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Your Reliable Partner and Manufacturer of Mild Steel Beam in China

Mild steel beam can be used in various engineering, construction, and residential projects. Sunnyda provides mild steel beams in ”H”, “L”, “T”, “C” and “I” shaped structure. Vast shaped options provided for your needs. Whether you need mild steel beams for commercial or special projects, Sunnyda has a solution for you.

Sunnyda mild steel beams feature supreme performance and great functionality. It offers high strength, superior wear resistance, abrasion resistance, and durability. Surface treatment for mild steel beams is galvanized or painted.

Sunnyda offer a wide range of mild steel beams and custom solutions too. Its material, shape, position, surface treatment, width, and total size can be customized to your unique requirements. Send us your design today and let’s get started!

mild steel h beam
mild steel h beam
mild steel h beam sizes
mild steel h beam sizes
mild steel beam price
mild steel beam price
mild steel beams and columns
mild steel beams and columns
L shape mild steel beam
L shape mild steel beam
hot rolled mild steel beam
hot rolled mild steel beam
mild steel I beam
mild steel I beam
T shaped mild steel beams
T shaped mild steel beams
C shaped mild steel beams
C shaped mild steel beams

Ultimate Guide to Mild Steel Beam

The mild steel beam is extensively used for different construction purposes. Sunnyda fabricates a mild steel beam using high-grade raw material.

It comes in various sizes, shapes (I-beam, W-beam, and H-beam), and surface treatment options. For your upcoming projects, Sunnyda mild steel beam is your better solution.

Sunnyda offers a one-stop solution for mild steel beam, from design and engineering, fabrication, shipping, installation, we will handle everything.

A mild steel beam is one of the in-demand building materials today, therefore we offer the best services for your construction project. Sunnyda has over 10 years of experience in exporting a mild steel beam. You can rely on your unique and special needs and requirements in terms of the steel structure on us.

Sunnyda mild steel beam can be accessible in various shape structures. You can select the mild steel beam shape for your construction demand then we can weld it to form an ideal shape. It is easy and efficient to do with our state of equipment and machinery.

Usually, before we take orders, we finalize first every detail of your requirement. That includes the area of construction, application, material, leg height, technique, grade, and other details.

At Sunnyda, we can offer to customize services to suit exactly your requirements and offer a fast turnaround. As a leading specialist in mild steel beam fabrication, we help and cater to every customer’s idea. Just tell us your requirements and leave the rest to us.

Sunnyda delivery time takes just 15 days. You receive your order as quickly as possible. As ISO9001 and ISO14001 approved facility, mild steel beam quality assured. Products have more than 50 years of life span with a 1-year warranty.

We’re glad to satisfy your upcoming construction project. Either it is commercial, residential, or institutional, Sunnyda will meet your needs. We look forward to cooperating with you and supply you with superior quality products for your business.

For more information, please call us today or send us an email.

Mild Steel Beam

Table of Contents

Q1: What Is Mild Steel Beam?
Q2: What Are The Applications Of Mild Steel Beam?
Q3: What Are The Production Processes Of Mild Steel Beam?
Q4: What Is The Melting Point Of Mild Steel Beam?
Q5: What Are The Properties Of Mild Steel Beam?
Q6: What Are The Advantages Of Mild Steel Beam?
Q7: What Are The shapes and Sizes Of Mild Steel Beam?
Q8: What Are The Sizes Of Mild Steel Beam?
Q9: What Are The Common Grades Of Mild Steel Beam?
Q10: What Are The Standards Of Mild Steel Beam?
Q11: Is Mild Steel Beam Can Be Customised?
Q12: Does Mild Steel Beam Rust?
Q13: Is Mild Steel Beam Can Be Galvanized?
Q14: What Type Of Surface Preparation And Coating Systems Can Be Applied To Mild Steel Beam?
Q15: Is Mild Steel Beam Can Be Cut To Size?
Q16: What Are The Services Related To Mild Steel Beam?
Q17: What Is The Average Cost Of China Mild Steel Beam?
Q18: Does China’s Mild Steel Complies With International Building Codes?
Q19: Why Choose China’s Mild Steel Beam?
Q20: How Long Does It Takes To Import Mild Steel Beam From China?
Q21: How Much Cost Mild Steel Beam Shipping From China?
Q22: What Steps should International Buyers Follow To Place a Mild Steel Beam Order From China?
Q23: Why Choose Sunnyda’s Mild Steel Beam?
Q24: Do You Keep Mild Steel Beam Stock?
Q25: Does Mild Steel Beam Manufacturer Provide Testing Documentation?
Q26: Does Manufacturer provide Supporting Documents?
Q27: Does Manufacturer Offer Mild Steel Beam Warranty?
Q28: I have Other Questions Related To Mild Steel Beam?


