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Sunnyda mobile restroom can be constructed from a fiberglass sandwich panel or called FRP panel, or EPS sandwich panel, which is the standard model. It also features 450L fresh tank, 0.4L per flush, and 1000L waste tank.

Mobile restroom is fully installed with a pipeline, toilet, hand basin, air conditioner, and solar panel on the roof for lighting. For the electric system, this will be installed according to your local codes. Other small equipment can be built as well like a mirror, paper holder, hand dryer, towel rack, and so on.

It is fully mounted and constructed in the factory. Expect fast construction and quickest delivery time. In just 40 days, your orders will arrive in your warehouse.

For loading, one mobile restroom can mix load with other models in a  40HQ. Restricted by container height, wheels must be dismantled and installed when it arrives. No worries, coz it’s easy and simple to do so.

From engineering, production, shipping to installation, Sunnyda will support your business development. Guaranteed excellent after-sales service.

Sunnyda is your premier mobile restroom manufacturer in China!

Mobile restroom BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size2520(L) x 1300(W) x 2500(H)mm
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tank200L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank520L
WeightWeight: 800kg, when water and waste tank is empty.
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingLoading: Can mix load with other model, or 3 SUT01 mini in a 40HQ
Delivery time40 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
Sunnyda Support Your Business

Ultimate Guide to Mobile Restroom


Sunnyda mobile restroom manufactured to satisfy all outdoor event sanitary needs. This trailer comes with full operational features and amenities. Quality is assured because all materials used are selected based on high-quality and CE-compliance equipment.

Mobile restroom is one of the most popular trailers that can handle all types and sizes of outdoor events. Sunnyda creates a solid reputation in several international markets such as Canada, Belgium, United States, and UK countries.

Our sales and technical team have strict attention to detail before the mobile trailer leaves the factory. We respect your time so we make sure containers arrive at the scheduled time of delivery. Sunnyda provides the most amazing and state-of-the-art mobile restroom the industry has to offer.

Mobile restrooms by Sunnyda are ideal for heavy-traffic projects, major events, and other outdoor occasions. It is developed with great efficiency, functionality, and optimal capacity. Also, it can be included with a hand dryer, mirror, soap dispenser, and other small things. If you wish, you can add special items or delete them if you don’t.

On top of that, we could custom make a layout to exactly meet and fit your needs. Our well-skilled and professional engineers will help you with new design mobile restrooms. Simply give us a call to see more of our sanitary solutions and more about mobile restrooms.

We are happy to welcome your visit to our factory. Yes, we are looking forward to cooperating with you soon.

Let Sunnyda be your source for your next mobile toilet project.


Mobile Restroom-An Ultimate Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

Are you searching for a solution to using restrooms, even at outdoor places? The Mobile Restroom is the best option to go for.

Mobile Restroom is a portable unit that provides you the facilities of a toilet. Whether you want to use it at weddings, parties, concerts, or festivals, you can install it within a day and use it.

We all get sudden urges to use the toilet regardless of the location or event we are at, so in case of an outdoor event, a Mobile Restroom is a good substitute for a built-in Restroom.

In this guide, we will present the components and features of a Mobile Restroom.

Moreover, we will also know about the maintenance, cleaning, and troubleshooting tips for the Mobile Restroom. So, let’s start.


1.What is a Mobile Restroom?
2.What are the Features of the Mobile Restroom?
3.What are the Major Components of the Mobile Restroom?
4.What are Some Types of Mobile Restrooms?
5.At What Events do we use the Mobile Restroom?
6.Which Components are Included in the Portable Sewage System of Mobile Restroom?
7.What are the Construction Sites where the Mobile Restroom is used?
8.What is the difference between a Mobile Restroom and a Stationary Restroom?
9.How to Achieve a Relaxed Indoor Environment in your Mobile Restroom?
10.How is the Mobile Restroom Durable?
11.How is the Mobile Restroom Advantageous over the Stationary One?
12.What are the Benefits of Having Separate Compartments for Men and Women in your Mobile Restroom?
13.Where to Dispose the Waste from the Mobile Restroom?
14.What are the Essential Factors to Consider before buying the Mobile Restroom?
15.What are Some Factors to look for in the Manufacturer Before Buying your Mobile Restroom?
16.How to Clean your Mobile Restroom?
17.Is it Easy to maintain your Mobile Restroom?
18.How to Keep your Mobile Restroom Away from Common Problems?


