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Panel Thickness

Panel WeightKAverage Sound Insulation(bd)

Max. Span At Load 50kg/m2


KgW/m2 0C

Kcal/m2 h 0C










Color EPS steel sandwich panel

Surface s colored steel sheet, core material is self-extinguishing polystyrene. It is continous heated and pressured in molding machine, then composited by the heat-curing adhesive. Its very light, 1/20-1/30 equivalent weight of concrete, keeping warm and insulating heat, its heat transfer value is 0.034W/mk. Easy to install. It’s new material with all the advantages of weight bearing, warm keeping, waterproofing, decoration.


Ceiling and surround for clean factory, workshop for clean products, warehouse, cold room., long span panel, reinforcing the original structure, temporary office, shop, market, koist.


1, Fire rating: B1

2, Thickness: 50mm, 60mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180m, 200mm

3, Width:  Wall-1200mm (effective 1150mm), 1000mm (effective 950mm), Roof- 1000mm (effective 980)

4, Length: no limited, recommend less than 11.85m fit for 40HQ

5, Steel thickness: 0.4-0.8mm

6, EPS density: 12-20 kg/m3

7, Surface: Wall flat or groove, roof corrugated

8, Joint: Tongue and groove

9, Paint: PE, PVDF, HDPE, SMP, RMP

10, Color: Any RAL color

11, Delivery: 4-7 days

12, Production capacity: 3500m2 per day

13, Free sample

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Polystyrene Wall Panel- A Detailed Buying Guide by Sunnyda

It is appropriate for construction and meets fifty percent to sixty-five percent of the new standards for commercial and structural elements.

Exterior insulation and home ceilings, underground, car parks, halls. Fire escapes, protective layer, and so on.

The load capacity of Polystyrene Wall Panel is not much more than 100 meters’ footbridge simple insulating leveling flame and coating etc.

This revolutionary material incorporates different brick in cladding due to its dry construction method and power of saving electricity features. Polystyrene Wall Panel is fire-resistant, able acoustic, and also waterproof.

It is often applied in components that contain purity, including food wrapping and scientific equipment since it has powerful system performance.

It is also being applied to produce gadgets, computers, vehicle parts, games, farming containers, and tools, and often when mixed with different colorants, fillers, or even other polymers. Let’s dig more about it.


1.What is Polystyrene Wall Panel?
2.What are the Features of Polystyrene Wall Panel?
3.How many Types of Components used in Polystyrene Wall Panel?
4.Which Type of Requirements Requires in Polystyrene Wall Panel?
5.How can you Stick Polystyrene Wall Panels to Walls?
6.Does Polystyrene Wall Panel Stop Consideration?
7.What is Polystyrene Wall Panels Cladding?
8.What are the uses of a Polystyrene Wall Panel?
9.Is Polystyrene Wall Panels Better Insulator than Glass Wool?
10.How do you Fix Polystyrene Wall Panels Insulation on Walls?
11.How Long Does Polystyrene Wall Panel Insulation Last?
12.Why Polystyrene Wall Panel is a Good Insulator?
13.Does Polystyrene Wall Panel Keep Thing Cold?
14.What is the Best Adhesive for Polystyrene Wall Panel?
15.Can you Paint Prefinished Polystyrene Wall Panel?
16.How can you Cut Polystyrene Wall Panel?
17.How Polystyrene Wall Panel is used in Construction?
18.How can you Prepare Polystyrene Wall Panel?
19.Why Polystyrene Wall Panel is Good for Packaging?


What is Polystyrene Wall Panel?

Polystyrene Wall Panel is such type of lightweight electricity wall material that consists of a face thing which is made of solid plastic film and a core made of extruded foam particles.

This new product uses advanced block construction in reinforced concrete because of its electricity qualities and dry construction process.

It is a biological thermoplastic polymer that is made up of small cylindrical balls that has lightweight. Its amazing properties are due to its closed cellular structure.

It is available in multiple thicknesses which have its own set of physical qualities. To maximize the object’s efficiency and toughness, these are suited to the numerous applications in which it is employed.

The installation process is very simple it also minimizes the building time and effort. They take up less room resulting in more usable floor space, which can lead to cost savings in the long turn.


What are the Features of Polystyrene Wall Panel?

Polystyrene Wall Panel is a crystalline, colorless, and clear commercial polymer referred to in the industry as “Crystalline” polystyrene.

