeup Trailer

The hair washing station is very important for makeup trailer, must with extended wash hose and warm water. In addition, on one end Sunnyda makeup trailer has a small washing room, with toilet and hand basin. Waste water from washing room and hair washing station be directly drained to waste tank underfloor. The tank outlet is on side of trailer, waste is easy to be pumped out.

Sunnyda indoor heating/cooling air conditioner enables you can feel good in hot summer and cold winter. Also the electrical heater will also help a lot in winter.

Sunnyda makeup trailer made of fiberglass sandwich panel wall and roof, this kind of panel has very good insulation and bright and white beautiful surface, not easy yellowish. Especially it’s very strong can last your years of use.

The aluminum door with excellent sealant, in the curbside for your easy access. Above each door is a waterproofing light, which gives you convenience on night. The stair for door is retractable, when driving on road, can be folded, this is safer.

Sunnyda makeup trailer delivery time is fast, and one or two units in a 40HQ can be shipped worldwide.

Sunnyda is your leading manufacturer of makeup trailer!

1.What is a Makeup Trailer?
2.What are the Components of the Makeup Trailer?
3.What are Common Accessories of the Makeup Trailer?
4.What are the Storage Options in the Makeup Trailer?
5.What are the Materials used in the Makeup Trailer?
6.What are the Specifications of the Makeup Trailer?
7.Why Using Air Conditioning in a Makeup Trailer?
8.What are the Applications of Using a Makeup Trailer?
9.What are the Benefits of using a Makeup Trailer?
10.What are the Customization Options for your Makeup Trailer?
11.What are the Factors that you must Consider while Buying a Makeup Trailer?
12.What to Expect from a Manufacturer for Buying the Best Makeup Trailer?
13.How to Clean your Makeup Trailer?
14.How to Organize your Makeup Trailer?
15.What are Safety Measures when using a Makeup Trailer?
16.What are the Maintenance Tips when Using a Makeup Trailer?
17.What are the Common Problems Associated with Makeup Trailer?

Makeup Trailer-An Ultimate Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

Are you searching for a private place for doing makeup at any location?

A Makeup Trailer is a portable makeup room that provides the artists with a room for getting ready before the shoot; in fact, it is made for the whole crew members to get ready and relax.

It provides sufficient area for accommodating many people along with various other products, saving the artists from the trouble of finding a comfortable place to get ready.

To make getting ready fun for you, you can also install a television or a music system in it. Also, you can add lights on mirrors or vanity to make it more pleasant and presentable.

A refrigerator and air conditioning system are present in a Makeup Trailer, with the purpose of providing comfort and relaxation to the users.

It comprises high-quality constructional material, simple operation, good security, and easy maintenance.

Mostly, it is used for convenience at outdoor shoots where makeup artists can easily store their products.

In this guide, we will cover the construction and specifications of the Makeup Trailer. Moreover, you will also find out ways to install and clean it, so let’s start it.


What is a Makeup Trailer?

A Makeup Trailer is a vehicle that provides ease in doing makeup and wardrobe organization for the actors or performers.

Whether you want a portable dressing room for a photographic event, music event, movies, or commercials, it is an easy solution. Moreover, you may have some rest by relaxing in the sofas or watching some television.

Not only it provides convenience in terms of getting ready, but also the large storage area provides good room for storing your stuff.

Numerous makeup stations and various washbasins allow many users to get ready within less time.

A lot of chairs, mirrors, sparkling lights, and windows provide convenience and ease to the people inside it. Moreover, the environment-friendly construction and operation provide no harm to nature.

The windows and the efficient air conditioning systems present in the Makeup Trailer provide freshness and ventilation to the unit, which is essential to make the environment pleasing.

Makeup consumes a lot of time, so you can easily relax in it and even enjoy some music.

The best thing is that it is customizable, so you can adjust the size capacity and various other features of the Makeup Trailer.


What are the Components of the Makeup Trailer?

The Makeup Trailer is a work-friendly space with slide-outs and comfortable sofas where you can stylize, work, or relax.