1. What is a Mobile Restroom?

A Mobile Restroom is a portable space, area, or container that provides all the toilet facilities to the user.

Bright lights, large mirrors, separate sinks, toilet paper, and hand sanitizers are some of the essential components that you will find in it.

To make your experience easy and pleasant, there are various fragrances and deodorizers that you can use to remove bad odor from your Mobile Restroom.

For cleaning purposes, you can use a variety of chemicals to kill germs and bacteria and bring shine and neatness to it.

For your convenience in different weathers, it provides you with the option to choose between hot and cold water.

Moreover, it has a nice heating and air conditioning system to provide comfort to the user.

Mobile Restroom also comprises two separate tanks, one for storing the waste and the second for storing fresh water.

Mostly, the Mobile Restroom is used at concerts or festivals where a built-in toilet facility is not present.

It provides protection and convenience to the user at these sites, whether they are children, adults, or elderly.

Good ventilation through windows and fans is also ensured for creating a breathable environment in a Mobile Restroom.


2. What are the Features of the Mobile Restroom?

  • Excellent ventilation for better internal environment
  • Enough space for easily accommodating the suggested number of people
  • Tissue roll holders
  • Hot and cold water facility for user’s convenience
  • Anti-slip floors for safety purposes
  • Transparent roof for good lighting inside the Mobile Restroom
  • Soap and hand wash availability
  • Good capacity tank


3. What are the Major Components of the Mobile Restroom?

  • Waste buckets
  • Individual stalls
  • Heating system
  • Air conditioning
  • Formica marbled walls
  • Mirrors
  • Holding tank
  • Water tank
  • Toilet seat
  • Hand washing stations


4. What are Some Types of Mobile Restrooms?

Here are different types of Mobile Restroom available in the market.

  • Recirculating chemical portable toilet
  • Mains connected portable toilet
  • Self-servicing portable toilet
  • Compost portable toilet
  • Luxury chemical portable toilet
  • Accessible portable toilet
  • Portable toilet cabin
  • Portable urinal
  • Baby change portable toilet
  • Long drop portable toilet


5. At What Events do we use the Mobile Restroom?

  • Birthdays
  • Festivals
  • Weddings
  • Musical concert
  • Movie sets
  • Marathon
  • Tailgates
  • Add production sites
  • Campgrounds
  • Real estate auctions
  • Parties


6. Which Components are Included in the Portable Sewage System of Mobile Restroom?

The two main components of the sewage system of the Mobile Restroom are

Tanks: For storing water and holding the waste.

Pump: For pumping the flow of materials within the system


7. What are the Construction Sites where the Mobile Restroom is used?

  • Residential construction sectors
  • New housing construction sites
  • Disaster relief construction areas
  • Commercial construction
  • Engineering construction sites
  • Road construction


8. What is the difference between a Mobile Restroom and a Stationary Restroom?

The major difference between a Mobile Restroom and a Stationary Restroom is that the Mobile Restroom is moveable anywhere while the Stationary Restroom is fixed in one place.


9. How to Achieve a Relaxed Indoor Environment in your Mobile Restroom?

  • Good quality chemicals for cleaning
  • Deodorizers and fragrances
  • Excellent lighting
  • Sufficient water availability
  • Indoor plumbing
  • Enhanced sewerage system


10. How is the Mobile Restroom Durable?

The door of the Mobile Restroom always remains in place and stays away from sagging.

Moreover, you can close it strongly (the doors can be used to measure durability. They’re going to allow you to recognize if carrying down by creaking).