It’s hard, fragile, and reasonably solid with good gamma rays’ barrier and electronic conductivity but low corrosion and ultraviolet protection.

It’s applied in a selection of different applications including hard platters and receptacles, reusable, dining equipment, dishes, and containers.


How many Types of Components are used in Polystyrene Wall Panel?

There are the following types of components used in Polystyrene Wall Panel:

  • It is created from styrene, which is a petroleum-based material.
  • Styrene is purified into it by using polymerization and then hydrofluorocarbon operation is applied.
  • After that such mixture is then stretched and released under compression under a foam board is formed.


Which Type of Requirements Requires in Polystyrene Wall Panel?

Polystyrene Roof Panels has been applied for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Wrapping
  • Equipment in the home
  • Electronic components that are used for the general public.
  • Design and building materials such as foam insulation, sheets, bathtub systems, illumination, and toilet flushing.
  • Culture plates such as liquid nitrogen, bottles, treatment parts, and reagent kit enclosure are examples of medical products.


How can you Stick Polystyrene Wall Panels to Walls?

The Polystyrene Core Insulated Roof Panel stick on ceiling panels ranges 15mm which are lightweight sheets that may be installed over preexisting ceilings.

The Polystyrene Wall Panel comes in a ten pack and is nominally 600mm x 600mmx15mm thick with a sharpened border on either side that creates a ‘V junction when punched collectively.

The use of appropriate glue such as rite track adhesive to connect the panels will not destroy the Polystyrene just like other glue. Such panels are made of simple polystyrene and can be colored after they’ve been fitted.


Does Polystyrene Wall Panel Stop Consideration?

Gluing Polystyrene layers to the bottom will not prevent moisture because of trap air below which will still evaporate but you won’t see it.

As a result, this would be rotted in woodwork that a timber structure and if it was in a warmed, inhabited residence, this would fail to build regulations.

The advantage of ventilation rather than insulating an unheated space is that you are immediately addressing the issue of retained warm moist air.

You might insulate it and keep water from condensing at a significant cost, but you’ll need a great platform that will cost much more than putting many holes in the building.

It’s cost absurd to cover a non-heated area to solve a circulation problem.


What is Polystyrene Wall Panels Cladding?

It is an explosive form of cladding that enhances the risk of a fire spreading immediately. When exposed to high temperatures, this could compress, evaporate or ignite.

Due to its affordable prices, lightweight and insulating characteristics Expanded Polystyrene Metal Clad Panels have been frequently used in the construction sector in Victoria for the past twenty years.


What are the uses of a Polystyrene Wall Panel?

There are the following uses of Polystyrene Wall Panel:

Appliances Containing Polystyrene Wall Panels

It is commonly used in freezers, air conditioning units, ovens, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, and mixes even though it is non-active expensive, and long-lasting.

Automotive Polystyrene Wall Panels

Many automotive components such as knobs, garnish, energy soaking door handles. Instrument panels and some parts of the car are made of Polystyrene Wall Panels.

Electronics Using Polystyrene Wall Panels

This is used to make the homes and other components for monitors, processors as well as other sorts of IT devices where shape, performance, and aesthetics are all important.

Polystyrene Wall Panels in the Foodservice Industry

It is used in foodservice as wrapping lasts longer and is less expensive as compared to other competitors.

Insulation Using Polystyrene Wall Panel

It has a variety of applications which consist of building walls and ceilings, freezers, and commercial cold storage services. Lightweight polystyrene foam offers thermal conductivity. It is stable water-resistant and long-lasting.

Polystyrene Wall Panels uses in Medical Field

It has been applied in different fields such as clinic uses such as tissue culture trays, testing kit connectors, plastic containers, and medical equipment due to its purity and simplicity in sterilizing.

Use of Polystyrene Wall Panels in Packaging

It is a commonly used material that preserves commodities. It is commonly used to prevent damage or spoiling in CD and DCD cases, food products, animal meat trays, and egg cartons.

Use of Polystyrene Wall Panel as Fire Proof

Polystyrene Sandwich Panel like all organic construction materials is flammable. Moreover, its flaming behavior is influenced by the circumstances where it is used as well as the object’s intrinsic qualities.

Its materials do not pose a significant fire risk when fitted properly. Expanded Polystyrene burns like other hydrocarbons such as wood, paper as well as other materials.

When it is subjected to temperature exceeding 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 Degrees Celsius). It begins to weaken, contract, and eventually dissolve.

