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  • Customize Configuration
  • Equipment or Consumables can Be Arranged upon Customers Request.
  • Trailer Materials is Hospital Grade
  • Climate-Controlled Interior Space
  • Exterior Wall Can Install Graphics with Customer’s Logo

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Sunnyda mobile surgical unit is a high quality medical product that can quickly arrive in disaster areas, conflict areas and hard to reach areas, to perform the surgical care. Sunnyda designs and manufactures state-of-the-art mobile surgical units to meet any requirement.

Our units offer medical grade, climate-controlled interior space, configurable precisely for your needs. Units include patient screening/reception area, gowning rooms, patient exam rooms, surgical scrub room, and fully-functional surgical suites, as well as, a physician office area, and secure surgical instrument, equipment, and pharmaceutical storage cabinets.

Sunnyda mobile surgical unit wall and ceiling is smooth fiberglass board, insulated by polyurethane foam. All surfaces, edges, corners, and joints that can be exposed to any fluid will be sealed. Which is easily cleaned. Flooring is hospital grade non-slip PVC floor, and subfloor is fiber cement board 18mm. Windows size, location, and quantity are open to customization, the door is in curbside with aluminum foldable step.

Sunnyda mobile surgical unit ceiling mounted LED light. Outside full set of trailer lights. And all the trailer chassis, axle, wheel, drawer are complete and robust higher than standard.

Sunnyda is your leading manufacturer of mobile surgical unit!

BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tankCustomized size, material 5mm PE
Waste tankCustomized size, material 8-9mm PE
WeightAccording to size, when water and waste tank is empty.
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingIn 40HQ, how many units in a 40HQ according to size
Delivery time30 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Sunnyda Mobile Surgical Unit

All necessary technical installations are delivered with the mobile surgical unit, like an internal water purification system, water storage, and energy supply through a generator. The generator is in mechanical room. The mobile surgical unit is fitted with medical equipment and consumables for a complete medical solution. Sunnyda mobile surgical unit developed a basic list of medicines and equipment to perform 2000 general surgeries. The configuration of the Sunnyda mobile surgical unit can be adjusted to fit local needs. Specific equipment or consumables can be arranged upon customer’s requests.

Sunyda mobile surgical unit are all mounted in a workshop, and all facilities, equipment, electrical and plumbing system would be tested before departure when received you can put it to use immediately.

Contact us today for more details and start to customize your mobile surgical unit.

Mobile Surgical Unit: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you’re going to learn how to import mobile surgical unit from China.

You will learn about the equipment, uses, cost, installation, waste management, and quality compliance among other critical aspects.

So, before you import or start a mobile surgical unit business, this is a must-read guide for you.

Keep reading:

What is a Mobile Surgical Unit?

Mobile surgical unit

Figure 1 Mobile surgical unit

Just as the name suggests, a mobile surgical unit is a facility on wheels.

It is designed as well as manufactured to avail on-site mobile surgical services.

It has a climate-controlled and beautifully designed interiors.

Mobile surgical units are designed by experienced engineers for comfort, efficiency, and spaciousness, and delivered fully operational.

The exteriors of mobile surgical units are modified with aesthetic additions to suit.

They can be painted in different colors and branded with client information.

Where is a Mobile Surgical Unit used?

You can use this equipment in the following key areas:

· Temporary Solution

A mobile surgical unit can be used to provide temporary surgical services when existing medical facilities are under renovation.

Similarly, this mobile facility can be used to provide additional room capacity for surgical services when there is a high demand in the conventional hospital’s operating rooms.

· Correctional Facilities

Mobile surgical units provide on-site surgical services to prisoners in correctional facilities. Typically, prison health facilities offer limited medical services.

Prisoners may not access essential surgical services; hence mobile on-site surgical services can be availed through the mobile surgical units.

· Humanitarian International Missions

In humanitarian situations, there are limited or poor health infrastructures to avail medical services to patients.

However, mobile surgical units can be set up in these areas and the staff provide surgical services to injured patients.

· Disasters

When disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, floods among others occur, health infrastructures are affected.

People who suffer injuries are, therefore, unable to access important medical services.

However, mobile surgical units can be deployed to these areas to provide on-site surgical services to the affected populations.

· Freestanding Ambulatory Surgery Center

There are some physicians who do private practice. While they have clients, the case volume is usually low.

Physician groups can, therefore, use these freestanding Ambulatory Surgery Centers to provide surgical services to their clients.

· Army

A mobile surgical unit and field hospitals can be set up in a battleground where soldiers suffer serious injuries.

· Remote Areas

This mobile surgical unit can travel to the most remote areas in the wheel.

You can take this facility to remote areas.