The color, along with the width of the panel, is designed in a uniform way.

Hinges are designed to avoid their wrapping, and the springs of the doors are designed to keep them consistent.

All these things contribute to less involuntary movements of your Mobile Restroom by keeping it in place.


11. How is the Mobile Restroom Advantageous over the Stationary One?

The Mobile Restroom is better than the Stationary Restroom in following things.

  • It is easy to transport.
  • It requires less maintenance.
  • The user gets easier and quicker cleaning in it.
  • You can change its location depending upon the site that is most convenient to the users.
  • You can even buy Mobile Restroom for a single day.


12. What are the Benefits of Having Separate Compartments for Men and Women in your Mobile Restroom?

Here are some advantages of having separate compartments for men and women in your Mobile Restroom.

  • Both genders are comfortable in using the toilet.
  • You can easily store and organize their products in separate sections.
  • It leads to shorter waiting lines outside the Mobile Restroom.


13. Where to Dispose the Waste from the Mobile Restroom?

If you want to make your Mobile Restroom durable, you have to give great attention to the maintenance and repair to avoid damages to it.

As the Mobile Restroom will retain the waste material in it unless it is connected through main supplies, so it is necessary for it to be compelled in a manner to make it empty.

All this compelled waste is collected in a big container which is treated with different types of disinfectants before it is transferred into the disposal tank.

The Mobile Restroom is associated with a flow indicator to the surface of the block. This block indicates easily when the unit needs to be emptied, so there is no need to keep a check by yourself.

Once the indicators signal you to empty it, you can hire the disposal services for this purpose and get the unit emptied through proper hygienic procedures.

The disposal services will take this disposed waste to the specialized cleansing facility, therefore, and it is disposed of by using safety procedures.


14. What are the Essential Factors to Consider before buying the Mobile Restroom?


Get the Right Size

Whenever you are about to invest your money, you expect more output from the services than the amount you invest in.

For this purpose, Mobile Restroom is the best choice for you. While it is good to roll up and park it proudly, a few single units are often placed on it, or sometimes a smaller one is required.

A good example is a concerted case in which the clients can use big spaced Mobile Restroom.

But behind the stage for the performers, this Mobile Restroom will be big to place as there is no more space for an oversized trailer.

Plan the various activities that you will be serving with your fleet, and then choose the best Mobile Restroom for your site.


Get Self Contained One

Mostly, a Mobile Restroom needs electricity and external supplies of water. Unfortunately, it can’t handle activities without convenient access to electricity and water.

It has solar panels and fresh water tanks with a high capacity on board, which enable them to run without outside connections.

While solar devices cannot control air conditioning or heating, they are powering lights and pumps to ensure that your devices operate properly.

The purchase of a self-contained Mobile Restroom ensures that you are able to please your consumers no matter where they want.


Get High-End Features

You are always concerned about providing your customer with good lightning when they need privacy in the Mobile Restroom.

Your customer will be satisfied when you will provide him his demanded facilities in the correct rental choice for your business.

You should fulfill the demand of the customer by providing him with a comfortable unit, quality fabrics, climate-controlled surroundings, and pleasantly colorful decoration.

If you will use recessed light, slipped mirrors, fake wooden floors, stunning countertops, and crafted appliances in your luxurious units, your customer will likely back off.

Get top-quality appliances whether you have or desire to hold on to your high-end customers.


Durability and Maintenance

All the equipment demand good and suitable maintenance. Quality buying also means greater longevity, but beware of wear products. Take a good look at the fabrics and fittings the unit is built with when you buy a Mobile Restroom.

It is good to choose the material with minimal wood in it, with no wood under the foundation, as the water and wood are not compatible with each other if looking for a long-life unit. Seek high-quality hinges with more panel or door screws.

Look for the ropes with valves and plating of commercial quality and electronic panels that are well developed. All these contribute to the lifespan of your unit.

