• Mobile Medical Clinic for Sale
  • Mobile Medical Clinic for Sale
  • Mobile Medical Clinic for Sale

Variety Mobile Medical Clinic for Sale

  • Customize Size
  • Full Mounted in Factory
  • Fiber Glass Board Insulated for Wall and Ceiling
  • With Life-Saving Equipment
  • Exterior Wall can Install Graphics with Customer’s Logo

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Sunnyda has variety of mobile medical clinics for sale, most mobile medical clinics manufactured are for dental, chiropody, well person, ophthalmic and mammography purposes, general internal medicine and general surgery but Sunnyda’s expertise can work to specific individual requirements. Other applications for our mobile medical clinics have included negative pressure wards, and general surgeries for third world countries.

Sunnyda mobile medical clinic for sale models ranges general examination, screening campaigns, imaging solutions, pluridisciplinary unit, occupational health, emergency situations and operating theatre.

Take general examination mobile medical clinics as example, it meets DOT standard and drawbar could be dismountable. Those mobile medical clinics for sale body material is hospital grade, wall and ceiling is smooth fiber glass board, insulated by polyurethane foam.

All surfaces, edges, corners, and joints that can be exposed to any fluid will be sealed. Which is easy cleaned. Flooring is hospital grade non-slip PVC floor, and subfloor uses fiber cement board 18mm. Windows size, location and quantity is open to customization, door is in curbside with aluminum foldable step.

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BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tankCustomized size, material 5mm PE
Waste tankCustomized size, material 8-9mm PE
WeightAccording to size, when water and waste tank is empty.
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingIn 40HQ, how many units in a 40HQ according to size
Delivery time30 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business


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Sunnyda Mobile Medical Clinic for Sale

Mobile medical clinics for sale layout basically includes a doctor table and chair, examination couch with moving curtain, cabinet on wall, cabinet on floor with auto faucet, and a small bathroom. Usually window is besides doctor’s table.

Mobile medical clinics for sale could be with RO purification system, air conditioning system, and bring variety of life-saving equipments for special medical activities. Sunnyda mobile medical clinics are designed to your bespoke requirement.

Exterior wall can install graphics with customer’s logo.

Sunnyda mobile medical clinic for sale fully amounts in factory, can be shipped worldwide any seaports. Loaded in a 40HQ, according to mobile medical clinic size, 1 or 2 units are loaded in a container. All things inside the mobile medical clinic be well fixed to prevent moving during shipping and be reinforced.

Mobile Medical Clinic for Sale: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

A mobile medical clinic refers to a flexible healthcare service provider.

You can move it from one location to another, making it easier for people to get appropriate treatment.

So, if you are looking for a mobile medical clinic for sale, this guide will take you through every aspect.

What are the Features of the Mobile Medical Clinic for Sale?

The unique features you find in a mobile medical clinic for sale facilitate its functions.

Such features include:

Mobile medical clinic

Figure 1 Mobile medical clinic

· Ventilation

Ventilation features allow for proper air circulation. This ensures clean air for those using the mobile medical clinic for sale.

Fresh air is also useful as it offers the required environment for proper drug and medical storage.

· Material

The fabrication of a mobile medical clinic for sale uses durable and eco-friendly materials.

Such material should be able to withstand various adverse conditions such as rain and high temperature.

An example of this material is aluminum, which forms the outer part of the mobile medical clinic. Remember, this material should be soundproof.

A soundproof material helps in minimizing outside sound interference, thus offering a conducive medical environment.

An insulation material helps in the regulation of temperature, which is essential for its proper working.

· Accessibility

Proper accessibility should ensure the is entry and exit to the mobile medical clinic.

This feature should put into consideration the physically challenged individuals.

Where possible, you need to install rails and sloppy steps on your mobile medical clinic and first aid trailer.

· Security System

The security system is a critical feature that you should consider.

Such a system should track all the activities within and in the surrounding of the mobile medical clinic.