  • It has massive pumps, air conditioning, and central heating.
  • The generators are also very quiet, allowing regular audio discussions to take place, making the time enjoyable and efficient.
  • It is made up of control surfaces that make for efficient operation.
  • It has two air conditioning systems that have decent cooling and freshness purposes.
  • It also has a single slide out for more airflow.
  • The Makeup Trailer is made even more stunning by the addition of sparkling lights to the two entrance doors.
  • The shaded glass not only keeps the heat out but also makes the unit look better.
  • The high-quality, long-lasting privacy blinds encourage fresh air and sunlight to enter the unit.
  • There are large interior ceilings in the structure.
  • It has a total number of six makeup stations.
  • A hair washing basin with a high-pressure head has been mounted.
  • The Makeup Trailer has an armrests hair wash chair built inside it to relax the people.
  • It contains both the cold and the hot water options; you may choose what suits you the most.
  • There is a full-in-length mirror available.
  • There is a storage cupboard and drawers that can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • The Makeup Trailer has a closet with a variety of stock racks, ensuring organized storage.


What are Common Accessories of the Makeup Trailer?

The hitch, ball mount, wire adapters, and safety chains are some of the essential accessories that come with the Makeup Trailer. All of these components are critical to the stable and effective operation of it.


Hitch Ball

The hook ball is an important element in safely securing a Makeup Trailer to a towing truck. It attaches to the ball mount, which is where the coupler is attached within it.

Hitch balls are available in a range of sizes, with the most typical sizes being 1 7/8 inch, 2 inches, and 2 5/16 inch.


Ball Mount

The hitch ball is secured to the Makeup Trailer by a removable bracket that locks onto the hitch. To better level the Makeup Trailer for towing, ball mounts are used. Any ball mounts are sold as a set that includes a ball.


Wiring Adapter

When attaching lighting to the steering car, an adapter is often required to ensure that all lights operate normally. Based on the kind of Makeup Trailer that needs to be towed, you have a range of choices.


Safety Chain

If the coupler and hitch ball is disconnected, a crisscrossed safety chain can form an X and link from it to the tow vehicle as a fail-safe to hold all the components connected.



The majority of the Makeup Trailer comes with a linked door ramp those folds down to provide easy loading entry. If the unit does not have an attached ramp to it, the ramp can be bought to match the requirements.


4. What are the Storage Options in the Makeup Trailer?

Some storage options available in a Makeup Trailer are given below.

  • Drawers present at each hair and makeup station for storing regularly used products.
  • Counter too cubbies to place the things most frequently used during the makeup process.
  • It must contain extra cabinets for the deep storage of the products.


What are the Materials used in the Makeup Trailer?

Some important materials that make up your Makeup Trailer include

  • Aluminum
  • Steel

Moreover, various plastic components are also present inside the unit. Rubber materials and wooden furniture are also present in the Makeup Trailer.


What are the Specifications of the Makeup Trailer?

  • There are hair and beauty stations with cabinets, along with ultraviolet light lamps fixed on the wall; it has three hair washing sinks and a toilet in the back.
  • It has built-in air conditioning, heating, a refrigerator, and a microwave.
  • 28-inch flat-screen television with blue-tooth radio is mounted on the wall of the Makeup Trailer.
  • It comes with a large coat closet and a 10-kilowatt diesel engine.
  • A new water tank is provided in it, which holds the capacity of 100 gallons.
  • A wastewater tank is also present in it, which holds the capacity of 50 gallons.
  • A 12 volt LED ceiling lighting for the interior is also made available in it.
  • Other than these, 12volt heat pads are included in the winter kit.
  • The Makeup Trailer possesses a fuel tank with a capacity of 30 gallons.
  • It includes various seating options, including the armrest chairs and sofas for relaxing purposes.


 Why Using Air Conditioning in a Makeup Trailer?

Air conditioning present in the Makeup Trailer is essential to be used. This provides comfort to the workers and is also required for the job itself.

Hair and cosmetics application requires delicate materials, so the atmosphere where they are used; must be suitable or fresh.

When humidity and heat start to interact in the various makeup processes, gradually, the whole effect of the process starts decreasing.

So, by using good air conditioning and ventilation in the Makeup Trailer, one can ensure a pleasant and optimum environment for everyone.


What are the Applications of Using a Makeup Trailer?