This allows the physicians to perform serious surgical treatment on significantly sick patients in a spacious and large mobile surgical unit.

What are the Features of a Mobile Surgical Unit?

  • Communication systems
  • Uninterruptible Power System
  • Are transportable by airplane, tractor, ship and train.
  • Redundant systems for communication, power, vacuum and water
  • Fire suppression
  • Medical vacuum/gas
  • Intrusion alarm
  • Set with handicapped accessible changing area/bathroom, entrance, nurses’ station, pre/post-operative area, spacious trauma operating room, as well as separate soiled and clean utility rooms.

What are the Benefits of a Mobile Surgical Unit?

Mobile surgical unit

Figure 2 Mobile surgical unit

· Rapid Set-up

Mobile surgery unit can be rapidly set up to enable fast delivery of patient services.

It can be set up in just 1 hour by a single person. If it is set up by 4 people, the whole process takes up just 20 minutes or less.

· Convenient

This facility can be integrated with an already existing health facility.

Mobile surgical units can be equipped with several cabinets to provide storage for medical equipment and supplies

It has easy to clean surfaces thereby providing excellent quality control.

· Adaptable

Mobile surgical units have a highly adaptable design which offers significant advantages when there are disaster or humanitarian-related relocation demands.

Each mobile surgical unit can be installed on a ground for permanent or semi-permanent use. Similarly, the structure can be parked on a place for either use.

· Flexibility

A mobile surgical unit can be easily deployed from one place to the other. It can be easily transported using a train, tractor, cargo ship, or airplane.

Since this facility is on wheels, it is highly maneuverable and mobile.

· Certified

Mobile surgery units are designed by experts and certified during and after manufacture.

The facilities are Joint Commission accreditable, CMS certified, and CE Certified among others.

· Versatile

A mobile surgical unit can be designed and manufactured with different layouts depending on the size as well as intended use of the structure.

This facility can similarly be deployed in multiple different types of vehicles and platforms.

In addition, it can be used to provide a wide range of services such as typical surgeries, image-guided surgery, robotic surgery and telemedicine services.

· Large Operating Space

Mobile surgical units have large surgical rooms for performing complex surgical procedures.

· Affordable

Typically, a mobile surgical unit is sold at competitive prices.

Mobile surgical units manufacturing companies face stiff competition in the market, hence they sell the structures at affordable prices to their clients.

Can you Rent Mobile Surgical Units?

Yes, you can.

You can rent mobile surgical units from suppliers in China or in your local areas.

Often, the facilities are marketed on the supplier website where you can access information on how to go about.

Among the included information are the rent cost, images of the mobile surgical unit as well as the contract information.

What are the Quality Standards that Mobile Surgical Units have to conform to?

Mobile surgical units must provide surgical treatment that fits American Standards of Care for an Ambulatory Surgery Center.

These structures have to be compliant to the American Healthcare Codes.

Also, mobile surgical units have to be Joint Commission Accredited.

Mobile surgical units should be state licensed.

For instance, if the facility is to be used in California, it has to be licensable in this state.

Mobile surgical units are formed to provide safe and clean Operating Suites that meet American standards of care for a Class C operating room.

The raw materials used to make the mobile surgical units have to be CE Certified.

Mobile workplace units must be compliant to the OSHA regulations. The owner of the facility must protect employees from any potential risks or hazards.

The electrical systems of mobile surgical units have to be compliant to the local codes. Lighting for this facility is usually 12V, but it adheres to the local standard.

How Long does it Take to Set-up a Mobile Surgical Unit?

Mobile surgical unit

Figure 3 Dental surgical unit

Even with this mobile surgical unit being specially designed and highly sophisticated, it can be set up in less than an hour by 1 person and ready to service patient populations.

However, if it is set up by 4 people, it only takes 20 minutes or less.

What is the Cost of a Mobile Surgical Unit?

The overall cost of a mobile surgical unit may include or exclude the shipping, installation, and production cost.

Even so, a mobile surgical unit is affordable.

The maintenance cost of this facility is equally low.

A mobile surgical unit costs around $5,000 to over $50000 depending on the size and type of equipment.

Are Mobile Surgical Units Fully Assembled at the Factory or On-site?

A mobile surgical unit is fully assembled at the factory and then shipped ready for use.

The surgical unit is mounted at the plant, and all the equipment, facilities, plumbing and electrical system are tested before shipping.

Once a user receives the structure, they are ready for use and are set up in a few minutes.

What are Materials used to make a mobile surgical unit?

The materials used to make mobile surgical units are hospital grade.

· Aluminum

The frame of the mobile surgical unit is made using Aluminum.

The frame of the doors is similarly made using this material.