When an ignition source is introduced under particular fire exposure, Polystyrene Wall Panel will ignite. Mostly transfer heating rate is 680°F (360°c).

When the low density of foam helps to the simplicity of combustion by allowing for a higher air to Polystyrene (2%) ratio, the mass of the substance present is minimal, resulting in a low amount of heat emitted.

When it ignited it produces a dense smoke that contains carbon monoxide, styrene hydrogen chloride, and carbonyl compounds chemicals among many others.


Is Polystyrene Wall Panels Better Insulator than Glass Wool?

Both are common solutions for house insulation. But Polystyrene Wall Panels is a better insulator than Glass Wool.

How Polystyrene Wall Panels is better than Glass wool can be described by the comparison of the following features.


Glass Wools are created by combining reused materials such as sand and other elements with the primary ingredients.

The basic ingredients are dissolved at extreme temperature before being woven into fibers for use of flexible insulation.

It is constructed of a polystyrene Polymer and is manufactured by using the extrusion way that results in a shuttered structure and a smooth texture.

It is created from a Polystyrene polymer and is produced by using extrusion technology that gives the panels and their closed cell structure and flat surfaces.


Glass Wool is light in weight and can easily control what is used in residential walls and ceilings. Because of the flexible structure of the granules and allergens carried in the chemical additives in water-resistant.

This thermal insulation needs safety glasses like gloves clothes and masks that are used throughout the implementation process.

On the other hand, Polystyrene Wall Panel can be used in walls, roofs, and underground.

It has good maintenance clothing is much more than adequate and no extra protective safety is necessary to be used or carried.

Resistant to Water

For better performance, Glass Wool must be placed dry which means that all humidity and wetness should be taken out of the sealed containers and roof areas.

Polystyrene Wall Panels on the other hand are already compressed and concerning the validity.

The resistance to water does not need to the pretreated on such panels. Consequently, little water absorption and the board will retain its form and insulating performance.


How do you Fix Polystyrene Wall Panels Insulation on Walls?

Polystyrene Foam Panels are a simple, light in weight and suitable technique to insulate bare concrete walls.

It could be placed in several different forms but polystyrene adhesive is rapid and therefore does not need exterior sheathing edges on the wall like nailed mounting approaches entail.

Before placing it on walls make sure that the cement is dry and free of cracks. You should take care of any moisture issues and repair any openings before starting.

Installation Process

  • Firstly, Place the Polystyrene Wall Panel insulation with the reverse side facing up on the floor.
  • A utility cutter is used to trim the tip of a container of low VOC Polystyrene Foam Wall Panels glue.
  • Place the sticky tube in the caulk gun and push the button till the glue fills the barrel.
  • In the form of Pearls, glue is put on the back of polystyrene panels and spacing them about 10 to 12 inches apart.
  • Hold the glued panel against the wall. Sticky side down.
  • To repair the rupture and avoid a deterioration in the shielding property of it.
  • Place the next panels even against the wall and spray glue to the rear side.
  • The tongue and groove sides of the boards should be slid together again and held alongside different cement nails. Similarly, put the panels throughout the board.


How Long Does Polystyrene Wall Panel Insulation Last?

Throughout its 50 years’ existence, the robust boards attain optimal amounts of energy economy and provide consistent insulation. They also prevent heat loss through the heating system in buildings.

Polystyrene Wall Panel cannot cause worldwide warming, because the substance does not degrade finally there is zero ozone-depleting compounds are released.

It has such a long life cycle, thus recovering them is not necessary right now because structures are full of energy.


Why Polystyrene Wall Panel is a Good Insulator?

It is an excellent thermal insulator with the outstanding performance of the R factor for Polystyrene Wall Panel users but also greater ratings for a given thickness.

Because of its thick core and superior humidity resistance. Polystyrene Wall Panel is much more efficient.

It absorbs moisture and loses its R-value as a result, it’s critical to keep it covered by a vapor shield at all moments if you are utilizing it.

It decreases the transformation of heat from the window by stopping air flows in the area among the two sheets of glass. Both plastic and polymer contain microscopic tiny bubbles and are utilized as insulators.


Does Polystyrene Wall Panel Keep Thing Cold?

When evaluated cold ambient circumstances, 6 kg Polystyrene Wall Panel long box kept a product below 5°c temperature during the whole 72-hour period, great exceeding waxed plastic and paper corrugated boxes.

Although maintained under the warm ambient circumstance of 15°c for 72 hours the 6 kg long poly box exporter tried to keep a degree of 5°c or below for the whole period of the experiment.

