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Sunnyda office trailer layout is custom made, you may need a open working area and a bathroom, plus a kitchenette, or several closed office with reference room, whichever office trailer you want our engineers can make it possible and build it. Office trailer length from 2.5m to 6.8m and any color you can choose from.

Sunnyda has two types of office trailers: luxury or simple. Luxury office trailer body is made of FRP panel, fiber glass board, usually 50mm, very neat, flat and gloss, each side wall is one piece no joint, roof is one piece. Inside PVC floor or wooden floor, equipped with air conditioner, solar panel, water heater, radiator, roof fan, and LED light. Simple office trailer is made of color bonded steel sandwich panel, wall and roof joint by 1.2m panels, usually white color. Inside with or without equipment depends your target, compare to luxury office trailer, this type is much economical.

Sunnyda is your leading manufacturer of office trailer!

BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
WeightAccording to design
SizeCustom made, usually 2.5 to 6.8m length
ConditionFull mounted in factory
Loading40HQ, 20ft/40ft open top container
Delivery time30-40 days
Our ServiceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Sunnyda Office Trailer

Sunnyda office trailer electrical and water system meet to your local standard, as United States as example, we put USA type 110V socket, trailer light, tire, hub and whole office trailer DOT certificated, other equipment like America toilet and waterless urinal to meet local established conventions, try use America brand or international brand electric appliance considered after-sales service. In office trailer, besides air conditioner, each room has radiator for very cold area.

Sunnyda office trailer is fully assembled in factory, the equipment is well fixed during shipping, when you receive it, just plug-in and install wheels can use it. Every office trailer electricity and water is tested before leaving.

Sunnyda office trailer will need 40HQ or 20ft/40ft open top container to load it, delivery time is 30-40 days.

We warmly welcome you to visit our factory while looking forward to cooperation in the near future.

Sunnyda is your premier office trailer manufacturer!

Office Trailer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

As the desire to work remotely continues, office trailers are increasingly becoming important. The flexibility associated with office trailers makes it desirable for temporary office needs.

Today’s guide will help you choose the best office trailer.

Let me take you through:

How Much Does Towable Office Trailer Cost?

Towable office trailers can cost as low as $6,500. Others may be as high as $20,000 for a new one.

However, they can be leased at $200-300 per month.

It is important to understand that the cost for a new towable office trailer and used one also vary.

Figure 1 Towable office trailer

Which Sizes of Office Trailers are There?

Even though office trailers come in different sizes, the best often depends on the specifications of a client.

They come in the standard sizes of small, medium and large.

The length of office trailer is 2.5 to 6.8m length.

Who Uses Office Trailers?

Figure 2 Small office trailer

Any of the following can use office trailers:

· Construction Site Office

At construction sites, office trailers will offer you service rooms, provisional accommodation, go-downs, and offices for the duration of a construction project.

· Temporary Office for Business

If you are renovating or constructing an office and you do not want your work to be affected, you can continue running your business from an office trailer at a location of your choice.

· Emergency Centers

During emergencies such as earthquakes and floods office trailers offers you a quick solution.

You can use office trailers for offering medical care, temporary accommodation, and food distribution.

· Classrooms and Training Centers

Office trailers are preferred when there are no immediate funds to construct a classroom or training centers.

They become the perfect venue to hold the teaching activities as well as training of the population.

· Facility for Remote Areas

You can use an office trailer as a remote area facility in locations such as forests, mountains since it is easy to put up and does not physically disrupt a location.

Why Use Towable Office Trailers over Physical Offices?

Figure 3 Large office trailer

Some of the reasons why you need towable office trailers include:

· Multi-functional

Office trailers have several rooms which can be used to perform various activities such as open area, offices, kitchenettes, bathrooms and storage rooms.

Physical offices are built to the specific functions for which they are intended.

Some of the extra rooms such as storage, kitchenettes and open area may be missing.

· Cost

The construction of Towable office trailers is cheaper as compared to that of physical offices.