Makeup Trailer can be used for a variety of commercial and photographic purposes, including the following.

  • It can be used during film production for the relaxation of the crew members.
  • Brand activations and engagement marketing are few examples of the activities that may require these units.
  • The Makeup Trailer is also available at various large-scale business activities for comfort purposes.
  • It is also used to organize many outdoor events in a better way.
  • It is very good for managing diverse people and makeup activities during weddings and parades.
  • Moreover, the Makeup Trailer is also used to smooth the commercial production activities.


What are the Benefits of using a Makeup Trailer?

  • Makeup Trailer is built to survive extreme weather conditions, so you can use it during summers or winters.
  • It has the benefit of being accessible at live performances and tours.
  • The Makeup Trailer is also used to feature films as well as television/broadcast.
  • It is a durable and easy-to-use makeup room that is portable.
  • Jockey boxes, backup cameras, blue-tooth radios, and aluminum lift gates are standard on all models of Makeup Trailer.


What are the Customization Options for your Makeup Trailer?

A Makeup Trailer offers a variety of customizable features, with some of them mentioned below.

  • You are free to add your desired number and design of drawers.
  • The design comes with the finest office, as well as work desk cabinets and shelves.
  • A refrigerator is optional to include in the Makeup Trailer.
  • It is provided with a customizable number of side entries.
  • The heating and air conditioning systems are available with optional installation or power production.


What are the factors that you must consider while Buying a Makeup Trailer?

Here are some essential factors that you must need to consider before buying the Makeup Trailer to get the perfect one for your usage.



The first thing we all want is our comfort. So, always prefer buying a product that is comfortable to use.



Make sure that the unit you are using is capable of handling numerous products and people. This means that it should be spacious enough to properly organize your products without getting tangled and mixed up with each other.



One important thing is to have a Makeup Trailer that consumes less power. This will cut down your electricity and fuel expenses and will allow you to use your unit more easily. Also, this will result in making this unit more reliable for your usage.


Extra Lights

We all love sparkling lights, and when talking about makeup acts, it requires good light. You may also go for extra lightning that will aid in précised and better quality results of your makeup.


Number of People

When buying a Makeup Trailer, make sure to keep in mind the number of people present at the site. Get a unit that will easily accommodate the crew members available at the site of installation.



Make sure that your Makeup Trailer is easy to clean so that you can maintain a healthy and pleasant environment inside the unit.


Weight-Bearing Capacity

Carefully check out the capacity of weight your Makeup Trailer can easily handle.

For this, calculate the number of crew members you want to accommodate in the unit, and then accordingly decide the maximum weight capacity you will require your Makeup Trailer to bear.



Durability is the result of the secure and sturdy construction of the Makeup Trailer. You must get a unit that lasts longer so that you don’t have to buy one again and again.


Maintenance Guide

When buying a Makeup Trailer for your application, it is always preferable to get an instructional manual with it also. This will easily solve your queries related to the installation, usage, maintenance, and security of the unit.


What to Expect from a Manufacturer for Buying the Best Makeup Trailer?

Here are some factors that you must expect from the manufacturer when buying a Makeup Trailer.

  • The first thing is that a manufacturer should have different types of Makeup Trailer so that people can easily find different types all under one shade.
  • It is essential to ensure the high quality of the product so that you can easily use it for a longer time.
  • One thing that is essential to be considered is the availability of a proper detailed manual regarding the maintenance of the unit.
  • Easy operation and installation of the unit must be preferred by every manufacturer.
  • Make sure that you are getting a durable product so that you don’t have to spend money again and again.
  • It is good to expect your Makeup Trailer in variable sizes and designs.
  • The manufacturer must provide different customization options to provide the buyer with greater ease.


How to Clean your Makeup Trailer?

A leveled floor and smooth cabinets will aid in the better and faster cleaning of the whole Makeup Trailer. Here are some tips and ways to clean your unit effectively.

  • You should not forget to scrub the windows and door frames.
  • You can use a glass shiner to remove dirt from the windows.
  • Make sure to scrub the floors daily.
  • Use the disinfectant spray to instantly get rid of dirt.
  • Use warm water and soap solution to remove hard stains.
  • Use scrubs for removing grease from your Makeup Trailer.
  • Make sure to not forget to clean the ceiling of the unit.
  • Check the air conditioner and remove the dirt or debris that may cause a hurdle in the normal and functioning of this air conditioner.
  • You may also go for hiring a professional cleaning service for detailed and precise cleaning of the Makeup Trailer.