Despite this, the box outlasted the waxed paper and polymer panel by even more than 12 hours.

A simple Polystyrene Wall Panel container will keep items cold for a long period, but it will not keep things chilly when they’re already cold. Moreover, even though the substance is an excellent thermal insulator.


What is the Best Adhesive for Polystyrene Wall Panel?

Water-based PL 300 low VOC Polystyrene Wall Panel is a high-quality compound for attaching foamboard insulators to arrange internal and external surfaces.

It is a silicone adhesive that is capable of interacting with all other foamboard insulating materials.

It is deliberately developed for connecting it to its own or to a wide range of construction materials such as wood, Portland cement, and brick without making compromises the foam’s insulative properties.

It is a high grip that decreases the need for fastening, and it sets in 20 minutes and cures completely in 7 days.


Can you Paint Prefinished Polystyrene Wall Panel?

The use of glass-smooth is mostly liked by the new generation. It may be colored inside one layer straight out of the box.

Coloring can be performed after the installation of it by covering the walls and floors, however, it is discovered that painting preceding placement was easier. Traditional crest features are crisp and tidy.


How can you Cut Polystyrene Wall Panel?

It comes in layers, much like drywall, which must be trimmed to fit the frames or even other placement locations.

It is a simple procedure that does not necessitate the use of specialized equipment.

There are the following steps of trimming the Polystyrene Wall Panel:

  • Identify the diameter and depth of it you’ll require by measuring the wall, roof, or other placement location.
  • Place the layer of Polystyrene Wall Panel on a smooth area, including a desk or working table, and use a measuring tape and a pen to record the height and breadth dimensions.
  • Put a steady border along with the lead pencil a trim ¼ inch through into layer all way along of the edge with a rotary cutter.
  • Draw a straight line away and move the layer over the seat’s border until another cutting point is 1 inch away.
  • Push one hand firmly on the front of the piece that is still on the desk as well as the other hand mostly one outer end.
  • Break the free border of the layer off with a rapid shaft rotation.


How Polystyrene Wall Panel is used in Construction?

The use of Prefabricated Frame Modules is among the most widely used construction techniques.

This approach uses a technology in which building pieces are constructed offsite and afterward brought right to the construction site, where they may be rapidly darted into place fastened altogether.

As opposed to older brick and mortar techniques, this greatly saves building time and expenses, as well as the number of labor and necessary materials even during the building process.

Structures are often made up of a series of interconnecting modules, which are essentially a wedge of grey EPS glued among an exterior and interior sheet that is defined according to the specifications.


How can you Prepare Polystyrene Wall Panel?

It is a vinyl polymer with a strand of carbon and hydrogen atoms in its structure.

Almost every carbon is connected with a phenyl group, while it is made from styrene using oxidative polymerization in the existence of benzoyl peroxide as an accelerator.

It is made by linking collectively in which a chemical like styrene is applied in various types of things. Foodstuff such as coffee, species. strawberries can be located in the polymer.


Why Polystyrene Wall Panel is Good for Packaging?

Polystyrene Building Panel is used for wrapping purposes due to its flexibility and lightweight, it is the most preferred tool for packaging.

Because it’s simple to break in part or scatter, but it’s also robust in pressure which means it’ll safeguard delicate goods if they’re thrown or smashed.

It is also a solid object which means it accumulates electrostatic voltage rapidly.

It has the strength of weight ratio and heat insulation characteristics, as well as the flexibility to precisely shape to suit, Polystyrene Wall Panel has been recognized as the perfect carrier material.

It must be disposed of in the trash. It is used throughout the manufacturing of various foods such as multi-pack yogurts.

It is adding relatively to the carrying‘s weight so transportation prices and pollution are maintained by minimal. The superior absorption of its Wrapping ensures product safety.



It is a completely automatic machine process that generates different forms of Polystyrene Wall Panel.

By using it as a base material consistently and cost-effectively. It is an automatic insertion structure, coating structure, control panel, and operated elevator among the components.

Today is the age of modern inventions, People using a lot of technology, similarly by using the Polystyrene Wall Panel fruits and vegetables maintain their amount of Vitamin C as compared to other resources for a batter period.

When you are installing a connection, packing, and placing the panels simply follow the guidelines that are provided in the manual and be aware of any distortion and scratches.

Furthermore, there are so many different types of useful substances. It’s necessary to first identify the criteria that the substance should fulfill to specify the selection process.