To build a physical office, there must be materials, labor, permits and several other resources which are costly.

However, a towable office trailer is constructed using very low costs.

· Portable

Towable office trailers have wheels thus can be moved from one place to the other.

As such, one can easily relocate with the office trailer.

Physical offices are on the other hand are static as they are built on permanent positions.

They lack the flexibility of the office trailers.

· Convenient

A Towable office trailer can be erected anywhere with enough space.

It does not need a lot of site preparation ahead of delivery as long as the site is not susceptible to flooding and is level.

If the land is not level the towable office trailer can be erected on cinder blocks for stability.

This is not the same case with physical offices because they can stand on just any ground.

Towable office trailers are complete with plumbing, heating, wiring, and air conditioning.

They save you stress associated with physical offices.

Towable office trailers can be operational in a day, something that is not possible with a physical office.

· Durable

Towable office trailers are made using highly durable FRP and steel material.

These materials are responsible for the long service period of the office trailers which could be over a decade or more.

Physical offices on the other hand are prone to damages thus requiring renovation.

· Strong

While towable office trailers can withstand harsh climates, some physical offices can be easily swept away.

They are made using steel sandwich panel which has high tensile strength.

Should you Buy or Rent Office Trailers?

This is the biggest question a client faces when deciding whether to buy or rent an office trailer.

However, it is imperative to understand that you can either buy or rent an office trailer.

It all depends on how much a client is willing to pay for the office trailer.

Renting an office trailer for a long period of time accrues higher costs than paying upfront for a new office trailer.

Based on this premise, buying a new office trailer is better than renting one.

Figure 4 Inside office trailer

· Duration of Use

If you plan on using the office trailer for a long time, it is better that you buy instead of renting.

· Maintenance Costs

The maintenance costs of a rented office trailer are not high as compared to that of a purchased trailer.

Also, the maintenance costs of a rented trailer are covered by the contractor and not the person rented.

· Amenities/Add-ons

If you want amenities such as bathrooms, you will pay more especially if you are renting. Other amenities are drink stations or kitchenettes.

Which Features Should You Consider in Office Trailers?

Figure 5 Inside office trailer

· Size

The larger the size, the costlier the office trailers.

Larger sizes also provide more spaces for the offices.

The size of your office trailer is based on the nature of your business, the total number of people who will use the office as well as the availability of space.

· Source of Power

The office trailers must be powered using electricity to function properly.

Normally, the sources of power could include solar panels, generator or electricity from local grid.

· Interior Design

Contingent on your needs the office trailer is equipped with desks, file cabinets, and furniture.

The interior of a mobile office can be outfitted with furniture, built-in file cabinets or desks for workstations.

Big plan tables are also available for holding and reviewing blueprints.

Besides, the interior is often quite customizable, with various walls and conference table options.

The interior can be customized to suit your needs based on how you intend to use the mobile office trailer.

For example, if you are using your trailer as a classroom trailer, you will likely need multiple desks and chairs for your students.

If you’re using it as a construction site office, you obviously won’t need that many desks but will need a workspace for your blueprints and such.

· Storage Facilities

This is a room within the office trailer where excess and unused materials are stored.

· Restroom

An office trailer must have a bathroom facility with waterless urinal and toilet.

· Heating and Air Conditioning System

This is a system installed in the office trailer to help in the cooling and warming of the facility thus making it comfortable for the users.

· Exterior Design

The outside of the office trailers is painted in various colors that a client chooses.

The office trailer also has a ramp/steps to facilitate accessibility.

· Security

Office trailers have high-security locking system. This system helps prevent unauthorized access to your trailer.

· Quality Standard and Compliance

The office trailer must conform to various quality standards and comply with building codes to ensure that they are safe for use.

For instance, the materials used to build the office trailers have to be CE Certified.

Also, there has to be DOT certifications among others.

How do You Choose Office Trailer Manufacturer in China?

