• Mobile Intensive Care Unit
  • Mobile Intensive Care Unit
  • Mobile Intensive Care Unit

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  • Customize Size
  • Trailer Materials is Hospital Grade
  • HVAC and Air Conditioning System
  • Bring with Life-saving Equipment
  • Exterior Wall can Install Graphics with Customer’s Logo


Your Reliable Partner and Mobile Intensive Care Unit Manufacturer in China

Sunnyda mobile intensive care unit brings the life-saving medical equipment to the place where have severe patient and start the emergency treatment at the first time. This unit offer the medical staff the right condition, can save the important rescue time.

BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tankCustomized size, material 5mm PE
Waste tankCustomized size, material 8-9mm PE
WeightAccording to size, when water and waste tank is empty.
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingIn 40HQ, how many units in a 40HQ according to size
Delivery time30 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business



Sunnyda Mobile Intensive Care Unit

Why Sunnyda mobile intensive care unit can achieve this, as it’s built on the trailer can be driven to a most remote area, also can be used in earthquake area, war area, conflict area or infectious diseases area. Unit itself equipped with ventilators, oxygen supply, and other medical equipment, air handling hvac system and air conditioner system, self-powered electrical and water system.

Sunnyda mobile intensive care unit layout includes mechanical room, reception area, decontamination area, showers changing area, patient compartment and air handling equipment room. All those enable a MICU condition for doctors and nurses to save lives also can protect themselves well.

Sunnyda mobile intensive care unit wall and ceiling is smooth fiberglass board, insulated by PU foam. All surfaces, edges, corners, and joints that can be exposed to any fluid will be sealed. Which is easy cleaned. Flooring is hospital-grade non-slip PVC floor, and the subfloor is fiber cement board 18mm. Windows size, location and quantity is open to customization, door is in curbside with aluminum foldable step.

Sunnyda mobile intensive care unit size and equipment could be customized to fit for your special needs. An outside wall can be put graphics with your logo. Diesel generator power is also customized to meet the electricity needs of your equipment. You could choose solar panel system as well.

Sunnyda also has extensive experience in trailer unit manufacturer, included restroom trailer, kitchen trailer, cold room trailer, office trailer. In past years Sunnyda trailer house be exported to many countries such as America, UK, Norway, AU, Canada, Guam, Israel, South Africa and much more.

Sunnyda mobile intensive care unit is your best choice, contact us today for more information!

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