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  • Exterior Wall Can Install Graphics with Customer’s Logo

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We can help design and build the perfect mobile veterinary clinic for your growing practice. Whether you a full service clinic, just focused on a specialty, or perform preventive health exams, Sunnyda mobile veterinary trailer has a number of state-of-the art options for your mobile veterinary practice.

Sunnyda mobile veterinary trailers are less cost upfront than the full drivable clinic if you already own a vehicle that is able to tow it. We also offer a separate surgery suite for your convenience.

Your Sunnyda representative will consult with you throughout the entire build process to customize your trailer for the unique needs of your veterinary practice. The mobile veterinary trailer can include a wide variety of equipment options and upgraded features.

For example: Hematology analyzer, blood biochemistry analyzer, total urine analyzer, hematuria ion analyzer, blood gas analyzer, blood cell counter, microscope, refrigerator, centrifuge, clean bench, bacteria & fungus & virus separation and culture facility, ophthalmoscope, otoscope, ECG, X-ray unit and fluoroscopy, B-ultrasound, gastroscope, colonoscope, arthroscope,

Sunnyda is your leading manufacturer of mobile veterinary trailer!

BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel– Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tankCustomized size, material 5mm PE
Waste tankCustomized size, material 8-9mm PE
WeightAccording to size, when water and waste tank is empty.
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingIn 40HQ, how many units in a 40HQ according to size
Delivery time30 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
Sunnyda Support Your Business

Sunny Mobile Veterinary Trailer

Sunnyda mobile veterinary trailer makes exam and treatment area, beauty area, operating room, very important keep whole trailer in good ventilation, and the operating room is aseptic.

Sunnyda mobile veterinary trailer wall and ceiling is smooth fiber glass board, insulated by polyurethane foam. All surfaces, edges, corners, and joints that can be exposed to any fluid will be sealed. Which is easy cleaned. Flooring is hospital grade non-slip PVC floor, and subfloor is fiber cement board 18mm. Windows size, location and quantity is open to customization, door is in curbside with aluminum foldable step.

Sunnyda mobile veterinary trailer uses ceiling mounted LED light. Outside full set of trailer lights. And all the trailer chassis, axle, wheel, drawer are completely under your country standard. Sunnyda exported to US, EU countries, AU, Canada and many other countries. Certified with CE, DOT, WMI.

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Mobile Veterinary Trailer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today’s guide answers all questions you may have about mobile veterinary trailers.

Whether you want to learn about services, benefits, features, size, quality control and waste management, amongst others.

Take a look:

What is Mobile Veterinary Trailer?

Mobile veterinary trailer

Figure 1 Mobile veterinary trailer

It is a flexible type of veterinary trailer that offers veterinary services to animals.

They have an advantage over traditional veterinary trailers since you can move them from one location to another.

Mobile veterinary trailers can either be on a truck, a trailer, or even a van offering a wide range of veterinary services.

Which Services can you offer in Mobile Veterinary Clinic?

Among the services that you will get in a mobile veterinary clinic include:

  • Mobile veterinary surgery services
  • Disease control and treatment service
  • X-ray and laboratory services
  • Artificial insemination service
  • Dental cleaning services
  • Animal micro-chipping services etc.
  • Veterinary animal grooming services.

What are the Benefits of Mobile Veterinary Trailer?

The key benefits of a mobile veterinary trailer are:

mobile veterinary trailer

Figure 2 Veterinary trailer

· Accessibility

A mobile veterinary trailer is easily accessible to animals that need medical treatments.

They are simple and unique.

Meaning one does not spend a lot of time identifying and accessing them.

Your pet can get maximum treatment by visiting these mobile clinics since they have everything you need.

· Cost

A mobile veterinary trailer has a significantly lower cost when you compare to a traditional veterinary center.

For instance, the construction cost is lower than in conventional veterinary centers.

They have a lower operating cost since they are easily accessible. This translates to the low cost of medical treatment for your animals.

· Flexibility

The movement of a mobile veterinary trailer allows for its versatility in terms of usage.

You can easily use it in remote areas where access to veterinary services is impossible

Are there Disadvantages of Mobile Veterinary Clinic?

The initial cost of purchasing a mobile veterinary clinic is relatively high.

This requires prior investment which can be a challenge if it is an emergency.

You have to hire a professional to operate the clinic. For instance, those offering mobile veterinary surgery services should be qualified veterinary surgeons.

This can be a challenge in areas where such workers are limited.There is a need for ample space to install and operate such a clinic.

