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Sunnyda mobile toilet trailer comes in multiple sizes and specifications, featuring a fresh tank and waste tank. Trailer body material comes with two choices, which are luxury FRP and standard EPS sandwich panel.

Standard EPS sandwich panel make both surface steel, white figure appearance is the usual one with EPS insulation. This panel measure 1.15m wide per sheet therefore the wall is combined with few panel pieces. It differs from FRP panel since this makes wall one-piece, roof one-piece, also you can choose the ideal color of both, inside and outside surface.

Sunnyda mobile toilet trailer is fully assembled in the factory, fast construction assured. Container is built with functional and great features such as pipeline, solar panel system, cubicle, hand basin, and electrical system. It’s just that, electric system is installed according to the client’s local codes.

Further things and accessories can be installed as well, but it depends on you. Either add or delete items like hand dryer, holder, towel rack, mirror, and so on.

We can also be tailored made containers to make mobile toilets fit exactly on your local standards.

With that, Sunnyda is your no 1 source and manufacturer of mobile toilet trailer!

Mobile toilet trailer BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size2520(L) x 1300(W) x 2500(H)mm
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tank200L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank520L
WeightWeight: 800kg, when water and waste tank is empty.
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingLoading: Can mix load with other model, or 3 SUT01 mini in a 40HQ
Delivery time40 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Ultimate Guide to Mobile Toilet Trailer

Sunnyda mobile toilet trailer is fully-equipped with premium features. All of our trailers have entry and exit doors. If required, we can specially design it to meet your requirements and budget.

Mobile toilet trailer is also available in a single or double axle trailer. For loading, 40HQ can transport two mobile toilet trailers at a time but depends on container sizes. Also, due to container height, wheels must be dismantled during transportation and installed once arrived. It is simple and easy to do so.

Whether need for business or special project, you could give your customers/guests comfortable, clean, and privacy they need for every event. Make your next outdoor occasion perfect and elegant with fully-equipped sanitary solutions.

Sunnyda provides mobile toilet trailer at competitive prices. We proudly acclaimed that our products earn reputation in several international markets including Australia, Belgium, South America, Africa, and other countries. We built a long-term relationship with most of them. Any of our units leaves in the facility will surely exceed every customer expectation.

Sunnyda mobile toilet trailer can be used for weddings, construction sites, fundraising activity, gatherings, festivals, movie sets, and many more! We will provide a high-end mobile toilet trailer solution for all applications.

Since founded, our goal is to provide excellent service to each and every customer’ who chooses to rely on us. With professional and skilled employees, we guarantee you’ll get the best of products and services. All units will be strictly checked and tested before leaving.

Any questions or inquiries? Please feel free to contact us.


Mobile Toilet Trailer-An Ultimate Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

Outdoor events are very common nowadays to experience natural spaces and to make your events special. Sometimes organizing outdoor events take a bit more effort than indoor functions as it requires all facilities outdoor venue like Mobile toilet trailer.

Especially, when it comes to arranging logistics like the toilet facility. There may be some other toilet facilities but it wouldn’t be enough for all your honorable guests.

Whenever you think outdoor event organizing on remote location away from city lifestyles like deserts and beaches, the unavailability of toilet is the main issue everywhere.

Here comes the need for a Mobile Toilet Trailer. It is a type of portable toilet facility manufactured to fulfill the toilet requirements in your outdoor events or places where there is no toilet facility available.

If you are looking for the right Mobile Toilet Trailer for your applications then here is the ultimate buying guide to choosing the best one. Let’s start it.