How to Organize your Makeup Trailer?

Separate Compartments

It is good to have separate dedicated sections for all of your makeup products and equipment. There should be adequate drawers to fit all the stuff so that you don’t end up cluttering the place.


Numerous Drawers

By having numerous drawers, you assort all your things in an organized manner. You can also add further compartments to your drawers by using cardboards or any other material.



Make sure you place everything in the assorted place so that you don’t end up cluttering your Makeup Trailer. Also, keep bins for proper disposal of all kinds of products. It will be better to keep separate bins for disposing of separate category materials.


Assorted Places for Everything

By dedicating a certain place to all the equipment and products, you can have easy access to everything. In this way, you can save up a lot of your time and get all the things in the very first attempt.


Labeled Sections

Label all the drawers and sections in the Makeup Trailer so that you don’t have to look for anything and waste your time.


Well-Drained Washing Area

Make sure you have a good washing area in your Makeup Trailer so that you can wash your things while you’re on the go. There should be an abundant supply of water too.


Efficient Electricity

There should be a stable electricity connection so that you can run your electricity-powered equipment efficiently.


Liquid Products on Leveled Surfaces

Try to handle the liquid products with extra care so that you can decrease the chances of spilling any liquid.


Prefer Foldable Chairs

Try to get foldable and portable furniture such as chairs and tables that can be removed easily to make space in the Makeup Trailer.


Washable Curtains and Covers

You should pay due attention to the cleanliness of the curtains and seat covers of your Makeup Trailer. Conduct a fortnightly inspection to make sure that everything is clean.


What are Safety Measures when using a Makeup Trailer?

When trying to haul a load on a Makeup Trailer for some time, protection should be a top priority to protect yourself and other road users. Continue reading to ensure that you’re towing a trailer safely.



  • When filling the Makeup Trailer, never exceed the full gross vehicle weight level (GVWR).
  • Load it properly, putting the rest of the weight in front of the axle (roughly a 60/40 weight split). This distributes the weight evenly between the axle and the tongue.
  • To keep the unit away from whipping or swinging out from behind the truck, make sure the majority of the weight is balanced in the trailer.
  • Both freight should be secured inside the trailer. Cargo that hangs it off the back or side of a can be avoided. This will make objects a threat to other drivers or cause the Makeup Trailer to break down due to unbalanced weight.


Safe Driving Practices

  • When towing the unit, reduce the speed from what you would usually drive. It is advised that you travel at a speed of 55 mph on the highway to allow for adequate braking for a full Makeup Trailer.
  • Because of the extra length, be careful when passing by the other cars.
  • Decrease pace while going downhill and downshift a lever while going upward to reduce engine stress when hauling the container.


What are the Maintenance Tips when Using a Makeup Trailer?

Maintaining the Makeup Trailer properly is important for its safe running; this will also help in increasing the life of your unit.

  • Make sure to keep it organized.
  • Provide proper disinfecting procedures for keeping germs out of it.
  • Proper disposal of wastewater is essential.
  • Weekly or monthly checking of the lights and switches to assure that they are properly working.
  • Floor inspection by a professional is suggested.


For the Unit’s Structure

Check each of the following components and check for these particular wear and tear signs.

  • Properly examine the hooks and safety chains to look for any crack or damage.
  • Check for holes, pits, and flats in the coupler and hitch ball. Replace the locking mechanism after it has been greased and tested.
  • Double-check that the ring and challenges associated are safely locked.
  • When the tires are cold, check the pressure and pump up as desired; also, examine the area for any puncture wounds.
  • Check the tightness of the lug nuts, bolts, and hubs on the wheels.
  • Check that all of your things are appropriately weighted for the load you want to tow.
  • Ensure that the load is correctly secured on the trailer.


What are the Common Problems Associated with Makeup Trailer?

Not So Secure Construction

One big problem that you have to face using a Makeup Trailer is the less sturdy and less secure construction of this unit.