Here are critical factors you should consider:

1. Years of Operation/Experience

A manufacturing company that has been in use for more than a decade can be preferred.

This is a manufacturing company which has been in operation for a long time and thus understands how to create new products.

2. Repeat Order Rate

A manufacturing company that has a high repeat order rate such as 98% is more credible.

It produces high quality products thus retaining their clients.

3. Specialization

A company that specializes in the manufacture of office trailer is most preferred because of the experience.

Are There Disadvantages of Mobile Mini Office Trailer?

Yes, there are.

Mobile Mini Office trailers are smaller in size thus there is inadequate space for the offices.

Since they are smaller in size, very limited equipment are installed in it.

What are the Possible Floor Layout for Small Office Trailer?

Figure 6 Office trailer layout

There are several floor layouts for small office trailers.

Firstly, there can be a lot of closed offices which are labelled appropriately for reference

Secondly, there can be an open working area combined with kitchenettes, and a bathroom.

However, clients can demand custom-made floor layouts which suits their needs.

What is Office Storage Combo?

Office storage combo is an office space with a lot of storage and space, secured with a locking system, and mounted for smooth entry.

What is the difference between Standard Ground Level Office and Extra Wide Ground Level Office?

A standard ground level office is a small office space with an easy ground level suitable for first aid and guard stations.

On the other hand, an extra-wide ground level office is a roomy office space that allows team additional space for onsite planning and meetings.

How do you Fabricate Office Trailer?

The first step is Chassis Rail Fabrication:

Based on the design created, CNC profile cut web material and flat bar flanges are used in fabricating the chassis rails.

The parts are then employed in creating chassis rails in the beam welding machine.

To guarantee consistent weld characteristics and strength the flanges are cold cast around the already profiled web and welded together.

Trailer Fabrication:

The assembly of the body begins after the raw materials are acquired and cut according to the chassis’ size.

For trace ability and identification every sub-assemblies, materials, and part are labeled by a bar code.

Qualified and experienced trade individuals do fabrication to stringent quality guidelines and procedures.

One-off and special parts are made from 3D drawings while large volume parts are fabricated in custom jigs.

Every assembly is inspected and stopped after being attached together and after welding is completed.

What are the Safety Requirements for Shipping Container Office?

Below are safety requirements for shipping container office:

Figure 7 Shipping container office

  • Office trailers have ramps and steps to provide access to the trailer for people with disability and normal people.

While ramps facilitate wheelchair accessibility, steps facilitate entry into the office trailers from outside.

  • Handrails must be installed in the office trailers to facilitate easy movement for those with disability.
  • An Air and Conditioning system have to be available to keep the office trailer warm and cold thus user friendly.
  • Fans placed on the roofs are available to help in cooling of the office trailer thus improving comfort.
  • Office Trailers have LED lights to keep the light the different rooms of the structure. Without lights, the users can get into accidents for limited visibility.
  • To avoid any potential hazard risks to the users of the office trailers, there must be non-skidding floors made using Vinyl.
  • There must be safe electrical plugins to avoid any potential accidents from power shocks or other electricity problems.
  • Other additional amenities such as cabinets are placed strategically in higher positions above the head to prevent users from hitting their heads. The furniture in the office trailers are also arranged well to avoid users from accidentally hitting them thus suffering injuries.

Are there Mobile Office Trailers for People with Disability?

Yes, there are.

You need to abide by the Americans with Disabilities Act of (ADA) your mobile office trailer is accessible to the public.

Americans with Disabilities Act outlaw disability-based discrimination and the disability does not have to be permanent or serious to be covered by ADA.

Your office trailer has to be ADA compliant if it is used as a retail store, government structure, school classroom, or a sales office.

For your office trailer to be ADA compliant it has to be accessible by wheelchair.

Office trailers are about 3 feet from the ground and stair is needed to access the entrance.

Stairs make it challenging for individuals with restricted mobility to access office therefore ADA compliance requires office trailers to have ramps.

