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Sunnyda nice porta potties come and vary in sizes (L, W, H, and total length). These units feature an HDPE-made fresh tank and waste tank.

Nice porta potties can be assembled in different materials. There are two options for the body – standard EPS sandwich panel and luxury FRP.

Plus, additional accessories and fixtures can be affixed to improve restroom experience. That includes an LED lighting system, Air conditioner, Mirror, Tap and Sink, Hand paper towel dispenser, and so on.

This equipment brings a glorious feeling and elegant look at any specific and special events. When used for Weddings, Construction sites, Sport events, Camping sites, Corporate meetings, Rescue operations, Trade fairs and shows, or any occasions, Sunnyda got you covered.

Additionally, we can help you design nice porta potties based on your ideas. With the help of a professional and knowledgeable team, unique and innovative containers coming up to you.

Sunnyda is your premier nice porta potties manufacturer!

Nice Porta Potties BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size3700(L) x 1700(W) x 2500(H) mm
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tank450L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank1000L
Weight1240kg, when water and waste tank is empty
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingCan mix load with other model, or 2 SUT01 in a 40HQini in a 40HQ
Delivery time40 days
Electricallighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
Sunnyda Support Your Business

Ultimate Guide to Nice Porta Potties

Nice porta potties have the capacity to accommodate the number of guests and individuals. Other essential accessories can be connected to the unit. Towel rack, mirror, paper holder, and hand dryer are some of the items that can be attached.

But, the choice is still yours. If you want to add special items or remove them, you are free to do so.

Sunnyda nice porta potties completely comply with different area quality standards. CE, DOT, VIN, CCC, ISO/TC 86, ISO 14001:2015, BSI is some of the following standards the unit met.

Nice porta potties are completely constructed and installed at the factory. Over the years, we are exporting such products to Australia, United States, Canada, Belgium, and other European countries and regions.

Let Sunnyda design your next business project. We warmly welcome you to visit our factory, or email/ call us. Our professional and customer-friendly sales team will accommodate you. We guarantee 24/7 sales and technical support.

Sunnyda is your premier nice porta potties manufacturer in China!


1.What are Nice Porta Potties?
2.What Event Do you use Nice Porta Potties for?
3.How do Nice Porta Potties Work?
4.What Chemicals are used in Constructions of Nice Porta Potties?
5.What are the Advantages of Purchasing Nice Porta Potties?
6.What are the Important Factors that a Nice Porta Potties Rental Business Owner should Consider when Buying Nice Porta Potties from a Manufacturer?
7.What Things to Consider when Buying Nice Porta Potties?
8.What are the Types of Nice Porta Potties you can Buy?
9.How to Choose Suitable Nice Porta Potties?
10.What are the Unique Features that make a Nice Porta Potties the Most Reliable option for Outdoor Job Sites?
11.What are the Advanced Flushing and Plumbing Options in Nice Porta Potties?
12.What are the Common Problems that you may face with your Nice Porta Potties and how do you solve them?
13.How to Determine a Perfect Location for Installation of your Nice Porta Potties?
14.How to Choose the Right Manufacturer for your Nice Porta Potties?

Nice Porta Potties-An Ultimate Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

For outdoor events, your location might not have proper bathroom facilities for your attendees and guests.

There are a variety of different types of Nice Porta Potties available today— some of which are almost as rudimentary as the original porta potties while others are fully established luxury restrooms.

These Nice Porta Potties are made out of plastic as well as metal equipped with air conditioning, heating, sinks, running water, lighting, countertops, and vinyl flooring.

Nice Porta Potties are easy to use, easy to clean, easy to transport. You can take them anywhere the road leads you to.

Solve this problem by purchasing Nice Porta Potties. They are the ideal solution for outdoor occasions of all types!

Let’s know more about it.


1. What are Nice Porta Potties?

A Nice Porta Potties are lightweight, easily moveable, and transportable restrooms that don’t require any sewage disposal system.

They are unique and a viable solution to all toilet problems.

You need a proper restroom at different festivals, outdoor events, camping, or on boats because you can’t just run a garden hose over a crowded city sidewalk for toilet.

Nice Porta Potties are portable restrooms that provide you the facilities of toilet anywhere you need.

Yet, high-end city events need fancy and Nice Porta Potties – this era demands it!