1.What is a Mobile Toilet Trailer?
2.What are the Main Components of a Mobile Toilet Trailer?
3.What are the Common Accessories of a Mobile Toilet Trailer?
4.What is the Purpose of a Mobile Toilet Trailer?
5.What are the Main Features of a Mobile Toilet Trailer?
6.What are the Outstanding Benefits of Using a Mobile Toilet Trailer?
7.What are the Applications of the Mobile Toilet Trailer?
8.What are the Towing Requirements of a Mobile Toilet Trailer?
9.How to Dispose Waste from your Mobile Toilet Trailer?
10.What to Know About the Company When Purchasing a Mobile Toilet Trailer?
11.What Type of Mobile Toilet Trailer is best for Camping?
12.How to Connect a Mobile Toilet Trailer to a Sewer?
13.What Materials are used in the construction of a Mobile Toilet Trailer?
14.How to Pick a Suitable Mobile Toilet Trailer?
15.How to Increase the Lifespan of your Mobile Toilet Trailer?
16.What is the Function of Plumbing and Flushing Options in Mobile Toilet Trailer?


What is a Mobile Toilet Trailer?

A Mobile Toilet Trailer is a type of toilet facility that can be moved around in different locations with the help of a towing vehicle.

It can be used in various situations such as camping, outdoor weddings, and boats, etc. it is not attached to hole in the ground like normal toilets.

Similar to conventional toilets, it also flushes the wastage away. The waste from the Mobile Toilet Trailer is taken away into the holding tank beneath the seat.

The waste stays in the holding tank until it is emptied. You can use the different chemicals to reduce smell and germs.

The main benefit it gives to its users is its transportability as it is completely dependent on its own and can be taken anywhere.

The Mobile Toilet Trailer is made up of a fiberglass sandwich panel or a color bond sandwich panel. It may include additional appliances like an air conditioner, water heater, radiator, exhaust fan, sensor faucet hand basin, and a waste tank indicator.


What are the Main Components of a Mobile Toilet Trailer?

Different components of a Mobile Toilet Trailer include both chemical and physical parts. A polyethylene type sheet with extremely lightweight sheet plastic is used to build it.

There is a sewage system that is made up of holding tanks also known as septic tanks used to collect the waste products from it.

Some of its main components include

  • Toilet
  • Urinal
  • Sanitizer pump
  • Hand wash
  • Latching door
  • Sinks
  • Electrical system
  • Lights
  • Commode
  • Plumbing system
  • Air conditioning system
  • Staircase
  • Lights
  • Steps
  • Water tank
  • Waste tank
  • Mirror
  • Entrance /Exit door


What are the Common Accessories of a Mobile Toilet Trailer?

Some commonly used Mobile Toilet Trailer accessories are listed below:

  • Sink system
  • Mobile urinal
  • Nuts bolts and screws
  • Plugs and caps
  • Safety lights
  • Overhead steel sling
  • Overhead cable hoist
  • Antiseptic dispenser
  • Containment tray
  • Water Heater
  • Rivets and washers
  • Decals and plates
  • Filters
  • Bases and skids
  • Small parts bags
  • Hand Towel Dispenser
  • Headliners
  • Soap dispenser
  • Mist air freshener
  • Air conditioner
  • Lifting hoists
  • Toilet seat covers
  • Toilet tissue paper
  • Locks
  • Mini cupboard


What is the Purpose of a Mobile Toilet Trailer?

In a normal routine living, a toilet is an essential part of your house, office, institutions, or markets.

The toilets are the basic need of society but sometimes you have to travel for different purposes.

For example to attend any outdoor function, for outdoor film shooting movements of a military convoy or any other gathering of society.

You can fulfill the requirement of the toilet by using a Mobile Toilet Trailer. In ancient days open places were used for this purpose which harms the wildlife and causes adverse effects on the crops and produces bad smell, bacterial growth.

To avoid these shortcomings Mobile Toilet Trailer was introduced. These portable toilets you may carry with you during the journey and should be equipped with all the facilities available in your home toilet.

Mobile Toilet Trailer has been constructed adequately and can easily be fitted in the field.

You may tow it by using your journey truck or car.

You can purchase the Mobile Toilet Trailer, the manufacturer or supplier may be approached for this purpose.


What are the Main Features of a Mobile Toilet Trailer?

Due to the following features, Mobile Toilet Trailer is very popular now a day.