If your office trailer is accessible to the public, it has to have a bathroom that is ADA compliant.

ADA compliant bathrooms have support railing and safety bars installed in them.

How does Modular Building compare to Office Trailer?

If you are looking for a temporary structure that can be built on-site and removed immediately you must know the difference between office trailer and modular building.

· Office Trailer

Figure 8 Office trailer

It is a single unit that is self-contained and that requires limited assembling except for erecting the structure.

It can be used for months or weeks.

It is less costly and has a life expectancy of between 1 and 5 years.

· Modular Building

Figure 9 Modular office

It has several rooms, floors, and side by side units.

Assembling modular building is complex as it requires roofers, architects, electricians, and welders.

It is built using materials that are permanent like.

It has a life expectancy of between 15 and 20 years.

Which Materials are used to make Office Trailers?

The material used in making office trailers is high-quality materials that adhere to national and state building, mechanical, electrical, CE compliance and plumbing codes.


PVC material is also used to make the floor of an office trailer.

This material can be easily cleaned without damaging the quality of the floor.

· Fibre Glass Panel

The body of luxury office trailer is made using FRP panel.

FRP panels are easy to install, light, resistant to scratches and shattering, affordable and very flexible.

· Steel Frame

Steel is made of the frame because it helps keep intruders out. It is also used to make the body of the office trailer.

· Aluminum Cover

Aluminum alloy is used to make the roof and wall joints.

What are the Quality Standards for Office Trailers?

These are several quality standards that office trailers have to adhere to namely:

· Workplace Safety

Office trailers have to adhere to OSHA regulations in a safe workplace.

OSHA obliges an employer to protect employees from a falling hazard by offering safe access.

· Zoning Requirements

You have to obtain a zoning permit before installing an office trailer.

Based on the building code of your municipality or state your office trailer has to be stable to avoid accidents.

· Utility Requirements

The utility hookups in the office trailer such as electrical and water system have to align with the local codes.

For instance, in the United States the hub, tire, trailer lights, waterless urinal, toilets and sockets have to meet the USA standards.

· ADA Compliance Requirements

The office trailer has to comply with ADA regulations on individuals with a disability.

Under ADA compliance office trailers have to allow wheelchairs access.

· Material Requirements

The materials used in an office trailer have to be CE compliant.

CE marking confirms that the materials comply with the supply laws in place and conforms with the directives on product safety.

· DOT Certification

The DOT certification that an office trailer is safe for use by the owner and other users following an inspection.

Which Equipment are Installed in Towable Office Trailer?

Figure 10 Meeting in office trailer

Based on your specifications several types of equipment can be installed in an office trailer:

Roof fan; for proper ventilation of the room thus improving comfort.

Air Conditioner; to warm and cool the rooms making them comfortable.

Electric heater; to heat water for the bathrooms and kitchens.

Security screens; for safety purposes.

Ramps; to facilitate easy movement for those with disability.

Steps; to promote accessibility of as well as safety while using the office trailer.

Bathroom; occupants can take wash and clean in this room.

Kitchen; office to prepare food.

Radiator; this is specifically used for cold areas to warm rooms.

Water heater; this is a system used to heat the water used in the office trailer.

Solar panels; these are photovoltaic cells used to absorb the solar to produce solar energy used to power some equipment in the office trailer.

Solar powered for office trailer

Figure 11 Solar powered for office trailer

Do Office Trailers have a Warranty?

Yes, they do.

Office trailers have a 1-year-warranty.

The warranty ensures that material and workmanship do not have defects.

Are Office Trailers Assembled in Factory or Onsite?

Office trailers can be assembled within the factory or on-site.

It all depends on what a client demands.

However, most suppliers fully and completely assemble their office trailers in factory. The trailers are shipped when fully fixed.

When a client receives the office trailer, they just plug it in and install the wheels ready for use.

How can you Ship Towable Office Trailer from China?

There are several ways of shipping a towable office trailer from China.