This frequently asked questions document briefly describes mild steel beam, properties, applications, manufacturing processes, shapes, sizes, mostly used grades, standards.

This guide provides a complete idea on how to import Mild Steel Beam from China and helps you get the best Mild Steel Beam from China steel market.

mild steel beam

mild steel beam

Q1: What Is Mild Steel Beam?

Mild Steel Beam is a structural element designed primarily resists load and manufactured from mild steel which is a composition of iron and low carbon percentage (0.05 – 0.25%). The mild steel beam is the commercial term of “low-carbon steel beam” or “plain carbon steel beam”.

Mild steel beam being made from material properties that contain a low carbon content, this made it a very strong, ductile, weldable, malleable and easy to form than any other type of steel.

A mild steel beam is available in several shapes, profiles, grades and standards. Mild steel beam, in particular, is used almost anywhere in the world steel industry, its economic price and distinctive characteristics made it the best choice for construction and civil engineering structural applications, especially, where large quantities of steel are required.


Q2: What Are The Applications Of Mild Steel Beam?

In today’s steel market, mild steel beam is becoming increasingly in-demand for almost all construction, engineering and mechanical industry, because of its relatively low price, unparalleled weldability, machinability, strength, ductility, and versatility.



Residential, commercial, industrial buildings, malls and high rise buildings, floor bearer Beams, verandah beams, ceiling suspension system, foundation pile manufacturing …


Machinery parts

Mechanical or structural systems containing beam structures for automotive frames, aircraft components, machine frames, bulk material handling, agriculture machinery, etc…



Bridges, highways, flyovers, railway track I beam, metro rail projects, airports, power plants, Transmission line towers.


Oil and gas refineries steel structures

Support equipment, vertical steel structures used for petrochemical, oil and gas exploration and bio-refineries.

mild steel beam

mild steel beam

Q3: What Are The Production Processes Of Mild Steel Beam?

Mild steel beam production processes, techniques and materials are similar to other types of a carbon steel beam.


Materials Used

Mild steel beams are made mainly from Iron (98.81 – 99.26 %), Carbon (up to 0.25%), Manganese, Sulfur, and Phosphorous.

A mild steel beam is primarily manufactured using many steel grades with carbon content within the limits of 0.25%, while other properties are added to improve tensile strength and corrosion resistance.


Production Processes

Production of mild steel beam is similar to other carbon steels. The common manufacturing operation passes through the following stages:

Primary Forming

Basic Oxygen Steel Making (BOS, BOP, BOF, or OSM) or oxygen converter process, is the primary method of steelmaking in which carbon-rich molten pig iron is made into steel. In the BOS process oxygen is blown through molten iron, while scrap steel is added to the converter.

This lowers the percentage of the carbon content of the alloy elements and changes it into low-carbon steel to a maximum of 1.5% and results in impressive quality steel.

Carburizing Mild Steel Beam Process

Because of its low carbon and other alloy content, the process of quenching and tempering mild steel beam does not form a martensite structure. This results in a low tensile strength surface and hardness (yield and tensile), but it can be increased initially through carburizing. Whereas heat treatment operation’s role is to diffuse carbon into the low-carbon mild steel beam surface to increase hardness using a modern computerized gas carburizing furnace.

The following are the main steps to carburizing mild steel beams:

  • The mild steel is kept under constant temperatures for minutes or up to a number of hours till getting the desired carbon level and depth.
  • After the diffusion process is being completed, the mild steel is quenched and dumped quickly in oil, polymer, or water.
  • Carburising case depth ranges from microns to several millimeters (0.010″ to 0.200″). Wear-resistant layer (case) depth is determined by the required application and material specifications.

mild steel beam

mild steel beam

Secondary Forming

Secondary forming involves transforming mild steel into the final required beam shape, size and performance.