You can have CCTV cameras at strategic points and also consider hiring a security guard to guard the entrance of the mobile medical clinic.

What are the Benefits of the Mobile Medical Clinic?

A mobile medical clinic offers a wide range of benefits to both the owner and those who seek its services. Such benefits include:

·  Accessibility

Mobile medical clinic for sale is easily accessible to those who need medical treatment.

They are simple and unique, meaning one does not spend a lot of time identifying where to seek treatment.

You can get maximum treatment by visiting these medical trailers since they have everything you need.

· Cost

A mobile medical clinic for sale has a significantly lower cost when you compare to a traditional medical center.

For instance, the construction cost is lower than in conventional healthcare centers.

They have a lower operating cost since these mobile medical clinics are easily accessible.

This translates to the low cost of medical treatment for those who want to get treatment.

· Flexibility

The movement of mobile medical clinics for sale allows for its versatility in terms of usage. You can easily use it in remote areas where access to a health facility is impossible

How can you start the Mobile Medical Clinic for Sale Business?

You need to have the following before starting a mobile medical clinic for sale business.

Select the Functions for your Mobile Medical Clinic

Since there are various functions that your mobile medical clinic can have, there is a need to define which ones you are going to perform.

This depends on the equipment you have installed on your mobile medical clinic.

· Licenses

The local authorities where you will operate your business need to permit you. This involves getting all the certifications and licenses.

· Staff

Once you have all the licenses, you need to employ qualified staff who will work for you. Most of your staff should have the necessary accreditations from relevant bodies.

· Location

Though it is a mobile healthcare provider, you need to find the ideal place to pack it during operation. The location should be favorable and easily accessible to clients.

· Working with Reliable Mobile Medical Clinic Manufacturer

You should get all medical clinics from reliable manufacturer.

Such mobile medical clinic manufacturers guarantee high quality. Therefore, the mobile clinic will serve you for a long period of time.

Additionally, import mobile medical clinic from China. You will get competitive prices for new mobile medical clinic.

Why Import Mobile Medical Clinic from China?

The main reasons why you should import a mobile clinic from China include:

Mobile clinic

Figure 2 Mobile clinic

· Cost

The overall importation cost of your mobile medical clinic from China is lower.

This consists of the manufacturing cost and the importation tax.

This implies high-profit margins if you are purchasing them for resale. If you are buying for your use, you will save a lot.

· Quality Mobile Medical Clinics

Most manufacturers in China tend to manufacture quality mobile medical clinics for sale that meet internationally recognized standards.

This is due to the high competition amongst the manufacturers.

Quality mobile medical clinics for sale give you quality service with a guaranteed warranty.

· Timely Delivery

Most Chinese manufacturers adhere to the production time for their mobile medical clinic for sale.

You, therefore, have an assurance of the delivery of your mobile medical clinics within the time you agreed with your manufacturer.

You can, therefore, plan as you wait for your mobile medical clinic for sale.

· Wide Range of Manufacturers

There are different manufacturers available in China for your mobile medical clinic for sale. This gives you a wide range of manufacturers to choose to select.

This allows you to negotiate with the different manufacturers for the best price and necessary specifications.

Should you buy Used Mobile Clinic for Sale or New Mobile Medical Clinic for Sale?

The choice of whether to purchase a used mobile clinic for sale or a new medical clinic for sale depends on several factors, including:

· Capital

The initial capital of buying a new mobile clinic is relatively higher when you compare to a used one.

You, therefore, have to factor this when weighing which one to purchase.

Also, you have to check if there are hidden costs, which increases its buying price.

· Condition

You need to inspect the condition of a given mobile medical clinic by looking at its critical elements.

A new mobile medical clinic implies everything is brand new hence can operate efficiently.

A used mobile medical clinic, however, can have certain equipment failures that you need to check into before purchasing.

The level of these failures reduces the overall cost since you will have to repair them yourself.

· Modifications

The level of changes you want to make on your mobile medical clinic affects which one to purchase.