2. What Event do you use Nice Porta Potties for?

Nice Porta Potties are essential for large outdoor gatherings having a large number of people.

Concerts and supporting activities and events have thousands of people who require access to the restroom.

Public restrooms are not always available in such a huge number. In these circumstances, portable Nice Porta Potties are the best option for everyone.

Nice Porta Potties are used in festivals, construction sites, wedding ceremonies, concerts, and backyard parties.

Most probably used in interactive events where hygiene is required and they are highly preferred by parents with kids.

Highly recommended and preferred for construction projects in high-rise buildings, office, shop buildings, and other vertical construction areas because of their tremendous impact on your business and worksite.

While they don’t seem to be a good fit for wedding events because of their plain simple outlook, you can dress them up to better fit the occasion.

They are the most reliable option for large construction companies having large numbers of employees and workers.

You can use them in traveling to different places while camping and other activities.


3. How do Nice Porta Potties Work?

The Nice Porta Potties have a simple and easy-to-understand working method. It operates in a quite conventional manner with advanced features.

The main components of Nice Porta Potties are

  • Toilet seat
  • Holding Tank
  • Flushing mechanism
  • Pressure system

The Nice Porta Potties flushes and carries away the human waste almost in a conventional way but the Waste is not transferred into the ground instead it is transported smoothly into the huge holding tank.

The capacity of a holding tank varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Generally, most of the Nice Porta Potties have holding tanks with a minimum capacity of 60 gallons.

Inside this holding tank, some highly efficient and environment-friendly chemicals are used to break down solid human waste.

These chemicals kill germs, reduce smell, and save a lot of water.

Nice Porta Potties is a highly effective solution for areas having water shortages.

Some Nice Porta Potties use water and some use chemicals to flush out the waste from the holding tank.

The holding tank has compartments to hold chemicals and waste therefore you don’t need any draining or water supply system.

It makes your life easier and better.

The flusher functions by hand or foot. The pump flush system creates pressure which circulates the water or chemicals contained within the tank through a pipe to be transported to the toilet pan.


4. What Chemicals are used in Constructions of Nice Porta Potties?

Different manufacturers use different types of chemicals and products to build Nice Porta Potties. But some chemicals serve as the basic chemicals in its construction.

  • Water
  • Fragrance
  • Dye usually blue is widely used
  • Surfactants
  • Biocides and enzymes

The Nice Porta Potties use dye to change the color of a substance where it is applied.

Dyes are used not only to give your Nice Porta Potties look fancy but also to make it reliable to feel comfortable.

Besides dye, fragrances are used to reduce foul smell.

Nobody likes the irritating and foul smell. Fragrances are used to make sure the suitable fresh environment is inside restrooms.

Bubblegum and cherry are the most commonly used fragrance by the top leading manufacturers of Nice Porta-Potties whereas some manufacturers have a variety of custom fragrances for you.

Surfactants are placed in the concoction also help the fragrances effectively dissolve in water.

This advanced technology helps the fragrance to spread in the unit more efficiently and uniformly.

The Nice Porta Potties use biocides and enzymes, these substances are the microorganism that is used to destroy waste.

They are harmless and they destroy other harmful and undesirable microorganisms in biological means.

Enzymes are the substances that act as a catalyst for a chemical process that speeds up the process.

A combination of biocides and enzymes feed on odor-causing bacteria in human waste at the speed of two times faster than an ordinary decomposition process. In this way disposal of waste material becomes easier.


5. What are the Advantages of Purchasing Nice Porta Potties?

There are several advantages of purchasing Nice Porta Potties as they allow your attendees and guests to enjoy their time at a specific event.

Nice Porta Potties save a considerable amount of time for your attendee and guests.

You can’t afford several people crowding around a single restroom for toilet service.

It doesn’t consume much time to install several units at different locations for maximum efficiency.

Another benefit of using Nice Porta Potties on an occasion is that it preserves your environment. It keeps your event location clean, shows positive aspects of your management, and reflects you understand your social responsibilities.

For a small or large event, you are going to need a restroom service to keep things going well.

A great way to cheaply provide restroom services to your guests, employees or audience is to purchase Nice Porta Potties.

If you are having a family or friends reunion either inside or outside your home you don’t want every single person to use your washroom.