  • Once mild steel is melted, the whole content is moved to another furnace to burn out any impurities.
  • Adjustments are made to the mild steel’s chemical composition, following that, the mild steel is poured into a mold to get shaped and solidify; this is called the casting process, which enhances the mild steel beam performance.
  • Various finishing techniques can be carried out to provide a surface free from any casting defects.
  • Finishing processes are applied to a mild steel beam in order to offer the final required characteristics, this may include the following process:



Surface preparation.

Cutting mild steel beam into the desired shapes.


Q4: What Is The Melting Point Of Mild Steel Beam?

Mild steel beam has a high melting temperature point of 1350oC – 1530oC (2462oF-2786oF).

In other words, it has a density of .248 pounds per cubic inch, it melts at 2,570 degrees Fahrenheit and has a specific heat of around .122 British Thermal Units (BTU) per pound, per cubic inch.

High melting temperature makes mild steel beam versatile, ductile and therefore suitable for a huge range of structural steel applications.


Q5: What Are The Properties Of Mild Steel Beam?

Mild steel beam is a ferrous metal, it’s a combination of iron (98.81 – 99.26 %), low carbon (0.05–0.25%) and other alloys elements:

Manganese          : 0.60 – 1.50 %.

Sulfur                     : ≤ 0.050 %.

Phosphorous               : ≤ 0.040 %.

This composition keeps mild steel beam prices relatively low while containing properties that make it appropriate for all applications.

Mild steel beam is made of low carbon amount, it is more malleable and easier to work than higher carbon steels.

1018 Mild Steel Beam is the commonly used mild steel beam grade, it contains:

  • Iron : 98.81 – 99.26%.
  • Carbon : 0.18%.
  • Manganese: approx.6 percent to .9 percent.
  • Phosphorus: up to .04 percent.
  • Sulfur: up to .05 percent.
  • Added alloying properties percentage may vary according to the desired mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, strength and weight.

mild steel beam

mild steel beam

Q6: What Are The Advantages Of Mild Steel Beam?

Mild steel beam is the world’s most popular structural steel material, in addition to being affordable, it offers high ductility, durability, workability, toughness and more.


High ductility

Ductility is the ability of steel material to withstand loads without failure. Mild steel beam is more ductile than any other type of steel. Therefore it is suitable for cutting, drilling and welding.



Mild steel beam is a cost-effective option for business owners; it is the least expensive type of steel, which combines versatility, usefulness and economic cost.


Performance-oriented Design

Mild steel beams can meet the most intrinsic structural designs, they offer more flexibility in designing different architectural drawings and astonishing steel buildings and bridges.

Mild steel beam can achieve aesthetically pleasing finishing and polishing; it can be even galvanized with extra zinc coating to ensure maximum corrosion protection and longer-lasting, painted, primed and colored.



Mild steel beam can be easily forged into a variety of shapes; compared to harder steels, mild steel beam can be easily machined being more malleable and weldable.

For example, AISI 1018 mild/low carbon steel beam machinability is graded at 78% of B1112.



Due to its chemical composition and low carbon percentage, mild steel beam offer superior malleability and weldability.

Low carbon welding electrodes can be used in mild steel beam welding, while post-heating, pre-heating and post-weld stress-relieving are not essential, while pre-heating is required for mild steel beam over 50 mm.

AISI 1018 mild steel beam welding can be performed using all conventional welding processes, whereas, it is not recommended for AISI 1018 mild steel beam when it is carburized.

mild steel beam

mild steel beam

High Strength

Mild steel beam has high tensile, strength and resistance to breakage; this is due to the low amount of carbon it contains.


Product Range

Mild steel beam is virtually available in a wide range of dimensions; shape, lengths and weight that fulfill standard and custom-made requirements. Superior quality mild steel beam can be developed through rolling and heating processes, chemical composition and surface preparation.


Q7: What Are The Shapes & Sizes Of Mild Steel Beam?

Mild steel beam is available in various standards, grades, shapes, sizes, coating, finishing and treatment. It is selected based on the load-bearing capacity required for a specific application.

I & H Mild Steel Beam:

Length                   : 3 m, 4 m, 5 m, 6 m to 12 meter or Custom Cut Size.

Web Thickness: 3.0 mm – 120 mm.

Web Width           : 40 mm x 20 mm ~ 300 mm x 300 mm.

Weight                  : 2.432 – 37.370 kg/ft.

I Sections.

H Sections.

U Beam.

”I” shaped series.

Universal Beams (UB).