This is a challenge in urban centers where such space may not be available, and if it is there, it is expensive to hire.

Why Import Mobile Veterinary Supplies from China?

Importing mobile veterinary supplies from China offers a wide range of benefits, including:

· Affordable Mobile Veterinary Clinics in China

The overall importation cost of your mobile veterinary supplies from China is lower. This consists of the manufacturing cost and the importation tax.

This implies high-profit margins if you are purchasing them for resale. If you are buying for your use, you will save a lot.

· Quality Mobile Veterinary Supplies

Most manufacturers in China tend to manufacture quality mobile veterinary supplies that meet internationally recognized standards.

This is due to the high competition amongst the manufacturers.

Quality mobile veterinary supplies give you quality service with a guaranteed warranty.

· Timely Delivery

Most Chinese manufacturers adhere to the production time for their mobile veterinary supplies.

You, therefore, have an assurance of the delivery of your mobile veterinary supplies within the time you agreed with your manufacturer.

You can, therefore, plan as you wait for your mobile veterinary supplies.

· Wide Range of Manufacturers

There are different manufacturers available in China for your mobile veterinary supplies.

This gives you a wide range of manufacturers to choose to select.

This allows you to negotiate with the different manufacturers for the best price and necessary specifications.

Which Equipment are in Mobile Vet Truck?

The type of equipment you find in a mobile vet truck depends on its design and function. Standard equipment includes:

Mobile veterinary trailer

Figure 3 Inside mobile veterinary trailer

  • Veterinary anesthesia
  • Veterinary otoscope
  • Veterinary thermometer
  • Veterinary monitors
  • Autoclaves and sterilizer
  • Equine equipment
  • MRI equipment
  • CT scanners
  • X-ray Imaging equipment
  • Defibrillators
  • Infusion pumps
  • Grooming
  • Respiratory ventilators etc.

What are the Features of a Mobile Veterinary Trailer?

The main features of a mobile veterinary trailer are:

· Ventilation

Ventilation features allow for proper air circulation. This ensures clean air for animals seeking vet services.

Fresh air is also useful as it offers the required environment for proper drug and medical storage.

· Material

The fabrication of a mobile veterinary clinicuses durable and eco-friendly materials.

Such material should be able to withstand various adverse conditions such as rain and high temperature.

An example of this material is aluminum, which forms the outer part of the mobile veterinary clinic. Remember, this material should be soundproof.

A soundproof material helps in minimizing outside sound interference, thus offering a conducive medical environment.

An insulation material helps in the regulation of temperature, which is essential for its proper working.

· Accessibility

Proper accessibility should ensure the is entry and exit to the mobile veterinary clinic. This feature should put into consideration the size of the animals coming for treatment.

Where possible, you need to install rails and sloppy steps on your mobile veterinary clinic.

· Security System

The security system is a critical feature that you should consider.

Such a system should track all the activities within and in the surrounding of the mobile veterinary clinic.

You can have CCTV cameras at strategic points and also consider hiring a security guard to guard the entrance of the mobile veterinarytrailer.

How does New and Used Mobile Veterinary Vane for Sale Compare?

The equipment present in a new mobile veterinary van for sale are new and, in most cases, have a warranty attached to them.

Used mobile veterinary vane equipment regularly requires servicing.

The price of a new mobile veterinary vane for sale is higher when you compare to a used one.

The lifespan of a used mobile veterinary vane is shorter than that of a new one.

You can easily customize a new mobile veterinary vane for sale when you compare it to a used mobile vet truck.

Is there Size Limitation for Mobile Veterinary Trailer?

No. mobile veterinary trailers do not have size limitations.

However, there are common sizes that you can get in the market. They include 17 FT, 20FT, 40FT, 30FT and 53FT.

Moreover, you can easily customize your mobile veterinary trailer to the size that you want.

How do you Customize Mobile Veterinary Clinic?

Mobile veterinary design

Figure 4 Mobile veterinary design

Customizing a mobile veterinary clinic depends on the functions you want it to serve and the final outlook.

Current trends in mobile veterinary clinics are also a factor to consider.

For instance, you may consider portioning your veterinary trailer to have spacious rooms.

These rooms should accommodate different animal sizes.

You might consider painting the walls with natural colors that reflect the different background settings of the animals.

Such paintings have a relaxing effect on the animals during the treatment process.

Music also has a relaxation effect on animals. You might consider installing soothing music on your mobile veterinary clinic.

You can consider having washrooms for those bringing their pets for veterinary services. Customize your mobile veterinary clinic by having drugs and medicine section.