When selecting an item, you must provide sufficient time to look for the finest option since

When you‘re in a rush, you will be unable to make the correct decision.


FAQS of Polystyrene Wall Panel.

Why the Polystyrene Wall Panel is Successful?

It is famous due to the extraordinary flexibility of our Polystyrene Wall Panel cladding as an exterior wall covering placement is one of the reasons for its appeal.

It’s a low-cost external wall coating product manufactured around it. It’s particles that can be easily formed into any pattern.

It is the best technique to protect constructions and dwellings of any size, so that’s why it provides excellent thermal conductivity.


Is Polystyrene Wall Panel Good for Insulation?

Yes, it is good because it has the ability of soundproofing that can endure temperature fluctuations.

It is waterproof and long-lasting. All such factors conspire to it as a distinctive item.


How Long Polystyrene Wall Panel Can Survive?

It is not disposable; these goods can last for millions of years in the atmosphere. It is widely seen in one item use items.


Is Polystyrene Wall Panel Resistant to Moisture?

It doesn’t collect moisture from the air easily. It has the ability of shuttered design that minimizes moisture content and movement into the insulation.


Which Type of Advantages do you get from Polystyrene Wall Panel?

This has the following benefits, low cost, rigidity, transparency, the impact of resistance,        and ease of molding.it has small optical losses and excellent power characteristics.


Is it True that Polystyrene Wall Panel Absorbs Heat?

It is true because it is largely formed of air and a bad heat conductor but it’s also a good preheater.

It traps air in tiny areas, preventing thermal energy. It is a solid object because it lowers both conductivity and movement.


How effective is Polystyrene Wall Panel Insulation at Sound Proofing?

Although it is a poor acoustic on its own when it is joined to even more increased durability such as thermal insulation sheets.

Its soundproofing qualities change. It will always be a good soundproofing blocker under certain circumstances.


What is the Method for Obtaining and Installing Polystyrene Wall Panel Insulation?

It can be placed in a somewhat similar manner such as wicks as offered in sheets or boards and normally depends on resistance to keep it stable.

This is accomplished by slicing a layer slightly larger than the hole it will fit in, forcing it to press out on the little edges.


What is the Price of Polystyrene Wall Panel?

Placing it in your house is a low-cost option. Because maintenance needs very little in the form of equipment or understand, you could save cash on that if you desire.

Hiring an expert, like with other forms of insulation, has always been suggested to ensure that it is put adequately.


How long does Polystyrene Wall Panel keep food frozen?

It has a very efficient temperature. When applying gel boxes for 24 hours under 18°c      keep your food cold.


What kind of paint do you use on Polystyrene Wall Panels?

Paint that is based on water or acrylic art paintings works much better. For the younger generation, water-based paints are ideal because such types of paints can achieve a very good and deep paint covering on them.

However, it takes a bit longer to dry as compared to other types of paint.


What is the Best Way to Stick on Polystyrene Wall Panel?

It is suitable to use the suitable glue for it; the technique is to measure the walls to be coated with such a watered diluted coat of glue.

Allow to dry the whole night after that glue the wall and install it vertically after two to three days.


Is it Possible for Polystyrene Wall Panel to Be Transparent?

It has two forms solid and foamed. It is a transparent, rigid, and brittle material tool that can be used for a multitude of things.

Polystyrene Wall Panels can be clear by nature, but they can also be pigmented with dyes.


Is Polystyrene Wall Panel Strong or not?

Polystyrene Wall Panel is available in a variety of grades, and each has high fracture toughness as well as high strength.

The strength to weight ratio is extremely high. Contractors can choose the best mix of structural and insulating features for every design evaluation because of the various classes offered.


Is there any Influence of Age on Heat Transformation Ability of Polystyrene Wall Panel?

No, there is no influence of age because it is created entirely 98 percent air and 2 percent polystyrene.

It is extremely durable and would not settles with duration due to its chemical composition. When used and built properly does not degrade with aging.


Is Polystyrene Wall Panel is Capable of Carrying Weight?

Yes, it is capable because it has a capacity of high load-bearing at a lighter density, drainage system, complete moisture, air stiffness, high durability, quick and cost-effective building.


Does Polystyrene Wall Panel Burn?

When fitted properly it may not pose a fire risk as they include a component of flame retardants.

If it comes into touch with fire, this will burn just like wood, particleboard as well as other construction techniques.

But this is relatively short because flames can self-extinguish once the stimulus is required.

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