T Beam.

C Beam.

Z Beam.

Universal Beam (UB).

Rolled Steel Joist (RSJs).

Railway Track I Beam.

Mild Steel Decking Beam.

For more details about the available Mild steel beam sizes, Please call us.

mild steel beam

mild steel beam

Q9: What Are The Common Grades Of Mild Steel Beam?

Mild steel beams are available in various grades, the world’s most used mild steel beam are as follow:


1018 ASTM / AISI Mild Steel Beam

This grade has an excellent balance of ductility, strength, machining and toughness. It can suit the needs of every construction project.
AISI 1018 hot rolled steel offers significant mechanical property, a high Brinell hardness measure, while it includes improved machining characteristics.

This type of mild steel beam offers a high surface hardness, softcore and can effectively prevent cracking in severe bends. It is very useful for processes such as drilling, threading and punching.


S275 Mild Steel Beam

This is a hot rolled and unalloyed mild steel grade, it provides low strength with good machinability and weldability.


A36 Mild Steel Beam

This grade is a general-purpose steel, it’s very useful as it allows mild steel beam to be easily formed, machined and welded.


Mild Steel Beam Grade 43

This grade is a popular low price mild steel beam grade; it is suitable for a large number of engineering applications such as building construction and machinery manufacturing where high strength and wear-resistant are not an essential requirement.


Mild Steel 1045





Please call us to check the available mild steel beam grades.

mild steel beam

mild steel beam

Q10: What Are The Standards Of Mild Steel Beam?

AISI A1018








Q11: Is Mild Steel Beam Can Be Customised?

Mild steel beam profiles can be customized to meet customers’ intended design, aesthetics, functionality, material grade, quantity, size, length, strength, surface finishing and many more.



Customized design can be performed to suit the unique demands for mild steel beam functional requirements and aesthetics, sketches or a CAD drawing showing the required holes, bolted connections and/ or welding is required, or can be performed by the manufacturer design team.


Mild Steel Beam Profiling

Mild steel beam profiling service is provided for all engineering and construction purposes industrial. The latest manufacturing technologies and expertise are used to produce the highest level quality special and tailored-made profiles.

Tightest tolerances can be achieved, special dimensions, steel grades, surface finishes and custom product packaging if needed.



Laser vision systems allow robotic welding cells to build consistent welds, and adapt the weld path to match the part tolerances and eliminate weld rework.


Other Services

Blanking; Circling; Notching and Piercing.

Cutting gases selection; Flame profile cutting; Laser cutting; Plasma cutting; Waterjet cutting.

Punching; Sawing and Shearing.



CNC machining offers mild steel beams with great accuracy, precision and higher repeatability in a minimal processing time.


Mild Steel Beam Colors

Mild steel beam comes in colors of choice such as:





A color chart is provided to enable customers to identify grades by color or code.

mild steel beam

mild steel beam

Q12: Does Mild Steel Beam Rust?

While steel beams are generally exposed to moisture and atmospheric corrosion (rust); which can quickly deteriorate the quality of steel structure.Mild steel beam in particular has the advantage to resist rust being made of low carbon steel. However, to achieve increased durability, longevity and corrosion resistance, numerous protection techniques are applied such as:

  • Shot blasting.
  • Red Oxide (ROZC) coat.
  • Coat paint system.
  • Powder coating.


Q13: Is Mild Steel Beam Can Be Galvanized?

Yes, absolutely. Hot Dip Galvanizing is the most effective protection system that can be applied to mild steel beams. This is due to its protective zinc and galvanic coating properties which chemically inhibit the rusting process, this process makes mild steel beams more durable, strong and lasting.

Hot-dip galvanized mild steel beam remains free of maintenance for up to 10 years, while other coating options such as painting may require frequent maintenance.


Q14: What Type Of Surface Preparation And Coating Systems Can Be Applied To Mild Steel Beam?


Various cleaning techniques such as power tool cleaning are used to remove mill scale, dust, and other mild steel beam contaminants. While high-pressure water jetting, degreasing, dry shot blasting, and Ferrous metallic abrasives can be used in combination with other methods.

Mild steel beam surface preparation is performed mainly to improve steel surface texture or topography. The choice of surface preparation is made based on the environment where mild steel beam will be located and how long it is supposed to last.

In addition to that, mild steel beam can be physically modified to create a surface roughness and waviness for a better profile paint.