  • The Flush-able Mobile Toilet Trailer

Gives it a feel like an actual restroom.

  • Heating and Air Conditioning System

Keeps the temperature conducive inside it

  • Running Water Supply

It functions as an indoor toilet sink.

  • Recessed Light

It provides smooth and comfortable illumination which is essential for safety.

  • Large Size Mirror

 Add up the luxurious feel.

  • Wood Flooring

It provides the Mobile Toilet Trailer feels like a permanent toilet.

  • Solid Surface

It is very easy to clean and also provides an easy space for storage of personal belongings.

  • Available in Different Sizes

The Mobile Toilet Trailer is available in different sizes. It may contain a single toilet unit to many toilet units, so one can choose as per its use.


What are the Outstanding Benefits of Using a Mobile Toilet Trailer?

Following are the outstanding advantages of a Mobile Toilet Trailer.

  • It reduces the spread of waste on hands and clothing.
  • It improves the quality of cleanliness and sanitation.
  • Wastages are disposed of as per recommended rules and regulations.
  • Achieve water conservation.
  • The Mobile Toilet Trailer is portable. You can even tow a single unit by your car.
  • Generally, it is too small that children can jump up and down but you can select the size according to your needs.
  • The sink is also available in your Mobile Toilet Trailer you can wash your hand and face.
  • Reduces the spread of diseases that can be harmful to local wildlife and vegetation.
  • Odor can be controlled easily from spreading due to its sealed waste tank.
  • Nobody wants that other people use their restroom. So you may arrange a Mobile Toilet Trailer outside your house for guests.
  • You can accommodate several overnight guests by using a Mobile Toilet Trailer.


What are the Applications of the Mobile Toilet Trailer?

A Mobile Toilet Trailer is a convenient facility in situations where many attendees are involved. You can use it in different places based on sanitary availability and location.

Mostly it is found in areas like; commercial residences, outdoor wedding events, camping sites, parks, picnic points, corporate functions, and public festivals.

In short, it is required in locations with limited sanitary facilities for attendees. Moreover, It is also a need for places with no toilet at all.


What are the Towing Requirements of a Mobile Toilet Trailer?

When getting ready for towing the Mobile Toilet Trailer, don’t forget to inspect every part properly.

Some points are given below that may help you to prevent any accident while towing your portable toilet.

  • Check the tires of your Mobile Toilet Trailer to ensure there is enough air pressure inside.
  • The lug nuts on the wheels of the trailer and a towing vehicle must be tightened gently.
  • Ensure the preventive and corrective maintenance is updated.
  • Check for the oil and filter change of your towing vehicle as it puts extra stress on your vehicle.
  • Check for the engine coolant, filled properly in the reservoir.
  • Check and test the brakes of your Mobile Toilet Trailer.
  • Grease the bearings of the wheels properly.
  • Make sure that the size of the ball on your tow hitch is equal to the size of the coupler on your Mobile Toilet Trailer. If it is not sized properly then it may result in a severe accident.
  • Keep an extra tire, lug nut wrench, and a jack with you during your road trip.

These things help in case you need to change the tire during a traveling to help you not stuck on the road.

  • Hook up safety chains to the hitch in a crisscrossing manner. It will work as a double safety feature and form a cradle for the trailer tongue to fall.
  • Inspect the electric wiring connections to the towing vehicle. They must not be tightened so much that makes it difficult to take turns.
  • Check all the turn signals, running lights, and brake lights are working perfectly with your towing vehicle.
  • Select the right tow hitch for towing.
  • Go for tow mirrors if your Mobile Toilet Trailer is wider than your towing vehicle.
  • Choose a big fuel tank as towing takes more fuel.
  • Use wheel chocks as they are very helpful while removing the hooks from the towing vehicle.


How to Dispose Waste from your Mobile Toilet Trailer?

You cannot leave the waste from the Mobile Toilet Trailer anywhere. You need to dispose of it after your events.