The foundation of a device that is simple to look after and manage is vital as well as also have a long life.

Not only do vinyl tiles, fiberglass walls, and brushed aluminum ceilings look fantastic, they are incredibly neat and clean.


Location and Reputation

Consider the durability and location of a Mobile Restroom. Placement can be important because you don’t want an excessive sum of cash to send these units to the site of your business.

However, you will want to ensure that you choose a reputable, high-quality, and long-term product provider who has a good name and reputation for quality after-sales support.

This ensures that the transaction and subsequent relations with it are smooth.

When you choose a Mobile Restroom for your rental company, make sure that you spend enough time searching for the best one that fits all your requirements.


15. What are Some Factors to look for in the Manufacturer Before Buying your Mobile Restroom?

Choose your Mobile Restroom very carefully, make sure that it has all the features that you will require at your place.


Choosing a Dealer

Look for good dealers, as these dealers are to serve as the primary source of information. Before you buy a Mobile Restroom, make sure you discuss the following points with them.


Support and Warranties

On the purchase of a new Mobile Restroom, the normal industry warranty is four years (48 months), which is a complete package with a guarantee.

The warranties also depend upon the dealers, so there are limited warranties on a used Mobile Restroom. The average warranty of two years is present upon the items such as the door lock and fixed parts as a handrail or a rack.

Ask if the dealer provides a drainage system guarantee for purchases or whether more coverage can be purchased.


On-Site Service

Please ensure that the rental price covers the shipping and collection of items, as well as maintenance and cleaning during the rental term.

Inspect each device as it is shipped, using the same tips and procedures for inspection that you would when buying a used product.

The tubing is firmly fixed and free from flaws, cracks, or coloring, which indicates exhaustion for units with fresh water through pumps or electricity.

For a Mobile Restroom, both a plumber and electrician should be considered since there are more moving pieces, which need particular consideration.


16. How to Clean your Mobile Restroom?

On average, a Mobile Restroom can accommodate 720 applications until it is fully capable. Mobile Restroom has a healthy and sanitary environment when well washed and serviced.

The average industry serves 240 applications. There are some dealers who forecast future uses of between 90 and 100 and base their schedule on this.

There are also various chemicals for cleaning Mobile Restroom.

As cleaning chemical products are disposed of at the same location as all waste, speak with the dumping plant or other facility to ensure that it approves your stock list of cleaning products.

Industry-wide producers and dealers propose the use of additives that are toxic to the atmosphere.

Some of the chemical used for cleaning includes:

  • Flame retardant liquid cleansing based on citrus
  • WC deodorizes without toxins

It is safe to use refills against aerosol cans to minimize liquid fuel and waste containers. Try to buy bulk cleaning products for waste reduction or elimination.


Essential Things Required for Cleaning Process

Here is a list of the essential things you will require while cleaning your Mobile Restroom.

  • A toilet deodorizer, whether in the form of spray, gel, solution, or powder, will help you to get rid of the smell in it.
  • You will need a vacuum machine or a waste suction machine to trap all the dirt and waste effectively.
  • A toilet chemical replacement fluid for cleaning the chemicals.
  • Gloves and protective equipment are also needed for protecting your clothes from splashes.
  • High pressure spray with hot water for effective cleaning.
  • Fresh toilet paper to place inside the Mobile Restroom after cleaning it.
  • Use an anti-bacterial spray to kill germs and bacteria.
  • Excellent fragrance booster will be very helpful to create a pleasant environment inside.
  • A new hand sanitizer to be filled in the hand sanitizer pump or bottle when done with cleaning your Mobile Restroom


Process for Cleaning

The cleaning process of the Mobile Restroom comprises four steps.


1. Pumping

If you want to precisely remove the waste material from your Mobile Restroom, the best thing is to use your vacuum pump.

If you don’t want the dirt to suck up in the vacuum, you should place the hose to the bottom and be tilted at one sight. Now, the vacuum will indicate the unwanted debris from the tank.

