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Sunnyda modular container houses are rendering cost-effective. It can enable you to save up on the required installation supplies and the operation cost that you would otherwise demand to shoulder if you establish a conventional office onsite.

Our modular container house helps you conserve extra particularly if you simply want a great office on the job place compared to building a strong office.

Sunnyda becomes a trained manufacturer rendering excellent modular container house solutions in China. We are looking ahead to going with you in the coming future.

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120ft DimensionExternal Size(mm)6058(L)×2438(W)×2791(H)
Internal Size(mm)5888(L)×2225(W)×2471(H)
Roof typeFlat roof with slightly slope. Roof drainage system
Floors allowed≤ 3 floors
2Design specificationLift span20 years
Floor live load2.5 KN/m²
Roof live load1.0 KN/m²
Wind load1.16 KN/m²
Seismic proof grade8 grade
3StructureColumnGalvanized cold roll steel, thk 3.0mm, Q235B
Primary roof beamGalvanized cold roll steel, thk 3.0mm, Q235B
Secondary roof beamCold roll C steel, thk 1.5mm, Q235B
Primary floor beamGalvanized cold roll steel, thk 4.0mm, Q235B
Secondary floor beamGalvanized cold roll steel, thk 2.0mm, Q235B
Paint40μm epoxy zinc rich primer, 50μm chlorinated rubber topcoat
Maximum temperature500°C
ColorAny RAL color
4RoofRoof boarding0.5mm PPGI steel sheet, white grey
Insulation50mm mineral wool, 60kg/m3, fire rating A, non-inflammable
Ceiling50mm EPS sandwich panel (0.4mm PPGI/50mm EPS/0.4mm PPGI)
Or rock wool
5FloorFlooring2.0mm PVC flooring,
Sub-floor18mm fiber cement, density≥ 1.3g/cm3
Insulation(optional)75mm rockwool, 60kg/m3, fire rating A, non-inflammable
Base plate0.5mm PPGI steel sheet, white grey
6Wall panelsThickness60mm EPS sandwich panel, 0.4mm PPGI/60mm EPS/0.4mm PPGI, PE paint
Color white
Insulation12kg/m3 EPS,
Option60mm rock wool sandwich panel, insulation 100kg/m3 rock wool, A grade fire rating, non-inflammable
(CE certificate)
Insulation40mm rock wool
MaterialAluminum frame sandwich panel door
Qty1 pc
8Window with rolling shutter
(CE certificate)
Frame materialUPVC
GlassDouble glazed toughened glass, 5+9A+5mm
Qty1 pc
9ElectricityElectricity SystemDifferent electrical standards to match with most countries in the world; such as CE, UL, CSA, AS, 220~250V
Electricity wireInput wire 4mm2, stand type A/C wire 4mm2, wall type A/C wire 2.5mm2, switch 1.5mm2
SocketFit for local standard, 3 pcs
Switch1 pc
LED lightDouble 1200mm LED light, 2 pcs
10Plumbing System (Option)Clean WaterΦ20mm PPR
Waste waterΦ50mm&Φ110mm UPVC
11Insulation test resultFloorThickness=80mm, U=0.25 W/m² K
RoofThickness=75mm, U=0.32 W/m² K
Wall panelThickness= 60mm,U=0.59 W/m² K
WindowThickness= 5/9/5mm,U=1.4 W/m² K
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Ultimate Guide to Modular Container House

Sunnyda is an expert modular container house manufacturer in China. Our planners can implement a one-stop solution and a leading modular container house. At Sunnyda, we can create and manufactured modular container houses to satisfy your special and unique requirements.

Producing a Sunnyda modular container house presents it an extra favorable workplace for workers. Modular container houses are examined as a peaceful and convenient workplace. This is fabricated achievable by their customized object.

If you aspire to have an extra environmentally pleasant opportunity for your workplace, a modular container house could accommodate you with sustainable substances that maintain a reliable and trustworthy container house. Sunnyda can accommodate you with the most suitable kind of modular container house.

Sunnyda is your one-stop modular container house, explication provider. We have over 10 years of experience as a modular container house manufacturer in China and we produce complete ahead product testing stuff just to give assured that all our clients receive excellence and satisfying modular container house.

We, Sunnyda can provide trained customization assistance according to your specific specifications. We have different global certifications, including CE, BV, SGS, ISO9001 certification.

Whether you want a modular container house for a building section, foundation center, business office, or organizational meeting place, these high-quality units could be comprehensive for your business. We can endeavor these at an affordable and approachable price.

There is a range of various sizes and arrangements for modular container house. Thus, it can be custom-made to clients’ detachment, particularly when it comes to granting utilization of the spaces.

Whether they want temporary, for constant application or special occasions, Sunnyda can implement the accurate solution to achieve your project’s demands. We can manage all your modular container house needs.

Learn more about Sunnyda modular container house, get in touch with us. You can call or email us, or you could visit our warehouse. We excitedly welcome and entertain you.

Sunnyda is your leading modular container house manufacturer!

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