You must know the proper and complete way of disposing of the waste without harming surroundings and water lives.

It is easy to dispose of the waste bags at gasoline stations near the site but it will be easier for you to dispose of the waste from your Mobile Toilet Trailer if you are using biodegradable bags.

You may also take them to the dump stations or another garbage bag and waste bin to empty

Free them from waste.

Before you use it again in greenery or any garden place, composted human waste must be disposed of properly. If you will not clear it properly it will grow dangerous bacteria.

It is a good idea to remove all the composed and decomposed waste from event sites instead of spreading it in garden areas.


What to Know About the Company When Purchasing a Mobile Toilet Trailer?

If you are considering for a well-known and top company to purchase Mobile Toilet Trailer, you must need to know about the following points.

  • The company must ensure the quality and reliability of its product.
  • It must be the one that does not compromise on the efficiency of their product.
  • The company must manufacture and supply a product that is easy to operate.
  • The company must provide different specifications of the product.
  • The manufacturer must provide optional and safety devices along with the Mobile Toilet Trailer.
  • The company must provide high-quality maintenance service.
  • The dealer of the company must have a vast range of products for selection.
  • The manufacturer must be available for servicing even after they install it.
  • Don’t forget to choose a budget-friendly company to purchase your Mobile Toilet Trailer.

You need to know about the permits and regulations for using a Mobile Toilet Trailer. These requirements are different for various states and countries.


Many countries and cities require permits for the use of Mobile Toilet Trailer in public areas and working sites for camping. These requirements vary by municipality and state.

However, there are no specific federal requirements for installing or using the product but still, some municipalities want you to get permits before using and placing portable toilet trailers in public sectors for camping.

You can ask the manufacturer and supplier of your Mobile Toilet Trailer about these permit requirements.


What Type of Mobile Toilet Trailer is best for Camping?

Campers spend lots of time traveling. Most all their camping locations have bathrooms and toilets but at some places, they need a Mobile Toilet Trailer.

The campers must consider the following points to choose the right Mobile Toilet Trailer for their camping events.

  • A very simple Portable Mobile Toilet Trailer is a good choice for hikers and campers who have to experience the harshness of exploring forests or mountains.
  • A self-contained unite is the comfortable choice for some campers.
  • To choose the best camping Mobile Toilet Trailer you need to determine its dimensions.
  • You can also customize it according to your needs during camping.
  • The sizing factor also matters while selecting it for your camping venue.
  • You can choose its optional accessories according to your needs.
  • Don’t forget about the time procedure of a Mobile Toilet Trailer for your camping adventure.
  • Choose the most convenient and lightest one to fulfill your travel means.
  • Check out a Mobile Toilet Trailer that fits your camping and adventure needs.
  • Ask the manufacturer about the quality of its main components.
  • After a complete feasibility study, you can have the best one.


How to Connect a Mobile Toilet Trailer to a Sewer?

A Mobile Toilet Trailer that is connected to a sewerage point is known as a sewer-connected portable toilet trailer.

In this type of portable toilet trailer, the waste is removed with the help of a sewerage network that services your toilet.

You can connect a Mobile Toilet Trailer to a sewer by just straightly adjusting it into the sewer. It is very useful for construction and heavy traffic sites.

It can attach to a sewer and a water supply and the waste from your Mobile Toilet Trailer will dispatch quickly.

It requires lower maintenance services than its other counterparts. You can simply practice maintenance on it on your own.

It has a water tank, flushing, and hand washing accessories. A sewer-connected Mobile Toilet Trailer is not good where there is no sewerage connection point.

A stand-alone Mobile Toilet Trailer is a good choice when you have no sewerage connection available near your application.

If you have access to a sewerage point then a sewer-connected Mobile Toilet Trailer plays its role efficiently with no maintenance cost.


What Materials are used in the construction of a Mobile Toilet Trailer?

The body of a Mobile Toilet Trailer may be constructed of materials sandwich panel and FRP (fiberglass reinforced panel).