You can ship towable office trailer from China trough sea, road, rail or air.

Should you buy Used Office Trailer or New Office Trailer?

You can make this decision depending on a number of factors:

· Cost

New office trailers are more expensive than used office trailers. It is, therefore, better to buy a used office trailer if it is still in good condition.

· Warranty

Since it is impossible to transfer warranty to a third party once the product is sold, a used trailer does not have warranty. On the other hand, a new office trailer has a warranty.

· Customizable

A new office trailer can be customized to meet a client’s needs while a used office trailer cannot be customized because it is also already manufactured.

· Functionality

A new office trailer has new equipment as well as features, while a used office trailer could have some damaged equipment or features thus making them less convenient for intended use.

The decision to buy a used or new office trailer rests on the buyer alone.

Are there Used Office Trailer for Sale in China?


There are used office trailers for sale in China.

They are sold both online and in physical spaces where they can be easily inspected before purchases are made.

Although Chinese manufacturing companies are among the leading manufacturers of new office trailers.

Other Chinese suppliers still sell used office trailers to those who cannot afford new ones.

What Determines Office Trailer Rental Prices?

Here is what you should look for:

· Size

The size of an office trailer determines the rental price charged. A larger office trailer is charged high rental prices, while a smaller office trailer is charged less.

· Geographic Location

The rental price of your office trailer depends on the region and state where it is used.

Due to the cost of authorization, space and demand rates may be higher in some states and lower in other states.

When the demand for office trailers is high, the rental price goes higher.

· Layout

When an office trailer consists of a wide array of layouts, the rental price is higher. However, an office trailer with a simple layout is cheaper.

· Duration of the Contract

The price depends on how long you plan to rent an office trailer.

If you plan to rent an office trailer for a long period you can receive a reduction in price not enjoyed by those who rent for a short period.

· Periodic Demand

During the month of summer and winter inventories of office trailers plummet meaning you pay high rental prices.

During slow months inventories are high and you have to pay a high rental price.

· Amenities

Office trailers that have additional amenities such as kitchenettes, storage rooms, bathrooms costs more than those without these amenities.

Maintenance of these amenities will cost the owner of the office trailer additional costs which are transferred to the user in the form of high rent price.

How do you Start Used Portable Offices for Sale Business?

Figure 12 Portable office trailer

The process of starting a used portable office for sale business is quite simple.

You have to import the used portable office trailers from China.

The first step is identifying a supplier in China.

Your supplier will provide you with a wide variety of the used office trailers which differ based on size, layout and installed equipment.

Second step is determining the quality of the used office trailers. You should avoid over used office trailers and take minimally used ones.

The third step is negotiating prices with the supplier. You have to purchase the used office trailers at affordable prices so that you can sell them for profits.

Once the purchase is done, you ship the trailers by any suitable means such as rail, road or sea.

You pick the best shipping means depending on the availability of these infrastructures as well as the most cost-effective means.

Once they arrive, any defaults in the used office trailers are fixed. They could be the electricity plugins, sockets or urinals.

Improvements are also made to ensure that the used office trailers conform to the local quality standards.

For instance, if the product is sold in America, a USA type 110V socket can be used. Also, you have to make sure that the whole used portable office is DOT Certified.

You can then market the office trailers to potential clients.

You take pictures of the used office trailers and then post them on e-commerce websites or create your own website which is accessible to the public.

The prices as well as the features of the used office trailers are placed alongside the image of the product.

Clients, therefore, go through the website and check to see if these products fit their needs.

A client places their order, make payments and the product is delivered to their locations.

You can pay for the cost of delivery and the permitting fee.

If you are leasing the used office trailer you create a contract.

You decide on the length of your lease contract.

Also, you have to issue a notice before terminating a contract and you can extend your contact.

In short, before you consider importing office trailer from China, it is important to consider everything mentioned in this guide.

They will help you acquire high quality and reliable office trailers.

For affordable and customized office trailers, you can contact Sunnyda House team now.

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