· Fiber Glass Sandwich Panel

You need smooth Fiber glass board to make the ceilings and walls of the mobile surgical units. The fiber glass board is insulated by polyurethane foam.

· EPS Sandwich Panel

EPS Sandwich panel is used to make the walls of a mobile surgical unit.


The flooring of the mobile surgical unit is made using PVC material. This material is hospital grade as well as non-slip.

· Polyethylene (Plastic)

You need polyethylene material to make the waste and fresh water tank. From 5-9 mms of PE material is required.

What are the Components of a Mobile Surgical Unit?

A mobile surgical unit consists of the following:

Mobile surgical unit

Figure 4 Inside mobile surgical unit

Holding tanks which store portable black and grey water.

HEPA filtration system; this system has more than 20 air exchanges per hour. As such, it keeps the mobile surgical unit well ventilated.

Nurses call system; this is a special communication system which is done a central network. Nurses can easily communicate with one another over this network thus limiting the frequent movements and congestion in facility halls.

Air Conditioning; this is a machine used to cool the facility hence improving user comfort.

Medical gas systems; this machine produces medical gas which is used to treat patients in the facility.

Internal water purification system; this is a machine used to purify the water stored in the holding tanks before consumer use.

Generators; this equipment is stored in the mechanical room. Powered by diesel, generators provide a steady energy supply as well as back up energy.

What are the Consumables and Equipment Installed in a Mobile Surgical Unit?

Consumables are:

Consumables include medicines prescribed to patients who receive treatment at the facility.

Manufacturing companies make a list of such medicines and purchase them.

Medication becomes part of the mobile surgical unit that is sold to clients.

Equipment include:

· Surgical Operating Table

This is a table on which patients lie during surgical operations. You can access general surgical operating tables, imaging tables among others.

· Surgical Operating Light

Surgical operating light is a medical device used to illuminate the staff, operative site and the inside of the patient for ideal visualization during a surgical procedure.

· Medical Gases (Vacuum, Medical air, and O2).

This equipment is used to produce the medical gases that are used in the surgical operations in the mobile surgical unit.

· Crash Cart

A crash cart is a wheeled structure which is used to carry emergency equipment and medicine for use at site of surgical emergency to save patients’ lives.

· Scrub Sink

The mobile surgical unit’s scrub sink is made of steel. It is functions as the place for the operating room surgeons and OR staff to wash their arms and hands before a surgical procedure. Scrub sinks are essential to keeping the operating rooms operational, and important to the safety and health of the patients.

· Cabinets

Cabinets are mounted in the mobile surgical units to aid in storage of pharmaceutical and physician documents.

· Instrument Tables

This equipment is designed to hold several medical supplies and equipment.

Overall, all these equipment are needed to perform over 2000 general surgeries.

Are Mobile Surgical mobile Units Customizable?

Yes, they are.

You can customize the configuration of the mobile surgical units.

A standard mobile surgical unit has the following rooms:

  • Surgical scrub area
  • Physician office area
  • Fully-functional surgical units
  • Patient exam rooms
  • Gowning rooms
  • Reception/patient screening area
  • Pharmaceutical storage cabinets

However, a client makes their specifications on how to configure their mobile surgical units.

You can similarly customize aspects such as the size, shape, design and the equipment to be installed in a mobile surgical unit.

For instance, apart from being able to customize the overall size of a mobile surgical unit, you can customize the size of the holding water tanks.

You can customize a window, especially in regards to aspects such as the quantity, location and size.

Mobile surgical unit

Figure 5 Custom mobile surgical unit

How Big should Mobile Surgical Unit be?

There is no size limitation to a mobile surgical unit.

However, the standard largest size of this facility is 53M X 16M.

A client can give their size specification to engineers who make mobile surgical units that meet their needs.

What are Factors should you Consider when Making a Mobile Surgical Unit?

You should consider the following:

        i. Intended Use

The size, the layout and features of a mobile surgical unit will vary depending on the intended use.

Besides, the type of services offered at a mobile surgical unit which is integrated with an existing hospital differ from services offered in remote areas.

For instance, robotic surgery or telemedicine services may not be available in a mobile surgical unit stationed in remote areas.

While they are offered in a facility integrated with an existing structure.

      ii. Population

If you intend to provide on-site surgical services to a large population such as that of emergency relief or humanitarian missions, then you need a spacious mobile surgical unit.

The unit must accommodate not just the patient population but also the staff.

     iii. Location

Mobile surgical units can be used in places with very harsh climates.

In this case, they must be made using materials which provide these needed properties.

For instance, mobile surgical units made using steel are highly durable and strong.

What is the Waste Management in a Mobile Surgical Unit?

Mobile surgical units have holding tanks that store potable black and fresh water.