Both materials are high quality and good for the construction of the Mobile Toilet Trailer. You need to know details about the construction material of your Mobile Toilet Trailer.

FRP (Fiberglas reinforced panel)

It is the most commonly used material for its manufacturing. FRP is very famous due to its powerful features.

It material contains some chemical properties that may affect the final product. It has high tensile strength, high temperature, durability, flexibility, lightweight, resistance to mildew, easy to use, and corrosion resistance.

These properties of FRP make it superior to others.

Sandwich Panel

Sandwich panel is a type of construction material that you can use in every part of the building. You can use it on floors and roofs as well as walls.

The sandwich panel is composed of non-combustible and combustible insulated materials.

The sandwich panel material it is expanded over polystyrene is combustible.


How to Pick a Suitable Mobile Toilet Trailer?

Choosing the right Mobile Toilet Trailer is another very important factor that you need to consider first while purchasing it.

Selecting the right one for your events and applications includes two main things to be noted.

Volume of Attendees

Having the right volume of a Mobile Toilet Trailer is the most basic and crucial step. The number of people in the event and the type of event can help you select the exact volume Mobile Toilet Trailer you are looking for.

You can choose less number of toilets for day time event but for night event it is essential to increase the number.


Mobile Toilet Trailer Style

The second and important thing is the style you require for your event. you can separately customize the male and female portions.

Properly customized design according to the needs of your event. It is going to give you a pleasant experience.

Mobile Toilet Trailer accessories can also be chosen according to what you need in it.

Don’t forget to take advice from experts and manufacturers in this regard.


How to Increase the Lifespan of your Mobile Toilet Trailer?

By practicing proper maintenance on your Mobile Toilet Trailer can increase its lifespan effectively.

If you purchased a Mobile Toilet Trailer, the suppliers or dealer will clean and maintain it as a part of the purchasing.

If you are going to purchase it, you need to know the following information that will help you to determine necessities.

  • Event type affects the number of units and service frequency.
  • The total number of attendees at your event will help you to determine the frequency of cleaning of your Mobile Toilet Trailer at any time.
  • The duration of the event also helps you to know that for how much time the Mobile Toilet Trailer will be in place to establish the routine the number of services.
  • Warm weather conditions require more fast services to control odor.
  • Create a complete maintenance and cleaning schedule.
  • Completely check out your Mobile Toilet Trailer for damage, leaks, and other issues.
  • All the waste must be disposed of in approved areas away from your site.

Cleaning Method to Increase the Life of a Mobile Toilet Trailer

A Mobile Toilet Trailer needs a proper cleaning service for a safe and sanitary setting. Different cleaning chemicals can be very helpful in this regard.

The cleaning chemicals that you will use to clean your Mobile Toilet Trailer must be disposed of along with the other waste.

Different manufacturers and suppliers suggested various products for cleaning purposes but those chemicals can affect our environment in a bad way that way they need to be disposed of away from the working site.

Those chemicals include Mobile Toilet Trailer deodorizes free from formaldehyde, non-caustic, non-flammable, citrus-based cleaning liquids.

You can use refills than aerosol cans to lessen propellants and disposable cans. In this way, you can enhance its life.


What is the Function of Plumbing and Flushing Options in Mobile Toilet Trailer?

Various models of a Mobile Toilet Trailer require disposal. Flushing and plumbing are necessary to remove waste.

Some options of plumbing and flushing that are highly recommended to transfer the waste material to the holding tank are as follow.

  • Combo Flush is used to combine the gray and fresh water to run the flush.
  • Freshwater flushing is used to pull clean water from the holding tank with the help of a pump or a handle.
  • The recirculating option recycles the dirty water from the sink that helps to flush out the wastage into the holding tank.
  • Another simple technique is to place the waste tank under the toilet.
  • You can use an electric power supply in Mobile Toilet Trailer. It needs an electrical outlet or a generator.
  • You can use foot and hand options to pull out the fresh water from the holding tank.