Now, shift this waste to an authorized cleaning area for treating it sanitarily.


2. Cleaning

The high-density polyethylene construction of the Mobile Restroom is easy and quick to clean. It is essential to clean your unit from the inside to get rid of bacteria, germs, and mold.

Always use good quality products such as potent cleaning chemicals that don’t damage the construction and material of your Mobile Restroom.

The best thing here is to use a high-pressure spray washer. But don’t forget to apply an anti-bacterial solution before spraying with water.

Check the hand sanitizers, doorknobs, taps, and door handle properly to see if they are damaged; in case of damage, repair them instantly.


3. Sanitizing

When you have cleaned your Mobile Restroom, the next thing is sanitizing. Also, don’t forget to use a good quality deodorizing spray to eliminate the unpleasant smell from it.

Now, check the water tank, fill in freshwater, and add some blue chemicals to it. This will help in removing odor from the Mobile Restroom. You may also go for spraying a nice air freshener in it.

The deodorizer is available in two forms; the liquid and the packet ones. Many people prefer the packet ones because it is easier in terms of usage, but unfortunately, it is less concentrated than the liquid ones.


4. Restocking

After you are finished cleaning up your Mobile Restroom, make sure that you check all the toiletries. If you are out of any supply consumable, immediately restore it.

For the convenience of the users, always keep your Mobile Restroom equipped with essential toiletries such as tissues, soaps, and sanitizers.

Check the toilet paper, soap, hand sanitizers, and paper towels. Also, don’t forget to empty the trash bin in your Mobile Restroom. Carefully check the number of people who will be using the Mobile Restroom and accordingly provide the stock in it.


17. Is it Easy to maintain your Mobile Restroom?

Repair work is a must not only for health purposes but also to be maintained and properly operated for Mobile Restroom.

The dealer will clean, empty the drains and serve these units as part of your buying fee.

In order to decide how many units are required, and also how much they provide service, it is appropriate to give them the following information:


Nature of the Event

The nature of the event tells whether the unit is to be used for once or it is to be placed in a concert.

Also, it is to be considered that if this Mobile Restroom will be available to use for the whole day or a limited time period of the day.

This affects both the unit number and the frequency of usage of these units.


Number of Users.

The number of users at your function will help to determine the cleaning level of the Mobile Restroom.

Fewer units mean washing more often at consistently large volumes.


Time Period of Event.

This allows the corporation to know as long as the units are in a position to plan the number of facilities.


Outdoor Temperature.

More regular odor control services are needed for warmer temperatures.


Food and Beverage Availability.

A Mobile Restroom is most where food and drink are available at the workplace or the function, especially on an ongoing basis.


Special Needs.

The special needs include whether this Mobile Restroom is available for use by family or it needs to be used by the specified gender like male specifically or female specifically.

Accommodation can be done where there are disabled participants or potential ADA compliant problems.


Terrain and Curbing.

It must also be addressed when accessing a pump truck and when dealing with disabilities.

Here are the recommended tasks and control points if you possess Mobile Restroom and maintain them by yourself:

  • The supplier or service provider should prescribe a suitable number of Mobile Restroom units, as well as for instructions for cleanliness and maintenance.
  • OSHA includes emptying and cleaning in a week of 40 hours with at least ten persons in one house.
  • Design a system for cleaning and repairs of the Mobile Restroom. Cleaning and emptying can be performed long before the maximum potential is reached to make odor, bacteria, and associated negative qualities better for both operations and control.
  • Regular verification of injury, leaks, and spills. Add this action to a weekly stormwater check on a building site.
  • All waste must be properly disposed of, not on the premises, in permitted areas.
  • Show the owner of the device records.


18. How to Keep your Mobile Restroom Away from Common Problems?

Make sure that you solve any problem in your Mobile Restroom as soon as possible so that it doesn’t lead to any permanent damage.


Poor Placement

When you know what the number of Mobile Restroom units you like is, you must also know where to set up the units.