Once the staff use fresh water from the holding tanks, there is an outlet which directs the used water to a different tank limiting any potential water contaminations.

There are waste bins placed strategically within the mobile surgical unit.

These bins are labelled according to the waste thrown in them.

For instance, there is food waste bins, sharps bins and medical waste bins.

Sharp waste is often incinerated outside of the mobile surgical unit.

Further, food waste is thrown into landfills where it decomposes gradually.

Medical waste, on the other, hand is gathered and collected by the municipal solid waste companies or local garbage collection companies.

Mobile surgical unit

Figure 6 Surgery rooms with waste management bags

How does a Mobile Surgical Unit and a Conventional Surgical Unit compare?

Here are critical aspects you should consider:

1) Cost

A mobile surgical unit is cheap as compared to a conventional surgical unit.

The construction costs of a mobile surgical unit are lower as compared to that of brick and mortar surgical units.

Building a conventional surgical requires a lot of money not just to buy the materials for construction, but also to pay the labor costs.

Additionally, you have to pay for additional licensing costs as well as building permits to set up a conventional surgical unit.

Mobile surgical units take round half or less of the time taken to build a conventional surgical unit.

For instance, a mobile surgical unit may take around 6 months to build while a conventional surgical unit may take years to build and be ready for use.

2) Mobility

Since mobile surgical units are on wheels, they can be moved to places where they are needed.

If surgical services are needed in battlegrounds, mobile surgical units are deployed to such a place to provide services to soldiers who suffer casualties.

Conventional surgical units are static.

They cannot be moved from one place to the other once they are built on a specific ground.

3) Functionality

Both conventional and mobile surgical units offer on-site surgical treatments to patients.

Each of these facilities have the right equipment, consumables and staff to provide these services.

4) Self-contained

Mobile surgical units are self-contained creating medical gases, energy, disposing of waste and holding tanks for waste and fresh water.

Conventional surgical units also have some of these components especially holding tanks for fresh and waste water.

Should you Buy or Lease Mobile Surgical Unit?

You can either buy or lease a mobile surgical unit.

Whether you buy or lease depends on the following factors:

· Duration of Use

If you intend to use a mobile surgical unit for a long duration, it is better to buy a new one.

Although the initial cost may be high, it will not be as much that of leasing.

When you lease a mobile surgical unit for a long time, you end up paying more money than when buying a new one.

· Cost

A client can choose to either buy or lease a mobile surgical unit depending on the money they have.

If a client can pay the high initial cost of a mobile surgical unit, then they can buy a new one otherwise it is better to lease.

· Location

There are places where it is better to lease a mobile surgical unit rather than buying a new one.

For instance, there are places such as in war torn nations where there are high numbers of casualties.

In such places, there will be a high demand for surgical treatment services.

It is therefore better to buy a new surgical mobile unit are permanently install it in this place rather than lease.

· Additional Features

A mobile surgical unit with additional features will be costly.

However, you may still lease a mobile surgical unit with additional features at a higher cost.

It all depends on how much a client is willing to pay to have the facility.

· Intended Use

You can lease a mobile surgical unit if you intend to use it as a temporary solution.

For example, if an existing hospital has a high demand of surgical operations, they may use an additional mobile surgical unit for this period.

In this case, you would lease instead of buying a new facility.

However, if the mobile surgical unit is to be installed permanently in a place such as humanitarian mission then it is better to buy a new facility.

Why Buy Mobile Surgical Units from China?

Chinese manufacturing companies sell their mobile surgical units at affordable costs.

They are sold at lower costs due to the low costs of production and transport.

These companies, therefore, provide high quality mobile surgical units at affordable prices.

Chinese manufacturing companies have years’ experience manufacturing mobile surgical units. Besides, they employ professional and experienced engineers to design as well as manufacture the mobile surgical units.

Chinese manufacturing have been exporting mobile surgical units to several nations across the globe.

They supply Europe, America, Canada, Africa, Australia and New Zealand with mobile surgical units.

Additionally, they have more than 90% repeat orders meaning that they have client loyalty due to high quality facilities.

They can also support OEM clients. Whether you want mobile surgical units with special design features, or equipment, they are available in China.

What are the safety standards of mobile surgical units?

Mobile surgical units must have proper lighting systems to increase illumination in the facility. The most preferred lighting system is LED lights.

The facility has to be ADA Compliant. It has ramps that facilitate easy movement for people with disability.

Also, a mobile surgical unit has steps at the entrance to facilitate access to the facility.

In addition, mobile surgical units have fire alarm systems to help in possible suppression of fires.

At Sunnyda House, we design, fabricate and equip mobile surgical units according to your requirements.

So, if you want to start mobile surgical units or mobile hospital unit, our engineers are here to help.

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