You can quickly get a used mobile medical clinic that requires a few alterations than starting the changes from scratch.

However, scratch modifications give you full control of how you want your mobile medical clinic to appear.

Even though a used medical clinic is cheaper, it may cost you more in the long term due to frequent maintenance and repair.

A new one though costly allows for continuous functioning with less maintenance and repair cost.

Where can you use Mobile Hospital Units for Sale?

The use of mobile hospital units for sale is common in the following areas:

  • Remote areas where traditional clinics are not available.
  • Sporting organizations
  • Health facilities including hospitals
  • Schools and educational facilities
  • Military organizations

What is the Average Mobile Medical Clinic Cost in China?

The average cost of a mobile medical clinic in China differs due to a couple of factors which includes:

· Your Manufacturer

Though most manufacturers in China have almost the same price, a reliable manufacturer can offer you the best price.

This depends on the negotiations you have with them and the quantity of mobile medical clinics you are purchasing.

· Type of Equipment

The type of equipment your manufacturer installs on your mobile medical clinic determines its overall cost.

A mobile medical clinic can have as much medical equipment as possible to help it function appropriately.

Sophisticated equipment requires professional installation, thereby increasing its overall cost.

· Size and Design

A simple design will cost less than one, which has a sophisticated design. This is due to the number of materials and the technicality of the design.

· Available Amenities

Amenities are the extra services that your medical clinic can offer apart from the primary medical services.

Such facilities include food and drinks, wireless and internet services, and washroom services.

These amenities have the effect of increasing the price of your mobile clinics. That means if you have a modest budget, you need to reduce the facilities present.

· Function

The different mobile medical clinics for sale serve different purposes, which affect the overall price.

For instance, one that acts as a morgue will cost different from one that serves as a laboratory.

Are Mobile Medical Trailers for Sale Assembled on Site or in Factory?

 Inside a mobile clinic

Figure 3 Inside a mobile clinic

Mobile medical clinic is fully assembled and equipped in factory.

How does the Mobile Medical Clinic compare to the Traditional Clinics?

A mobile clinic is easily accessible when you compare to traditional clinics. This is due to their simplicity and size.

Their flexibility enables access to remote areas where it is costly to set up a traditional clinic.

The mobile medical clinic brings services closer to those who need it.

Also cost of constructing a traditional clinic is relatively higher when you compare to that of a mobile medical clinic.

One can, therefore, have many of the mobile medical clinics serving a broader population as opposed to a single clinic.

A mobile medical clinic allows for specialization of the services one has to offer.

This is in contrast with a traditional clinic which only provides for general healthcare services.

 Traditional clinic

Figure 4 Traditional clinic

Mobile Medical Clinics are made from which material?

Your manufacturer uses different materials to make your mobile medical clinic.

Common materials available include:

· Insulation Material

An insulation material helps in regulating temperature. Temperature regulation helps both the clients and the drugs you have stored in your mobile medical trailer.

Among the insulation materials available for your mobile medical clinic are fiberglass, mineral wool, polystyrene, and polyurethane foam.

· Aluminum

This is the outer part of the mobile medical clinic. It is a preferred option for your mobile medical clinic due to its unique characteristics.

For instance, it is lightweight, which reduces the overall weight of your mobile medical clinic for sale. Its resistive against various climatic conditions such as rust.

· Ventilators

Ventilators help in the free circulation of air within your mobile medical clinic for sale. This ensures fresh there is fresh air.

Clean air is essential for your clients. You can consider incorporating an HVAC to offer maximum ventilation

·  Paint

This is another feature that is common in mobile medical clinics for sale. Paint has to be on the inside and outside of the mobile medical clinics.

It enhances the appearance and beauty of your mobile trailer. Effective paint ought to be eco-friendly and doesn’t harm patients.

How do you Relocate Mobile Medical Clinic?

Mobile clinic

Figure 5 Mobile clinic

Relocating a mobile medical clinic is relatively simple. You have to load it onto a trailer or a vehicle that can handle it and relocate it to the location you want to install it.