It is vital to put it in a bright, well-organized place that is easy to reach in order to keep your visitors comfortable.

It could be helpful to put several units in the whole area if the location is especially large.


No Family-Friendly Amenities

You can make sure that your Mobile Restroom has family-friendly resources if your case is exclusively 21+.

For one, bigger units would be useful for parents who have to go to the unit with their children. Changing diaper stations also provide parents of babies with a priceless advantage.


Lack of Handwashing Stations

The users of the Mobile Restroom have access to sanitary equipment in the toilet area, which is a matter of health and safety.

It is a smart idea to order washing stations in addition to ensuring that each unit routinely comes with toilet paper and disinfecting distributors.

These stations are centrally located outside to allow guests with soap and water to rinse their hands after use of the Mobile Restroom.


19. Conclusion

Hopefully, you now have good information about the Mobile Restroom.

Always keep in mind the essential factors that will help you in buying the best one for your application. Because buying once in such a way with proper research will save you from the trouble of buying again and again.

You may also consult the manufacturer for seeking some help in deciding the suitable Mobile Restroom depending upon your location and event.

Before ordering, calculate the number of guests invited and choose the size of your Mobile Restroom depending upon the attendees.

To make it durable and long-lasting, timely clean it, and get the servicing done on time.


FAQs of Mobile Restroom

  1. How to Secure the Straps of the Mobile Restroom?

To secure the straps of the Mobile Restroom, you can use the interlock feature available in many units.


  1. How much Time Before the Event Should you Place your Order for the Mobile Restroom?

You must place your order for the Mobile Restroom at least two days before the day your event will start.


  1. How can you Clean the Mobile Restroom Yourself?

You can clean the Mobile Restroom by simply following the given instructions and adding the chemicals carefully into the Mobile Restroom Trailer.


  1. Why Avoid Placing your Mobile Restroom on a Sandy Place?

It is always suggested to avoid placing your Mobile Restroom on a sandy or eroding surface as these surfaces can cause destabilization.


  1. How Wet Surface is not Suitable to Place your Mobile Restroom?

It is not suitable to place your Mobile Restroom over a damp or wet surface as it may lead to the tumbling of it.


  1. Why Should you Protect your Mobile Restroom from Curbs?

Curbs may be a source of a tripping hazard for the users of the Mobile Restroom, so they must be avoided.


  1. How to Protect your Mobile Restroom from Rain or Hail?

You can protect your Mobile Restroom from rain or hail by covering it with a tent.


  1. How can you Melt the Ice Around your Mobile Restroom?

You can melt the ice around your Mobile Restroom by adding some salt over it.


  1. Do you Need to Provide a Separate Water Connection to the Mobile Restroom?

No, the Mobile Restroom comes with a built-in water tank to accommodate sufficient fresh water for usage.


  1. Is it required to Connect your Mobile Restroom with the Main Hole?

Normally, it is not required to connect the Mobile Restroom to the main hole as it has its waste tank. However, if you use it for a longer time, you will have to connect it to the main hole.


  1. Is There Any Fear of Waste Tanks Overflowing in the Mobile Restroom?

No, there are safety measures ensured in the Mobile Restroom that prevent overflowing tanks.


  1. Is it Possible to Install the Mobile Restroom Over Grass?

Yes, it is possible to install the Mobile Restroom over the grass but make sure that the grass is flat and well-drained.


  1. What Happens When You Place the Mobile Restroom over an Uneven Ground?

Placing your Mobile Restroom on uneven ground can cause improper or decreased operation.


  1. How can you Save your Mobile Restroom from Heating Problems?

You can save your Mobile Restroom from heating problems by providing good ventilation for fresh air. You may also place it in a shady place away from sunlight.


  1. What Type of Waste Can you Add in the Dump Point of your Mobile Restroom?

You can only add waste from your Mobile Restroom to its dumping point. Make sure to not put waste materials from grease arrestors or septic tanks in it.


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