Numerous surface preparation and coating protection techniques are applied to mild steel beam such as:

mild steel beam

mild steel beam

Shot blasting

This type of protection is primarily applied to prepare mild steel surfaces for coatings.


Paint Coatings

Paint coating is the most commonly used method to prevent steel weathering, moisture and surrounding atmospheric conditions. It constitutes a physical barrier between corrosive material and steel surface. The right steel coating systems should comply with AS2312:2014 protective coating guide to achieve the required performance.


Powder Coating

This coating type is achieved by spraying a dry powder onto mild steel beam and creates a hard protective skin.

Powder coating colors can be selected to match any appearance requirements, while multiple finishes can be reached including high gloss, semi-gloss, fine-textured, matte or peeled.


Q15: Is Mild Steel Beam Can Be Cut To Size?

All mild steel beams can be cut to exact required sizes and delivered fast and ready for installation to save your time and avoid waste. The following machinery are used to produce single and multi-cut layers or bundles:

  • Metal Saw Cutting.
  • Metal Cutting Band Saw.
  • Mild steel beam cutting ranges from 6mm to 50
  • Mitre cuts are also provided.


Q16: What Are The Services Related To Mild Steel Beam?

Added-value services are offered with the highest accuracy, flexibility and low cost. These services are achieved through a fully automatic and multi-functional CNC machining which eases mass production and batched orders fast.


Q17: What Is The Average Cost Of China Mild Steel Beam?

H Beam, AISI 1018: US $1.5 – 4.5 / per Kilogram.

I Beam, AISI 1018: US $1800 – 2300 / per Ton.

T Beam, AISI 1018: US $1550 – 2400 / per Ton.

mild steel beam

mild steel beam

Q18: Does China’s Mild Steel Beam Complies with International Building Codes?

Yes, absolutely. China’s Mild Steel Beam complies with International Building Codes (IBC) in terms of building performance-related requirements, fire resistance code, public health, safety, and green construction regulations.

Despite the vast array of variations in regulations and standards across many municipalities and locations, China’s mild steel beam manufacturers are capable to apply strictly local and international building codes standards of any country and offer also, various solutions to respond effectively to diverse locations requirements in terms of design, materials, load requirements, seismic force-resisting systems, etc…


Q19: Why Choose China’s Mild Steel Beam?

China is the World’s top producer of mild steel beam, “53.67 million tonnes of steel products have been shipped in 2020” according to the CISA.

Mild steel beam manufacturers and wholesalers are actively engaged in meeting the increased daily demand for this type of steel beam which remains the most commonly used and the best choice for the World’s builders.

China mild steel beam manufacturers exports to more than 200 countries. They have the capacity, immense technology and the best machinery and expertise to offer the largest selection of high-quality mild steel beams, in a cost-effective and thus, give an enormous profit and business opportunities to international steel importers and buyers.

Looking to buy mild steel beam from China, we at Sunnyda, we can respond effectively to your requirements, whatever is your project size or timescale. Contact us now.


Q20: How Long Does It Takes To Import Mild Steel Beam From China?

Sea freight is the most economic option for mild steel beam bulk orders and takes around 15 to 25 days. While, air freight express shipping takes from 2 to 5 days, it can be opted only for small quantities being costly and is not the right choice for importing mild steel beam in bulk.

mild steel beam

mild steel beam

Q21: How Much Cost Mild Steel Beam Shipping From China?

Shipping Mild steel beam cost from china varies depending on weight and destination. An average of $2,000 to ship one 40′ container from China to Canada during peak seasons.

For more accurate information about mild steel shipping costs, please contact us.


Q22: What Steps Should International Buyers Follow To Place A Mild Steel Beam Order From China?

Are you looking to import mild steel beams from China? This article covers the necessary points you should consider before starting your mild steel beam import.

Determine Your Mild Steel Beam Requirements.

Write your required quantities, specifications and drawings if any.


Study Domestic Versus China Mild Steel Beam Cost & Quality.

Calculate your cost, China mild steel beam remains the most profitable in the World. However, despite the custom tax (if applicable), China mild steel beam cost and quality can fulfill successfully project performance and requirements.


Get An Import Permit/License From Your Local Concerned Authorities.

