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Sunnyda manufactured offices out of container vans. We are proud to offer the metal container office made of steel frame modular structures that are assembled.

Our metal container office can be modified for almost any configurations like a workspace and storage. Sunnyda metal container office is designed for existing workspace or for use in remote environments. 

Our metal container office is built depending on our client’s designs and colors desired. These structures can be time-saving,  inexpensive, that meet your industrial and commercial project requirements.

Sunnyda metal container office is constructed of sturdy steel and climate-controlled. Sunnyda metal container office can be decorated accordingly to your need.

You can install telephone, turnkey electric, and Internet hookups to help ensure seamless deployment onsite. 

Sunnyda is your premier metal container office manufacturer!


120ft DimensionExternal Size(mm)6058(L)×2438(W)×2791(H)
Internal Size(mm)5888(L)×2225(W)×2471(H)
Roof typeFlat roof with slightly slope. Roof drainage system
Floors allowed≤ 3 floors
2Design specificationLift span20 years
Floor live load2.5 KN/m²
Roof live load1.0 KN/m²
Wind load1.16 KN/m²
Seismic proof grade8 grade
3StructureColumnGalvanized cold roll steel, thk 3.0mm, Q235B
Primary roof beamGalvanized cold roll steel, thk 3.0mm, Q235B
Secondary roof beamCold roll C steel, thk 1.5mm, Q235B
Primary floor beamGalvanized cold roll steel, thk 4.0mm, Q235B
Secondary floor beamGalvanized cold roll steel, thk 2.0mm, Q235B
Paint40μm epoxy zinc rich primer, 50μm chlorinated rubber topcoat
Maximum temperature500°C
ColorAny RAL color
4RoofRoof boarding0.5mm PPGI steel sheet, white grey
Insulation50mm mineral wool, 60kg/m3, fire rating A, non-inflammable
Ceiling50mm EPS sandwich panel (0.4mm PPGI/50mm EPS/0.4mm PPGI)
Or rock wool
5FloorFlooring2.0mm PVC flooring,
Sub-floor18mm fiber cement, density≥ 1.3g/cm3
Insulation(optional)75mm rockwool, 60kg/m3, fire rating A, non-inflammable
Base plate0.5mm PPGI steel sheet, white grey
6Wall panelsThickness60mm EPS sandwich panel, 0.4mm PPGI/60mm EPS/0.4mm PPGI, PE paint
Color white
Insulation12kg/m3 EPS,
Option60mm rock wool sandwich panel, insulation 100kg/m3 rock wool, A grade fire rating, non-inflammable
(CE certificate)
Insulation40mm rock wool
MaterialAluminum frame sandwich panel door
Qty1 pc
8Window with rolling shutter
(CE certificate)
Frame materialUPVC
GlassDouble glazed toughened glass, 5+9A+5mm
Qty1 pc
9ElectricityElectricity SystemDifferent electrical standards to match with most countries in the world; such as CE, UL, CSA, AS, 220~250V
Electricity wireInput wire 4mm2, stand type A/C wire 4mm2, wall type A/C wire 2.5mm2, switch 1.5mm2
SocketFit for local standard, 3 pcs
Switch1 pc
LED lightDouble 1200mm LED light, 2 pcs
10Plumbing System (Option)Clean WaterΦ20mm PPR
Waste waterΦ50mm&Φ110mm UPVC
11Insulation test resultFloorThickness=80mm, U=0.25 W/m² K
RoofThickness=75mm, U=0.32 W/m² K
Wall panelThickness= 60mm,U=0.59 W/m² K
WindowThickness= 5/9/5mm,U=1.4 W/m² K
Sunnyda Support Your Business

Sunnyda  Metal Container Office

Do you need a building system that will allow for quick construction timelines? Sunnyda metal container office offers viable solutions. Our company has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001. Sunnyda builds a metal container office with mobility in mind that easy to move from job to job.

Sunnyda metal container office is a professional and safe option for real estate sales offices. Inside our metal container office is sturdy steel construction and turnkey setup are efficiencies. Sunnyda containerized offices are inherently mobile, allows you to move them as needed like our metal container office. With its appealing spaces and modern designs, our metal container office will look elegant on-site. 

Sunnyda modified metal container offices are nearly indestructible so you can save time, money, and resources. Safety is Sunnyda’s utmost priority. The very construction and steel composition of metal container offices minimize the risks posed by fires. Our metal container offices are proven to be capable of withstanding extreme heat and surviving fires. Perfectly to use as blast-proof accommodation and fire-proof office.

Sunnyda metal container offices were designed to be low cost and environmentally friendly. Our metal container offices are made of robust steel. It can support up to 30,000kg and can be stacked up to 7 units. Sunnyda metal container offices stay intact during natural disasters and are not harmful to termite infestations. These products are made of a 7-gauge tubular steel frame and welded 14-gauge corrugated steel for stability. 

Sunnyda manufactured metal container offices that are stackable and customizable. Sunnyda metal container offices offer versatility and good looks. Their neat lines and shape make them easy to fit together and for transportation processes. It will allow you to modify the design and stack the units until you have your perfect arrangement.

Sunnyda manufactured metal container office of all sizes and types to satisfy all of your needs.  Sunnyda has created a solid reputation in the manufacturing industry because of our passionate and highly trained staff. We made a metal container office fully operational upon delivery. Rest assured that your metal container office arrives in good condition, on-time, like-new, and won’t break your budget.

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