After reading this all-inclusive buying guide about Mobile Toilet Trailers you must be capable of choosing the right product for you, whether you want to purchase it for a long time.

After purchasing the unit you need to organize and maintain it properly to increase its lifespan.

The vendor may provide a free servicing facility for few weeks after purchasing.

After you use it for your events, don’t forget to dispose of your Mobile Toilet Trailer as it may harm living organisms.

All units of Mobile Toilet Trailers come up with essential accessories like sanitizers, washing chemicals, soaps, towels, and toilet paper, etc.

You must have proper knowledge about towing it safely with your vehicle to prevent any serious accident.


FAQs of Mobile Toilet Trailer.

  1. What should be the Frequency of Servicing for your Mobile Toilet Trailer?

The manufacturer should provide free service once a week. These services include keeping the unit completely stocked, cleaned, and sanitized.

If the user needs this service twice or thrice in a week the vendor may charge the fee.


  1. How can you remove the Odors and Bacteria in your Mobile Toilet Trailer? 

For this purpose, the holding tank must be cleaned properly and then sanitized.

This cleaning and washing are carried out by some special detergent and soap which will not only act as sanitizer but also deodorizer to smell good and minimize the growth of bacteria.


  1. What Size of Mobile Toilet Trailer fulfills your Requirements?

The Mobile Toilet Trailers are available from a single unit to many units you have to calculate the requirements of the toilet unit as per the number of users and time duration in the field.


  1. What Accessories a Standard Mobile Toilet Trailer should have?
  • Freshwater flushing system.
  • Internal hands wash or sink.
  • Urinal
  • Light
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Mirror
  • Some methods of ventilation.
  • Fragrance enhancers.


  1. Where can you Place a Mobile Toilet Trailer?

To choose the location of your Mobile Toilet Trailer keeps the following points in your mind.

  • The place should be in reach of the delivery truck.
  • The place should be level.
  • Should be within easy reach of the consumer.
  • The place should be with sufficient light.


  1. Is there any Legal Requirement to Install a Mobile Toilet Trailer?

Yes, the legal requirement is that the mobile toilets must be installed at an appropriate distance from catering areas.


  1. Do the Mobile Toilet Trailer Produces Smell?

No, it does not produce smell because its waste tank is completely sealed so that the smell cannot be an escape; besides this automatic air fresheners and fragrance may be used for this purpose.


  1. Can you install the Mobile Toilet Trailer on the Grassy Field?

Yes, it can be installed in a grassy field provided that the grass is well-drained and flat enough.


  1. When does your Mobile Toilet Trailer require to be installed?

The Mobile Toilet Trailer must be installed at least two days before the commencement of your program or function.


  1. What should be the Capacity of the Waste Tank in the Mobile Toilet Trailer?

The waste tank should have sufficient capacity so that it would not overflow so while purchasing must consider this point.


  1. Do the availability of Fresh Water Supply is Essential for your Mobile Toilet Trailer?

Some Mobile Toilet Trailer is supplied with freshwater storage, and some do not have enough freshwater storage capacity.

So you may choose one as per your availability of freshwater supply at the site.


  1. What is a Luxury Mobile Toilet Trailer?

This type of toilet has some special types of fittings of water tapes, flushing system, and other extra facilities. This type of Mobile Toilet Trailer has two separate entrances for ladies and gents.


  1. Where does Waste go after it is Pumped Out?

When the waste tank is filled the wastage is pumped out and it is disposed of properly as per rule and regulations, prescribed in the sanitization manual.


  1. What Consideration should be made when purchasing a Mobile Toilet Trailer?

When you are going to buy a Mobile Toilet Trailer, keep the following points in your consideration.

  • Duration of event.
  • Expected peoples attending the event.
  • Male and female attendee percentage.
  • What are weather conditions?
  • Acceptable wait time.
  • Will cold drinks be served at the event?


  1. What Special Arrangements can be made in Mobile Toilet Trailer?

Special arrangements should be made to accommodate patients and disable peoples.


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