If you want to import mild steel beam from China, you will be required to issue an import permit/permit number or license from your local international trade administration. In most countries these processes are free of charge, and can be obtained fast without any risk complication.

mild steel beam

mild steel beam

Find A Reliable Mild Steel Beam Manufacturer

China is a big market for mild steel beam, finding a reliable manufacturer is a top priority for buyers to ensure importing the right quality, on time and on the budget without having any trouble.

Reputable mild steel beam manufacturers provide ISO, CE certifications, projects portfolio, production capacity, workforce, technology used, etc…

Online B2B platforms and an online search engine can be a great starting point to find your best mild steel beam manufacturer.


Investigate Supplier Capabilities.

Firstly, you must know if you are buying from a factory, trading company or subcontractor.

Importers look for the biggest factories as they provide a one-stop-shop for all of their requirements, while they can get the best market offer in terms of cost, quality, time, pre-sales and after-sales services, warranty, etc…

It is also essential to request test reports, and compliance with your country building codes prior to anything else.

CE and ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 certification are important to ensure your manufacturer comply with quality assurance system and international standards.


Schedule a factory visit.

Arrange a visit to the factory and find out their manufacturing capabilities and their capacity to smoothly fulfill your order on time and on budget. Check their store; and negotiate the terms.


Request Sample / Prototype.

Requesting a sample will give you a tangible mild steel beam that you can examine and determine its conformance to specifications, grades and properties. Sample or prototype is given for free, while the delivery fees are paid by the buyer.

Test the sent in a lab, approve the sample, ask for modifications or rejects it.


Negotiate The Deal Terms And Sign Agreement.

Before signing an agreement, it is better to ask for clarifications and modifications to be made if both of the parties are agreed.

Discuss payment mode, delivery lead time, shipping and international commerce terms, technical requirements, warranty, and all conditions to avoid any complications in the future.


Arrange A Third Party Inspection or Pre-shipment Inspection

Third-party inspection takes place after completion of mild steel beam production or days before loading the containers.

Shipping Mild Steel Beam From China To Buyers Country

Short-sea shipping and cost-effective freight rates can be provided by most manufacturers who connect every day China with the rest of the World. Your agent, freight provider or manufacturer will guide you on the best rates, transit time, clearance, provide the necessary documentation, etc…

The best ports to import from China are Shanghai; Shenzhen; Ningbo and Guangzhou.

Shipment time depends largely on your chosen method.

For more information about shipping from China to different countries exact cost and time. Please contact us.


Q23: Why Choose Sunnyda’s Mild Steel Beam?

We are home to China’s most comprehensive range of mild steel beams; we design and manufacture the best mild steel beam to suit your needs.

No matter how big or small is your order or project, Sunnyda can successfully achieve all building challenges. We worked on skyscrapers and bridges providing the most cost-effective and high-quality mild steel beams.

Sunnyda continues to offer the best comprehensive range of Mild Steel Beam, decades of expertise – and value-added quick service.

We work in partnership with the biggest engineering and construction brands, we supply to both domestic and international market. We can bring your mild steel beam deliveries to your location using our on-site logistics and freight forwarding partners.

For more details about our extensive range of mild steel beams contact us now.


Q24: Do You Keep Mild Steel Beam Stock?

Yes, absolutely. A comprehensive range of Mild Steel Beams is available for immediate delivery. Next-day delivery also applies.  Unfortunately, we are unable to stock all sizes of Mild Steel Beams, so our range is limited to the standard size of mild steel beams.

Please note that cut to size service can be performed fast.


Q25: Does Mild Steel Beam Manufacturer Provide Testing Documentation?

Yes, the manufacturer ensures all materials go through a series of strict quality tests before dispatching them to customers. Mild Steel Beam Testing certificates and reports can be provided upon request.


Q26: Does Manufacturer provide Supporting Documents?

Yes, the manufacturer provides all supporting technical, commercial and all related documentation such as the attested certificate of origin; materials test reports, packing List, etc…

Q27: Does Manufacturer Offer Mild Steel Beam Warranty?

Yes, all China manufacturers warrant mild steel beam:

  • Mild Steel Beam warranty.
  • Perforation or rupture.
  • Anti-corrosion warranty
  • Hot-dipped Galvanized coated mild steel beam
  • Paint warranty.

All claims must show proof showing the damage.


Q28: I have Other Questions Related To Mild Steel Beam?

Get in touch with us now if you have any questions or inquiry about mild steel beam contact us today.


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