Customization of the security system within the mobile veterinary trailer is also critical.

Here, you can have a customized security system for the opening of the individual doors for the pets.

You can also have CCTV cameras to help in monitoring the movements of pets seeking accommodation in your trailer.

This gives an assurance of safety for those living their animals there for veterinary services.

What are the Quality Standards for Mobile Veterinary Trailer?

The primary quality standards for a mobile veterinary trailer are:

How much does Mobile Veterinary Clinic Cost?

Different factors affect the cost of your mobile veterinary clinic.

For instance, different manufacturers offer different prices for their clinics.

This implies you have to check at their different prices and bargain for the best price.

The design and type of equipment also influence the cost of your veterinary clinic.

A mobile veterinary trailer with complex designs and different equipment costs more when you compare to a simple design.

The cost of the individual equipment is responsible for this increase.

The more the functions that a particular mobile veterinary clinic offers, the higher the cost.

For instance, one whose functions include Mobile veterinary surgery services is expensive than that which offers veterinary drugs only.

The number of amenities available also influences the price of your mobile veterinary clinic.

Such facilities may include massage therapies for your animals and cool musical background.

This costs you more when you compare to one that lacks amenities.

How can you Maintain Mobile Veterinary Clinic?

The maintenance procedure for mobile veterinary clinics is relatively easier. Cleanliness is critical when dealing with these clinics.

You, therefore, have to clean using water and a disinfectant every day and, if possible, at intervals during the day.

You have to check on any equipment that is not functioning and replace or repair it.

Given the sensitivity of animals, you must spray regularly. This kills any form of pest that may threaten the lives of animals.

For an effective movement of your clinic, check all the moving parts and its carrier. The carrier can be a truck or a trailer.

You need to lubricate the moving parts and ensure the moving parts are in good condition. Service your trailer or truck for the effective relocation of your mobile veterinary clinic.

How do you Power Mobile Veterinary Trailer?

Reliable power is essential for the proper operation of your mobile veterinary clinic. The main sources of electricity are:

Mobile veterinary trailer

Figure 5 Mobile veterinary clinic

·  Solar Energy

Solar energy offers a clean and reliable source of energy for your mobile veterinary trailer.

It works effectively in areas with adequate sunlight, such as in tropical climatic environments.

The use of this power source does not produce noise, which is beneficial to the working environment.

Furthermore, it is relatively cheaper when you compare to other sources of power

However, solar energy is limited to its use since you cannot use it in regions without enough sunlight.

Your manufacturer can install the solar panels on top or let them act as your windows.

· Power Generators

Power generators use fuel as the source of energy to power your mobile veterinary clinic.

They are a common source of power due to their availability.

However, they produce noise during operation, which is irritating to the environment. It also requires enough space for installation.

This may pose a challenge, especially when you have a small mobile veterinary clinic.

A generator also increases its overall weight, which reduces its mobility efficiency.

Its efficiency depends on the availability of fuel to power it up. Your manufacturer can install a power generator on the body chassis of your mobile veterinary clinic.

Do Mobile Veterinary Trailers require Licenses?


Mobile veterinary trailers should have licenses before they start operating.

The type of licenses differs depending on the area of operation.

Such permits include the purchasing license of the trailer, licenses from the health and agricultural departments.

Also, those operating the mobile veterinary trailers should have the necessary licenses before they run it.

These licenses are mainly from statutory bodies within a given area.

What is the best way of Managing Waste in a Mobile Veterinary Trailer?

The best way of waste management in a mobile veterinary trailer depends on the type of waste.

There are two types of waste that you will find in these clinics.

Recyclable wastes are those that can be treated and, through proper manufacturing processes, produce other products. Such wastes are non-infectious.

For proper disposal of these wastes, you need to contact a reputable waste recycling company. The other type of waste is a non-recyclable waste.

These wastes include used needles and syringes, used cotton wools, lab samples, and any blood-stained item. You can dispose of such waste by either burying or burning them.

Proper burial involves digging a pit-latrine size hole and burying such waste there.

If you consider burning, you have to do it at a designated area to reduce the risk of inhaling the fumes.

However, regardless of the type of waste, there is a need for those handing such waste should wear the necessary protective gear. These include gloves and proper masks.

Clearly, there are quite a number of things you should consider before importing mobile veterinary trailer from China.

However, analyzing certain specifications may be overwhelming.

That’s why Sunnyda team is here to help. Contact us now for cost competitive and custom mobile veterinary trailer.

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