You don’t want to mess with your washroom.

So instead of having outsiders inside your bathroom, purchase a Nice Porta Potties and place it in the best location of your home.

If you want to celebrate different festivals and occasions with your family members and friends and expecting several guests overnight for an extended period then purchasing Nice Porta Potties is a viable option.

If you are organizing a big event that is far away from any restroom service and you are expecting a huge number of visitors then buying Nice Porta Potties is best for your event and your reputation.

You can purchase Nice Porta Potties if you need to rent them frequently for such big events.

It is more economical for you.

An event Organization Company that organizes leagues, concerts, and other activities must purchase one for your business to save rent costs and save money.


6. What are the Important Factors that a Nice Porta Potties Rental Business Owner should Consider when Buying Nice Porta Potties from a Manufacturer?


Read Company Review:

Visiting websites of different portable toilet companies, you come to know about their infrastructure, management, and services they offer. You find out more information about them.

Carefully read the reviews about company profiles, products, and services.

Don’t read reviews only from the website of that particular company instead do complete research using other resources.


Golden Tips for a Nice Porta Potties Rental Business Owner:

Your Company must have the grounds and facilities for storage and maintenance of units and trucks.

In addition to this manufacturers you choose for rental business must have a variety of pumper trucks, units, supplies, trailers.

They should also provide “roll-off” services.

A Nice Porta Potties business owner must have the time and manpower to run a route.

He must develop great relationships with construction companies in near areas to flourish his business because they often rent Nice Porta Potties timely.

Several national Nice Porta Potties companies operate at a large scale. Due to high demand and high saturation they can’t provide you customizable options.

When you get a local portable restroom company on your side, you get better and reasonable prices.

Look for local manufacturers they will make sure you become their happy customer.

So in the light of the above facts and figures, you must go for a suitable local manufacturer in your area for your rental business.


7. What Things to Consider when Buying Nice Porta Potties?

The Nice Porta Potties come in various shapes and sizes.

Besides taking into consideration the important features you need to consider these pinpoints before purchasing a Nice Porta Potties for any event:


Event Type:

First, clarify your needs. The type of event will help you to easily determine the correct and most suitable Nice Porta Potties for you.

If you need it for a long project in a business then purchasing high quality and highly durable products is necessary for you.

But if you are looking for it occasionally then an ordinary one with suitable features is good to go with.


Several People/Users:

The general and most effective way to determine a suitable one is that you must count the number of people who are going to visit it.

One Nice Porta Potty is more than enough for 40 to 60 people a day.


Advanced Features and Innovation:

Nice Porta Potties with a highly effective fragrant system, good quality holding tank, and highly efficient maintenance and service system will make your events more enjoyable for you.

Easy to move and easy to be emptied and refilling of tanks provides convenience and reliability.


 Reasonable and Affordable Cost:

Wisely choose the Nice Porta Potties having a reasonable and affordable price range. Make it beneficial for your event, don’t buy a luxury and highly expensive one for ordinary daily use.


8. What are the Types of Nice Porta Potties you can Buy?

Nice Porta Potties are available in different sizes and shapes to fulfill your needs.

They are categorized by their width, height, depth, capacity of holding tanks, and material used in them.


Standard Porta Potties:

Standard portable bathrooms are regular single-unit portable bathrooms without flush or a sink.

Consist of solid construction with secure locks to ensure safety and privacy.


Deluxe Flushable Porta Potties:

The most luxurious portable bathrooms include a handwashing station, mirrors for a VIP experience and are highly effective solutions for your toilet needs.


Crane Hook Porta Potties:

They are made up of steel and iron so that they can be easily lifted and transported without damage to them. This feature makes them highly flexible and easily portable to any location.


Towable Porta Potties:

They are standard-sized Nice Porta Potties built with long-lasting tires and brake lights for safe towing and are easy to park.


Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potties:

People with disabilities can easily use these services of Nice Porta Potties without facing problems.

This feature needs appreciation and a very fascinating option if you have a disabled or old age family member.

These are single-unit Nice Porta Potties but are wider than standard potties with special features of the tower toilet seat.

Wheelchair accessible porta potties have don’t have typical ramps rather they have smooth surfaces for your ease.