Which equipment is in Mobile Medical Clinic for Sale?

Equipment available in a mobile medical clinic for sale differs depending on its purpose. Among the equipment you may find in a mobile medical clinic for sale include:

  • Mammogram machine
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Surgical equipment
  • X-ray machine
  • MRI scanners
  • CT scanners.
  • PET scanners

How do you Check Quality of Used Mobile Medical Clinic for Sale?

You can check the quality of a used mobile medical clinic for sale by checking the condition of its components.

All the components and equipment should be in good condition and can function appropriately.

Also, your used mobile medical clinic for sale should adhere to the following standards:

What are the Sizes of Mobile Medical Clinic for Sale?

There are different sizes available for your mobile medical clinic for sale. You can also have a customized size, depending on your requirements.

How will you Ship Mobile Medical Clinic from China?

The shipping process for your mobile medical clinic from China involves the following steps:

· Identify your Manufacturer

Identification of your manufacturer means getting one who will manufacture your mobile medical clinic as per your expectations.

Once you have identified one, you need to sign a contract that will govern the production and payment process.

· Identify a Shipping Agent

A shipping agent is responsible for handling your mobile medical clinic from your manufacturer in China to your premises.

Their duties include selecting a shipping method for your cargo, paying all the customs duties, and packaging your shipment.

A shipping agent reduces the hassle associated with importation.

This gives you a chance to relax and wait for the safe delivery of your cargo.

However, you have to select a reliable shipping agent and also consider all the costs involved. Such cost includes the shipping agent fee and the customs fee.

The method of payment between you and your shipping agent needs to be secure and transparent.

This will minimize issues arising from shipping your mobile medical clinic from China.

It is common practice that you have to pay a certain percentage to your manufacturer and the shipping agent before starting the process.

However, this depends on the contract you have with the involved parties.

Do Mobile Medical Clinic for Sale have a Fully Integrated Waste Management System?


It is impossible to have a fully integrated waste management system in your mobile medical clinic.

This is because of the size of the mobile medical clinic and the sensitivity of the waste.

However, there are safer methods of disposing of these wastes.

First, all those handling such waste should wear protective gear to prevent infection.

This includes wearing gloves and clinical masks during the process.

Differentiate the dustbins into recyclable and non-recyclable waste.

You should dispose of the latter waste either by burning or burying them

If you have to burry such waste, you must dig a deep hole for that purpose.

Alternatively, you can dispose of them in a pit latrine.

Burning non-recyclable waste should be in a well-defined area by the government authorities to minimize the spread of infections.

You need to contact a reputable company that can effectively recycle your waste without hurting the environment.

Can you Customize Mobile Medical Trailers for Sale?

Yes. It is possible to customize a mobile medical trailer for sale.

You need to submit the specifications you want to your manufacturer before the fabrication process.

This includes the size, the equipment, and accessories you want inside your mobile medical trailer for sale.

The essence of this is it allows your manufacturer to check and streamline these specifications in line with international standards.

How do you Power Mobile Medical Clinic?

You can power your mobile medical clinic using either of the following methods:

· Solar Energy

Solar powered for medical trailer

Solar powered for mobile medical clinic

Solar energy offers a clean and reliable source of energy for your mobile medical clinic.

It is useful, especially in tropical climatic environments.

The use of this power source does not produce noise, which is beneficial to the working environment. Furthermore, it is relatively cheaper when you compare to other sources of power

However, the use of this source is limited to a tropical climatic environment where solar power is in plenty.

Your manufacturer can install the solar panels on top or let them act as your windows.

· Power Generators

Power generators use fuel as the source of energy to power your mobile medical clinic.

They are a common source of power due to their availability.

However, they produce noise during operation, which is irritating to the environment. It also requires enough space for installation.

This may pose a challenge, especially when you have a small mobile medical clinic. So you need to ask your manufacturer for a silence type, which has a shell to reduce noise effectively.