To cope up with this issue, always go for a famous and trusted manufacturer that provides the sturdiest ones.


Not Aligned Doors

The main problem is that the doors and windows get out of place very quickly. Maybe because of the continuous movement of the Makeup Trailer, the doors and windows don’t remain perfectly in place.

So, this way, one will experience trouble in closing them properly. For this problem, call for a bench joiner or a carpenter to fix these problematic windows.


Increased Energy Consumption

Many portable units consume a lot of power, including electricity, along with fuel consumption. This results in consuming high energy leading to greater expenses and billings.

To solve this thing, go for a Makeup Trailer that is especially energy-efficient and saves you much.



Before buying any Makeup Trailer, it is essential to check about its durability, construction, and life.

Also, make sure that you follow the safety measures when using it for the safety purposes of all the crew members.

Understand the disposal of wastewater to properly dispose of it. Always clean it properly so that it may not contain germs or bacteria; harmful to your health.

Always get an instruction manual to understand the usage, installation, safety, and maintenance of the Makeup Trailer.


FAQs of Makeup Trailer.

1.What are the Wheeling Details of the Heaviest Makeup Trailer?

The heaviest Makeup Trailer has a standard wheeling option of an 8×4 tandem eight-wheeler. However, these wheeling features will surely vary with the standard or normal Makeup Trailer.


2.What are the License Types Required for Driving a Makeup Trailer?

The licenses required for driving the Makeup Trailer include the class 2 and class 4 driving licenses. One is legally eligible to drive a Makeup Trailer if he has these licenses. However, different states may require additional or other licenses.


3.Is it Possible to Install a TV in your Makeup Trailer?

Yes, it is possible to install a television in the Makeup Trailer. Moreover, you can also install a radio, DVD, or any other stereo or entertainment system.


4.Does the Makeup Trailer Essentially Require a Tractor Unit?

No, a Makeup Trailer doesn’t essentially require a tractor unit. This depends on the construction and requirements of the Makeup Trailer you are using.


5.What is the Best Way to Train your Makeup Trailer Driver?

The best way to train your Makeup Trailer driver is to go for the TR Master Drive Services. These services will surely guide the driver from the beginning to the end-stage in an excellent and professional manner.


6.What is the Most Effective Way to Keep the Germs Out of your Makeup Trailer?

The most effective way to keep the germs away from your Makeup Trailer is to clean it with warm water mixed with soap. Also, if you are looking for an easy and fast way, it is the best option.


7.What is the Minimum Age Limit to Drive the Makeup Trailer?

The minimum age limit to drive the Makeup Trailer is 18 years, and also a driver’s license and state-issued id are required.


8.What do you mean by the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of the Makeup Trailer?

The maximum weight that the Makeup Trailer can bear plus the weight of the unit itself, and should never be exceeded, is referred to as the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.


9.When does the Makeup Trailer Require Brakes?

Any Makeup Trailer will require brakes when the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is higher than 3,000 pounds. This is a standard condition; however, the construction and material of a certain Makeup Trailer may affect this range.


10.Is it Possible to Measure the Voltage for Checking the Brakes?

Yes, it is possible to measure the voltage for checking the brakes; you can measure the voltage of each wheel individually.


11.Is it Essential to Install an Annual Motor Vehicle Inspection Sticker in your Makeup Trailer?

Yes, it is essential to install an annual motor vehicle inspection sticker in your Makeup Trailer if the GVWR is higher than 3,000 pounds.


12.What is the Payload of the Makeup Trailer?

The payload of the Makeup Trailer is the weight that it can bear as a whole, excluding the unit’s weight.


13.What is the Average Duration that is required to build a Makeup Trailer?

On average, around 8 to 10 weeks are required to build a Makeup Trailer, which is good in quality. However, if you want several customized features, you may have to wait for a longer time to get your desired product.


14.Is it Possible to Customize the Makeup Trailer?

Yes, it possible to customize the Makeup Trailer. Depending on your requirements and needs, you can change many features such as size, weight, and capacity.


15.Is Awning a Makeup Trailer Automated or Manual?

The awning of a standard Makeup Trailer is manual, while the upgraded Makeup Trailer requires automated awning.


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