Green (Environmentally Friendly):

Nice Porta Potties are built from recycled things, comprise environmentally-friendly products, and use health-conscious cleaning products and processes.

Their appearance and features are quite simple and similar to standard portable Nice Porta Potties.


Baby-Changing Station:

Baby changing stations are specially designed for moms. These are single units that provide maximum space and make it helpful for moms to better take care of their kids.


9. How to Choose Suitable Nice Porta Potties?

The most suitable Nice Porta Potties is the one that has quality standards, an effective and efficient Flushing system, optional components for a luxury experience, good and well-known manufacturers, and top-rated and recognized after-sales and on-site services.

After quality assurance and knowing about the thoughtful services, go for the cost-effective solution for toilet needs.

Besides the specifications and quality standards of Nice Porta Potties, you may look for optional components that will help you to choose the right one for you.

Sink: Your Nice Porta Potties must have a sink along with soap and paper towels to ensure a hygienic experience.

Hand Sanitizer Pump: If you will sanitize or wash your hand properly then germs can spread disease. The dealer should provide the sanitizer for this purpose.

It is more secure to choose Nice Porta Potties that include several sanitized toilets, urinals, and hand-washing stations.

We all know about the needs of women and men, it is more reliable to choose the manufacturers that include separate facilities for men and women.


10.   What are the Unique Features that make a Nice Porta Potties Most Reliable for Outdoor Job Sites?

Nice Porta Potties have a great number of amazing features to facilitate users in a variety of styles with various options available. A hand washing station, mirror, and side urinal that is extremely important for outdoor job sites.

They turn out extraordinary for outdoor occasions requiring access to reliable electric power such as parks, fairs, film sets, parties, and so on.

Nice Porta Potties have tires and brake lights for safe towing which makes them easy to park anywhere.

This feature makes them easily transportable and movable without much hassle.

They have special features like flushing toilets, running water, lighting, counter space, and a modern interior which makes them suitable for fancy wedding events and other outdoor business meet-up events.

Designed by keeping in mind your requirements and budget Nice Porta Potties provide you a reliable and professional solution to all your toilet problems.

Most of the Nice Porta Potties offer a flat entrance, rather than a ramp, which means comfort and ease while moving.

Other features contain safety handrails, a lower toilet seat, and anti-slip materials.


11. What are the Advanced Flushing and Plumbing Options in Nice Porta Potties?

All models, from standard Porta Potties to large luxury trailers, all require disposal. It is mandatory to timely dispose of waste material to ensure high-quality standards and efficiency.


Waste Tank:

The most common model was the waste tank simply placed under the toilet.


Freshwater Flushing:

Water from a holding tank is pulled using a pump. Applying pressure on the handle opens the Valves of a water tank to intake water.  It recirculates water to reuse it.


 Combo Flush to Preserve Clean Water:

Combination of fresh and dirty water to execute the flush is used. Cleaning your waste without wasting water helps to preserve it. Hence one the best solution to all water shortage problems as well.


Foot or Hand-Operated:

This feature helps you pull fresh water using a hand pump. An automatic system saves your electricity expenses and frees you from power supply problems.


12.   What are the Common Problems that you may Face with your Nice Porta Potties and how do you Solve them?

Hotter temperatures can intensify the bad odors produced by human waste having bacteria that emit a bad odor.

Hot weather conditions can cause them to stink up to the unit.

But no worries manufacturers combat this problem by bumping up the chemical-to-water ratio.

The Nice Porta Potties contain vents. They can reflect light which reduces the heat absorption rate.

You can move your Nice Porta Potties to another place where they experience less amount of direct heat.

There should be a proper ventilation system or have a natural airflow.

Low-temperature conditions result in the freezing of chemicals and water to combat this problem operators add brine-solution.

A brine solution is a mixture of chemicals that slows down the process of freezing by raising the freezing points of respective chemicals.

It allows you to keep the substance in liquid forms even when the outside temperature reaches its freezing point.

The Nice Porta Potties use an excellent and highly effective salt emission tool.

By placing a piece of rock salt in the urinal a Nice Porta Potties releases more brine into the tank that lowers the freezing point of the chemical solution used in it.


13.   How to Determine a Perfect Location for Installation of your Nice Porta Potties?

If you are purchasing Nice Porta Potties, the driver from that particular company will inspect your site.