A generator also increases its overall weight, which reduces its mobility efficiency.

Its efficiency depends on the availability of fuel to power it up. Your manufacturer can install a power generator on the body chassis of your mobile medical clinic

Which Amenities are in Mobile Medical Clinic for Sale?

You can have different amenities for your mobile medical clinic for sale. Such amenities are for facilitating its operations.

These amenities include:

Inside a mobile clinic

Figure 6 inside a mobile clinic

· Massage Therapy

Massage helps in the healing of specific ailments, and having it as an amenity on your mobile medical clinic can increase your clientele base.

You can install this within your mobile medical clinic.

· Washrooms

A washroom is a vital amenity that you can either have it within your mobile medical clinic for sale or set it outside.

Clients can relieve themselves here while waiting for their services.

· Wireless and Internet Services

This amenity helps clients sharing information either via social media or through the internet.

The installation process is simple and does not take a lot of space.

However, you need to make such connections secure to minimize possible hacking.

Hacking can lead to information leakages or other serious cyber damages.

  • Cafeteria and Restaurant

This amenity is for those who would like to seek refreshments while waiting for their turn to get service.

A common practice is having this section outside the mobile medical clinic for sale.

This relieves space within while ensuring maximum service to your clients.

Are there Disadvantages of using a Mobile Medical Clinic?

Yes. There are several limitations to using a mobile medical clinic. The main ones include:

· Space

The availability of space is crucial for the effective operation of your mobile medical clinic.

Such space is critical in setting up other amenities such as restrooms and even for parking of your mobile medical clinic.

Lack of this space reduces its efficiency.

What are Mobile Medical Clinics used for?

A mobile medical clinic offers several uses depending on the design and equipment present. The main uses include:

  • Mobile physical therapy
  • Morgue
  • Veterinary clinic
  • Medical learning laboratory services
  • Medical sales services
  • Clinic services
  • Mobile diabetic treatment
  • Mobile labs
  • Emergency trailers
  • Mobile health screening services
  • Mammography services
  • Mobile x-ray services
  • Mobile audiology services

What are the Available Mobile Medical Clinic Design Options?

There are several mobile medical clinic design options available for your selection.

Whichever the design you select, here are a few tips that you need to consider when choosing a perfect design for your clinic:

  • The efficient working of the staff. You can achieve this by reducing the movement distance of your staff, especially between frequently used space.
  • The design should allow for staff visual supervision of the patients.
  • The design should give room for all the space needed while reducing unwanted spaces.
  • Have outpatient services on one side of your medical clinic. This will allow for setting up of a separate space for patients who require close monitoring.
  • The design should incorporate the same functional areas with the same system requirements. This reduces space requirements and also the cost.
  • The design should have an easily accessible entry point and exit points.

There should also be an emergency exit point for the proper functioning of the mobile medical clinic for sale.

The painting design should have a psychologically healing effect on the patients visiting your medical clinic

Standard color paints include green, blue, yellow, cream, white, and pink.

These paints have the effect of enlarging the room while giving comfort to patients.

The ventilation design for your mobile medical clinic should allow for a smooth flow of air.

Where possible, you can install an HVAC system to facilitate the ventilation process.

The floor design should be easy to navigate and secure. The floor should not slide, which can easily cause injury to patients.

There is a need to have space between the rooms for the effective movement of patients and the staff.

If possible, have enough space between beds for patients needing emergency services.

Will Mobile Medical Clinic for Sale require VIN?

Mobile clinic

Figure 7 Mobile clinic

Yes. It is vital for a mobile medical clinic for sale to have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

However, you need to check with the regulation of the country where you intend to operate the mobile medical clinic.

For instance, in some countries, you will find a different identification system, such as different colors.

Such color difference sets mobile medical clinics for sale apart from other vehicles.

In short, as you look for a mobile medical clinic for sale, it is important to consider every aspect in this guide.

They will help you get high quality and reliable mobile medical clinic that meet your unique specifications.

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