After your consideration and suggestions, he will determine the most reasonable and safe place for the installation of your Nice Porta Potties.

It is the most accurate way to choose the correct place for the installation of Nice Porta Potties.

There are no specific requirements for the placement of Nice Porta Potties by the federal government.

However, there are some guidelines for their placement that vary by state and by the municipality and you must follow them.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), may help their guidelines are highly effective for location determination.

Nice Porta Potties should be placed on stable flat ground. The door should be in front of the location you choose.

Units should be placed far from any slope storm drain and pond.

Avoid placing on concrete or similar surfaces. It might be possible due to any technical fault your Nice Porta Potties leaks.

Leakage can spread a bad smell around the whole area therefore, placing it on grass will absorb it.

Place it where it is easily accessible by the service staff to ensure easy disposal of waste when required.


14.   How to Choose the Right Manufacturer for your Nice Porta Potties?

Before selecting a manufacturer and purchasing Nice Porta Potties consider these important key factors:


On-Site Service:

Before buying Nice Porta Potties ask the manufacturer about all the terms and conditions.

Besides these services, manufacturers must provide

  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Service
  • Pickup
  • Toilet paper
  • Toilet deodorizer


Quality Management and Manufacturing System:

Ensure all quality standards by visiting a manufacturer’s profile or factory outlet if it is feasible.

If you can’t visit them make sure you research for it. Go through the public reviews and feedback of their happy and angry customers.

Don’t be overwhelmed by your emotions.

Analyze the logical problems and what solution the manufacturer provides.

Ensure that the manufacturers and dealers have quality management system certification and the technological content of the equipment.

Check whether the selected manufacturer has sufficient comprehensive capabilities or not. The knowledge of experience, specifications, services, and system of a company helps you a lot to choose the right manufacturer for your Nice Porta Potties.

Analyze their mission statement and reflect it in their services.


Good After-Sale Service:

The manufacturer should have good after-sales service.

They must have a strong ability to track and maintain the product and update the parts.

As Nice Porta Potties needs to be emptied with the help of proper sanitary equipment and system.

It is more secure to choose the Nice Porta Potties produced by this type of manufacturer that provides good on-site services.


15.   Conclusion

Nice Porta Potties are a viable option and perfect solution for your outdoor toilet needs.

They are completely self-contained and comfortable to use, permitted throughout the world because of their contributions to the environment and society.


FAQs of Nice Porta Potties

  1. How many people Nice Porta Potties can handle until it reaches its full capacity?

One Portable Restroom can provide services to 720 people in one-time service, the number may vary with manufacturers.


  1. How often should you empty your Nice Porta Potties?

You should empty your Nice Porta Potties once a week.


  1. Which liquid is used in Nice Porta Potties?

A Powerful deodorizer with disinfectant properties meant to help combat the smells that are produced in Nice Porta Potties.


  1. How do Nice Porta Potties get emptied?

Nice Porta-Potties are emptied by dedicated people, manufacturers provide these services of waste management.

The modern technology of vacuum suctions is used to transfer the waste into a large truck that consists of a huge waste storage unit along with a smaller fresh and clean water tank.


  1. How Nice Porta Potties on Construction Sites Cut Costs and Save Money? 

After placing Nice Porta Potties you reduce the distance and save time that employees consume while they travel to use a restroom.

In this way, they will properly utilize their time per hour a day and save your money.


  1. Where does the waste of Nice Porta Potties go after being pumped?

The waste from your Nice Porta Potties is disposed of at a local wastewater treatment facility per all local and state rules and regulations.


  1. What should I do if my Nice Porta Potties gets tipped over?

Due to high winds, your Nice Porta Potties may be tipped over. Please contact the waste management officials as soon as possible and tell them about the situation you faced. They will clean and set it up for you.


  1. Are the Nice Porta Potties units sanitary?

Yes, Nice Porta Potties are sanitary. You can clean the by yourself or call a Porta Potties company to do it for you.


  1. How frequently will Nice Porta Potties be serviced?

The Nice Porta Potties need service once a week while this number may increase with usage. Whereas, it includes restocking, cleaning, and sanitization of your unit.


  1. How do I can control odors in my Nice Porta Potties?

You can control odor in your Nice porta Potties by using detergent water which acts as sanitizer and deodorizer.


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